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    1. The Killer who resisted death

      by , 11-25-2014 at 02:13 PM
      There was this bad guy in my dream attacking people with a knife. He was going along the hallway in a building while he was doing this. As he approached me, I heard him say that he had a gun too, but wasn't using it yet. I didn't let him. Although I was unarmed, I reached behind me imagining that I would find a sword there. It was there as I felt my right hand grasp the hilt. In one motion, I drew it from behind, swinging it forward and thrusting. It went in deep into this guy. He wouldn't shut up though, he kept talking about how he couldn't die and all the things he was going to do yet.

      Its hard to describe but it got messy as he kept moving around and the sword I had in him kept cutting. But I held my fortitude even as it got gross looking. He did die after all, this dude was just tough and prolonged the inevitable. It seemed to take several minutes for him to go, and he talked about stuff he would do as if were in denial about being cut apart with a sword.

      Its nice to know I can always "form" a dream weapon at will to deal with threats in my dreams.

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