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    1. LD: Kicking Darth Vader

      by , 11-14-2012 at 05:48 PM

      I did have a lucid dream last night...and i did do a summersault in the air. So I got the Task done...on the last day of course, so it's almost lik eit doesn't count. But I guess it's better than doing it tonight.


      I was jumping on a trampoline. I was suddenly partially lucid. The dream faded. But like before I was able to force the scene around me so I was back on the trampoline. As I jumped I noticed tootsie rolls on the trampoline bouncing around. I thought. "Yes, this is a dream I can eat candy!" So I started eating the tootsie rolls. (This obviously wasn't my best LD or I would have realized that I didn't have to be satisfied with toosie rolls, and I could have created chocolate truffles or something that I enjoy more. But surprisingly the tootsie rolls tasted pretty good to me.)

      So I ate and jumped and then I started doing flips. At that moment I remembered that the Task of the Month was to do flips oin the air. So I continued for a while, flipping and trying to stay in the air for longer than normal.. I have always liked doing dream flips so I felt that this was using my LD wisely.

      But after while I suddenly wanted to do something really different. I don't really remember how it happened--if I created it or it just appeared. But suddenly I was in the Death Star. I was looking down at a very large meeting. I could see Darth Vader sitting in the middle of this huge group of people all sitting around him in this stadium like setting.

      I decided that I wanted to have some fun. I was feeling very brave and in control. So I flew down to Darth Vader and kicked him in the chest and then quickly flew back up and out of the stadium.

      It was so uneventful that I purposely waited for someone to start chasing me. Finally I was aware that one of the head guys was coming after me, and I felt a little thrill of excitement.

      And then I woke up.

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    2. Lucid Dream: Confrontation with Darth Vader

      by , 12-21-2011 at 05:26 PM
      Old LD from 8-17-07

      Lucid Dream (Task Attempted):

      The dream started with me watching this girl. She was about 17 and looked mixed race (probably half black/ half white or Mexican). She was standing on a busy road that bridged over another busy road. She looked down and saw a homeless man. She then took off her nice jeans jacket and dropped it down to him.

      The man saw the jacket fall to him. He ran over to it excited and took off his old torn, dirty jacket and put on this nice one. He looked very happy.

      I looked back at the girl, who had also watched his reaction. She smiled and walked away to meet her friends.

      I got the feeling by watching her that she did this on a fairly regular basic. I also felt that she had picked this particular homeless man for a reason.

      The next thing I remember is that I am now a character in the dream, rather than just an observer. I am with the gil and her friends. The best friend (a guy) also looks half black.

      First we are talking. The boy is trying to figure out why the girl enjoys giving all her stuff away to the homeless. She is trying to explain. I get it, but the boy doesn't quite understand.

      Then we are on a road riding something (I can't remember what it was--not a bike, but something you sit on that had wheels--but I don't remember how it moved). I remember coming to a hill. I knew that I had special powers, so I made my thing that I'm riding start zipping up the hill very quickly. The guy freind is now next to me, and we start to race up this very big hill.

      Then I remember being back under a freeway (yet it seemd to be high on a hill). I saw the homless man again. He had written on the side of the freeway wall a big message with shaving cream. The message was saying thank you to the girl for sharing her stuff. I was touched by the message--as if I were that girl.

      Suddenly I became lucid. I don't remember anything in particular triggering it.

      At first I wanted to stay and thank the man, but at the same time I knew this was a dream, and as rude as it felt, I just took off flying away from the man.

      As I started to fly over the city (I felt this was LA), the thought came to me to try one of the Tasks. I had this feeling of panic come over me as I had developed this fear the past couple of weeks that I would wake up the moment that I thought about the task.

      I focused hard on the dream. I told myself to think about the bridge task--not the waking myself up task (I was just sure that by even attempting this one I would lose the dream).

      Suddenly I was with Philip. We flew together. I told him I needed to find the blue DV bridge. We flew to the ocean and start flying along the coast. I felt that this is where we woudl find it since in the picture the bridge goes across the water.

      As I was flying I started talking--kind of chanting--to myself. "I'm looking for the bridge...I'm going to find the bri-dge....I need to find you bridge...."

      I then saw some friends of mine standing close to the edge of a cliff by the ocean. I got distracted for a moment and flew down to talk to them. It was Steve J and N. I started talking to them about Lucid dreaming. And asking them if they've ever had a lucid dream. I can't remember their answers. But as I left I told them that I was having a lucid dream right now, and that's why I could fly.

      I then walked to the edge of the cliff. I wanted to jump off. For a moment I was afraid to. But then I just did it. I didn't even fall. I just took off flying into the air again.

      Finally I saw a bridge. It was this huge metal bridge. It went out over the ocean just like I pictured the blue bridge to go. I could see in the distance a mysterious city just like in the picture. I decided that even though this bridge was metal, I would just have to see where it went.

      This bridge was very tall from bottom to top. I think cars drove on the very bottom. I didn't know what all the stuff on the top was. It was built like a huge child's climber.

      I started walking across the very top. There were these metal balls (about 5 inches diameter) that I had to walk on (it was not a smooth strip) that were on top of these poles. I noticed that I was barefoot and the tops of these balls had a bump that was very uncomfortable to step on.

      I told myself that since I was in control here that I could make it so the bumps went away. Sure enough, the next balls had a nice smooth surface.

      The bridge arched with the high spot being in the center of the span. I could see that the balls I was walking on met a higher structure that was built on that very center spot. It was like a geodesic dome, all filled in with connecting bars (again, like a child's climbing toy).

      I got to that and started climbing through. I couldn't see the other side but I told myself again and again that once I got past this high poin that on the other side I would see the blue bridge and that I would just be able to sit on it and slide to the mysterious city. I was so absolutely positive that I would be seeing this.

      As I climbed through that center area, I suddenly noticed that I was not alone. I looked above me and saw a black figure with a long black cape. My heart started to pound as I realized that I was only about 20 feet from Darth Vader. I also knew that he had been looking for me for a long time.

      He started talking to me. The first thing he said to me was that he was about to kill me.

      I looked back at him and told him, "No, I don't think so. If you wanted me dead you would have killed me before I got this close."

      I could tell he was a little upset for me having called his bluff. But he tells me again that he is going to kill me.

      But I'm no longer afraid and I climb closer and closer to him. I told him, "We need to talk. You aren't going to kill me because you want me to join you. So let's talk. "

      And alas, at that moment that could have proved so interesting......I woke up.
    3. LD--First time in Outer Space

      by , 12-14-2011 at 11:50 PM
      Old LD from 5-9-07

      I had a lucid dream last night!

      I actually woke up this morning about an hour and a half before I had to get up. I thought back and was frustrated when I couldn’t remember a single dream. I wasn’t feeling very tired, but I made myself go back to sleep so I could squeeze out just one dream. I usually can do that, even if it is just a short dream—and that’s all I wanted—just something that I could write down in my dream journal. It didn’t even matter to me at that time if it were lucid or not.

      I did go back to sleep. And I did dream. I even had a lucid dream. The problem was that it was a very long complex dream. When I woke up, I thought, “Oh my gosh…how am I going to be able to figure that all out.

      So I started by writing down all the things I remembered doing in the dream, lucid or not. Then I tried to sort them into the “before I became lucid”, “while I was lucid” and “after I was lucid” parts.

      Then—I sorted through each section and put it together the way I best remembered and the way it seemed to make the most sense. And I actually think I did a pretty accurate job considering how mixed up I felt when I first awakened.

      So after all that, here is the dream:


      It started non-lucid. I was following Jeff. He was walking toward the back of a building and was about to go in a side door. I remember passing a large sand castle that was by the door. I had no idea where Jeff was going, but I felt I needed to go too.

      We went into the building. I believe we were separated at this point. I remember sitting in what looked like a waiting area. I remember this boy (about 12 years old) showing me some of his drawings. I then was watching something on a TV screen.

      I’m not sure of the transition here. It may be that I was watching something on TV and then I was suddenly there. But next thing I remember was standing next to a large ferris wheel. People were climbing on it. There were ladder-like things to get to the seats.

      Suddenly the ferris wheel starts spinning. I start seeing people falling off of it to the concrete below. I felt horrified. I thought that surely it was killing them. I didn’t want to be seeing this.

      So—I decided in my mind that the people wouldn’t die. One by one, they picked themselves up off the ground and brushed themselves off and walked away. I felt much better.

      Then I remember I was climbing the ladders on the ferris wheel. I was thinking, "If I were dreaming I could climb this with just my hands." --(that is something I have always liked to do in dreams—use my upper body strength and pull myself up things without using my legs). So I start climbing the ladder with just my arms. I remember it actually felt good. I could feel my muscles working but it had the satisfation of a good stretch.

      Then it hits me—finally—that I actually am dreaming. Then I thought, “Of course I am—duh—it takes me long enough to figure this out.”

      So I did the first thing that came to mind. I started to fly. For some reason I didn’t think about doing the Tasks at all. Instead I thought about how I really wanted to make this dream into a complex story line. I wanted to make it my story. But I decided it might be easier to start with something like Star Wars. I have always wanted to have a Star Wars LD anyway.

      So as I flew I decided that I needed to be in space. And without any effort I was suddenly soaring though the stars. It was so beautiful and incredible.

      I thought about how I had always wanted to do that, and I had never been able to do it before. I had read about others doing it and wondered how they managed to do it because it seemed to be a difficult thing to do. And I was so amazed how this just happened naturally for me in this dream.

      I also thought about how everything was just too quiet. I wanted to hear a soundtrack. But I wasn’t able to get music going.

      I noticed as I flew though the stars, that the stars seemed to be more concentrated above me. It started looking more to me like a flat ceiling. But I decided not to let that bother me too much. This was my first time creating a flight through space, and it was pretty darn good.

      I realized that my next goal was to find a space ship. I really wanted to find Darth Vader and confront him. I looked below me and I now saw a white medium sized space craft. It was a dirty white with yellow and black trim. I knew Darth Vader was on that ship.

      I flew to it. I knew that it I flew into it fast enough that I would fly right through the sides and end up inside. And it did.

      Unfortunately (and this kills me), this is the part of the dream I remember the least. Something happened on that ship, but I have no memory what it was. But I do remember the dream suddenly fading.

      I was suddenly back in a house. There was a hallway with a mirror at the end in front of me. I knew I was still in the dream. I also knew that if I ran straight at the mirror, that it would transport me back to space.

      So I ran toward the mirror and was again back in space. I saw the same ship in front of me. I flew right at it. But instead of slipping back inside, I hit the outside. This time it was too solid for me to get it. I was very disappointed. Again the dream faded.

      I was back in the hallway with the mirror. I ran at the mirror again. But this time, instead of going through it I bumped right into it. The mirror was very real feeling. I touched it, and the glass felt smooth and cool.

      I decided that I would just run in to the wall. So I tried again. But I hit the wall. I thought, “No…no….now I am doubting and it’s not working. I have to believe. I have to believe…..”

      So I took a dive and tried to go through the floor. But again my head just hit the carpet. Everything felt so real and so solid. Disappointed, I stood up. I made myself float and started doing back flips and the air. It felt really good to do those.

      Suddenly I heard Jeff’s voice talking to me. I closed my eyes and then thought, “oh no, closing eyes in a lucid dream makes you wake up!”

      I open them. Jeff was standing next to me. We were back in that original building. I had fallen asleep in the chair in the waiting room.

      I said, “Jeff, you just woke me up from a lucid dream.” When I saw that he looked sorry, I added, “But I guess you had no way of knowing. It’s okay.”

      He said, “If it helps, I brought you some ice cream.” He handed me a square container that had some cookies and cream flavored ice cream in it. It was fairly melted.

      I took a few bites and was amazed at how good that tasted to me. Then I thought, “Isn’t there a reason that I’m not supposed to be eating this?” I didn’t want there to be any reasons, so I kept eating it.

      Then I thought, “It’s the sugar. I’m not supposed to be eating sugar. And that’s right—I’m Raw Vegan now! I’m really not supposed to be eating this. How could I have forgotten?”

      It then comes to me—I’m still in the dream! I never did wake up. I looked back in the bowl. All that is left is the melted ice cream at the bottom that is completely runny. I put a corner of the bowl to my mouth and drink the rest of the ice cream. I thought, “This is great. I ate all this ice cream and I didn’t mess anything up!”

      At that point I woke up for real.