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    1. Bits

      by , 02-04-2015 at 02:20 PM (Lucid Time!)
      -Something to do with Pikmin. A game that I haven't dreamed about in awhile or played in over a decade. I used to be obsessed with it as a kid. I was in some world where everything was either sand or rusted metal.

      -I was watching Kill la Kill. (An anime that I haven't watched a single episode of. I only seen clips because S is obsessed with it and sends them to me.) The main character (Don't know her name) was getting ready to fight someone.
      Spoiler for Slightly Adult:

      -I had some semi lucidity and a pretty solid full dream at one point. I think it had to do with going to a summer camp of some sort.
      But my roommate woke me up snoring and laughing in his sleep. When I fell back asleep I forgot what the dream was about.

      -I had downloaded this music called 'The planets'. It was a three-disc collection of electronic tracks done by (some guy) who I really didn't know as a musician. The only one that I cared for was track #26 on the second disc. It was about six minutes long but I can't recall what it sounded like. I remember the album artwork was blue with a white ringed planet and a sun off in the corner.

      I seem to have hit a nasty dry spell. God I hate these.
    2. LD #155: More moons, Dreamspeak, and annoying parents

      by , 01-09-2015 at 02:27 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Kind of a lame lucid dream, but I had it.

      Something to do with Lego People in Minecraft or Minecraft people in a Lego world or something like that.

      I was in the family van with my mom and dad. They were driving over these steep sandy hills preforming jumps.
      This was the first sign that I was dreaming; I began to question how the family van, being almost as old as I am was able to handle 20-foot jumps and landing on its nose with no sign of damage or distress.

      At one point we drove through a barn. I got worried not only that this might be reckless and damage our van, but that an angry owner might show up.

      At one point we stopped because my dad had to check the engine. I preformed a nose pinch. I could breathe fine.
      Dreaming. I looked up at the sky and saw five moons in the daytime sky. One of them was huge, obviously. I looked away and looked back and saw that the moons had somehow become conjoined together.

      "Uhhh... that doesn't' look right."

      "What are you talking about? It's just the moons sticking together. That's what all the craters on the big one are for, so all the little ones can fit nicely in the basins."

      It was my mom. I told her that this was a lucid dream that I was going to leave her and go fly. I started climbing up one of the sandy hills. She started begging me to show her how to lucid dream like I do, thinking that it was really cool. At first, I told her no, but after she asked three or four times, I gave in.

      I decided to teach her one of the first things that I had ever learned in lucid dreaming; how to run at high speeds. We found a black asphalt path. I explained to her that part of it is preforming the correct physical motion and part of it is having the correct mental state, knowing that your dream control has to work.

      She took off running. I tried to go after her, but she didn't look back to see that my high-speed running had actually failed. But I still went after her for a minute. This led me through the woods, over a wooden bridge and to a small gas station/cafe place deep in the woods. There was a small lot with some strange cars in it nearby.

      To be honest, I find that my parents, in lucid dreams make for pretty annoying DCs. In hindsight, I probably should have made an effort to get rid of her or distract her. She asked me why my running hadn't worked. I told her that I didn't know, but if we went into that gas station, we might be able to cheat the dream into giving us what we want.

      I started to walk in, I pushed the door open and tightly squeezed the metal handle with my hand, picking up some dream stabilization. "A good friend of mine works here, I think she'll be able to help us." Luckily at this point was actually the last of my mom that I saw in the dream.

      I came in. It was a small convince store that sold candy, chips and the likes. I saw a menu above the counter and apparently they sold a variety of common hot foods. (Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.) There were a couple of dream characters waiting in line. I just cut in front of them and they didn't care.

      The person at the check-out counter was a short black lady with straight hair. I think she had the face of one of my old gym teachers from middle school. (Man parents and middle school teachers, this whole dream is just a host of awkward and uncomfortable dream characters.) She also had a bionic arm on one side. I kept looking at it, though she didn't seem to appreciate that. (She didn't seem particularly cheerful to begin with.) It kept changing sides.

      "Are you going to buy anything or just stare?"

      "No, I'm not hungry. Is Manei off her shift yet?"

      "Yeah, I'll let you in."

      Success. Manei was in the back room. She had on one of those really heavy native American ponchos for some reason. She was talking with this really short black boy who I assumed was the woman's son, and this fat girl with brown hair. I said hello and she said goodbye to her friends.

      "What I tell you? No meet me in gear room! Meet me in bedroom! I tell you ten times! Now I cannot *do something* for ten days. Why you no listen?"

      I open my mouth to talk.

      "Come, we talk downstairs, in private."

      She takes me back out front of the store and to the women's bathroom. I look in and there is a toilet filled with poo. (And I mean filled, like a mountain of poo.) There was also a lot of pee and *ahem* other liquids on the floor.

      She closed the door and then opened it agian to reveal a flight of stairs with a bed at the bottom. She asked that the both of us jump at the count of three and land on the bed. We do it. Completely pointless but we do it.

      "Now, Atakonk yatoo tahuatok bararr satago izquen lavis al Ukatok. Urtem kaso aleey" (Something or other.)

      "Manei, I don't understand your dreamspeak all that well, remember?"

      "I know, but I want you to listen- I want you to listen- I want you to Lis-Lis-Lis-Listen."

      "Katago Lalataktaktak. Katago Lalataktaktak. Katago Lalataktaktak. Katago Lalataktaktaktaktaktaktak..."

      Manei.exe has stopped working. Would you like to close the dream or check online for a solution?

      The dream faded to black slowly around here. I tried to squeeze the pillows and blankets on the bed we were in to hang on, but I guess that's no different than squeezing the pillows and blankets in your waking life bed.
    3. Forgotten Flying (LD #126), The Connection to Nature (LD #127)

      by , 10-24-2014 at 01:15 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Fragment: Something to do with Jack Black. He is in this really bad comedy partially centered around lucid dreaming.

      Spoiler for slightly sexy:

      I FA'd. I was at college and started walking to class. For some reason my dad showed up and he started talking about Ebola. I didn't want to hear it, so I had to change the subject. But the only thing I could think of was the porn dream. So I told him about it and he listened intently, as if he was enjoying it.
      This somehow led to lucid flying above campus. I wish I remembered more than flying and hoping that my dream would know what the rooftops of the campus buildings looked like.

      I woke up around 5:00am and wanted to 'go back'. This is happening more and more frequently.

      I was having some dream where my roommate had been replaced by an old lady, and I had to take care of her because she had memory loss and forgot her pills and what not.
      At least she was not grumpy.
      Anyways, she has to take her pills every day, and today we have to go get refills for her. She also has to do her 'hearing' everyday that has something to do with her hearing aid and projecting a frequency that helps her to hear better.
      But my favorite thing to do is help her with her fruit smoothie that she drinks twice a day. She gets her fruit through the government and gets this big basket of fresh fruit everyday, more than enough for her smoothies.
      So I decided to be healthy and start drinking the smoothies with her. I have this juicer/smoothie maker in my room, and when you put the fruit in, a game comes up like fruit ninja. You have to slice the fruit for it to be added to your smoothie. I ended up getting a bunch of mangoes and kiwis in mine.
      There was some aspect to it like the smoothie could be used as rocket fuel. I had this tiny prototype rocket engine attached to the bottom of my smoothie.
      I somehow find myself at this exhibition where this native tribe is visiting from a far-away land and showing off rare herbs and spices. The lady that I am taking care of wants those added to her smoothie. I find this other lady (who was really just an older version of Manei, guess she wanted me taking her seriously in this dream.) She asks me to come over and do something.
      She has a small garden with all of the herbs in it, but there is a pathway running diagonal through it. The garden is like a sandbox, about 3ft by 3ft, and the soil in it is kind of sandy.
      Anyways, she tells me to look down, take two steps and then stop. I take two steps and walk nearly to the other side of the garden. She then somehow shifts me back to the opposite corner and asks me to take two more steps. I follow. This repeats two or three more times. I look up and we are now on a beach.
      She changes to her original age and smiles at me. I do a nose pinch, but strangely, the airflow is 'glitching' on and off. I feel like it is starting and stopping very quickly.
      Nevertheless I become lucid.
      Manei is sitting in the lotus position, and I recognize the beach we are on; the one from my first LD that we used to return to often. It is nighttime and the beach is moonlit.
      "It's time you learned about nature. Everything in nature is connected, though it's hard to look and see the connections. Take this garden for example."
      I look back at the remnants of the Herb garden from the transition. All of the plants are uprooted and ruined. I sit down in front of it. Somehow I decide that I want to make the plants regrow and repair themselves with my mind. I start to focus on the sand and a strong wind comes in blowing all of this dry sand over the plants. Then a bunch of new sprouts came up.
      "Good, now move over there. You're going to use your energy to create a plant from scratch now. Visualize the sand grains as full of life, like each one is a seed."
      For some reason I partially sink into the sand. I focus in on the ground in front of me and try to picture a plant growing. Nothing seems to be happening. I start to get disheartened. Just as I do, I see a bump in the sand and a little sprout comes out. I send my energy to it and it grows into a bushy fern-like plant.
      "You see, this is what the Buddha was talking about. Everyone has a connection to nature!"

      Er... I might not be the most up-to-date on Buddhist scriptures, but isn't he all about inner peace of mind and finding oneself and all that?
      Regardless, she stops talking. I decide to test the 'connection to nature' aspect of this. And somehow, I get from my 'connection to nature' to 'Let's practice waterbending!'. I look out at the ocean, and the waves rolling into the coast. I hold out my hands in front of me, palms down and try to picture the waves stopping.
      Slowly, all of the waves come to a stop and the ocean is a mirror surface. I see the moon and stars reflecting on it. So beautiful. I then release my grip and run into the water.
      I begin moving with the flow of the waves, that come back small at first, and then big. I feel like I am waterbending, but this feels a little more... (oh for heaven's sake) natural. I try to move with the flow of the waves using them to increase my motions rather than fight them. I try to make one of the waves splash Manei and it works. She chases me into the water and tries bending back at me. We are about to get into an all out, for-fun waterbending fight (Because dream guides can have fun too, you know.) when she gets the "oh, sh*t" look and tells me to run.
      I turn around, back out over the sea, and see a tsunami rolling in. Nope, nope! We don't run. I turn and face the wave as it swells into a white-cap and prepares to crash right on me. I hold up both my arms crossed and split the wave down either side. Both sides pass me harmlessly. This feels more like the original water bending, more forceful and less flow-ish. But it's all I can do at this point.
      The gap in the wave continues to widen and Manei passes through the gap as well. I turn back to see her standing on the shore. The wave crashes on either side of her but doesn't dare go near her. I turn around and see another, larger tsunami rolling in. I realize this is becoming one of those 'drowning' dreams that I used to have as a kid. There's no sense in fighting it any longer.
      I send a telepathic shout to Manei saying "Get the heck out of here, I'm gonna wake up." I look to the shore and she becomes blurry and fades away. I turn and face the wave, that is barreling in at impossible speeds. I start thinking that I should wake up, and manage to do so right before the wave hits me.

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    4. Golem Orgon

      by , 09-01-2014 at 05:18 PM (Lucid Time!)
      As I adjust to the college schedule, things should start coming in. So here is a very cool NLD, a step up from the frags from yesterday.

      I am on a beach, and there these are red, rope like vines everywhere. The vines are about the thickness of a grown man's finger and have can vary from a bright red color to almost black. They have yellowish strings fraying off of the main stem that appear to dead. They seem to be actively spreading and sometimes even wrapping around people and but not necessarily injuring them. The vines have small thorns and are slightly painful to the touch, but the thorns won't even break the skin.
      Everyone assumes that the beach is under attack. People begin leaving, but there is no terrible panic as the vines do spread rather slowly. Me and a group of unrecognizable friends meet up by a surf shop on the beach. The only one I could sort of make out was S.
      We talk about strategies we could use to stop the vines. S recommends cutting them with a machete, and that they have a whole bunch of them at the surf shop (because dream logic). I recommenced that we get (some girl) who I 'remembered' has a magical power to stop the vines from spreading.
      Just then she appeared. She was very overweight, but still looked beautiful, she had long black hair and a teal-colored bathing suit. She said she had a theory for how to stop the vines. That there was a central hub that they were all spreading from.
      She led us down onto the beach. My friends cut a few of the vines along the way but for the most part, they would just grow back as soon as we cut them. Eventually we arrived at a big hole in the beach, near the shore. The hole was filled with quicksand. She dove in.
      About ten seconds passed and she resurfaced. She asked for a machete. S gave her his. She dove back under.
      About a minute passed. We began to wonder if she would resurface. Then a massive bundle of red vines shot out of the hole with the girl hanging on. I grabbed on right behind her, despite the fact that they were a bit thorny. I didn't mind.
      All of the vines lifted off of the beach about a hundred feet into the cloudy sky, into a massive network. And, in the shallow waters just offshore a massive black stone golem stood up, emerging from completely underwater. It had glowing orange eyes and a glowing orange mouth in the shape of a smile. It was made out of stone cubes, that were very dark grey, almost black.
      Seven additional identical golem heads appeared around us and then faded in poofs of black smoke.
      So me and the girl were hanging there on the vine bundle.
      "Why you come to Golem Orgon?" the golem spoke in a deep rumbling voice.
      "You need to leave the beach! People are being hurt by your vines." The girl shouted.
      "Ok. Golem Orgon Leave. Golem Orgon sorry he hurt people."
      The massive black golem turned walked back into the sea godzilla-style. The vines slowly dropped me and the other girl onto the beach. The vines then withered away into nothing. As he walked into the sea, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the creature. He was so nice, and certainly didn't mean to hurt people.

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    5. Fragmented Beach Dream

      by , 07-18-2014 at 08:49 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I had another lucid dream last night, but I fell back asleep (See the dream fragments that followed), and when I awoke for the second time, I could not recall it, only the fact that I woke up and had a LD.

      I can recall bits of what felt like a very long dream involving my family taking a vacation near a beach.

      I can recall the beach looking much like one from the northern united states in that there were no palm trees and the weather did not feel very tropical. There was a large lighthouse on a pier. Also the weather seemed somewhat chaotic with storm squalls rolling in.

      I can recall us trying to find a good spot on the beach when we encounter a man with several large buckets and a net. He is attempting to catch these large, fat creatures in the water that look something like stingrays, and are about three feet long.
      He explains that the creature's tails produce a toxin (It looks like orange goop). This is only toxic however if it is placed directly into the bloodstream (you can rub it on your skin and be fine.) He also explains that if you eat it, you will be fine because the stomach acid changes the chemical makeup of the toxin. He explains that eating the tail with the toxin on it is considered a delicacy in his part. Sounds a little risky.

      I can recall our room as well. The room has a high ceiling and windows with a good view of the ocean. My parents are laying on their beds, both on computers. My aunt, uncle and cousins are in the next room over. (I guess it was more of a condo than a hotel)
      I am going into the bathroom to brush my teeth and change into my pajamas. The bathroom is very small, and the floor is covered in beach sand that somebody must have tracked in here. After much sweeping with my hands, I manage to get most of the sand into a pile. I then walk outside and throw it out the door onto the beach.

      I can recall we are driving to other locations near the beach condo. There are these farm fields and forest locations nearby, and there are these huge thunderstorms advancing across the plains. I am yelling at my dad to follow the storms like a tornado chaser or something. We do in fact see several small tornadoes touch down in the distance, but none of them do much damage.

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    6. 3 Days worth of Dreams (Lucid Dreams #14, #15)

      by , 09-27-2012 at 01:55 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Most of these are non lucid dreams that I find boring. Skip to Tuesday night for the good stuff.

      Sunday Night

      (Pointless desert dream)

      The first thing that I remember was stepping out of a small outpost, cobbled together from shanty metal plates, and part of an airplane cabin. All around the outpost was a sea of sand dunes, and at the edge of visibility, jagged mountains.
      This girl who was about twelve, with blonde hair and glasses (The smart looking type) goes by me on this tractor-type vehicle with tank treads. Though the back of my head, I get the dream's plot. We're doing some kind of archeology dig in the desert, and I'm helping.
      The tank was slow but I had a hard time keeping up. My feet were really heavy. I tried to blame it on the boots that I was wearing. (This is usually what it's like when you're having a nightmare and you want to get away from something.)
      When we got over the first sand dune, there was a large army green party tent with a bunch of machinery under it.
      For some reason, I got really attached to this rusty old wagon under the tent and started to pull it. The girl on the tractor told me to hurry up and get to the digging site. I asked her If I could ride on the tractor because my shoes were so heavy. She said no.
      I managed to make it up the next sand dune, and saw the dig site. It was pretty small. The girl who had arrived before me was working, as well as these two really young boys with short hair. As soon as I was on top of the sand dune, everyone came up to see me. The girl told met that there was a sandstorm coming and that we should get back to the base.
      I started to head back, but the girl got worried because she thought the wagon should/shouldn't be left out in the sandstorm. Whatever it was, me and her got into a really pointless and mundane argument that seemed to last forever.
      The sandstorm was bearing down on us, and I started to get back to the base. I couldn't see the distant mountains anymore. And it took me a few minutes to make it past the tent again and back to the base. But as soon as the four of us made it back to base, we found out there was nothing there.
      I suddenly entered this sort of fake lucid state. I tried to build us a new base. But instead, I build a landing pad and this large kind of helicopter-looking aircraft with four big turbines, two on each side. It was sort of a teal color.

      I think this comes from the same dream, but I have no idea how it connects. I was in the desert still, but the sand dunes were a lot smaller now. Plus, there were no mountains in the distance now. And there was an abrupt, straight border with a forest of large pine trees that were all exactly the same height.
      The dream characters from before were there, and the girl took this red Frisbee sized plastic ring and spun it around like a coin. Apparently it was some kind of archery challenge because I had a bow and arrow.
      When I shot it (and hit it nonetheless) The arrow and ring shot straight up into the sky. Then my quiver came off my back, floated over to the same spot that I hit the ring, and went straight up into the sky.
      We started to go looking for the plastic ring and my arrows, and we went into the forest next to the desert. At first, we could not find them, but then this well-camouflaged door opened in the side of one of the trees.
      My mom comes out holding the ring and my arrows.
      "I believe these are yours. I found them in my yard."

      This whole thing doesn't make an ounce of sense!

      Monday Night

      I was going to a pool party at my old friend's house. I can remember walking to the pool with a couple friends, but it was rather uneventful.
      When we got there, this girl that I've never met before got out of the pool and started kissing me and telling me that she loved me. I can remember that she was very overweight and didn't seem to have good hygiene. At first, I sort of let her kiss me and stuff, because I thought it was a joke or something.
      Then she started holding me down and I think she was trying to have sex with me or something. (This is about as disturbing as it gets, so if you read this part, you're good.) The dream gets really hazy at this point.

      After awhile, I came to my senses. She was still kissing me but we were in a really fancy restaurant with my parents. I told her I had to get going and she seemed a little sad, but was fine with me leaving.

      Tuesday Night (Last Night)

      A minor event. I can't remember what It was about at all, but I had one. Became lucid and woke up.

      Also a WILD experience that I accidentally let myself have. I went though hallucinations and all that stuff. The dream started with these credits, like a movie was starting. I can't remember what they said because the letters were really small and sort of blurry. I can't remember what else happened, but I think that it was a WILD

      The final dream for this triple-length entry is by far one of the most surreal and interesting dream experiences that I've had thus far. It was totally worth it to type all of those lousy pointless dreams just so I could get to tell you about this one interesting good one.
      I was floating up, holing onto about a dozen balloons. But they were glowing with a hazy gold light. I looked around, and there were thousands of these balloons all around me. They were all drifting up from the middle of this giant bronze gear in the floor of a titanic room. The center of the gear was some kind of aperture that released the balloons.
      Some of the balloons were alone, others were in clumps. Another clump floated up next to me, and my english teacher was hanging onto it.
      I vividly remember her voice and choice of words almost exactly as she would have done in real life, and she was teaching me about lucid dreaming (of all things) as we drifted upwards holding onto these balloons.

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    7. Potatoes, Imagination

      by , 04-22-2012 at 02:02 PM (Lucid Time!)
      In our backyard, we have an old sandbox from when I was a kid. I'm 16 now and I don't use it anymore. So this spring my mother and I decided to grow potatoes and onions in there, since those plants like sandy soil.

      Fragment- I went into my old sandbox and everything had grown a lot. The plants were far from mature, but they were certainly a lot bigger than they were now. I took one out of the ground and saw that there were several peanut-sized potatoes dangling from the roots. I then tried to put the plant back into the ground but for some reason it was a real hassle.

      Fragment-I was out in my yard holding a curved stick. I was in my yard swinging it around like it was a Katana. I was perhaps bored or a little angry. I just hacked away at imaginary foes for a short while.

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