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    1. A WILD ride!

      by , 04-27-2016 at 08:30 PM
      I did an unintentional WBTB this morning. I had woken up and was having trouble going back to sleep. I laid in bed for a couple hours and was pretty much ready to give up, when I noticed that I was I was starting to have little dream snippets.

      I was in a small space ship in the Star Wars Universe. It had crash landed on a snowy bank. The space ship continued to slide, and to my horror I noticed that we were going off the edge of a cliff. I had R2D2 on my craft and he was able to slow us down to the point we stopped right on the very steep edge. It was so steep, however, that I had no idea how I would get out.

      Then the dream skips to the point where I am face to face with a guy that looks like a Jedi. He was young with long blond hair. At first I thought he looked like Obi Wan (in episode 2). But then I notice he was younger and was a different person. For some reason I had my light saber out and I was ready to defend myself.

      Then the dream skips to the point where I must have passed out and was laying in the lap of this Jedi and he was stroking my hair.

      At that point I pop awake. I was disappointed because it had felt so peaceful to just lay all safe in the Jedi's arms and let him touch my hair. I wanted that to go on and on.

      I was also disappointed because I felt that because I had fallen asleep for that short time that I would never get back to sleep so I could lucid dream.

      But since I had some time before I had to get up I decided to give it another try. I got as comfortable as I could while laying on my back. I had ear plugs in and a shirt over my eyes because the light was starting to stream in my window. I willed myself to relax. Totally relax and let go. Let go... Let go...

      I suddenly found that I was hearing a great roaring noise. I immediately knew that I was starting to transition. I was having a WILD. It had been a long time since I had had a successful WILD. I was pretty excited about this. But I made myself lay still and let it take me for a ride.

      I was starting to see a visual that went along with the roaring. I was in what looked like a huge room. It was bigger than anything I had experienced. It reminded my of a hanger in a Star Destoryer, but bigger. I was being pulled through this feet first (because I was laying on my back in real life) at quite a fast speed. I watched the rust colored metal walls rush by me. As fast and noisy as this was, I felt quite safe. I was curious where this would take me.

      Suddenly I was spit out into outer space. I was going so fast. I was passing by stars and planets. Finally I decided that I was solidly enough in the dream that I could try to control it a little. I decided to try to slow down when I passed the next planet. Not a chance. I quickly passed it by. I tried again. I was still going too fast. Finally I saw a planet that looked just like Earth. I forced myself to slow and aim right at the planet. And I was able to drop down to the ground.

      The dream was so long (it felt like well over an hour). I remember several things that I did, but I'm not entirely sure of the order, so I will put them together the best I can.

      At some point I was at my grandparents' house. this house shows up in so many dream of mine. I think I went semi lucid at this point. I was cleaning it up and found all this really old food, like M&Ms and was eating them. I remember thinking "these are the old colors. Maybe I should save them." I also remember old cheese and wondered how safe it was to eat.

      Then I was in a large store. I had a crowd gathered around me. I had remembered that I wanted to create my halo (from Poet Anderson). I had done this in a previous dream, but decided to do it again. I guess I was going to show off to the crowd what I could do. I held up my hand and willed a halo to appear. Slowly I could see a golden tan line start to form. It swirled around forming a ball. I was proud of myself for being able to do this so easily, that I wanted to make it even more impressive. So I made it grow bigger and bigger. Soon it had a diameter of a couple feet.

      Then It suddenly got solid and fell to the floor with a thud. I felt a little embarrassed since the crowd was still watching me. I decided to be dramatic and dive into my halo and disappear. I did so and was nearly successful. But I realized that all of me went inside the halo but my feet. So much for impressing the dream characters. I climbed back out of the halo and picked it back up, and flew away.

      I remember another part of the dream where I was flying a plane. I was alone and realized that I didn't know how to fly a plane. But I told myself that since I was dreaming hat I could control it with my mind. I didn't have to know what the buttons and levers did. I did a fairly good job flying it, but my control was always a little delayed. I felt like I was going to crash into things but would barely miss at the last minute.

      Then I was flying (without a plane) around a nice neighborhood in the snow. I noticed how each house had a really nice porch. I then flew to a mall. I passed a mirror and realized that I had no make-up on. I was a lady at a make up counter and asked if she could do my make-up. So I sat there as she put eyeliner and eye shadow on my eyes. The nit hit me that I was totally wasting my time. Why did I need make-up in my dream anyway. I looked in the mirror again and saw that the make up was very minimal. I shouldn't have bothered.

      And that's all I remember. Perhaps more will come to me throughout the day.
    2. LD: Mirror Portal Task of the Month

      by , 03-11-2015 at 06:15 PM
      A WBTB with a DILD.

      I went to bed fairly early (between 10 and 10:30). I slept until 5:00. I remembered that I had wanted to do a WBTB. I wondered if I had waited too long and had gotten too much sleep. But I decided to try anyway. I thought about doing a WILD, but I really felt that if I got to sleep I would have a DILD. And since getting back to sleep was the big issue, I felt trying to fall asleep naturally would be faster than trying to WILD.


      I was at what was supposed to be Disneyland with my mom, sister and Becky. We rode this indoor roller coaster that had these really big hills. I remember it felt so good going down the hills. Then I remember Becky needed to leave. So we all left "Disneyland". As soon as we walked out the gates we could see that it had snowed. The surrounding hills were covered in a light layer of snow. The area looked a lot more like Sedona than Anaheim--but I didn't catch that.

      I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures of the beautiful snow. At one point I tripped and landed on the sidewalk on my stomach and started sliding. I didn't care. With my camera still out I took pictures from the ground as I slid across the icy walk.

      We finally got to a house that we had rented for out trip. The sun had set and it was getting dark. I took a picture of my mom and sister as they walked up the steps to the house. I wondered if the lighting was too low. I wondered if the picture was going to be blurry. I switched my camera to playback mode to check the pictures. The first one to show up was one of my mom and sister standing in the sunlight. That meant that none of the pictures I had taken that evening of the snow had taken at all. I had a second of disappointment before the thought occurred to me that I might be dreaming. Often when I think that I automatically start floating. This time I felt extremely heavy. Still, I felt that there was a good chance I was dreaming. I was NOT going to take a chance and ignore my most common dream sign.

      I was carrying a very heavy purse. I felt that if I set it down I might be light enough to float. But I noticed that there were lots of people surrounding me. Even though I was now about 95% sure I was dreaming I couldn't feel right about just setting my purse down and leaving it. So I tossed it up on the balcony above me. I then grabbed the post and pulled myself up. I knew that I was able to get up to the balcony easier than I would have if it was real life. So now I was quite sure I was dreaming. I looked over at the snow covered hills. Even though it was pretty dark, the glow of the snow lit up the hills. I wanted to fly over to them.

      I looked off the edge of the balcony. The hill sloped steeply down. I still hadn't flown in this dream. I wasn't sure why I was still feeling so heavy. But I figured I would give it a try anyway. If worse came to worse and I wasn't able to fly, I figured I would gently fall to the hillside below. So I ran to the edge of the balcony and jumped off. As I jumped up I was able to catch the wind and felt myself being carried upward. That was a huge relief to go up instead of down.

      I started flying to the hills and finally started thinking about what I wanted to do in this LD. The Mirror! I wanted to do the Mirror Portal Task of the Month. Oh. That meant I really needed to go back to the house and find a mirror.

      So I turned around and started flying back. I flew frustratingly slow. But finally got back to the balcony and walked in the door to the second floor. Inside, I found myself in a large room. On the far wall I saw an orange and white couch that had a very large mirror leaning up against it. The mirror was on its side, covering a good part of the couch. It was about 3.5 feet high and about 6 feet long the way it sat. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to run or walk in the mirror. But I wasn't planning on doing it that way this time. I had had too many failures with running at mirrors. This time I had planned to gently push my way through.

      I sat down next to the mirror.

      I started with my finger. I pressed the first finger of my right hand into the glass. At first all I felt was resistance. But then I could feel it give way and start to push through. This was going to take way too long. So I just decided to push my face through. That way I would be able to get a good look at what was on the other side before my body came all the way through. So I put my forehead up to the glass. It was cool to the touch. I pushed and felt it give way--like a layer of ice melts as you press something hot against it. Slowly I felt my face come out the other side. I looked around anxiously. It was a bit dark. But then things started to focus. I could see something orange....and white. Oh....no....

      I had just come out on the other side of the mirror and now had my face up against the couch on the other side.

      Before I could do anything else. I heard a loud door open and close, which startled me. I pulled my head out of the mirror (it left a nice, neat oval hole). A guy, maybe Jeff, had come though and asked if we had seen a drunk guy that had been wandering the area, that he might have come in the house. I said no. But before I could try the mirror again, I fully woke up.

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    3. Long LD: Finger lasers, Poet, Task of Month, etc

      by , 03-04-2015 at 07:03 PM
      I had a great lucid dream this morning. I had awakened at 3:30 and was having trouble going back to sleep. I thought about trying to do a WILD, and I even starting counting and relaxing, but after a while it seemed obvious that I wasn't tired enough. The last time I looked at the clock was 6:30, and I felt myself start to drift off to sleep (this is one of the few mornings I can sleep in like this).


      I found myself looking into a mirror. I wasn't happy with what I was seeing. My stomach was all deformed and hanging really weird (it looked a lot like the stomachs of people who have lost huge amounts of weight and the skin just flops and hangs). I was trying to figure out what could have happened for my stomach to look like this. Then suddenly it hits me. The mirror. I always look different in dream mirrors. I must be dreaming.

      Yes! I was finally lucid dreaming again.

      I already knew what I wanted to do. So much to do...

      The first thing I decided to do was to practice being Poet Anderson. I found that I was upstairs in a house that was supposed to be mine, but in retrospect, I am totally unfamiliar with it. It has never been in my dreams before. I ran out of the bedroom and saw Jeff who was just coming in. I shouted out, "Can't talk now...I'm dreaming!" I leapt down the staircase without touching a single step, and out the front door.

      I was Poet Anderson. I ran until I came to a high retaining wall and flew over it and down to the street below. I jumped up again and landed one knee, pulling my gun. I totally had this. I was feeling one with Poet.

      Then, the unthinkable happened. I felt myself wake up. I couldn't believe the dream was over when it had barely just begun.

      I found myself talking to Daniel. I was telling him about my lucid dream. I lamented with him because he had told me how in recent lucid dreams he had been having he had been walking up too soon as well....only to find out later that it was only a false awakening. I had told him (in a recent real life conversation) that he just needed to get into the habit of always doing a reality check each time he thought he woke up.

      Somewhere in the middle of this conversation with him. I realized that there was a good chance that I had just had a FA. And as soon as I thought that I knew I was still dreaming. I was excited and told Daniel that we were lucid dreaming. I said, "Let's do finger lasers." There was a poster on the wall, and we pointed our fingers at the posters. I expected to see a laser light come out of my finger. But I didn't see anything. I concentrated harder. I felt like I could hear a faint hum. I looked again at the poster we were pointing at. I could see little lines starting to burn across the paper. I felt satisfied. Even though I could never see the laser, I knew we had been able to create them because I could see the damage they were doing.

      At this point I remembered I wasn't done being Poet. I ran outside again and practiced leaping about and drawing my gun. I noticed at one point that I didn't actually have a gun. But I figured it was okay. I would work on that detail later. Right now I wanted to be comfortable with the moves. I also tired to practice making myself transform, like he does in the film, when the Night Terror comes and the black wraps around his body. I couldn't quite get that right. The best I could do was turn my arms a black color. I wasn't too worried about that either. There was time for special effects later. Right now I wanted to make sure I was fast and agile.

      After doing this for some time, I decided that my dream was going to last long enough to do a Task of the Month. I thought I would start with the easiest one--walk into a random house and sescribe what was inside.

      I now found myself next to some apartments. I saw a door near me on the ground floor. For a second I felt a little timid. But I told myself that it was just a dream and that it didn't matter. So I turned the doorknob and boldly walked through the door. I found myself in a small living room. There were several couches that were full of people....several older Navajo women and quite a few children. One of the ladies saw me and good naturedly joked how surprised I must be about walking into a house full of brown children. But I decided to act like it was no mistake at all. I smiled and , "Hi, how are all of you doing.?" And I smiled down at one of the children that was standing near me and asked her a question. I was able to put everyone at ease. We talked a few minutes. I don't remember details of the conversation. But by the time I left, we all felt happy.

      I then found myself in what looked like an alley. There were more doors in a building next to me. I decided to do this again. This time as I opened the door I found myself in an old motel room. in front of me sitting on the edge of a bed was woman who looked to be in her 60s and was either Navajo or Mexican. She was smoking something. I tried to talk to her, but I soon saw that she was totally out of it. She never made eye contact or responded to me in any way. She looked quite messed up. I also noticed that there was some kind of white plastic thing in one of her nostrils.

      I kind of got the creeps just being with her, and I knew that we wouldn't be having any sort of conversation, so I left.

      This time I saw that I was walking through storage units. I kept walking and found myself in what looked like an outdoor mall. I suddenly remembered that I wanted to find a radio so I could listen to new Angels and Airwaves music. There was junk laying about everywhere, but I couldn't find a radio. I could see people walking around, so I shouted, "Will somebody please turn on a radio!"

      And at that I heard a radio go on. But I was just hearing voices. I figured that after the talking they would play a song. I walked on.

      I then found myself inside of a very large sports store. There were bikes hanging from the ceiling. The ceiling was 3-4 stories high, so there were a lot of bikes hanging. I jumped up and hung from one of the lower bikes. While I was hanging I looked over and saw this black guy who looked to be in his late 20's. He looked at me with a little smile and said, "Let me show you how this is done." and he jumped up and grabbed a bike and then proceeded to start climbing the bikes. I got quite excited at this little challenge. I knew he had no idea who I was, and that I was going to beat him miserably. Haha...this was going to be great. I then pulled myself up with ease to the next bike. I looked over and he was slowly but quite steadily moving his way up. I was impressed. SO I picked up my pace. I started moving up the bikes so fast that I was barely gripping them. I was mostly just gliding my way up. The ceiling, I noticed was higher and there was further to climb than I had originally thought. I continued to climb. I then looked over and the guy had almost been able to keep up with me. I was only a little faster. Finally I got to the top and grinned at the guy just below me. Now I was going to show him who I was. At that, I let go and jumped all the way down (at least 5 stories). I landed confidently and took off running out of the store.

      I remembered that I hadn't heard the radio. I saw that I was still in what looked like a cluttered outdoor mall. I still couldn't find a radio. So I shouted, "Does anyone here have a radio with them?"

      I suddenly saw Emily, she was pulling a small radio out of her pocket. I said, "Yes, Emily!"
      And promptly woke up. And this time I really was awake.

      It was 7:03.
    4. Tom DeLonge and missed Lucidity :(

      by , 12-29-2014 at 08:24 PM
      This dream is from a couple of weeks ago. I have been writing down dreams on paper, but not getting them online.

      Last night's dream is a good example of how my brain attempted to hand lucidity to me on a golden platter, yet I ignored it every time. I completely missed each and every dream sign.

      So here is the dream.

      I was sitting in a Japanese restaurant. I suddenly look up and see Tom DeLonge walk in with a couple of other guys. They go to the front and sit at the bar. This alone is a dream sign, since I have met Tom many times in dreams but not in real life. But instead of questioning my reality my mind starts thinking of ways I can go talk to Tom without coming across like an overly enthusiastic fan. I can't come up with anything. But I do notice the restroom was just beyond where he is sitting. So I get up and head to the bathroom hoping that something will happen. But I pass Tom, and there is no eye contact, and I didn't want to just tap him on his shoulder.

      Once in the restroom I look in the mirror. To my horror, I see that I hadn't freshened up since my workout. My hair is still sweaty and I have no make up. Furthermore, there is some weird white powder all over my face and hair. This was a double dream sign. I often have strange reflections in dream mirrors. And I also often find myself looking terrible in dreams right when I want to meet someone on whom I want to make a good impression. But again, I miss it completely and just think about how thankful I was that I didn't get Tom's attention. I take a few minutes trying to look better, then go out and again pass Tom uneventfully.

      Before anything else can happen, Tom and his friends leave. I also head out the back door and try to think of a way to meet them outside. I see a truck slowly passing with him in it. Since this is my last chance I decide to be bold and step out to the truck. It stops, and I look inside. The driver is a guy. Tom is seated next to him, and there are two girls on the other side of Tom. I said something like "So sorry to bother you guys, but I just wanted to say hi and shake hands with Tom. And I reach my hand in the truck. Tom is looking down and is motionless. But one of the girls grabs my hand and start to lick it. She says, "Mmmm...it's salty," Instead of thinking that this was too strange for reality, I just think, "Well, yeah, I was just working out. I guess it's sweaty." Then the other girl grabs my hand and licks it too. All the while Tom is sitting there seemingly passed out. And finally the dreams ends. And I missed all the chances I had to become lucid with Tom right there in front of me.
    5. LD: Three Tasks (gibberish, mirror, getting naked)

      by , 06-25-2013 at 07:18 PM
      I finally got lucid and got three tasks done.

      I got up at 5:00 to exercise, but then changed my mind and decided to have a lucid dream. So I laid back down in bed with my head slightly propped up on pillows and willed myself into a dream. It wasn't really a WILD since I don't remember the transition. But I do know that as soon as the dream started I was already lucid.

      I was in an apartment with Jeff. I decided to get started on the tasks right away. I walked up to him and started to speak gibberish. He squinted a little as if trying to figure out what I was doing. I stopped for a second, but he still didn't really react, so I stared right back up with the gibberish. Finally he pulled me to him and started kissing me.

      Nice....speaking gibberish gets me a kiss.

      After the kiss I ran to the bathroom to find a mirror. As I got close to the bathroom I could see in, and I already saw an image of myself in a mirror. I knew I shouldn't have been able to see myself yet since the angle was all wrong. So I went all the way in the bathroom and faced the mirror. As I entered I could see what looked like my true reflection follow me in. The other image was still three doing its own thing. I moved around, and the new reflection did what I did. In both reflections my face was somewhat in the shadows, I was wearing a light orange t-shirt, and my skin was very tan. Often my reflection in dreams is very distorted. But this one was pretty normal (except for the addition of the second reflection).

      At that point I was satisfied that I had done enough to complete that task. So I decided to move on to the next task which was to get naked in front of people. I went to the window. I saw that I was at least 10 stories high. Without hesitating I flew out. Below me I could see people in a large open courtyard area. I flew down and landed next to some older ladies that were sitting on a bench. I briefly told them that I was going to complete a lucid task to get naked and get a reaction from people. I then took off my shirt. One of the ladies had an amused look on her face and said, "Well that should make people smile."

      I then tried to take off my shorts. I got them down over my hips and down my legs, but had trouble getting my feet out of them. I struggled for a minute, then realized that I didn't need to worry anymore about it. I moved on to find more people to get a reaction from (and the shorts were just gone). I saw some men working to move some furniture out of a truck. They glanced up at me and sure enough, they smiled, and then went right back to work. I went up to several more people who were walking by and each of them smiled and then went about their business.

      Hmmm....speaking gibberish get me kissed. Getting naked gets me a glance and a smile.

      I got tired of doing that so I flew back up into the air. I flew up the side of the building that supposedly my apartment was in. The outside was brick with Boston Ivy growing on it. It was very pretty. I got up to about the 9th floor and I suddenly was slowing down. I knew I wouldn't be able to fly any higher. Before I started floating back down to the ground, I saw that the building at the point had metal bars that I could grab ahold of. I knew that my mind had put these here so I could continue to go higher. I started climbing up these bars like a ladder using only my arms. I climbed to where my window was and then jumped out and started flying again. The flying felt really good. I paid a lot of attention to the way the wind felt on my face and the sound of it rushing by my ears. After a minute or so of this I started to get dizzy. I knew the dream was fading, and I figured it was okay since I had accomplished so much.
    6. Mirror

      by , 05-15-2013 at 02:16 PM
      I was looking in the mirror at myself. I saw the reflection of a young black woman looking back (about 19 or 20 years old). I noticed that I was a little overweight and felt a little upset about that. But as I looked closer I saw that my body actually wasn't that fat, but it was my face and neck. I had very round cheeks and my chin fat went down my whole neck. I remember trying to move around and stretch out my neck or get into any position where the neck fat wasn't so obvious.
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    7. LD: Flying (College, Mirror)

      by , 10-15-2012 at 07:31 PM
      After a dry spell, I had two in one 24 hour period. I hope this means I'm back in business.


      Lucid Dream:

      This started out a college dream. I remember setting up my new dorm room with my new roommate. As I finished setting up my stuff, I noticed that my roommmate and I both had several pots of blue flowers. We each had blue pansies and blue lobelia. I pointed that out to my roommate who also thought that was cool.

      I also saw that we had both set up Gorilla shelves (those really heavy duty shelves you can buy at Home Depot).

      At some point I saw that my jeans that I had been wearing that already had a small rip in them, had completely ripped up and around the back of my leg. There was no way I could continue to wear them. I looked in my suitcase and saw that they were my only pair of jeans. I couldn't believe that I had only packed one pair of jeans. I realized that I could just buy another one. I pulled a pair of capris out of my suitcase. I then pulled off my jeans and looked at myself in the mirror. I knew that I was older than a lot of the other college students. But as I looked at my body in the mirror I felt that I looked young enough to blend in.

      Later I was hanging out on campus with a guy named Tim that I supposedly knew. We went together to this huge auditorium where there was going to be some kind of program. We walked in. I could see that we were on one of the upper levels. I wanted to get down closer so we could see better. We went down this ramp that had red velvet carpet. We went down quite a ways.

      I noticed that there were TV cameras hanging by these chains from one of the levels. I asked why they were hanging. I was told that when the building shifted that the cameras would still be hanging completely still. It made sense to me in the dream.

      But somewhere here I did become lucid. As soon as I did I found an exit and flew out.

      My first thought was that I hadn't planned ahead, and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with this lucid.

      Then I remembered that I had been longing to fly in my real life. That the best thing I could possibly do was to just fly and to really appreciate the feeling of flying. So I flew out over some trees. I remember feeling how the wind felt on my face. I also tried to notice how I felt the movement of my body as I went up and down. I did this for a while before I finally lost lucidity.
    8. LD: Fun with a Mirror, Flying, Kissing

      by , 10-15-2012 at 06:27 PM

      I was in a hotel room. I was looking at myself in a mirror. I noticed that my hair was very curly. I looked away for a moment and when I looked back my hair was really frizzy. This change made me lucid.

      [I'm really embarrassed to say what I did next. But I guess I will--but please realize that in real life I really don't have this same obsession to look at my breasts.....]

      The first thing I was to take off my shirt again to see what my naked body would look like in this dream. I looked normal and in proportion. I then decided it would be fun to see if I could mentally change the size of my breasts. I first made them bigger. They easily changed until they were a couple of cup sizes bigger. Then I decided to make them smaller. So I did this several times noticing how easy it was to change them. I just thought it, and they changed. I felt proud of myself for being able to do this so easily, and how I felt I was gaining much more control in LDs these days. I then decided to make them really big. But one got all saggy and deformed, so I made them normal again.

      I then lost lucidity. But I was still in the hotel room. I looked over and saw my dad sitting on the bed. My dad is dead in real life, so this triggered lucidity immediatly. I then remembered that I wanted to complete the advanced task of riding a tsunami.

      So I flew out the hotel door. I was flying over a forest. I needed to find the ocean. I then looked down and saw a river. For some reason I thought that I could make a tsunami on that river. I got closer and saw that the river was flowing fast. I kind of hovered barely above the river and wondered if that would count as riding a tsunami. But then I figured that this was more like white river rafting, and most likely would not count.

      I decided to fly higher again. The forest was covered in snow. I could see buildings ahead. As I go closer they looked more like toys, yet they were really big. They reminded me of Playmobil--like great big dollhouses.

      I then thought of Robot_Butler's dreams and how I wanted more interesting dreams, and how I needed to just relax and "go with the flow"-- but as I looked around I could see no one, and there was absolutely nothing going on that was at all interesting. Discouraged, I started looking for people. I decided I needed people for the dream to be interesting.

      I don't exactly remember what happened next. I do remember talking to a girl named Claire. we were talking about someone named John. I don't think I was lucid during that part.

      But then I was lucid again. I saw two guys. I knew I needed to interact with them. The only thing I could think of to do with them was to kiss them. I went to one of the guys and started to kiss him. It was awkward, and he was a terrible kisser. Then he said some rude things to me and started talking about Claire. I decided not to waste my time on him any longer.

      I went to the next guy. He was much better looking anyway. He was gentle and nice to me and the kiss was wonderful and romantic. I remember his name was Jake.

      At some point during this I woke up.
    9. LD

      by , 10-15-2012 at 06:20 PM

      Lucid Dream.

      Like usual, I'm not sure how this one began. I do know that I was at my friend's J and P B's house. There were several other peopel there and everyone was talking.

      I then noticed a piles of fossils, mostly megalodon teeth sitting in a pile. I immediately asked P about them. he said that he and some freinds had just returned from a fossil hunting expedition and those were some of what he found. I was suddenly so jealous. I had always wanted to go do something like that. And thougth megalodon teeth were so cool. I told him, "Please, next time you go, let me come too."

      Later I saw a map sitting in on a coffee table and it showed the place where they had found the fossils. It was right here in town--just down the hill from the library. I was suddnely so excited to go looking for megalodon teeth myself.

      Then I had this feeling creep over me. This was too good to be true. Maybe this was just a dream. I had mixed feelings about this thought. Part of me wanted this to be a dream because then I could fly around and do other cool sutff. But part of me really wanted the part about being able to find megalodon teeth here in town to be true.

      I did the test I ususally do and jumped a little into the air. I did float a bit. Not much, and I questioned that a little, until I asked myself if I could float at all in real life. Then I accepted that this was a dream.

      I don't remember everything I did at this point, and I think there were a few times that I lost lucidity.

      I do know that at one point I went out into their backyard. I admired how nice the yard was--sectioned off with part of the yard grass, part patio, part garden. I then decided to try to fly without moving my arms in swimming style like I usually do.

      I just stood there and pictured little rockets on the bottoms of my feet. It worked. I started rising into that air very quickly. I wanted to see how high I could go since I usually have a limit.

      I went pretty high--maybe like a 15 story building. I wanted to look out at the horizon as I went, but my eyes were forced to look straight down. I don't know why, and it bothered me that I had trouble controling that.

      I landed and tried again. I took off again "rocket feet" style. This time I noticed it was dusk. I could see a McDonlads lit up below me. (In retrospect, I know it was inspired by a picture I took of a Mc Donalds at dusk which I'll have to post after I write this up.)

      I'm not sure what I did after this. But I do know that at some point I went back inside the B's house. I noticed a little fridge in the back room. I opened it up to see what was inside. I saw a carton of ice cream.

      Doing this made me remember that I wanted to look in my closet to see what was inside. I figured if I flew around a little in this house that I could transform this into my house and when I opened the door it would be my room and my closet.

      I did this and it didn't quite work. I saw a closet door in the hallway and decided that when I opened it it would be my room.

      I opened the door and rushed inside. But to my horror I saw J and P in bed having sex. Seeing this made me lose lucidity. I was so embarrassed that I had just walked in on them like that. I said sorry really quick and closed the door.

      But then I wondered if this could still be part of the dream. Man, I hoped it was. I jumped and floated in the air. I let out a huge sigh of relief.

      I went to another door and opened it. This one wasn't quite my room, but there were enough things in common that I decided that I would open the closet to see what was inside anyway.

      Theh closet doors were glass. I could see myself fly over to it. Seeing myself fly distracted me from opening the closet. I noticed how wonderfully horizontally I flew. I flew back and forth admiring my control at being able to fly so slow and smoothly while remaining in such great form.

      I then noticed that I was wearing blue jeans. They made my legs look long and lean.

      I decided to land and really look at myself. I looked taller than normal. I liked it. I then did what I did in a previous LD. I wanted to see what I looked like without clothes. So I first took off my shirt. I was wearing my blue sports bra. My skin looked quite tan. I then slipped off my bra to see what my dream breasts looked like. They were similar except that the nipples were darker. I noticed two girls/women come into the room. I knew they weren't real, so I continued to undress. I slipped the rest off, until I stood naked looking at myself in the mirror. I liked what I saw. I was glad my subconscious didn't make me all deformed or gross in any way.

      One of the girls made a comment on me being naked. I basically said , "So what."

      The other one started looking at me like she was totally turned on. She walked over to me and made some comment that I don't remember, but that I knew was sexual in nature. And I commented back in a like manner. I guess I was curious to see where this would go because I had never had this happen before in a dream.

      And in my typical fashion, I'm going to have to end this dream here. I feel embarrassed to write down the details of what happened next. But I will say that right as it was feeling really good, I woke up.
    10. LD: Convincing stubborn DC's that this was MY lucid dream/An exercise in dream control

      by , 08-07-2012 at 06:22 PM
      I was floating in the air with Tanya, Philip, Sarah, and Kierra when I suddenly became lucid.

      I decided that I wanted to begin my dream by asking them some insightful questions. So I blurted out the first thing that came to me. I turned to Sarah and asked, "What is the best thing about me?"

      She countered back, "Well, what's the best thing about me?"

      I said, "Hey--this is my lucid dream. I get to ask the questions."

      But she decided to be difficult and not answer. So I looked to Tanya. I asked again something like, "What's something good about myself?" I looked at her with pleading eyes, because I wanted her to answer the question. She looked back at my eyes and finally answered, "You're sincere." Ok...I would be satisfied with that.

      I then asked both Kierra and Philip the same thing only to have them ask the same question Sarah did.

      I started getting frustrated. I said, "Darn it. This MY lucid dream. And I'll prove it."

      I stuck out my arm, and said, "If this weren't my lucid dream, could I make my arm glow?" And for a second I was worried because I had never tried to make my body glow before. But my dream powers cooperated and soon my arm was bright.

      I then said, with my arm still out, "If this weren't my lucid dream could I turn my hand blue. And I focused on my hand until it turned blue.

      "Or could I make my hand big?" And soon my hand was growing and strangely large.

      "Or could I make it small?" And I then strank it until is was about half normal size.

      "Or could I make it white?" I turned it a ghostly white.

      Then I decided that I had done enough. I was feeling quite satisfied with this little exercise in dream control. I needed to move on. I wanted to try to go through a mirror again since this has been giving me trouble that last few attempts.

      I found a mirror. It was cracked in a few places. I think I was in what was supposed to be my aunt's house because she was suddenly standing with my in the hallway. I decided to run at the mirror and try for the spot that had the largest unbroken area.

      I took off running only to hit the mirror. Instead on bouncing right back I kind of hung there for a moment before I rolled myself down off the mirror. I tried two more times with the same result and concluded that I would probably never get through a mirror again since I had somehow developed a mental block.

      I decided to try to fly to the moon by going outside and just flying up. I was a little surprised that my dream was lasting this long, but I didn't want to waste it. I knew from past experiences that the quicker I run from one goal to the next the more focused on the dream I was and less likely to lose lucidity.

      It was night outside. I could see so many bright stars. The night sky seemed magical. I was in a city. I had come out of a large building. I saw a bilboard in front of me. It had Mickey Mouse and was an ad for Disneyland. It made me smile. I looked around and saw several more signs all for Disneyland. It made me feel really happy about this place that I had found. I started flying upward. I suddenly heard a conversation on the ground below of a man talking to a boy about finding this certain destination. I tried to follow the conversation, but never was quite sure what they were talking about. It reminded me of the odd audio hallucinations that I sometimes hear right as I am waking up in the morning.

      And it was right after that that I suddenly was awake. And my alarm went off about 20 seconds later.
    11. LD: My Dream Name

      by , 08-01-2012 at 05:11 AM
      Old LD from 11-??-07

      Lucid Dream:

      I was at my sister's house. We had been talking. She is the sister that has cancer. In the dream she had all her hair unlike in real life. Her twin daughters were there in their pajamas and hugging me.

      Then I remember I was looking in a mirror. I noticed that something weird was going on.

      I called out to my sister, "Come check this out. Notice how when you look at my shirt, it's black. But when you look at it in the mirror, it's white."

      It came as no shock that I was dreaming. It was if I had known all along, but that this was the first time I had really aknowleged it.

      I remembered I wanted to do the Dream Name Task.

      I asked my sister, "What is your dream name?"

      She looked at me and said, "Janene." And then she came closer and as if revealing a huge secret, she added, "And I'm also from San Francisco."

      I took that in. And then I leaned to her and said, "And my dream name is..." And then I didn't know what to say. I thought for a moment and the names Brenda and Catherine came to mind. But they didn't seem that special.

      Then I remembered that I was supposed to ask someone else what my dream name was. So I asked my sister what my dream name was.

      She looked again at me like she was revealing something extrememly confindential, and said, "Your dream name is my old nick name....it's Suzy-Q."

      And at that moment of discovery, I woke up.

      I shared this with my sister, and we had a good laugh--especially at the "I'm from San Francisco" part. And she also thought it was cool that my "dream name" was her old nick name.
    12. LD: Mirror Portal to the Moon/Tom DeLonge

      by , 06-05-2012 at 11:10 AM
      Older LD from 9-27-10

      I did an unplanned WBTB. I had trouble going back to sleep. Two hours later of telling myself that I was going to lucid dream, I was suddenly in a dream. I remember nothing of the transition. Only the "oh, cool. I'm in a dream now."

      This wasn't my best LD. I didn't seem to be as "aware" as I was in my previous LD. And when I awoke I did the "oh crap--how am I going to remember everything I just did?" thing. But I backtracked the best I could and came up with this:

      Lucid Dream:

      As soon as I realized that I was dreaming I started to fly. I was outside in the desert. I landed next to a car and looked at my reflection. I could see myself and I could see a person standing behind me. It was Tom from AVA. For a short time I watched him, and he watched me. I had this feeling that if I turned around to see him, he would be gone. It was a bad thing to think, because I was right....and he was gone.

      I decided to go look for a full sized mirror next because my current goal was to make a Mirror Portal and go to the moon.

      I flew just a short ways and saw a clothing store. I knew that there would be lots of mirrors inside. I went in and ran at the first mirror I saw. I hit the glass and fell back into the store. Determined I ran at it again...but hit the glass. I knew I just had to believe and I would be able to go through it. But time after time after time I kept hitting the mirror.

      Finally a store clerk came up to me. She told me that I needed to leave the store. I ran at the mirror again. I wanted to show this lady that I knew what I was doing. But I bounced off the mirror again. I was starting to get frustarated. The lady threatened to get the police if I didn't leave.

      I ran at the mirror again and bounced off. I finally decided that this wasn't working and that I needed another plan. I tried to leave the store, but the lady had barricaded the doors. I guess she had called the police about this crazy person that kept runing into her mirrors. Maybe I don't blame her.

      I was able to fly over the stuff she had put in front of the doors. We were both suddenly outside the store, but now in this small corridor that seemed to have no way out.

      I looked at the walls of the corridor. They were all mirrored. I looked at my reflection again. This time I was Tom. I looked carefully at my eyes and my hair. I squinted a bit and changed my expression fascinated by this unexpected transformation. I reached up and ran my fingers through my short hair.

      Then the dream shfts. I am outside trying to fly. I am having all sorts of difficulty getting any elevation at all. I'm frustrated bacause flying is my specialty in dreams. I shouldn't have trouble with this.

      There are these teen aged boys that keep trying to grab my legs. I try to fly out of their reach but can never quite do so.

      Finally I picture rockets on my feet. I seem to go somewhere. I am now in a canyon with this huge arch in front of me. It looks a bit like Birthday Arch that I have hiked to and climbed on. I fly through the arch and touch my fingers along the rock as I go by. That is very satisfying. I fly to the cliff above the arch and jump down to the arch. I remember being really nervous in real life about climbing to this point. And I feel slightly nervous again. But then I tell myself that I can fly if I fall. So I jump down and run across the arch then fly off the other side.

      I must have started to lose lucidity around here becasue I remember landing by the arch and talking to Kyle about fossils. And I know I wasn't lucid by the end.

      My Reflection:

      Mirror Portal Fail:

      The Arch (me at the top):

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    13. Lucid Dream: Changing Gender

      by , 01-05-2012 at 05:54 PM
      Old LD from 11-7-07

      I finally had a decent sized lucid dream this morning. I did a WBTB (woke up at 5:30, went back to sleep at 6:30, had the LD and woke up at 7:30). And I took some B6.

      Dream (Lucid):

      I remember being with some people and going into the Caldwell's old house on the corner. I heard someone comment how they liked what the new owners did to the backyard. The group I was with walked into the backyard. I was expecting something pretty, but all I saw was junk. The rest went through the back door and into the house.

      I started to follow, but then I saw my friend RD and her 19 month old daughter Catherine. I went over to her. I suddenly felt that we needed to go somewhere or we'd be late. But Catherine wanted to get on the swing in the yard. I felt impatient, but RD put Catherine on the swing. I gave in and started to push her gently on the swing.

      As her daughter swung on the swing, RD started to sing the most beautiful song I had ever heard. I was mesmerized. I sat down and watched RD as she sang. RD then looked right into my eyes as she sang. I had the strongest feeling that there was something I was supposed to understand. I knew she was trying to pass me a message. I suddenly realized that this was a dream and the message that I was supposed to get that I was supposed to have a baby. I felt shocked for a moment.

      Then realizing that I was lucid, I decided that I needed to go on and try the Task of the Month, that the message would have to wait, and I would deal with that when I was awake.

      There is a fuzzy moment here that I can't explain.

      At that moment I felt that I wasn't entirely asleep. That I was aware of my physical body still in bed and that I was only barely in the dream. But then I stood up and moved, and my dream body moved and not my physical body. I always know that when that happens after a WILD, that I am fully in the dream. So I really felt that I had just WILDed even though I'm pretty sure that I got to this point from the previous part of the dream.

      But however I got here, I was now running around the house trying to find a mirror. As I got to the driveway, I saw a mirror that looked like a side mirror for a truck, but it wasn't actually attached to a truck. It was about 12 inches wide. I decided that even though it was small that I would use that to help me transform into a guy.

      I looked at myself. At first I looked just like I did in last night's mirror LD. My hair was longer that it is and slightly curled. I concentrated on looking more like a guy.

      At first I just started to look kind of deformed (as is typical of many lucid mirror experiences of mine.) Finally I started to look a little more masculine. I had no make up, my skin looked a little rougher (though I couldn't quite get stubble to show). My hair, even though it was still long and blond, looked more matted.

      I reached down to touch my body to see if the transformation went beyond my face. First I touched my crotch. I didn't feel anything extra. Disappointed I moved up and touched my breasts. They were a bit smaller than normal.

      I wondered if I should keep trying to make the changes more complete. But before I could, a group of guys walked past me down in the street. I decided I needed to see if I could pass for a guy. So I ran out to them.

      I said to them in as much as a guy voice as I could create, "Hi, dudes." That sounded really funny to me, so I couldn't help but to giggle at little after that. The giggle did not sound man-like at all. I wondered if I had blown it.

      The guys didn't say anything but were looking at me like they thought I was a total loser, and that they wished I would disappear. A group of girls met up with them, and everyone was still ignoring me.

      So I tried again. I asked loudly, "What do you guys see when you look at me?"

      One of the guys snorted and said something like, "Do you really want us to tell you??" And then the others joined in, laughing and making rude comments. But none of the comments gave me the answer I was looking for--did they see me as a guy or girl ?

      This wasn't working out at all like I had wanted it to. So I decided to leave this rude group and try again. I saw a building in front of me that I knew had a girl's bathroom in it. I ran into the bathroom. It was full of at least ten girls all standing in front of this very large mirror.

      I started shouting at them, "I need to transform! Help me transform into a guy!!" I started to push my way through the girls to the mirror.

      I remember thinking as I shouted at them that my dream self was far more bold than my real self is. I wouldn't dream of shouting at a bunch of girls in a bathroom like that in real life.

      As I got to the mirror I finally took a good look at what I had looked like out there with that group. I was surprised to see that I had clown make-up on my face. I wondered if that was why the guys had treated me like that. How long had my dream self looked like that? Or was this something that my mind had created just for this mirror scene. I didn't know.

      I just knew that I needed to look like a guy. The clown make-up had turned into a mask in the last few seconds, so I just pulled it off. I concentrated again.

      This time I made much better progress. Before I knew it, I was looking in the mirror at a guy. This was definitely a guy this time. He was nice looking. He had blue eyes, fairly short dark brown hair that had a bit of curl in it. I thought, "Wow...I'm good looking."

      I looked at my clothes. This time I was wearing a bike jersey and biking shorts. My body looked very athletic and was definitly masculine looking.

      But to make sure I reached down to my crotch. There was definitely a lump down there, though I felt no sensation touching it. I reached up to check on my breasts, and found that they were mostly gone--gone enough that they wouldn't be noticable by sight.

      I looked at my self once more in the mirror. This time I noticed these odd boots on my feet. They looked like Roller Blades, but without the wheels. I wondered why they were on my feet.

      As I looked at myself in the mirror, I thought back on everything that I had done in this LD, and I was suddenly worried that if I did much more that I wouldn't be able to remember it, so at this point with "mission accomplished", I let myself wake up so I could write it down.
    14. LD: Looking in the Mirror

      by , 01-01-2012 at 06:37 AM
      LD from 11-6-07

      Dream 1 (mini LD):

      I became lucid. I don't know what triggered it, or what I was doing before I became lucid. I just knew that I wanted to find a mirror. I don't remember if I wanted the mirror because of last month's mirror task, or if it was because I kept telling myself that to do the gender change dream I needed a mirror to see the changes.

      I knew I was wearing tan pants in the dream. So as I looked in the mirror, I was expecting to see tan pants. And sure enough, there they were, but they didn't seem to fit me right. I looked somewhat misshapen.

      I looked at my face. I looked more like I did when I was younger and wore my hair with more natural curl. My hair was also longer than it is now. I think I was wearing my orangish long sleeved shirt (the one from my old avatar).

      I stared at myself for a moment, not sure what I should be doing. And then it was too late. The dream faded.
    15. LD: Reading Things and Mirror Trouble

      by , 12-31-2011 at 09:00 PM
      Catching up...

      Old LD from 10-05-07

      I had a couple of lucid dreams this morning. I did an unintentional WBTB.

      I was dreaming that I was about to see a circus. But the longer we waited to see it start, the more I realized that this wasn't going to be a very big circus. In fact it looked like they were going to use teddy bears for on of the acts. I wondered if they had any live animals at all.

      At some point we moved to another part of the area. The circus still hadn't started.

      I don't know what triggered lucidity, but I had wandered off and was starting to walk through the city...and I was lucid.

      I looked at all the buildings. I wanted to really remember the details. I looked at a sign for a gas station. At first I thought it said "Tiffany's" in large red letters. I thought that was a strange name for a gas station. I looked at it again. This time I saw that it really said "Tiffy's". That seemed to be a more fitting name.

      I tried to think of a cool task to try. I suddenly rememberd that one of the suggested tasks that I wanted to try was to find a newspaper and read it's headline.

      The gas station would be a perfect place to find one. I ran to the doors. At first I saw a phone book and was tempted to open it and try to read it. But I decided that I really needed to do the newspaper first.

      I saw the racks outside the doors that usually have newspapers and ads. The first three things that I saw looked like newspapers, but at a closer look they had people on the front making out. I figured it was some sort of porno. So I kept looking. I couldn't find any newspapers.

      Finally a Mexican guy walked out of the doors and I saw that he had a newspaper. I asked if I could look at the headlines. He acted like I was very rude for asking him. But I said please again, and kind of helped myself to pulling the papers toward me so I could see. He didn't like it but he let me.

      Unfortunately when I looked at the pages, I could see that it wasn't actually a newspaper, but some sort of sports magazine. I was disappointed.

      I believe at this point I had a FA and I went on to other dreams.

      But at some point I was lucid again.

      I remembered that I wanted to try the Mirror Task again. I hurried into my bathroom. It was dark. I tried to flip the light switch. But it wouldn't work. So typical.

      But I could still see a little. I could tell it was my reflection in the mirror. I reached out my hand and tired to touch myself.

      I bumped the glass.

      I tried again. I bumped the glass.

      I remembered how last time I flew through the mirror to the other side. I backed up and dove toward the mirror. But instead of going through, my head bumped off the glass and I fell back into the bathroom.
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