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    1. A WILD ride!

      by , 04-27-2016 at 08:30 PM
      I did an unintentional WBTB this morning. I had woken up and was having trouble going back to sleep. I laid in bed for a couple hours and was pretty much ready to give up, when I noticed that I was I was starting to have little dream snippets.

      I was in a small space ship in the Star Wars Universe. It had crash landed on a snowy bank. The space ship continued to slide, and to my horror I noticed that we were going off the edge of a cliff. I had R2D2 on my craft and he was able to slow us down to the point we stopped right on the very steep edge. It was so steep, however, that I had no idea how I would get out.

      Then the dream skips to the point where I am face to face with a guy that looks like a Jedi. He was young with long blond hair. At first I thought he looked like Obi Wan (in episode 2). But then I notice he was younger and was a different person. For some reason I had my light saber out and I was ready to defend myself.

      Then the dream skips to the point where I must have passed out and was laying in the lap of this Jedi and he was stroking my hair.

      At that point I pop awake. I was disappointed because it had felt so peaceful to just lay all safe in the Jedi's arms and let him touch my hair. I wanted that to go on and on.

      I was also disappointed because I felt that because I had fallen asleep for that short time that I would never get back to sleep so I could lucid dream.

      But since I had some time before I had to get up I decided to give it another try. I got as comfortable as I could while laying on my back. I had ear plugs in and a shirt over my eyes because the light was starting to stream in my window. I willed myself to relax. Totally relax and let go. Let go... Let go...

      I suddenly found that I was hearing a great roaring noise. I immediately knew that I was starting to transition. I was having a WILD. It had been a long time since I had had a successful WILD. I was pretty excited about this. But I made myself lay still and let it take me for a ride.

      I was starting to see a visual that went along with the roaring. I was in what looked like a huge room. It was bigger than anything I had experienced. It reminded my of a hanger in a Star Destoryer, but bigger. I was being pulled through this feet first (because I was laying on my back in real life) at quite a fast speed. I watched the rust colored metal walls rush by me. As fast and noisy as this was, I felt quite safe. I was curious where this would take me.

      Suddenly I was spit out into outer space. I was going so fast. I was passing by stars and planets. Finally I decided that I was solidly enough in the dream that I could try to control it a little. I decided to try to slow down when I passed the next planet. Not a chance. I quickly passed it by. I tried again. I was still going too fast. Finally I saw a planet that looked just like Earth. I forced myself to slow and aim right at the planet. And I was able to drop down to the ground.

      The dream was so long (it felt like well over an hour). I remember several things that I did, but I'm not entirely sure of the order, so I will put them together the best I can.

      At some point I was at my grandparents' house. this house shows up in so many dream of mine. I think I went semi lucid at this point. I was cleaning it up and found all this really old food, like M&Ms and was eating them. I remember thinking "these are the old colors. Maybe I should save them." I also remember old cheese and wondered how safe it was to eat.

      Then I was in a large store. I had a crowd gathered around me. I had remembered that I wanted to create my halo (from Poet Anderson). I had done this in a previous dream, but decided to do it again. I guess I was going to show off to the crowd what I could do. I held up my hand and willed a halo to appear. Slowly I could see a golden tan line start to form. It swirled around forming a ball. I was proud of myself for being able to do this so easily, that I wanted to make it even more impressive. So I made it grow bigger and bigger. Soon it had a diameter of a couple feet.

      Then It suddenly got solid and fell to the floor with a thud. I felt a little embarrassed since the crowd was still watching me. I decided to be dramatic and dive into my halo and disappear. I did so and was nearly successful. But I realized that all of me went inside the halo but my feet. So much for impressing the dream characters. I climbed back out of the halo and picked it back up, and flew away.

      I remember another part of the dream where I was flying a plane. I was alone and realized that I didn't know how to fly a plane. But I told myself that since I was dreaming hat I could control it with my mind. I didn't have to know what the buttons and levers did. I did a fairly good job flying it, but my control was always a little delayed. I felt like I was going to crash into things but would barely miss at the last minute.

      Then I was flying (without a plane) around a nice neighborhood in the snow. I noticed how each house had a really nice porch. I then flew to a mall. I passed a mirror and realized that I had no make-up on. I was a lady at a make up counter and asked if she could do my make-up. So I sat there as she put eyeliner and eye shadow on my eyes. The nit hit me that I was totally wasting my time. Why did I need make-up in my dream anyway. I looked in the mirror again and saw that the make up was very minimal. I shouldn't have bothered.

      And that's all I remember. Perhaps more will come to me throughout the day.
    2. LD: Flying over Canyon and into Outer Space

      by , 10-15-2012 at 09:49 PM

      I'm so behind now.


      I don't remember how I got lucid or what I was doing before.

      I was at the edge of this very high cliff. I wanted to fly out and really appreciate the fact that I was able to just jump off the edge of a cliff and fly.

      I suddenly got nervous and made myself hover before I went over the edge. I remember looking way down at the river below (it was a bit like the grand canyon).

      I was going very slow and felt a liitle frustrated about that. But then I remembered recently answering a post about getting to outer space. I decided to practice the technique that I shared. This was the "changing scenery to get to space" technique.

      So as I flew I just imagined myself flying through the stars. It didn't take long before I saw that I actually was flying through the stars. I watched the stars pass me (it felt more like they were passing me than I was passing them). I then remembered the DV task of visiting all the planets. I still hadn't been able to get to a planet.

      I started wishing for planets to show up so I could land on one. I didn't care what the planet looked like. I figured I could just call it what I wanted anyway. I wasn't really sure what each planet looked like up close anyway. The planet Neptune kept coming to mind, so I figured the planet that showed up would be my version of Neptune.

      I started seeing fuzzy object pass me. I figured they were planets. But I couldn't get them to slow down so I could find out for sure.
      I finally lost lucidity.

    3. LD: The Pig Puppet, Eating, Outer Space, TOTM Attempt

      by , 10-15-2012 at 05:12 PM
      Older dream from 1-30-08

      I had a really good dreaming night last night. I guess I should say "this morning". I did a WBTB and had a long dream in which I was lucid a good part. I guess this is really the trick for me. WBTBs with B6 almost always guarrantee a lucid dream for me--and when they don't I usually get a really vivid dream.

      Since this was a really long dream, I had to back track and try to piece it all together. I listed all the things I remembered doing and then tried to get them in the right order. I do had a few spots in this dream where I can't remember the transition from one place to the next.

      Lucid Dream:

      I started off trying to get to my high school. I was driving a car and was trying to find a place to park. I was having an awful time. Either I couldn't find a place or I went too fast by an available place and couldn't get back to it. This was the basic "driving nightmare"...nothing was going right with my driving.

      I finally went up and over this very steep hill. I almost had a heart attack on the otherside becasue the street pretty much disappeared and the houses were stacked, and there were these deep deep places between houses that went way down the the level of the street below the hill. I remember not being in the car and almost falling down the crack. (Hard to explain that part.)


      I was now in the house of my friend who happened to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was busy doing something and I tried walking up the stairs to the second floor. I realized that the staris were covered in broken glass. I looked at the bottom of my shoes and they were covered with shards that had impaled their way into my shoe. I could feel the point of one shard against the skin on the bottom of my foot. I pulled that piece and many of the others out. But by walking back down the stairs I got more in my shoes.

      Buffy was now with another friend and they were going to go to shcool. I can't remember what the problem was but I wasn't able to go with them. I was stressed again that I was late for school and needed to hurry.

      I left again, now on foot. I saw my old college campus in front of me. I was pretty sure that if I could just cross through, then I would see my high school on the other side.

      The campus was crowded. I got caught in a crowd that ended up taking me to some stairs that went upstairs to the library. The stairs had some padded places on them that if you pushed something was supposed to happen (?). I then realized that the stairs were actually an escalator. I rode to the top knowing that I would have to go out the back door of the library to go down the big hill to get to my high school.

      While in the crowded library a Navajo man in a Scout shirt asked me how Scouting was going for me. I told him, "Fine." He then asked me what I had learned from my experiences in Scouting. I told him that I learned that 9 year old boys were crazy, but they could be a lot of fun.

      I was in a hurry, so I excused myself and went out the back door.

      I was now on the hill that I knew would be there. The hill was covered with college students sitting on it having a break or eating. There was a sidewalk winding its way down the steep hill.

      I looked back at the library building. It looked almost like a castle sitting on top of the steep hill. I then saw a muppet-like pig thing floating around against the castle wall. It kept repeating, "You can't come in....you can't come in."

      This struck me as really odd. Then it hit me. I was dreaming. I looked at all the people around me and wanted to do something to get their attention. At first I felt shy, then I decided that I didn't care--this was just a dream. So I climbed up on some stone railing near the top of the hill and shouted, "HELLO _________ [name of my college]!!! Watch me!"

      And at that I took a jump forward. I went up a few feet then landed in a float out over the grassy hill. I then flew straight up...and then dropped myself down to about 20 feet over the crowd. I watched their faces. I wanted to impress them. They weren't as suprised as I thought they should be, but they were defintely impressed. So I did it again.


      I was now in a house with a group of people (kind of fuzzy here).

      I do remember having a plate of chocalate chip cookies in front of me. I knew this was my chance. I started shoving cookies in my mouth (I don't know why I don't eat more daintily in dreams...). They were big and very soft, cakey cookies. I ate one after another. There was one especially big cookie almost as big as the whole plate. I kept pushing it into my mouth trying to get my mouth as full as possible.

      I know this sounds very unladylike and actually kind of gross. But I remember the cookies not having much flavor, unless I stuffed my mouth completely full, then I could taste them.

      I also remember eating a plate of salty crackers. I was also disapointed by the lack of flavor. And for some reason my mouth wouldn't open up all the way. And I also "knew" that if I tried to open my dream mouth all the way open, then I would wake up. I don't know why I came to that conclusion. My mouth just kind of felt stiff. Maybe my mouth was actually open a bit in real life as I slept and by trying to open my dream mouth I would be opening my real mouth thus waking me up (?).

      I then remember seeing a strawberry. I knew that strawberries were somewhat sour, and this was looked a little pinkinsh green in spots, so I knew it could be quite tart. I really thought that if I put this in my mouth my taste buds would come alive and I would start to taste everything. But as I took a bite the strawberry had very little flavor.


      I was now flying outside my mom's house at night. As I looked up at the stars, I suddenly reemmbered that the main thing I had wanted to do if I had a lucid dream was to compelte the Advanced Task of flying to another planet.

      I remembered being able to fly to the stars in the past, so that gave me confidence. I just stared out at the night and concentrated... and all around me I started seeing stars. I pushed forward and saw the stars rushing by me. I tired to keep my eye out for planets. I finally saw one, but it passed me too quickly. I tried to slow down a bit, but stars were still passing me. I looked and saw another planet. It was redish brown and had little crators. I got closer, but I passed it. I tried to turn around, but at this point I woke up.

      Or so I thought.

      The next thing I remember is being at my childhood friend M's house. Tanya was there eating breakfast. I don't know if I was looking out a window or on the TV, but I was suddenly seeing a castle. I think it was suppossed to be a World of Warcraft Horde castle. But I was calling it the Hufflepuff castle.

      Again I saw that funny flying pig thing from earlier in the dream. It was greenish in color and floated by the wall of the caslte saying, "You can't get in....you can't get in...."

      I laughed and said to Tanya, "Hey-- there's the Hufflepuff Pig that got me lucid last night." And I explained to her a little of the dream and how seeing that pig thing make me question my state and become lucid.

      She then gave me a funny look.

      I started to get it.

      I asked her, "You are asleep right now, aren't you?"

      She grinned at me.

      "I should actually say, I'm still asleep. Right?"

      I tried to pick up on that dream feeling. And right as I was convinced that I was dreaming, my alarm went off...and I woke up for real.
    4. LD--First time in Outer Space

      by , 12-14-2011 at 11:50 PM
      Old LD from 5-9-07

      I had a lucid dream last night!

      I actually woke up this morning about an hour and a half before I had to get up. I thought back and was frustrated when I couldn’t remember a single dream. I wasn’t feeling very tired, but I made myself go back to sleep so I could squeeze out just one dream. I usually can do that, even if it is just a short dream—and that’s all I wanted—just something that I could write down in my dream journal. It didn’t even matter to me at that time if it were lucid or not.

      I did go back to sleep. And I did dream. I even had a lucid dream. The problem was that it was a very long complex dream. When I woke up, I thought, “Oh my gosh…how am I going to be able to figure that all out.

      So I started by writing down all the things I remembered doing in the dream, lucid or not. Then I tried to sort them into the “before I became lucid”, “while I was lucid” and “after I was lucid” parts.

      Then—I sorted through each section and put it together the way I best remembered and the way it seemed to make the most sense. And I actually think I did a pretty accurate job considering how mixed up I felt when I first awakened.

      So after all that, here is the dream:


      It started non-lucid. I was following Jeff. He was walking toward the back of a building and was about to go in a side door. I remember passing a large sand castle that was by the door. I had no idea where Jeff was going, but I felt I needed to go too.

      We went into the building. I believe we were separated at this point. I remember sitting in what looked like a waiting area. I remember this boy (about 12 years old) showing me some of his drawings. I then was watching something on a TV screen.

      I’m not sure of the transition here. It may be that I was watching something on TV and then I was suddenly there. But next thing I remember was standing next to a large ferris wheel. People were climbing on it. There were ladder-like things to get to the seats.

      Suddenly the ferris wheel starts spinning. I start seeing people falling off of it to the concrete below. I felt horrified. I thought that surely it was killing them. I didn’t want to be seeing this.

      So—I decided in my mind that the people wouldn’t die. One by one, they picked themselves up off the ground and brushed themselves off and walked away. I felt much better.

      Then I remember I was climbing the ladders on the ferris wheel. I was thinking, "If I were dreaming I could climb this with just my hands." --(that is something I have always liked to do in dreams—use my upper body strength and pull myself up things without using my legs). So I start climbing the ladder with just my arms. I remember it actually felt good. I could feel my muscles working but it had the satisfation of a good stretch.

      Then it hits me—finally—that I actually am dreaming. Then I thought, “Of course I am—duh—it takes me long enough to figure this out.”

      So I did the first thing that came to mind. I started to fly. For some reason I didn’t think about doing the Tasks at all. Instead I thought about how I really wanted to make this dream into a complex story line. I wanted to make it my story. But I decided it might be easier to start with something like Star Wars. I have always wanted to have a Star Wars LD anyway.

      So as I flew I decided that I needed to be in space. And without any effort I was suddenly soaring though the stars. It was so beautiful and incredible.

      I thought about how I had always wanted to do that, and I had never been able to do it before. I had read about others doing it and wondered how they managed to do it because it seemed to be a difficult thing to do. And I was so amazed how this just happened naturally for me in this dream.

      I also thought about how everything was just too quiet. I wanted to hear a soundtrack. But I wasn’t able to get music going.

      I noticed as I flew though the stars, that the stars seemed to be more concentrated above me. It started looking more to me like a flat ceiling. But I decided not to let that bother me too much. This was my first time creating a flight through space, and it was pretty darn good.

      I realized that my next goal was to find a space ship. I really wanted to find Darth Vader and confront him. I looked below me and I now saw a white medium sized space craft. It was a dirty white with yellow and black trim. I knew Darth Vader was on that ship.

      I flew to it. I knew that it I flew into it fast enough that I would fly right through the sides and end up inside. And it did.

      Unfortunately (and this kills me), this is the part of the dream I remember the least. Something happened on that ship, but I have no memory what it was. But I do remember the dream suddenly fading.

      I was suddenly back in a house. There was a hallway with a mirror at the end in front of me. I knew I was still in the dream. I also knew that if I ran straight at the mirror, that it would transport me back to space.

      So I ran toward the mirror and was again back in space. I saw the same ship in front of me. I flew right at it. But instead of slipping back inside, I hit the outside. This time it was too solid for me to get it. I was very disappointed. Again the dream faded.

      I was back in the hallway with the mirror. I ran at the mirror again. But this time, instead of going through it I bumped right into it. The mirror was very real feeling. I touched it, and the glass felt smooth and cool.

      I decided that I would just run in to the wall. So I tried again. But I hit the wall. I thought, “No…no….now I am doubting and it’s not working. I have to believe. I have to believe…..”

      So I took a dive and tried to go through the floor. But again my head just hit the carpet. Everything felt so real and so solid. Disappointed, I stood up. I made myself float and started doing back flips and the air. It felt really good to do those.

      Suddenly I heard Jeff’s voice talking to me. I closed my eyes and then thought, “oh no, closing eyes in a lucid dream makes you wake up!”

      I open them. Jeff was standing next to me. We were back in that original building. I had fallen asleep in the chair in the waiting room.

      I said, “Jeff, you just woke me up from a lucid dream.” When I saw that he looked sorry, I added, “But I guess you had no way of knowing. It’s okay.”

      He said, “If it helps, I brought you some ice cream.” He handed me a square container that had some cookies and cream flavored ice cream in it. It was fairly melted.

      I took a few bites and was amazed at how good that tasted to me. Then I thought, “Isn’t there a reason that I’m not supposed to be eating this?” I didn’t want there to be any reasons, so I kept eating it.

      Then I thought, “It’s the sugar. I’m not supposed to be eating sugar. And that’s right—I’m Raw Vegan now! I’m really not supposed to be eating this. How could I have forgotten?”

      It then comes to me—I’m still in the dream! I never did wake up. I looked back in the bowl. All that is left is the melted ice cream at the bottom that is completely runny. I put a corner of the bowl to my mouth and drink the rest of the ice cream. I thought, “This is great. I ate all this ice cream and I didn’t mess anything up!”

      At that point I woke up for real.