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    1. Kyte and Fronz, A lucid from awhile ago (#249)

      by , 09-03-2015 at 12:48 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Kyte is a volcanic moon orbiting far from a large reddish brown gas planet with an apperance not unlike Jupiter, only it is larger and has a higher percentage of heavy elements. Only the planet is closer to its parent star. The parent star is an orange dwarf with a little less than half the mass of our sun. It is a part of a binary system with a red dwarf, but the red dwarf orbits far out and is barely visible in the daytime sky. However, at night, it is quite visible, meaning that there is a sort of "twilight day" when the smaller and more distant star has risen but not the primary star.

      The moon is much smaller than earth. 0.22 earth masses and fairly low gravity. There is an atmosphere with a high amount of noble gasses. Notably argon and xenon. The atmosphere is a snowy grayish color at sunset and sunrise and has a slight purplish tint during the day. There are clouds but they are often very thin and wispy. At the lowest points the atmospheric pressure is about 0.7 atm.

      The terrain varies little, though the entire surface of the planet is black and gray, due to very high carbon content. There are a few deep canyons and impact craters. Though most of the planet is relatively flat and sandy. Sand is carried by the strong winds and occasional storms that blow through and made into dunes.

      Though the moons' most notable feature are the large volcanoes spread out across the surface. They are concentrated near the equator but are present nearly everywhere. They have an unusual sweeping shape, beginning with a shallow slope and sweeping upward to nearly vertical chimneys miles tall. Most of these volcanoes are dormant or extinct but a few are quietly erupting small amounts of magma in deep channels running down the side.

      The planet generates anomalies in the magnetic feild of the parent gas planet. This coupled with tidal heating and heat from the sun ensures that the moon is rather warm. Due to its dark color, it has a very low albedo and surface temperatures range from 80-150 degrees.

      The moon has its own sub-satellite, an asteroid known as Nobal. It is only a few miles across and spins too fast for gravity alone to be keeping it together. It is theorized that it is one single rock being held together by chemical bonds.

      Fronz is another moon in a very close orbit around the gas planet. Due to its orbit, it is believed that in a few million years, it will pass the roche limit and be torn apart by its parent planet.

      It is much larger than kyte, about .43 earth masses, but still small. The moon is made mostly of water-ice with trace amounts of ammonia and oxygen in the atmosphere. Though the moon is mostly covered in ice, near the equator the ice melts resulting in a narrow band of water. The moon has complex weather patterns including snowstorms and snow-hurricanes.

      There is a third major moon orbiting the gas planet between Kyte and Fronz, but no information is given, though it has importance. There are also dozens of smaller bodies, presumably captured asteroids. Kyte and Fronz are very important because together, they posses all of the necessary resources for long term habitation. Bases will be set up on both moons, but a large orbital habitat will be constructed between the orbits of Kyte and the unnamed large moon. Supplies will be mined from these moons and shuttled to the orbital habitat.

      I close my laptop and abandon the project. It is something akin to Kerbal space program with is somehow also 'real' at the same time, and I feel very frustrated/sad that I have abandoned it. I 'remember' having worked on it for a very long time. I have to go to the store to look at quartz crystals with my mom. Should have become lucid. Space/planets dream sign.


      I was on a beach with Manei. Same beach that my first LD took place on. She gives me one of those 'broken heat' necklaces that light up when the two halves are put together. She has the other half.

      I ask her why. This seems like a really cheap/gimmicky thing to show love or friendship. I'm generally bothered by this and ask her what her reasoning was, and to be honest I'm still walking a tightrope on the whole 'being in love with a dream character' thing for reasons too complex to go into detail here. She explains that I should ignore the physical aspect of it and focus on the meaning behind the object. Oftentimes, objects with little or no monetary value can have great personal value and vice versa.

      Okay. Makes enough sense. I then commented on how I like the fact that my dreams do seem to periodically explore new morals and themes, and sometimes offering differing perspectives on old ones. I also like the fact that I am not always the fool when these morals are taught, and am sometimes the teacher rather than the student.

      I think the necklace had some kind of voice recording that would play when the two halves were put together. I can't remember. This dream was very faded, and I recall their being much more to it. It may be getting mixed up with a fake lucid dream I wrote for the sake of visualization set in the same location. I feel as though I actually had it about two weeks ago but only recalled now, as if it were buried in my mind somehow.
    2. Bits

      by , 02-04-2015 at 02:20 PM (Lucid Time!)
      -Something to do with Pikmin. A game that I haven't dreamed about in awhile or played in over a decade. I used to be obsessed with it as a kid. I was in some world where everything was either sand or rusted metal.

      -I was watching Kill la Kill. (An anime that I haven't watched a single episode of. I only seen clips because S is obsessed with it and sends them to me.) The main character (Don't know her name) was getting ready to fight someone.
      Spoiler for Slightly Adult:

      -I had some semi lucidity and a pretty solid full dream at one point. I think it had to do with going to a summer camp of some sort.
      But my roommate woke me up snoring and laughing in his sleep. When I fell back asleep I forgot what the dream was about.

      -I had downloaded this music called 'The planets'. It was a three-disc collection of electronic tracks done by (some guy) who I really didn't know as a musician. The only one that I cared for was track #26 on the second disc. It was about six minutes long but I can't recall what it sounded like. I remember the album artwork was blue with a white ringed planet and a sun off in the corner.

      I seem to have hit a nasty dry spell. God I hate these.
    3. Oceans of Europa, Train Crash, Late for Class

      by , 02-03-2015 at 01:55 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with Nasa sending a probe to explore the supposed oceans of Europa. When it landed, it deployed this humanoid robot that was neurologically linked to me. Also I was fifty five years old, bald and fat in the dream.

      The probe started drilling into the ice and I followed. The ice was much thinner than expected. Only a couple dozen meters. When I landed in the water, I saw an alien.

      The alien was big about fifty feet high or so, all black, with a huge saucer shaped head and many eyes arranged horizontally. It had a vaguely humanoid body with arms and a cluster of tentacles for legs. It didn't have a mouth and communicated telepathically.

      It spoke to me in a strange voice, but was definitely able to speak English. It told me it wanted to return the audio sample that I had sent it. Something done by Synsun that they didn't do IWL but still had their sound. So they 'gave it back' and told me to leave unless I wanted war with their people. Though ultimately friendly they were territorial, and wanted this moon to themselves.

      I climbed out of the hole and sat on the surface next to the probe. I broke the neural link with the robot and came back to earth.

      The dream went on to something about a train crash. Something weird was going on and the train was crashing in very slow motion. There was also this thing where broken glass from the train would instantly absorb all of your blood if it broke your skin.

      I became semi-lucid here. I tried to take control of the train and stop it.

      I was late for my ARTH class and only had 20 minutes to drive to school and get to class. I started running around looking for winter clothes, but all I could find were some spider-man mittens.
    4. Lucid Frags

      by , 02-02-2015 at 03:05 PM (Lucid Time!)
      There was a long and particularly drab space travel dream. I was landed on the moon with two other astronauts. One of them was dumping liquid fuel onto the surface of the moon so that our capsule would be lightweight enough to fly home.

      When I got on the capsule (That was huge on the inside despite being tiny on the inside.) my parents were there, along with many a familiar member of my family. They told me 'Happy 19th birthday' (IWL that isn't for another couple weeks. And they gave me this weird cake. It was like a small loaf of bread and filled with this thick buttery like cream. I didn't really like it and told them when my real party came, I wanted a chocolate cake.

      I got distracted from the birthday party scene because I had to dock the caupsle with a space station. I got the strangest sense of Deja-vu, as though I had done this in a previous dream or a long time ago.
      Why does docking with the space station feel farmiliar...?

      I was watching the superbowl, live from the stadium. The game had just started and the football froze in midair. All of the players started dog-piling and jumping to get at it.

      "Uh-Oh, looks like that's an illegal anti-gravity ball. Minus 20 points! And *some player* to the time-out square for you!"

      I realized how absurd this was. (Now IWL, I don't watch sports, and TBH I don't even know the rules of football all that well.) But this was just so strange that I had to be dreaming.

      I woke up though. I took a leak and then it was WBTB time.

      I found myself on my bed. (False awakening.) Though my bed was replaced with this odd powder, like finely-ground flour. I realized right away that I was not fully awake. I began to mess with it. I thought that the reason I was in my bed was because I was still partially awake and I shouldn't move too much because I might start to move my waking life body and wake up.

      At one point, I decided to smell it. It did have a smell, though faint it did smell a bit chalky, sort of like baking soda or flour. I can't say so exactly, but yay for finally smelling something in a dream.


      I was by a lake. My friend pointed out that there were squidfish in the water. I asked him what a squidfish was and he showed me. They were these fish, perhaps a foot long with all of these tentacles on the front of their face. They were carnivorous and ate other smaller fish whole.

      I then noticed that there were large fat fish swimming around in the air, a few feet above me.
      I became lucid, but the dream promptly faded.


      There was one other lucid fragment from this morning, but I can't recall what it was, just that there were three frags involving lucidity after my WBTB. I had the number on my mind all morning.
    5. Short Lucid, First president in Space (LD #159, 160)

      by , 01-19-2015 at 04:12 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with me working on a small private space station. A spacecraft arrived with two scientists on board that were eager to return to earth with valuable scientific data and samples from other planets. The president (Yes, Barack Obama) was also on-board.

      Ground control told me that I had to make getting the president home my first priority. There were only three seats in the return pod, so I couldn't fit both scientists. I asked if they could just go down the three of them and I could wait in orbit, but they stated that was probably a bad idea because I was the only pilot on the team.

      I eventually flew the president and one of scientists down, and when I got on the ground I saw that they were already preparing a return mission for the other scientist. They had this big parade celebrating the presidents successful return from space.

      The mayor of our town had to give a speech about me and Obama. Then his head fell off. I caught it. He apologized to everyone present saying that this just happens sometimes (he had some sort of health problem), and politely asked me if I would place it back onto his body. I did and he continued giving this speech. But it was having problems staying attached. He kept having to nudge it with one hand to keep it from falling off again.

      I became lucid as I realized how ridiculous of a health problem this was. But I woke up. Goddang layer 1's

      I was walking around a large supermarket/store. Wal-mart or Target vibes here. One of the aisles was labeled 'For caveman mode, go here' or something. I recognized 'Caveman Mode' as a lucid dreaming term sometimes used here on the site and became partially lucid but fell out of it before I could grasp that I was dreaming.

      Some lady bumped into me, and I started to wake up, but found that I was still clinging to the dream. I was between being in bed and being in the store. I then realized that I was lucid and that I could use this. I began aggressively stabilizing my walking around the store.

      I went to the freezer aisle and opened the door. Cold air hit me in the face, grounding me further to the dream. I then walked to the front of the store, walked out the door and formally announced to myself that I was completely in the dream.

      Then lucid auto pilot kicked in and I decided to look for Manei. I looked around and saw a brick post out the front of the store.

      "Er... okay, let's say that Manei is behind that post."

      I walked around to the side and saw a blonde girl. She was topless and looked really confused to be here. She started trying to talk to but nothing was coming out of her mouth. I ignored her and decided that if Manei wasn't going to show up, I should just fly.

      I looked up. It was foggy/overcast kind of day, no good for flying unless I could get above the clouds. Some teenager mocked me for staring at the sky like a 'retarded moron', only to eat his words when I lifted into the air on a column of flame.

      I started to spin out of control before I could get more than a few stories off the ground. I then looked over and saw Manei. Or part of her, she seemed to be having difficulties anchoring herself to the dream, glitching in and out of existence every few seconds. Her movement seemed to be glitching too, she seemed to acquire random velocity out of nowhere.

      At one point she manifested right in front of me and then shot off in front of me tumbling through the air at about a hundred miles per hour. She disappeared in the fog and then shot back and struck me, knocking me off of my flying jets. As I tumbled through the air, I saw a random old lady in the parking lot of the story reach out her arms to catch me. I managed to orient myself and lower myself gently in front of her.

      I thanked her for trying to catch me, but told her that I had this handled. I was getting ready to fly off again when I woke up.
    6. Space Shuttle 'Landing', School Presentation

      by , 12-30-2014 at 03:24 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was in my old high school. There was some dream-logicy explanation for this, we were taking our 'Final Final' Exams. I was trying to remember what order my classes were in from high school. (Don't feel bad, even IWL I can't figure out the order.)

      I remember walking around. I saw blurry, incorrect and sometimes downright hilarious interpretations of all of my old teachers from high school.

      I remember going to this one class in G wing where we were having a pizza party and people were giving presentations for their final exams. The class room had card tables rather than desks. I had a couple slices of pizza and some lemonade, and it was time for the presentation to start. The odd part was that a younger version of yourself had to give a presentation that the older version of yourself had written.

      So there was a younger version of me in the classroom. Based upon height/hairstyle I would guess this was myself from late elementary school.

      I think I recall some detail that this actually wasn't me from the past. It was an elementary school student who had looked me up as part of his project where he had to imitate a high school student as closely as possible. It was part of their end of the project.

      I recall him having a shark tooth necklace like the one I used to wear in late elementary school.

      I freaked out for a minute because I didn't have my presentation but after I looked in my backpack I found a couple sheets of typed paper. I handed that to my past self and he started presenting. I can't recall any of what he said, but the teacher seemed to like it and was smiling.


      I somehow wound up outside the school, but the school was floating in space and the exterior was covered in gray metal paneling. Running down the side of the building were hundreds of these little experiment canisters that I had to open. When I opened them, a prompt would come up saying. 'You feel like you had better not let anyone else see this data...'

      Also, I wasn't wearing a space suit and questioned how I was not dead/dying in the vacuum of space. There wasn't really an explanation for it.

      As I was opening them a green bar was filling up. When it got to the top (after opening about a dozen of the canisters) a space shuttle appeared and I found myself in the pilot's seat.

      I somehow knew that I was descending and I strapped myself in to the chair. I started to hit the atmosphere and the space shuttle heated up. I wish I recalled this part better. I was coming down over a cloudy patch and I wouldn't know what I was going to see until after I got through the clouds.

      I then saw that it was a road not too far outside of my hometown. I somehow managed to get the landing gear down, and when I touched down on the road actually rather smoothly. But I couldn't figure out how to stop. Plus there were a bunch of cars on the road and I was running them over.

      I started to get lucid at this point, because even though I was probably killing dozens of people, I didn't really feel like that mattered. Eventually the landing gear broke off, and the shuttle started sliding down the road on its belly. It eventually came to a stop, but I had no idea where I was. Some subdivision with large trees and small houses, but I didn't recognize it from anywhere in my hometown.

      I opened the hatch and hopped down onto the street. I was lucid now, but I got the dream ending feeling. I tried to hang on with a little dream stabilization, but I didn't get much time before waking up.

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    7. More Moons than I could Count

      by , 12-11-2014 at 03:12 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with trench warfare in WW1, only it seemed as though they were wearing some kind of armor over their head and body that could deflect bullets. A rush started and the dream was following the narrative of one guy. He took a couple of hits in the armor, then someone started shooting him in the arm. Five or six bullets went in and he fell behind the cover of a tree stump and started bleeding out. He wished that he had never joined the army and stayed at home with his family on a farm.

      Earth was now in orbit around Jupiter somehow all the moons of Jupiter were visible in the sky. (Mysteriously lacking the king of planets though.) I was pointing them out to someone that I was standing with in the parking lot of the supermarket in my town. I think that the moons were my doing.

      "That's Europa, and That's Io, and That's Ganymede and that's- also Europa?"

      There seemed to be slightly varied duplicates of each moon. I started to question why each moon was exactly the same size in the sky.
      They all orbit at different distances and are different sizes. Also why are there duplicates of some? How is earth surviving in the orbit of Jupiter?! Wouldn't everything freeze out this far from the sun?

      *Wakes up*

      Rats. Well I didn't fall asleep until pretty late last night, so I suppose that explains the sour recall.
    8. Weird ATLA Secret, Fraxnor Infiltration in cloud base, Anything goes at High School.

      by , 12-10-2014 at 02:09 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I guess that dry spell is broken...

      I was watching the final episode of Legend of Korra. In it, Aang appears as an old man and everyone asks how this is possible. He says that he faked his own death so that the world could actually have two avatars. (Um... okay, I don't think that it works like that, but it's a dream.) Also, elderly Aang looks just like the way he did as a child save for he has a long beard and bags under his eyes.

      He used this energybending move that caused all of these blue orbs to fly everywhere. It had something to do with focus. He would then select one orb that was the move that he wanted to do. He tries to teach the move to Korra, but she doesn't understand it and gets frustrated. (Of course.)

      He then decides that he wants to try it on me. The dream shifts to my garage and Aang is a real person now, only he's a kid now and he has hair like in season three. There is a mirror in the garage and I look into it to see what I look like. For some reason my hair is black has all of these dark brown highlights that look like stripes.

      Aang wants to try to use energy-bending on me to make me better able to lucid dream. He asks that I cast a magical field to filter off any negative side effects. I hold up my hand and concentrate on creating a feild and nothing happens, but he seems to think its there. Aang then creates dozens of orbs around the room and begins connecting them. He then fires a bluish white ray at me from his hands that causes me to wake up.

      I was walking around my subdivision by the lake when I nose pinched and realized I was dreaming. There was some sort of presence that felt very scary or dark in this location so I decided to fly far away. I put my hands down and turned on my flying jets, and focused on a cloud up above. The sky was a rainbow of strange colors going from crimson red to orange to a yucky shade of yellow, with bluish-gray clouds.

      As I got closer, I noticed that the cloud didn't look very cloudy. It looked solid. I slowed down and ran my hand along it. It was solid ice; a solid ice cloud! I then noticed what looked like a tunnel into the cloud. I flew into it and eventually met a high-tech looking steel door. I heard a voice on the other end and someone let me in.


      I was with Marcus, inside his ice cloud base. He explained to me that the base was actually a secret ship and coolant was pumped to the exterior so that the ship would be covered with ice and condensation to disguise it as a cloud. (That's actually a really good idea, assuming you have enough power to keep the ship aloft with all the extra weight.) He was fighting this alien race called the Fraxnor.

      Just then an alarm sounded. A fraxnor was in the base. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and started chasing him. There was a plot in play here that this ship/base was very secret and we didn't want anyone fraxnor who found it to get out alive. I started chasing him, he was about seven feet tall, walking on long triple-jointed legs and huge feet. He had two sets of arms, four eyes, and a small ball-gut style body, and he was the yuckiest shade of puke-brown with wrinkly alien skin. And he could run.

      He got to his ship, in the hangar. I jumped into a fighter spacecraft and Marcus followed me. We fired on the guy again and again, but his ship was just a hair faster than us and was getting away. A health bar showed up and it would take one more hit to kill this guy.

      Then I looked below us. There was a huge war going on, and the original terrain of my subdivision and town had been replaced with a barren planet of craggy rock formations. The yucky yellow sky remained though. There were four or five space warships and hundreds of fighters on each side. Basically a full-on star-wars style battle. But our mission was to get the one who got away.

      "We'll never catch him now."

      My lucidity refreshed.

      "Not like this, we won't!"

      I pulled what I assumed was the eject lever and shot out of the space fighter. I broke away from the ejector seat's restraints with brute strength. I looked down at the escaping fighter. Flying jets on, and I shot after him.

      This guy was fast, and I really had to gun it to catch him. I've never flown this fast while flying before, and my booster flame sounded less like a flamethrower and more like the whine of a turbojet. I came down into the canyon, on top of the fraxnor's fighter. He looked up out of the canopy at me and opened his mouth. I could assume he was screaming, though I couldn't hear squat.

      The dream got blurry at this point, but I think I wrecked his ship. When it crashed, he tried to get out, but I punched him in the face.

      Spoiler for violence and bad things in a school:
      lucid , non-lucid , nightmare
    9. Paintings, Bad Jokes and Abandoned Temples

      by , 12-07-2014 at 04:20 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with a painting that I was really interested in. It was a painting of a solar system. It was a binary star system with a yellow sun and a white dwarf. There was a large green planet with rings and a red artificial planet (like the death star, only red.) There were also a couple of spacecraft and small rocky planets that I cannot recall.

      I was on a wooden boardwalk, with my dad. There was a huge ocean out all around us. I was partially lucid here and I was trying to waterbend. It was actually working. I created three huge towers out of water, at least fifty feet high, and then let them fall down into the ocean. My dad made some joke that they were literally 'water towers' like the ones that give running water to a town. I made the towers a second time but this time the water formed into the shape of water towers with girders and a tank on top.

      Something to do with being in this temple or monastery. I was in a mountainous area, but it also felt like a desert. I was leading a bunch of people who had survived some disaster here. I was hoping to find some monks or priest who could help us but the temple was deserted. The temple had some strange architecture and rooms. It seemed to blend middle-eastern design with a more oriental look. I also recall this underground/cave room that was a huge pool with all of these lit candles floating on little wooden boats and a platform in the middle.
    10. Triple Lucid Night (LD #134, #135, #136)

      by , 11-13-2014 at 01:32 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Now this is what I'm talking about!

      A nonlucid dream about a story somewhat paralleling Jack and the giant Beanstalk. I am with this boy who must climb this massive, twisty tree trunk like tower through this cloudy, foggy sky.
      I became lucid in this and flew up the tower to observe him while he climbed. He was doing so rather quickly, jumping from platform to platform; the entire outside of the tower was covered in gnarled spikes and branches that could be used as platforms. The dark, stormy clouds seemed to be in layers. Lightning cracked all around me and the rain was coming down heavily. He eventually reached the top, above the clouds. The wind was blowing very strongly here it was hard for me to keep myself stable while flying. I landed atop the tower; we were basically in outer space now, with just a thin band of blue on the horizon and the sun, moon and stars ahead. The storm clouds below us seemed to be swirling, centered around the tower we were atop.
      I grabbed onto a small ridge to fight the wind. I was correct in the fact that the tower was made out of a wooden material.
      The boy had no trouble standing up while I was squinting to look into the wind and see him. He was a big, chunky boy but looked young, younger than me, and had either orange or blonde hair, I can't remember. He turned to me and thanked me for giving him the chance to climb the tower, and then rocketed off into space on a golden flame.
      The scenario repeated at least once. In one other version, he failed to reach the top of the tower.

      Something to do with parking an airplane at the airport. I passed through a narrow area between two buildings and I was afraid that the wings would not fit, but somehow they did.

      Something to do with purchasing an absurdly small container of chocolate milk at the airport convince store.

      Something to do with the fact that a PG rated movie isn't allowed to kill more than two people.

      I am walking with my family on the path by our house when this blonde girl runs by. While running, she tells me that I am in fact dreaming.
      I turn and say something to myself about how gravity only exists if I want it to. Flying on, let's go.
      I begin buzzing around the general area, impressing my family and what not for awhile. I flew between some tree branches and power lines. I recall my foot brushing up against one of the power lines, I was afraid that I might get shocked but then remembered that I wasn't grounded.
      I eventually decided to see how far I could take my flying. I looked into the clear blue sky and saw the moon. Oh, yeah, I'm going there! I began heading up, and at first I was moving very slowly. Once I got above about 200 feet I started accelerating very rapidly, making a sort of jet turbine sound. A shock cone forms around me as I break the atmosphere and look back to earth. I can see the curve of the planet below me.
      I try to recall the first lucid dream where the boy flew away from the edge of space and do the same thing. I begin to rocket toward the moon

      Dangit. Somehow I forgot what happened. The dream ended with me becoming some sort of lucid dreaming superhero, like superman in New York. I had a sealed apartment on the top floor of a building that could only be accessed by me flying. I was currently working on stocking the fridge and pantry with dream-food.

      I am a part of this plot about a secret society of fuel miners. They have lived underground inside of a mountain mining this rare fuel and selling it to buyers on the surface world. There is this scene where about four guys managed to escape though ore chutes in the main compound. The leader of the group drops a bomb down the chutes but when it explodes it doesn't bring them back up, it just pushes them along faster.
      A brute of a man moves a decommissioned mining robot and blocks the ore chutes so that nobody can escape.
      The miners live in this mall-like underground area, mostly constructed of scrap metal. They have a whole society with a school, doctor, barber, and stores. All of their supplies are earned by trading with the upstairs world.
      The leader manages to find someone who was in on the escape in the med bay. The would-be escapee fibbed that his injuries were from a mining accident. The leader character was angry with him to say the least. He grabbed the injured man by the jaw and started asking him questions about where the others went.
      Meanwhile, I am with Marcus and this female DC. She wears square glasses, like Marcus but has long black hair in a ponytail and all of this backpacking equipment. She is a local guide who is going help Marcus find this fuel-mining society. And of course I'm there because... reasons. We are in the parking lot of a chuck-e-cheese in a small desert town supposedly not far from the underground mine. The female DC takes out a hologram device.
      "Now then, we have reason to believe that the center of their operations is about four clicks east... probably in a natural lava tube system...."
      She continues showing through a hologram how fuel deposits have emptied in the years and surface drilling companies have not come across any fuel where there should be.
      "There was 1100 units of fuel directly below us, but in 2003, it just vanished. My theory, underground miners selling to the highest bidder." Look how the cave collapses in 2007, four years later."
      We strike out, and of course the first thing we have to do is climb a plateau. We start climbing, and the only one who is getting anywhere is the guide chic. Marcus is struggling. I'm struggling.
      We were about halfway to the top when the guide chic made it. She started urging us to hurry up and for some reason this made me
      lucid. I let go of the cliff and started flying up to the top. When I reached the top, I told myself Marcus would appear in 3...2...1. And just then he climbs up the top of the cliff.
      I look out over the desert and the small town at the base of the plateau. Its hot. Clear day. I've never felt that much heat in a dream. I should do a scene change to someplace where I can beat the heat.
      It doesn't take much, now I am on a beach, but with red desert sand. I am on a small, crescent shaped island with a dormant volcano on one end and a large beach populated with dream characters.
      Marcus and the girl continue on their quest to find this society as if nothing has changed. I tell them that I am going to fly off on my own devices. I run towards the water and think of the previous LD where I was flying. I manage to 'catch' for about five seconds before I fall into the ocean.
      Sooo good in the heat of the dream sun though!
      I get out of the water. I can't see Marcus or his guide anymore. I somehow spot Manei out of the crowd of people on the beach, asleep on a towel, and run over to her, recalling everything I have to do with her.
      She must have been asleep because she didn't stir until I got close. She sat up and lowered her sunglasses. (Note: Manei wears often sunglasses when she blends into the background.) She looked really confused that I was there, lucid and standing in front of her.
      "Come on, I have a lot to ask you..." I gestured my head to one side that we could walk away from the crowd.

      Unfortunatley, My roommate wins the award for comedic timing. HIS ALARM WENT OFF RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT!!!

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    11. Spaceship Crash-Somewhat Lousy Recall

      by , 10-28-2014 at 12:11 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something shocked me into remembering many a more details about this dream.

      Something to do with some comedy movie that was mocking character tropes and cliches.

      I was exploring the outer reaches of A solar system with a large, highly advanced spacecraft.
      If I can remember correctly it was a single star system and a subsystem of binary gas planets, a green one and a milky white one. The green one was much smaller. Each one had an inner system of moons in its own gravity and there was an outer system of moons orbiting the common center of mass that both gas planets created.
      Eventually I found a moon with earth like conditions in a tight orbit around the green planet.
      I entered the atmosphere and intended to land near the ocean at the north pole, but as we were coming in near the shore, there was some kind of malfunction and we were coming in way too fast. I think the ship had wings but they were malfunctioning and not generating any lift. Landing there was going to be impossible, there were all these black rock towers amid the sandy beach area. My only choice was to turn the ship completely around and use the main engines to push us the other way. Two of them struck a rock tower as we came in and the ship 'landed' on its rear end with two less engines than it started with.
      Me and the others got out and saw how bad the damage was. Pretty bad. Two of the engines were completely gone, and the ship was pretty banged up from the impact. The hull entire hull had bent about 10 degrees, so we basically had no hope of every flying again.
      We figured it was good that everyone had survived and that at least we were on a planet with earth like conditions. We made contact with 'base' and asked about rescue.
      I began looking around at the different plant life on the planet. There were these fern-like plants with green and pruple pineapple like fruits on them. I asked one of the scientists if it was possible that we could use those as food; I didn't know if they were poisonous or not.
      I recall this scene were everyone got out of the spacecraft. It was very strange because there were only like twelve of us and the spacecraft was huge.
      The atmosphere became foggy and grey.
      I should really draw the ship we were on. It looked really cool...

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    12. Kipo 581

      by , 09-20-2014 at 02:54 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Given I went to bed at 2:00am last night, I'm surprised I had any recall at all.

      Anyways, I am with a group of astronomers, two I believe. I recall they are looking at this very large blue star in a nearby galaxy that they call Kipo 581.
      There was something to do with them studying it. They were trying to prove that they could learn everything about it only using old fashioned astronomy techniques.
      Something to do with them giving up on old astronomy techniques. They got in contact with NASA and launched a new telescope into orbit. The telescope was supposed to see if there were planets in orbit around the star.
    13. Kung Fu Movie, LD #110: Vveven

      by , 09-05-2014 at 01:15 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I'm putting these dreams in out of order because I like to put lucid dreams last. I actually had the lucid dream at around 1:30 in the morning, and this non-lucid upon awakening.

      So I am in/watching a Kung-Fu movie. The dream is periodically glitching between having the main character be autonomous and it being me. That said the main character looks a little like Bruce Lee crossed with my typical dream self. (Bicolored eyes and goggles).
      Anyways, I remember talking to a sensei (Not the person from DV, just a typical sensei character in a kung fu movie.) He was glitching too. He sometimes looked like the typical sensei character with long white hair and a beard. But at other points he looked like this very fat rat type creature.
      Anyways, apparently my character had disowned many teachers before this one for various reasons and was happy that he had found one that conformed best to his teaching style.
      Back to watching it. We were training together, both of us standing on the rocks in the middle of a huge rushing river, doing synchronized movements. There are huge mountains off in the distance.

      There is a part in the movie where this boy and my WL parents came to visit us. The boy was supposedly six despite being about 5'10" and 200 pounds. He had some kind of growth disorder. Also, at this point we were training on a tropical beach.

      Now the climax of the story. The character that I am supposed to defeat is this demon. It kind of looks like the golem that appeared in that dream a couple nights ago, and has red vines wrapped around its body, and is made of dark stone pieces. But this one is much smaller, like 10-12 feet tall.
      Also we were fighting in a very strange location, some kind of birthday party for one of the secondary characters. Nobody ran away from the party. They all made a big circle around the two of us and started taking pictures/video with their phones.
      I think this was actually my second time fighting him. The first time, my character had lost, horribly. He had bloody bandages all over his body from where the vines had hit him during the first battle, and the atmosphere just felt like that of a rematch.
      I am watching once more. The character then closes his eyes and begins 'feeling' where all the vines are going to come from. He then strikes them and knocks them away. Some of them even rip apart and become unusable. It was a remarkably exciting scene and there was some epic Chinese drum music playing while it was happening. He eventually runs at the golem and begins fighting it directly.

      Very odd way of the dream starting. I start to feel someone rubbing my feet and the dream begins to materialize with that.
      So for some reason the dream has decided to materialize like so: I am in a huge mall or food court where there are a ton of people of all different ages, races, ethnicity, etc. There is no more seating available because of the crowd, so we are now sitting propped against the wall.

      And Manei is there, rubbing my feet. Okay, I officially have the weirdest dream guide possible to think: I want the dream to start with me rubbing his feet in some random public place and then we can start talking.
      So lucidity comes on after like ten whole minutes and some very strange dream glitches occur that I can't recall now.
      I turn to her and ask this, knowing that I will get an interesting response.
      "Your hands are so soft! What do you use?"
      "Tomato Juice!"
      "You took a bath in tomato juice?"
      I pause for a moment.
      "Okay, time to do one of the lucid tasks, if I can remember it..."
      I try to recall a lucid task. I recall what I think was one of the old ones, to ask a dream character to tell you a word in another language and it's meaning.
      "Tell me a word in your language and it's meaning."
      "Okay... Vveven! It means god is above. God is love. I love god."
      "You know I'm atheist... right?"
      "I know. I'm telling you the word. Not what to believe."
      Can I get wings for this?
      I get up and indicate that she could follow if she wants to. I want to leave the crowded area.

      Then there is a strange dream glitch. I become nonlucid and see this game set up to be played in the middle of the public place. The game is called 'F**k off, Rabbit!" and you play it with a pack of colored markers and all of these different coloring pages. I don't know how, but it has something to do with the drawing of a rabbit is hidden in each of the coloring pages, and the game is supposed to be very hard.

      I am lucid one more, and still walking out of the place. I look around to find Manei and see her melting into the crowd. Okay, not following. I get outside where there is a vast, clear twilight sky. The dream slowly shifts from the exterior of the mall to my own neighborhood.
      Although the sun is setting in my neighborhood, it feels more like the wee hours of the morning. The moon is rising where the sun should be. The moon also looks huge.
      It is cold. It must be spring or fall. Not horribly cold, but quite brisk none the less.
      I get about halfway down the street and stop. Someone drives past me in a sliver car and looks at me strange.
      Time to do some flying.
      I put my hands down to my side, and project my energy out, the way I always fly.
      Nothing seems to be happening. I can feel my weight starting to come off of my legs.
      I then tried to Jump to start the flying up. I jumped up and floated in the air for a second. Tried projecting out of my hands and felt the flying 'catch' and I was off. I also remember seeing my shadow on the pavement. I think this is the first time I have ever noticed a shadow during a dream.
      I said something like 'Heck Yeah!' and flew over the tops of some houses. I went above the woods behind my sub and turned to look back at it. I was thinking that I might try to fly into outer space.
      Now, a foot massage: weird. A tomato juice bath: weird. But this takes the cake. I turn around to see it and the dream freezes. I lose a ton of clarity and the the image of my neighborhood from above is frozen in front of me. But the strange thing is, my neighborhood is not there at all. Just a blurry black void surrounded by trees.
      The image of my neighborhood pulls back. It becomes evident that it is like a large photograph printed on a sheet of paper. I am now hovering in an empty black void, because the visual of the world has been compressed into this picture. Then, the photograph folds all origami up into a face. I am not kidding, and becomes a floating head that starts talking to me. The dream was literally talking to me.
      "Hey, Woah!, Sorry! I don't know what your sub looks like from above."
      "Not your fault. I was the one who didn't know what it looked like."

      The dream glitches agian. I am looking at this space station in orbit above earth. Apparently the moon was so huge in that dream because it was falling to earth and about to impact it, and that space station was supposed to monitor the event as it happened.
      I can recall the space station having this strange glass pod one one side that I was very focused on for some reason. It looked like some kind of escape pod.

      It was at this point that I realized that I was still dreaming and woke myself up because I wanted to make sure that I recalled the lucid dream.

      Oh, sure. My subconcious can't show me what my sub looks like when I fly above it, but it sure loves to show me what the moon looks like impacting earth and designing these random space stations.

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    14. An earth like planet and other stuff

      by , 09-02-2014 at 02:40 PM (Lucid Time!)
      The frag that I recall most vividly was one of a planet. I was once more getting a cosmic tour from an outside entity, but this one was unusual as we were focused in on a single planet rather than learning the arrangement of stars and planets.
      Dreamweaver v1.0, I'm in dire need of help-just-planet.jpg
      The planet looked something like this, with large craters, but an earth-like surface, and no polar ice. Yesterday, I just so happened to doodle that looked a lot like the planet that I saw in the dream. (Day residue?) It was because of the familiarity to this one that I became ever so slightly lucid in this dream.
      After teaching me a bunch of facts about the planet, the entity put me into orbit around it. I seemed to be able to look around, and I orbited the planet rather quickly, completing an orbit in about a minute. I was orbiting rather far from the planet, if I were in a my body, I would have been able to block it out with both hands. The planet orbited a single star or a very close multi-star system and as far as I could tell, had no moons.
      The imagery was very vivid, particularly the sun. I wish I could say more but nothing really happened. I just orbited the planet and felt very peaceful for awhile.

      Something about high school. Cannot recall what.

      Something about walking around my new college campus. I walked to the edge and found this prefab home.The door was wide open. I walked in and found Manei. The dream blurred out and I woke up.

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    15. Crashing into the pink and gold planet, The easter island heads beach, Destiny

      by , 08-27-2014 at 04:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am at the helm of a spaceship exploring another solar system. I can recall there is an inner system of gas planets and an outer system of gas planets, leaving room in the middle for a belt of smaller rocky planets to orbit. This is the area that command has asked us to explore.
      Anyways, I end up falling asleep at the helm, only to be awoke by the ships alarm because the radar has picked up that we are near the surface of something. I wake up and see that we are flying dangerously low over the surface of a very strange planet.
      The planet has a bright pink surface, with pink boulders scattered about, and there are huge golden crystals jutting out from the surface. In some of the crystals there were evidence of carving as though an alien civilization had carved out the inside of the golden crystals into homes.
      Regardless, we are about to crash. I begin turning the ship upwards, and fire the main engine. The main engine is rather slow however, and after about fifteen seconds and almost no change in velocity we run out of fuel.
      The ship ends up crashing into a large golden crystal. I somehow survive. Command scolds me for falling asleep at the helm and killing my entire crew... But I was alone.
      I know that I am going to die, but I figure I might as well explore some of the hollowed out crystals in my space suit before I run out of oxygen. I think eventually I do run out of oxygen and discover that what I have been doing was actually just a training simulation and I failed because I fell asleep.

      I do not recall much at all about this dream. It feels like I might have actually had this dream years ago and perhaps only recalled it now. I don't even recall the plot of the dream, only the location that it took place in.
      I recall a beach with Easter island heads on it. Everywhere. They all looked exactly the same but some were broken. Some were tipped over. Some had palm trees growing out of them. The beach is beautiful. The water is clear and blue, and the clouds in the sky looked amazing. It was a very vivid dream.
      I can also recall being on a boat and going down a river that let out into the ocean. I think Manei may have been there but I am not sure.

      H has invited me to go to a convention/event type thing where we are going to get an early-release copy of the game Destiny. Anyways me and a few hundred people are waiting around in what sort of feels like the cafeteria to my old middle school. (Yes we get to put a because there is a connection to my old middle school. In fact, we get to put two. I hated middle school.)
      Anyways I am sitting at the table with H and my cousin and many other people. I look around and think that the crowd is awfully young to be playing this game. I mean this is an officially sponsored event by Bungie, and I think that Destiny is going to be rated T or M, so having almost the entire crowd by eight-year-olds is a little odd. Granted, there are some older people in here, but me and them are in the minority.
      Also, to add to the childishness of the event all of the tables boxes of crayons and coloring pages. I don't remember actually coloring anything, but I think H was. We sat there for what felt like a really long time and caught up.
      Anyways, to decide who gets an early-release copy of Destiny you get to draw a card out of this jar. If you get a white card, you have to leave, but if you get a card that is sort of a teal color then you win a free copy, and get to stay and play in a big LAN party with everyone. I end up getting a white card but somebody else lets me have their card, them having a teal one obviously. I wake up a few moments after they give me the card.
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