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    1. A Trapped Bird, Peanut butter, and baseball

      by , 04-19-2012 at 11:22 AM
      April 19, 2012
      All non-lucid

      I only glanced at my affirmation before turning out my light last night.

      1. Peanut butter...I don't know more than that. I dreamed of various kinds of peanut butter. (I also made my daughter a PBJ sandwich for her lunch tomorrow, before I went to bed)

      2. My cat had something trapped at the window. I went to the window and moved the curtain back and there was a little bird. Perhaps a wren or sparrow. Sparrow is more likely. It was all puffed up and crammed back in the corner of the window sill. I scooped it up expecting it to peck at me or something but it just rested in my hand. I hollered for someone to open the window and someone behind me did. I stuck my hand out and opened my fingers to let the little bird fly away but it just sat there. So, I moved it closer to the house - next to the outer wall. And at some point the bird morphed into a mouse. The mouse scattered down the side of the house and onto the ground. In the process it jumped from the wall to the ground and I watched it run away but I noticed it might have been limping. I also believe at one point a second bird flew out the window when the person lifted the sill. (reminds me of an older dream I had of the Lifeless Sparrow I found in the trash heap.)

      3. This dream was very sketchy. I was in third person most of the time and it almost felt like an Remote viewing but I know I was not. There was this rather tall and large young man. He was in a basement. He'd come to see someone or maybe someone had come to see him. He had brownish hair - and needed a haircut, as it was a bit long to the collar. The girl who was there came to maybe his chin. She went to kiss him but at the last minute he turned his head and she kissed his cheek. It was an awkward moment. They chatted for a while. The dream gets fuzzy and then my husband enters the dream. Apparently they know each other, this guy and my husband. I'm not sure if I'm hiding from them because the entire dream feels very distant, like I stayed away and observed everything. I felt like I was hiding. Both my husband and this man went out to our driveway and began throwing a baseball back and forth. Then, I woke up.