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    1. NLD Dump

      by , 02-26-2015 at 04:24 PM (Lucid Time!)
      My cat had given birth to three kittens. One was grey with green eyes and I named her Satri after one of my comic characters. Another one was black and white like a panda, and I named him Panda. The last one was blue and white with bright blue eyes. I named him Storm.

      I remember thinking of how I have dreamed of a bright blue cat before.

      I was at an airport where this psychic person would draw your 'higher self' or 'soul' or some such nonsense. I asked her to draw mine. She drew really fast, she only had one pencil but was somehow able to change its color. In about five or ten seconds she finished.

      The picture she drew looked something like my avatar picture (supposed to be my dream self.) But the highlights were spread all through the hair, and the face was rendered more realistically.

      My mom was really excited, like a little girl to get herself drawn as well. But when her's turned out to be some kind of hideous blob monster, she got really mad at the psychic.

      We had to get onto our airplane after that. My dad was telling my mom to stop acting like such a baby because her drawing came out bad.

      A story about a woman who was supposed to be the leader of a fantasy kingdom. However she had to endure these trials, and in one of them she was suspended on a platform with another man for three days. During the full moon, she turned into a where-leopard. And on the third night, the moon was full, she could not contain her hunger and ate the other man.

      She then stated fighting this evil guy in a black cloak that rode in on a horse, but she was having trouble fighting because she had just eaten.

      Then the old king of the kingdom showed up and helped her fight off the black cloaked man. He eventually fled. The woman changed back to normal because the moon went behind a cloud. She was sad because she had 'messed up' and ended the life of another person. The old king explained to her how she was going to be the leader, the people wanted someobody who was hardworking and never gave up. They didn't care about her flaws and mistakes so long as she kept trying to be the best that she could be.

      A mad scientist was involved in the story somehow.

      I was at a football game at my college. I can't really remember why I was there and I remember asking myself why I was at the football game. I became partially lucid for the entirety of this dream.

      I was trying to leave but I ran into this group of girls who stated that they recognized me. I vaguely recognized two of their faces as girls from my high school who had crushes on me, but there were four or five of them. They were all wearing school colors and had face paint on.

      They said that they wanted me to come with them. For no particular reason other than seeing what they wanted to do, I decided to go with them.

      We walked into the outside area of the stadium (where all the food stands are under the seats) and somehow wound up in my garage. But it still felt like I was at the stadium.

      One of them pointed out something odd about my hair. I looked in the mirror (we don't have a mirror in the garage IWL) I noticed it was partially black and partially brown. I thought this was strange.

      I lost the dream after that.
    2. LD #152: Using a Dreamcatcher in a Dream

      by , 01-03-2015 at 06:10 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was at the pool at my family's old health club. I noticed that I didn't need to hold my breath to stay underwater and it felt very relaxing just floating there underwater. Also, the pool was much deeper than it is IWL. Eventually the lifeguard thought that I was drowning and pulled me out of the water. I apologized for calling him into action and told him that I was totally fine.

      I had a dream that involved my mom wanting me to drive the family's old van. I didn't want to do it.

      I was in a Cafe in the outlet mall a couple miles from my house. (I don't know if it is there IWL, but I could 'sense' where I was. I ran into my friend sitting at a large table all by himself. We already have a C and an H so we'll call him CH. So I sat down with him. I remember thinking that I might want to go get some tea or something from the Cafe. But I haven't seen CH in years so we wanted to get our hellos out of the way.

      I went to the Cafe and bought some tea. A little expensive, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

      When I sat back down CH was looking through my art portfolio. There were a bunch of large drawings in it that are not there IWL. The looked like drawings that I did as a child. One was particularly good though. I remembered that I wanted to show him something on the back. When I turned it back over onto the front the particularly good drawing was gone.

      I began cascading into lucidity as I noticed that turning the drawings over, or looking away from them produced different results each time. I transitioned from the Cafe to my living room. I still had one of the drawings in my hand. I then did a nose pinch just to confirm that I was dreaming. Oh, yeah.

      My parents were sitting on the couch across from me. My dad had his arm over my mom's shoulder. I told them that I was lucid dreaming and had to go do my goals. They smiled, almost creepily and said OK.

      I walked around the kitchen of my house, rubbing my hands on things and stabilizing. At one point, I pulled out a drawer. It was full of CD cases in neat rows. But the drawer was broken, one of the sides was missing. I thought to myself that I could fix it. I looked away, and the side was fixed. I closed it.

      I went to the door to go outside, but all I could see outside the windows was black. I couldn't even see that the front porch was there. I closed my eyes and tried to have it appear as day when I opened them. Nope, still dark outside. I then tried to transport myself directly onto a beach. (Why a beach? Because that was where many of my early lucid dreams took place. It just seemed like a good place to go.)

      I closed my eyes and visualized a beach. It seemed to be working, but when I came out of it, I was still in my house. I tried again. This time, when I visualized the beach, Manei was there. But when I came out of it, I was still in my house.

      I then thought that my bedroom might be a better place to change the scene. I have a huge potted tree that could be perfect for bringing me to a tropical/beach environment. I made my way up the steps. But when I got to the top, and turned down the hall to go into my room, I felt a presence. I looked behind me to see someone emerge from the wall.

      The means by which they emerged from the wall was pretty psychedelic and difficult to describe in words. It could best be described as pushing into a taught blanket from the other side until it peeled away from the wall and he became a figure cloaked in that yucky beige color my parents painted the walls. As I saw the figure coming down on me, I wasn't so much scared as I was 'are you serious?!'. I found myself more annoyed by this being than anything else because I had lucid goals to attend to.

      He wrapped me up in mummy wrapping scarves, and then picked me up feet first. Originally, I thought I could simply overpower the being. That didn't work, it's movements and grip felt as strong as steel. I managed to get a hand free. I looked down and saw the barefoot leg of a man. I put my hand up to it and tried to picture a steel spike forming out of my hand and going through the leg. Nothing happened.

      The being carried me into the guest bedroom and wrestled me onto the bed. By this point, I had both hands free.

      "Stop! You are a nightmare! What do you represent?!"

      No response.

      "This is my dream! I'm not scared of you, whoever you are!" I said, venting my annoyance. It was at this point that I realized that this being was no monster, but merely a man. I started trying to punch him, but my hits didn't connect with any meaningful force. It felt as though I was simply punching a pillow. I, instead tried to peel away the cloak and mummy scarves, that felt as though they were made out of paper.

      I managed to peel away the scarves around his face. I saw the face of a late 30's-early 40's man with short hair and a stubble-ish mustache. He looked a little like my father, if he was more of a military type. I couldn't help but thing that this man was an agent or a part of some task force.

      I he still seemed intent on restraining me. I then had one more idea. I put my right hand behind my back and manifested a dreamcatcher. I broke free of his grip completely and floated to the end of the bed. I held up the dreamcatcher. It was no bigger than my hand, but I could see the feathers hanging down from the bottom.

      "Nightmare Ward!"

      Now before anyone asks, I don't know where those words came from. I guess it was just the first thing that I thought to say.

      The man went from being determined and aggressive to terrified faster than anyone I've seen. He started to scream in defeat and the dream went dark.

      Officially, that's the third nightmare that I've vanquished.

      I false awoke on my bed. I figured that I should get out of bed and write down the dream. I made it to the door of my room when I false awoke a second time.

      I was laying in bed, suspicious of my reality. Eventually, I started moving to preform a nose pinch. Yep, still dreaming. I sat up in bed. I then woke up a third time.

      I was awake for real this time, but I felt that I could DEILD if I tried. I figured that I wanted to get up and write my lucid while I still had it.
      lucid , nightmare
    3. A little something.

      by , 08-31-2014 at 04:48 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Well college orientation was a doozy. I didn't recall any dreams last night, and I'm at the dorm now. From the looks of it, my roommate is quiet and we agreed on a 10:00 quiet time. I don't have to get out of bed for anything until 7:00 on the worst days. So lucid dreaming here at college should not be a problem.

      I just recall that I was in a semi-lucid state last night, and I think Manei was there.

      Here is something a bit more substantial from yesterday.

      Anyways, I do recall a dream about C. (Not surprising since I spent so much time with her the day before I left). We were talking about a shared dream we had involving a flying castle. And we were both sketching pictures that compared the castle we had each seen in our dreams. The sketches were what I recalled most about the dream.
      My drawing actually looked rather poor quality. It looked like a drawing that I would have done in perhaps late elementary or early middle school and it showed with (albiet poor) perspective the castle. It was low and flat and had large rocket motors. The walls had no detail and is was hovering above a tropical beach. There was a small tower in the middle with low, flat windows.
      C's drawing was considerably better. It showed the castle at night, hovering above a deciduous forest. Her castle was beautifuly detailed, and much taller and more compact than mine, about a 1-1 ratio of width and height. But the thing I remember most about her drawing was something I didn't 'remember' dreaming about. It was a guardian of the castle. A small robot with a walnut-shaped body. It had dark conduits running around its body with small light spots on them. Six legs emerged from slots under the body supporting it.
      I tell her that I really like the robot and wanted her to draw me a full-size rendition of just the robot; without the castle.

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    4. Frags

      by , 11-05-2012 at 11:54 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was in a large outdoor pool complex. It was wintertime and snowing. I walked to the very end of it and began relaxing in this hot tub. This girl that I knew in my freshman year of high school came over and started flirting with me me. It was kind of annoying.

      I can remember being in this boy-scout troop type thing. It was cold and rainy. This one boy was going fishing by a river. I can remember the river being wide with a lot of rapids and turbulent water.
      The boy stated that he was trying to catch a catfish. When he reeled in the fish and held it up, it was this very long eel-like creature whos head looked sort of like a cats'. I can remember it having whiskers and catlike eyes.
      The boy then walked over by a tall wooden fence and released the catfish into a very small, shallow pond.

      I had a false awakening in my bedroom. I decided that I wanted to draw a picture of Lia (My dream guide) But it was really dark in my room.
      I started going around turning on all of the lights in my room. (I have three lamps, a light in the fan and a desk light) But for some reason all of the lights were dim. I began drawing anyway.
      After awhile I looked over my drawing and was disappointed with the quality of the drawing. She looked ugly.

      I was having a dream about playing minecraft with a bunch of my friends. We were mining some diamonds deep down in this cave. We started to head back up, but the floor of the cave started to collapse into pools of lava. I can remember running and dodging falling objects.
      Eventually, the minecraft style dream morphed into a more realistic style. We had reached a large cavern. We all stopped and looked around for a second. It was silent.
      This man in a robot suit dropped down. But the suit was not fancy technology, it was more like a steampunk mech suit. I know that's difficult to understand, but this guy had this armor made out of this copper-colored metal, and he had all of these pistons and gears moving around in very intricate ways to make this man move.
      The man lowered himself onto the floor with this big chain. He then summoned a bunch of attack dogs to me and my friends. We all drew swords and fought off the dogs.
      When we turned to the man with the mech-suit he opened these canvas and wood bat wings on his suit and started to slowly fly out of the cave on a jet of steam, screaming all the while. We ran after him, and reached the surface.
      We could see him streaking ahead, gaining speed. We tried to chase him, but it was difficult because we were running though a forest and there were alot of fallen trees on the ground.

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