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    1. (Lucid) Chased into Danger. August 31st 2012

      by , 09-05-2012 at 07:16 PM (Dream Journal)

      It's great to end August with a Lucid Dream, although it wasn't the best. Still good to have one!

      I started off, non-lucid in a car park. It seemed like the car park outside the hospital, but the hospital was actually a night club. There was a group of people going inside the door. It was very dark, so the door was the only light source for where I was. I was with two of my friends and this old Indian lady. Apparently I had spoken to her in a disrespectful way, although I never said anything. Naturally, I ran away at a fast pace. The woman sent her daughter to chase after me. I ran in and out of the cars, until I reached, what looked like, and pub. I hid behind a chair, and gazed out across an ocean (which isn't even near my house...). There were other chairs, which looked like the metal ones that are placed outside of a cafe or something. It only took a few seconds before the girl noticed me, then proceeded to chase me again. I got up and ran to the right, towards the ocean. I ended up at my street, but it was day time and I couldn't see the girl. I ran to the end of the street then turned right, into a dead end street. I nose plugged and it worked a little. Not that well, but it got me lucid. I was not completely aware that I was dreaming, but I looked around for things that should not be here. I turned around, expecting to see the girl, but instead I saw a woman watering a tree. The tree started to fall, causing me to say "See, that's not normal, I must be dreaming...". I didn't even flinch, but it hit the floor really hard, about 2-3 meters away from me. I felt the dream fade into grey and I woke up.
    2. Gliding With Dinosaurs. July 14th 2012.

      by , 07-15-2012 at 02:15 PM (Dream Journal)

      I really liked this dream, although it was very weird. I also missed a really obvious dream sign D:.

      I started off walking through a minecraft room. There were brick fire places everywhere, but instead of fire, there were chests. There was also a torch on the left side of each fire place. The room pretty much consisted of fire places. On top of that, there were zombies. Everywhere. They were not minecraft zombies though, they were real. I breached through a door, leading to the fire place room, then done some hand to hand combat with a couple of zombies. I then fell to the floor, then watched myself in third person as I got my head chewed apart. I attempted to pull my head away but it got eaten. I managed to get up and recover, so I ran away from the zombies while looting chests. The zombies all disappeared as I started watching a youtube video on one of the fire places. The video went into 'full screen' mode and it seemed like I was inside it. It was a guy just riding horses up and down a canyon-like area. I eventually got bored and moved onto another fire place and searched a video about pokemon. The setting was the same, but this time, the guy was riding a Zebrastrika, which is a horse pokemon. He started slowly galloping down a long path then sped up to a fast speed. A few minutes later, he rode past a giant dinosaur with huge arms. After that, I started to control instead of the guy. I didn't have the horse, I was just walking, while observing the dinisaurs. I then found a path which led to the right, so I walked up. I saw a Pterodactyl and another type of dinosaur. I attacked the Pterodactyl and then it started to glide round and attack me. The other dinosaur was angry too, so it glided off of the cliff, but it did not have wings. It flew into the air then glided back to the hill. The Pterodactyl was just gliding around. I then felt the urge to leap off of the rocks by the cliff edge, so I did. I opened out my arms and legs, then began to slowly glide. I only went out about a meter, because I was scared. I then turned around and landed safely on the rocks again. Just as I landed, I ran away as fast as I could...but with no energy or breath left. Usually when this dream sign occurs, I would perform a reality check, but I didn't. It puts alot of pressure on me, so It's really hard to perform a decent reality check. As I was running away, I turned around and said "Goodbye, thanks for the fun!". The dream faded as I walked up another hill.

      'Twas fun, but I really hate that chase dream sign. It's hard to get lucid because of the pressure, and it feels horrible not being able to get away. Thanks for reading .

      There is a typo in this, but paigeyemps told me not to change it because it's cute. Dinisaurs.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Elemental Guards. July 3rd 2012.

      by , 07-04-2012 at 05:04 PM (Dream Journal)

      Another funny dream that night. Had a great time in this one .

      I was running through some rooms which had a theme of elements. The first room was the wind room. It was empty with green and yellow patterns, but for some reason it was the wind room. I managed to get through that pretty quick because there was no guard. The second room was the water room, guarded by a purple clothed man. He had no hair and was pretty bulky. He was slow so I got past him pretty swiftly. In this room there were purple walls with small waterfalls leading to little pools of water. The next element was eletric, but it was in a corridor. There were sparks flying everywhere. I didn't quite see what the guy looked like, nor the walls but I got past him in a flash. I felt like I was going to get caught soon, so I sped up a little bit. The final room I reached was the fire room. The walls were red and the floor was made up of grey lab panels. I looked at the man, he had black hair and red monk robes on. I turned around back to the eletric room then ran for my life. I slipped past all of the guards and noticed a man had spawned in the wind room, and he ran in front of me and caught me. I said "Trust me to get caught by the black guy hahaha."

      This was a fast paced, fun dream Hope you enjoyed.
      Tags: chase, water
    4. Extreme Minecraft. June 30th 2012.

      by , 06-30-2012 at 08:48 PM (Dream Journal)

      The final dream I had on the 30th. Another video game dream I present you: EXTREME MINECRAFT.

      I was in a minecraft mushroom house, with an old guy, a little different from the other dreams then he told me to go to a cave. So I walked out of the house and headed over across the field to the cave. The cave was located in the side of a mountain. It seemed like real life but with the graphics of Minecraft. The weather was sunny and warm, very nice . I went into the cave and tripped on some TNT which exploded and caused me to panic. I ran through the cave feeling scared and disorientated by the explosion, but stopped and looked down a hole. It was full of weird creatures that are not even in minecraft. One of them was like a giant white silverfish. I said to myself "I will have to check the wiki, never seen that creature before." Then turned around and walked back out. 2 creepers fell from a hole in the roof and caused me to panic again. I sprinted through the dark cave again and the dream ended from panic.

      Another awesome dream had the best atmosphere when exiting the house. Very awesome .
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      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Almost Lucid Chase. June 21st 2012.

      by , 06-21-2012 at 07:00 PM (Dream Journal)

      It looks like being chased may be a dream sign. I almost became lucid in the exact same spot as I did in my last LD. The only difference is that I was actually pretty quick when I ran, I'm usually slow and out of breath.

      I was walking out of the school car parking area (possibly car parking lots are a dream sign too?) and I noticed a suspicious looking black van. It was almost dark and the van's headlights were on. I saw a guy opening the door furthest away from me, so I sprinted faster than I ever have until I reached the spot where I was lucid in my other dream. I performed a reality check, but I was too busy running from the man. I also thought it was real because I was running at a decent speed, so I kept going. I turned right into the forest which was all of a sudden day time and noticed a big tree was blocking me. I didn't stop running so I had a couple of seconds to decide what way I was going to go around it. Left which was narrow or right which was a little swampy. I turned left a little bit but changed my mind and the last second and crashed into the tree. I heard the guy behind me but he was on a bicycle and I woke up.

      My recall was okay this morning, even with my WILD attempt, but I didn't have any time to write down some notes, so I only got the one dream down later on in the day.

      This morning when I attempted a WILD, I got closer than I have in a long time. I managed to actually get out of bed, empty my bladder and go back to bed. There were 2 things that prevented me from relaxing though. There were birds screeching outside and my stomach was empty and hurting. I have an idea, I will take some snacks, a drink and I will set my alarm 30 minutes earlier. 4:30am to 4am, maybe the birds will not squawk at that time.

      Thanks for reading .
    6. (Lucid) Running from the old man. June 16th 2012.

      by , 06-16-2012 at 03:27 PM (Dream Journal)

      At last, a lucid It relates to my previous nightmares. This time I out-smarted it >:-).

      I started off by walking down a street with 2 of my school friends. I had a guitar and so did my friend, so we had a guitar battle. I didn't even get to play before my friend destroyed me with an insane solo. My other friend then said "You were beaten by him." and we all just walked up the road. At this point, the 2 friends from school were different. One had transformed into cookieh and the other was a random guy. We saw a statue that I must have seen in another dream, I'm certain I saw it before. Cookieh explained what the statue was. She said something like "If you touch the statue then the old guy chases the kid." The statue was a golden old guy chasing a kid. She then touched the statue and it move a meter away from us and into a bush. Cookieh and the guy ran back onto the road I was on before and I ran off in the opposite direction towards a car parking area. It was the same one that is in my school. The same dream fragment happened about 4 times. I was running away from an old guy in a yellow top. Finally, I was running again and this time, the old guy was ahead of me trying to catch other young people. He went to grab me but I ran around him. I was extremely out of breath, just like the last nightmares I had before. I found myself running very slow and falling over a lot. I decided to fall onto my hands and feet then ran really fast like a werewolf. A guy in front of me did the same. The guy disappeared down the exact same road located in the real world. It's a path where the forest and the school carpark is. I then got up onto 2 feet again, but this time I felt very odd.

      I pretty much became lucid at this point. I looked at my hands but nothing was wrong with them. I still knew I was dreaming because I said to myself "I must be dreaming because I have never been here before." then I looked at my hands a second time and noticed a strange energy coming from my left hand. I decided to do the nose plug check just to make sure. I could breathe . When I did it, the air coming out was cold on my nose and fingers. Straight after, I remembered to keep the dream stable by rubbing my hands together. I then asked myself if I should attempt to shoot an elemental ball out of my hand, but I said no and tried to change the dreamscape instead. Before I tried this, I looked behind me to see if the old guy was still on my back but luckily he wasn't. I also thought of walking through the forest, but it was dark inside although light outside of it. Finally I closed my eyes and began spinning around, imagining a large beatiful beach. When I half opened my eyes, I noticed I was in my bed. I could hear lot's of voices as if my room was populated. I found that I couldn't open my eyes very well, it seemed like they were sealed shut. I somehow managed to sit up and do the nose plug check again. It was cold, just like the first time.

      I'm pretty sure the dream slipped into a non lucid after that check. This dream has topped the first and second. It was much longer, I think about 60-80 seconds. Almost a minute longer than the last 2. Also I managed to have some kind of control, I changed the dreamscape . Thanks for reading, I had fun typing this up!

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