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    1. Fragments.

      by , 04-23-2012 at 08:29 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Green means notes

      Notes: Did not remember much of anything. But i guess its because my body is getting use to going back to sleep alot more earlier.

      Dream 1# The mountain song.

      Im helping this elderly man up from the sidewalk, and he seems to love singing about the mountains. I just remember him telling me that he would love to go to the mountains and sit a the top of one and sing how big he feels to be on top of one.

      Dream #2 Why are we doing this?

      Im now playing throw the bottles into the garbage can with this drunk dude.

      Dream #3 Drunk antics.

      Im telling this drunk man not to walk outside with no coat on, because it is freezing out there. He insist that it is good to do so, because it will give him some sort of special powers.

      Final dream: Who wants to suck my pinky toe?

      Im now a security guard for Kim Kardashian, And we walk into this clothing store and she yells..
      "Who wants to suck my pinky toe?"
      All of a sudden, a man runs up to her, peels off her leather pumps..and gives her a tongue job all across her toes.

      Notes: Mmkay...not much to say except...WTF!? I went to sleep early, and i still got frags! And why so many drunk dreams? I don't even drink anymore. Ha ha...very funny subconscious. Overall, i guess my body just needs to get used to goin back to sleep alot more earlier.