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    1. Long Lucid Dream

      by , 11-13-2015 at 10:28 PM
      So here is a lucid dream from yesterday. It was actually was two dreams. I woke up after the first part and wrote down everything I could remember and then fell asleep and had another one. The first took place during an hour of time. I'm not sure how much of that time I was actually dreaming, but I looked at the clock before I went to sleep and looked at it right as I got up. Almost exactly an hour. I also did this as a WBTB. I went to bed at mindnight, woke up at 5:00, then stayed awake for a while, then let myself go back to sleep.

      Lucid Dream:

      I was in the kitchen and noticed the fish tank had been moved. It was now on the table. It also was very clean. I looked in closer and saw that there were at least five fish in the tank that I had thought were dead. Where had they been hiding all this time? Hhmm. Fish tank moved. Cleaned. Fish back from the dead. Could I be dreaming? Really, there was more of a chance I was dreaming than all that happening.

      So I immediately ran to the steps that lead down to the front door. I ran and dived at the door. As I was sailing down the stairs head first, the thought crossed my mind that if I wasn't dreaming, this would probably hurt...a lot. But I was thankful that when I got to the door, I righted myself and gently landed by the door, which I then opened and flew out into the night.

      As I passed my ficus tree I grabbed a few leaves off of it and told myself that I would eat them with the goal of making them taste like something else, chocolate, perhaps.

      But as I flew higher, I was fascinated by the town falling away below me and being able to see the horizon. I could see the lake out in the distance. I remembered I had wanted to fly over it, skimming the water. So I headed that way. It was going to take a while to get to flying at the speed I was going. I then remembered Oneironaut's dream where he catapulted himself very quickly to his destination. I tried to think about what that would feel like. I finally decided to use the "rockets on my feet" technique that had worked for me in the past. As I was imagining my foot rockets, I looked over and flying right next to me was Oneironaut. He was looking as cool as ever, dressed all in black leather...jacket, pants, gloves, boots, and some sort of head covering. Even though I didn't see his face I knew exactly who that was.

      I could see a white fire shooting out from the soles of his boots. I concentrated and matched his speed. In no time we were to the shore of the lake. I could see some boats at the marina ahead of us. As we got to the boats, Onerionaut dove under one of the boats and continued to swim under water. I didn't want to go under water at this point. I did what I had planned to do--I flew low, right over the surface of the water, skimming it with my hand from time to time.

      I then saw a jet skier out on the water (it was daylight by now). I flew over right next to her. She glanced over at me and kept going. Seriously? What's wrong with all my boring dream characters these days? After getting no reaction at all from her I decided to see what she would do if I yanked her off her jet ski. I grabbed her arm and started to pull. But then I felt bad and stopped. Surely I was better than beating up my DCs for not thinking I was cool.

      So I flew to the shore. I saw that I was suddenly in some sort of mall. I flew around observing what was around me. I saw an escalator. I flew close to it. Riding up the escalator was a guy who looked about 18 years old. He had dark brown hair that was about shoulder length. He looked over at me, and our eyes connected. He gave me a knowing grin--he knew who I was.

      I flew over next to him, keeping even with him as the escalator continued to rise. I put my arm on the back of his head and pulled him to me and kissed him. He seemed to be just fine with that. But then suddenly a wall came between us as the escalator came to the floor that it was going. I knew I could just fly around the wall and meet up with him again, but as I was doing so, I was distracted by a group of younger teenage boys who were watching something on a TV screen.

      I flew up to them, wanting to interact, and asked one the the boys the first thing that popped into my head. I said, "Tell me a story." I wanted to know what my subconscious would come up with. One the the boys decided to take it on. He started by saying, "Well, once there was this lady who was very kind." (Was this the best my mind could come up with?) "She was also very ______________." He said a word I had never heard before. It had multiple prefixes, like meta, trans, para something or other. He then saw my confusion and clarified and said, "She was very unselfish. "

      At that point the boy was distracted and stated looking at the TV again. I also looked at the TV. Perhaps that would be more interesting than the boring start of the story.

      The show they were watching looked like some sort of anime. There were a group of young people all in long white coats-- and all in anime style-- standing in a large lab. Surrounding them were all these very strange plants. They reminded me very much of the types of thing that Dr. Seuss would have drawn. So I thought that the show was an interesting combination of styles.

      At that point a commercial came on. It was dog food commercial. The dogs in the ad were dalmations drawn in a very simple style, almost so you couldn't see an outline for the dogs, but could just see lots of spots and eyes.

      The next ad was about baby clothes. On the clothes were pictures of these same dalmations in the same style. I guess my mind liked the dalmations enough to recycle them.

      I was now satisfied with seeing what was on the TV, so I flew off again.

      Now I'm not sure what happened next. Either I forgot a segment of my dream, or else I just had a transition. Lucidity had faded, for the most part.

      I now found myself in my grandparent's house. There were a lot of extended family around cooking some sort of big dinner. I wandered from the living room into the kitchen I grabbed a handful of cheese and started to put it into my mouth. I then remembered that I wasn't eating any dairy products these days. I needed a place to spit it out and throw the rest of the cheese away. I didn't want to do it in the kitchen in front of everyone. So I went up the hallway and into the bathroom. I dumped the cheese into the trash. At that moment lucidity came back. I was dreaming. It didn't matter what I ate. Awesome.

      I walked back down the hallway again. There was a houseplant on a little table I pulled off some leaves. I had never eaten the leaves I had picked previously, so I could do it now. I wanted to make the leaves taste like chocolate.

      But then I decided to take the easy and sure route. I remembered that my grandma had kept chocolate in a certain cupboard. Surely my mind could recreate this for me.

      I opened that particular cupboard door and, sure enough, there was part of a large Hersey bar there on the lower shelf. I picked it up and unwrapped the last few squares. It looked like it had been melted at one point, but I didn't care, I was going to make this dream chocolate taste great, no matter what.

      I took a bite, and it tasted just like Hershey's milk chocolate. Not my favorite, but it was satisfying, nonetheless. I then looked over at the table nearest the hallway and saw that there was a huge chocolate bar sitting right there waiting for me. This monster bar had to weigh at least ten pounds. It had a white wrapper and on I could see that the bar was divided up into many different flavors. The top corner that I was opening was dark chocolate with fig. Next to it was dark chocolate with pomegranate. This was going to be great. I broke off a large chunk that was mostly fig, but with a little pomegranate. I took a bite and it was wonderful.

      I walked into the living room again and saw my aunt, "Tia," I said, "Tell me something about myself that you think is special." That was the first thing I thought of to ask. I like to get insights from dream characters (my mind) about my good qualities. "Well," she started. "You''ll need to give me a little more time. I'm not good at coming up with things spur of the moment."

      (My subconscious couldn't come up with anything. How sad. ).

      I then decided to move on. I opened the front door and flew outside. I saw that my mom's house was right across the street. I flew over to it and saw my mom standing on the driveway calling for my grandma. I looked around and couldn't see my grandma. But I looked again at my mom and she was so young and thin, just like pictures I had seen from when she was younger. It was fun to see my mom like this. I looked and saw my aunt again next to her. She was also much younger and thinner. I said to her, "Hey I just saw you over in the house." She looked at me and smiled and nodded.

      And that's all I remember from this first part of the dream. I'm happy that I was able to have had such a long dream and remember all that I did. It wasn't the most spectacular lucid dream ever, but every lucid dream is good practice for future lucid dreams that are spectacular.

      Lucid Dream (Part Two):

      I was in an apartment or dorm room. It was full of people. I noticed that on wall had hooks all over it for everyone to hang up their backpacks. I thought that was a good idea since so many people lived here. I saw two girls in the kitchen they looked like twins and were cooking something on the stove.

      I then see Jeff come up to me. He looks younger and has longer hair than in real life and he was super HOT. As I saw him I became lucid. He ginned at me with a seductive smile and I smiled back. The next thing I know is that we are on the floor making out and getting intimate.

      Then there is a transition and I am sitting on the floor and I pull out my phone. I decide to see what I look like, so I take a selfie. I notice that my hair is all messy and curly. I have to remind myself that I always look different in dream mirrors. So I then stand up and see that I am next to a very large mirror. As I look at myself in it, I morph my reflection so I look as gorgeous and sexy as possible.

      I then look over and see that a couple of guys are watching me. I decide to have a little fun. I slowly take off my shirt. But as I look in the mirror, I notice that my body is all clear, as if it were made of glass. That fascinated me even more, so I finish taking off my clothes and just watch my glass body as I dance slowly in front of the mirror.
    2. About to Die

      by , 09-10-2015 at 07:47 PM
      I had a very disturbing dream where I was going to be killed at the end of the day. I was at home with friends and family, and everyone just accepted that fact. No one was trying to figure out how to stop it. And to make it worse, I was going to be beheaded.

      I worried about how long it would take me to die after the ax hit my neck. I wondered who would miss me when I was dead. I wondered which of my dead relatives would meet me after I left my body.

      I remember wandering into my bedroom ( I was a teenager and living at home in this dream). I wondered if I should clean everything out now so no one would have to do it for me later. But I decided I shouldn't have to worry about that. I had enough to worry about.

      At one point I went into the kitchen and saw a chocolate cake in the cupboard. I didn't know whose it was, but I decided that I could get away with eating some of it. No one would be able to get mad at me later. I would be dead. And I no longer had to worry about trying to eat healthy. I was going to die tonight anyway.

      I started to feel sorry for myself. And a little angry. Why didn't anyone care about what was going to happen to me? I was in a room with my mom. We were looking at a magazine or something and I saw something that looked interesting. I said to my mom, "Hey, I want that for my birthday". I knew I was going to be dead, but I wanted to see what her response was. She said, "Sure, if that's what you want we can...." and her voice trailed off as she realized I wouldn't be around for my birthday. She seemed sad, but resigned to the fact that I was going to die. I felt a little bad I did that to my mom. I'm sure this couldn't be easy on her either. But I walked off without saying anything else to her.

      I don't really remember any more specific details, but this dream seemed to last all day. I felt my tension grow as the day progressed. I was alone for most of the dream.

      I'm sure this dreams represents some real feelings deep inside. Although, in real life I have a very caring and loving family that would never have acted like this, so this must represent something deeper. I'll have to think about it.
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    3. LD: Mirror Portal Task of the Month

      by , 03-11-2015 at 06:15 PM
      A WBTB with a DILD.

      I went to bed fairly early (between 10 and 10:30). I slept until 5:00. I remembered that I had wanted to do a WBTB. I wondered if I had waited too long and had gotten too much sleep. But I decided to try anyway. I thought about doing a WILD, but I really felt that if I got to sleep I would have a DILD. And since getting back to sleep was the big issue, I felt trying to fall asleep naturally would be faster than trying to WILD.


      I was at what was supposed to be Disneyland with my mom, sister and Becky. We rode this indoor roller coaster that had these really big hills. I remember it felt so good going down the hills. Then I remember Becky needed to leave. So we all left "Disneyland". As soon as we walked out the gates we could see that it had snowed. The surrounding hills were covered in a light layer of snow. The area looked a lot more like Sedona than Anaheim--but I didn't catch that.

      I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures of the beautiful snow. At one point I tripped and landed on the sidewalk on my stomach and started sliding. I didn't care. With my camera still out I took pictures from the ground as I slid across the icy walk.

      We finally got to a house that we had rented for out trip. The sun had set and it was getting dark. I took a picture of my mom and sister as they walked up the steps to the house. I wondered if the lighting was too low. I wondered if the picture was going to be blurry. I switched my camera to playback mode to check the pictures. The first one to show up was one of my mom and sister standing in the sunlight. That meant that none of the pictures I had taken that evening of the snow had taken at all. I had a second of disappointment before the thought occurred to me that I might be dreaming. Often when I think that I automatically start floating. This time I felt extremely heavy. Still, I felt that there was a good chance I was dreaming. I was NOT going to take a chance and ignore my most common dream sign.

      I was carrying a very heavy purse. I felt that if I set it down I might be light enough to float. But I noticed that there were lots of people surrounding me. Even though I was now about 95% sure I was dreaming I couldn't feel right about just setting my purse down and leaving it. So I tossed it up on the balcony above me. I then grabbed the post and pulled myself up. I knew that I was able to get up to the balcony easier than I would have if it was real life. So now I was quite sure I was dreaming. I looked over at the snow covered hills. Even though it was pretty dark, the glow of the snow lit up the hills. I wanted to fly over to them.

      I looked off the edge of the balcony. The hill sloped steeply down. I still hadn't flown in this dream. I wasn't sure why I was still feeling so heavy. But I figured I would give it a try anyway. If worse came to worse and I wasn't able to fly, I figured I would gently fall to the hillside below. So I ran to the edge of the balcony and jumped off. As I jumped up I was able to catch the wind and felt myself being carried upward. That was a huge relief to go up instead of down.

      I started flying to the hills and finally started thinking about what I wanted to do in this LD. The Mirror! I wanted to do the Mirror Portal Task of the Month. Oh. That meant I really needed to go back to the house and find a mirror.

      So I turned around and started flying back. I flew frustratingly slow. But finally got back to the balcony and walked in the door to the second floor. Inside, I found myself in a large room. On the far wall I saw an orange and white couch that had a very large mirror leaning up against it. The mirror was on its side, covering a good part of the couch. It was about 3.5 feet high and about 6 feet long the way it sat. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to run or walk in the mirror. But I wasn't planning on doing it that way this time. I had had too many failures with running at mirrors. This time I had planned to gently push my way through.

      I sat down next to the mirror.

      I started with my finger. I pressed the first finger of my right hand into the glass. At first all I felt was resistance. But then I could feel it give way and start to push through. This was going to take way too long. So I just decided to push my face through. That way I would be able to get a good look at what was on the other side before my body came all the way through. So I put my forehead up to the glass. It was cool to the touch. I pushed and felt it give way--like a layer of ice melts as you press something hot against it. Slowly I felt my face come out the other side. I looked around anxiously. It was a bit dark. But then things started to focus. I could see something orange....and white. Oh....no....

      I had just come out on the other side of the mirror and now had my face up against the couch on the other side.

      Before I could do anything else. I heard a loud door open and close, which startled me. I pulled my head out of the mirror (it left a nice, neat oval hole). A guy, maybe Jeff, had come though and asked if we had seen a drunk guy that had been wandering the area, that he might have come in the house. I said no. But before I could try the mirror again, I fully woke up.

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    4. Terrifyingly Creepy.....Footprints.

      by , 10-17-2013 at 04:10 AM
      Funny how something so simple can be so terrifyingly creepy.


      I arrived at my mom's house. As I walked to the front porch I could see some odd looking footprints in the dirt. I looked at them closer. They were humanoid and slightly smaller than my feet. I could see the toes clearly. The second two toes were longer than the big toe and had what looked like claws or long toenails that made an impression in the dirt above the toe. I thought they were so strange that I took a picture of them with my phone.

      At about that same time I got an email from my science teacher (Christopher) who sent me a very similar picture. He said that prints like these were thought to belong to a mysterious, paranormal animal somewhat like a bigfoot. Hearing that made me nervous and I rushed into the house. I told my mom about the footprints and took her outside to look at them. We were both unnerved that they were so close to the house and right by the front door.

      That night I could hardly sleep because I was so afraid of that creature that could be right outside the house. I was thankful that the doors were locked.

      The next day I told my friend Ruth about the prints. I showed her the pictures and what was left of the real prints (by that time they had gotten stepped on and were partially destroyed).

      Then it was evening again (I had been distracted by some horses that had gotten loose and were running up and down the street, but they were now gone.) My mom's house was now my childhood house and not her current house. I looked out the door. I could see that there was a forest up the street where there were normally houses. I saw an elk and a smaller deer.

      Suddenly I was terribly afraid. I knew that creature could be right behind any tree. I saw my mom out in the yard. I didn't want her to be there. Something could happen to her. I started yelling for her to come in. She didn't seem to her. I felt even more terrified. I yelled again....and again, feeling more frantic every second.

      Suddenly I woke up and it took a few minutes to settle down. I wondered how I would be feeling if I had woken up and had been camping outside. I knew I would be really freaked out.

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    5. Bigfoot

      by , 05-13-2013 at 01:47 PM
      I had gotten some dvd's that had to do with bigfoot. I started watching them. It was very interesting, yet creepy at the same time. It started off talking about the bigfoot conspiracy. There was a story about how a country in the middle east had tried to make a deal with the US that if we gave them a bigfoot body they would stop fighting with us. But our country didn't comply even though it could have. But most of the stories were about bigfoot encounters where the bigfoot was acting aggressively and/or chasing people. What made it worse was that as I watched the dvd I seemed to be right there experiencing the encounter first hand. I finally decided I needed company. I got my mom and had her start watching the dvd with me. After watching for a short time she told me that she wanted me to go around and lock all the doors. It was now nighttime and I could see dark trees outside the house. There suddenly seemed to be a whole lot of doors to lock. I finally got to the front door. It was suddenly double glass sliding doors like you have in grocery stores. I locked it, but then saw a man that needed to get through. I felt embarrassed and opened it back up so he could get in to the store that our house had now become.
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    6. LD: Flying with DC

      by , 11-14-2012 at 05:44 PM

      I had a lucid dream last night. I decided I wanted to have one and --blam--I had one.

      I was awakened and did a WBTB.


      I was looking around in what was supposed to be a (my?) kitchen. I suddenly saw this large brown bird on top of the fridge. At first I thought it was dead, but then I realized that it was making these sad peeping noises.. It was stuck in some ice that had formed on top of the fridge. I went over to it and did something to loosen the ice and free the bird.

      At that point I noticed that it was an owl. It flew over to where my mom was standing. It was having a little trouble flying. It still had some ice on his lower feathers.

      We were on this porch area. I noticed other birds in the area. As I looked closer I saw that they were mostly owls. I had never seen so many owls in one place before. I was fascinated. Harry Potter crossed my mind and I wondered if this was significant to have the owls all out in the daytime like this.

      But then I did what I always do in a situation like this. I grabbed my camera. I started taking pictures of all the amazing different kinds of owls. I was able to get some great close ups. I was feeling so great about this.

      And then I went and tried looking back at what I had taken. Not a single picture had taken. My camera wasn't working properly. I was suddenly very very upset.

      But then this little thought came into my mind. What if this was a dream? I didn't want the owls to be a dream. I thought this was too cool. But as I thought about it more, I was becoming more and more convinced that the owls couldn't be real.

      Things faded a bit at this point. I then remember forcing myself into the dream. I didn't have a body at this point, but I made myself feel like I was flying. I imagined what it would be like to fly with my nonexistent arms out in front of me.

      That worked. I soon could start seeing my arms appear and my body solidify. and I knew that I was safely in the dream. I was inside a house, so I kind of hopped and flew over to a door and then flew out.

      AS I flew I remembered how much fun it was in a previously LD to find a dream character and fly with them. I looked around for someone who looked like the "right one".

      I flew over a lot of kids or very average looking (boring?) people. The I saw a guy with reddish brown hair sitting on a park bench that reminded me of a guy that lives in my neighborhood in real life. I decided that he would be interesting to fly with. So I flew over to him and took him by his arm and said, "Come fly with me".

      As soon as I did that I was disappointed in myself. Where was the fun in that? I needed to build up to that point. Start a conversation and ask him things like, "Do you believe in magic?" or something to that effect. Maybe get into an argument about the possiblilities of flying. And then--blam--surprise him.

      But no I just took him by the arms and flew. He had no reaction whatsoever. At one point he started slipping from my grip and I told him to put his arm around my neck.

      The dream continued with us just flying around. But I remember nothing really interesting.

      Oh well.

      But I did get to fly.

      And I did get to practice my lucidity skills.

      I'll get it better next time.

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    7. LD: DV Tasks

      by , 11-09-2012 at 05:02 PM
      Lucid Dream:

      I was at a church activity. Everyone around me was eating chocolate cake. But I couldn't eat it because I am back to eating a raw vegan diet. I kept looking at it. It looked so good. The person next to me took a bite. I could almost taste it. I finally said, "What I miss most about chocolate cake is the salty taste." As I said that, I could almost feel the cake in my mouth and I noticed how the salty taste really brought out the chocolate flavor. (In retrospect, I really don't know why I was focusing on the salty flavor. I have never associated chocolate cake with salt.)

      I noticed my mom was there, and she was making a sort of an apron from a blue patterned material. I also saw a lady putting up a game in a basket ball hoop. I couldn't tell what it was, but it looked interesting.

      And then it all faded. I felt disappointed that this dream had come to an end before I had been able to enjoy the activity.

      Then I concentrated and willed it all back.


      It was all back. Now I could participate.

      Wait. If this was a dream, it meant that I was....lucid! Who cared about that activity--I was LUCID!

      I jumped up in the air and did a very slow motion flip. I watched as the room slowly spun around me. Then I landed.

      I then remembered that I really wanted to do one of the tasks. I decided to start with the one I could do the fastest--Spell "November" backwards.

      I knew I had to spell it and also write it. I didn't have any paper so I decided to just make the letters appear in the air.

      So I said, "R....E....M...no, no....R....E...B." I saw the letters appear in the air before me. They were blue and a little wispy and glowed slightly. I continued, "M....E....wait--is that right? Yeah, that's right." I repeated again what I had spelled out: "R...E....B...M....E" And then I ended with a fast, "V..O..N!!"

      There it was all floating in the air in front of me: R E B M E V O N

      "Yes!!" I shouted. I heard it echo through the gym that I was in. I was pleased that I was able to do it without much trouble.

      I then decided that I needed to try another Task. The one that I thought would be interesting was the "go to Purgatory and save a soul" task. I started flying. I was in a school. I flew til I saw a vent. I stopped and decided to open the vent and fly downward. I figured all I needed was a start in the downward direction and my mind would do the rest. So I took off the vent cover. But I saw a hot blue flame inside. It made me nervous. I didn't want to fly into it. I decided I would go outside and dig a hole instead.

      I flew out the doors. The scene before me was beautiful. I could see the lake. The sun was going down and shone through slits in the clouds. The sky was red. I stopped and hovered for a moment and took in the beauty. But then I notced that the wind was blowing me away from the lake. I decided to land.

      I landed on a steep grassy hill. I did the first thing that came to mind--I somersaulted all the way down. Finally I decided to start "digging". I focused on the ground with my mind. I could feel myself start to sink. It wasn't too fast--maybe a foot a second, but I felt glad that I would not have to dig with a shovel. Soon I was underground. I had created a very small space for my body, enough the the surrounding rock and dirt wasn't touching me, but not enough that I had any space to really move around. I kept going down. I started to feel claustraphobic. I wasn't seeing any people or any sign of Purgatory. So I came back up and decided to try somewhere else.

      I did the same thing again with the same results, except this time as I went down I heard the some sandstone slabs above me cave in. It spooked me. So I came up again.

      I saw a group of people. In the group I saw a guy I recognozed. This guy was my nenesis. He was in all my lucid dreams. (In retrospect...not true). I smiled. I flew to him and grabbed his shoulders to get his attention...then gave him a quick kiss on his forehead. I then laughed and flew off. I flew around the corner of a building...and there he was. This time he was laughing at me. Dang.

      So I did the first thing that came to mind. I took off my shirt.

      (And I am going to skip a little here.)

      I then ran off.

      I saw this creepy Jamaincan guy. He was standing by the edge of the ocean and watching me. I was buttoning up by blouse, but had only gotten the bottom two buttons. My breasts were still partly exposed. The creepy guy grabbed his crotch and told me that watching me made him hard. I gave him a little smirk and walked towards him. When I was about 10 feet away. I spread my arms out (which also spread my blouse open exposing myself again. And then I slowly floated up into the sky.

      Then I woke up.

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    8. 4 LDs: Flying and Kissing

      by , 10-18-2012 at 01:05 PM

      I've had about 4 LDs since I've last written here. I seem to have less motivation in writing them up. They were pretty interesting though.

      Twice I ran around in my LD until I found a guy to take flying with me. You wouldn't belive how hard it was to find a decent guy. And I didn't think I was being overly picky. I just wanted a guy between the age of about 18 and 50 who was average or above average in looks. I had to pass dozens of people each tme before I found the one. The first guy was about 20 and blond. I grabbed his hand and told him that I wanted to show him something and just ran until we took off flying. He was totally impressed and afterwards we kissed for a while. He was an especially good kisser.

      The second time I finally found an even nicer looking guy who was in his mid to late twenties. I also grabbed his hand and told him he had to come with me. He gave me this look that told me he was thinking I was offering something a little more intimate. I remember feeling a little smug inside and couldn't wait to show him that what I was going to show him was much better than sex. I finally took off flying with him and I think he was cool with that. Afterwards we kissed a little too. But he wasn't nearly as good as the first guy.

      In another LD, I thought I was talking to my mom in real life. I told her that I was drifting into a LD. I couldn't see her. All I saw was the view as I flew and swooped around in the sky. I told her how real it felt and how cool it was that I was still awake enough to talk to her and experience this at the same time. I told her tht if I had a funny look on my face it was because I was letting myself fall and it was very exhilerating.

      I had another flying LD that I no longer remember any details.
    9. LD: TOTM--Asking DC's Questions, Levitating "Ground Hogs"

      by , 10-15-2012 at 05:27 PM

      Lucid Nap Dream:

      I was able today to take a nice long nap. I am mostly better, but am just mostly a little more tired than usual.

      I remember going over to the Lewis's house. I was there with my mom. We were in a family room. The couch was open to a couch bed. Mom was laying on the bed and I was sitting next to her. I don't know where the Lewis's were or why we were in their house.

      Mom was telling me about a doctor's appointment. I can't remember all she said. It seems confusing in retrospect. She was also mentioning my sister and aunt. Something about my sister still having problems with her hand going numb (which I seemed to know all about in the dream, but is not a real life problem). Then about my Aunt having to travel hours to visit the doctor and how she shouldn't be trying to make the trip all in one day.

      Then my sister was on the couch where my mom had been. I didn't find that odd. But I then tried to get on the couch bed too, and I was bounced off the couch against the wall and ended up falling down to the floor.

      I was very startled. I asked my mom or sister if they had seen what had happened to me. I don't remember what they answered because I was suddenly very fascinated with this huge clock the Lewis's had on their wall. It was huge (about 4 feet across) and brass and had all these separate circular dials that all went in different directions. I tried to figure out how to actually tell time on it. I wasn't able to figure it out.

      I then walked out of the family room out into the living room area. At that moment the Lewises walked into the house. I was embarrassed to be standing right there in their room. I tried to explain to them that I had been visiting their relative that lived in the back room. But I couldn't remember their name or how they were related. I felt very flustered that I couldn't remember anything.

      Then I started to feel the need to question my state. I almost didn't because I was so sure that this was not a dream. But then I gave a jump and stayed floating in the air. I was quite relieved. It all made sense now why I was so confused.

      I tried to rush out of their house. But behind each door that I thought was the front door there was another room. But finally after several tries I made it outside.

      I started flying up into the air. I noticed the wind and how real it felt. I even made myself fly into a tree to make sure I felt the tree and not just go through it like a ghost. As the leaves and branches scraped against me I grabbed a few leaves and flew back up into the air again.

      I noticed that I was now flying over my elementary school playground. I remembered that I needed to ask someone the TOTM question. I looked down and saw three ladies standing next to some play equipment. I landed next to them. They were either Asian or hispanic and looked in their 40s or 50s. They were all tall and thin and had long black hair and had white aprons on.

      I said to the closest one, "Tell me something about myself that I don't know."

      She said, "You like smoking." I knew that wasn't true becasue I have never smoked in my life and planned to never start. I noticed now that this lady had a cigarette in her hand. The cigarette gave off a whispy black smoke.

      I looked at the next lady, and asked her the same question. She looked at me and said, "Everybody loves you." I thought that answer was much better. She then went on to tell me about something called "dung ants' and how the different kinds of dung ants like to fight each other.

      I then remembered the next TOTM the levitating a Groundhog task. But somehow in my dream I started thinking it was a prarie dog that I needed to find.

      I asked the ladies to find me a prarie dog so I could to the next task. They started to go, but I could tell they were moving way too slow, and that although it was a good idea to ask someone to bring me a prarie dog, it would be quicker to find one myself.

      I walked across the playground. It was now filled with cars and looked like the Safeway parking lot. I saw a girl standing by the carts. I decided to practice on her. But before I did, I decided to get a witness.

      I found another girl, who happened to look just like the girl I was about to levitate. I told her, "You have to see this." I then pointed my finger at the other girl and concentrated on picking her up. My finger went too high too fast. The girl started levitating, then in a flash disappeared up into the sky.

      I wondered if I should try to get her down. But I decided that since this was a dream it didn't matter, and what did matter was to find my prairie dog.

      I flew out of the playground/parking lot and over to a store. It had some outdoor displays. One of the displays was a table full of stuffed animals. There were raccoons and rabbits. I decided to practice again. I pointed my finger at them one at a time and succeeded in sending them one after the other into the air. I was getting to feel very proud of myself to being able to do this without any problem. I just needed to find my prairie dog.

      I looked over to another table. One this table were some live animlas. At first I thought they were prairie dogs, but then I notied the stripe and realised that they were large chipmonks. But even though they were big, I could see that they were just babies.

      I did the same thing. I levitated each onein the air. But with these I carefully set them back down when I was done.

      I then decided that my best bet now in finding a prairie dog was to fly out of town. I remembered seeing some areas in real life that were covered with prairie dog towns. I needed to go out in the desert and find one on those prairie dog towns.

      I started flying again. I could see the edge of town ahead and could see the desert landscape beyond. But as I looked down I saw an empty lot that had little hills and holes on it. I flew down lower. I might be able to find my prairie dog here. I saw a movement. I looked down and saw a larger rodent (this was the thing in my dream that most resembled a real life ground hog). I focused on it. But before I could levitiate it, it scurried into its burrow.

      And at that moment I woke up.

      So I obviously didn't quite get this second task done. But I feel that I did a great job in levitating things even though they were neither ground hogs or prairie dogs.
    10. LD: Old TOTM--Asking DC about New Year's Resolution

      by , 10-15-2012 at 04:54 PM
      Old LD from 1-26-08

      Lucid dream 1:

      I didn't quite WILD. But I drifted into a dream immediately. I was with my mom in the kitchen. She had her sewing maching on the table. I was talking to her, but I started to sense things were not right. I questioned it and realized that I was in a dream. I continued to watch my mom, she was jumping all around and acting like a kid. I wondered why I didn't pick up on the fact that it was a dream before this point.

      I thought, "Now's the chance to do a lucid task of the month". I decided to start with the basic. I was about to ask her what my New Year's resolution should be....but then I "woke up."

      It didn't take me long to realize that this was a False Awakening. I don't remember where I was, but the next thing I remember was that I was flying. I could see beautiful red cliffs all around me. I flew for a few minutes then I saw a guy on the ground. He was standing by a trailhead and reading a sign. I started to land by him. At first he seemed surprised to see me flying. But then he knodded as if figuring out that I was lucid dreaming. I reached out my hand and he started flying after me. He was in his twenties and had dark hair that was receding a little.

      I could see the ocean in front of us. I flew over some hills and saw the land drop out from under me and I was now flying high over the beach and soon over the water. I started sinking a little and was slightly nervous that I was going to end up in the water. But then I had confidence that even though I'd go low that I would still stay above the water.

      I looked behind me and saw that the guy didn't want to come over the water. I turned back and went to where he was standing. I then remembered to try the task again.

      So I asked him what my New year's Resolution should be. I had no idea what he was going to say. I was very curious. He finally said to me, "Your New Year's Resolution....you should ratify your drinks."

      I said, "What does that mean? And what do you mean by 'drinks'--I don't drink. I don't get it".

      I wasn't really satisfied with that because I didn't understand it. So I looked around. I saw a boy with dark curly hair that looked about 12. I asked him what my N Y's resolution should be. But he wouldn't answer. Then for some strange reason I decided to kiss him (I have been doing that in LDs lately...age doesn't seem to matter...it's like I'm just curious to see what it's like to kiss dream people). But as I closed in he was like a ghost. I couldn't make contact.

      So I went and found a group of little girls that looked about 6 years old. I asked them what my NYR should be. Then I felt I needed to clarify. I told them that NYRs would be things like, "I will exercise more regularly this year"...or "I will eat healthier" and things like that.

      But then one of the girls started crying over something, and I went to comfort her. She looked like Lana from Smallville when she was little. I told her that she was a very beautiful little girl.
    11. Dream: TD, Kissing, Big House, Baby

      by , 09-20-2012 at 03:38 PM
      I was with TD and we were talking about stuff that I remembered when I first woke up in the middle of the night (1:34). It was something really funny, and we were really happy and even kissing some. Then we realized that we weren't alone and it seemed even funnier. Philip and Mandy and Ben were there. TD and I were joking around with Mandy and Ben about teenagers. (It all made sense and was very clever in the dream, even though it sounds kind of lame now).

      In the last dream of the night I was in this big house. I know my mom was there part of the time. It seemed like a lot was going on even though I have forgotten now what it was. I do remember at the end I was having trouble with my TV or computer. I needed some help fixing it. I looked and saw TD sitting at a desk behind me. I asked if he would help fix it. He said he would, but wanted me to look at this stack of papers he had in front of him. I then noticed a baby on the floor by the chair. I knew the baby belonged to neither of us, but I recognized it as a baby I had seen before but not for a while. The baby was about 6 months old and big and bald and completely adorable.
    12. Anti Gravity Liquid

      by , 07-31-2012 at 05:10 PM
      I was with my mom as she was cleaning out an old cupbard. She scoots out this very large jar. It's filled with this clear liquid that looks like water. I ask her what it is. She has a funny look on her face like she's not sure if she should tell me. Then finally she starts telling me how in the 50's they had invented this anti gravity liquid, but it wasn't very well known, and it was soon banned and made very illegal. But here she still had jar that held about 5 gallons. I asked her if I could try it. She finally agreed, if I was careful.

      I poured about a quart's worth in a gallon ziplock bag. I rolled up the end and held it against me. I jumped to test it out. Since I didn't have too much, I still was experiencing gravity, but to a lesser degree. I jumped a few more times testing how much gravity I was experiencing. I then ran at the wall and ran up it a few steps then flipped over into a back flip. It felt so awesome. I suddenly felt so happy. I was finally going to be able to do things I had never been able to do before. I did the jump flip several more times. I wondered if this would help me to be able to learn how to do them when I didn't have the liquid with me. I felt it would since I now knew how these flips felt and that I had the confidence of having completed some.

      I went back to my mom and told her how wonderful this stuff was. I couldn't believe that this stuff had been invented and that no one was using it. I begged her to let me take at least this bag with me. I could tell she was reluctant. But then I threw out, "But Mom, just think, I will never get stuck in a slot canyon again. I will be able to more safely climb....anything. Think of how this would help me out."

      I knew she was so worried about how illegal this stuff was. But I asked her, "Who in the world would be looking in my backpack for that? No one would ever know. Pleeease..."

      I think I woke up before I ever got a real answer from my mom.
      Tags: flip, jump, mom
    13. Brief Lucidity

      by , 01-05-2012 at 06:01 PM
      Old LD from 10-22-07

      I forgot to add this one from a few weeks ago. It wasn't a long one, but it had a lucid moment. I think I'll add it here because I think every moment of lucidity should be accounted for.


      I had an interesting stretch of dreams this morning after a WBTB. I even had a lucid moment.

      In the dream I was back with my sister that has cancer. [Ususally when I dream about "my sister" I'm talking about my younger sister. My older sister doesn't show up as often.] We were in a little room that was supposed to be in her new-ish house.

      We were looking through all these pictures and reminiscing. Then my sister pulled out a large picture and say, "Hey, you've never seen this one yet , have you?" The picture was of myself with her 14 year old son. In the picture he looked more grown up. It was a very flattering picture of us. We both look like we could be models.

      I then pulled out a box that not only had pictures but a pair of my sister's socks. The socks were a pinkish tan color with chocolate brown stripes. I told her how cute they were. Then I remembered that they were similar to a pair of socks that she had supposed gotten me for Christmas last year. I figured she had gotten them at the same place.

      Then my mom and other sister were there too looking through these boxes with us.

      The next thing that I remember is walking through her kitchen and seeing the little black boy there. He was about 3 years old . At first I can't figure out why he is there. But then I remembered that she babysat for a few kids.

      I reached out and try to hug this little boy, but he wanted nothing to do with me. I then looked over and see two little black girls. I also try to talk with them and be friendly, but they both walked away from me. I felt bad.

      There seems to be a transition here. I think this is still part of the same dream, though.

      I was walking though a college campus with a preschool group. One of the little girls was Japanese. She seemed to like me and let me pick her up. We somehow got a little behind the others, so I finally had to run to try to catch up. At one point I tripped and we rolled on the grass. Neither of us were hurt at all. I got up and felt like something was missing, but couldn't figure out what.

      I looked a ways ahead and saw the last of the preschool goup head into the store/restaurant. I finally caught up and walked in. The group was now gone. I didn't have the little girl anymore. The lady inside asked me if I wanted any of the free lunch they had been serving to the preschool group. I said, "Sure".

      It was then I realized that my purse was missing. I started to panic. I had lost it on the college campus. I knew that it was very unlikely that I would ever see it again. I started telling the lady I was with how I had lost it. She was sympathizing with me.

      Then I remember saying, "You know, I think it's going to be okay. When I wake up my purse will be there. It's not really gone. This has happened to me before, and when I woke up the purse was there. I just need to try and stop worrying about it now."

      Then I have no idea what happened next. I do know lucidity ended (if it was ever really there to begin with. Even though I was saying that, I never had that "Ah ha, I'm dreaming" moment. This is the first time I can think of there I made reference to myself dreaming with out truly becoming lucid. )

      I then remember being in my basement. There was a crack in the wall and my cat was watching some silverfish bugs come out of the crack. She was swatting her paw at them.

      I really think something is missing from my memory here. But the next thing I remember is being attacked by these large metal bugs. They were black and about a foot across. one looked like a spider and the other a scorpion.

      I was upstairs at this point and I ran down into the basement. I frantically started looking for a hammer or something to smash them with. All I could find were a pair of roller blades. I picked one one of them and when the bugs came down the stairs I started smashing them with the roller blade.

      Amazingly they both just fell apart like they were cheap toys. I then ran my hands through the pile of pieces. I suddenly thought about movies that I had seen. I figured it was a very good idea to put the pieces in separate bags to dispose of them, just in case they all came together and came to life again.

      Then my alarm went off...
    14. Lucid Dream: Odd House and Walking Tree

      by , 12-20-2011 at 04:45 AM
      Old LD from 6-6-07

      I just had a mini lucid. I had slept in some and was going to get up, but I felt disappointed that I really didn't remember any dreams, so I decided to try one more time to try to squeeze out a dream or amybe even a lucid.


      I was looking at a house with my mom and sister to buy. This one was for Sale by Owner. It ened up being a ver big house. But there were many odd things about it. It was very junky--the previous owners had left all their junk and garbage.

      There were many floors. The top floor was about four stories off the ground and had a great view. But there was a part near the front where the floor and the wall didn't meet so there was a 10-12 inch crack. The previous owners had put some chicken wire across it so that nothing --or no one would fall through.

      On the way down I noticed that one of the staircases was wobbly. I wiggled it a bit and heard it it crack, and it then broke free and fell to the lower floor.

      That was the thing that made us decide that we really didn't want the house. I told mom, "This house is really big, but I don't think it was built very well.".

      The next thing I remember is that I am going down a school hallway on roller blades. I tripped on something and almost lost my balance and thought, "Whoa, that would be very embarrassing to fall down here in front of everyone. So I was extra careful after that.

      I got to the Kindergarten hallway. I noticed a display hanging on the wall. It was how one of the classes used cooked lima beams (mashed) and jello to create this wonderful moldable substance. They had displayed a jack-o-lantern and other things that they had shaped out of the stuff. The color was a light clearish orange. Another teacher came by and she also mentioned how neat she thought that was. I pulled out a paper and was about to write down the recipe. Then two more teachers walked by. They were talking about weightloss.

      Then I was back in the original big house. I was standing by the window. I saw a very tall cypress tree by the window. I notied it was moving. I thought it was moving because of the wind (it had been very windy in real life all night). But as I looked closer, I noticed that it was actually moving past the window.

      "It's walking!! A walking tree...just like the last Lucid Task." I thought. "I am dreaming! I'm having a lucid dream! I have to find my cat so she can talk to me..." I looked around. I saw the garage door in front of me I knew my cat would be there if I were only lucid long enough.

      But of course at that thought I felt the dream start to fade.

      And then I woke up.

      But this is a great sign. This often happens to me before I get it right. So I am hoping/expecting to get the Task done in the next night or two.
    15. Bigfoot...?

      by , 11-01-2011 at 04:19 PM

      It was a the end of a longer dream, but I don't remember much before this part.

      I had been talking to an older lady about our writing. She had this goal to write these scientific articles. She was telling me that one day we would reach these goals and receive the title "Military Writers".

      Then she kissed me on the cheek and said goodnight.

      I was in a room that wasn't mine. I was visiting someone. My bed was under a window. My CD player was on the window sill. The music on the CD had ended and it was making sounds like water splashing.

      My mom was suddenly in the room, in a bed against the far wall. I commented to her about the water sounds. I told her that they sounded real. I looked at the window. It was open. I had this sudden horrible fear that the sound was coming from right outside my window. And-oh my gosh-we were in Bigfoot country.

      I knew that there was a bigfoot right outside of my window. I was terrified, but curiosity made me creep closer and closer to the window so I could look out. There was nothing immediately in front of the window, so I pressed my face against the screen so I could look to the side.

      Sure enough, there was a dark figure about five feet to the right up near the house squatting down splashing its/his hand in the water puddled by the house. Suddenly the figure sees me and stands. I'm surprised to see that it's not a bigfoot at all but a man in a while t-shirt and dark jeans with a belt. Knowing he's been spotted he gets up and runs away.

      This whole scene startles me enough to wake me up with a start.
      Tags: bigfoot, mom
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