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    1. Dream about (Almost) Shared Dreaming....and Other Dreams

      by , 08-24-2015 at 05:11 PM
      I did have some interesting dreams last night--which I will record in an attempt to make up for dropping the ball while traveling. In one dream I was talking to someone about lucid dreaming. In a way those are frustrating to wake up from, because there I was discussing lucidity....and never becoming lucid.

      In the dream I was at some sort of "natural living" convention. I was in a discussion group that started out talking about eating a healthy raw vegan diet. A husband and wife lead the discussion. Then it went on to how we should change our ideas of what a bedroom looks like. Instead of sleeping on a flat mattress we needed to create these burrows to sleep in. That idea fascinated me, and I asked a few questions about how to make that happen.

      Then the discussion turned to dreaming. Lucid Dreaming. The lady started sharing a lucid dream she had recently had. She talked about how she first went through a wall, and then she made a certain object come to life. And then she said something else she did (which I no longer remember). As I listened to her dream I realized that I had had a lucid dream where I went though the same actions--in the same order. I was amazed. I raised my hand and asked her, "Did you do this next...and this next?" And she was surprised and said, "Yes."

      I said, "Wow, we're having the same dreams. It's almost like a shared dreaming experience, but without both of us being there in the dream."

      We talked about it some more and decided to do some experiments to see if we could continue this and take it to the next level.

      I also had a dream about meeting up with an old high school friend Mark and going on this long backpacking trip. The dream took place the night before we left. We were still getting everything ready and hoping we could get some sleep before the big day. It seems like my mom was there part of the time.

      Then (and I don't know if this is connected to the previous dream), I was in the mountains. I had a small private helicopter and was flying from peak to peak and exploring (the obviously lazy way).

      In another dream I was with my friend (who in real life just had a baby on Saturday), and I think I was helping with the baby. I don't remember a lot from this dream.
    2. LD: Teleportation and Time Travel

      by , 05-19-2015 at 06:09 PM
      I had a dream which was sort of lucid. I was aware of some things, but I was still really connected to the dream's story line and didn't even think to abandon it and complete my goals.

      Teleportation and Time Travel

      I was driving through an unfamiliar big city (dream sign). I came up on a big hill and started to go down. I realized that I couldn't reach the brake. I also realized that I wasn't even in the drivers seat. What was I doing driving a car from the passengers side (another dream sign!)?? The car was picking up speed. I would soon reach the bottom of the hill and crash if I couldn't get to the brake. I stretched my leg. My foot kept getting caught on things in the way. Finally when all seemed lost, my foot touched the brake pedal, and I was able to apply pressure until I stopped.

      I decided that I really didn't want to be driving here in this big city. I needed to go back home. But then I looked over and saw that I was about a block or two from the ocean. Suddenly Tanya was with me. I said, "Let's go walk on the beach for a few minutes before going back, shall we?"

      I made a left turn to try to find a place to park, and we were suddenly on foot. We walked past all these cool looking restaurants. I wanted to go in one, but decided to do that on the way back. We continued to walk. I noticed we were both pushing baby strollers. I think it was little Charles in mine. Not sure who the other baby was.

      As we got closer to the beach the shops were further apart, less fancy and looked a lot more run down. A guy came out of one as we approached. He held up some things he was selling. It reminded me of being in a foreign country. I told him I wasn't interested in buying anything. Suddenly he pulled the strollers (and us) into his shack and handcuffed the strollers to a pole. I was feeling quite afraid. I don't know why I didn't think to scream for help. But then I realized something. I'm lucid, I thought. (I wasn't lucid enough to create a whole new dream scene, but I was lucid enough to know I had power over the situation). I told Tanya to grab my hand and close her eyes, and I would get us out of there.

      I pulled us all close and closed my eyes and transported us back to the busy shop area. Not only did I do that, but I had transported us back in time by a couple hours--so the bad guy wouldn't come after us.

      It was such a feeling of accomplishment. I knew I had never done anything quite like that in my dreams before.

      I think I lost lucidity after that. I remember meeting up with Jacob and looking at things in one of the shops.
    3. Baby Dreams

      by , 12-13-2013 at 04:16 PM
      I have had a whole bunch of baby related dreams in the last few weeks. I'll share a brief summary of the few that I remember.

      1. I was taking care of a baby girl who was a few months old. I was stressed when I couldn't remember when I last fed her. To make it worse I wasn't even sure what to feed her.

      2. I was helping take care of a friend's baby boy. He was tiny (only about 6 inches long) and could fit in my hand.

      3. I was seriously considering adopting 3 little Navajo boys who were about 3-4 years old. Each would be coming from a different place, but the timing was such they would all be arriving together. I really wanted to do this, although the thought crossed my mind that I wouldn't be able to kayak as much.
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    4. Baby Stealing and Stressful Wedding

      by , 01-03-2013 at 01:40 AM
      Dream 1:

      Jeff and I were at this place where they had all these babies. They were being raised without parents. A lady that worked there came to us with this baby and told us that she would help us smuggle the baby out.

      So for the rest of the dream were were on the run with this little baby. I remember trying to look at a map. We were supposed to be in California, but the map looked like a different place. There were only a few main highways to choose from.

      This dream was very long and involved, but I no longer remember the details.

      Dream 2:

      I was at a friend's wedding. I was supposed to do a musical number I was so confused at what was going on. We were supposed to be having a rehersal, but I had no idea when I was supposed to be doing the song. Then I was told the wedding was actually in this city a few hours drive away. The people wearing red dresses were going to be going together. I looked and saw that I was wearing green. No one had told me I should be wearing red. I had no idea where I was supposed to go or how I would get there.
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    5. Jillian Michaels, Baby, Falling in Lake

      by , 11-12-2012 at 05:21 PM

      They are sort of fuzzy now, but I will share what I remember.

      I was with a group of people. One girl was talking about needing to take something to Jillian Michael's house. I watched her go, then thought about it and said, "hey, I want to go see Jillian Michaels." Another girl told me that Jillian needed this other thing and I could take it to her. I headed to her house. I was back in my LA, in Venice a few blocks from LR's old house. But at the same time it was a lot like the houses on 20 Ave in my current town. Jillians house was in the back, of course, with a great view. I walked in and told her I had stuff for her. And I really can't remember what all happened after that. I may have mentioned that I was working hard again on being fit.

      There was a part in my dreams where I had this baby with me. I remember I needed to change its diapers and I told someone to go find me a diaper since I had none with me.

      Then there was this part where I was way up high on this cliff or bridge. Below was a lake hundreds of feet down. At one point I dropped all this money and I decided to jump after it. I grabbed this sheet of foam stuff and sort of fell/floated down. I was surprised at how softly I landed on the water and how not cold it was. I saw my money floating gently on the surface of the water, so I scooped it up.

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    6. LD: 3 Tasks--Talking with Dogs and Jack-O-Lanterns, and Changing my Age

      by , 10-16-2012 at 08:42 PM

      Lucid Dream:

      This was a WBTB. I can't remember how this dream started. It was long and complex. I had given birth to a baby. Within a week's time the baby had grown to the size of a 3-4 year old (In retrospect I see that I probably got this from a book I recently read). The baby was a girl and I called her Vickie. She had long brown curls and I loved her more than anything. I remember worrying about how I was going to explain to people that this little girl was the same baby they had seen me pregnant with a week ago. Vickie and I would have long conversations. She was really intelligent.

      Anyway, at some point this did trigger lucidity.

      I became lucid indoors and wanted to get outdoors. I took off flying. I was going super slow. I decided to pretend that there were rockets coming out the ends of my feet. I could feel the hum of the rockets and felt the pressure on the bottoms of my feet, but I didn't seem to be going much faster.

      I did finally get outside. I decided I needed to get started on some of the tasks. I have been trying to keep track of about 5 tasks that I need to do. The first one that came to me was to talk with an animal. I looked over and saw a lady sitting at the edge of a pool with two dogs. One was a poodle that was standing on its hind legs. This one seemed like a good one to interact with. I leaned over and said "hi" and asked what her name was. She told me that it was "Pork Dresser" I thought that was a really strange name. But I looked at the shirt she was wearing and saw that it had a picture of Miss Piggy on it and I thought that it kind of made sense. She continued to talk to me and she said something about being really old. I asked her how old she was and she told me "Sixteen".

      There was another dog nearby. I also got it to talk. I don't remember much of that conversation other than this dog was much younger.

      I got distracted because I then saw Vickie coming down some stairs. She had turned and was coming down backwards like little kids do. I told the lady with the dogs a little about my situation with Vickie (must have been a less lucid moment). I then helped Vickie down the stairs and then went to complete another task.

      I then remembered the "Converse with a Jack-O-Lantern" one. I was back indoors. I saw some shelves that had three plastic jack-o-lanterns on it. They were the kind that kids take trick-or-treating that are filled with candy. I decided that they would do.

      I looked at the nearest one and said, "Hi". Suddenly its face starts to move and I can see its black mouth move as it says, "Hi, how are you?" in kind of a deep New York accent. I answered "fine." I then looked at the second two jack-o-lanters and said "hello" to them. They, too, come alive and start talking. They had similar deep men's voices with New York accents. Before I have time to start a conversation, they all start talking. They start poking fun at each other and taking bets on who will be the first to get sick of trick-or-treating this year.

      This was all done in the style of a comedy act. And occasionally they would look out at me to make sure that I was entertained. I wish I remembered the exact wording, but it was funny. And I remember thinking that I hadn't expected this kind of thing at all. I was actually quite pleased that my jack-o-lanterns had performed so well for me.

      At this point I decided to try another task. I decided I wanted to ty to change my age. I was in a room with toys , so I decided I wanted to be a kid. I concentrated on becoming smaller. I did notice that I was becoming lower the the ground.

      The next thing that I know is that I see a floating green ball. I forget my task as I am distracted and fascinated by the ball. I try to let it land in my hand. Then I try to make it float again. I play this game for quite a while before I finally lose lucidity. (In retrospect, I think that's exactly what would happen if I became a child again...becoming distracted and playing,)

      I think I go back to the Vickie part of the dream again.
    7. LD: Eating inedible items, Falling backwards off tall building

      by , 10-15-2012 at 07:00 PM

      Lucid Dream:

      I was in a grocery store. Another girl I was with was helping people by holding their babies while they shopped.

      I remember standing by the produce section when the girl come over to me holding a very cute, but very young baby. She tells me that she has to go and asks me to hold the baby. I told her that I didn't feel comfortable holding the baby since the parents didn't know that I had the baby and that I didn't even know who the parents were. She told me not to worry, that the dad's name was Kevin Sullivan. Then she left.

      I stood there holding the baby not sure what to do. I looked at the baby. He was absolutely adorable. I then started wandering around the store looking for someone who might look like the baby's dad. Near the front of the sotre I saw a guy talking to Jeff. He looked a lot like Gene Wilder. For some reason, I was sure that this was the dad. I went over to him making eye contact. He looked at me, then the baby, then I knew for sure that this was the dad. I handed the baby back.

      I then followed Jeff toward the front doors. He was ahead of me, so to catch up I jumped over the carts. It was such a good and long jump, and the amount of the time that I was in the air made me question whether this could possible be reality. I instantly knew that I was dreaming.

      I then took off and flew out the front doors. As I flew I thought about what I should do in this lucid. The DV lucid Tasks came to mind. I remembered that the Basic one was to eat something that wasn't really edible. I looked around. The ground was concrete, but in a crack I saw some wet dirt. It was really kind of gross dirty kind of dirt--the kind that people have been walking on all day and throwing trash on and all. But it didn't bother me. I grabbed a rather large pinch and put it into my mouth. It tasted like I would imagine wet dirt to taste like--kind of gritty with a mineral taste.

      And like normal in my dreams, I'm never satisfied with doing the task once, so I reached out and grabbed a piece of a rubber tree leaf (the kind that leaks white sticky stuff). I put it in my mouth and chewed it up. It didn't have much of a taste, kind of like a mild lettuce.

      I then passed (while still flying) a juniper tree. I pulled off a sprig. I smelled it. It had a strong smell that I recognized as real juniper. I thought it would be really strong to eat, but it too had a rather mild taste. I was grateful becasue I was worried that it would leave a very bitter taste in my mouth for a while.

      I then took off faster and flew to this large open building. It seems like there were planes stored in the building. I landed briefly on on of the large beams that overlooked the planes, then took off flying again.

      I then flew to another large building. This one was under construction. As I got close I remembered that I had wanted to fall backwards when I had my next LD.

      So I flew up to a high floor, turned my back to the dropoff, then squatted down gripping something in front of me. I felt the thrill of what I was about to do and briefly wondered if I should feel nervous.

      But before I could think too much about it I let go with my hands and kicked off with my feet, and did a backwards dive. I let myself fall for a time enjoying the falling sensation. Then flew up to do it again. This time I stood with my back to the edge and just let myself slowly fall back.

      This time I went all the way to the ground. I felt a light thud as I hit the ground. As I stood, I thougth about the Advanced Task. I tried to remember what it was. Wasn't it something about traveling to different places? I wasn't entirely sure, but it sounded good enough for me to try. I took off flying again. I wondered how many places I would have to go to get it to count. I figured that I would have to be at least three to four.

      I decided that I needed to get to a jungle first. As I flew I imagined everything turning black (like my last successful LD where I transported to a different place), then coming out in the jungle.

      But as I flew the dream faded and I lost lucidity.
    8. Baby Dream

      by , 10-12-2012 at 12:41 AM
      Baby Dream: Another regular Dream sign (I missed them all last night). I felt a funny movement in my abdomen. I wondered if I could be pregnant. I looked down at my tummy and suddenly could see these little baby hands pushing up against my skin. I was surprised and delighted that I could see so much detail. I felt very excited to be having a baby.
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    9. Dream: TD, Kissing, Big House, Baby

      by , 09-20-2012 at 03:38 PM
      I was with TD and we were talking about stuff that I remembered when I first woke up in the middle of the night (1:34). It was something really funny, and we were really happy and even kissing some. Then we realized that we weren't alone and it seemed even funnier. Philip and Mandy and Ben were there. TD and I were joking around with Mandy and Ben about teenagers. (It all made sense and was very clever in the dream, even though it sounds kind of lame now).

      In the last dream of the night I was in this big house. I know my mom was there part of the time. It seemed like a lot was going on even though I have forgotten now what it was. I do remember at the end I was having trouble with my TV or computer. I needed some help fixing it. I looked and saw TD sitting at a desk behind me. I asked if he would help fix it. He said he would, but wanted me to look at this stack of papers he had in front of him. I then noticed a baby on the floor by the chair. I knew the baby belonged to neither of us, but I recognized it as a baby I had seen before but not for a while. The baby was about 6 months old and big and bald and completely adorable.
    10. Baby Dream

      by , 02-29-2012 at 06:46 PM
      I had a very powerful baby dream last night. I don't remember a lot of details. But I do remember I had this baby girl who was about 4-5 months old. She was so wonderful and adorable and I felt this overwhelming love for her. I remember just being in awe that I was this little girl's mom. It was amazing. At the same time I seemed to have this faint feeling that this wasn't going to last (but not enough to lead to lucidity). I remember being at my sister's place sitting on her couch holding the baby. I also remember seeing a baby swing in one of her rooms and being excited to put my baby in the swing. I also remember thinking, "I really need to buy some baby stuff."

      I know this dream was inspired by being with two friends last evening and their babies which were both around 4 months old.
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    11. Baby Dreams

      by , 11-29-2011 at 10:10 PM
      I have had several baby dreams lately. I guess it's understandable since two of my friends have recently had babies.

      Last night's Dream:

      I was at a meeting and I had a baby with me. I was just getting ready to feed the baby when I realized that I was supposed to go up and give a speech of sorts. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say or what I would do with the baby.

      From last week:

      Someone had given me a little baby girl. I was taking her with me everywhere I went of course. Then I was at Oneironaut's house hanging out with him and a lot of his family members. I suddenly realized I had the baby with me, and wondered what O would think. But he politely never asked. Haha.
    12. Baby Dreams

      by , 10-19-2011 at 04:04 PM
      I had baby dreams last night. I don't remember details--just that I had a baby girl and was excited to be doing stuff with her. But at one point there was an older toddler boy.
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    13. 9th Lucid Dream

      by , 04-17-2011 at 12:03 AM

      I think what I said in yesterday's post is true. After writing in my journal and getting lucid dreaming back on my mind, I had a lucid dream. Plus my night was full of many other dreams that I remember quite well. This was my best night of dream recall in a couple of weeks--about the time I went away and stopped writing in this journal.

      My Lucid Dream

      It started with me being in a room that I didn't recognize. Suddenly Jeff walks in with a kitten.

      [Note: This is the same kitten I saw in real life two days ago. This was an odd thing, so I'll share it. I was walking in to Safeway and right inside the door was a little Native American boy 4 or 5 years old with a kittten. He was sitting on the floor and swinging this kitten around quite roughly by its front paws. I stopped in alarm and was about to say something. But I didn't have to because I had walked in the door at the same time as a German couple. They saw the same thing and started scolding the boy in German. Even though he wouldn't have understood the words, like me he knew they didn't approve of what he was doing. He stopped swinging the cat and held it to his chest. The German couple and I then slowly walked further into the store, wondering what this boy was doing without parents in a big store with a cat and no one seemed to care. It was really odd and I probably should have done a reality check. ]

      Anyway, in the dream Jeff had this same kitten and it was quite injured. He had it wrapped in a bloody blanket. I took a closer look at the cat and saw that it was really cut up. Its abdomen was actually cut open and it looked like someone tried to stitch it up but did a very poor job because it was pulling back open. I realized that the cat couldn't possibly live. It was too hurt. I was about to tell Jeff what I thought when I looked back to where the kitten was and saw that it was suddenly a baby. A real baby. I was now quite alarmed. We had to get this baby to the emergency room now.

      But then I suddenly stopped. I knew the baby had been a kitten a minute ago. How did it change? Could it be that I was in a dream. Yes! I was finally having a lucid dream again after I had not had one for a while. But I still felt this need to take the baby to the hospital. There it was in front of me looking so real and helpless. But I knew that if I was in a dream, then the baby didn't actually exist. So I pulled myself away and started to float. Yes, that was proof enough that the baby didn't need me. I floated higher, then suddenly felt myself slipping away. Dang it, I was about to lose my dream.

      But I suddenly popped into a different place. I was now in my old house in Los Angeles where I grew up. I flew out the front door. I wanted to really enjoy this experience. I turned on my back and flew feet first, letting the wind blow between my toes. It felt so nice and relaxing, yet exilerating. I turned back so I was flying the normal way.

      I looked around me the colors were so bright. I could see the details of the houses below. I saw the playground of my old elementary school as I flew over it. I saw some fog ahead I was going into it. I thought, "This would be a perfect opportunity for scenery change. I'll come out further across the United States so I can go somewhere I have never gone before".

      Sure enough, when I came out I was somewhere I didn't recognize. There was a lake or bay. I could see a road below and I could see the cars driving along below. The flying in this dream was effortless. My arms were out in front, yet I didn't need then for steering. I felt the wind in my hair. I was going quite fast and high. This was the most realistic flying I remember ever doing in a dream, lucid or not.

      But finally I realized I was losing the dream
      and I woke up for real.
    14. Twoshadows' Dream Journal

      by , 04-14-2011 at 03:47 AM

      Lucid Dream:

      There was a lot building up to this dream. So I will jsut share some of it in note form:

      Robert waking me up, taking the car. Daniel writing on the ceiling. Monica and Robert going away. Eating ice cream with Tanya. At preschool with Celia, care gone with purse, camera and cell phone in it. Jeff brought it back.

      In fast food place ordering food with Mom, Celia, Jeff and I. I had this one year old baby with me that was talking like she was about 5 years old. The baby couldn't decide what to order, then had to go to the bathroom. I took the baby in the bathroom. I went into a stall. To my surprise the toilet was huge (about the size of a queen bed) and in it was a tiny baby swimming around.

      This did not trigger lucidity.

      I went to another stall. In that toilet was another baby swimming.

      This did not trigger lucidity.

      Every toilet in the restroom had a baby in it-- except one that was over flowing with poop and another that had a toilet that didn't quite seem attached and was tilted to the side.

      This also did not trigger lucidity.

      I saw that there were many mothers standing around in the bathroom. I found out that this group of mothers had brought their babies here so they could practice swimming. I felt angry that they took up all the clean toilets. The baby in my arms was complaining that she really had to go now. I felt frustrated. I told her to go in her diaper since she was wearing one. She didn't want to do that, so I finally held her over the tilted toilet and let her go. The pee ran over the side and onto the floor next to one of the toilets with the babies. I felt it served that mother right to taking up the good toilet. I had to go to. So I also went and my pee ran over onto the floor too.

      Then my mom came in the bathroom and needed to go. I told her about the babies. She went over to one of the moms and started talking to her. I stood there and stood there and waited and got bored. So I started doing that thing where I fall backwards until I almost hit the floor then I bounce right back up into standing position.

      I did this several times before I really noticed what I was doing. I thought, "Hmmm...this is something that I can only do in dreams. Why can I suddenly do it in real life?" I wondered for a moment. Then I decided that it wouldn't hurt to give flying a try. If this was real life like I thought it was nothing would happen. But if it were a dream then I would be lucid and wouldn't that be grand since it has been so long since I have had a good lucid dream.

      I leaned a bit and was suddenly hovering horizonally. I finally was sure I was dreaming so I flew out of the bathoom. I was now in a large room that was set up with tables with food. I flew over a table that had a big plate of chocolate raspberry cake. I grabbed a piece and stuffed it into my mouth and started to fly off again. But it tasted so good I swooped down again and grabbed the whole plate of cake and started shoving in piece after piece into my mouth.

      When it was gone I decided that I really needed to do something else really useful with my dream, like fly to the Moon. So I flew outside. I could see a park with dead or dormant trees in it. I flew to the trees. I decided I wanted to experiment and see if I could fly through one of the tree's trunks. But as I flew to the tree I decided to just break off a dead branch instead.

      But at that point I was horrified by seeing a man standing in the air in front of me. His skin was tinted green and his black hair came up to points like devil horns. He reached out and grabbed me. I was so started and terrified that I gasped "Go...go....."

      Then I had the weirdest briefest false awakening. I had a glimpse of being in a bank. This scary man was just a bank manager. I had fallen aleep at his desk and he was shaking me awake. But at that instant I awoke to me real bed. It took me a moment to understand what I had just gone through.