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    1. How I Navigate Thru My Dreams.

      by , 05-13-2012 at 09:40 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now grab a bite to eat, and enjoy reading my dreams

      Dream #1 Amrapali Ambegaokar.

      Im in my current house in the living room, sitting down on the couch, watching the beautiful Kathak dancer/actress Amrapali Ambegaokar, give me a special dance performance. After her perfomance, she sits next to me and we start talking about dreams. She asks me is it possible to share dreams, i tell her that yes it is in fact possible. (What a missed chance of a reality check) She mentions to me, that a friend of hers has a performance later, and that she promised her she will show up.

      I thank her and tell her that i will try and share a dream with her one day.
      (What a lack of awareness there for me) I hug her, and walk her to her car and walk back to the house and wake up.

      4:30 - 4:45 am. I did plenty of subconscious training, and went back to sleep.

      Dream #2 Giving A Lesson On Dreams.

      Im talking to a very attractive European looking woman about dreams. She has a very lean figure, and looks very much in shape. She has slanted brown eyes, long brunette hair, and is wearing a tan sweater and some black pants, and black ballet flats. We are in the kitchen and i am talking to her about dreams. She wants something to drink, and i give her a orange pop. (Soda)

      We sit down at the kitchen table, and i tell her..

      "Anytime you are in your waking life, do you ever stop and ask yourself...where am i? What did i do a hour ago?"

      "Umm noo not really why?"

      Im rubbing my hawk coin looking at her, and say to her..

      "Because this is a dream thats why."

      "Really? Everything feels so real."

      "Thats because our minds are wired around what is suppose to look, smell, taste, and feel real. Does that drink taste real?"

      She nods her head. I tell her to start doing more reality checks in her spare time such as asking herself, what did she do a hour ago, what day is it, and how did she end up where she is. I tell her that pretty soon she will be on her way to achieving lucidity much more often.

      Dream # 3 Stop Him!

      Im in some meeting with a group of men in suits. Im projected as a White man with short black hair slick back, and wearing a dark black suit. Im staring at these different files on the tables, and noticed a file that said..TOP SECRET INFORMATION. It was in big bold red letters. I ask one of the men to pass me that file so i can take a look at it to make sure its the right document. A man hands it to me.

      I jumped thru a window and it shatters. I hear a man yelling


      Im running down a crowded street and project back as myself. I run thru stores, buildings, and finally find my hideout and set the file in my dresser cabinet and wake up.

      Final dream frag: How is your reality checks going?

      I just remember talking with one of my dream characters about how to properly do reality checks. I remember her being a female and thats all i remember.
    2. Fly far away crow, Pain is pleasure, And Samina's next lesson.

      by , 05-02-2012 at 11:12 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dream person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now grab you a snack, and enjoy reading my dreams.

      Dream #1 Fly far away crow.

      Im in a spanish neighborhood fighting with some latin dudes about something. One of my old homies from Cali was with me and he told me in spanish to fly away and go someplace safe. I looked at him and told him, Gracias compadre. (Thank you partner)
      "Go go, just fly far away from here i got your back homes"
      I begin running and felt myself shapeshift into my crow form. I started cawing and flying thru the air, looking for a place to land. I find a nearby fruitstand abandoned, i see a latin man walk away from the fruitstand. I hop up onto the Papaya fruits, take my beak and peck away at the Papayas. I hear the man coming back out and try and get one last peck at the juicy nector of the fruit.
      "Hey you pesky crow get outta here!"
      He takes a broom and try swatting at me. He misses me, and i laugh at him cawing and flying up to his roof. He stands there just looking at me.
      i glance back at the man cawing at him.

      Notes: This was the closest song i could find to the music of this next scene of the dream.

      I decide to fly off into a store, the doors were left open and there was some salsa music playing. I walk in casually pacing back and forth nodding my head and cawing to the music. A latin woman was laughing at me saying something in spanish i believe it was..(Look at that dancing crow) A man who i believed owned the store got up and tried throwing his shoe at me. He missed, and i cawed at him continuing to dance to this salsa music. Lol, The lady kept laughing and saying something in spanish about me dancing to the salsa music. Finally the latin man gets up with one shoe on and the other off, and picks up a stick, and started walking towards me. I begin running and hopping away with my little bird legs and cawing.

      I flew atop a aisle of can goods, just taking my beak and pecking at the cans as they fell off the shelves. Salsa music still playing im nodding my head and cawing the entire time.
      The man tries stepping over the can goods, but i fly over to another aisle and begin pecking at more cans as they roll over in his direction. The man tries hopping over the cans but slips in some juice that managed to spill from my mischievious pecks st the cans. The woman literally falls out her chair laughing at what just happened. Meanwhile i fly out of the store cawing looking to create more havoc.

      I fly over to some urban community, and some nearby kids thought that it would be funny to start throwing rocks and shit at me. I get hit by one of the rocks, as i did not see it coming..and fly off into a nearby tree. Injured a bit, i rest and wake up from that dream.

      4:45 - 4:55 am. Did subconscious training. And plenty of reality checks with my totem.

      Dream #2 Pain is pleasure.

      Im in the kitchen at my auntie L's house fixing me some snacks. It was a family gathering and everyone was dancing and having a good time. My aunt L wanted me to dance and i told her amybe in a bit, im about to eat. I noticed a older black dude slipping something into one of my cousins drink. I look at him with a fierce cold spine chilling look of stone.
      "What the fuck do you think you are doing"!? "Kill that damn music!" The music stops.
      I walk up to the man. "I asked you a question, what the fuck are you doing!?"
      "Oh was uh..uh..just playing."
      "Do i look fucking stupid or somethin to you!? Wha..what you tryna be a comedian or something?"


      Spoiler for Very Violent Nature:

      That was enough to wake me up.

      7:25 - 7:35 am. Subconscious training.

      Final dream: Samina"s next lesson.

      Im at my 2nd home in the basement looking thru my dream records. I hear my doorbell ring, i walk upstairs and answer the door.
      "Hi Dreamprofesser."
      "Well hello Samina, how are you doing today"?
      "Good. Um, i just thought i come over today so you can teach me some more new abilties."
      "Sure, sure come in sweetheart."
      She sets her hello kitty bookbag on the couch in the living room, and we walk downstairs to the basement. Samina is wearing a long sleeve black and white Looney tunes shirt, with some black pants, and black and white converse sneakers. Her hair is curly and in a long ponytail. We get downstairs in the basement and i ask her how is her mom doing.
      "She's doing good, just resting up a bit".

      "Good. Well ready to get started on your next lesson?"
      She is sitting down on a little stool holding both her arms up smiling.
      "Great let me grab your records and start seeing your next lesson."
      "Okey dokey, looks like shapeshifting and your usage of totems is next Samina."
      She takes her little fist and pumps it into the air. I walk over to my desk and grab her some totems from dresser drawer. I pull out marbles, Jacks, dices, chess pieces, a toy dolphin and a few other items.
      "K, which one of these do you want to choose for your next totem?"
      "Mmm i want that clear marble with the stars in it."
      "Excellent choice Samina."
      She nods and i place it in her hand. I head back to my desk and have a seat.
      "Ok Samina, whenever your ready."
      She nods. She takes her fingers and draws a mirror in the air, i observe and staring. She now makes a huge square shaped mirror and looks at herself in the mirror. She talks to the mirror telling the mirror she wants to become a grown up version of herself. I look and nod my head, she now tells the mirror she wants to become Dreamprofesser.

      She now transforms into me wearing my suit attire. She even has my deep base voice! She says..

      Spoiler for Dreamprofesser's secret fetish:

      "Mkay thats not funny Samina, turn into someone else."
      She laughs, and turns into Wonder woman and starts flexing in the mirror.
      "Very good Samina, very good."
      She transforms back into herself and i clap my hands and start grading her.
      "You did very good Samina, im really proud of you."
      "Thank you Dreamprofesser. I want to be as good as you!"
      "Aww thank you Samina, that means alot to me." I hug her and tell her that she is really advancing and that she is a very smart little girl. I grade her in my dream records and walk her upstairs and tell her to come see me again soon when she wants to learn something else. She hugs me and i let her out the door. The dream fades and i wake up.

      Notes: Im happy that my recall is finally back! I hope that i can become more lucid like this often to continue sharing dreams with others here on DV.

      My DC Samina has been a recurring character. She looks to be 7 or 9 and looks arab or possibly indian. She is a very intelligent DC, and i obviously want to train her for various reasons.

      Im hoping she can make it more easier for me to navigate thru dreams faster, and help me to seach for different people. =D
    3. Deep within my subconscious (old dream) 03/12/11/

      by , 04-20-2012 at 07:27 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dream person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now, as always take a seat and enjoy!

      Dream #1 Place your bets.

      Im in some arena watching two Thai women kick box and spar with eachother. One has half her hair dyed red and has a mohawk, and the other has a couple of tattoos all around her body with her hair tied back in a ponytail. I placed my bet on the chic with her hair dyed red with mohawk, because she looks bad ass! Unfortuntely she loses the fight and i curse an scream and walk out the arena broke.

      Dream #2 Felicia.

      Im in a carnival with a lovely looking young lady. She looks mixed, or could possibly be native american or a latin woman. She has her arm wrapped around my arm, and her head rested on my shoulder. "You want to head home or you want to walk around for a bit"?
      "Na its cool babe, i love spending time with you."
      I smile its nighttime and you can hear all the game sounds and people interacting with one another. After some hours of spending time with one another, we finally head back to her place.
      "You want to come in"?
      Uh, sure long as its ok with you.
      (She laughs)
      "Of course I want you to come in silly"!
      We enter her home. Its very nicely decorated, and smells like jasmine and vanilla. She turns her lights on. The home was medium big, and was decorated white with nice tiger print, and snow leopard rugs on the floor.

      "Sit down and make yourself comfortably".
      Mkay. I have a seat on the couch, and she walks over with two glasses of wine. She is wearing a very nicely fitted dress, it was dark purple colour to compliment her lovely pair of dark polished toes. she slipped off her heels and bending her knees on the couch facing towards me.
      "So, tell me. Why have you waited this long to come and see me hm?"
      Uh..to be honest, im always being pulled away, and can never seem to find a way to see you.
      "There are ways, you know how to find me". If i did something to cause you to go away, then please tell me!
      No no noo, its not you! Don't ever think that ok!? I love you Felicia, and will ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!
      (This causes her to tear up)
      "I love you too Q"!
      We hug and kiss, and i tell her i will see her again soon. (dream fades and i wake up)

      WBTB-5:30 am -Did plenty of subconscious training and reality checks with my totem-5:50 am

      Dream #3 Mirrors and my subconscious experiments

      I wake up in my 2nd home from my bed. I head in the bathroom I look in the mirror and dive thru it. I end up somewhere in possibly Paris? I now walk around observing all of my projections. I find the most interesting subject. A french woman wearing navy blue shorts and is roller blading. She was average height and wore a white tank top and had sandy brown hair. She was listening to some music on her headphones, I stop her. "Excuse me, you mind if i have a little bit of your time?
      "Sure whats up?"
      We have a seat at a local cafe. I sit and talk with her about dreams and different projections here.
      "I would love for you to come with me to my place of work, so we can conduct experiments together". do you think this is something you would be interested in?
      "Um, sure i guess".
      "Now i need you to be all the way in on this type of thing if your interested ok"?

      (Dream switches here)

      Im not real???

      We end up at my basement where im taking out different files and records.
      "What are those"?
      "My dream records. They help me to keep track of where i been, or to let me know in advanced where i will be headed.
      "Oh i see." Can you track down people with those records?
      Depends on who im sharing the dream with.
      "I see". So is it possible to share dreams with people you never met before?
      "Yes it is".
      "How long hve you been doing this"?
      "For quite some time". In fact, your not real.
      "Im not"? No, no no way...you are not REAL!!!
      "Relax"! relax please ok?
      (My memory gets a bit foggy here as i believe she stormed out of my 2nd home and i woke up)

      Final dream the usage of totems.

      Im in a school in a hallway waiting on a someone. This little girl who looked arab or indian.
      She runs up to me and gives me a hug. She looked to be 7 or 8 and wore a pink short sleeve shirt, blue jeans, pink and white converse shoes, and she had two long black ponytails, and had a pink dora the explorer book bag.
      "Im so glad that you came to see me"! Look what i got!
      She shows me one of my hawk coin totems. Ah, i see you kept it.
      "Mmhm". Come, i want to show you something!
      We get to the back of the school yard on the playground. She sets her book bag down, and sits down cross legged on the grass. All of a sudden she starts glowing purple and she started floated in mid air and doin all kinds of flips and holding both her hands out shooting out purple and blue projectile beams at the ground. I sat there amazed nodding my head, holding my totem rubbing it stabilizing the dream more. She landed back on the ground and bowed her head to me and was smiling.
      "Aww, Samina (I called her) that was really good im really proud of you!

      "Thank you Dreamprofesser". You taught me those things and i kept practicing, until i became really good".
      "Well you know what"?
      "I am goin to grade you a A+. I take out my dream records and begin grading her.
      "Wow really?" Awesome!
      Yea. Now remember Samina, i want you to keep doin those reality checks with your totem like i showed you ok?
      "Ok Dreamprofesser".
      She waves to me as she heads for a neon coloured car. I wave bye to her one final time, and i wakeup to record the dream.

      Notes: I was very pleased with my results from this older dream. As i conducted experiments to become lucid, and find a dream character and check their status and ranking in my dream.
      This dream, character Samina showed very great potential, I am hoping to train many more of my dream characters in the future.
    4. Kisses from a stranger, and dream recruitment.

      by , 04-20-2012 at 01:56 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Red means dream character talking
      Green means notes

      Notes: I would'nt say this is freaking strange but...

      Dream #1 I want you now.

      Im in a gas station about to buy me some chips, when i notice a woman who looks mixed with possible black and white or mixed with something else possibly. Anyway she looked about my age and she was near the pops (soda i call it pop) and was opening the freezer and looking at me blowing me kisses.
      I thought it was funny the 1st few times she kept doin it, but then...well...it just got a little weird from here.

      She then begin to take the pop, and pour it over her self and started crawling towards me on the floor. I just sat there looking at this deranged woman! Uh....what are you doin???
      "I want you to make love to me".
      (Gulp) Umm..listen lady..i gotta be hon..
      "Enough talking an KISS ME'!!!
      But i don't even know you, yet alone your NAME!
      "Names are just letters, now KISS ME"!!!
      I start backing away from her a little freaked out now.
      Leave me ALONE!!!
      I start running and run to a dark alley kneeling hiding behind a dumpster hoping she does not see me

      "Peek a boo, i see you"! Muahahaha
      Take me now, i want to tear off your clothes!
      I get up and run but trip and fall into this puddle of water.
      "Yes, i want you NOW"!!!
      She jumps on top of me and started kissing me all over my face like there was no tomorrow. Drained and out of energy, i give in to her lustful antics. And wake up.

      Final Dream Recruitment.

      I am in a room teaching people about mirrors and other
      dimensions. I tell them that you can navigate thru dreams much more sufficent when navigating thru mirrors. This white guy raises his hand, yes sir you have a question?
      "Uh yes, how does one navigate thru another persons dream"?
      Great question. Navigating thru another person's dream takes practice and mental preparation. I advise you all to write this down in your notes people.

      We as the dreamers create what we see, and what we feel thru our conscious state. So by simply putting out what you want to attract, you draw it in your waking life and in turn build your subconscious to attract what you want in your dream state. Remember to train your subconscious people, now im goin to be selecting up to 3 people to help me to seach for a friend of mine. (My memory gets foggy here) And i wake up.

      Notes: My recall was horrible here. I don't remember hardly anything too much. but my recall will start to increase more since i will start goin to sleep alot more earlier now.