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    1. Polar Bear, Monkeys, and a Tall Man

      by , 04-19-2016 at 04:56 PM
      I had a dream about monkeys and polar bears. For some reason our family/friends decided it was a good idea to let a polar bear wander around our house and yard/park area. I didn't like it. I felt it was a disaster waiting to happen. I learned real quick that if you laid down on the ground the polar bear would come sit on you. I was sure that if someone hadn't pushed it off it would have then decided to eat me. (Why was this a good idea to have a polar bear?)

      At some point in the dream I was carrying around monkeys. I also remember losing my camera and trying to find it around this dirt pits.

      Later we were building an enclosure for the polar bear (my idea, I'm sure). We were trying to get the last of the tall metal fencing up, but he bear kept trying to get out.

      This was a somewhat stressful dream.

      I also remember a dream fragment of a tall man sillouetted on a road. I knew he was important.
    2. Obama's Secret Meeting with Muslim Leaders in my Living Room

      by , 02-06-2016 at 08:22 PM
      Sometimes it's almost painful (and, by this, I mean very very painful) to wake up from a dream where you missed such obvious dream signs. One of my most common dream signs is trying to take a picture and finding the camera won't work. And yesterday I read through the Tasks of the Month and read about the one to hand President Obama a baby. That wasn't one I was planning on trying first. I was going to go with looking at the sky and walking through a wall. But my mind must have remembered the Pres Obama task because it put Obama right there in my dream. It was trying to hand lucidity to me on a golden platter. And I blew it.


      I was in the place I used to live. Seems like a few family members were there but I can't really remember who.

      And all of a sudden President Obama walks in the door. With him are two older Muslim men that looked to be leaders of other countries. One was especially old and wrinkly but still very tall. Obama made himself comfortable on the couch while the two men stood right behind him.

      I was surprised to see Obama there in my living room without having any advanced notice (but obviously not surprised enough to do a reality check). I pulled out my phone and asked him if I could take a picture of him because I knew no one would believe me if I told them Obama had come to my house. He didn't seem to care. I tried to take a picture, but I couldn't find the right buttons on my phone. It was as if my phone were completely foreign to me. I fiddled around a little hoping that I would figure it out.

      Obama and the men start talking together in another language that I couldn't understand. I decided I wanted to text Jeff and tell him to come and see Obama, not because he particularly liked him, but it's not every day the POTUS is in your house conducting what appeared to be a very private meeting. Again, I can't get my phone to work. Nothing looked right or familiar.

      The meeting goes on and on, and I am starting to stress because I want to get a picture or contact Jeff before the meeting is over. But my camera/phone is not cooperating.

      At this point I should have gone lucid. I really should have. I practice this dream sign during my waking hours. This is my most common dream sign. It happens all the time in dreams. Most of the time I recognize it now.

      But not this time.

      The only thing that could have made this dream worse is if I had been holding a baby....or if there was an obvious portal there on the wall.

      Finally Obama and the men get up and go outside. I follow them, still messing with my phone.

      There are a couple black limos parked out on the road. I watched them all climb in and drive away.

      I then woke up.

      After kicking myself multiple times I tried to re-enter the dream. But it was too late.

    3. False Awakenings, Dream within a Dream, and Missed Lucid Opportunities

      by , 02-05-2016 at 08:42 PM
      I want to catch up again with recording my dreams here. This is from two night ago:

      Obviously dreaming and lucidity are on my mind. But sometimes things get pretty mixed up in dreams. Almost 10 years of lucid dreaming and I still have nights like this.

      In the first dream I was with a group of people in a place that looked similar to the backyard in the house I grew up in. I was looking at a dirt slope and saw a cicada nymph that was about to hatch out into its adult form. My eyes had a macro view as I saw the exoskeleton start to split and the adult head start to emerge. I thought this was the coolest thing ever, so I went to get my phone/camera so I could film the process.

      I knew I had left my phone on a table, but when I got there it wasn't there. I frantically started looking around. How could I have misplaced it? I'm usually so careful with my phone. I started shouting out to everyone there to help me find my phone. I looked back over and saw that the cicada was about halfway out. I was missing this! I kept running around in search of my phone when I suddenly "woke up".

      I was back in my bed and I looked over and my phone was on my night stand. Duh, that was just a dream. Of course. Typical dream--can't find my camera to take a picture of something cool. I then jumped up out of bed and grabbed my camera and headed out to the backyard where everyone still was. Now I could take a picture of the cicada.

      Haha. Completely missed lucidity on that one!

      Dream 2:

      I was talking to someone about a book. We had also been talking about lucid dreaming. I told the person (a lady, I think) I was with that it was pretty easy to enter a dream. I started walking her through the steps. First you get into a relaxed state, then you start picturing what it is you want to dream about.

      I started thinking about that book. I remembered a scene where there was a girl who was running down the street. I started thinking about it. Soon I saw the girl and the neighborhood appear in front of my eyes.

      I told the lady who I was with that I was going to enter a scene from the book. I told her that I was already seeing the image appear before me. I told her the next step was to solidify everything, so I could make myself enter the dream.

      I then saw everything more clearly. My vision was following this girl down the street. I now knew that I had to solidify my own body. I imagined my legs running and swinging my arms. I soon could see my arms as I ran. I looked down and saw my feet. This was progressing nicely.

      I then reached out and rubbed my hands together. Yes. I was fully in the dream. Yes, I was lucid. Awesome!

      I continued following the girl. Something told me this was important. She went in to a house. I followed.

      And that's all I remember. I must have lost lucidity.

      I feel bad I lost the chance to have a nice long lucid dream where I accomplish many goals. But I should always be happy anytime I get lucid , even if the dream's short and I get there is strange ways. It shows dreaming and lucidity were on my mind.
    4. Semi Lucid Dream: Waking up with the Powells

      by , 10-09-2015 at 05:40 PM
      Here is a Semi Lucid Dream I had about 5 days ago. I sort of knew I was dreaming, but I wasn't thinking real coherently like I woudl it I were totally lucid.

      Waking up with the Powells

      This dream started off at the beach. As I was walking along the shore I stared noticing that it was full of life. I remember looking into a pool of water in the sand and seeing a tiny octopus. I pulled out my camera, but it was having some issues, and I wasn't sure it was getting the pictures (Total dream sign).

      I also saw a sea otter and a bunch of other life that I no longer remember.

      At some point in the dream I meet up with Chris And Heidi Powell and their kids. Somewhere in here I start to become lucid. My memory isn't the best here.

      But I remember that I had us all stand in a circle and hold hands. I had told them that we were all dreaming. I wanted to do an experiment. I wanted us to all suddenly try to wake up, and as soon as we woke up I wanted us to touch our fingers to our noses. For some reason, I pictured all of us waking up somewhere else, but still all standing together and holding hands. So I had thought it would be cool to see how long it would take each of us to wake up and remember the task of touching our nose. And we would all still be there and we could discuss this.

      Seemed like a good experiment, right?

      Well, I then tried to force myself awake. Thoughts of Poet went through my head as it was harder than I remembered to make yourself wake up from a strong dream.
      But after a few more seconds I did wake up. Waking up like this gave me the impression of moving myself through a solid object--which I have done in dreams before, and it has a "thick" and "slow" feeling about it. But I finally burst out the other side.

      ....And I found myself in bed. And the Powells were nowhere in sight. And I had a "What was I thinking?" moment.
    5. Epic Adventure Dreams with some Lucidity: Spike/LOTR/Whales

      by , 06-08-2015 at 03:08 PM
      I had a moment of lucidity this morning. I did a WBTB and then got to sleep in.

      I found myself walking through an underground cave system. I was with Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We had gone back 50 years in time so he could fight this guy and hopefully receive information that would really help us in our very complicated situation.

      At some point I thought "Hmm. What are the chances that I am actually hiking in a cave right now? This is a seriously cool place. There is probably more of a chance that I'm dreaming right now than in this cave." I had really mixed feelings about it. I wanted to have a lucid dream. But I didn't want to abandon this epic quest I was on.

      I concentrated and started to float. Yep. Dream.

      But my next thought was that this ability would come in super handy for the fight Spike and I were about to face.

      In the end I lost lucidity while keeping my flying ability. The story line of this dream was too good to let go.

      Earlier in the night I had another cool dream where I found a golden ring with the power to make me invisible. I also could fly. Everyone was chasing me. I had a hard time getting away even with flight and invisibility. Too many low ceilings. At some point in the dream I turned into a hobbit. I remember someone grabbing my hairy feet and knowing that was going to give away my identity. At some point Gandalf was in the dream too and the story in became complex.

      I had another dream where I was whale watching on this small boat and there were whales and dolphins all aound us very close. I was always just a little too slow with my camera to get a good picture.

      It's great to be able to sleep in sometimes. My dreams are always so much better when I do.
    6. LD: Spraying Sparks from my fingers (on Jim)

      by , 03-20-2015 at 02:57 PM
      Another LD last night. So thankful to be past my dry spell. One thing I found interesting about this LD is that I stayed in the story. Usually once I become lucid I go off and start a new adventure. But this one has me kind of sucked in. And that made it a little fun and different.


      I was visiting my friend Jim. We had been out of touch for a while, so it felt nice to get to see him, and I was able to see his house for the first time. He was showing me around. It was a fairly small house. But then at one point I wandered away from him and suddenly found this spiral staircase that went up to a second story that was quite nice. What made it even more exciting was that there was a second level backyard as well. I climbed up and looked out into the yard. It had a ground cover of dichondra and was beautiful. Jim saw me looking and smiled like I had discovered one of his secrets.

      Then we were in his lower backyard which was larger. He had planted several varieties of pumpkins. The vines all had many large pumpkins growing on them. Some were the traditional orange color. But there were others that were yellow and a beautiful dark purple color, which I had never seen before. As is typical, I pulled out my camera to take a few pictures. At one point I went back to check on the pictures I had taken. I can't remember exactly what is was, but there was a problem with the camera. At that moment I became instantly lucid.

      I started flying straight up into the sky. I went slowly and could see down below. I saw Jim watching me leave. Part of me felt bad. I knew this was a dream, but I still felt connected to him, like he was real. And I felt he was sad watching me just go. But I knew I had to go on to do other things, so I tried to not notice him anymore.

      I suddenly was having a little trouble with my flying. I felt all awkward. Then, for a moment, I saw myself in a 3rd person view. I was trying to fly "swimming style", but my stokes were uneven. I wasn't making much distance. So I flew back down to an alley next to Jim's yard. I tired to think of a Task of the Month that I hadn't done yet. I kicked myself a little for not thinking about them before I went to bed. My mind was blank. Then a thought occurred to me. I think one of the Tasks had to do with taking an object and destroying it with fire. I looked around for something to pick up. There were some pieces of metal laying around. I was about to pick one up, when I suddenly saw Jim come running toward me. I knew I shouldn't have left him behind. But at least he found me. I told him I was trying to do a task and destroy something.

      I then said, "Watch this." I held out my hand and focused on it a bit. Suddenly I saw a small glowing white spark form at the end of my first finger. I concentrated a little harder and soon a shower of white sparks sprayed out from my finger. I showed off a bit by moving my finger all around in the air, like a little kid holding a sparkler on the 4th of July.

      Then I grinned at him and sprayed the sparks on his cheek. I asked, "What do you think?". He grinned back but said, "Oww". I said, "No, that couldn't hurt." Then I said, "Check this out."

      And I held out my hand so he could see it better. My whole hand was glowing a hot red, and around each fingernail there was a hot white glow. I felt a little heat, but nothing painful. At this point I concentrated and sparks flew out of each finger. I spun around spraying sparks everywhere.

      Then suddenly there was a transition and we were back inside his house. I wanted to ask him a few questions about his life. Part of me thought, "Don't be silly. This is a dream. His answers will be your answers." But at the same time another part of me thought, "Yeah this is a dream--I will have much better insight."

      So I sat down on the couch with him and asked what had happened with him and his wife. I knew they were no longer together, but I hadn't heard what happened. He told me that it had been really good at first, but that he had done something that he had regretted and lost her because of it. I then asked him what his plans for the future were. He then smiled at me and said, "First I'm going to do this. " And he leaned in and started kissing me. He then pulled back and asked it that was alright. I smiled and said, "No." But then I leaned in and kissed him back. Then I said, "Yes". And we continued kissing until I woke up.
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    7. LD: Mirror Portal Task of the Month

      by , 03-11-2015 at 06:15 PM
      A WBTB with a DILD.

      I went to bed fairly early (between 10 and 10:30). I slept until 5:00. I remembered that I had wanted to do a WBTB. I wondered if I had waited too long and had gotten too much sleep. But I decided to try anyway. I thought about doing a WILD, but I really felt that if I got to sleep I would have a DILD. And since getting back to sleep was the big issue, I felt trying to fall asleep naturally would be faster than trying to WILD.


      I was at what was supposed to be Disneyland with my mom, sister and Becky. We rode this indoor roller coaster that had these really big hills. I remember it felt so good going down the hills. Then I remember Becky needed to leave. So we all left "Disneyland". As soon as we walked out the gates we could see that it had snowed. The surrounding hills were covered in a light layer of snow. The area looked a lot more like Sedona than Anaheim--but I didn't catch that.

      I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures of the beautiful snow. At one point I tripped and landed on the sidewalk on my stomach and started sliding. I didn't care. With my camera still out I took pictures from the ground as I slid across the icy walk.

      We finally got to a house that we had rented for out trip. The sun had set and it was getting dark. I took a picture of my mom and sister as they walked up the steps to the house. I wondered if the lighting was too low. I wondered if the picture was going to be blurry. I switched my camera to playback mode to check the pictures. The first one to show up was one of my mom and sister standing in the sunlight. That meant that none of the pictures I had taken that evening of the snow had taken at all. I had a second of disappointment before the thought occurred to me that I might be dreaming. Often when I think that I automatically start floating. This time I felt extremely heavy. Still, I felt that there was a good chance I was dreaming. I was NOT going to take a chance and ignore my most common dream sign.

      I was carrying a very heavy purse. I felt that if I set it down I might be light enough to float. But I noticed that there were lots of people surrounding me. Even though I was now about 95% sure I was dreaming I couldn't feel right about just setting my purse down and leaving it. So I tossed it up on the balcony above me. I then grabbed the post and pulled myself up. I knew that I was able to get up to the balcony easier than I would have if it was real life. So now I was quite sure I was dreaming. I looked over at the snow covered hills. Even though it was pretty dark, the glow of the snow lit up the hills. I wanted to fly over to them.

      I looked off the edge of the balcony. The hill sloped steeply down. I still hadn't flown in this dream. I wasn't sure why I was still feeling so heavy. But I figured I would give it a try anyway. If worse came to worse and I wasn't able to fly, I figured I would gently fall to the hillside below. So I ran to the edge of the balcony and jumped off. As I jumped up I was able to catch the wind and felt myself being carried upward. That was a huge relief to go up instead of down.

      I started flying to the hills and finally started thinking about what I wanted to do in this LD. The Mirror! I wanted to do the Mirror Portal Task of the Month. Oh. That meant I really needed to go back to the house and find a mirror.

      So I turned around and started flying back. I flew frustratingly slow. But finally got back to the balcony and walked in the door to the second floor. Inside, I found myself in a large room. On the far wall I saw an orange and white couch that had a very large mirror leaning up against it. The mirror was on its side, covering a good part of the couch. It was about 3.5 feet high and about 6 feet long the way it sat. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to run or walk in the mirror. But I wasn't planning on doing it that way this time. I had had too many failures with running at mirrors. This time I had planned to gently push my way through.

      I sat down next to the mirror.

      I started with my finger. I pressed the first finger of my right hand into the glass. At first all I felt was resistance. But then I could feel it give way and start to push through. This was going to take way too long. So I just decided to push my face through. That way I would be able to get a good look at what was on the other side before my body came all the way through. So I put my forehead up to the glass. It was cool to the touch. I pushed and felt it give way--like a layer of ice melts as you press something hot against it. Slowly I felt my face come out the other side. I looked around anxiously. It was a bit dark. But then things started to focus. I could see something orange....and white. Oh....no....

      I had just come out on the other side of the mirror and now had my face up against the couch on the other side.

      Before I could do anything else. I heard a loud door open and close, which startled me. I pulled my head out of the mirror (it left a nice, neat oval hole). A guy, maybe Jeff, had come though and asked if we had seen a drunk guy that had been wandering the area, that he might have come in the house. I said no. But before I could try the mirror again, I fully woke up.

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    8. Terrifyingly Creepy.....Footprints.

      by , 10-17-2013 at 04:10 AM
      Funny how something so simple can be so terrifyingly creepy.


      I arrived at my mom's house. As I walked to the front porch I could see some odd looking footprints in the dirt. I looked at them closer. They were humanoid and slightly smaller than my feet. I could see the toes clearly. The second two toes were longer than the big toe and had what looked like claws or long toenails that made an impression in the dirt above the toe. I thought they were so strange that I took a picture of them with my phone.

      At about that same time I got an email from my science teacher (Christopher) who sent me a very similar picture. He said that prints like these were thought to belong to a mysterious, paranormal animal somewhat like a bigfoot. Hearing that made me nervous and I rushed into the house. I told my mom about the footprints and took her outside to look at them. We were both unnerved that they were so close to the house and right by the front door.

      That night I could hardly sleep because I was so afraid of that creature that could be right outside the house. I was thankful that the doors were locked.

      The next day I told my friend Ruth about the prints. I showed her the pictures and what was left of the real prints (by that time they had gotten stepped on and were partially destroyed).

      Then it was evening again (I had been distracted by some horses that had gotten loose and were running up and down the street, but they were now gone.) My mom's house was now my childhood house and not her current house. I looked out the door. I could see that there was a forest up the street where there were normally houses. I saw an elk and a smaller deer.

      Suddenly I was terribly afraid. I knew that creature could be right behind any tree. I saw my mom out in the yard. I didn't want her to be there. Something could happen to her. I started yelling for her to come in. She didn't seem to her. I felt even more terrified. I yelled again....and again, feeling more frantic every second.

      Suddenly I woke up and it took a few minutes to settle down. I wondered how I would be feeling if I had woken up and had been camping outside. I knew I would be really freaked out.

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    9. Broken Camera (Should have thought to RC)

      by , 08-19-2013 at 11:43 PM

      I ran to get my camera to take pictures of some beautiful butterflies in my garage. After I got my camera I was walking with Cathy J down some stone stairs when I dropped my camera. I was glad that my camera was shock proof. But when I went to pick up my camera I saw that it was in multiple pieces and that there would be no way to fix it. I was so upset I wanted to cry.

      I have to remember that camera problems are my most common dream sign.
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    10. LD: Flying, Touching Things, Sam

      by , 07-06-2013 at 04:33 PM

      I was having camera troubles, and I decided that I had to be dreaming. I took off flying. I remember reaching out and trying to touch things as I flew so I would feel more part of the dream.

      Then things got kind of weird and kind of became a sex dream. I realize I wasn't fully lucid in parts. Like I thought Sam from Supernaturals was my boyfriend. But I do remember I kept saying, "This is my deam...we're going to do it my way." I really don't remember a whole lot.
    11. LD: Flying through Sprinklers, Using Senses

      by , 07-06-2013 at 04:31 PM

      Lucid Dream (maybe this is several dreams):

      I had gone on this trip with a group of girls. We were staying in this awful motel room that was decorated in burgandy and pink. I took out my camera and tried to take pictures but the battery was wrong. I took it out, and it wasn't the right one. I was mad because I couldn't take any more pictures on this trip.

      I didn't go lucid at that point.

      Later we were in an airport watching these huge jets take off. Then I was on a plane. Seems like something happened, like we almost hit a building. But I don't really remember that.

      Then I was back at home in my childhood house. I was in the backyard. I don't remember what triggered lucidity. But I suddenly knew I was dreaming and flew up in the air a bit. I felt a bit unstable in the dream, so I rubbed my hands together. I realized that it had been forever since I had done this in a dream. I noticed that it really did bring me back in to the dream. I felt more physically there.

      I looked over the fence into the neighbor's yard. They had their sprinklers on. I knew I wanted to go through the sprinklers. I thought that it was either a Task of the Month from the past...or something that I had decided at one point I wanted to do. So I swooped down until the water was sprinkling on me. The water felt very real.

      I flew back up. I then remembered reading on of my LDs from a long time ago where I had used my five senses...and how that had made the dream way more meaningful. So I flew over to my roof and rubbed, my hand all along the brown asphalt shingles. It was satisfying to feel the roughness under my fingertips.

      I then remember one of the other Tasks that I had been wanted to try for a while now was to meet a fictional character. The one that popped into my head was a character from a story that I had started writing myself a while ago. I flew back up and looked into the neighbors yard again and saw a wheelchair. I thought it was empty at first. But as I got closer I saw a child sitting in it. I wondered if this was my character as a child. He started talking to me. What he said didn't make sense. But I thougth it was cool that he was interacting with me.
    12. Task of the Month: Standing on my Head--both versions

      by , 07-06-2013 at 04:24 PM

      I read about the Lucid Tasks yesterday and told myself the next time I was lucid I would do those. Apparently it's good for me to set goals like that becasue I got lucid last night and completed both tasks.

      Lucid Tasks Dream:

      I was having camera problems and was feeling very frustrated. There was something I really wanted to take a picture of (though I can't remember what it was).

      Something in my mind reminded me that this meant that there was a chance I was dreaming. I didn't want to think about that possibility because that meant that whatever it was that I was taking a picture of was not real, and I really wanted it to be real.

      But I decided to try to fly anyway, and wasn't too surprised when I took off gliding and knew that this was a dream.

      I then remembered the Tasks that I wanted to try.

      I landed on the ground again. I was on the side of a nearly empty city street. I could see no cars and very few people.

      I decided to try the basic task first--the simple headstand. So I bent over with my hands down, just like I would do a hand stand in a pool. I put my head on the pavement and tried to balance my legs in the air. At first I was having trouble maintaining balance. I had to tel myellf, "Oh come on... this is a dream. I should be able to do this with no problems." And at that I steadied myself and held a headstand.

      Pleased with myself, I decided to try the more advanced version of a headstand. I wasn't sure how this one would work. I had never separated body parts on a dream before. I had no idea if they would come off easily or not. Would it hurt at all?

      I grabbed my head in my hands and started giving a sideways pull. I wasn't sure if anything was happening. Then I noticed my shadow on the ground in front of me and I realized that that would be a great help.

      I then watched as I slid my head off my shoulders (no pain or discomfort at all) and lowered it to the ground. I also didn't noticed any change with the way I was viewing things. My vision remained focused on the shadow.

      I placed my head on the ground next to my feet. I felt no sensation on my head at all as I carefully stepped up on my head. My feet, however, were bare, and I could feel my head and hair under my feet. I stood there for a moment.

      And then must have lost lucidity because I remember nothing else.
    13. LD: Flying over Ocean

      by , 07-06-2013 at 04:20 PM

      I was at the beach and seeing all kinds of cool sea life along the shore. I pulled out my camera to take some pictures. But when I pushed the button to take a picture nothing happened. Plus the battery was almost dead.

      I said to myself, "Dang....why does this always happen to me?"

      Then I thought, "Doesn't this always happen to me in dreams? Too bad this isn't a dream. This is way too real."

      And then I thought, "Well, maybe I should just make sure....."

      And I took off running for the water and jumped...and I started soaring over the water.

      And I thought....."Well...what do you know....it's a dream after all."

      I flew over the ocean for a moment then dropped into the water.

      And then....my alarm went off.

      I had about 15 seconds of lucidity.
    14. Miniature Animals

      by , 01-03-2013 at 07:00 PM
      I was at this place that at first I thought was Disneyland because of the Tiki decorations. I wanted to take pictures of the different statues. But then I noticed this lady. I saw that she had bird seed and was putting it in feeders. I looked at this little box-cage that was attached to a pole. Inside was the tiniest little owl I had ever seen. I took some pictures, hoping they would turn out. (I remembered my last dream whare I had had some camera trouble.) I asked her what they fed that little owl. I knew mice would be too big. She pulled out an eye dropper full of this mushy stuff and squirted it in the owls mouth. She explained becasue the owl had hair near it's behind that this was the least messy way to feed it. (It made sense to me in the dream). Then I looked and saw all these other miniature animals. The one that really caught my eye was the tiny gorilla. It was in a box-like cage and was only about 4 inches tall. Again, I started taking pictures. Then I started taking pictures of these transparent blue lizards.

      At some point I noticed that one of the lizards was loose. I scooped it up and put it back in what I thought was it's cage. But then I noticed other lizards in the cage. The one I put in there suddenly grabbed another lizard in its mouth and started to swallow it. I grabbed at the lizard to stop it. The shock from this woke me up.
    15. Flying over the Lake at Night

      by , 01-03-2013 at 06:48 PM
      Dream 1:

      I was flying over a lake at night. Everything was so beautiful. I was skimming right over the surface of the water occasionally barely touching the water. I had my camera. I was trying to take pictures. I was trying to get the perfect shot of the moon peeking out behind a cliff...then this truck that was sitting in the shallow part of the water. But I was wearing gloves and I later found out that I was pushing the wrong place. My camera looked more like my mp3 player. I was frustrated because I had wanted all those cool shots. And then I was having trouble manuvering and was almost bumping in to rocks and other things poking out from the water. I also started getting more wet.

      This is the kind of dream I would have while lucid. But in this case, there was never any lucidity.

      The truck in this dream looked just like the one we hiked by two days ago.

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