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    1. College Fly Away. (#294)

      by , 05-04-2016 at 01:05 PM (Lucid Time!)

      I'm on campus, pretty, clear spring day. There are signups for summer classes (they start tomorrow) but there are also, more fun and pointless activities. I remember the author of Harry Potter was on campus and she was going to assign people to one of four dorms in the dorms that I stayed in last year, only they had been renamed to be the four Hogwarts houses. (Gryphindoor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin) This was supposedly a part of a role-play type thing to make college more fun. Also, if you signed up to live in these dorms, you could be a part of a quidditch team.

      IWL or in dream, I've never been a huge fan of Harry Potter. (You may have noticed some butchered spellings.) But in dream there were a lot of HP fanboys and fangirls hanging around the table waiting. Don't remember why I was waiting there, I think I had some friends who were interested in signing up for the HP dorms.

      I remember I got bored. There was a tree nearby so I figured I would climb it. A few other students were trying to climb it so they could sit on the branches and pretend they were flying on broomsticks. I betted that I could climb the tree easily. I ran up the trunk a couple steps and grabbed a low hanging branch, then pulled myself up gracefully to the top of the branch. The students were pretty impressed with my feat. (I wasn't even lucid) But a security guard showed up and told me to get down. So I jumped down.

      I think one of the students asked what spell I was using. I was curious until I looked down and saw that I was floating about 3in off the ground.
      This caused me to RC and become lucid. I started flying off. At first I was flying really low, only a few feet off the ground. (Though it was still faster and more fun than walking.) I began making my way around campus when I noticed strong winds disrupting my flying. A few of them blew me into the sides of buildings. I remember at one point the wind blew me face first into a brick wall. It was the brick wall that broke and not my skull fortunately. My head was now sticking out of the wall of what looked like my high schools gymnasium, and there was a cheerleading class going on. Everyone looked on surprised and confused.


      I figured if I could get higher, then I wouldn't have to worry about the winds blowing me into buildings. At this point I was flying down a narrow alley. I heard someone yell "Freeze" and saw the campus security guard along with several others. A mecha walked in behind them, pretty small and probably unmanned, but I still don't see why Campus Security needs a battle mech.

      Spoiler for Mech looked like this, but painted white with police siren.:

      I don't know what these guys want so I just figured I'd fly away. I tried to fly down the alley, but I saw Jack (OMG I thought you had left my dreams) with a giant fan that was creating the winds. Apparently he was a junior officer on Campus Security and he wanted to get me in trouble.

      I finally managed to fly upward. I heard shooting but tried to ignore it, hoping that the dream would drop the plot of security trying to stop my LD. I managed to get away, flying in a spiral around a large skyscraper-ified version of the language building. I kept having to say "Faster, Faster, Come on!" As I got up, I saw a city (not there IWL). On the left were several rocket launch pads. Each one had one of these odd space shuttle looking craft on it. (I think the space shuttles had extended noses or something.) There was also a Washington monument type thing in the middle of a big hexagonal park and a huge cluster of tall buildings.

      I decided to go and investigate the space shuttle pads. I remember it looked sort of like a cargo shipping dock. There were these big robot arms on tank tracks that would lift boxes of cargo into the shuttles, and they would take off and fly into space. There was also a giant field full of parked shuttles. Someone started explaining to me that "The Professor" had designed these for easy space travel. Now he was working on a space ambulance version that looked exactly the same, but with a red medical cross painted on it. He said that he wanted to do a space fire truck version but he couldn't because there was no oxygen for fires to happen in space.

      Lost the dream and woke up.

      Side Notes: Last night I made a goal of Manifesting Manei. Became lucid and seemingly completely forgotten about. I've gotten very good at this, becoming lucid and forgetting my goals. I need to figure out ways of better remembering my goals and staying focused.

      My lucidity is almost to 1/night. Some nights I have two or three, balancing out the nights where I have none. (At least how its been for the past 3 weeks.) I think I've figured out how to have an acceptable quantity of LDs. Now it becomes about having good LD quality...

      Not complaining about flying LD though.

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    2. Childlike Subconcious (LD #178)

      by , 03-05-2015 at 03:58 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Bedtime: 12:20

      Well, I guess bedtime doesn't determine everything.

      It started off with some dream about driving and walking through an urban area trying to get my cousins to a baseball game.

      Somehow or other, I wound up in what felt like the woods behind my neighborhood. It was tropical though, and everything was green. The dream was very clear despite being nonlucid. I was showing them houses that had been overgrown and abandoned many years ago. We were talking about how we would have liked to live in them in their prime.

      We came to this one house, a huge four story mansion. (Or the frame of one anyway) A massive tree, about 20 feet in diameter and easily 500 feet tall had cleaved the entire frame in half, leaving only two smaller sections standing. Myself and the party of DCs (there were two or three of us total.) were hypothesizing about how the middle must have once looked.

      We made our way around back, climbing over fallen trees. We saw that a river ran along the back of the house. There were waterfalls flowing from the cliff-side into the river.

      "How cool would it be to live with 3...4 waterfalls in your backyard?!"

      I then made an observation of some of the tropical flora. There were fern trees all around us.

      This for one reason or another made me become lucid.

      I stabilized briefly. I then decided that I wanted to go and see my subconscious and tell him/her/it that I wanted more lucid dreams. I shouted "I want to see my subconscious right now!"

      I saw that there was a small double door between two large boulders on the forest floor. The two DCs that I was with walked through it.

      I opened the door after them. It was nothing but blackness. I let myself fall in. I fell for awhile before arriving at this location suspended in the blackness.

      There was a throne chair with a small child sitting in it. Built up around us was the back wall of the throne room, made out of castle stones, and the floor, made up of tiles. This crumbled away about a hundred feet from the chair in every direction, as if this one slice of the castle had been removed from the rest and placed into this void.

      The child (who I guess was supposed to be my subconscious) was wearing a red king robe, golden crown and had a long scepter. Though none of this quite fit him because he was so small.

      There were a couple of guards in strange white armor positioned on either side of his throne. I think Manei and Marcus manifested into the room behind me. I could feel their energies.

      SubC "I am your subconscious, and I am very busy! Each time you say something to me, it's gonna cost you [some kind of special money]. You have 1,800 of it. Go!"

      Me "How come so many of my efforts to lucid dream fail?"


      SubC "Because you didn't do the work I gave to you. Remember Jonathan? Why is he not dead?"

      Me "I did the right thing. He said that he wanted to go peacefully, so me and Manei agreed to let him go."


      SubC "But that wasn't what you were supposed to do!" His tone of voice started to sound a bit whiny at this point.

      Manei "If there is one thing [my name was garbled] taught me, it's that you shouldn't let other people decide who you are. You should [follow your own path or something.]

      I saw that Manei had some kind of money counter for talking to this guy too. She only had about 600 of it. Marcus had no money and therefore wasn't allowed to speak.

      SubC "What? You're taking his side?"

      Manei (mad) "I wish I was never on your side to begin with."

      SubC "Guards, show of force."

      Me "Look at you. You try to control people and [mold them into what you want or something.] And when they start rebelling against you, you threaten them. [If you want people to respect you, you have to earn that respect, not force it out of them or something.]" (My ability to recall dialogue is horrible.)


      SubC "Stop it! Stop it! It's not true! Guards, Seize them!" (He started sounding more and more like a whiny child.)

      The two guards began to advance on me. The dream started to fade. I saw my 'money' was starting to tick down.

      Me: "The way you choose to remove me from your presence rather than learn from me proves just how weak and immature you really are. When you [grow up a little], you will see that I was right about everything. I see no way we can come to an agreement if you are going to act like this."


      The dream cut to black here. I had an FA, but somehow still remained semi lucid. I was on the steps of one of the dorm complexes at my college.
      Spoiler for Sexy Toys:

      There was also a part where I dreamed that I was trying to send one of my cats away in a cardboard box that would float like a boat on a lake. I felt like the lake we were at had taken the place of my old middle school.


      I really don't know what to make of this. I don't know why my subconscious was so childlike and closed-minded. He wanted things done a particular way, his way. He wanted no part of anyone else, and didn't want to earn their respect. (Sure, sounds like a much younger me, but I'm sure a lot of us acted that way as children since we simply didn't know any better.)
    3. Really Weird Night (LD #174)

      by , 02-28-2015 at 04:31 PM (Lucid Time!)
      A nightmare where I was looking into the mirror in my bathroom. The skin on my chest/stomach peeled off and my internal organs started to fall out. I remember my heart looked artificial and had some kind of gauge or pressure meter on it. I screamed and woke up.

      wtf I haven't had a nightmare of any sort in like two years...

      After that, I wanted to go back to sleep to see if I could snag some lucidity before morning. Some disjointed fragments led into a couple of congruent LDs.

      -Something to do with my college dormitory. For some reason I was wearing golden earrings in the dream, somebody commented on them, saying that they looked good. I asked myself when I got piercings and could not recall. I didn't become lucid though.

      -Something to do with drawing and a tin of colored pencils.

      -I was playing LBP3. I was designing this level where you would run across all of these little white platforms that were moving and stuff was firing on you. There was also this big metal bridge that would unfold when you got close to it. A was there, commenting on how he liked the game-play aspect of it.

      I was at the community pool in my cousin's hometown, though almost nobody was there except me and someone else. I was just chilling in the shallow end of the pool when this bully character approached the two of us. He picked us both out of the water and said he wanted to try and drown us in the deep end.

      I tried to punch him but it didn't do much.

      I elbowed him in the face and managed to swim away. He followed me out of the pool. I turned around to fight him. He was buff and had long blonde hair and short thick facial hair and blue eyes. It was also at this moment that I noticed that I was still wearing gold earrings. I thought this might put me at a disadvantage because he could grab them.

      I ran in and kicked him in the stomach. He reeled back. He was almost at the edge of the pool. He came back and tried to punch me. I ducked under it and put my leg behind his. From there it was easy to just push him into the water.

      He looked at me angrily. I thought he was going to just get out of the water and attack me again, but he seemed to just be waiting there. But this other DC showed up. He looked like Santa Claus except his outfit was all white.

      He said something about learning to be submissive and recognize your own inferiority. He said that this was meant to be some kind of dream test and that I had failed it.

      For some reason, I was just boiling mad at this Santa/Guide character. I started screaming at him that people shouldn't be taught to be inferior and submissive, and that you can't mold people into what you want. They will do their own things and form their own identities and moral codes and there is nothing that you can do about it.

      I got so mad at him that I FA'd in my living room. But it felt smaller. All of the furniture had been pushed into one end of the room an there was a small Christmas tree in the room with some presents under it.

      This seemed strange to me. I did a nose pinch RC. Lucid dreamin' baby. I had almost become fully lucid in the last section, but now I could think clearly. I still wanted to see Manei. I started calling her name, expecting her to simply be upstairs or something. No reply. I thought to go outside, but saw that it was very, very dark. The kind of darkness that would make me lose the dream.

      I then realized that stabilizing would probably be a smart idea. I rubbed my hands together.

      "I will not lose the dream until I have accomplished one of my goals!"

      I then thought to try teleporting to the beach location. In the past my teleportation efforts have failed miserably, so I was gonna have to really commit. I closed my eyes and started visualizing the beach in Puerto Rico that my family goes to every year.

      I started to see it in the center of my vision. I thought that I should start engaging my other senses. I tried to picture the sound of waves crashing on the shore, the smell of saltwater and the sun on my face.

      However when I opened my eyes I was still in my home, but things were different. I saw that it had gotten considerably lighter outside. It still appeared to be foggy and gray, but I could make out the street and plants. The entire backyard had been taken over by a massive jungle/forest. There was a huge vine with massive mango-like fruit growing on it. (When I say massive Mango-Fruit, I am talking 3-4 feet across.

      I made my way out the front door to get a better look at what was outside. The dream's clarity started revving up to very high levels here. I saw that half the neighborhood had been overtaken with these huge gnarled branches. There seemed to be pieces of a structure in there, as if it were made of I-beams.

      I followed the gnarled branches up to see a huge tree, literally miles tall. It seemed as though as it got farther away, it looked less and less like it was made of wood. It seemed to be made of stone or metal, and had complex designs of overlapping circles and rune symbols on it. It was supporting the sky, that appeared to be solid, made of high-technology structures (like the surface of the death star). There were windows or some kind of white lights scattered about on the surface. There seemed to be places where it had rusted through though and real vegetation was growing through it, both on the tree and the sky.

      The sky had to be 50 or 100 miles up. There were layers upon layers of thin, misty clouds surrounding the tree trunk. The thing that I remember the most was the temperature. It was sooo hot and humid in this dream.

      I couldn't believe the enormity of these metal trees, and I had to check them out for myself. I started flying, but for some reason moved backwards very quickly. I stopped and stumbled.

      "No, I want to go UP!"

      I started flying again, but I still went backwards. I lost control of the ability to fly and got pulled out of the scene. Everything started shrinking and getting darker. I saw more of the trees supporting the sky ceiling for a moment. It looked like some of them were just tree stumps.

      Somebody told me that this was a forest that had been cut down by giant cosmic beings from the seventh dimension, millions of years ago, but it was growing back now. I saw my town on a remove section of earth, like a SimCity tile, floating in nothing.

      I was in a black void. White cubes were scattered about. I was still pulling backwards at increasingly fast speeds. I thought I might hit one of the cubes, not being able to see where I was flying.

      I woke up.

      Interpretations: I really have to come back to these after I've had some proper time to think about it.
    4. LD#154: once in a two moon

      by , 01-08-2015 at 02:16 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was playing with legos. Somehow or other I had legend of Korra lego figures and I had made a spaceship that all of the main characters could ride around in. I was doing that thing that you always see kids doing with Lego spaceships where they spin in circles and run around making laser gun sounds for no other reason than it could be done. I was really enjoying myself as well.

      I was playing outside at night for some reason. I believe it was summer.

      Just then I stopped. I noticed that the moon seemed to look strange.
      It seemed like there were no craters and the whole thing was just flat gray maria. My view seemed to zoom in on the moon. It came back to me, and I thought of how strange it was. Then I noticed that there was a second larger moon right next to it.

      I thought for a second about what that might mean and realized that extra celestial bodies was a common dream sign.
      I preformed the nose pinch. Dreamin', baby! I had good lucidity too.

      I looked up at the night sky. It was a clear night with no clouds. I thought about the stars for a few moments. There was a very bright one (might have been a planet) right above me.

      I realized that I might want to try and stabilize the dream, seeing as I've been losing my lucid dreams a lot this past week or so. So my first priority was to get daylight. I tried my old trick of swiping the sky like an Iphone screen, but it didn't work. I tried swiping it the other direction and it still didn't work. I tried swiping it north-south (though this makes no sense) the sun came up directly south relative to my house.

      Just then the dream started to destabilize. I laid down on the grass and grabbed onto it with both hands. "I will not lose the dream, I will not lose the dream, I will not lose the dream, I will not lose the dream, I will not lose the dream!" I began to feel like I was spinning. A golden light passed over me, and I phased through a number of blurry environments but retained the grassy bed below me.

      I got up and pulled up the grass. I put it in my mouth to try to stimulate taste or maybe hold onto the dream a little longer, but it tasted like having metal shards in my mouth. I spit it out to see that the grass was in fact a bunch of small X-acto blades.

      I looked around. I was in a perfectly flat meadow. All around me were equally sized and spaced tombstones. They were huge, about ten or twelve feet tall, and they didn't have any writing on them. And they were all on forty-five degree angles leaning toward a huge tree that the sunlight shone through. There were a couple of clouds in the sky.

      I began to feel Manei was somewhere in the dream. I felt like I should focus on her, bring her forward, but the dream was slipping quickly.

      "I want to know why the dream is so unstable!"

      I began to lose the dream again, and let it slide this time. There really was no point if it was going to fight me this hard. I did my best to hang on to staring at the huge tree.
      Tags: grass, grave, lego, moon, stars, sun, tree
    5. A Tree growing out of a car, how to train your dragon.

      by , 01-06-2015 at 03:15 PM (Lucid Time!)
      My parents asked me to get a stick unjammed from the door of our family van. I went with a pair of pliers into... not our driveway. For some reason, in the dream we had this huge one story house made out of beige bricks on the next block over in our sub. We also had one of those circular drives.

      I started pulling on the stick and saw that it went in pretty far. Once I got it out far enough that I could grab it with both hands, I tugged on it and was surprised to see that (somehow) an entire tree had grown inside the frame of the car between the inside and the outside.

      At one point I tried to drive the van up and down the road. There were all of these traffic cones and this kid was yelling at me for some reason.

      I went inside and told my parents what I had found, and that I needed a saw to cut the tree apart to get it out of the van. They didn't believe me at first, and I had to show them. They were very surprised too and took some pictures to put on their Facebook profiles. They then told me to hurry up and cut the tree apart because they had to take the van to the shop before we went on a trip.

      I went into the garage of the big one story house and started looking for a saw. There was a workstation on this concrete terrace about four feet above the main floor. I was poking around when K and her friend walked in. I jumped down to say hello and noticed how floaty gravity seemed. I ran out into the drive and jumped a second time. I easily made four feet and landed softly. I jumped again, this time pushing as hard as I could. I easily made six feet.

      I nose pinched and became lucid. I jumped and started to fly, but the dream wound up ending.

      I was watching some very weird HTTYD rendition that took place in a modern city. There was something to do with an underground volcano and lava. I had all these questions about what was happening and why. Why were the vikings from the movie in a modern setting?

      Something to do with being reincarnated as a stripey brown lemur in the jungle. I was really happy and swinging from branch to branch. It was supposed to be a downgrade from being a human, but this seemed like much more fun.

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    6. Waterspout, Flying, and Dawn LD #139

      by , 11-20-2014 at 01:38 PM (Lucid Time!)
      At some point I tried to manifest Dawn. He looks nothing like DawnEye11 showed me in her picture; he has white hair but it is medium length and curly. He has on a white sweater and a brown vest, and thick glasses. He smiles at me and I lose the dream.

      I am on a beach somewhere, standing on a dock. Out at sea there is this huge waterspout churning in the water. It is being created by some manifestation of evil or something, and supposedly it is going to to continually chase me and try to drown me, like those big waves that I always see in my dreams.
      I nose pinched and became lucid. I decided I would rather than run, face the fear of drowning and go into the spout intentionally. I jumped off the end of the dock and ran across the surface of the water directly into the waterspout. As I got close, some lightning struck nearby, as if to warn me.
      I looked closely at the spout itself, and how water seemed to be streaming both up and down it simultaneously, and it also seemed to be rotating. I recall it having a very textured look almost having 'spikes' on it.
      I ran in and let myself lose my balance. I just let it do its thing and, knowing that I was dreaming, I could take it. I mostly tumbled around in what felt like mostly water and little bit of wind. It spun me up and up a long ways. I had my eyes closed at first, but slowly I opened them. I felt less and less water and it felt colder. I could see how the waterspout was sucking water off of the ocean and depositing it in a storm cloud. (I'm sure that's not meteorologically accurate.)
      When I got to the top, I could see down through the eye of the spout all the way to the bottom. For some reason this part of the cloud had an invisible floor and I could walk around and view the spout from different angles from above. I could also see the island that I had started on, and the beach with the dock. It was quite a veiw.

      For some reason I thought the dream had ended. I manifested a computer and went on dreamviews to type about the dream that I had.

      I was sitting atop a sand dune (same beach) The waterspout was gone. I was simply looking around, trying to wrap my head around lucidity.
      "Okay, so this is a dream... This is all in my head... I am actually asleep."
      I feel a warm breeze blowing and think that it feels too real to be a dream. But eventually I figure that it has to be a dream. I run down the sand dune to the coast and decide to fly.
      "This is all a dream. It's all in your head. You can do anything!"
      I get a running start and jump. It's floaty, but I'm coming back down. I jump off again and make my rockets. And we're off. I start saying thing because I want to go faster; I want to fly up in the clouds.
      I start to go a little faster.
      "Fast as you can go!"
      I see a large tree ahead. I roll and pass between the branches.
      I start to go quite a bit faster, maybe 15 or 20 miles per hour.
      I really get some speed. Maybe 40 or 50 miles per hour. I pull out over the water and start to go up. I want to fly through a cloud.
      Then, my flying just cuts out. I find myself in my backyard. I get the dream ending feeling and all of my goals come crashing back to me. I quickly try to manifest Manei. Manei, Dawn and Eye all appear. This time they look like her picture, even down to the poses. I think that they were just cardboard cutouts that had been drawn on. Manei was real though. Then I wake up.

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    7. Grandma's Ghost (LD #8)

      by , 05-07-2012 at 10:19 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I haven't had any recall since my last DJ entry, six days ago. Then I had this lucid dream out of the blue.

      So I was riding a bike in a large group of people, many of them being family members,friends and other people I know in general. We were riding though a forest/park setting. I can remember the sun was either rising or setting.
      I can't remember many details of what happened during the bike ride or if it was a race. I can remember talking with some of my friends from school for awhile but I can't remember what we were actually talking about.
      I can remember more clearly when we got off our bikes and got into some kind of vehicle. I could probably describe it as a mobile home or a semi-truck. I can remember it being all white with an orange stripe down the side, and a black windscreen. Some of the people that I knew got into it too.
      I was the one driving, and I drove for probably ten minutes. I can then remember pressing a button on the dashboard of the vehicle.
      It caused the front part to sort of collapse and crush me. The crushing was very uncomfortable and lasted about ten seconds. Out of pure stupidity, I pressed the button two or three additional times.
      We stopped in a parking lot when I realized that at the very back of the vehicle (The interior was a long, plain white room without any seats.) was my (now dead) grandmother. She was kind of a monochromatic blue color, and sort of hazy. I'm assuming she was a ghost. She was holding a knife. The knife on the other hand, was silver, with a brown handle. (As it should have been)
      She started killing everyone inside with the knife. Eventually, A friend from my school named A was the only one alive other than me, and he was wrestling with the ghost of my grandmother. It was obvious he would lose. My mind was racing. The first thing that struck me as odd was that I was seeing my grandparent again, when they have now been dead for almost a year. I questioned reality.

      From there I got lucid, just as A was overwhelmed and killed. I put my arms across my chest, then forced them out, pushing out to the sides. The vehicle around me exploded into several large pieces. The ghost of my grandmother was nowhere to be found.
      From here, I proceeded to stabilize the dream. I looked at a large oak tree at the side of the road, and tried to make out the details of the leaves, to some success.
      Behind me was a small building, with entirely glass walls. It was kind of horseshoe shaped and very small, only one floor. In the middle was a counter with a cashier and people waiting in line, I'm assuming to make purchases.
      I decided to try some dream control and went up to the man that was first in line. I can remember him having a sort of tall face, and being bald. I punched him in the cheek, while screaming "sonic punch". I had to reach up above my head because he was quite a tall man.
      When I hit him he just sort of looked at me for about half a second. My hand was still on his cheek and he just randomly flew back and hit the inside wall of the horseshoe shaped building.
      We got into a huge fight at this point. Knowing I was dreaming, I was doing these remarkable martial arts moves and the man that I was fighting was really no match for me.

      Eventually, I wound up standing on a table, holding a coffeepot. The man made some joke, I think it was related to World War II, but I can't remember it. I poured the coffee on him. At this point the dream destabilized. I knelt down on the table and screamed "stabilize dream!"

      I had a False awakening. I can't remember the details of it but I woke up, and went around my house telling family members and friends about the awesome lucid dream I just had.

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