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    1. Three Tasks of the Month

      by , 05-20-2013 at 03:17 PM
      It's been a while since I have had a good LD like this, so I'm very happy about all that I accomplished.

      Lucid Dream/Tasks of the Month

      I was in the jeep with Marsha. We were driving to where this guy lived so I could either pick something up or drop it off. As we were driving I suddenly realized we had gone up the Little Cut. I was surprised. I hadn't realized we were going this far. I hadn't even remembered passing Horseshoe Bend. Right after getting up the Little Cut, we turned right onto a dirt road. The road entered a little canyon, and I remember thinking how pretty this was. I was a little jealous that this man lived in such a pretty place.

      All of a sudden I was out of the jeep. I saw the jeep zip on up the road without me. I had no idea how I had slipped out. I started running after the jeep wondering when Marsha would realize I was gone. And what she would think. I ran through this narrow tunnel area that was really cool and kept on running up the road. Marsha wasn't stopping. How could she not have noticed.

      Somewhere in here lucidity started creeping in. I don't remember a big "blam" moment. But I started doing flips as I was running. I knew I had the ability to do flips. I also knew that I wasn't getting as high in my flips as I often do. I was going so fast...no hovering.

      I finally got to a point where I had full lucidity. And at that point I immediately decided I needed to do some tasks of the month. I had looked at them once at the beginning of the month. I remembered they seemed really cool and right up my alley.

      I looked over and saw that I was at this park. I saw a few guys sitting on benches or standing nearby. I boldly walked right up to one guy and started talking to him. He was about 20 and looked at least part Indian (India), but he had blue eyes. I wish I remembered what I said, but his reaction was really rude. I decided that he would be a good one to do the basic ii task on (Telling a DC they are not real).

      So I looked right at him and said, "Whatever...but guess what....none of this is real....you're not real...this is a lucid dream."

      He wasn't phased. He kept up his rude comments and said something like, "Well you can take your lucid dream and shove it right up your ----."

      I said, "Okay fine then". And I stepped a few feet away from him. This would be the perfect chance to try out another task (Light myself on Fire). I held my arms out in front of me and concentrated. Within seconds I could see flames start to rise from my arms. Since I was in bright sunshine I worried that it wasn't enough to be that noticeable. So I concentrated harder and soon I could see flames all over my body. They were still a little dim, but they would be noticeable. So I then looked over to where the rude guy was sitting so I could get his reaction. He had a surprised look on his face. I then noticed that I had set him on fire as well. I looked around again and saw that his friends were also on fire.

      "Take that." I said to the rude guy. I was hoping the fire would scare the crap out of him and humble him a little.

      The fire wasn't hot. I couldn't feel it at all.

      The friends started laughing at this whole thing. I could tell they thought I was amazing and clever for setting the fires with my mind. The rude guy, on the other hand, wasn't laughing. He was freaking out. He acted like his fire was actually hot and was trying to put it out on his head. Finally I put all the fires out and decided to do another task since I was still fully lucid.

      I remembered I wanted to try the Lay an Egg Task. I knew that would be simple to do, yet had that fun unknown factor. I squatted on the ground and squeezed a little. Nothing happened so I squeezed and pushed a little harder. Suddenly I was worried that all I would manage to do would be to go poop. I didn't want that. I stood up again. I realized that I had my clothes on. I decided to reach down in my pants to see if I maybe laid an egg and hadn't realized it.

      Sure enough, I could feel something down there. I pulled it out. It was a clear plastic ball about 2 inches in diameter. On it were some wiggly eyes. There were a few loose wiggly eyes beside it. Okay, that was interesting. I set them down on the ground and reached down to see if there was anything more in my pants.

      This time I pulled out a handful of those little plastic letters with the magnets that people put on the fridge (or at least used to when I was young).

      I tried again. This time it was a handful of plastic blue things that I wasn't sure what they were. And there was also a dice.

      I was going to do it again, but I noticed the rude guy walking by. I went up to him and put my arm around him and started walking with him. He didn't seem to notice at all. Then a guy that was supposedly a friend of mine went up to him and told him that I was interested in him and that I would like his phone number. The rude guy acted surprised and asked, "Are you sure she would go out with me." My friend said, "Of course." And the rude guy got a little excited at that point and fumbled in his pockets to find a piece of paper on which to write his phone number on.

      But at that point I could feel the dream fading from me. I was a little sad, but knew it was alright since I had done three tasks and I need to write them down before I forgot.

      The next thing I knew I was standing next to Marie who was sitting on a corner couch/chair. I looked at corner of it and saw what looked like cream colored black widow. It didn't have an hourglass, but everything about it looked like a black widow. As I got closer I could see that it was a very big spider....bigger than any black widow I had seen. Suddenly I was afraid. Marie had short shorts on and her exposed leg was just inches away. I told her we had to kill this spider--that it could be every bit as poisonous as a normal black widow. I got a book and tired to smash it against the wall, but something got in the way and I couldn't squish it all the way. And suddenly it was two spiders and they were both huge.

      And at that point I woke up with my heart beating a little fast.
    2. LD: Observing a Black Widow

      by , 10-18-2012 at 12:37 PM

      Lucid fragment:

      I was laying in bed and looking over at my nightstand and watching this very large black widow spider. It was about 6 inches long. I remember knowing that it was a dream and looking at it closely and thinking something like, "Wow...look at that detail. It's amazing that my mind can come up with that kind of detail. I couldn't draw that in real life--I wouldn't know exactly where to draw in the legs and the cephalothorax --so how can my mind create it so perfectly.

      Then I saw two beetles walk across my nightstand. I wondered if the spider would try to catch them. As soon as I thought this the black widow pounced on one of them and started to suck it dry.

      I must have been quite lucid or else I would have felt quite creeped out by all of this.
      Tags: black widow, bugs
    3. LD: Dream Tasks and Experiments

      by , 10-15-2012 at 06:14 PM

      A Lucid Dream.

      I don't remember where the dream started, but I was walking across the street toward my mom's house. I looked on the ground and saw a scorpion. My first thought was to go grab my camera. Then I saw a second scorpion.

      I looked and saw that they were coming from this box. I looked in the box and then saw a fat Black Widow crawl out. I continued to watch with a mixture of fascination and horror, as dozens of scorpions and BWs slowly climbed out of the box and onto the dirt driveway where I was standing.

      Something about this scene made me question my state. At first I dismissed the idea that I was dreaming because this was real. I know what dreams feel like and what reality feels like. This was simply too real to be a dream.

      But at the same time, I remembered how frustrated I had been at myself lately for missing so many obvious dream signs. And that if I later found out that this was a dream, and that I missed the perfect opportunity to become lucid, I would really be mad at myself.

      So as I walked again twoard my mom's house, I jumped into the air to see if I could fly. I went up and came right back down. I felt silly for trying. This was reality. But I decided to give it one more try. I jumped out and kicked myself forward....and I totally surprised myself when I continued to glide ahead in the air.

      I was thrilled that I was actually dreaming when I was so sure that I wasn't. I hadn't been expecting the chance to have this experience. I was extremely thankful that I hadn't given up.

      I started to fly. The land behind my mom's house dropped off and I was flying high over a valley far below.

      All of a sudden the dream began to fade. I had the attitude of, "Don't you dare..."

      I reached out and rubbed my hands on my arms like I did in the last LD. I noticed the same way of how my hands left like they were part of my physical body, but yet I could move them around my body whith out bumping into my sleeping body on the bed.

      The hand rubbing did the trick.

      There is a fuzzy place here that I don't remember what I did. I think I might have flown in a store.

      But at some point I remembered that I needed to try some tasks, I remembered that I told Nothin7 that I would try some of his experiments. I tried to remember what they were.

      I decided that the first one was to write a sentence. I was outside of a house. I decided to fly inside. I landed by a table and looked until I found a pen. I then found a paper. It was written on, but had spaces around the edges. I knew I didn't need much room to write a sentence, so this paper would work good enough for me. I carefully wrote, "I NEED TO WRITE A SENTENCE FOR NOTHING7." I was actually a little surprised that it was easy to do and that I had no trouble at all doing it. It wasn't until later in retrospect that I realized I used all caps to write it, and I never wirte in caps these days (I went through a stage as a teenager when I did. Maybe this is significant because I often go back to being a teen in my dreams.)

      I then tried to remember the next thin I was supposed to do. I then remembered something about humming a song that I made up. I tried coming up with a little tune. I didn't do as well on this one becasue I often couldn't quite get the notes I was trying for, so then whole thing sounded off and out of tune. But I feel that I was able to do it somewhat. As I went outside again I continued to hum and ended up humming a melody that I thought I knew from real life. But now, in retrospect, I think it is something I was continuing to make up.

      I then remembered that I needed to find a painting to look at. I was a little shed nearby that I knew was actually a shop. I supposedly knew the lady that ran the shop. I felt sure that I could find a picture inside the shop.

      I went in. The walls were covered with items for sale--things like dream catchers and other ornaments and trinkets. But I did see a picture. It was actually a sand painting. It was several shades of earth tones. I saw that it was a desert scene with hills and cliffs. I felt that I was able to understand the picture was of.

      I continued to look. I saw more pictures. The next two were water colors. They were a still life of a chemistry set...flasks and beakers...all stacked into a tower. There were two pictures in this set, obviously done by the same artist.

      I then looked up and saw a large picture. It was actually made out of a sheet of metal and pounded into a 3D picture. It was a snow scene with a barn. I reached out to touch it. I felt the shiny cold surface of silver.

      Mrs. Moore was now standing beside me. I understood that this was her store. She made a comment that that picture was her favorite too.

      Seeing Mrs. moore, I decided that I would have her try the experiment. I asked her if she would be willing to write out a sentence for me.

      But before she could I was suddenly awake.
    4. Real life entering my dreams and dreams entering my real life

      by , 04-19-2012 at 05:43 PM

      I squished a black widow in real life yesterday.

      Then I dreamed last night of black widows and squishing them.

      Makes sense.

      But last night I dreamed that I saw a tree with woodpeckers in it.

      And this morning I saw a woodpecker in my willow tree. Woodpeckers aren't common in my area, and I have only seen them here a few times in the past. It was really odd--what I saw in real life this morning was so much like my dream last night, I had to wonder if I was dreaming.
    5. More Black Widows

      by , 03-17-2012 at 01:58 PM
      I was sitting in what was supposed to be my car (but it looked more like a large, more spacious van), and I started seeing black widow spiders. They were on the floor, door, by the pedals, etc. I kept trying to step on them. I was worried that I would get bitten.
    6. Bitten by a Black Widow

      by , 03-13-2012 at 07:20 PM
      Dream 1:

      I was moving things in my yard around. I suddenly felt a sting and looked and saw that I had been bitten my a black widow. At first I felt quite alarmed, but then I calmed myself down and went to grab my homemade healing salve and "poison kit" I always carry in my backpack when I hike in rattlesnake country. I knew I would be okay. And I was actually a little excited to give this a try since I had worked so hard to put the kit together.
    7. WILD--Grandma, Mirror, Spiders, Etc.

      by , 12-07-2011 at 12:17 AM
      Old Dream from 2-16-07

      I can't believe it--I had another long WILD. I started the 61 point thing. Somewhere I have a gap in my conscious. I do remember I thought I was transistioning into my LD.

      I remember hearing people talking (Teresa and someone else) and I remember seeing the dream world, but I was still aware of the talking (Which wasn't actually there , but I thought that meant I was still half awake.)

      I also was aware of my body. I am not sure if this was real either. But I seemd to feel my physical body laying in bed while I was trying to go into the dream world.

      Eventually, I felt like I was completely into the dream world. I am not sure whether to count this as a WILD or not.

      I remember flying for a while down some narrow streets. (fuzzy here)

      I then remember being indoors, and I saw my grandma who in real life is not alive any more. I wanted to ask her if she would predict my future. But something seemed wrong about asking her that, for some reason. So instead I decided to ask her how she was doing....how life was in the Spirit World. She was purposefully being vague. She would answer with little "Hmm's..." and "mmm's...." like she wanted me to answer my own questions. I did realize that I would have done that anyway if she had answered.

      At one point I reached out and touched my grandma's arm. It felt soft and wrinkled like an elderly person's arm would.

      The next thing I remember doing is looking for a mirror. I remembered CB's experience with the mirror and wanted to try that too.

      I walked into a hallway and there was a mirror at the end of the hall. I walked to it and looked at myself. I looked pretty much the same. My eye makeup was slightly smeared under my eyes, but otherwise I looked normal. Then I tried to make myself change. And sure enough my face started twisting and changing before my eyes. I got myself looking quite deformed and ugly. I smiled and noticed that I had several black teeth.

      I then looked at my hands. My fingernails were very short and dirty, but otherwise my hands looked like normal hands.

      I floated down some stairs and decided to do push-ups at the bottom. They were completely effortless. I was wishing I could do them this easlily in real life.

      I then went outside. I was between houses on a little walkway. Along the walkway were stones. I decided it would be fun to look under the rocks to see what bugs I would find in my dream. Would there be any? Would they look like real bugs or would my mind create something completely unnatural?

      So I lifted one of the rocks. Under it were several of the spiders with white bodies and red legs. They looked very normal.

      Under the next rock were a bunch a small black beetles. Under the third were pill bugs. I thought that there were more there than probably would be normally.

      Then on the edge of the rock that I was still lifting up, I saw some black legs around one of the sides. I dropped the rock, and out into a web scurried a medium sized black widow. I thought, "There's my black widow....they always seem to show up".

      Then I went to a playground. I saw some kids playing on a tall rocket shaped climber. I flew over to a little boy that looked about 7 and asked him if he knew how I could fly. He laughed and said, "I don't know."

      I landed on the ground and saw a new kid walk into the playground area. I went up to him. He looked more like a nine year old. I told him, "I'll bet you can pick me up." He looked like he didn't believe me. I decided to have more fun. I picked up a little girl that looked about four and then had him pick both of us up. He could do it because I had made us both float. That was kind of fun.

      Then I was flying again trying to gain speed. I saw two jets go by and decided to try to follow them. I kept up for a short time, then lost them.

      I then tried to fly high. But every time I got to a certain height, the scenery below would start to white out. It was like my mind couldn't create all the detail for that much earth below me. I felt a little frustrated. I tried several times, but the same thing happened.

      Sometime in here I had a false awakning. I woke up in an apartment that I believed was mine. My first thought was, "I need to write down my LD before it fades. " So I pulled out an envelope and wrote all the parts I could remember on the envelope.

      Then I walked outside. All the area below the apartment had flooded. Thank goodness I was on the second floor. But then I saw some of my friends. They had an apartment on the bottom floor. They told me that their place was flooded. I felt bad for them. I then noticed that Tami had lost a lot of weight and looked really great.

      Then I woke up for real.

      My dream had lasted a full hour.

    8. Lucid Dream with FAs

      by , 12-06-2011 at 07:39 PM
      Old LD from 2-11-07

      I had another bunch of LDs this morning before I woke up. Unfortunately I was awakend by the phone, and it was an old friend I hadn't talked to in quite a while, so we talked for a long time. Now my dream recall is down. Of course I don't want to sound like I'm complaining. I would take the phone call any day over the recalling of lucid dreams.

      I will try to write what I can remember. Like the previous LD I was in and out of lucidity. I had many False Awakenings. At this point I can't remember chronological order real well. So I will list all the things I remember doing while lucid in my typical lucid blue.

      I do remember it started with seeing black widows in my garden. I was trying to decide if I should kill them or not. At one point I saw a huge BW exoskeleton. It was far too big to be a BW. And this is what cause me to question my state.

      I thought, "Does it feel like I am dreaming?" And I suddenly felt all light and slightly disoriented, and "floaty" feeling. And I knew I was lucid.

      At some point I looked at my hands. They looked completely normal. I was wearing a long sleeved grey shirt. But for some reason I thought I was looking at my real hands that I was drifting awake (FA). I thought, "I need to go to sleep again so I can continue the LD."

      So I thought I went to sleep again, and in the "new dream" I saw the BW exoskeleton again and knew I was back in my dream.

      At some point in the dream I tried to fly. I didn't do a very good job. I would hover and then float back to the ground. I was frustrated. I thought about my LD not too long ago where I had to "swim" to get my flying going. I tried that, and I got a little highter, but I kept floating back to the ground.

      Seems like I had another FA somewhere in here.

      I have a fuzzy memory of being in a bedroom with my sister and laying on the floor by a bed. I have no idea where this fits into the dream. But I think something about that caused me to become lucid again.

      At some point in the LD I remember being able to finally fly fast.

      The last thing I remember doing while lucid was talking to Mark and Tim and climbing up this tall metal shed or barn. M and T were sitting in chairs below and I climbed up. I remember it being pretty easy to climb. I got to the top and looked down. I thought about flying off, but was suddenly scared. I felt so heavy--I really felt the pull of gravity.

      I looked down below at what I would hit if I fell while trying to fly. There was a structure made of old rusty pipes. It looked like something I definitely didn't want to land on. But I thought to myself, "I can't die--this is just a dream. I can't even injure myself." But them I remmebered past dreams where I was able to feel dream pain--and how real that could feel. So I hesitated again.

      But the I thought about the times where I had let myself fall off things. I remembered the "experiment" of falling backward off the balcony--how I was afraid to do that, yet I managed to let it happen. When I did that, I had just fallen into a great white void. I didn't get hurt at all.

      I also remembered the Task of the months several months ago where the assignment was to jump off a cliff. I had never completed that, but had thought that that would be fun becasue I had acutally done things like that before in LDs (like my Lake Powell LD.)

      But this time I jsut stood with trembling knees at the top of the barn/shed and looked down (about two stories). I actually felt terrified to jump. I really couldn't make myself do it. I kept saying, "But this time it feels way too real. The other times I was all "floaty" and I knew I couldn't fall. But this time I know I would fall. Gravity in this dream is just way too strong."