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    Confront Tsunami Dream

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    1. Not Your Little Hero. (#234)

      by , 08-03-2015 at 03:13 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I remember I was driving to the college that my mom works at, but I got lost on the freeway fairly quickly. As I lost sight of familiar roads, the dream gave way to these weird roads made out of rusted metal with high guard rails on each side. They did weird dreamlike things like go straight up, turn, curl and even move.

      It was like a platformer game, except you played it with your car. I managed to get through and arrive in some kind of city. I was happy because I found that the college that I was trying to get to was actually just a few blocks away from where I parked, so I guess I had wound up getting there after all.


      The next thing I knew, I was in a back alley. Some kids from my neighborhood showed up and they wanted to fight. Manei appeared behind me and started watching. One of them said that he knew Choi Kwan Do and he started kicking me. I went to block but for some reason my usual dream-super-martial-arts weren't working. Manei said she was holding them away from me. (WTH Manei?!)

      No reason to fight. I pulled into third person and I had to do this quickly. I turned away from them. I then changed my face, making my mouth cut wider, like the Joker. I gave myself rows of sharp, yellow teeth and made my eyes glow. My eyes also seemed to be emitting some kind of smoke or energy trail. I didn't consciously add this, but I liked it.

      I made myself turn around and snarled at them. My mouth hung open and a long syrpent-like tongue licked drool and blood off my face. The kids all ran and screamed. I remember one of them peed his pants, and while I was in third person, it zoomed in on his pants as he peed in them. Too funny.

      I changed my face back to normal and went back inside of my body. Manei was gone and Jonathan was leaning agianst a dumpster in the alley smoking a cigarette. He said something to me but I can't recall what it was. I showed him a drawing of the face that I made to scared. Manei re-appeared and Jonathan ran off.


      Manei was really upset with me for some reason. Apparently getting beat up by those kids in the back alley was a dream that she had created. She wanted me to lose so that I could be hurt and she could take care of me when it was over and she could have a cute/romantic moment with me. That's why she took away my fighting abilities.

      I had to explain to her how that was actually really kind of a dick thing to do when you think about it. She realized the error of her ways and started crying and hugging me. I wasn't mad at her though. I realized that I really liked the idea of just morphing myself into a demon/monster and scaring the opposition away whenever there is someone who wants to fight, and if it hadn't been for that happening, I might never had that idea. It would save more time and there wouldn't be so many fights in my dreams.

      We decided we would just go get ice cream. But a little kid pointed to us and said that he recognized us and wanted us to show off our powers. I flew up into the air and she started dancing. (That's a power?) I then thought to stabilize while I was flying and rubbed my hands together and told myself that the dream wouldn't end.

      After that we started walking to the ice cream shop. The dream felt strangely familiar as though I had been in this exact spot before. Maybe it was from another dream. Manei said something about wanting me to wear white instead of blue and black because it would make me look more like the hero. She said something about wanting me to be the little hero of the dreamworld.

      This was actually a theme we kind of explored very early on, but in reverse. I tried to change Manei into something that she did not want to be, and the moral of the dream was that I shouldn't try to control her and make her be something she didn't want to be. Now she was trying to do the same thing to me. I had to remind her of this, and that if we are to recognize each other as equals, we must not try to be controlling over the other.

      I don't remember us actually getting our ice cream though.


      There was a repeat of the flying part, but I was in a garage. Marcus was analyzing my dream powers and he had two little cuffs around my feet to analyze how the fire works. This went on for a minute as I kept stabilizing and reality checking. I asked him if I could stop. He said he had gotten all the data he needed and let me down.