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    1. Stealing the Sonic Screwdriver

      by , 04-12-2015 at 12:44 PM
      At first I was riding a bike along a dirt road, but I didn't want to go to far, as I had to turn around and go back. I don't remember where I had to go back to though. There was a bridge over the road I was on, and I went past it. The scene in the dream changes a little as I turn around to go back. Now there is a sidewalk to follow to the side of the road. So I start walking up the hill on it. There was this guy who went past me with some tools. He goes past me and starts building a house with some other people, although the foundation was only shed size. The foundation is part of the sidewalk, so their project is blocking the sidewalk. I hear two of the people there, a man and woman, plan to do something with these things they have. It is some type of evil plan that will hurt many people in order so they will gain. It takes me a few minutes, as I linger around the area looking around, but I manage to steal two of their devices. One is a small power cube, it is actually pulsating with energy and lights up as it pulses. The other is a sonic screwdriver. I almost get away, but the woman sees the sonic screwdriver in my hand and they chase me.

      I don't get far, but I don't have to. As they close in, I turn the power of the sonic screwdriver on the guy and he de-activates. It seems he is an android from what I can tell. The woman coming after me pretty much gives up her cause at this point, and doesn't try to directly confront me. She does still stalk me, hoping to get the stuff back some other way. It seems the android guy had a CD in his head, which ejected from his mouth when he de-activated. I knew this CD had the instructions on how to use the sonic screwdriver, but I didn't have a CD player to use it. So I'm sticking the CD in my own mouth part way, hoping that will work, but I'm like what am I doing? The only thing I'm doing is slobbering on the CD. I wake up while trying to think of ways to use the instruction CD for the sonic screwdriver.

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