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    1. Creepypasta-Style Swords. September 8th 2012.

      by , 09-09-2012 at 02:49 PM (Dream Journal)

      September has been great for dreams so far! I hope to do the TotM challanges soon.

      I was at home with my mum. We were in the living room talking about how a ghost was in someone's house. I kept having, what seemed like, premonitions of someone being killed by a ghost. The ghost was a small girl, with black hair. She kept throwing these two people out of a window on the second floor. My mum went into the porch and i saw some gladius swords in the kitchen. They ranged in sizes. I picked them all up only to be frustrated. They were made of stainless steel, the material used to make spoons and stuff. I carried them over to the dinner table in the living room. I pulled the plastic wrapper from one of the swords (the biggest one, obviously) and noticed a note fall out. I read the notes and it was related to the ghost visions. I had another premonition of a man being thrown out the window by a girl. These swords must be cursed or something. I ignored the note and walked outside, only to see something weird. The sky was blood red, there were dark bushes everywhere and a big stone cave. A typical creepypasta setting. I read another note, but ignored it without a vision. My house had disappeared behind me and I walked towards the cave. I still had the big gladius with me, so I felt safe to go in. The dungeon was full of red and black rocks. There was also a red mist lingering in the air, making it feel scary and dangerous. To the left, not that far into the cave, was a big stone tablet. The tablet had a picture of an octopus on it. My dream guide came out and told me that I needed to kill this octopus with an electric spell, located at the end of the cave. Luckily, the cave wasn't that big, so I could walk to the end in minutes. I reached the end and this fairy popped out and gave me a scroll. I suddenly knew how to use the spell my dream guide told me to use. I headed back to the tablet and used the spell. In seconds, I was suddenly a character from final fantasy, along with 3 other people. We were fighting the octopus tablet, in a final fantasy battle style. The octopus hit us with a huge water blast and our health bars hit 1. We were all on the floor, losing hope as we were almost dead. Suddenly, I was in first person, on my side on the floor. I was looking at the cave entrance, losing vision slowly. I noticed that the cave entrance was shrouded in a thick white fog. I saw a man walk through the cave and I felt relieved, we were saved! I woke up shortly after.

      Very odd and scary . I'm on a streak with the fantasy dreams, which happen to be the best dreams. All of them are vivid and they feel so real.
    2. Dangerous Plane. September 3rd 2012.

      by , 09-05-2012 at 08:32 PM (Dream Journal)

      Fun, but dangerous. Very, very dangerous .

      I was in a plane, that was flying very low. Maybe about 30 feet from the floor. We were flying over the beach that appeared in the previous 2 dreams. Ahead, I could see a countryside, with a road and a few trees. The captain of the plane was JoeyBelgier, and he decided that we land in a narrow path surround by trees. Nice one Joey. We were just about to land, then the ground turned into a small slope. We landed later than we expected, but we finally felt that bump. As we landed, we were still going very fast, trying to stay on the narrow track. We turned around a corner, my stomach left my body and I held on for life. After turning that corner, we had to turn again, but slower this time. We saw some people under the wing. Finally, there were steps, which I was bracing for. I thought we would bump down these steps, but we gracefully floated down . There were another set of steps and Joey told me we would be fine.

      Hope you enjoyed . September 3rd was crazy.
      Tags: field, forest, water
    3. Minecraft Beach. September 3rd 2012.

      by , 09-05-2012 at 08:18 PM (Dream Journal)

      A very cool dream! It's a replica of what I imagine when I'm at the beach.

      I started off in a house, with the blue haired girl that I see often. She seemed to be teamed up with me to find some African kids. Inside this broken house, were a family of young African kids. They were reading books and talking to each other. Didn't look too bad, but the house did. It looked more like an abandoned hut. We both went outside onto the same beach that I ate the kebab on. I looked out at the ocean and noticed that the tide was completely out. I looked closer and noticed the tide was coming back it at a fast speed. I looked to the left and saw a load of people being evacuated from the wave that was coming on. The wave was only about 5 inches high, but it still scared us all. I looked back to where the house was, but instead was a wall of pebbles and stones. The blue haired girl was gone, too. Just me and a lot of people. I walked over to the wall and attempted to climb it by struggling my feet over the pebbles. I got pretty high but it crumbled below me and I fell, about 2 meters. I tried again and managed to get to the top (probably about 3 meters high). I ran further forward and everything changed into minecraft graphics. The beach was still real life, but everything else was minecraft. Apparently I was meant to be gathering supplies to survive this tiny wave. I was with 2 other people, who were in the wooden hut (NOTE: everything is minecraft) at the end of the grass patch. To the right was a large hedge and to the left was a huge empty field. I was told to go and gather seeds, so I ran back to the beach, but along the way, I saw a small little farm area. There were 5 blocks of moist soil, each planted with something. Opposite these blocks, were 5 moist blocks but with nothing planted. I planted tomatoes, a huge seed and something else. You can't obtain these in the game, but I did . The dream then faded quickly.

      This is the second out of the three dreams I had, which took place somewhere near that one beach shore.
    4. The Weird Man. July 3rd 2012.

      by , 07-04-2012 at 04:36 PM (Dream Journal)

      Had some decent recall this morning. But this dream was incredibly odd .

      I was in a car with my sister and my dad. My dad was driving, my sister in the passenger seat and me in the back right seat. At first we were driving through a forest but on a main road. Within in 5 minutes the forest cleared and we were on a really crazy, confusing road. There were roads crossing eachother, making it confusing and scary to drive on. As we reached a 'knot' of roads, a crazy tourist man ran across the road with a huge back pack. We decided to follow him and park by the side of a huge long road. We got out and spoke to him. But before we could speak to him, he ran away from us and hid behind a holly bush. He peeped his head around and then walked out from the bush. He approached me calmly then bent over in front of me and surprisingly, he threw a huge lump of horse shit in the air and started to run around screaming. For some reason we were all enjoying watching him runa round screaming. The dream then faded.

      I found this dream amusing, but a little scary when we just drove through the roads that crossed eahcother. Pretty tense and nerve-racking.
      Tags: car, field, forest
      non-lucid , memorable