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    1. Taking Flight

      by , 10-08-2014 at 02:14 AM
      It was perhaps the week before the dream I titled Running Hard! I was in a car with some people, not really sure where we were going though. We were on the highway just driving along and somehow my dream transitions to where I have gotten out of the car and my friends have left me behind. Now I'm on the edge of this highway, just kind of chilling & watching the vehicles pass me. Next to me is the concrete barrier to keep the cars from running off the edge of the upcoming curve. There is a growing apprehension in me as some cars are trying to target me intentionally. Naturally I move over, then climb up on the barrier to be out of reach. Problem solved, or so I think. As if to confound my efforts, my dream throws at me two semi trucks. They were speeding toward me on the highway intent on running me down. The trucks drive side by side, one on each side of the barrier, so that the one truck isn't even on the road. It is obvious to me that their intent is to run me down. This should have caused me fear or panic, but I have none whatsoever. Instead, with a little knee bend & push off including levitating force, I took flight & headed straight up.

      The situation was amusing to me as to how I evaded the trucks. As I headed up the view of the valley below was quite nice. I hovered there a moment, taking it all in. Then I casually flew over to a suspension bridge where I perched on one of its concrete pillars, looking down at the people below. From there I flew down lower to another perch just out of reach of the passing people. A lady mentioned as I landed, "hey, he can fly"