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    1. Ramblings of a Madman Entry 01

      by , 04-30-2012 at 03:29 PM
      Last night/this morning, I had yet another dream of someone from my past.

      In the dream, I return to a house she used to live in when we were younger. We have gone back there to meet for some strange reason. I do not know this reason, but I know that when I am here now, I do not want to leave without her. I get the feeling in this dream that we have been away from each other for too long, and I am relieved to be with her now. I go to find her in her room and we talk for a bit. The first thing I notice when I enter this room is there are many beds, stacked vertically, one on top of the other as far as I can see. I also notice that the blankets covering every one of these beds are a lush, red color. The dream shifts at this point to a completely different place (another house, where some parts I remember from other recurring dreams) and she takes my hand to lead me to her room. Her face has changed, to someone else from my past that I know, a completely different person, but I know it is still her? I notice that I am in nothing but shorts/boxers, and I have a coat on that I used to wear when I was a child. I use it to cover myself, embarrased, but it seems too tight or small. She asks me if I would like to take two paths to get to her room, her words aren't clear; but I know what she is saying. I choose a path, and it turns out to be a wooden stairwell. I look down at my feet as I walk up the stairs as they are suddenly unstable, so I have to watch where I walk, I can feel them move beneath my weight, but nothing actually happens. The stairs are very steep, and narrow, length-wise. We get to the top and enter her room, which is occupied by a bunch of people. There are about five random people in there hanging out, they are all in their pajamas. She kicks them out and lays down on an air mattress in the middle of the floor. I go to join her and we talk for a bit. At this point the dream turns erotic for a brief moment, and I wake up shortly after.


      This person is an old friend that I grew up with and at one time in our lives, we had a very strong friendship. Everytime I have this dream it seems to start this way; we meet, and I go to find her in her room, which is vastly different than it actually was in real life. This dream always starts with the beginning, then always shifts to a completely new dream. The last time I talked with this person was last year, shortly before she got married. I have not spoke with her since, even after making attempts to contact her. She is like a sister to me, and we love each other as such. The second room I was taken to reminded me of an elaborate tree house. Small inside, but very comfortable. I enjoy being in places such as this. The unstable stairwell is a reference to my job; I have delivered large appliances to people who have front decks that are poorly built, and move sometimes when I carry the weight across it. I do not know why the beds in this dream have red blankets. But I will note that the wood these beds are made of, is dark in color, and in the second part of the dream, the wood is lightly-colored.