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    1. LD: Jumping

      by , 02-24-2016 at 07:09 PM
      Here is the dream from 2 days ago (the first of the three in a row).

      Lucid Dream:

      It was night and I was with Jeff walking on this path up a hill. We were looking for something (a museum, maybe). At one point I remember lifting up my legs (like when you're a kid holding your parents' hands and letting them swing you along). I think this made me go lucid because I was trying to figure out how I could be doing this while only holding one of Jeff's hands.

      We got to the top of the hill. We were on a kind of covered patio. Behind us was a door. In front of us was a rail where we could look down at a large pool of water far below. I could also see a building and a dock by the water.

      Jeff then says to me, "Did you notice how when we move our hair doesn't move in the wind?" I said, "Yeah, I did notice. I think that's because we're lucid." I then said, "I know a good way to find out for sure if we're dreaming. Let's jump off this and down to the water below. If our hair doesn't move, that means were dreaming."

      Jeff agrees to jump with me. We then run to the edge and hop the railing. I didn't even think to try to fly. I feel super heavy and we fall fast. I notice feeling that very real feeling of my stomach lurching as I fall. The fall is long enough that I had the chance to look over at Jeff and see that his hair is perfectly still. I call out to him and point that out.

      Finally we hit the water and sink quickly to the bottom like a heavy rock. I'm a hundred percent positive that this is a dream now, so I don't worry about breathing. In fact, I start to talk to Jeff under the water.

      And that's all I remember.
    2. Lucid Dream: Jumping Rooftops

      by , 01-28-2013 at 04:15 PM
      Lucid Dream:

      I suddenly woke up. I was in my side yard. I was really surprised since I had no memory of falling asleep there. I felt really confused for a few seconds before it hit me that I was dreaming.

      As soon as I realized that this was a dream I jumped up and started to fly. I looked down on the rooftop of the houses that were supposedly my neighborhood. Seeing the rooftops made me remember that I had wanted to jump from roof to roof. I remembered that being more fun in some ways than just flying. So I flew down to the first rooftop and ran across it and sprang up in the air twords the next house. At first I thought I over shot it, but I landed on the far side. I ran a step or two and jumped off toward the next house. I remember enjoying that feeling of up and down and speed. After about 5 or 6 houses I woke up.
    3. LD: Dream Flips, Rescuing Animals, Jumping Rooftops

      by , 10-15-2012 at 10:12 PM

      When I woke up early this morning I didn't remember any dreams. I had a chance, though, to do a WBTB. As I laid back in bed I had 40 mintues to go to sleep and dream before I had to get back up. I thought about trying a WILD, but I knew that it would increase the chance of not getting back to sleep at all. I knew that I had pretty good luck at drifting off and becoming lucid not too far into the dream.

      I had decided that if I got lucid I would try three things. First, do dream flips. Second, I would try to find a character from my story. Third, I would try to jump from rooftop to rooftop.

      Lucid dream:

      My first memory in the dream was free falling. I was with two cartoon characters (more realistic ones). One was a lady and the other a younger girl. We were in a city and falling down toward the ground. I must have been remembering how much fun it was in the last LD, because this was very similar. Though I wasn't lucid, it was a very familiar experience. It is a wonderfully good feeling rush.

      I don't know what triggered lucidty, but when I realized I was dreaming I was in an apartment building. I was standing in the kitchen. I immediately remembered that I wanted to do the flips. So I started jumping in the air and flipping. I tried to really pay attention to what it was like. I remember seeing the room spin in my vision. I don't remember ever noticing what it looked like before--I had just noticed how good they felt. I started with back flips, then switched to front flips. For the last one I noticed I got too close to the wall. I was afraid that I would bump right into it. But then I decided that since this was just a dream that I didn't actually have to bump into anything if I didn't want to. I completed the flip and saw that the wall was further away that in had been.

      When I felt I had done enough I decided to walk into the next room to see if I could find the story character that I was looking for. It was a bedroom. The bed was half unmade and had white covers. And it was empty. I looked around the room and saw no one. There was a window. I walked to it and looked out. I was high above the ground--at least twenty stories up. The window swung open sideways, and I leaned out. I decided to go out. As I was sliding myself through the opening, I suddenly wondered if I was actually dreaming because this felt too real. But part of me knew that if this was real life I never would have gotten this far since I get nervous being really high like this. I continued to let myself slip over the edge. I fell breifly before starting to fly. I flew out and above the city for a little while. Then I swooped down and landed in a plaza area.

      A man with long (to the middle of his back) blond hair came up to me. He was excited to see some one who could fly. He told me that he also knew how to fly and asked if he could come with me. I said, "Sure."

      At the edge of the plaza there was a large drop off, as if the city were build on two levels and we had been on the upper level. As we went over the edge, I looked over and saw that the guy could indeed fly too. I was glad.

      We flew over what looked like a zoo. The man pointed down and pointed out that the animals had escaped. He thought that since we had these cool special abilities that we should help try to get them in. I wasn't sure that I wanted to take the time in my LD to do something like that. But I decided that it might be an adventure.

      I landed and saw a young black jaguar. I picked it up and started carrying it to one of the buildings. Pretty soon the jaguar's claws were really poking into my neck. I decided that I didn't want to do this anymore. I set it down and another girl came and picked it up. I looked around for the other guy and couldn't find him. So I decided to go on to another challenge.

      I remembered that I had wanted to jump from rooftop to rooftop. There were buildings around. None were very tall buildings (maybe two story), but I wanted to try anyway. I flew up and landed on the first roof. I ran along the top of the roof to the end. I could see the next building maybe 30 yards away. I got the the edge of the roof and pushed off. I wasn't sure what was going to happen. I knew I could fly, but I was purposely trying not to fly, but just to jump. I easily landed on the next roof. I ran and pushed off again to the next building. The buildings were in a large semi circle (about 8 buildings). I ran and jumped until I came to the end, and then I jumped to the ground. I really enjoyed the experience. I especially liked the feeling of pushing off. I realized this was something I would have to do again and again.

      I was about to think of something else to do when I woke up. I looked at the clock and it was 16 minutes past the last time I had looked at it before I had fallen asleep. I tried to go back to sleep since I had a little time left, but never managed to dream again.
    4. LD: Flying fish, flying, jumping rooftops

      by , 07-24-2012 at 03:14 PM
      I had another LD a few days ago.

      I was in a room with all these fish tanks. I noticed a tank sitting on what seemed like my bed, the water and fish were spilling out becasue it wasn't level. I scrambled to pick up all the fish I could find.

      The dream went on like this for a while. I kept trying to pick up fish that had jumped or spilled out of their tanks. At one point I reached my hand in a smal tank with baby fish. They all started sticking to my hand like little leaches. i tried to get them off and back into the water, but some of them smeared. It was stressful.

      I also remember picking up a dogfaced pufferfish off the floor. I remembered thining that it was odd that I had a pufferfish since they were salt water fish and I had only fresh water tanks.

      And then I noticed all the fish "swimming" in the air.

      This was the thing that finally made my question my state. It only took a second to realize that this was a dream. Of course at that point I wondered why it took so long to figure it out.

      Suddenly I was with Carl so I took him flying. I noticed how vivid the wind and motion of flying felt. We were at my grandparents house. I also wanted to jump from rooftop to rooftop like I had in the past, but I didn't have very good luck. I remember flying towards my grandparent's neighbors roof, but I don't think I got to any other roofs. I'll have to keep trying that one. When I did it in the past it was so exhilerating...possibly better than flying.
    5. Lucid Dream: Thinking a DC was Real

      by , 03-06-2012 at 04:47 PM
      Lucid Dream:

      I had been talking to someone about this show that would be filming in an area close to where I lived. It was something that I thought would be shown on Discovery Channel.

      Then I am at the place where they are filming. I am sitting at a table. It is a kids' show. There are a couple other moms there with their preschool aged children. I am sitting by myself, but I decided that I didn't care. I wanted to be there and was enjoying what everyone was talking about (which I no longer remember).

      Later, after the filming, I asked where this was taking place at. I felt odd asking that question. Shouldn't I know where I was? I had to have gotten here somehow. The lady told me, "PJ Island, Utah." I repeated that a couple of times...."PJ Island...Utah??"

      And then it hit me. No wonder things weren't making sense.

      This is a dream.

      I announced to the two ladies that were still there that this was a dream. I flew a few feet in the air to show them. I then flew back down to one of the moms. I asked her what her name was, It was Stephani B--something. I said, "Stephani--come fly with me...and later when we are awake we can talk about how cool this was, okay?"

      So I got her flying a little in the air. Then a little girl who was about 4 wanted me to help her fly. I went to pick her up. She was extremely heavy. I tried to get her in the air, but the best I could do was to jump and slowly land. I was a little frustrated. Usually people I fly with are instantly weightless. But I did this for a little while because it was at least somthing the little girl could enjoy.

      And that's all I remember.

      This was one of those dreams where I was a little mixed up in my thinking. Even those I knew that it was a dream, I was sure that Stephani was dreaming with me and that I would somehow meet up with her later to discuss this experience.
    6. Traveling

      by , 10-11-2011 at 09:52 PM
      From yesterday:

      Dream 2:

      Very long and too many different parts. The theme was traveling. I was always on the go trying to get somewhere. I was traveling with different people at different times or sometimes along. I don't even remember the order of the scenes that I remember.

      I was driving a car that had these strange handlebars (like a bike) they were very wiggly and I felt I had terrible control of the car. I felt like I was in Southern Arizona somewhere between Tucson and Phoenix and I was heading North. I kept going down the wrong roads and having to turn around.

      Later I was in a gas station with Tanya and Marie. I was holding a bowl and a spoon. I took it in the little store, but worried that they would think that I stole it. At some point I was crying. The lady behind the register tried to make me feel better.

      I was in a restaurant with several friends. We ordered this big meals.

      I was in another little store with my mom. We needed transportation. A lady gave us these tricycles. We started to ride them. I saw how slow we were going. I knew that we would never get to our destination in time. I knew that my mom couldn't make it at all. Her handlebars were cracking off. And then both of mine broke.

      I looked at the side ofthe road and was fascinated by these strange animals. At first I thought they were a kind of pig. But then saw that they we more rat-like. But they had wooly hair like a sheep. One was trangled up in some string. I tried to help it, but it tried to bite me.

      I was walking through this town. I was alone and walked up this hill and saw a Mine. I walked closer and saw a man at the entrance. He started to talk to me, but I had this creepy feeling and wasn't sure if I could trust him. So I jumped down the hill. I remember thinking, "I'll bet this will surprise him. I'll bet he has never seen anyone jump down this big hill in just one jump before." I enjoyed the feeling of floating down the bottom. I knew there was something significant about being able to do that.
    7. Lucid Dream--Finally getting to the Moon!

      by , 04-14-2011 at 03:40 AM

      Lucid dream:

      I was standing on the lawn by my grandparents' house and looking at the sky. Over the mountains I could see a beautiful cloud. It was colored like a rainbow (like the picture Moonbean used to have in her sig). I pulled out my camera and tried to take a picture. I was so thrilled that I had my camera with me this time, The last time I had seen a cloud like this I was so frustrated that I had left my camera at home. But as I tired to take a picture I found that the button seemed jammed. I tried again and again. I couldn't believe my poor luck to be standing in front of this gorgeous unusual cloud and not able to take a picture.

      Blam. This is a dream.

      I started to fly. I remembered that I needed to go to the Moon. I wasn't going to miss another lucid opportunity. I looked up at the sky. I could see the moon shining back at me in the evening sky. I started to fly towards it and quickly realized that I needed to find a quicker way. As I continued to fly I concentrated on forming a portal in front of me so I could fly through it and be on the Moon. But attempt after attempt brought me no result except for a light fuzzy pink patch that I passed right through. Finally I was fed up. I had to get to the Moon now. So with all the determination I had left I decided to just change the sceney and BE on the Moon. Suddenly everything around me started to turn white and grey. I could see hills and craters around me. I landed and took a big jump (this is something I had really wanted to do). My jump took me up slow motion into lunar sky. I noticed an interesting sound that accompanied the jump. I jumped several more times enjoying the odd sense of slow motion and sound. Then I looked over a hill. I saw houses. I went in one of the houses. Inside were two ladies that were cooking. I asked them what they were doing on the Moon. They told me that they were not on the moon. I told them to follow me out of the house and see. They were very surprised to see that their house was now on the Moon. I wondered if I had done something when I had changed the scenery and had somehow taken the houses with me...or taken the moon home to me.

      And that's actually all I remember of being on the moon.

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