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    The Realm of the Child

    1. The Cartoon Chaos and The Concert 100 Feet Above the Ocean.

      by , 06-04-2012 at 09:15 PM (The Realm of the Child)
      It's been a while, and yes, I've been slacking off.

      Anywho, this first dream occurred two nights back. It was certainly interesting, and certainly enjoyable. Water seemed to be the main theme of it. It began with me starting to play some online flash game of some sort. It was for three players, and each got to be Tom & Jerry-esque characters, either a dog, a cat, or a mouse. I was a mouse, and the other two were the cat and the dog. The person playing the cat's voice was strikingly familiar, though I can't recall who. It was a strange, yet fun game where we'd be zooming through streets on miscellaneous objects, flying through pipes and construction sites. Things in the like. The part I remember most vividly is when we were on a board attached to a boat that was going considerably fast. We got pushed underwater, and were still on the board and attached as well. I saw many creatures that concerned me, having a strong fear of going underwater in the ocean. There was a sea turtle that was much larger than us, and it tried snapping us as we passed by. I then closed my eyes, and waited for use to reach the surface again. I don't remember much after that, besides me leaving the game and walking around, only to find an apartment where I could hear people mumbling about where the mouse went. The next part was strange, but very relaxing. We were at a concert, one that was much like "Woodstock", except we weren't in a field or a forest or anything. Instead, we were in tree-huts that were stationed in tropical palms. We stayed in these for a couple of days. The stage wasn't far off from our huts, quite nice of a distance, really. Each one of our huts had a title of sorts. Mine had to do with lizards and my mom's, who's hut was right next to mine, had to do something with houses. My brother's was farther off, and he kept making fun of the names of our huts, though the insults weren't quite clever. He said things like "You hear of cats and dogs, but never lizards!" which, I didn't take much offense to, really. We stood over the ocean in the day, a good 100 feet over it, and it never seemed to be sunny, but only cloudy, which is my visualization of paradise; a cloudy beach. From a small window in my hut, I could see large and lavish hotels with pools and quality service. I kept saying "That's a beautiful home." for some reason. When we were to sleep, for some reason our huts would move lower towards the ocean. My hut had a bit of water flooding into it, but I could still sleep on the ground, though I kept waking up in fear of this leopard shark that seemed to wander near our area. I never did hear a single band play though.

      I'll try to be more consistent with these.

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