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    1. Tasks of the Month: Taste in Mouth/Stretching arms

      by , 05-11-2016 at 10:43 PM
      I completed two Tasks of the Month last night. My lucid moment was tucked in the middle of a bunch of other dreams and I don't remember what exactly lead up to lucidity or how it faded.

      I do remember that I was lucid and wanting to do the Tasks. I thought of the one to taste in my mouth whatever I had eaten last. At first I didn't think I could do this since I didn't remember eating anything in the dream. But I tried anyway. I worked my tongue around in my mouth until I noticed that I had some crackers in my mouth...mostly in my teeth, as if I had just chewed one up and swallowed most of it. It tasted like a butter cracker, and what was left was kind of smooth and slippery.

      Then I decided to do the other task which was to stretch your arms and seeing how far they could reach. I noticed I was on a road or alley. I could see walls on either side of the road. They were about 20 (or more) feet apart. I figured this would work nicely. I started with my right arm I reached out toward the wall. Since I had never tired this before I wasn't sure how easy or hard this would be. I just concentrated in my hand touching the wall. I could see it getting closer until finally I could feel the wall. I pressed my hand against the wall and then held out my left hand. I did the same thing, focusing on my hand touching the other wall. It didn't take long until that hand was pressed up against the wall as well.

      It didn't really feel like I was stretching, but I could see both hands on the walls that were 20 or so feet apart. So I had accomplished the task. It was cool to know that I had the ability to do that.
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    2. Last Month's Tasks of the Month

      by , 05-11-2016 at 10:40 PM
      I've gotten a little behind again. I've been having some pretty interesting dreams, but I haven't written most of them down, so they are pretty much gone now.

      I do remember a lucid dream I had a few days ago. I did two of the Tasks of the Month...from last month. I hadn't gotten on and read the new tasks yet, so in my mind I was still thinking of the tasks I never completed last month.


      I don't remember what I was doing. I may have been flying or standing on something high. I suddenly knew I was dreaming so I swooped down flying and immediately thought about completing the tasks of the month that I had been wanting to do, which were to drain the color out of something and to eat something inedible.

      I landed next to a table that reminded me a little of my dad's model train table when I was little. I saw a lot of plastic items on the table. I wasn't sure what they were, but that didn't matter--I was going to drain their color. I started by focusing on this smooth rounds red thing. In just a few seconds it had faded to grey. I had known this would be easy.

      I then focused on a yellow item. Then blue. Each time willing them to lose their color. I was satisfied by that point.

      I then decided to look for something inedible to eat. I saw a small empty soda can, the kind that is about half as tall as the regular ones. I stuffed the whole thing in my mouth. I was glad it was not the full sized can. It took some work to crush it with my teeth. I got it condensed down quite flat...as if I had stepped on it. I kept chewing. I wondered if it would ever get small enough for me to swallow it. I was pretty sure that was required to be able to count it.

      At this point I noticed the dream fading. I couldn't let that happen. I'm not sure what I did but the dream came back. I still had the can in my mouth. I continued to chew. I was happy to notice that is was finally dissolving. I felt the metal pieces in my mouth get smaller and smaller until they were gone.

      I may have been talking to someone next. I think I was telling them how I am good at changing things in my dreams. I had out my left arm. I said that I would make it big. I watched it grow until it was cartoonishly large. Next I made it skinny until it almost looked like a stick figure arm.

      I felt satisfied at my accomplishments.

      And that's all I remember.
    3. Fake Tasks of the Month

      by , 03-06-2016 at 10:59 PM
      I had a lucid dream on the first of March that I haven't had a chance to write up yet.

      I don't remember the beginning, but as soon as I became lucid I wanted to do a task, but I hadn't seen which tasks had been chosen yet for the month. I had remembered there was a list of tasks that people had been voting on. I tried to remember what they were. I thought if I could remember what they were then I had a chance, at least, of getting one right.

      The first task that popped into my mind was Telling a Dream Character that they aren't Real. I'm not sure why I always think this is the task. I have fallen back on this one many times when I can't remember the real task.

      There was a nice looking young man next to me. I blurted out, "Did you know that this is my dream and you aren't real?" The man smiled at me and said something funny, which unfortunately, I can't remember anymore. We had a short discussion and he was just the nicest guy. Dream characters are so unpredictable. I have had some pretty rude ones in the past, so this was quite pleasant. I just wish I remembered what we talked about.

      Then I knew I needed to get back to the tasks.

      So I thought for a while then seemed to remember that there was a task of eating off a dream character's plate and seeing what their reaction was (I still haven't checked back to see if that was on the list, but I'm kind of doubting it).

      As luck would have it, I was in a restaurant. It was a buffet, and I was standing next to a table full of people who had full plates of food. I felt a little awkward, but then reminded myself that this was just a dream. I went up to the closest person, reached my hand down to their plate, then scooped up a handful of food off their plate. I don't remember what it was, but as I ate it I remember thinking that it was tasty. The person looked up at me with a weird look, but said nothing. I then proceeded to go from plate to plate using my fingers to scoop up food from each and then stuffing it into my mouth. For some reason, in lucid dreams when I eat, I always stuff as much food into my mouth as I can. I think it's because the food isn't quite as flavorful in dreams as in real life, so I feel like I need more at a time. The food almost instantly dissolves in my mouth, so I can then take another huge bite of food.

      The people at the table were amazingly good natured at my rude and socially unacceptable behavior. I tried to explain (between mouthfuls) that this was for a task I needed to do for Dreamviews.

      After doing this for a few minutes I tried to remember another task to attempt. I thought I remembered a task about eating dog food (my mind must have been on food). I decided to ask a dream character to help me out. "Where can I find dog food? Is there a store near here." The lady I asked then got a delighted look on her face. She happily told me that right next door to this restaurant was a place that was like a buffet, but for dogs. She took my arm and walked me out the door and to the dog food buffet next door. She told me that I should find all the dog food I needed for my task.

      As I looked around, it was truly like a people buffet, but with food geared for dogs. Some of the food was in warmers ready to fill a plate with. Other things were in large bins. I decided to start with the warm stuff. Again, using my hand, I scooped up a handful of warm food. It looked to me like chili rellenos. I put it into my mouth. It didn't taste like dogfood. It was better than some of the people food I had just eaten.

      I then took another scoop of food. This was like a warm brownie with caramel. I looked around and saw the owner of this store. I said, "This is really good. Is this really dog food?" He smiled a secretive smile and said, "Well, if it's good enough for dogs, it's good enough for people." I had the impression that I wasn't the only one who ate this "dog food".
    4. LD: Authors and Space Battles

      by , 02-24-2016 at 06:30 PM
      Lucid dreams three days in a row. I'm on a roll. I love it.

      I did a Wake Back to Bed. The beginning of the dream is fuzzy. I can't remember the moment I became lucid. I remember standing in the kitchen of an author (one I had recently been reading about in real life). He was an older man but still very nice looking. I knew I was dreaming at this point so I went up to him and started to kiss him. He seemed very happy to kiss me back. The next thing I know is we are in his bedroom. He is partly undressed and climbing into bed. I look around and see his wife's stuff all around me, on the nightstand, floor, on the bed. Even though I knew this was a dream this suddenly felt completely wrong. I wanted nothing to do with this. I needed to leave.

      But since I did know this was a dream I decided to be creative about it. I went back out into the living room. There were helium balloons all around from a party for one of his kids. I grabbed a large bunch of them, holding them by the strings. I went back into the bedroom and told the author to follow me out to the front yard. We both walked out of the house and into the yard. I then told him I needed to leave. And at that point I let the balloons start carrying me up into the air. He looked at me sadly as I left, saying nothing. I floated higher and higher.

      I suddenly came to the edge or top of a large dome. I "remembered" that this city was under a dome, that it was a protection from something out in the world. (I think I was a little less lucid now--at least I was letting a new story line pull me in.) I wanted to see what was out there, what this city was being protected from. I floated around looking for a door of some sort. I finally found a door-like opening and exited the dome.

      To my surprise a huge space battle was happening right outside the dome (think the first scene of Star Wars III only closer to the land). All kinds of space ships large and small were whizzing by me shooting at each other. I was still clinging to the balloons. I must have been lucid enough to know I couldn't get hurt because I wasn't worried at all. I thought this was amazing to witness a battle like this so close up. The "graphics" were incredible (thank you mind). I watched this happening all around me for a while before deciding to land and see what was happening on the ground.

      I found myself in a building. People that I knew were "enemies" were all around me. I no longer had the balloons but I knew I could still float, and I also made myself invisible. I hovered near the fairly low ceiling. At some point someone figured out that I was there and for the next 15-20 minutes or more (that's what it felt like) I was moving from place to place in the building trying to avoid capture. I was never really worried, but found this rather exciting. I knew that they couldn't catch me, or if they did it wouldn't be bad. At one point I remember finding a room with a baby. I woke up the baby and had to put it back to sleep. I also found myself in a kids room with a lot of bunk beds.

      And that's all I remember.

      Although I do remember a scene that I have no idea where it fits in. At one point when I was quite lucid I remember looking for something to eat. I went out from a house into a backyard and found a fruit tree. This tree had strange fruit on it. They were large and green. I picked one and found that the rind was very tough. The one I picked had split open, though, so I could easily pull the rind back and get to the fruit. It was white and soft and creamy--almost like a banana that's been put in a blender. It was very sweet and tasted a bit like a vanilla milkshake, but not as cold. I sucked it out, not having to chew it at all. It was quite good.
    5. Long Lucid Dream

      by , 11-13-2015 at 10:28 PM
      So here is a lucid dream from yesterday. It was actually was two dreams. I woke up after the first part and wrote down everything I could remember and then fell asleep and had another one. The first took place during an hour of time. I'm not sure how much of that time I was actually dreaming, but I looked at the clock before I went to sleep and looked at it right as I got up. Almost exactly an hour. I also did this as a WBTB. I went to bed at mindnight, woke up at 5:00, then stayed awake for a while, then let myself go back to sleep.

      Lucid Dream:

      I was in the kitchen and noticed the fish tank had been moved. It was now on the table. It also was very clean. I looked in closer and saw that there were at least five fish in the tank that I had thought were dead. Where had they been hiding all this time? Hhmm. Fish tank moved. Cleaned. Fish back from the dead. Could I be dreaming? Really, there was more of a chance I was dreaming than all that happening.

      So I immediately ran to the steps that lead down to the front door. I ran and dived at the door. As I was sailing down the stairs head first, the thought crossed my mind that if I wasn't dreaming, this would probably hurt...a lot. But I was thankful that when I got to the door, I righted myself and gently landed by the door, which I then opened and flew out into the night.

      As I passed my ficus tree I grabbed a few leaves off of it and told myself that I would eat them with the goal of making them taste like something else, chocolate, perhaps.

      But as I flew higher, I was fascinated by the town falling away below me and being able to see the horizon. I could see the lake out in the distance. I remembered I had wanted to fly over it, skimming the water. So I headed that way. It was going to take a while to get to flying at the speed I was going. I then remembered Oneironaut's dream where he catapulted himself very quickly to his destination. I tried to think about what that would feel like. I finally decided to use the "rockets on my feet" technique that had worked for me in the past. As I was imagining my foot rockets, I looked over and flying right next to me was Oneironaut. He was looking as cool as ever, dressed all in black leather...jacket, pants, gloves, boots, and some sort of head covering. Even though I didn't see his face I knew exactly who that was.

      I could see a white fire shooting out from the soles of his boots. I concentrated and matched his speed. In no time we were to the shore of the lake. I could see some boats at the marina ahead of us. As we got to the boats, Onerionaut dove under one of the boats and continued to swim under water. I didn't want to go under water at this point. I did what I had planned to do--I flew low, right over the surface of the water, skimming it with my hand from time to time.

      I then saw a jet skier out on the water (it was daylight by now). I flew over right next to her. She glanced over at me and kept going. Seriously? What's wrong with all my boring dream characters these days? After getting no reaction at all from her I decided to see what she would do if I yanked her off her jet ski. I grabbed her arm and started to pull. But then I felt bad and stopped. Surely I was better than beating up my DCs for not thinking I was cool.

      So I flew to the shore. I saw that I was suddenly in some sort of mall. I flew around observing what was around me. I saw an escalator. I flew close to it. Riding up the escalator was a guy who looked about 18 years old. He had dark brown hair that was about shoulder length. He looked over at me, and our eyes connected. He gave me a knowing grin--he knew who I was.

      I flew over next to him, keeping even with him as the escalator continued to rise. I put my arm on the back of his head and pulled him to me and kissed him. He seemed to be just fine with that. But then suddenly a wall came between us as the escalator came to the floor that it was going. I knew I could just fly around the wall and meet up with him again, but as I was doing so, I was distracted by a group of younger teenage boys who were watching something on a TV screen.

      I flew up to them, wanting to interact, and asked one the the boys the first thing that popped into my head. I said, "Tell me a story." I wanted to know what my subconscious would come up with. One the the boys decided to take it on. He started by saying, "Well, once there was this lady who was very kind." (Was this the best my mind could come up with?) "She was also very ______________." He said a word I had never heard before. It had multiple prefixes, like meta, trans, para something or other. He then saw my confusion and clarified and said, "She was very unselfish. "

      At that point the boy was distracted and stated looking at the TV again. I also looked at the TV. Perhaps that would be more interesting than the boring start of the story.

      The show they were watching looked like some sort of anime. There were a group of young people all in long white coats-- and all in anime style-- standing in a large lab. Surrounding them were all these very strange plants. They reminded me very much of the types of thing that Dr. Seuss would have drawn. So I thought that the show was an interesting combination of styles.

      At that point a commercial came on. It was dog food commercial. The dogs in the ad were dalmations drawn in a very simple style, almost so you couldn't see an outline for the dogs, but could just see lots of spots and eyes.

      The next ad was about baby clothes. On the clothes were pictures of these same dalmations in the same style. I guess my mind liked the dalmations enough to recycle them.

      I was now satisfied with seeing what was on the TV, so I flew off again.

      Now I'm not sure what happened next. Either I forgot a segment of my dream, or else I just had a transition. Lucidity had faded, for the most part.

      I now found myself in my grandparent's house. There were a lot of extended family around cooking some sort of big dinner. I wandered from the living room into the kitchen I grabbed a handful of cheese and started to put it into my mouth. I then remembered that I wasn't eating any dairy products these days. I needed a place to spit it out and throw the rest of the cheese away. I didn't want to do it in the kitchen in front of everyone. So I went up the hallway and into the bathroom. I dumped the cheese into the trash. At that moment lucidity came back. I was dreaming. It didn't matter what I ate. Awesome.

      I walked back down the hallway again. There was a houseplant on a little table I pulled off some leaves. I had never eaten the leaves I had picked previously, so I could do it now. I wanted to make the leaves taste like chocolate.

      But then I decided to take the easy and sure route. I remembered that my grandma had kept chocolate in a certain cupboard. Surely my mind could recreate this for me.

      I opened that particular cupboard door and, sure enough, there was part of a large Hersey bar there on the lower shelf. I picked it up and unwrapped the last few squares. It looked like it had been melted at one point, but I didn't care, I was going to make this dream chocolate taste great, no matter what.

      I took a bite, and it tasted just like Hershey's milk chocolate. Not my favorite, but it was satisfying, nonetheless. I then looked over at the table nearest the hallway and saw that there was a huge chocolate bar sitting right there waiting for me. This monster bar had to weigh at least ten pounds. It had a white wrapper and on I could see that the bar was divided up into many different flavors. The top corner that I was opening was dark chocolate with fig. Next to it was dark chocolate with pomegranate. This was going to be great. I broke off a large chunk that was mostly fig, but with a little pomegranate. I took a bite and it was wonderful.

      I walked into the living room again and saw my aunt, "Tia," I said, "Tell me something about myself that you think is special." That was the first thing I thought of to ask. I like to get insights from dream characters (my mind) about my good qualities. "Well," she started. "You''ll need to give me a little more time. I'm not good at coming up with things spur of the moment."

      (My subconscious couldn't come up with anything. How sad. ).

      I then decided to move on. I opened the front door and flew outside. I saw that my mom's house was right across the street. I flew over to it and saw my mom standing on the driveway calling for my grandma. I looked around and couldn't see my grandma. But I looked again at my mom and she was so young and thin, just like pictures I had seen from when she was younger. It was fun to see my mom like this. I looked and saw my aunt again next to her. She was also much younger and thinner. I said to her, "Hey I just saw you over in the house." She looked at me and smiled and nodded.

      And that's all I remember from this first part of the dream. I'm happy that I was able to have had such a long dream and remember all that I did. It wasn't the most spectacular lucid dream ever, but every lucid dream is good practice for future lucid dreams that are spectacular.

      Lucid Dream (Part Two):

      I was in an apartment or dorm room. It was full of people. I noticed that on wall had hooks all over it for everyone to hang up their backpacks. I thought that was a good idea since so many people lived here. I saw two girls in the kitchen they looked like twins and were cooking something on the stove.

      I then see Jeff come up to me. He looks younger and has longer hair than in real life and he was super HOT. As I saw him I became lucid. He ginned at me with a seductive smile and I smiled back. The next thing I know is that we are on the floor making out and getting intimate.

      Then there is a transition and I am sitting on the floor and I pull out my phone. I decide to see what I look like, so I take a selfie. I notice that my hair is all messy and curly. I have to remind myself that I always look different in dream mirrors. So I then stand up and see that I am next to a very large mirror. As I look at myself in it, I morph my reflection so I look as gorgeous and sexy as possible.

      I then look over and see that a couple of guys are watching me. I decide to have a little fun. I slowly take off my shirt. But as I look in the mirror, I notice that my body is all clear, as if it were made of glass. That fascinated me even more, so I finish taking off my clothes and just watch my glass body as I dance slowly in front of the mirror.
    6. LD: Maggie Robb and Flying

      by , 02-03-2015 at 07:05 PM
      I just had my longest lucid dream in months. I had it during a little power nap. It was slightly unstable, and I knew my time was limited. But I made it last a lot longer than I thought I would be able to.


      This actually took place in my current house. That never happens. I think this is the first nonWILD that I started at my house. I was standing in my hallway. There were two little girls in the bathroom. The door was open and I saw them come out. I noticed that one of the little girls was Maggie Robb. At first it made total sense that she and her friend were there. But then I told her that I had recently seen one of her pictures on the internet, and what a cute picture it was. Then I started questioning why Mags was in my house. As I looked closer at her I could see that her skin was much darker than in real life and her hair was dark and wavy. At that moment I knew I was dreaming. I was excited. I ran to the computer room. But I could tell the dream was unstable and felt myself wake up.

      I found myself sitting at the computer feeling sad that my dream hadn't lasted. I got on and started to look up something. But I had a lot of trouble getting the computer to work. And I also had this funny dizzy feeling like I was sideways even thought I was sitting up.

      I suddenly had another suspicion that I may still be dreaming--that I had just had a false awakening. I ran out the back door. I was on a back deck that didn't really look like the real thing (but I didn't notice that). I jumped up on the railing. I had this thought that I should be careful, in case I was really awake. But I could tell I was lighter, so I just jumped right off the edge and started flying across the backyard. The first thing that came to mind was to either find Tom DeLonge or to find a radio so I could listen to Angels and Airwaves on. Both were on my to-do list. But I could tell I wasn't fully stable and that my time was limited. I didn't think I had the energy to summon anyone. I decided to look for a radio, but after a few moments of looking decided to abandon that quest as well. I decided to fly up higher. I could see low fog around the city with the early morning sum trying to shine through in places. I flew up and over the neightborhood.

      I finally found a backyard that was full of people. I flew lower and decided I would find someone to interact with. This part is somewhat fuzzy. But I seem to remember finding someone and wanting to fly with them and had trouble keeping them up. I think they complained, because I remember explaining that this was the way I always carried people with me when I would fly. If holding their hand wasn't enough, I would get behind them and hold them under their arms.

      The next thing I remember is looking for someone to kiss, but no one looked like the right person. I ended up going inside someone's house and seeing stuff for making pizza on the counter. I remember grabbing a handful of shredded cheese and pepperoni and stuffing them in my mouth.

      And at that point I woke up.
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    7. Lucid Dream: Pigging Out...again

      by , 05-29-2014 at 02:18 AM
      I just remembered another lucid dream. It was actually the same night in Coyote Gulch, so I probably could have included it with the other LD from that night. But since I haven't posted here for a long time I think I will make this a whole new post so I can feel more active on DV.


      Something (now forgotten) triggered lucidity. I flew around and then landed next to some people who had a plate piled up with cookies and cakes. I decided that this was my chance to be a total pig and eat it all. At first I felt slightly self conscious about the people next to me whose food I was now eating. But I reminded myself that they were not real--just as this food was not real, which was the reason for me eating it in the first place. I picked up huge cookies and pieces of cake and stuffed the whole things into my mouth cramming in as much as I could. It was all fairly soft. As is typical of this sort of dream for me, the food's flavor was less strong than in real life, but I could still taste the sweetness, but it just helped encourage me to stuff even more in, in hopes of tasting it more. I also remember eating chocolate covered pretzels as well.

      I know I sound like a huge pig. And I know I do this fairly often in my LDs. But I guess, it is so much better to do this in the privacy of a dream than in real life.

      Unfortunately the chocolate covered pretzels made me crave real ones and after we climbed out of the canyon and entered civilization again I bought a package of them. I had earned them, after all, by hiking with a 45 pounds pack for 6 days.
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    8. Extreme Eating

      by , 05-09-2013 at 02:40 PM
      I was in a room that looked a little like a hospital room. A friend of mine (who actually is in the hospital currently) was doing one of these extreme eating contests. In front of her on a tray was this huge hamburger that was about 2 feet across. I knew that she had to eat that in 6 hours to win this contest. It made me sick just thinking about stuffing that much food into one's stomach. I looked closer at the tray and saw that around the hamburger were all these little gravel like rocks. I then understood that she had to not only eat the hamburger, but the little rocks as well. I watched my friend scoop up a few of the rocks and put them in her mouth. I wondered how she could possibly eat them.

      The next thing I know I am the one who is having to eat the rocks. I try again and again to swallow the little rocks. I manage to get a few down, but it is difficult and it is making me feel a little sick to my stomach.
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    9. Tom DeLonge...again.

      by , 11-01-2012 at 11:09 PM
      I am almost too embarrassed to write up this dream. I am way too old to be having celebrity crush dreams. But here it is.

      I was with a small group of people in a room where Blink 182 was having some sort of party. Tom, Mark and Travis had been getting ready to do some sort of very immature crude prank. I hoped that my presence in the room would cause them to reconsider.

      I saw that Mario was also there. He talked to me for a minute and told me that he was going to leave. Something had happened that upset him.

      I then looked over at Tom. He had a big burger and was about to eat it. But first he asked this teenaged girl to come over. He pulled off an onion and asked if she wanted it. She gladly said yes and took it and started eating it. I could see her eyes water and knew that it must be a very strong onion. Yet she continued to eat it. How pathetic, I thought. It was obvious that the onion tasted horrible, yet the girl would eat it anyway because Tom DeLonge gave it to her. So sad.

      Then Tom looked over at me. He asked if I wanted to eat the (he named a vegetable that I didn't recognize) off his burger. Sure okay, I said. But instead of handing it to me. He took a small bite of his burger, getting the vegetable in his mouth then stuck out his tongue with the vegetable on it and gestured me to take it. I moved close to take it. My lips came in contact with his as I took the vegetable from him. I was reluctant to pull away. I started to, then at the last minute went in and gave him a full kiss. It felt so nice. I then pulled back and ate the vegetable. I still couldn't tell what it was. But I ate it anyway.

      I then told him that I wished my camera wasn't broken because I would have taken a picture of the burger and put it on his forum. He looked questioning at me. I then told him that I was actually a member of his Angels and Airwaves forum, and that he had actually talked to me a number of times. I started to tell him what my user name was, but suddenly couldn't remember. "I think it's Twoshadows" I finally said. But he gave me a blank look like he didn't recognize it. "Although, maybe I use my real name on that forum. But anyway, I'll mention the burger tomorrow on the forum so you know who I am now." He said that he would look for it.

      Somehow the subject of where he lived came up. He looked at me like I may have been spying on him. But I quickly said "I actually have no idea where you live--only that you have mentioned the San Diego area. He then said, "Yeah, I live in a house that's bigger than....(he paused)....a house. " We both laughed. Then he told me how crazy the construction has been. I said, "I know. I have see the pictures." He then told me how there were these chairs in this one room that his in-laws always used, and how at first he was worried about the chairs being taken out." But then he laughed and told me that after a while the whole room was gone along with the chairs.

      And that's all I remember of this dream.

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    10. LD: Sponge Bob...and Eating ice Cream

      by , 10-18-2012 at 01:09 PM

      I was watching Sponge Bob and Patrick building a castle from cardboard boxes. I knew that they were using their "Imaginations". They were taking paper and coloring it like grey colored rock. They placed it on the sides of the boxes. I noticed how the boxes fit together perfectly and no seams showed.

      I realized this was possible becasue this was not real. I also knew that because this was not real that I could make an ice cream cone appear. I put my finger out in front of me and concentrated. An ice cream cone slowely materialized. I put it into my mouth. It melted and was gone in two bites. I decided that because this wasn't real life that I could eat as many ice cream cones as I wanted. I pointed my finger again and got another cone. I noticed that the ice cream was pink. I tasted it and noticed how real it felt to be eating this ice cream that wasn't real. I finally did it a thrid time. I was impressed with myself as I realized that I ususally wasn't this good at creating things out of thin air and I ususally had to do anther tricks to get these results.

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    11. LD: Drawing Pictures...and Pigging out AGAIN

      by , 10-18-2012 at 12:57 PM

      Lucid Dream:

      I was in this big dance hall type place when I became lucid. I don't remember what triggered it. I was watching a fitness competition. I got excited knowing that I was lucid because I would have the ability to do all kinds of fantastic feats of strength. I jumped on the stage area and was about to begin to show off.

      But then I wondered if I should try to do a task. I thought for a second and then decided that the task had been to draw a picture. I jumped over to a table and found a piece of paper and a pencil I was curious to try this. I had never drawn anything in an LD before.

      The first thing I drew was a cat. It was very simple and sloppy, but I didn't notice that at the time, but only in retrospect. I was amazed how real it felt to hold a pencil and how my contol seemd exactly the same as in real life. I could even feel and hear the lead as it moved on the paper as I drew.

      Next I drew a face. Also in retrospect I see that it wasn't something really my style. And it was also not very good. But in the dream I was satisfied that I was succeeding in my effort to draw and thus completing as task (which I have to now be satisfied that it was my personal task because it wasn't any official task).

      There is a transition period here that I don't remember.

      I was with my mom next. I suddenly thought about how I needed to take advantage of the LD by eating bad things that I can't eat in real life. I looked around for something good to eat. I didn't see any food. But I was confident that I could find something. I looked over what might have been a kind of booth. On the other side I saw a plate of cookies. It was stacked up with large chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cholocate chip cookies and these bar cookies that had white frosting with a reddish drizzle on top. I wasted no time and grabbed stacks of two to three cookies at a time and stuffed them in my mouth. They were a very soft texture. I stuffed them in my mouth until there was hardly room to chew. They tasted fantastic and the soft texture was wonderful.

      It seemed like I was distracted at this point. I may have had a false awakening. But at some point I remembered that I was still in a dream and that I could eat more cookies. So I found another plate. This on was filled with mostly bar cookies with different kinds of frosting. I followed the same pattern of cramming in as many as I could unitl I could hardly chew.

      Then the same thing happened. I went on to something else before I remembered again that I was in a dream and which point I found more cookies to gorge myself with.

      Haha...I feel like such a pig after I wake up from these dreams. But the good thing is that I use these dream to act out somethig that I would never do in real life. So my physical self never has to worry about the consequences of stuffing myself with all those cookies. And that is a good thing.

    12. LD: Pigging out...Again/Green Ham/DV Member/T-Rex

      by , 10-18-2012 at 12:47 PM

      Dream 1 (Lucid and DV member):

      I was in this large building. I walked out to this one large level part and saw this huge pool. As I looked in the pool I thought I saw a killer whale. I wanted to take a picture of it so I went to get my camera. When I returned I saw a girl in the huge pool room. The killer whale was out of the water. She was having it do tricks like roller and she was then rubbing it and it was making happy noises. I talked to the girl and she told me how to get it to do the tricks. I had it roll over and it roller all the way across the room. I ran after it and rubbed its "chin". It felt so incredibly smooth. As I rubbed it, the killer whale made deep happy moans. It was really cool.

      Then I went out of that room I was a group of people. One of the people had a T Rex with him. I felt angry. I knew that the guy who owned him probably thought it was very safe. But I also had heard enough stories about wild aminals being kept as pets attacking people.

      Suddenly I felt very nervous. I decided to run into the next room which was the center of the building and very open. I was afraid that the T Rex was chasing me. I came to a dead end on a balcony overlooking the huge open center of the building.

      At that point I suddenly realized that I knew how to fly (I don't think I realized that I was lucid yet--just that I had my lucid abilities). I jumped up on the rail and flew to the center of the building. At the top were all these cords. i grabbed onto one and found that it was stretchy. I swung on it and started flipping around and doing tricks and making up a sort of dance.

      I then decided to fly outside. I flew down and ended up out on the courtyard. I then saw DV member Ame sitting at a table with several other people that I knew were also DV members. I listenend to their conversation. It seemed that Ame had come up with an idea a having a contest to see who could dance the best in their dreams. There was another girl who wanted to criticise everything that Ame came up with. I could see that the conversation was not going well.

      I then spoke up and told of how I had just been "dancing" on the cords in the building. And how that could count as "dancing in dreams"

      At that point I was fully aware that I was dreaming. I then remembered that I really needed to eat some ham to get credit of the "Green eggs and Ham" Task that I had started in my last LD.

      I was now in an alley with my old best friend Marie. I saw a doorway up on the second floor I grabbed her hand and told her that we were going to fly up to the door. She was easy to lift. We flew in the door.

      I saw several people I decided that instead of looking for Ham (like I did in the last dream and had no luck with) that I would ask someone to bring me some. I called out that I needed some ham, and a guy brought me a bite-sized hunk. It was normal colored. I suddenly wasn't sure if the ham needed to be green, or just the eggs. I decided to play it safe and make this ham green. I focused on it until it slowedly turned first white, then green.

      I put the piece of ham in my mouth. It tasted just like I remembered ham tasting like. The texture was just right and it had a salty taste. I swallowed it. I felt good that I had been able to get that done do easily.

      At that point I was suddenly hit with a wonderful idea. Why stop with ham?? Why not eat something I really wanted to eat. Next me me was a Japanese girl. I asked her if she could bring me some chocolate. She left and came back with the tiniest thinest piece of chocolate. I put in on my tongue and let it melt. I could taste a little chocolate flavor.

      I saw row of freezers along the wall. I asked the Japanese girl if anyone would care if I ate something out of the freezers. Then immediately I remembered that since this was my dream I could do what I wanted and no one would care.

      I opened the freezer in front of me. It was full. I could see a slice of pie in from of me. It looked like it was made out of mint chocolate chip cream. I grabbed it and stuffed it in my mouth. In two bites I had it all in. It was cold, but not frozen hard. It didn't hurt my teeth by being too cold.

      I then looked and saw a few ice cream sandwiches. I pulled one out and tore half the wrapper off. I ate the first half in one bite, then I sqeezed the wrapped and the other half just slid out into my mouth. The favor was wonderful. The temperature and texture were also perfect. I thanked my mind that it was all so enjoyable. After eating a few ice cream sandwiches, I saw some Twinkies. I unwrapped one and found that it was also cold but not frozen hard, but cool and slightly firm. I ate that in one bite and went to grab another one.

      Then I started to lose the dream and everything faded.
    13. LD: Cooking and Eating Geens Eggs, Flying, and Showing Off

      by , 10-18-2012 at 12:41 PM

      Lucid dream:

      I suddenly suspected that I was dreaming. I was in a house. I tried to remember one of the tasks. the first thing I thought of was eating green eggs and ham (I hope that really was the task--I haven't double checked yet). I rushed into the kitchen of this house (not mine).

      I looked for the green eggs and ham. Often all I have to do is just look, and it is suddenly there. But all I saw was a table with some dirty dishes on it. I looked at the stove. There were some dirty pans. I opened the fridge. I saw a carton of eggs. They were white.

      I then realized with a little frustration that I would have to go through the effort of cooking them myself since my brain didn't magically create them for me.

      I grabbed one of the dirty pans and took it ot the sink and scrubbed it out. When it was mostly clean, I filled it with water. I then took it to the stove. Then I cracked the egg and dropped it into the hot water. Why I did it this way, I have no idea. I usually eat my eggs boiled or fried/scrambled.

      As I watched the egg cook in the boiling water I focused on it really hard willing it to turn green. Finally I could see it change color until it was a nice shade of green. Satisfied I reached in the pan and pulled it out (I obviously didn't notice the heat). I put the egg in my mouth and really tried to notice the flavor. It tasted like one big yolk, but it didn't really have the dry texture of a plain yolk.

      After I was done chewing the egg, I started searching again for some ham to eat. But before I could find any I started to wake up.

      I willed myself to go back to the dream.

      I was in my old backyard. I thought I was still dreaming. I jumped in the air and found that I could fly. I then decided that I could care less about finding ham--what I wanted to do was fly. I took off into the air and felt like I was flying pretty fast. But when I looked down I saw that I wasn't moving. I was actually just flying into a very strong wind. I could feel the wind in my face and blowing through my hair. I decided to go the direction of the wind so I could go really fast. I turned around and started flying quite fast. I flew past a flag pole and noticed that the flag was blowing the wrong way.

      Finally I landed and I was with some people. I started to lose lucidity again.

      But at one point I started climbing up the outside of a building using just my arms. And feeling so proud of myself for being so strong.

      I became lucid again and finished climbing up the wall wanting to show off.
    14. LD: Another Pig Out Session

      by , 10-18-2012 at 12:24 PM

      I had a total lucid pig out session last night.

      I don't remember how the dream even started. All I remember is becoming lucid at a table absolutely full of goodies. I decided to take full advantage of the situation. I started grabbing handful after handful and stuffing it into my mouth. I ate cake, cookies, pie, and my favorite-- a chocolate peanutbutter cheesecake.

      I remember grabbing something off the plate of the person sitting next to me knowing that that person was a DC and didn't matter.

      Another thing I noticed was how much could fit into my mouth at once. I was almost able to "inhale" large pieces. Then when my mouth felt full I would just swallow it down. I don't actually remember chewing alot. The food mostly kind of slid down my throat. The flavor was there. I enjoyed everything.

      I also remember grabbing a piece of a decorated cake. It was in the shape of a teddybear. I scooped off the head and inhaled it all in. It was a chocolate cake with very creamy--almost pudding like-- vanilla creme frosting.

      Man, it was all so good.

      So yes, if you are curious, I'm still depriving myself very well in real life.
      Tags: eating, senses, taste
    15. LD: Splitting my Consciousness...and Eating...a lot.

      by , 10-16-2012 at 07:44 PM

      Lucid Dream:

      I can't remember at what point I got lucid. I remember something about Ninja and how he made these cookies. They were yellow rectangular snicker doodles. And I wanted one. I had one in my hand, but before I could put it into my mouth I started to wake up.

      I must have been somewhat lucid at this point because as I lay there trying not to wake up, my mind thought it remembered something that pj had written about concerning False Awakenings. I thought it had something to do with rolling out of bed and falling, but because you weren't really awake you wouldn't hit the floor, but then be able to fly and continue the dream.

      In retrospect, I know realize that this is something my mind made up, but in the dream I really thought pj had come up with this idea. [Please correct me if this is really something I read here on this board.]

      So I rolled out of bed, and sure enough, I started falling and not hitting the floor so I then started to fly. It had worked out perfectly. I suppose it is a pretty cool technique that I hope will work again for me.

      I started flying over these tall trees in a neighborhood. I was having trouble with control. I could fly straight, but couldn't change direction quickly.

      Finally I came to these really huge white barked trees that were supposedly on my street. I decided that I wanted to impress my neighbors so I flew to the place where the branches came out from the trunks which were at least twenty feel above the ground. I swung around on the branches for a while before dropping down to the ground.

      There is a place here that gets fuzzy.

      I think the next thing that happened is that I had climbed a telephone/power pole. On the pole was a little door. I opened it up and there were cookies. I stuffed thatm in my mouth. My friends, the Johnsons had supposedly made them. I think I saw MJ standing on the ground below.

      Then I was in what was supposed to be my house. I went to the fridge and opened the door. I wanted to eat more cookies. I didn't see any, but I knew that I was capable to creating them. I shut the door and opened it again. There was now a stack on cookies. They were about 4 inches across and flat like pancakes. I picked up the stack and shoved the cookies all in my mouth in one huge bite. I chewed while I created another stack of cookies. I shoved them all in my mouth too. I did this seveal times. The cookies were soft and had chocolate chips. I binged and binged and couldn't seem to get enough.

      Finally I stopped myself and thought about the tasks. Because this was an accidental DILD and not preplanned, I had not read over the tasks or thought about them . I tried to remember what they were. Finally my mind thought it knew what one was. I looked at my couch and saw a place where ketchup had spilled and had dried. I knew the task had to do with removing spots off furniture. I stared at the spot and concentrated. The spot of ketchup started to move. I could see it start to lift up off the couch. The place underneith was completely clean. I was proud of myself for being able to do that so nicely.

      I then tried to think of another task. I couldn't remember what it was. I felt frustrated that I hadn't checked on what the tasks were. I laid down on the couch. Then suddenly I remembered the picture on the badge of the DV advanced task with the two people facing away from each other. I knew it had something to do with splitting my consciousness. I had no idea how to do it. I wasn't even going to attempt that one since it seemed weird to me. But since it was the only thing I remembered to do at this moment I decided to give it a try. I decided that part of me would stay right here on this couch, while part of me went somewhere else. I concentrated on this thought for a while, and nothing seemed to be happening. Then I noticed that I was aware of two things. I could feel my body still on the couch staring ahead. But another part of me was standing in the large room watching people on a stage. I watched them for a while until I finally woke up and decided to write the LD down.
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