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    1. To The Moon...or Mars....or Not.

      by , 02-07-2016 at 10:12 PM
      I had a lucid dream a few nights ago, It was one of these where I don't remember where it started, but as soon as I became lucid I knew I needed to tackle something big. Lately I have been just flying around, which is fun, but it's not that exciting to write about afterwards.

      So I decided I needed to get to the moon. It had been years since I had been. I decided to try the method that successfully got me there the previous time. It was just to do a complete scenery change.

      So I concentrated. And everything started to shift. Finally it all became clear. And the thing that became clearest was the fact that I was not on the moon. This looked just like pictures I had seen of Mars. Hey, if you can't go to the moon, Mars is still cool, right? So I started walking around. I needed to explore. But as I started walking around, things started looking more and more familiar. I was disappointed to see that I was not actually on Mars but in the desert near my house that very much resembles Mars.

      I suppose I should be happy that not only did I become lucid, but that I was able to change the scenery, even though it wasn't exactly the results I had wanted.

      I woke up not long after realizing where I was.
    2. Flying over the Lake at Night

      by , 01-03-2013 at 06:48 PM
      Dream 1:

      I was flying over a lake at night. Everything was so beautiful. I was skimming right over the surface of the water occasionally barely touching the water. I had my camera. I was trying to take pictures. I was trying to get the perfect shot of the moon peeking out behind a cliff...then this truck that was sitting in the shallow part of the water. But I was wearing gloves and I later found out that I was pushing the wrong place. My camera looked more like my mp3 player. I was frustrated because I had wanted all those cool shots. And then I was having trouble manuvering and was almost bumping in to rocks and other things poking out from the water. I also started getting more wet.

      This is the kind of dream I would have while lucid. But in this case, there was never any lucidity.

      The truck in this dream looked just like the one we hiked by two days ago.

    3. LD: Mirror Portal to the Moon/Tom DeLonge

      by , 06-05-2012 at 11:10 AM
      Older LD from 9-27-10

      I did an unplanned WBTB. I had trouble going back to sleep. Two hours later of telling myself that I was going to lucid dream, I was suddenly in a dream. I remember nothing of the transition. Only the "oh, cool. I'm in a dream now."

      This wasn't my best LD. I didn't seem to be as "aware" as I was in my previous LD. And when I awoke I did the "oh crap--how am I going to remember everything I just did?" thing. But I backtracked the best I could and came up with this:

      Lucid Dream:

      As soon as I realized that I was dreaming I started to fly. I was outside in the desert. I landed next to a car and looked at my reflection. I could see myself and I could see a person standing behind me. It was Tom from AVA. For a short time I watched him, and he watched me. I had this feeling that if I turned around to see him, he would be gone. It was a bad thing to think, because I was right....and he was gone.

      I decided to go look for a full sized mirror next because my current goal was to make a Mirror Portal and go to the moon.

      I flew just a short ways and saw a clothing store. I knew that there would be lots of mirrors inside. I went in and ran at the first mirror I saw. I hit the glass and fell back into the store. Determined I ran at it again...but hit the glass. I knew I just had to believe and I would be able to go through it. But time after time after time I kept hitting the mirror.

      Finally a store clerk came up to me. She told me that I needed to leave the store. I ran at the mirror again. I wanted to show this lady that I knew what I was doing. But I bounced off the mirror again. I was starting to get frustarated. The lady threatened to get the police if I didn't leave.

      I ran at the mirror again and bounced off. I finally decided that this wasn't working and that I needed another plan. I tried to leave the store, but the lady had barricaded the doors. I guess she had called the police about this crazy person that kept runing into her mirrors. Maybe I don't blame her.

      I was able to fly over the stuff she had put in front of the doors. We were both suddenly outside the store, but now in this small corridor that seemed to have no way out.

      I looked at the walls of the corridor. They were all mirrored. I looked at my reflection again. This time I was Tom. I looked carefully at my eyes and my hair. I squinted a bit and changed my expression fascinated by this unexpected transformation. I reached up and ran my fingers through my short hair.

      Then the dream shfts. I am outside trying to fly. I am having all sorts of difficulty getting any elevation at all. I'm frustrated bacause flying is my specialty in dreams. I shouldn't have trouble with this.

      There are these teen aged boys that keep trying to grab my legs. I try to fly out of their reach but can never quite do so.

      Finally I picture rockets on my feet. I seem to go somewhere. I am now in a canyon with this huge arch in front of me. It looks a bit like Birthday Arch that I have hiked to and climbed on. I fly through the arch and touch my fingers along the rock as I go by. That is very satisfying. I fly to the cliff above the arch and jump down to the arch. I remember being really nervous in real life about climbing to this point. And I feel slightly nervous again. But then I tell myself that I can fly if I fall. So I jump down and run across the arch then fly off the other side.

      I must have started to lose lucidity around here becasue I remember landing by the arch and talking to Kyle about fossils. And I know I wasn't lucid by the end.

      My Reflection:

      Mirror Portal Fail:

      The Arch (me at the top):

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    4. LD: Flying through the clouds at night and eating cheesecake

      by , 02-04-2012 at 08:15 PM
      I had a lucid dream last night after a dry spell.


      I can't remember where I was, but I lifted up something and saw two black widows. One was really big and the other was smaller. I watched them for a moment. Then I started to notice that one looked strange. It looked more like a stuffed animal than a real spider. It suddenly dawned on me that I was in a dream, that finally something odd had triggered lucidity!

      The first thing I did was to fly up in the air. I enjoyed the feeling of the wind moving against me. Then I remembered what I had been thinking before bed--that if I had a LD, I would eat something really good, because in real life I am on day 6 of a juice feast, and I know in the past I have used LDs to satisfy desires for foods I am not eating IRL.

      So I flew down and saw a fridge. I opened it hoping for something really tasty to be inside. I was disappointed to find that it had mostly condiments and a doxen eggs. Finally I willed something to appear..and there on the top shelf was a plate of cheesecake. I grabbed the plate and put a piece in my mouth. It was lemon cheesecake with a layer of solid dark chocolate on top. I was quite happy that this is what appeared. I stuffed piece after piece in my mouth. I was a little disappointed that my sense of taste was less than normal. But all in all it was satisfying.

      Before finishing the plate I decided I wanted to fly again. So I took off. Above me I could see clouds. It had been a while since I had flown up to the clouds. I kept flying as fast as I could and finally entered the cloud. For a few moments I couldn't see anything. Then I popped out in a space in the middle of the cloud. The space was like a cave becasue I could see a place to exit the cloud on one side. So I flew up and through the hole and saw to my excitement that I was about to come up to the top of the cloud. The sky had light but was dimmer than sunlight. I realized that it was light from the full moon. I couldn't have been happier.

      So I burst out over the top of the cloud and could see the whole top of the cloud glowing in the moonlight. I flew over the cloud for a while, then I wished I could just lay on the cloud, so I tried. I found that the cloud felt like a fluffy sheepskin blanket. I rolled around on it for a while. It was quite warm and so comfortable. Finally I rolled to the edge and hung my head over and looked down. I then let myself roll head first down off the cloud and enjoy the sensation of falling.

      And that's all I remember.
    5. LD--Moonlit Mountains

      by , 12-14-2011 at 11:43 PM
      Old LD from 4-29-07

      Mini Lucid:

      I was walking at night with a group of people (no one I know from real life). We came to a place where I looked to our left, and I was the full moon shining down on this snow covered mountain range. It was so absolutely fantastically beautiful. I just stopped and looked at it for a few moments.

      I then realized that I had my camera with me. I didn't know if my camera would be able to capture the beauty of this. But I wanted to try. I took a picture and saw that it seemed to take okay. I then wanted to take more pictures, but the people from my group were now all in the way. They were spread out all over in front of me and there was no way I could get a picture without them in it. I knew I had to wait. I noticed another lady with a much nicer camera was taking pictures of it too. I wished I had a nicer camera.

      Finally, they had all moved out of the way. I lifted my camera to take a picture, but I was surprised to find that there was now a big hill in the way covering up most of the snow covered mountains. Where had that hill come from? I knew it wasn't there before when I took my first picture.

      I stood there for a moment trying to understand this, when it suddenly hit me--I'm Dreaming!

      I remember feeling proud of myself for figuring that out. And not just accepting that the hill was suddenly there.

      I decided to fly over the hill so I could get a better view of the mountain. In fact, I wanted to fly to the mountains. The moonlight was still shining so magically on them. I just had to be there.

      So I took off flying toward the full moon over the mountains.

      But not long into the flight toward the moonlit mountains, I could feel my dream fading.
    6. LD--Flying to the Clouds

      by , 12-07-2011 at 03:51 AM
      Old LD from 4-4-07

      Okay, I am up in the night because I just had a lucid dream. Its unusual to have an LD this early in the night. I probably had it between 12:00 and 1:00.

      And it was one of those dreams where as soon as I woke up, I thought, Oh crap, how am I going to remember all that I just did? And I think that I am still half asleep, becuase I don''t seem to be typing my best right now.

      So here is my attempt at putting it all back together again.

      Lucid Dream:

      I believe somewhere in the beginning of the dream I had been talking to other dream characters about the goal to become lucid. We had talked about if we became lucid we would soar up to the clouds because the clouds were looking very beautiful.

      Then somewhere in here I realize that I am dreaming. I am briefly tempted to look for an Easter Bunny. But I am still pulled by the dream I was just having.

      I decided to go find my friend and take her with me soaring up to the clouds.

      It gets fuzzy here. I believe I found my friend and am soaring with her. Then I feel myself wake up. But instead I find myself still in the dream but on the ground. So I fly back up to the clouds with my friend again. I belive this pattern happens a few times.

      I am wondering how lucid I actually was by the end of this dream. I am going to say that I was lucid, but I wasn't really controling anything. I just really wanted to be flying though those clouds, so I went with the flow.

      By the end I had two friends with me. The sky had turned more into the ocean. There were still clouds, but there were also jelly fish floating all around us. Lots of them--in some places there were huge clusters of them. They weren't the stinging kind other wise we would have been in trouble because we had to keep pushing out way through the clusters.

      There were times in the dream wehre I was so surrounded by clouds that I almost started to feel claustraphobic. I had to have my friends hold my hands so we wouldn't get separated. Because there was no visibility. The clouds felt like I would imagine real clouds to feel--a little damp and "thick".

      Also at one point we cleared the top of the clouds and came out into the yellow moon light. I remember being just in awe of what I was seeing. It was so beautiful.

      It's not even 1:30 yet. I don't have to get up for almost five more hours, so I will try to focus on having another LD tonight. This time I will think Tree.
    7. Baby Mammoth and Flying Above the Clouds in the Moonlight

      by , 12-06-2011 at 05:20 PM
      Old LD from 1-31-07

      Lucid Dream!

      I read out of my Lucid Dreaming book about MILD before I went to bed-- and this is the dream I got.

      The dream started out nightmarish. I was becoming aware that this huge monster/creature was getting into my room at night. I never saw it, but I could see from evidence it left that it had been there. It was really starting to freak me out to the point where I no longer wanted to go to sleep. The thought of something so big being just a few feet away while I was completely asleep made me feel so vulnerable. I couldn't believe that I wouldn't wake up with it there. I am normally not that deep of a sleeper.

      The scene jumps and I am climbing a very big tree with Jeff. We suddenly see men that look like hunters in down in the next field and decide that they are the ones we need to talk to to see if they know anything about a huge creature that may be in this area and if they have any idea of what to do to keep it out of my room at night.

      It takes a while to get down from the tree. I hadn't thought I had climbed that high.

      Jeff started talking to the men. I noticed that one of the men looked just like Jeff. It seemed so odd, that I missed the entire conversation.

      Then scene changed again and I am with my sister in my bedroom. I had slept through the night, but my sister had seen something. She saw a huge unidentifiable shape, but it had dropped something in the trash and toilet before it left. I looked in the trash and saw what looked like tiny mammoth bones. Like a small mammoth fetus that hadn't grown properly. The bones were all soft and the consistancy of gummy worms. I realized that this was a wonderful clue. The mystery monster was really a mammoth! But how was it getting in my room.

      The next night I was determined to stay awake to find out. As I sat in bed I could see the opened bathroom door. Suddenly I saw a shape coming out of the toilet. So that's how it was getting into my room!. I watched as it grew bigger and bigger as it came through the toilet. It didn't grow full sized. It was a baby mammoth...only about two and a half feet high and three feet long. It didn't look real. It looked like a sketchy drawing.

      As I was watching it I suddenly started thinking, "This is just a little too weird for me...a mammoth coming out of my toilet...and being all sketchy.....Could this possibly be a dream??" I needed to find out so I said, "Okay, Baby Mammoth, if this is a dream, will you come fly with me?"

      Next thing I know is that the mammoth and I are both circling in the air. And I laughed out loud and said, "I knew it. This whole thing was just too weird. Yes! I am finally Lucid again!!"

      I circled my room a little more and decided to just fly through my wall. I end up bumping against it. I decided that that is no big deal--I'll just go out the front door. I flew down the hall and to the front door. I opened it and flew outside. It was early moring. I said to myself, "Early morning...just like it is in real life." [Note: it was actually 2:15 am].

      I flew down the street and passed a lady. She points to this man's car that is filled with junk and make s a comment about it. I remember commenting back, "Yeah, he is very unreliable,"..and then flew on.

      I flew toward the school. I was flying quite slow and had trouble getting very high. Instead of flying "Superman" style, I was flying "swimming" style--breast stroke to be exact. I was going about as fast as I would be if I were actually swimming...or maybe a little faster. But even though I was a little frustrated, I thought to myself that at least I was moving and if I was patient I would get to where I wanted to be.

      The street slooped down into a hill. This would be a good chance for me to get some height. I just flew straight while the street sloped steeply down.

      By the time I got to the school, I was quite a bit in the air above it. I looked up. It was no longer morning, but night. The light of a very full moon shown on a layer of clouds overhead. I wanted to go up and through those clouds. They looked so magical, so I started flying upward. I finally got to the clouds and started to go through them. They were very thick clouds and I started to feel a little claustophobic. So I told myself that I needed to create an air bubble around me. So I did. It was a very interesting feeling to be surrounded by that thick cloud. Finally I broke though to the top of the cloud.

      I looked around. The cloud stretched out forever and glowed in the moonlight. It was beautiful. I wanted to lay down on the cloud and rest and just take it all in. But at this point I could feel the dream fade and I woke up.


      I want to point a couple of things out.

      1. I woke up in the night at about 2:15 with the dog barking. I suddenly realized that I really wanted to recall all of my dreams of the night, so I searched my brain for dreams and was disappointed to find none. I told myself again as I drifted off that I was going to realize I was dreaming in the next dream I had. And it seems to have worked.

      2. Also when I woke up the clock said 2:36...so the dream was actually quite short in spite of it seeming to go on for days within the dream. Every dream I have ever timed has surprised me how little time they actually take in real life.

      3. Also I wasn't as lucid as I wished I had been. I never really thought about much and really just went with the flow. The flying was really nice and magical, but I never once thought about trying to complete a task. I never thought about my sister's book, or about looking at my hands or making CB appear.... . So I am considering this a somewhat low-level lucid. But it was still very satisfying to awaken from and realize what I had done.

      I actually had two other dreams last night. One was quite vague. I remember something about flying indoors in this great big place. I was flying up to reach something. There were two guys watching me, and it made me feel uncomfortable. I wasn't sure how they would react to my ability to fly.

      The last dream was quite perverted, so I am reluctant to say much. So I won't.

      Edit 2:

      I keep remembering things. When I woke up from my LD I had a false awakening. I remember talking to Jeff about my LD. But then he started reprimanding me. Telling me that I had talked in my sleep and that I had given away important secrets. I asked him to tell me what I had said. As he told me I wrote them down on a can on coconut milk. The one thing I remember was the phrase "Within three months time...". Apparently there was something very significant about that.

    8. Long LD (Trick-or-Treating, World of Warcraft, Asking DCs questions, Kissing)

      by , 10-17-2011 at 05:12 PM
      Long LD from two nights ago:

      Ed called me and told me to look at the Moon outside. I went out onto my oorch. I was at my old home in LA. I saw the full moon. It was very large. I then was what looked like a satelite passing the moon. It then sped up and brightened up until it looked like a fireball. I thanked Ed for hainvg me go out to see that.

      Then I was in my kitchen. Several family members were there. There was a hole on the floor and water was leaking in. Ed was there. Marie asked him about the army.

      We then went back out to the porch and my telescope was there. We pointed it at the moon and looked at it. I was amazed by all the detail I could see. I could even see red streaks on the rock which made the moon look like it was made from sandstone.

      Something about this seemed odd. I wondered if this was a dream. But I knew that this was real. This was way too real to be a dream. But at the same time I decided to jump up in the air like I would in a dream because it seemed like a funny thing to do.

      Well, I jumped and hovered a sec. It wasn't much, but I thought about it. I knew that in real life I wouldn't hover for even a second.

      Suddenly I knew without a doubt that I was dreaming. I flew up in the air over my old neighborhood. It felt amazing. I noticed that I could feel the wind and the coolness of the night air and the feeling in my stomach of going up and down.

      I wanted to go even faster, but strugged, like I usually do. I focused on rockets coming out of my feet, and I felt like I was going faster, but nothing around me moved much faster.

      I then remembered that I needed to do a Task of the Month. One Task was to go Trick-or Treating. I landed back down in my neighborhood where I Trick or Treated as a child. I seemed really big, like my neighborhood was made out of dollhouses. But I leaned close to a house and rang the doorbell. Someone opened the door and I said "Trick-or-Treat!" They put something in a bag I was holding. I didn't see it, but I knew it was a tootsie roll. I went to another house. This time the person saw me and ran away screaming. I went to another house, and they gave me another toosie roll. The person in the fourth house ran away again. I laughed and knew that they were programmed to do that.

      I then looked around. Things around me looked like a World of Warcraft setting. I saw these kittens all around me in various places. I thought, "Oh, that's for the new quest. If I had accepted the quest the kittens would be all sparkley." I wished I was on the quest so I could collect the kittens.

      I floated up in the air again and came to a boardwalk. I landed. I saw a good looking guy and decided to kiss him. I didn't even bother to say anything to him first. I just pulled him to me and kissed him. After the kiss, he looked at me with a surprised, but not unhappy look. Then as if to get in the spirit of things, he then pulled an older lady to him and kissed her. After that kiss he looked at me to make a face, like "that wasn't really a good idea. I should have just kissed you again." So I asked him to kiss me again. but for some reason he started talking about "okra" and we never did kiss again.

      I then decided to talk to some dream characters. I saw a bar next to me. I went up to the counter and saw the bartender. He was about 55 with graying hair and he was very tall and had a beer belly and stubble on his face.

      I leaned toward him across the counter and asked him the first thing that came to mind, "Am I dreaming?"

      "Yes." He answered.

      "How do you know?" I asked.

      I can't remember what he said, but he started going off on all this scientific stuff. It really surprised me to get this from a bartender. I then asked him something else that I no longer remember. This time he said, "Ask Nurse May." And he pointed to a lady standing next to him.

      I leaned to her and said, "Hey, Nurse-- I mean, hi May..." And then I asked her if I was dreaming.

      "Yes." she answered, and I am pretty sure she went off on a complicated explanation why she knew that.

      I then asked, "What do you see when you look at me?"

      She said some word that I didn't understand, "Ethano..."----something.

      I then turned to someone else by me and asked then to look up that word for me since I was unfamiliar with it. They read me the definition...."one who is ruled by the hourglass."

      Hmmm...that was odd.

      Then the dream started to fade. I looked over to the bartender again and also at my hands and willed the dream to come back to full clarity. It seemed to do so.

      Then I was back in the World of Warcraft setting. Around me were frogs. I knew the quest was to chase the frogs. But I remember somehow my sister Susan was there. I didn't want to do the quest anymore. I wanted to talk to my sister, who was dead. But then I knew that I could do both. So I said, "Self, go chase the frogs while I talk to Susan." And I saw myself go running after the frogs. And I started talking to Susan.

      And that is all I remember. I am pretty sure that there were a couple of other parts of the dream that I don't remember.

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    9. Lucid Dream--Finally getting to the Moon!

      by , 04-14-2011 at 03:40 AM

      Lucid dream:

      I was standing on the lawn by my grandparents' house and looking at the sky. Over the mountains I could see a beautiful cloud. It was colored like a rainbow (like the picture Moonbean used to have in her sig). I pulled out my camera and tried to take a picture. I was so thrilled that I had my camera with me this time, The last time I had seen a cloud like this I was so frustrated that I had left my camera at home. But as I tired to take a picture I found that the button seemed jammed. I tried again and again. I couldn't believe my poor luck to be standing in front of this gorgeous unusual cloud and not able to take a picture.

      Blam. This is a dream.

      I started to fly. I remembered that I needed to go to the Moon. I wasn't going to miss another lucid opportunity. I looked up at the sky. I could see the moon shining back at me in the evening sky. I started to fly towards it and quickly realized that I needed to find a quicker way. As I continued to fly I concentrated on forming a portal in front of me so I could fly through it and be on the Moon. But attempt after attempt brought me no result except for a light fuzzy pink patch that I passed right through. Finally I was fed up. I had to get to the Moon now. So with all the determination I had left I decided to just change the sceney and BE on the Moon. Suddenly everything around me started to turn white and grey. I could see hills and craters around me. I landed and took a big jump (this is something I had really wanted to do). My jump took me up slow motion into lunar sky. I noticed an interesting sound that accompanied the jump. I jumped several more times enjoying the odd sense of slow motion and sound. Then I looked over a hill. I saw houses. I went in one of the houses. Inside were two ladies that were cooking. I asked them what they were doing on the Moon. They told me that they were not on the moon. I told them to follow me out of the house and see. They were very surprised to see that their house was now on the Moon. I wondered if I had done something when I had changed the scenery and had somehow taken the houses with me...or taken the moon home to me.

      And that's actually all I remember of being on the moon.

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