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    1. Driving a Carriage / The Phasing Game / Food

      by , 11-05-2014 at 01:45 PM
      Lucid Dream:

      I found this carriage somewhere that interested me. It couldn't move without a horse, since it was made of only wood. I was able to lucidly make the wheels move and get it to go down this dirt road. The road began to get rough spots in it that were steep enough to make the wheels slip, I had to grab at the road in front in order to force the carriage over the steep spot. Finally there was a steep hill that was too much to go up until a tractor came along. I held onto the back of the tractor as it pulled the carriage up the hill. Right before the top, the tractor got stuck too. I figured it would be alright to just let the tractor go, so I did. Things went bad though, the tractor lurched forward and crashed, messing up a front wheel. The carriage fell backwards, almost vertically it seemed and crashed too. I was able to stay put where I was, and as I looked down on the carriage I thought my sister was inside of it, although I didn't realize it until now. I thought my sister had died in the crash and I was so sad and upset that it woke me up.

      It was 1am something but it didn't take long for me to fall back to sleep.

      Dream 2

      There were these group of people who were having a party, and playing some sort of game. They were standing in the same spot, merging in & out, like they weren't quite in phase with each other. It was like a willpower fight for dominance of the spot they occupied. I stepped into the pile of phasing people to join in this game. It took about a minute, but as I dominated the spot, one by one people would "die" and when I was the only one left I won the game. The people weren't really dead, they were just counted as dead within the game. Since I won the game, my DCs let me continue to party with them. That only lasted a while because I got sidetracked with packing stuff in a car.

      Dream 3

      I was at this school where I found the food storage room. There was a jar of pickled bologna there so I took a big piece and started eating it. It tasted good and I just ate it as I walked around. For some reason I thought I needed to wash my hands so I went in to the restroom. It was weird to see that it was full, there were 20 guys in there using all the stalls & urinals. They were even sitting in the sinks, all but one sink. I ignored them as I used the only available sink to wash my hands. The paper towels were nice to wrap around the pickled bologna I still had. This was probably the most amount of times I have seen my hands in a dream yet it didn't make me go lucid.
    2. The Party

      by , 05-06-2012 at 02:36 PM
      I was driving my car, but it was cooler than the one I have. I pulled into this long driveway made of crushed stone, there were piles of it around too. I'm thinking this must be my uncle's place since it looks like a trucker lives here. There is a little stone pile next to my car that I try to kick down a little, but its not doing much so I leave it alone. A bunch of DCs show up and there is a party going on. I'm over near the kids area watching them play before I wake up.
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