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    1. Long Lucid Dream

      by , 11-13-2015 at 10:28 PM
      So here is a lucid dream from yesterday. It was actually was two dreams. I woke up after the first part and wrote down everything I could remember and then fell asleep and had another one. The first took place during an hour of time. I'm not sure how much of that time I was actually dreaming, but I looked at the clock before I went to sleep and looked at it right as I got up. Almost exactly an hour. I also did this as a WBTB. I went to bed at mindnight, woke up at 5:00, then stayed awake for a while, then let myself go back to sleep.

      Lucid Dream:

      I was in the kitchen and noticed the fish tank had been moved. It was now on the table. It also was very clean. I looked in closer and saw that there were at least five fish in the tank that I had thought were dead. Where had they been hiding all this time? Hhmm. Fish tank moved. Cleaned. Fish back from the dead. Could I be dreaming? Really, there was more of a chance I was dreaming than all that happening.

      So I immediately ran to the steps that lead down to the front door. I ran and dived at the door. As I was sailing down the stairs head first, the thought crossed my mind that if I wasn't dreaming, this would probably hurt...a lot. But I was thankful that when I got to the door, I righted myself and gently landed by the door, which I then opened and flew out into the night.

      As I passed my ficus tree I grabbed a few leaves off of it and told myself that I would eat them with the goal of making them taste like something else, chocolate, perhaps.

      But as I flew higher, I was fascinated by the town falling away below me and being able to see the horizon. I could see the lake out in the distance. I remembered I had wanted to fly over it, skimming the water. So I headed that way. It was going to take a while to get to flying at the speed I was going. I then remembered Oneironaut's dream where he catapulted himself very quickly to his destination. I tried to think about what that would feel like. I finally decided to use the "rockets on my feet" technique that had worked for me in the past. As I was imagining my foot rockets, I looked over and flying right next to me was Oneironaut. He was looking as cool as ever, dressed all in black leather...jacket, pants, gloves, boots, and some sort of head covering. Even though I didn't see his face I knew exactly who that was.

      I could see a white fire shooting out from the soles of his boots. I concentrated and matched his speed. In no time we were to the shore of the lake. I could see some boats at the marina ahead of us. As we got to the boats, Onerionaut dove under one of the boats and continued to swim under water. I didn't want to go under water at this point. I did what I had planned to do--I flew low, right over the surface of the water, skimming it with my hand from time to time.

      I then saw a jet skier out on the water (it was daylight by now). I flew over right next to her. She glanced over at me and kept going. Seriously? What's wrong with all my boring dream characters these days? After getting no reaction at all from her I decided to see what she would do if I yanked her off her jet ski. I grabbed her arm and started to pull. But then I felt bad and stopped. Surely I was better than beating up my DCs for not thinking I was cool.

      So I flew to the shore. I saw that I was suddenly in some sort of mall. I flew around observing what was around me. I saw an escalator. I flew close to it. Riding up the escalator was a guy who looked about 18 years old. He had dark brown hair that was about shoulder length. He looked over at me, and our eyes connected. He gave me a knowing grin--he knew who I was.

      I flew over next to him, keeping even with him as the escalator continued to rise. I put my arm on the back of his head and pulled him to me and kissed him. He seemed to be just fine with that. But then suddenly a wall came between us as the escalator came to the floor that it was going. I knew I could just fly around the wall and meet up with him again, but as I was doing so, I was distracted by a group of younger teenage boys who were watching something on a TV screen.

      I flew up to them, wanting to interact, and asked one the the boys the first thing that popped into my head. I said, "Tell me a story." I wanted to know what my subconscious would come up with. One the the boys decided to take it on. He started by saying, "Well, once there was this lady who was very kind." (Was this the best my mind could come up with?) "She was also very ______________." He said a word I had never heard before. It had multiple prefixes, like meta, trans, para something or other. He then saw my confusion and clarified and said, "She was very unselfish. "

      At that point the boy was distracted and stated looking at the TV again. I also looked at the TV. Perhaps that would be more interesting than the boring start of the story.

      The show they were watching looked like some sort of anime. There were a group of young people all in long white coats-- and all in anime style-- standing in a large lab. Surrounding them were all these very strange plants. They reminded me very much of the types of thing that Dr. Seuss would have drawn. So I thought that the show was an interesting combination of styles.

      At that point a commercial came on. It was dog food commercial. The dogs in the ad were dalmations drawn in a very simple style, almost so you couldn't see an outline for the dogs, but could just see lots of spots and eyes.

      The next ad was about baby clothes. On the clothes were pictures of these same dalmations in the same style. I guess my mind liked the dalmations enough to recycle them.

      I was now satisfied with seeing what was on the TV, so I flew off again.

      Now I'm not sure what happened next. Either I forgot a segment of my dream, or else I just had a transition. Lucidity had faded, for the most part.

      I now found myself in my grandparent's house. There were a lot of extended family around cooking some sort of big dinner. I wandered from the living room into the kitchen I grabbed a handful of cheese and started to put it into my mouth. I then remembered that I wasn't eating any dairy products these days. I needed a place to spit it out and throw the rest of the cheese away. I didn't want to do it in the kitchen in front of everyone. So I went up the hallway and into the bathroom. I dumped the cheese into the trash. At that moment lucidity came back. I was dreaming. It didn't matter what I ate. Awesome.

      I walked back down the hallway again. There was a houseplant on a little table I pulled off some leaves. I had never eaten the leaves I had picked previously, so I could do it now. I wanted to make the leaves taste like chocolate.

      But then I decided to take the easy and sure route. I remembered that my grandma had kept chocolate in a certain cupboard. Surely my mind could recreate this for me.

      I opened that particular cupboard door and, sure enough, there was part of a large Hersey bar there on the lower shelf. I picked it up and unwrapped the last few squares. It looked like it had been melted at one point, but I didn't care, I was going to make this dream chocolate taste great, no matter what.

      I took a bite, and it tasted just like Hershey's milk chocolate. Not my favorite, but it was satisfying, nonetheless. I then looked over at the table nearest the hallway and saw that there was a huge chocolate bar sitting right there waiting for me. This monster bar had to weigh at least ten pounds. It had a white wrapper and on I could see that the bar was divided up into many different flavors. The top corner that I was opening was dark chocolate with fig. Next to it was dark chocolate with pomegranate. This was going to be great. I broke off a large chunk that was mostly fig, but with a little pomegranate. I took a bite and it was wonderful.

      I walked into the living room again and saw my aunt, "Tia," I said, "Tell me something about myself that you think is special." That was the first thing I thought of to ask. I like to get insights from dream characters (my mind) about my good qualities. "Well," she started. "You''ll need to give me a little more time. I'm not good at coming up with things spur of the moment."

      (My subconscious couldn't come up with anything. How sad. ).

      I then decided to move on. I opened the front door and flew outside. I saw that my mom's house was right across the street. I flew over to it and saw my mom standing on the driveway calling for my grandma. I looked around and couldn't see my grandma. But I looked again at my mom and she was so young and thin, just like pictures I had seen from when she was younger. It was fun to see my mom like this. I looked and saw my aunt again next to her. She was also much younger and thinner. I said to her, "Hey I just saw you over in the house." She looked at me and smiled and nodded.

      And that's all I remember from this first part of the dream. I'm happy that I was able to have had such a long dream and remember all that I did. It wasn't the most spectacular lucid dream ever, but every lucid dream is good practice for future lucid dreams that are spectacular.

      Lucid Dream (Part Two):

      I was in an apartment or dorm room. It was full of people. I noticed that on wall had hooks all over it for everyone to hang up their backpacks. I thought that was a good idea since so many people lived here. I saw two girls in the kitchen they looked like twins and were cooking something on the stove.

      I then see Jeff come up to me. He looks younger and has longer hair than in real life and he was super HOT. As I saw him I became lucid. He ginned at me with a seductive smile and I smiled back. The next thing I know is that we are on the floor making out and getting intimate.

      Then there is a transition and I am sitting on the floor and I pull out my phone. I decide to see what I look like, so I take a selfie. I notice that my hair is all messy and curly. I have to remind myself that I always look different in dream mirrors. So I then stand up and see that I am next to a very large mirror. As I look at myself in it, I morph my reflection so I look as gorgeous and sexy as possible.

      I then look over and see that a couple of guys are watching me. I decide to have a little fun. I slowly take off my shirt. But as I look in the mirror, I notice that my body is all clear, as if it were made of glass. That fascinated me even more, so I finish taking off my clothes and just watch my glass body as I dance slowly in front of the mirror.
    2. Meeting Oneironaut Zero

      by , 11-13-2013 at 10:42 PM
      I wish I remembered more details, but I had a dream with Oneironaut Zero last night. He invited me over to meet him and his extended family. Apparently they all lived together in this very large house. Everyone was rushing about and were very busy. I briefly talked to O before he had to go do something. I remember setting my pillow down in a bedroom and waiting to have a chance to talk with O, but I woke up before I got to.

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    3. College Storm/Oneironaut

      by , 04-30-2013 at 04:49 PM
      I haven't recorded any dreams for a while. So I'll catch up with a few from the last couple days.

      Dream 1 (DV Member Dream):

      I was in college. It was getting really stormy. I was walking from class trying to get to my dorm. Oneironaut was there with me. He was my best friend and protector. He always made sure I got to where I was going safely. Finally we made it to my dorm. I gave him a hug and thanked him for always being there for me.

      I went into my dorm. My roommate Kierra was there with me. It started to rain really hard. We looked out the window and could see the ocean right behind the building. The waves were starting to get huge. Our dorm building was about 20 stories tall and the waves were starting to crash over the top of the building. Every time a wave hit, we huddled as it smashed against the glass. We were so afraid the window would break and we would be washed away.
    4. LD: Pigging out...Again/Green Ham/DV Member/T-Rex

      by , 10-18-2012 at 12:47 PM

      Dream 1 (Lucid and DV member):

      I was in this large building. I walked out to this one large level part and saw this huge pool. As I looked in the pool I thought I saw a killer whale. I wanted to take a picture of it so I went to get my camera. When I returned I saw a girl in the huge pool room. The killer whale was out of the water. She was having it do tricks like roller and she was then rubbing it and it was making happy noises. I talked to the girl and she told me how to get it to do the tricks. I had it roll over and it roller all the way across the room. I ran after it and rubbed its "chin". It felt so incredibly smooth. As I rubbed it, the killer whale made deep happy moans. It was really cool.

      Then I went out of that room I was a group of people. One of the people had a T Rex with him. I felt angry. I knew that the guy who owned him probably thought it was very safe. But I also had heard enough stories about wild aminals being kept as pets attacking people.

      Suddenly I felt very nervous. I decided to run into the next room which was the center of the building and very open. I was afraid that the T Rex was chasing me. I came to a dead end on a balcony overlooking the huge open center of the building.

      At that point I suddenly realized that I knew how to fly (I don't think I realized that I was lucid yet--just that I had my lucid abilities). I jumped up on the rail and flew to the center of the building. At the top were all these cords. i grabbed onto one and found that it was stretchy. I swung on it and started flipping around and doing tricks and making up a sort of dance.

      I then decided to fly outside. I flew down and ended up out on the courtyard. I then saw DV member Ame sitting at a table with several other people that I knew were also DV members. I listenend to their conversation. It seemed that Ame had come up with an idea a having a contest to see who could dance the best in their dreams. There was another girl who wanted to criticise everything that Ame came up with. I could see that the conversation was not going well.

      I then spoke up and told of how I had just been "dancing" on the cords in the building. And how that could count as "dancing in dreams"

      At that point I was fully aware that I was dreaming. I then remembered that I really needed to eat some ham to get credit of the "Green eggs and Ham" Task that I had started in my last LD.

      I was now in an alley with my old best friend Marie. I saw a doorway up on the second floor I grabbed her hand and told her that we were going to fly up to the door. She was easy to lift. We flew in the door.

      I saw several people I decided that instead of looking for Ham (like I did in the last dream and had no luck with) that I would ask someone to bring me some. I called out that I needed some ham, and a guy brought me a bite-sized hunk. It was normal colored. I suddenly wasn't sure if the ham needed to be green, or just the eggs. I decided to play it safe and make this ham green. I focused on it until it slowedly turned first white, then green.

      I put the piece of ham in my mouth. It tasted just like I remembered ham tasting like. The texture was just right and it had a salty taste. I swallowed it. I felt good that I had been able to get that done do easily.

      At that point I was suddenly hit with a wonderful idea. Why stop with ham?? Why not eat something I really wanted to eat. Next me me was a Japanese girl. I asked her if she could bring me some chocolate. She left and came back with the tiniest thinest piece of chocolate. I put in on my tongue and let it melt. I could taste a little chocolate flavor.

      I saw row of freezers along the wall. I asked the Japanese girl if anyone would care if I ate something out of the freezers. Then immediately I remembered that since this was my dream I could do what I wanted and no one would care.

      I opened the freezer in front of me. It was full. I could see a slice of pie in from of me. It looked like it was made out of mint chocolate chip cream. I grabbed it and stuffed it in my mouth. In two bites I had it all in. It was cold, but not frozen hard. It didn't hurt my teeth by being too cold.

      I then looked and saw a few ice cream sandwiches. I pulled one out and tore half the wrapper off. I ate the first half in one bite, then I sqeezed the wrapped and the other half just slid out into my mouth. The favor was wonderful. The temperature and texture were also perfect. I thanked my mind that it was all so enjoyable. After eating a few ice cream sandwiches, I saw some Twinkies. I unwrapped one and found that it was also cold but not frozen hard, but cool and slightly firm. I ate that in one bite and went to grab another one.

      Then I started to lose the dream and everything faded.
    5. LD: Splitting my Consciousness...and Eating...a lot.

      by , 10-16-2012 at 07:44 PM

      Lucid Dream:

      I can't remember at what point I got lucid. I remember something about Ninja and how he made these cookies. They were yellow rectangular snicker doodles. And I wanted one. I had one in my hand, but before I could put it into my mouth I started to wake up.

      I must have been somewhat lucid at this point because as I lay there trying not to wake up, my mind thought it remembered something that pj had written about concerning False Awakenings. I thought it had something to do with rolling out of bed and falling, but because you weren't really awake you wouldn't hit the floor, but then be able to fly and continue the dream.

      In retrospect, I know realize that this is something my mind made up, but in the dream I really thought pj had come up with this idea. [Please correct me if this is really something I read here on this board.]

      So I rolled out of bed, and sure enough, I started falling and not hitting the floor so I then started to fly. It had worked out perfectly. I suppose it is a pretty cool technique that I hope will work again for me.

      I started flying over these tall trees in a neighborhood. I was having trouble with control. I could fly straight, but couldn't change direction quickly.

      Finally I came to these really huge white barked trees that were supposedly on my street. I decided that I wanted to impress my neighbors so I flew to the place where the branches came out from the trunks which were at least twenty feel above the ground. I swung around on the branches for a while before dropping down to the ground.

      There is a place here that gets fuzzy.

      I think the next thing that happened is that I had climbed a telephone/power pole. On the pole was a little door. I opened it up and there were cookies. I stuffed thatm in my mouth. My friends, the Johnsons had supposedly made them. I think I saw MJ standing on the ground below.

      Then I was in what was supposed to be my house. I went to the fridge and opened the door. I wanted to eat more cookies. I didn't see any, but I knew that I was capable to creating them. I shut the door and opened it again. There was now a stack on cookies. They were about 4 inches across and flat like pancakes. I picked up the stack and shoved the cookies all in my mouth in one huge bite. I chewed while I created another stack of cookies. I shoved them all in my mouth too. I did this seveal times. The cookies were soft and had chocolate chips. I binged and binged and couldn't seem to get enough.

      Finally I stopped myself and thought about the tasks. Because this was an accidental DILD and not preplanned, I had not read over the tasks or thought about them . I tried to remember what they were. Finally my mind thought it knew what one was. I looked at my couch and saw a place where ketchup had spilled and had dried. I knew the task had to do with removing spots off furniture. I stared at the spot and concentrated. The spot of ketchup started to move. I could see it start to lift up off the couch. The place underneith was completely clean. I was proud of myself for being able to do that so nicely.

      I then tried to think of another task. I couldn't remember what it was. I felt frustrated that I hadn't checked on what the tasks were. I laid down on the couch. Then suddenly I remembered the picture on the badge of the DV advanced task with the two people facing away from each other. I knew it had something to do with splitting my consciousness. I had no idea how to do it. I wasn't even going to attempt that one since it seemed weird to me. But since it was the only thing I remembered to do at this moment I decided to give it a try. I decided that part of me would stay right here on this couch, while part of me went somewhere else. I concentrated on this thought for a while, and nothing seemed to be happening. Then I noticed that I was aware of two things. I could feel my body still on the couch staring ahead. But another part of me was standing in the large room watching people on a stage. I watched them for a while until I finally woke up and decided to write the LD down.
    6. LD: DV Member, TOTM (Rabbit Hole)

      by , 10-15-2012 at 07:55 PM

      Lucid Dream:

      I was with a group of people. We were all talking to each other. I remember DV member CoLd BlooDed was there. At one point he asked me a question, something to the effect of "What do you like to do?"

      I remember he was wearing a dark green sweatshirt with the hood pulled up. I went closer to him and pulled back the hood from his ear a little and whispered (for dramatic effect, maybe?) "I like to lucid dream."

      Obviously in this dream I didn't think CB knew anything about lucid dreaming, because I then went on to explain just what lucid dreaming was. And then, to stress the point of how cool lucid dreaming was, I then flew a little in the air and asked, "Wouldn't you like to be able to do this?" I then told him that I would help teach him how to do it. I took his hand and helped him float in the air. At this point we were in the dining room of my old LA house. I helped him float to the ceiling, and then out the back door.

      As crazy as it seems, I still was not lucid at this point.

      CB told me that he was going to be leaving town and was going to be gone for several weeks. Then he said, "So I really need to learn how to do this so we can see each other in our dreams." This seemed to make perfect sense.

      We then practiced flying up into the air. At first we moved so slowly. I was having difficulty getting up very high . So we flew around the backyard a bit.

      Then the girl that lived next door while I was growing up came over. IRL she was three years younger than I was. In this dream she was about 7 years old. She starts talking to me about how this cable was broken and how upset she was about this. I was feeling frustrated because I did not want this interruption.

      This gets fuzzy here.

      The next thing I remember is that we are now inside again. I tell CB, "Let's try this again." And we flew back to the dining room.

      I believe it is at this point that I finally become lucid. I don't know what happened to CB because I never saw him again in this dream.

      But I do suddenly remember that I really should be trying some Lucid Tasks. I remember thinking for a moment, trying to remember what they were. I then flew into the other room which was a kitchen. There is a TV set on the counter. It's on and I start watching it. Then it hits me, "This is it! I need to remember this." I sat there watching and trying to remember all the details. But all I remember at this point is that it was some kind of News Talk Show. There were three people discussing the subject, which I believe was "problems youth have in today's society". Two of them were women and one was a man. The only one I remember any detail on was one of the women who was young, beautiful and black. She had long hair that was braided into hundreds of little braids.

      After watching the TV as long as I felt necessary, I flew outside. I started looking for holes on the ground. I couldn't remember at first what it was that I was looking for but I knew it had to do with holes. Then I remembered--I was supposed to go into a rabbit hole. The ground below me was covered in little holes that were big enough for little mice or gophers. I didn't think any of them would work.

      Then I looked over into the neighbor's yard, and under their apricot tree was a large hole. It looked big enough for a rabbit. The hole was divided into two sections. One had a long roll of chicken wire going down into it. I didn't think that I could fit in the center of that roll. So I chose to try the other hole. It was more open. I saw that it went directly under the tree and through to the other side. I dove down inside. I could see roots from the apricot tree poking out into the hole. I had a camera with me and started taking pictures of the inside of the hole. For some reason I thought that I could document the experience better by doing that.

      I went all the way through the hole and back out the other side. I then wanted to document the experience one step further. I pulled out a notebook and started sketching the tree.

      At some point here I lost lucidity. I went on to two more dreams that I may write up later.
    7. LD: Seeker's Epic Task

      by , 10-15-2012 at 06:52 PM

      Lucid dream:

      I don't even remember what made me lucid. I remember being in this hallway. I was flying over all these people. I knew I wanted to interact with someone because those dreams are the most interesting.

      I somehow ended up with this guy in a closet. I know what you're thinking....but we didn't have sex. I did kiss him a little, but things got weird. I don't even remember the details of "weird". But I do remember telling the guy, "I don't think I will write this part up in my DJ."

      Then I got curious. I asked him. Do you know what I'm talking about when I say things like 'DC'?

      "Dream Character." He said.

      "Well, how about DJ, then?"

      "Dream Journal."

      "Well, that makes sense that you know, since I know, and you are basically me."

      Middle part of the dream:

      I did all kinds of things in this dream. I remember saying, "Wow, I'm still dreaming. I hope I can remember all this".

      Of course I don't.

      I vaguely remember something about flying and seeing the ground above my head and thinking that it looked very flat, like a movie screen.

      End of dream:

      A group of lucid dreamers all met together to do this huge Epic Task that Seeker had asked us to try for his Workshop. (I believe I would call this the "going with the flow" part. I still seemd to think I was lucid. But at the same time I was kind of sucked into this plot.)

      There were several people there. The only one that was an actual person that I knew was Moonbeam, who, like I mentioned before was sometimes my other friend Natacha.

      We were all standing at the edge of this huge canyon. There was a bridge that spanned across from side to side.

      The Task was to do this:

      Strip down to you underwear. Fly across the canyon, going under the bridge. Once to the other side, we were to get to our homes in any way we wanted (flying, porting, etc). We were then to find a parent or other family member and ask them the question, "Do I have Hidden Family?" Any answer we received would count. Then we were to return back to the starting point.

      I noticed in the group several others that supposedly lived in the same place as I did. (In the dream I was considering my mom's house home.) I talked to them a little about that fact. I also remember talking about how
      PeteB was the one who had originally introduced me to lucid dreaming and how I was greatful for that. (See, it's things like that where I realize that I wasn't completely lucid here.)

      So we all got ready to start. We stripped down to our underwear. I was wearing a brown bra and panties that I do not own in real life.

      A guy from Brazil was chosen to start. He was very tan and was wearing boxer shorts. I watched him fly out over the canyon and under the bridge.

      Then the rest of us just stood and waited for what seemed like an extremely long time. I then suddenly thought, "This is so stupid to wait. There is no reason we can't all do this at once. I don't want to waste my lucidity just waiting (and that thought makes me know that I was still at least somewhat lucid.)

      I told everyone that I was going to go. As soon as I said that I could see the Brazilian guy coming back. I remember thinking, "Wow, he was fast."

      I took off over the canyon. I felt like I was going too slow. I decided to do the trick that I learned to do in past LDs and instead of trying to propel myself forward faster, I would just make the scenery come at me faster.

      It worked and soon I was across the canyon. I looked down (I wasn't very high off the ground) and saw two lucid dreamers dressed up as vampires. I knew that their purpose was to try to distract me from finishing the Task. They called out at me, but I ignored them. I knew that I needed to get to my home quickly. I decided to just make the scenery change. When I thought that, everything went black.

      Then I started seeing things, as if I were coming out of a dark tunnel. I saw red cliffs that I knew were near my mom's town. I came out of the tunnel, and realized that I was up on top of this huge rock face. To my horror, as I came out I noticed that I had somehow knocked this huge boulder loose and I watched it fall all the way down the cliff face. I panicked as I hope that no one was at the bottom that would be hurt by the falling boulder.

      As I felt the rock crash at the bottom, I felt the ground that I was standing on tremble. I had the horrible thought that I might have triggered a rock slide that would affect me because I was standing at the very edge.

      But then I realized that I was still dreaming and that I could just fly down off the cliff, that the rock slide wouldn't matter at all.

      But at this point I woke up.
    8. LD: DV Member/Flying in Space

      by , 08-01-2012 at 05:43 AM
      Old dream from 12-26-07

      LUCID DREAM 1:

      I was in line waiting for a movie or concert or something that was supposed to be really cool. I was with a girl that reminded me of Cloe from Smallville.

      We finally get to the part where we buy our tickets. I see Burns there. I give Burns my money and she hands me a ticket. I look at the ticket and there is something brown on it. I looke closer and see that it's dried up dog poop. I show it to Burns and she apologizes and gives me another ticket. This ticket also had dog poop on it. I ask her if I could have another one. She is embarrassed and this time gives me a special big ticket. This one is about the size and texture of a mouse pad. It has pictures on it. I realize that this special ticket is kind of like a back stage pass. I'm happy to have it. I thanks Burns and move on.

      The next part is fuzzy. My notes don't help. They just say: " line, gym, hiding, lose ticket". I do remember the "lose ticket" part. I remember looking aound in that huge group of people and not being able to see my lost ticket. I then remember saying to myself," If I could fly I could find my ticket easier.....and if I fly, that will mean I'm dreaming."

      I suddenly took off flying above the heads of all the people. I started looking for the ticket. Then I thought, "If I'm dreaming, the ticket is not important". It took a moment for me to pull myself away from that task of looking for the ticket. But I then decided to fly out the door. I saw a double door that stood open. I swooped over the heads of the people and out the door. I saw Jeff sitting at a desk outside the door. I kept going. I flew over the buildings and tried to gain altitude so I could look down and see the whole city. But as soon as I tired this the dream started to fade.

      I made myself focus. I made everything clear again. i decided that I did most of the tasks I had in mind to do in the last LD. But then I remembered that I needed to go to space again. So I started to fly up. Before I knew it I saw that I was indeed in the darkness of space. I saw stars around me. I made myself go faster so I had the cool effect of the stars all passing me. The I realized that I really really wanted to find a space ship and go board. I start looking around and see lots of object all around me. Some are planets and some are space ships. I find a space ship that is rather close and head toward it. But before I reach it I wake up.
    9. Mini LD/DV Member dream

      by , 12-31-2011 at 05:49 AM
      Here is a short but sweet LD that also counts as a DV member dream.

      It would have been fun to become lucid and say "hi" to Adam, since we were just a few desks apart.


      DV Member dream and mini lucid:,

      I was in class with Adam. We kept passing notes to each other like we were best friends. I remember at the end I was trying to read one of the notes. And suddenly it was all gibberish. I couldn't make sense of it at all. Then I thought, "Well, of course I can't read this--this is a dream!" Then I woke up.
      Tags: dv member, school
    10. Lucid Dream: Talking Animals, Breathing Underwater, Falling

      by , 12-21-2011 at 04:29 PM
      Old LD from 7-23-07

      Lucid Dream:

      It started with me being at a mall. I was with a friend (maybe M) we passed two guys. I recognised one as Jeff. But I somehow knew that this was in the past and he didn't know me yet. I smiled at him. Then after a few more steps past him I turned and smiled again. Then I told my friend that. And we both turn back and smile at him again, but he was no longer looking at us. I thought, "Well, that's dumb..."

      The next thing I remember is that I was then sitting at the table eating ice cream with him. It was very mesy. It was like the container that my ice cream was in had an opening at both ends and it kept dripping out onto the table.

      Then the three of us continued walking in the mall. It was closing time. It seems like something happened here, but I don't remember details. Something about feeling angry at this guy working here. He makes me fall and I "spill" some of the floor that he is responsible for cleaning.

      I get left behind my friends. So I hurry out of the mall. There were some cool things that looked a bit like rain gutters, but were also big and painted red and made of concrete. I decided to slide down one standing up, I was able to get down the the level I wanted by sliding.

      Then things transition, I am with a big group of people in this big starirwell area.

      I suddenly see my dad hurrying up the stairs. I am excited to see my dad. But right as I get to him and reach for his sleeve, I realise that I'm dreaming.

      I look at this big group of people. I want to try the DV member task again. Surely there is a DV member in this large group. I scan the faces for someone familiar. They are mostly teenagers, and I don't recognise anyone. So I start asking around. "Does anyone know any DV members?"

      At first I have trouble getting any volume in my voice. This has been a problem in some of my LDs. It's like I'm trying to talk with my real mouth, yet I can't because of sleep paralysis. But then I am finally able to use my dream mouth.

      One of the boys responds to me and points to the floor above me and says, "Try the boy with the wheelchair"

      I climb the stairs to a dark haired boy standing by a blond boy in a wheelchair. I suddenly realise I don't know which boy I was reffered to. So I ask them, "Are either of you DV members?"

      They both nod and say, "Yeah..."

      So I continue, "Have either of you ever had a Lucid dream?"

      The dark haired boy nods, but the other boy asks, "Well, what exactly is a lucid dream?"

      I said, "Well, it's when you're dreaming, then you suddenly become "awake" in your dream--you become consious that you are dreaming, and if you have good control, you can do anything...."

      I said that all in a way that left then both looking at me like it was the absolutely coolest thing ever.

      So of course that made me want to show off a little. I continued "...like this."

      And I suddenly stood up on the stair rail. Beside me was a three story drop onto concrete. I stood dramatically, then let myself fall backward. I fell until I was almost to the bottom, then righted myself and landed feet first. I then kicked off again. I did the same thing in reverse. As soon as I got to the ceiling, I turned so I was "standing" on the ceiling. Then kicked off again to the floor.

      I believe a did this several times. I enjoyed the way it felt. It was like I was able to switch the direction of gravity in the middle. It was a very cool feeling.

      Then I stop and decide that I really want to try the Pet Task that I was unable to succesfully complete last time.

      I was standing in the middle of on set of stairs. To the side at the level of my face were some cats. My first thought was, "But these aren't my cats..." But then I quickly decided that I didn't care. I looked at the closest cat. There was something on its mouth. It looked like smashed cornflakes. It looked very unappealing. So I turned to the other cat. It also had the same stuff on its mouth. Their mouths looked almost sealed shut with it.

      I looked for another pet. This time I saw a group of about four kittens. They were very small and very cute. I reached for one. They all kind of backed away, but I managed to get ahold of one. It was white with patches of dark brownish grey tabby. It's eyes were a dark grey. I set it down on the ledge that was eye level to my face. I told it that it could talk now. It opened its mouth and said an a small voice, "Cookie...."

      I was a little confused as to what it meant--I used to have a cat named Cookie. So I asked it, "Do you want a cookie...or is that a name?" It just looked at me.

      I then remembered that it was just a baby. So I made the question simpler. So I asked, "Do you want a cookie?" The tiny kitten nodded its head. I laughed a little and said to it, "But you're so little, you shouldn't be eating anything buy your mama's milk. Who's been giving you cookies?" But the kitten didn't answer.

      I took off flying again. I flew outside. I was on the roof of a three story apartment building.

      I remember thinking about how I had been talking about how cool it was to just fall backward off things...so I decided to do it again. As I stood at the edge about to fall, I thought, "Now am I really sure I'm dreaming. If I'm not, this will be fatal."

      But I was already falling backwards. I didn't fall to the ground level, but just to a balcony on the floor below. I actually landed on a soft couch. I stood up again and was planning to fall backwards again, but I saw a pool down below. I remembered how I had wanted to do a Water Task. This wasn't the ocean, but a pool could be good practice for future water Tasks.

      So I dived off the balcony and went straight in the water of the pool. I worked myself to the botton. I started to breath. It was a very strange feeling. It wasn't like I had rememberd before when I was breathing underwater just like it was air.

      I could kind of feel the unpleasant feeling of water trying to come in through my nose. I had to block my nose breathing off. When I breathed through my mouth it felt like there were bubble appearing right in front of my mouth that I was able to suck in. It made a little bubbly noise as I did so. But it worked, I was able to breath. And it seemed significant to me that I would be able to breath like this indefinitely.

      I looked around again to see if there was anything interesting at the bottom of the pool. I saw a guy and a dog also laying at the bottom.

      I decided to try the Pet Task again with the dog. I started talking to it and asked it to talk to me. But suddenly the guy that was with the dog got mad at me. He said, " He's underwater! And you want him to talk!" --as if it would kill the dog for it to talk underwater. Of course this guy was talking underwater and it wasn't killing him.

      I was trying to decide if I was going to debate this with the guy, but then I could feel myself losing the dream.
    11. Lucid Dream--Going through Portals and Meeting DV Members

      by , 12-20-2011 at 04:59 AM
      Old LD from 7-3-07

      Lucid dream /Tasks:

      I have vague memories of sitting on a chair at a round table and staring at the ground. I remember things being somewhat fuzzy.

      As I was looking, I suddenly realized that this was a dream. Everything still felt extremely fragile for a moment while I got myself fully immersed into the dream. And then, there I was.

      I am unsure where this went from here. Several things happened in this dream, and I am trying to get them in the right order. I think at this time I stood up and looked around. I was in a big school auditorium. There was a small stage in the center of the room. It looked like a band was getting ready to come on and play. I could see other people (maybe 20) hanging out.

      I suddenly remembered I had Tasks to do. I searched the crowd. There had to be a DV member in this crowd. I coldn't see anyone that I recognised.

      I then saw some band members coming out. I thought, "This will be so easy. I'll make sure CoLd BlooDed is the guitarist." But then the guitarist came out, and it was a guy with blond curly hair.

      I was beginning to feel frustrated that the DV members weren't appearing. This was supposed to be something I was good at.

      The next thing I remember was being in the air spinning around. It came to me that this is the first time that I had ever spun in a dream. I was glad I was doing it, because hopefully it would help me to stay lucid even longer.

      After spinning. I started flying across the room, back and forth. I then decided that I should try the Advanced Task of going through a portal. There were no mirrors in the room, but I did see a dark dark spot (about 3 feet diameter) on one of the walls. I decided to aim for that spot.

      I sped up and went feet first into that spot. I was successful. It was a portal. All around me I could see more circles that I was going through. And the feeling was incredible.

      I came out in another room. I had to do it again because it felt sooo good. So I started flying around the room and aimed for the dark spot that was on the wall in this room. The same thing happened. .....the continuing circles and that wonderful feeling.

      I did this several times going from room to room just enjoying the experience, until I was back in the original auditorium. I looked at the walls. There were murals painted on the wall. Some were paintings from the Peter Pan movie. I could see one that showed Neverland.

      I decided that I really wanted to go to Neverland. So I decided to make the painting of Neverland be my next portal. I flew again, feet first at the painting. I went through. There were no circles this time. I tried to make out Neverland. I wanted to be in the sky looking down at the island. I could see it. But the detail was so bad. It was like looking at a poorly done painting. I didn't have the feeling of actually being there.

      I suddenly decided that I had done enough with portals and that I really needed to try the DV member part of the Task now.

      So when I came out back in to the auditorium, it was now filled with people sitting at tables. I decided that i would make myself confident and assume that this was a DV reunion.

      I sat down next to a lady at one of the tables. She looked like she was dressed up to be in a movie. She had blue make-up all over her face and had what looked like a bleached blond wig. She also had glasses, and I believe she had a bright green shirt (or outfit) on. I didn't recognise who this was. But I realised that it could be any number of DV members under the costume.

      So I sat next to her and asked, "Which DV member are you?"

      She answered and said "Clairity."

      I said "Hi Clairity, do you know what other DV members are here?"

      She points to a table and says, "Well, that's Gomer, and that's Ivan."

      I felt disappointed because those were not DV members that I knew.

      Gomer then stands up and comes over to Clairity and for a moment I think he is about to flash her. But he doesn't get his pants down very far before he bursts out laughing like it's some inside joke.

      Gomer then starts to take charge. He is holding a clip board and some raffle tickets. He then announces that everyone needs to get a raffle ticket if they haven't yet. They are only five dollars, but this is covering the cost of the reunion and everyone who has a ticket will be able to take home an audio recording of this event.

      For a moment I feel a little insecure--I have no money with me. But then I realize again that this is just a dream.

      And at that moment I woke up.


      I just checked. There are DV member named Gomer and Ivan...both are lurkers with no posts. Funny how I was able to pick actual names of Members. Although with a site this big, it's not that great of a coincidence.
    12. Long LD, Multiple FAs, School, Cold Blooded, Etc.

      by , 12-06-2011 at 05:32 PM
      Old LD from 2-10-07

      I just had Five Lucid Dreams!! Or maybe I should say that I had a very long dream in which I became lucid five separate times. Whatever it was, it was great. And CB, you will like this one.

      I can't even remember how the dream started. I guess that's the bad thing of five LDs in a row--memory is fuzzy at the beginning.

      I think I was flying and that triggered it. I remember flying down some sort of hallway. And I was like "Whoa, I'm dreaming". I remembered to look at my hands. They were almost normal, but two of the fingers were missing at the middle joint. I remembered CBs experience with looking at his hands and was surprised that my mind didn't make them any crazier than this.

      I also decided to look at my feet, so I kind of straightened out (remember, I am still flying), and kicked my foot out in front of me and saw that I was wearing pink flip flops. For some reason that seemed completely expected even though I don't own pink flip flops.

      CB was still on my mind and I thought to myself that I never did take him flying, and I have never yet been successful at making him appear in a dream, so this became my next goal.

      I was in a school, so I figured I would find his class. There was a four story almost circular building. I flew into one of the floors and into a classroom. I asked a teacher how I could find him. I'm not sure how I even asked. I don't think I used his real name. I probably said "CB"--because that is the name I always say in my mind when I see his posts. But since this was my dream, it didn't matter what I called him, as long as my mind could find a way to make him appear that it felt comfortable doing.

      The teacher told me that he was on the floor directly under us. I flew down and into that class. I was at the back seeing the back of everyone's heads. I looked for a head that looked like what matched what I had seen from his pictures--light brown hair, slightly longish. I found one. I called. "Hey...CB...."

      CB turned around and I knew it was him even though in retrospect he didn't look like his pictures. His friends truned around too. CB smiled; the friends stared. I landed and was about to say something when I woke up.

      Except that I don't think I really woke up (although this first time I might have, but was able to drift back into the dream. But whether it was a real or false awakening, I was able to go back to the hallway I had started the dream in. I immediately became lucid again and decided I would try again.

      So I flew back to the classroom. The teacher said that CB was out on the field playing Rugby. So I flew out to the field. I only saw people playing basketball. I was about to start to look through that group when I noticed that there was another part of the field. I flew into that part and saw a group of guys in red uniforms playing what looked to be Rugby. I flew over and started going down the team. The last two guys I came to seemed to have a match, but again he was facing away. I was about to say something when I woke up again.

      This one might have been a true False Awakening, because I think I was immediately back in the hallway and lucid. I remember being so proud of myself for automatically becoming lucid again.There were all these curtains that I was flying through. They were blue and white in color. I'm not sure what they were actually made of because I don't remember anyting phycical about them when I parted them. So I kept going through curtains. I was telling myself that they was my mind's way of preparing the next scene--that at the right moment I would part the curtain and end up at the Rugby field.

      And sure enough I did.

      I flew to the team again, but before I could even start the search again, I had a FA again.

      I found myself back in that hallway and was lucid again. I flew through the same curtains but the scene wasn't changing, so I figured that I need to try something else. I looked at my hand again. It looked the same--two fingures missing at the middle joint.

      I was inside a big indoor school gym. I decided to hang from the lights and then pretend I couldn't fly and just hang on for dear life. That didn't end up being as fun as I thought...so I tried to think of something else to do. But I wasn't sure what to do. I remembered someone saying how lucid dreaming got boring if you had the ability to do it every night.

      I thought, "Surely I'm not getting bored. I mean I should be able to do anything I want. Think!"

      But at that point I woke up again.

      The next dream I started didn't start as lucid. Something about these black men-- Oh, I can't remember. But there was a scene in a swimming pool. One man was tring to convince the other one go give away some secrets or something like that. And at one point they got in the water. I was afraid that the man would give away the secrets I seemed to be on his side. I needed to to distract them before it was too late.

      So I started walking on the water. It seemed to work and the men were both watching me. Then I started to run on the water. I think I became lucid again here, and started to fly. I flew up to this big building. I decided I needed to find someone to ask to be my Valentine so I could get the Task of the Month done finally.

      But then I awoke and I realized that I had had several lucid dreams and I panicked because at first I couldn't remember anything about them. Then it slowly came back and I jumped out of bed and immediately went to the computer to write them down. So I am hoping that they are accurate.
    13. DV Member Dreams

      by , 11-29-2011 at 10:14 PM
      From a couple of weeks ago:

      I dreamed Moonbeam was teaching me how to use a crossbow. Oneironaut was there too.

      I wish I remembered more details.
    14. Baby Dreams

      by , 11-29-2011 at 10:10 PM
      I have had several baby dreams lately. I guess it's understandable since two of my friends have recently had babies.

      Last night's Dream:

      I was at a meeting and I had a baby with me. I was just getting ready to feed the baby when I realized that I was supposed to go up and give a speech of sorts. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say or what I would do with the baby.

      From last week:

      Someone had given me a little baby girl. I was taking her with me everywhere I went of course. Then I was at Oneironaut's house hanging out with him and a lot of his family members. I suddenly realized I had the baby with me, and wondered what O would think. But he politely never asked. Haha.
    15. DV Member Dream: Ninja

      by , 10-06-2011 at 05:41 PM
      Okay, moving on the the DV Member Dream:

      It was actually a very long complex dream. I'll share the fragments that I remember. I was with my sister (that died) for a while. I thought it was nice that we could be together again after so long. We were staying at this hotel type place with a large group of people. There seemed to be a lot going on. At one point we were river rafting. Then we were climbing in the snow. I had a raft/sled and slid down this tough part of the montain. It felt like I was white water kayaking. I was able to maneuver the sled thing fairly well. The group was impressed with my skills.

      Then my sister was gone and her mother-n-law was giving a speech about how horrible cancer was. In the middle of the speech I realized I had left my purse behind. I went back to the hotel room. There were new people in the room. It didn't surprise me. I knew that there were going to be new people joining me. I tried to use the restroom because I really had to go. But they were cleaning it. I thought. "It figures. At least it won't be so gross and dirty like it was last time."

      Then I was with this large group that had a lot of little kids in it. I had climbed up this tower thing to hear the person who was teaching the seminar. Some kids climbed up with me. One little girl almost fell. I had to help her.

      Then I was talking to Ninja about lucid dreaming. I think we had been eating breakfast together. As we left to go back to the hotel, I said, "I don't want to invade your privacy or anything, but are you staying here for business or just for fun?"

      Ninja thought for a second then answered with, "Well, I'm getting to do everyting that I wanted to here." Which made me assume that he was here for both. I thought about answering back about why I was here. And then I wasn't so sure why I was here. I had been having fun, but wasn't I here for the seminar? I wasn't sure what to say so I just said goodbye and crossed the street toward my hotel.