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    1. Compatability Problems, Can't wake up (LD #240ish)

      by , 08-12-2015 at 02:21 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was thinking about/visualizing a story that I have been working on lately and running through some plot elements. I was thinking about a part where the characters fly to space on a special spaceplane. I then decided that had best wake up, since I have to teach Taekwondo on Wednesdays. I brought myself out of the visualization but felt odd accelerations.

      I opened my eyes and saw that I was on the special spaceplane, and we were landing. I did a nose pinch and sure enough I was still dreaming. I sat up in my chair and looked around. I told myself I would regret this at some point, but that It was important that I wake up. All that managed to do at first was make the plane phase away and drop me on the runway.

      The runway morphed into a road and became narrower. I was now standing to one side of it, in a wheat feild. Across the road were several large industrial buildings. There was a stand selling bananas on my side of the road. I noted that what few cars there were were driving on the opposite sides of the road that I am used to.

      I went over to the guy at the banana stand because he was kind of blurry and I wanted to get a closer look. He turned out to be this huge hulk of a man with a balding head. He smiled and said:

      "Im the Supervisor, Can I get a taxi number?"

      (A cookie to anyone who can tell me what that DC referencing without having to look it up.)

      I saw the word 'Taxi' was printed on the side of one of his bananas.

      Second false awakening. This time I was in my backyard. I thought it was waking life for awhile. I looked around and all around me were digital clocks. But of course they all read weird times like 12:338 was one that I remember. This caused me to reality check. I became lucid and realized that this had happened twice now, clearly I wasn't getting out of this dream.

      I remember at this point in the dream I looked at my hands. People always talk about how your hands look so weird in dreams. Mine seem to look completely normal most of the time. I look at them. The skin tone is darker than I am used to but they look completely normal. I'm not wearing my bracelets, but I didn't make a note of that. I try to poke my finger through my hand. I'm simply met with the usual resistance and I can't do it. Just like a waking life hand.

      I guess I figured there was no point to continue to try to wake up, so I figured I would just see what the dream had to offer. I looked around the backyard. All of the plants/trees were gone. Not just the ones in my yard, but everywhere. Just the grass was left. I looked inside my house through a window and saw that all the furniture was gone.

      I tried to fly by jumping off the table on my back patio but I just floated back down to the ground. I also noticed that I could see my reflection in the window of my house. For some reason I had really long hair, like down to my knees long hair.

      "Hello?" I yelled and my voice echoed though the neighborhood. I became worried that this would be like one of my early lucid dreams where I was alone somewhere and no dream characters would show up. I was relieved to see. A group of identical people in the distance talking to one another.

      Out of the group came Marcus. Except he had a huge distracting beer belly. He walked over and I asked him something. I remember his voice very clearly when he replied but I can't remember anything having to do with what he said. Then Manei appeared as well. She was pulling a wagon and she looked to be about 10. Except she also had a mustache. (Okay, so not her funniest appearance mess-up to date.)

      She said she was excited because she was taking to see me a music show. She said something about it being a group from her tribe and their traditional performance. I didn't see any show, but I saw some people putting towels over a fence. I thought this was kind of weird until I figured out that it was a puppet music show. So the people were putting towels over the fence so you wouldn't pay attention to them, only the puppets then they had large puppets, too big for even a hand. They actually turned out to be costumes.

      Okay. So what are the towels for? So that the actors have privacy while they change. Pointless since we can see them from where we are sitting; and they're just putting the costumes on over their clothes.

      It was at this point that I took into question the reason my usual DCs looked different. In particular, I wanted to know why Manei was so small all of the sudden. I asked her and she replied, but I don't recall what she said.

      I then notice that once they put on the costume, their appearance seems to morph some. One of the actors changes into Manei, and the one sitting next to me goes away. Only this version of her is super vivid, and the correct age, except she was wearing beige/brown instead of the usual red, and had two braids. I remember the same kind of thing happened to Marcus only he didn't have a beer gut and he was wearing gray instead of blue. I remember both of these DCs really seemed to 'pop' from the dreamworld.

      Then, I felt myself getting pulled twoard the third actor. My 'soul' was forcibly pulled from my body, but I just let it happen, curious as to what would happen when I was absorbed by the costumed actor. I was then distracted when I noticed there was a fourth actor. But he/she wasn't turning into anybody.

      A computer error appeared.

      "Compatibility Error.
      Dream [1] character has incompatible drivers.
      Dream [4] character not found.

      Would you like to exit the dream or check online for a solution?"

      I lost the dream and woke up laughing.

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    2. Bits

      by , 02-04-2015 at 02:20 PM (Lucid Time!)
      -Something to do with Pikmin. A game that I haven't dreamed about in awhile or played in over a decade. I used to be obsessed with it as a kid. I was in some world where everything was either sand or rusted metal.

      -I was watching Kill la Kill. (An anime that I haven't watched a single episode of. I only seen clips because S is obsessed with it and sends them to me.) The main character (Don't know her name) was getting ready to fight someone.
      Spoiler for Slightly Adult:

      -I had some semi lucidity and a pretty solid full dream at one point. I think it had to do with going to a summer camp of some sort.
      But my roommate woke me up snoring and laughing in his sleep. When I fell back asleep I forgot what the dream was about.

      -I had downloaded this music called 'The planets'. It was a three-disc collection of electronic tracks done by (some guy) who I really didn't know as a musician. The only one that I cared for was track #26 on the second disc. It was about six minutes long but I can't recall what it sounded like. I remember the album artwork was blue with a white ringed planet and a sun off in the corner.

      I seem to have hit a nasty dry spell. God I hate these.
    3. Another Mars Mission, LD #133

      by , 11-10-2014 at 01:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Yet another mars mission dream. In this one, three spacecraft came down to the surface of mars. Two of them had malfunctions and were unable to take off so everybody had to pile into the third spacecraft. The captain of the mission flew everyone off safely in his; the smallest spacecraft.
      For some reason there were a bunch of Minecraft Trees on mars while he was taking off. There was also this large pyramid made out of red stone that they flew past.
      When they returned to earth, the Captain was in an airplane hangar giving a speech about what inspired him to bravely fly everyone on one spacecraft. He showed a cartoon drawing that a girl had given him in middle school of a space captain punching an alien in the face. It had some quote about courage and being brave that I cannot recall now. The girl that gave him that sketch was his crush in middle school but she had died due to leukemia.

      I found myself in the car with my mom driving. I was already fully lucid. I instantly went to my goal; my questions for Manei. We were pulling into my subdivision so I told myself that Manei would be at my house when we got there.
      I began saying to myself "I'm dreaming." My mom asked me why I was saying that. I told her that this was my lucid dream and that I was on a mission to find my dream guide and ask her some things. I began rubbing my hand on the inside of the car, feeling the leather and stabilizing the dream.
      When I pulled up to the house there was nobody outside. I told myself that Manei would appear when I got inside the house. We got out of the car and I looked around. Certainly not the clearest and most stable lucid dream I had seen. It was a cloudy, overcast day and the dream was a bit hazy. But definitely par.
      I go inside, and she's nowhere to be seen. Just my dad in there. I decide to take the DawnEye approach and call her on the phone. Just then the phone rings and I pick it up.
      "It's me."
      ...I'd know that voice in any dream.
      "Where are you?"
      "I'm at Marcus' house. I didn't expect you to get lucid tonight."

      My dad took the phone away from me in a rather rude way and started talking to her. He seemed really cranky and, in a rather rude way started asking her who she was and what she was doing talking to me. I could hear Manei on the other end, she got all giggly and didn't respond.
      I looked around for another way I could possibly manifest/find her. The dream ended. (I didn't wake up, the dream ended.)

      I got some pretty awesome synth beats in dream music while I was waking up. They didn't last very long though.
    4. Tesser and Shotgun Nightmares

      by , 10-25-2014 at 01:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am playing a video game that has become very popular called 'Tesser'. It starts off with a cut-scene where a character (who looks like Marcus) explains the dimensions. If you draw a dot, it exists in no dimensions. If you draw a second dot and connect them you make a line; that exists in one dimension. If you draw a second line and connect them, you make a square; that exists in two dimensions. If you draw a second square and connect them, that makes a cube; and it exists in three dimensions. If you draw a second cube, and connect them; you create a tesseract.
      Now, the paper you are drawing your shapes on. Just as the paper you are drawing on looks two dimensional, if you look closely it is actually a little bit three dimensional. In the same way, three dimensional reality is a little bit fourth-dimensional. That is how the fictional company in the game was able to make a tesseract and travel to parallel dimensions.
      In the game, you walk around a three-dimensional world, but everything is tinted a color. When you tesseract, the tint changes. So you have a Red,Yellow,Green,Cyan,Blue, and Magenta dimension. And they are all slightly different versions of the level, so you can say for instance come across a gap. In one dimension, it might be a wide, impassible gap, but in another dimension there might be a bridge across it.
      But you will die if you tesseract yourself over-top a hazard or inside a wall. Also you can only move to dimensions close to you in color. For example, if you are in the green dimension, you can only move to the blue and the yellow dimensions.

      I am watching an anime. It stars me, and is supposed to be about my ventures in lucid dreaming. I am in the woods with an old man and am carrying a shotgun. The old man is one of the sensei/master types and he his helping me hunt little demons that stop me from lucid dreaming. He says he has a surprise at the end.
      We end up killing a very unsatisfying amount of lucid demons this time around. Just as we are getting ready to leave, he spots a demon owl. My character looks through the scope and sees a magnificent white creature roosting on a high branch.
      "Are you sure that's a lucid demon?"
      "Yes, now shoot it before it flies away!"
      He fires, and then lowers the gun, and when he does Manei has taken the place of the owl. She feels for her chest and sees the blood pouring from it. She falls off of the branch and into a deep thicket.
      My character screams "NOOO!!!"
      He turns to the Sensei character who is smiling evily. As soon as he sees the evil smile he blows his head off with the shotgun at point blank, and then falls over and stars crying. There is one of those shots of the eyes that they give at emotional moments in animes.
      A thick fog rolls in and all of the shots are upside down. Some of them have glitches, as if there are scratches on the CD or something. There is some music playing that is supposed to be sad but it sounds like a very distorted synth piece. It was at that point that I decided that I wanted to 'turn off' the anime, and that I hated it. But I couldn't.
      The scene of Manei being shot repeated over and over. I kept on trying to stop it.

      My character had gone to lucid dreaming "hell" for killing his dream guide. I became more aware that this was a dream and gained a degree of control over my character, I was able to interface with him, talk to him.
      A demon approached me, that was supposed to be my character's torturer. He wore black robes, and looked a little like Darth Maul. His head hung at a 90 degree angle to one side. He put both hands on the side of his head and forced it upright, cracking his neck.
      For some reason this scene repeated several times as well.
      The demon readied his attack. He had these flaming bladed chains, four of them come out of his back. It reminded me of slenderman's tentacles.
      "Don't take this from him, fight back!"
      "I will!" He grunted.
      The demon sent his chains but my character ran under them to melee range and fired off several rounds from his shotgun. It was completely ineffective. He dodged a couple of attacks with the chains, then started flying.
      "I...I still have my powers!"
      The fight became like a 2D sidescroller video game, and after a few minutes the dream faded.

      The anime somehow ended with dream music as I was waking up. This was a rock soundtrack with a very talented and amazing singer. I forget the lyrics but they had to do with forgetting your past and moving on.
    5. Sparring Match

      by , 10-13-2014 at 11:48 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I recall some dream where I was playing (I think LittleBigPlanet) or a very similar game. I was trying to make a level but I needed these unlockables from the core game to do so. I kept on having to begrudgingly go back to playing the game so that I could unlock enough points to continue making my level.
      I recall this once scene toward the end where I had made the whole level one layer deep with this material that had a red and orange wavy pattern on it.

      I was at my Taekwondo Studio. Though it feels bigger. I recall there are many familiar faces from the studio but also many people I have never seen before.
      There was this heavily built kid of, I think middle eastern descent. I couldn't put my finger on where he was from but it was obviously not the united states, and he didn't speak English very well. Anyways, he invites me to have a friendly sparring match and I agree to do so. For some reason I agree to do so.
      We get into position. For some reason there are these railings on either side of us so that we can't move to the side. We start fighting and because this was a dream about my Taekwondo studio, I obviously apply techniques I have learned in class.
      This kid may be strong but he is soooo sloooww! All of his moves are blatantly telegraphed, and he doesn't seem to know much outside of throwing punches.
      At one point or another he comments that my techniques are 'unconventional'.
      I attempt to fight back by throwing kicks. For some reason, I can't seem to throw a decent kick.
      At the end of our fight, I manage to get behind the guy, and grab his arms. I recall one of the holds we learned in class and and slowly manage to bend him into it. He doesn't try to kick me or break out, he just tries to resist me as I slowly get him into a hold. After I pin him, the dream ends.

      I recall two instances of Dream Music this morning. The first one was a very errie woman singing. I can't quite put my finger on the style, but it was sort of Gothic but still Modern sounding, like atuo-tune had been used. The second one came about as I became more awake. I recognized it as Crystal Mountian by Synsun.

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    6. Four Shorter Dreams.

      by , 10-01-2014 at 01:08 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I recall being in an old music store, where they sold a lot of records and cassette tapes. But they still sold new, up to date music, just in old formats. Supposedly the most popular artist this store has come kind of deal with is this black man with dreadlocks and these big sunglasses. They have posters of his album covers and concerts all over the store, and a whole rack of different records and remix tracks along the back wall.
      The person at the counter, a massive hulk of a man, in both width and height, with a tattoo of a dragon running down each arm, invites me to listen to this artist's latest track. He says if I want to buy it, I can get a music player and the new album for only $20. I start listening to the track. Very much along the lines of this.

      I love this kind of music. I can see why it would be popular in my dream world.

      I am driving somewhere, and I get lost. I pull over by the side of this river in an open meadow/park area. I call my mom on my cell phone and ask for directions, but what she says to me makes no sense. There was a lot more to this dream, but I really can't remember it. It's not like the dream was thrillingly interesting or anything.

      I am having a dream about the TV show Jonny Test (I hate this show with a passion; why the heck am I dreaming about it?! ) Anyways the main characters are trying to build a giant robot out of their house.

      One of my old cartoon characters entered the dream and I went semi lucid. They started fighting the house robot with their powers. There was also some really funny line one of my characters said, but I can't recall what it was.

      I was semi lucid creating this dream about my childhood. I was living in a different subdivision, one with much smaller houses than mine. In the dream, I was much younger, 8 perhaps. Manei is there, and she is younger too. I think we were chasing one another around with water guns. I think Marcus was there as well, as a young man.
    7. Vacation, Frag Factory

      by , 08-11-2014 at 01:54 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am on vacation with my family on this tropical island. We have also brought along another teenager who looks alot like me. I can recall us staying in this cabin on the beach that from the outside looks like a straw hut, but on the inside it is this fully furnished, multi story condo complex with room for everyone.
      The other me is on his computer, and my mom is trying to convince him to go outside and have fun on the beach.
      I am on the beach. I see somebody who is an artist with all these drawings around them. One of the drawings almost blows into the water and I catch it. I then ask some elderly dream characters if they would please return it to the artist.
      A storm starts to roll in. I go back to the cabin. For some reason I feel like this has happened before and that we should leave the island because the storm is going to get very bad.

      I wake up. I hear some kind of musical beat as I fall back asleep. I am sitting in a dark room. There is a tray of wet packed sand in it. The sand is grey on top, and just beneath that there is a layer of blue-green sand. I run my hand through it and break the layer of grey sand.

      I am designing buildings in and placing them in a city. I lose control of the buildings and random structures start developing. It feels like I am playing Simcity.

      I am in a meadow environment. There are some trees in front of me. Someone is standing there, too blurry to make out. They tell me to remember the phrase 'Arrow, Arrow, Arrow!'

      I am high above earth's surface in space, 'standing' so that my feet are still facing earth. As if I am on a glass platform above earth. I can feel that something is above me. Can't tell what. I look down at earth and am all but hypnotized by the patterns present in the clouds and landforms.
    8. The Mining Song

      by , 07-25-2014 at 03:24 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am playing Minecraft. I load in a new world and instantly recognize it. It is one of the old worlds that I played perhaps two years ago. There was a large flat peninsula covered in trees. I built a castle on the end of it in my time playing. But the world is devoid of any man-made structure, as if I had just re-used the seed.
      So I punch a tree and craft wood tools. I then go to a cave entrance and upgrade to stone. I then (I do not recall this being part of the world.) Fell into a deep underground ravine. The fall was so far that I only had half a heart left on the bottom. I turn around, there is a zombie and a creeper approaching me. I fight both of them off without taking any damage.
      My health starts to regenerate and I notice that the creeper dropped a strange object. A gold coin with a clown face on the front of it. I walk over and pick it up. The game says "Minebucks Coin Added"
      Then I 'remembered' that these coins were part of the newest update in Minecraft. And they were a way of saying 'thank you' for playing our game. Every time you get a Minebucks coin, you earn a dollar in real life.
      I explore the cave for a bit, trying to find a way out. I come across another player skin, but he has the clown face from the coin as his face. I kill him and get a second coin. This appears to be some new type of hostile mob in the game. I kill four or five of these guys and get a coin from each one.
      Then this musical beat kicks in. I lose control of the character and watch as somebody else plays. They start mining. The song is one of those where there are two singers almost having a conversation with one another. One singer is the kid's mom, and the other singer is the kid playing.
      I can't recall the lyrics but the mom was singing about how her child should play Minecraft all day every day and make the family rich through these coins. The kid starts singing about how he wants to do other things as well.

      I wake up.

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    9. Frag Collection

      by , 07-06-2014 at 03:18 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am in a pizza joint with S. I am naked except for a shirt that I am wearing. It is a long white T-Shirt with some graphic on it that goes down past my knees. I am worried that somebody will find out that I have no clothing on underneath.

      I am in a school environment with perhaps 12 other students. The instructor breaks us up into groups of four and asks us to do a project on animation. Nobody in the group takes the project seriously (Including me) and I log onto Dreamviews and read the forums.

      I am lucid. No context to the situation, but I do know that I was briefly lucid at one point last night.

      Dream Music: This time it was a drum beat, and it was very clear sounding and actually startlingly loud. I was lucid here to.

      Probably the coolest dream. I was attempting to create a planet. I was in a planetary system that had a large earth-like planet in the center. There were two or three moons orbiting the planet. I spawned my moon that was red and purple. It was medium sized with regards to the other moons. It was also very low over the planet's surface.
      Then a projection of the orbital arcs showed up and it showed that my moon was actually going to fall into the planet. I could not find any way of correcting it, and I watched as my moon crashed into the ocean and sank.

      It occurs to me that I nearly did two TOTMS last night. But i would have had to be lucid. At least my recall was decent.

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    10. Interesting Collection

      by , 06-27-2014 at 01:01 PM (Lucid Time!)
      A very interesting collection of dreams and fragments from last night.

      Fragment: Music:
      No crazy electronic music this time. Just a soft piano piece that I caught for a few seconds.

      Fragment: School
      I am at my old middle school. This large man approaches the school pulling a wheel barrow. He tells me that he is my ride home and I get in. A few of the kids from the middle school make fun of me for riding home in such an odd way. One of my old friends from middle school is in there and we begin catching up.

      Fragment: Solar System
      I am getting a guided tour of a solar system, certainly not our own. Whoever is guiding me shows me that it is a triple star system. There is one star and two smaller stars orbit it in a 1:2 resonance. Outward from that is a small rocky planet, a larger rocky planet, and then a orangeish brown gas planet, something like jupiter.

      Art with C:
      I am in what feels like the basement of my house. C is showing me some drawings she made after she attempted to have a shared dreaming experience with me and what she encountered in her dreams. I cannot recall all of the drawings, but I do know that one of them that was supposed to be of me and looked very strange. I had horse legs (not like a centaur with four, I only had two horse legs) and the upper part of my body was wearing what looked like the Danny phantom costume. I had really long hair that went down to my hips that had been made into dreadlocks.
      Upon seeing it, I crack up. She laughs with me saying that the dream was not very stable.
      She continues going through her drawings. I see drawings of some of my other recurring dream characters. These look much more accurate.

      The Anteater in the Woods
      This is the only dream really worth reading about here...
      I cannot recall what happened beforehand, but I did know that lots did happen before I came to this part of the dream. I am walking around the shore surrounding a large lake. There are some sand dunes and rivers running into the lake, as well as boardwalks to walk across.
      I am walking around, climbing over the sand dunes when a peculiar creature approaches me. It looks like an anteater or a hairy elephant. Walks on four legs with a stout chubby body. Has a long trunk with a single opening on the end that it can use to grasp objects. And two big white eyes with no pupils. Finally it has long brown fur, making it look similar to say chewbacca. What an interesting creature... I've never seen something like this in my dreams before.
      As the creature approaches, I am frightened. I get pinned by a steep wall of tree roots and sand. I close my eyes and get ready for the worst only to find that the creature merely wanted to smell me. After several seconds I lower my guard and just allow the creature to study me. I look into his eyes and I could only assume that he was looking back.
      The creature turned and left. As he walked away he began talking.

      "Bah, you're not who I was looking for! Your claws should be ten times as sharp!"
      I follow the creature.
      "Wait what are you talking about?!"
      The creature paused.
      "If you want to know more, go to the woods in Calyot. And what your looking for, 'New York' is spelled backwards!"

      Anyways, the dream carried on rather normally from there. A storm started to blow in and I tired to find shelter amongst the sand dunes. Some of the boardwalks got washed away by the rising lake levels. I woke up a few minutes after meeting the anteater.

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    11. Robot Dis-Assembly - Another experience with dream music

      by , 06-17-2014 at 12:15 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am in some kind of mall eating chocolate ice cream. It tastes fantastic; the best thing I have ever eaten. I wake up with the taste still in my mouth.

      I am walking down the street in my neighborhood. I take out my phone and put my earbuds in. I look in my iTunes and see a song that I have never heard by 'unknown artist' called 'Robot Dis-Assembly' and begin playing it.
      The song starts out with a grainy audio clip from what sounds like a male newscaster. He says 'It is the place where you would conduct the removal of a robot's batteries followed by final disassembly...' The song then drops into this industrial electronic beat. I don't really know how to describe it other than stupidly catchy beat that you could easily picture a bunch of robots marching to. The song repeats the line 'Robot Dis-Assembly' every 20 seconds or so with a slightly buzzy sounding male voice.
      I wake up.
      This song is a complete ear worm. I still have it stuck in my head, even after having been awake for an hour.

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