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    1. A Night of goodies, and horror

      by , 05-15-2012 at 01:33 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now enjoy reading my dreams.

      Dream #1 Club Rumba.

      Spoiler for Theme of the dream:

      Its nighttime and im walking down a sidewalk with Natalia. She is wearing a outfit just like the one in the picture. We enter this nightclub, with the music playing from the spoiler bar. There are people dancing, drinking and having a good time. Me and Natalia are carrying briefcases and walk past people dancing and socializing in this crowded nightclub. We walk up these stairs and walk down this hall to find a door in the back, guarded by a beautiful latin woman. She ask us who are we here to see, Natalia tells her the mans name we are here to see. We walk in to find this latin guy who looks like Cheech Marin. He was drinking some liquor in a small glass, dancing with 4 beautiful women in short skirts.

      (Cheech Marin looking guy talking)

      "Hey...welcome to Club Rumba! Natalia how bout a drink babe?"

      (Natalia talking)

      "Sure, i'll have whatever you're having."

      We are now sitting down on the couch, and the guy escorts the ladies out so we can talk business. Natalia sets the briefcase on the glass table and the man hands Natalia her drink and asks me if i wanted one too. I tell him sure, (Even though i don't drink anymore in wl) Natalia asks the man for some important documents. He hands them to Natalia and she starts looking thru everything and hands it to me. (My memory is foggy about what was in there) I hold on to it and the man says that he has some goodies for us. He shows us this back room full of guns, herbs, drugs, and files. Natalia picks up some colorful pills and puts them down in this ziplock bag and gives it to me.

      She grabs a few of the guns the man has in a cabinet as well. We walk back in the room and get ready to leave the man tells Natalia to come by more often to see him and Natalia says..

      (Natalia talking)

      "As long as you keep this supply coming in, im your number one customer."

      (Cheech Marin looking guy talking)

      "Hey...thats my girl!"

      (He starts dancing again)

      (Natalia shakes her head)


      We leave the room and head back downstairs to the lower area of the nightclub. A woman runs past and snatches Natalia's ziplock bag of pills. Natalia runs after her, grabs the woman by her hair and pulls her down to the ground. Natalia is punching her in the face to a bloody pulp, and gets up and starts stomping her face to a bloody pulp. A big bouncer comes over and pulls Natalia off of the poor woman. Natalia jerks her arm from the man and tells him to get the fuck off of her. She grabs her ziplock bag from off of the floor and says..

      (Natalia talking)

      "Next time you ever try some foolish shit like that again, your dead!"

      (Natalia spits on her)

      And we leave the club.

      Dream #2 Smiling faces tell lies.

      Spoiler for Theme of the dream:

      Im sitting down on a chair outside reading the newspaper. It is sunny outside, and it is awful quiet i hear some rustling in some bushes near me an look over to see IT the clown!

      (IT talking)

      "Hey, i want to share some vital information with you."

      "Yea? What is it?"

      "Their all out to get ya."

      "Who is?"

      He starts looking around and taking his hands and cupping them around his mouth whispering to me.

      "Everybody. I would especially keep an eye out for that big boy on his way to your house right now. If i were you, i chop him up into itty bitty pieces and make an example out of him."

      I start thinking long and hard about everything he is telling me. I look at him and say...

      "Why are you telling me this anyway? Should'nt i be worried about you too? I mean..you did say everybody is out to get me. Should'nt that include you too?"

      "Of course not buddy ol pal. Im a friend of yours. Why...you can trust me!"

      "Hmm, if you say so."

      He tells me that he will come back to me after i finish the job or something like that. A heavy set black dude walks over to my house and starts asking me if i wanted to play the game with him i tell him sure. We walk into my house and sit down on the couch and start playing King Of Fighters 13 on the PS3. after about a few mins, i tell him that i have to go use the restroom real quick. I go in the bathroom and stare into the mirror. I become lucid and start thinking about what IT the clown. I begin wondering if what he said was all part of some sort of sick twisted game. I look into the mirror and dive thru it and end up somewhere in a sewer underground.

      WILD - Dream #3 Zombie filled underground.

      Im now underground in some underground tunnel someplace. There are two parts of the tunnels (Like the pic) I am looking at. I decide to walk towards the one on the left. I open up the narrow door, and find a bunch of creepy looking zombies. I start glowing gold and pounding away at them with my fist. I defeat a army of them, and make my thru another door.

      Final dream: Clowns last party.

      I now enter a creepy looking room...

      To find IT the clown eating some cereal watching porn on t.v I interupt him by saying..

      "Enjoying that soggy ass cereal clown?"

      (IT the clown talking)

      "What? Fruity Pebbles taste good when its soggy!"

      "Whatever man. Look you ready to die?"

      "Sure sure sure. Hang on one sec...let me just finish this last bowl."

      I kick the bowl of cereal out of his hands and grab him by the collar and throw him across the room.

      "Im sick of playing around clown!"

      He runs to another area of this spooky looking house hiding in the shadows laughing and creeping out only to say..

      "Peeka booo, i seeee youuuuu. (Laughs like a maniac)

      He keeps creeping in and out the shadows laughing and saying peeka boo the whole time. I grow impatient punching walls and growling.

      "Ugh...come out you damn coward!"

      "Naa naa na naa na..you will never get meeee."

      (He laughs like goofy)

      I feel the dream closing in on me and him say..

      "Farewell...until we meet again."

      I pound the floor, and woke up pounding my pillow! Lol

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