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    1. (Lucid) Failed Flying Attempts. August 26th 2012.

      by , 09-05-2012 at 07:02 PM (Dream Journal)

      This was an okay Lucid. I managed to have a little control over the dreamscape. My nose plug worked incredibly well, too.

      I started off lucid, right as the dream appeared. It felt really weird, the dream faded in from a grey background with silver flying patterns. As the dreamscape "loaded" I was looking down at the floor. I was in my house on the upper floor outside my bathroom. I pinched my nose, not expecting anything, then suddenly...I could breathe! It was very shocking because I did not expect a huge gust of air to blow out of my nose. I then looked around, then at my sister's bedroom. I noticed the window was wide open, so I thought about jumping out and flying. As I walked over to the window, I stabilized and reality checked again, just to keep myself from waking up. I decided not to jump out of the window, instead, I jumped up into the sky, straight through the ceiling not expecting anything to change. As I exited the roof, I saw a HUGE city just like London at it's old times. The buildings were brown, the sky was almost dark, the stars were appearing and the sun was setting. The sun was not very big though, neither was the orange glow around it. I still thought it looked nice though. On my way back down to the houses, I quickly teleported to a road, in the daylight. I thought about flying there. I think it was the hospital car park that I was in, but it had a road going through it. I jumped into the air, not very high, only about 2 meters. The dream faded quickly as I fell back down.

      It was quite long - longer than most of my lucids already. It was great that I got lucid right at the start as well.
      lucid , memorable
    2. Pawn? June 12th 2012.

      by , 06-16-2012 at 12:26 PM (Dream Journal)

      Again, I have been lazy with my DJ. This dream was from the 12th, it's the 16th now. I guess I should stop being so lazy with this. Anyway, here it is.

      I was walking around the local market with the DV user Dead and my school friend. We walked around a corner and saw a huge church building. It was empty inside, so we just walked on a few meters then decided to go inside. There was a class taking part in the other room of the church so we sat down at the front and watched the teacher talk. Dead had disappeared and I was just sat down with my friend. We then wanted to get up and leave but we were not aloud, instead we went on a computer. On the computer was about 20 folders named "pawn" inside one of the folders were various odd porn pictures and a large picture of some dead babies. The dream then ended thank god.

      Very short dream, didn't have much fun that night. I had a FA and saw Dead STARING INTO MY SOUL. I tried to keep my eyes closed and the fell asleep again.
      Tags: church, market, school