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    1. LD: TOTM--Breathing Fire

      by , 10-15-2012 at 10:04 PM

      Lucid dream:

      I started out watching these helicopters all coming into town. I had never seen so many helicopters all together, so I was curious. There were at least twelve, and they were light helicopters--not military. They entered inside this building that had this huge open area in the middle (like a stadium). The helicopters stopped and hovered and men started to rappel out of them. I realized that they were doing some kind of practice drill. I watched them until they left. I then ran to the window to see them fly off. I noticed they were joined by a what looked like a flying car. I thought that was funny that someone had designed something that looked like the flying car from Harry Potter. Then I noticed that that there were kayaks out there. I thought it was funny that the kayaks were on the same level as the flying things (but that didn't trigger lucidity. In fact, I think I even thought about how this wasn't a dream).

      It wasn't until I walked away and looked down and noticed that I wasn't wearing a shirt...or bra, that it finally hit me that I was in a dream.

      [I am sooooo glad that that dream sign finally triggered lucidity...so often I miss it completely and come up with some logical reason that I'm half naked.)

      The first thing that I did was to take off flying. I love to fly so much that I can't miss the opportunity. So I flew high into the sky--about as high as I have ever been--and then just let myself free fall. I felt the wind rush past me. It was such an exhilerating wonderful feeling that when I landed (softly) on the ground I made myself do it again. This time I didn't want to waste the time flying up. So I just changed the scenery so that I was up extremely high in the sky again. I was so high I could see the curvature of the Earth. Then I let myself fall again. I suddenly knew why people liked to skydive so much. There is no other feeling like being able to fall like this. I was stretched flat on my stomach and holding my arms out where the wind pushed them upward. I did this several times, loving every second of it.

      Then I remembered that I really wanted to try to breathe fire.

      I was now inside this room. There was a little girl sitting on the floor and and older man at the far side. I took a deep breath and blew out. Nothing. I did it again. Nothing. I tried a third time, and again, nothing happened. I then remembered how joshbotch had success "spitting" fire. I tried doing that, but nothing happened. I felt discouraged. I wondered if this was beyond my ability. Then I reminded myself how it was when I first tried to make fireworks come out of my fingers. I had had the same problem. I wondered if I should do the fireworks one again to help my self confidence. But then I decided that I could breath fire if I really truly believed that I could do it.

      So I tried again. This time I opened my mouth a little wider and made the air coming out of it as hot as I could, and I breathed out all of my air, making a little "hhhhhhh" sound at the end. At the very end of that breath I suddenly saw orange flames. I drew in another breath and tried the same thing again. This time I was able to create more flames. The flames extended out from my face about 12 inches.

      I tried it again. This time I reached out my hand and put my fingers in the flame. I could feel the heat, but it was not painful. I did it several times while putting my hand into the flame. I was very fascinated with the way it felt.

      I then tried to make the flames go further. This time I got them to go out 18 inches or so. I knew that if I kept trying that I would be able to make them go further and further.

      But I decided that I wanted to try something different. I wanted to see if the flames were real enough to catch something on fire. I looked down to where the little girl was playing on the floor. Next to her was an old empty cardboard box. I leaned down a started blowing flames on the box. After a couple of breaths I noticed the edges of the box start to turn black and finally I saw the orange flames spread along one side of the box. I felt very satisfied.

      I then saw the old man sitting across the room. I decided to go up to him and ask him what he thought about what I could do. I walked over and started to ask him to watch me. But he interrupted and told me he had already been watching me.

      I then looked at my hand and saw that my fingers looked normal except for my fourth finger on my right hand. It split at the middle knuckle and had two finger tips come out from it. I realized that that was very typical of what I had seen in previous dreams.

      I don't remember the transition. But I was suddenly in another room next to a window. I remembered that I had wanted to see what it was like to crash through a window. So I took a running dive at the window and felt the glass break as I broke through. It was easy to break though and not painful at all, though I heard the noise of the glass breaking and felt the slight barrier of the glass.

      Once outside I flew along the street, just a few feet above the ground. I looked around seeing that all the colors were extremely vivid. I then noticed that the sun was setting casting a pinkish glow on everything.

      At this point I woke up.
    2. Lucid Dream: Flying Car, etc

      by , 12-23-2011 at 03:47 PM
      Old LD from 8-26-07

      Lucid Dream: (Task Attempted)

      I guess my recall is a bit better. I'm still not sure how this dream started or at which point I became lucid (so I'm just going to use blue for the whole thing).

      The first thing that I remember is driving in a car on the freeway through a really bad construction area. I got to a place where the gravel was so thick that the car was barely able to make it through. After this I thought, "I don't have to deal with this", and I made the car start to fly.

      At first I thought that I was cool and special for being able to make my car fly. Then I looked around and noticed that other vehicles were also flying. As I got close to one camper I reached out and grabbed at one. It turned out to be just a toy camper.

      As I flew along I saw lots of boxes and packages floating in the air. I flew at them and grabbed them (I must have been in a convertable now).

      In the first box I saw that there were old children's games and puzzles. I remember thinking, "Cool I love lucid dreams where you are opening things that are a surprise to you. I wonder what will be in the next box." (That was the first time--as I look back--that I really know I was lucid--although I may have been lucid from the start).

      I opened other packages, but most ended up being old things that you might find in a closet. Nothing really exciting.

      Then I landed and was in a store. This part is fuzzy. I remember tyring to figure out something cool to do. Sex actually crosed my mind, but I quickly dismissed it because I was afraid that I would wake up. Even thinking about it made the dream feel fragile.

      So I went outside. I could see that I was near Lake Powell. I could see the deep canyon below the dam.

      "The Blue Bridge Task...! I need to cross the canyon on the blue bridge." I started moving toards the canyon, hoping to see the bridge at any moment.

      A couple of times I was feeling the dream fade as I got excited about the bridge task. I thought, "I've got to ground myself."

      I looked down at my arms and hands. I rubbed my hands together and said out loud what I was doing, "I'm rubbing my left arm. It feels pretty real...but almost like I'm a little numb--like there is a layer of something between my fingers and arm.. Now I'm gripping both of my hands together. Same thing--it almost feels real, but I can tell a difference. I'm glad I'm doing this. I have been forgetting to remember to touch things. I like to touch things in my LDs...makes them feel more real-life..."

      I looked at the canyon again. I was getting close now. I realized that I was riding a bike. The ground was sloping toward the huge drop-off. I wasn't seeing any bridges appear.

      I strained harder to make a bridge suddenly appear.....

      ....but ended up waking up instead.....
    3. LD: Flying Kayak/Car

      by , 09-13-2011 at 04:36 PM

      Lucid Dream

      I actually don't even remember how this dream started because it was sandwiched in between two non-lucids.

      It started like I was watching a movie. There were all these flying robots that were flying over LA to do something. I was seeing them as if I was flying through the air with them.

      For some reason I became lucid (probably the flying). I was sitting in this small flying car that was a bit like a kayak because I was out on top holding on to the sides using that to steer.

      I spent pretty much the whole dream just flying around in this little car enjoying the ride. At one point I thought, "Now what were next month's tasks?" Then I remembered it was not next month, and I shouldn't worry about trying those just yet.

      I tried to focus on details as I was flying. I could feel the wind through my hair and hear the wind in my ears. Very very real. My mind did a great job of making the wind stronger and louder as I turned and swooped.

      Then I saw Disneyland in the distance. I wanted to fly there. I headed toward it. Right as I was getting close to the Matterhorn, I could feel myself start to wake up.

      Now this is what I found most interesting in this dream. I felt myself wake up. I was even seeing what I thought was my real life (FA) but I was able to pull myself back to the dream, and focus back on the feeling of the wind and of Disneyland in front of me.

      This happened several times

      until I finally got to the point where I thought I was fully awake and not able to go back to the dream. Unfortunately it was another False Awakening. But I was so intent at this point to run to the computer to write it down. I was surprised to find that my computer had been taken down (but not so surprised as to become lucid again.) and for the next few minutes of dream I was just trying to find a way to write the LD down. Because that happened, I don't feel I have the details on this LD as well as some of my other lucid dreams from the past.

      In fact, I remember thinking that in the dream I was hearing music playing. But I couldn't tell you now what it was But maybe it will come to me.

      BUt anyway--another Lucid Dream!!


      I need to write up the conditions leading up to this LD. This was a sleep in morning. I had awaken at my normal time of 6:00. I knew I didn't have to get up yet. I got up and went to the bathroom and got a drink...and on a whim took half of a B-6 vitamin (50 mg). I was kind of cold. I crawled back into my bed and got under my wonderful micro-fleece blanket and my also wonderful big down comforter. It was so wonderfully cozy that I was able to drift back into dreamland.

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    4. Fifth LD

      by , 04-14-2011 at 04:09 PM

      Fifth Lucid Dream

      This makes LDs two nights in a row. Pretty cool.

      I went to bed at around 11:00 and got up at 5:45. I wasn't planning on going back sleep, but at 7:45 or so I laid down again for a little power nap. And I had this dream.

      It started as a non-lucid dream. I was driving up a hill in my car. I was looking for a graveyard. (I have a friend in Rhode Island who I have been doing some research with involving graveyards in RI. And this had to do with that research.)

      As I was driving I suddenly thought, "Wait a minute--how is it that I am acutally in RI ????"

      At that point I realized that I was in a dream and that I was now lucid. I remember thinking "Hey, this is getting easier. It doesn't take much to get me lucid these days".
      I looked down at my arms and hands holding the steering wheel and noticed I was wearing my red long sleeved shirt.

      In all my past LDs, as soon as I find I am lucid I take off flying. But I was in a car this time driving down the road. I was actually curious about what I would do.

      I decided to focus on the windshield with the intent to change the scenery outside. The road in front of me become fuzzy and then changed to clouds and sky. I was proud of myself.

      I now needed to get out of the car (for some reason opening the door didn't come to mind). I wanted to make the car around me disappear. I focused again on the windshield and made the windshield disappear. That was good enough for me as I now flew straight out into the sky. I noticed it was strange that I couldn't feel the wind or the coolness of the air like in my first two LDs (That's something I have to work on. Flying isn't the same without the wind in your face).

      The thought now hits me that it is not the middle of the night for my sleeping self, but somewhere near 8:00. I was afraid someone would disturb me and I would wake up, and I wasn't ready to wake up.

      I knew I needed to hurry. I decided that since this dream was originally about finding a graveyard, I wanted to fly to a certain graveyard in RI (EX022). I knew from my first LD that I couldn't fly the traditional way or I would never make it in time. In fact I didn't even know where I was at the moment. I would have to instantly make myself appear there. So I concentrated once more on the sky ahead of me and tried to make it appear as Exeter, Rhode Island. It started to get fuzzy and change.Then I woke up.

      I am never ready for these dreams to end.

      This dreams gets me excited in several ways.

      First, it is the second lucid dream in two nights.

      Second, I didn't have to have one of my traditional dreams signs to get me lucid. It happened without a lot of thought.

      Third, I was able to remember my goal of trying to learn how to change scenery.

      Fourth, I was actually able to do some scenery change. I'm hoping that with practice I can master it. I am getting better, and more confident with this ability.
    5. Third LD

      by , 04-07-2011 at 12:16 AM

      I had my third Lucid Dream last night. Last night marks the two week anniversary since my first LD. So three in two weeks...I'm happy with that.

      I am slightly frustrated because recall wasn't very good on this one. I didn't think that that would happen to me on a lucid dream, especially this early on.

      I had awakened at about 5:00, and had decided to WILD. Wednesdays are a sleep-in day for me, so I thought it might work. But it was hard to concentrate. I had the window open, and it was already getting light, and there were dogs barking, and the birds were all singing so loudly. I finally decided that I wouldn't WILD. But as usual, I was hoping that I would DILD.

      So I did fall back asleep and start some normal dreams. In one of the dreams I was flying. Not by myself, but in some sort of open topped flying car. And I was with several other people. Recall on that part of the dream is poor.

      It was doing this flying that triggered lucidity. I remember thinking, "This is a dream. I'm Lucid." And the next thing I knew I was out flying on my own.

      Yesterday, I had made it my goal that if I had an LD I would work on changing scenery...and if that didn't work I would patch a hole in a bucket (May's Lucid Task).

      And this is where I wish I could remember details; I do remember being sucessful to the point of changing things so that I was instantly really high in the sky. I have never been that high in any dream. Comparing it to Google Earth, I would say that I was about 15,000+ feet altitude...which is pretty amazing for me since my normal flying altitude in dreams is a couple of hundred feet tops.And that is basically all I remember of the lucid part of that dream. I somehow lost lucidity and went to other dreams that involved my grandma and having a toothache.

      But knowing I had a lucid dream at all makes me happy, and it makes me realize that this is starting to become more natural. And that it will only get better from here.

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