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    1. LD: Real and False TOTM (Making fire and Ice)

      by , 03-14-2016 at 09:06 PM
      Lucid dream from Saturday Night:

      I did an unintentional WBTB where I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep and finally drifted into dream mode. I sitting at a table with Marie, my best friend from high school. I was already lucid I remembered that I really wanted to do a Task of the Month. I was trying to remember what they were. I knew there was one where I had to ask a DC a question. Why was I having such a hard time remembering--I had recently done this one. But I thought it would be fun to do it again with my friend.

      Finally I decided that Task was to ask a DC what their favorite thing was to do in a lucid dream. That sounded right. (Obviously it wasn't right, but now in retrospect, it's nice to have done something a little different since I had done the real Task already.)

      So I said to Marie, "Tell me what you like to do in your lucid dreams?"

      She suddenly perked up at the mention of lucid dreams, "Ahh, lucid dreaming...that's where I like to fly and do flips in the air."

      As soon as she began to talk I suddenly remembered that Task about making fire and ice.

      "That's cool." I quickly said to her. And then said, "You can also do this in lucid dreams."

      I held out my hands. Unlike my dream where I had done this previously I held each hand in a separate cupped position. I concentrated on making a fire. First an orange glow appeared in each hand. I concentrated harder. I wanted flames. Soon I started seeing some detail. But something was odd. I could now see waving orange and yellow flames, but they looked like a cartoon fire. This was quite different that my other recent experience with making fire.

      I thought about trying to make the flames look more real. But then suddenly, the flames felt hot. Very hot. That was different as well. I extinguished the flames quickly.

      Now I needed to make ice. With my hands still cupped separately I concentrated on forming some ice. Soon I saw two shapeless white blobs form in my hands. I knew it was supposed to be ice. But it wasn't very good ice. It didn't even feel cold. I saw that I was close to a freezer. I walked to the freezer and opened it. Inside I saw some ice cubes sitting there in an otherwise empty freezer. I told myself that ice looked like that. So I needed to try again--this time with a good example in front of me that I could model. Within seconds I had exact copies of the ice cubes in my hands now. I had done it.

      With the Tasks done I decided to find a way outside and fly and decide what else I wanted to do. I often make decisions while I'm flying.

      I saw a large open window and flew out. I thought about what Marie had said about doing flips in the air. It had been a very long time since I had done dream flips. I suddenly really wanted to do some. I first tried a front flip. It felt so real as I did it. I tried a back flip next. That one felt really nice. Just a touch of dizziness while the world turned all around me. I did it again. and again.

      Then I noticed that I was on a college campus. I looked down and saw a food stand. This stand had several different kinds of licorice.

      I love licorice. I reached for a package of black licorice. But before I could eat it I woke up.
    2. Fake Tasks of the Month

      by , 03-06-2016 at 10:59 PM
      I had a lucid dream on the first of March that I haven't had a chance to write up yet.

      I don't remember the beginning, but as soon as I became lucid I wanted to do a task, but I hadn't seen which tasks had been chosen yet for the month. I had remembered there was a list of tasks that people had been voting on. I tried to remember what they were. I thought if I could remember what they were then I had a chance, at least, of getting one right.

      The first task that popped into my mind was Telling a Dream Character that they aren't Real. I'm not sure why I always think this is the task. I have fallen back on this one many times when I can't remember the real task.

      There was a nice looking young man next to me. I blurted out, "Did you know that this is my dream and you aren't real?" The man smiled at me and said something funny, which unfortunately, I can't remember anymore. We had a short discussion and he was just the nicest guy. Dream characters are so unpredictable. I have had some pretty rude ones in the past, so this was quite pleasant. I just wish I remembered what we talked about.

      Then I knew I needed to get back to the tasks.

      So I thought for a while then seemed to remember that there was a task of eating off a dream character's plate and seeing what their reaction was (I still haven't checked back to see if that was on the list, but I'm kind of doubting it).

      As luck would have it, I was in a restaurant. It was a buffet, and I was standing next to a table full of people who had full plates of food. I felt a little awkward, but then reminded myself that this was just a dream. I went up to the closest person, reached my hand down to their plate, then scooped up a handful of food off their plate. I don't remember what it was, but as I ate it I remember thinking that it was tasty. The person looked up at me with a weird look, but said nothing. I then proceeded to go from plate to plate using my fingers to scoop up food from each and then stuffing it into my mouth. For some reason, in lucid dreams when I eat, I always stuff as much food into my mouth as I can. I think it's because the food isn't quite as flavorful in dreams as in real life, so I feel like I need more at a time. The food almost instantly dissolves in my mouth, so I can then take another huge bite of food.

      The people at the table were amazingly good natured at my rude and socially unacceptable behavior. I tried to explain (between mouthfuls) that this was for a task I needed to do for Dreamviews.

      After doing this for a few minutes I tried to remember another task to attempt. I thought I remembered a task about eating dog food (my mind must have been on food). I decided to ask a dream character to help me out. "Where can I find dog food? Is there a store near here." The lady I asked then got a delighted look on her face. She happily told me that right next door to this restaurant was a place that was like a buffet, but for dogs. She took my arm and walked me out the door and to the dog food buffet next door. She told me that I should find all the dog food I needed for my task.

      As I looked around, it was truly like a people buffet, but with food geared for dogs. Some of the food was in warmers ready to fill a plate with. Other things were in large bins. I decided to start with the warm stuff. Again, using my hand, I scooped up a handful of warm food. It looked to me like chili rellenos. I put it into my mouth. It didn't taste like dogfood. It was better than some of the people food I had just eaten.

      I then took another scoop of food. This was like a warm brownie with caramel. I looked around and saw the owner of this store. I said, "This is really good. Is this really dog food?" He smiled a secretive smile and said, "Well, if it's good enough for dogs, it's good enough for people." I had the impression that I wasn't the only one who ate this "dog food".
    3. LD: Jumping

      by , 02-24-2016 at 07:09 PM
      Here is the dream from 2 days ago (the first of the three in a row).

      Lucid Dream:

      It was night and I was with Jeff walking on this path up a hill. We were looking for something (a museum, maybe). At one point I remember lifting up my legs (like when you're a kid holding your parents' hands and letting them swing you along). I think this made me go lucid because I was trying to figure out how I could be doing this while only holding one of Jeff's hands.

      We got to the top of the hill. We were on a kind of covered patio. Behind us was a door. In front of us was a rail where we could look down at a large pool of water far below. I could also see a building and a dock by the water.

      Jeff then says to me, "Did you notice how when we move our hair doesn't move in the wind?" I said, "Yeah, I did notice. I think that's because we're lucid." I then said, "I know a good way to find out for sure if we're dreaming. Let's jump off this and down to the water below. If our hair doesn't move, that means were dreaming."

      Jeff agrees to jump with me. We then run to the edge and hop the railing. I didn't even think to try to fly. I feel super heavy and we fall fast. I notice feeling that very real feeling of my stomach lurching as I fall. The fall is long enough that I had the chance to look over at Jeff and see that his hair is perfectly still. I call out to him and point that out.

      Finally we hit the water and sink quickly to the bottom like a heavy rock. I'm a hundred percent positive that this is a dream now, so I don't worry about breathing. In fact, I start to talk to Jeff under the water.

      And that's all I remember.
    4. LD: Authors and Space Battles

      by , 02-24-2016 at 06:30 PM
      Lucid dreams three days in a row. I'm on a roll. I love it.

      I did a Wake Back to Bed. The beginning of the dream is fuzzy. I can't remember the moment I became lucid. I remember standing in the kitchen of an author (one I had recently been reading about in real life). He was an older man but still very nice looking. I knew I was dreaming at this point so I went up to him and started to kiss him. He seemed very happy to kiss me back. The next thing I know is we are in his bedroom. He is partly undressed and climbing into bed. I look around and see his wife's stuff all around me, on the nightstand, floor, on the bed. Even though I knew this was a dream this suddenly felt completely wrong. I wanted nothing to do with this. I needed to leave.

      But since I did know this was a dream I decided to be creative about it. I went back out into the living room. There were helium balloons all around from a party for one of his kids. I grabbed a large bunch of them, holding them by the strings. I went back into the bedroom and told the author to follow me out to the front yard. We both walked out of the house and into the yard. I then told him I needed to leave. And at that point I let the balloons start carrying me up into the air. He looked at me sadly as I left, saying nothing. I floated higher and higher.

      I suddenly came to the edge or top of a large dome. I "remembered" that this city was under a dome, that it was a protection from something out in the world. (I think I was a little less lucid now--at least I was letting a new story line pull me in.) I wanted to see what was out there, what this city was being protected from. I floated around looking for a door of some sort. I finally found a door-like opening and exited the dome.

      To my surprise a huge space battle was happening right outside the dome (think the first scene of Star Wars III only closer to the land). All kinds of space ships large and small were whizzing by me shooting at each other. I was still clinging to the balloons. I must have been lucid enough to know I couldn't get hurt because I wasn't worried at all. I thought this was amazing to witness a battle like this so close up. The "graphics" were incredible (thank you mind). I watched this happening all around me for a while before deciding to land and see what was happening on the ground.

      I found myself in a building. People that I knew were "enemies" were all around me. I no longer had the balloons but I knew I could still float, and I also made myself invisible. I hovered near the fairly low ceiling. At some point someone figured out that I was there and for the next 15-20 minutes or more (that's what it felt like) I was moving from place to place in the building trying to avoid capture. I was never really worried, but found this rather exciting. I knew that they couldn't catch me, or if they did it wouldn't be bad. At one point I remember finding a room with a baby. I woke up the baby and had to put it back to sleep. I also found myself in a kids room with a lot of bunk beds.

      And that's all I remember.

      Although I do remember a scene that I have no idea where it fits in. At one point when I was quite lucid I remember looking for something to eat. I went out from a house into a backyard and found a fruit tree. This tree had strange fruit on it. They were large and green. I picked one and found that the rind was very tough. The one I picked had split open, though, so I could easily pull the rind back and get to the fruit. It was white and soft and creamy--almost like a banana that's been put in a blender. It was very sweet and tasted a bit like a vanilla milkshake, but not as cold. I sucked it out, not having to chew it at all. It was quite good.
    5. False Awakenings, Dream within a Dream, and Missed Lucid Opportunities

      by , 02-05-2016 at 08:42 PM
      I want to catch up again with recording my dreams here. This is from two night ago:

      Obviously dreaming and lucidity are on my mind. But sometimes things get pretty mixed up in dreams. Almost 10 years of lucid dreaming and I still have nights like this.

      In the first dream I was with a group of people in a place that looked similar to the backyard in the house I grew up in. I was looking at a dirt slope and saw a cicada nymph that was about to hatch out into its adult form. My eyes had a macro view as I saw the exoskeleton start to split and the adult head start to emerge. I thought this was the coolest thing ever, so I went to get my phone/camera so I could film the process.

      I knew I had left my phone on a table, but when I got there it wasn't there. I frantically started looking around. How could I have misplaced it? I'm usually so careful with my phone. I started shouting out to everyone there to help me find my phone. I looked back over and saw that the cicada was about halfway out. I was missing this! I kept running around in search of my phone when I suddenly "woke up".

      I was back in my bed and I looked over and my phone was on my night stand. Duh, that was just a dream. Of course. Typical dream--can't find my camera to take a picture of something cool. I then jumped up out of bed and grabbed my camera and headed out to the backyard where everyone still was. Now I could take a picture of the cicada.

      Haha. Completely missed lucidity on that one!

      Dream 2:

      I was talking to someone about a book. We had also been talking about lucid dreaming. I told the person (a lady, I think) I was with that it was pretty easy to enter a dream. I started walking her through the steps. First you get into a relaxed state, then you start picturing what it is you want to dream about.

      I started thinking about that book. I remembered a scene where there was a girl who was running down the street. I started thinking about it. Soon I saw the girl and the neighborhood appear in front of my eyes.

      I told the lady who I was with that I was going to enter a scene from the book. I told her that I was already seeing the image appear before me. I told her the next step was to solidify everything, so I could make myself enter the dream.

      I then saw everything more clearly. My vision was following this girl down the street. I now knew that I had to solidify my own body. I imagined my legs running and swinging my arms. I soon could see my arms as I ran. I looked down and saw my feet. This was progressing nicely.

      I then reached out and rubbed my hands together. Yes. I was fully in the dream. Yes, I was lucid. Awesome!

      I continued following the girl. Something told me this was important. She went in to a house. I followed.

      And that's all I remember. I must have lost lucidity.

      I feel bad I lost the chance to have a nice long lucid dream where I accomplish many goals. But I should always be happy anytime I get lucid , even if the dream's short and I get there is strange ways. It shows dreaming and lucidity were on my mind.
    6. Three short LDs

      by , 06-08-2015 at 03:02 PM

      I had three lucid dreams last night...actually this morning before waking. All short. I will write details later. Did an unintentional WBTB.

      Basically I was lost in an unfamiliar big city at night. I was on foot. My phone was having issues and I couldn't make calls or pull up a map. Finally a lady came by and I was telling her my problems. Suddenly everything I was telling her was obvious. Those were common dream signs. I was dreaming. I immediately took off flying. I rubbed my hands together. I was wearing blue crocheted gloves...which I immediately took off. I also noticed how my teeth felt against my tongue, something that I have never noticed before in a LD. I flew, noticing things and taking off clothing until I woke up.

      But then went back to sleep and had two more.
    7. LD: Food and Flying

      by , 01-16-2015 at 04:04 AM
      Another older dream.


      Lucid Dream:

      I'm not sure what triggered lucidity, but when I became lucid I was a the dinner table with several people including my sister. I remembered recently reading a post here on Dreamviews about whether you can taste things in dreams. Even though I have eaten in dreams before and tasted food I wanted to put this to the test again and really try to notice.

      I picked up a block of cheddar cheese and popped it into my mouth. I remember thinking that I could distinctly taste the cheddar flavor, but it was not as strong as in real life, like it was somehow "muted".

      I then decided I wanted to eat cookies. There weren't any on the table so I went to a cupboard and opened it up. Sure enough, there was a plate of cookies. I started stuffing them into my mouth. I was a little disappointed to find that they were store bought, like a chewy Chips Ahoy kind of cookie. I tried to transform them into homemade, and they changed slightly, looking a little more irregular. But they still tasted like store-bought.

      I then tried to find a plate of brownies, but I didn't have any luck with that, so I went outside. I thought about the fact that I don't have to "try" to fly. I just think about it and an instant later I am in the sky. I paid close attention to that now. As soon as I walked out the door, I was pulled up into the sky fairly quickly. I slowed to a stop at about three stories up, which is in the range I usually fly at (1-4 stories).
      I don't often fly too high. I have to really work at it to get higher than that "normal" range of mine.

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    8. Lucid Dream: Pigging Out...again

      by , 05-29-2014 at 02:18 AM
      I just remembered another lucid dream. It was actually the same night in Coyote Gulch, so I probably could have included it with the other LD from that night. But since I haven't posted here for a long time I think I will make this a whole new post so I can feel more active on DV.


      Something (now forgotten) triggered lucidity. I flew around and then landed next to some people who had a plate piled up with cookies and cakes. I decided that this was my chance to be a total pig and eat it all. At first I felt slightly self conscious about the people next to me whose food I was now eating. But I reminded myself that they were not real--just as this food was not real, which was the reason for me eating it in the first place. I picked up huge cookies and pieces of cake and stuffed the whole things into my mouth cramming in as much as I could. It was all fairly soft. As is typical of this sort of dream for me, the food's flavor was less strong than in real life, but I could still taste the sweetness, but it just helped encourage me to stuff even more in, in hopes of tasting it more. I also remember eating chocolate covered pretzels as well.

      I know I sound like a huge pig. And I know I do this fairly often in my LDs. But I guess, it is so much better to do this in the privacy of a dream than in real life.

      Unfortunately the chocolate covered pretzels made me crave real ones and after we climbed out of the canyon and entered civilization again I bought a package of them. I had earned them, after all, by hiking with a 45 pounds pack for 6 days.
      Tags: eating, food, senses, taste
    9. Lucid Dream: Making Out and Flying though Solid Objects

      by , 05-28-2014 at 11:19 PM
      I just realized how long it has been since I have written down any dreams. What a shame since I have had some decent ones in the last few months. My lucids have been few. But I have had enough to know that I'm still a "lucid Dreamer". If I put more thought into it I could increase my numbers significantly.

      My last LD was a few weeks ago while I was on my backpacking trip in Coyote Gulch. I always like to have LDs when I am in cool places. It makes the experience more memorable.

      So I will share it now.

      Lucid Dream:

      The start is fuzzy. I do remember something occurring that made me question reality and I started to fly. I was pretty happy because it had been a while since I had had an LD. I remember just trying to get the most of my flying by trying to feel the wind and movement. I remember the dream starting to fade so I rubbed my arms with my hands and then hugged and rubbed my body with my arms.

      I remember seeing this guy and wanting to make out with him. I remember sitting on a couch with him. I know he knew I wanted to make out, but he was looking back and forth between me and his girlfriend that was sitting next to him on the other side like he was trying to decide what to do. I told him, "If it makes you feel better, I'm not real." And then I added, "For that matter she isn't real either." But as is typical of most of my dreams, I thought he was real. I told him when he woke up and his "girlfriend" and I were gone, he would be glad he made out with me in this dream.

      I don't remember much about what happened after that. I think we ended up kissing a little. But nothing too memorable.

      Then I was flying again. I seemed to be inside this large old building, like a cathedral. I was near the top. I saw this pane of glass. As I got closer I was that this window had two panes. I suddenly had the desire to attempt to fly through them. In every LD I try to do something that I either haven't done before or something that is a little difficult for me. This way I feel like I am growing in my lucid dreaming skills. I have had trouble in the past flying through solid objects.

      So I flew at the window and started pushing myself through. I went slowly and there was some resistance, but I was going through--which made me feel successful and happy.

      Unfortunately that is that last thing I remember doing. At some point I woke up.
    10. Short LD: FLying and Free Falling

      by , 09-13-2013 at 05:24 PM
      I have had several short Lucid dreams in the last few weeks that I haven't written down because they were fairly uneventful. But I should have, so I could at least record my lucidity.

      This is what I remember from my most recent LD.

      I was driving down these streets that were next to a marsh or swamp. The roads were raised on piers. I was getting lost and the roads were like a maze. I kept having to turn around and keep trying to find my way to where I was supposed to be going.

      Next thing I know I am on foot. The roads go inside buildings and I am now trying to make my way through rooms. I suddenly just want to get out of there. I can't even remember what I am looking for. Each room leads to another room with no apparent exit.

      Finally the whole situation seems too ridiculous and I wonder if I could be dreaming this whole mess up. In fact, I am now completely sure this is just a dream. I turn and see a window with blinds next to me. I jump in the air and fly to the window. I know that since this is just a dream that I can go through the window. I fly through the slits of the blinds (like I had shrunk or the window had grown). I am now outside high in the air near a tall red cliff. I am so thrilled to be out here....flying...in the exact scenery I would have chosen if I had made a conscious decision...

      I fly toward the cliff and as soon as I am near I let myself fall. I completely take in the feeling of flight and free fall. The wind on my face....the feeling in my stomach of falling....

      But before I could enjoy anything else the dream fades.

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    11. LD: Flying, Touching Things, Sam

      by , 07-06-2013 at 04:33 PM

      I was having camera troubles, and I decided that I had to be dreaming. I took off flying. I remember reaching out and trying to touch things as I flew so I would feel more part of the dream.

      Then things got kind of weird and kind of became a sex dream. I realize I wasn't fully lucid in parts. Like I thought Sam from Supernaturals was my boyfriend. But I do remember I kept saying, "This is my deam...we're going to do it my way." I really don't remember a whole lot.
    12. LD: Flying through Sprinklers, Using Senses

      by , 07-06-2013 at 04:31 PM

      Lucid Dream (maybe this is several dreams):

      I had gone on this trip with a group of girls. We were staying in this awful motel room that was decorated in burgandy and pink. I took out my camera and tried to take pictures but the battery was wrong. I took it out, and it wasn't the right one. I was mad because I couldn't take any more pictures on this trip.

      I didn't go lucid at that point.

      Later we were in an airport watching these huge jets take off. Then I was on a plane. Seems like something happened, like we almost hit a building. But I don't really remember that.

      Then I was back at home in my childhood house. I was in the backyard. I don't remember what triggered lucidity. But I suddenly knew I was dreaming and flew up in the air a bit. I felt a bit unstable in the dream, so I rubbed my hands together. I realized that it had been forever since I had done this in a dream. I noticed that it really did bring me back in to the dream. I felt more physically there.

      I looked over the fence into the neighbor's yard. They had their sprinklers on. I knew I wanted to go through the sprinklers. I thought that it was either a Task of the Month from the past...or something that I had decided at one point I wanted to do. So I swooped down until the water was sprinkling on me. The water felt very real.

      I flew back up. I then remembered reading on of my LDs from a long time ago where I had used my five senses...and how that had made the dream way more meaningful. So I flew over to my roof and rubbed, my hand all along the brown asphalt shingles. It was satisfying to feel the roughness under my fingertips.

      I then remember one of the other Tasks that I had been wanted to try for a while now was to meet a fictional character. The one that popped into my head was a character from a story that I had started writing myself a while ago. I flew back up and looked into the neighbors yard again and saw a wheelchair. I thought it was empty at first. But as I got closer I saw a child sitting in it. I wondered if this was my character as a child. He started talking to me. What he said didn't make sense. But I thougth it was cool that he was interacting with me.
    13. Task of the Month: Standing on my Head--both versions

      by , 07-06-2013 at 04:24 PM

      I read about the Lucid Tasks yesterday and told myself the next time I was lucid I would do those. Apparently it's good for me to set goals like that becasue I got lucid last night and completed both tasks.

      Lucid Tasks Dream:

      I was having camera problems and was feeling very frustrated. There was something I really wanted to take a picture of (though I can't remember what it was).

      Something in my mind reminded me that this meant that there was a chance I was dreaming. I didn't want to think about that possibility because that meant that whatever it was that I was taking a picture of was not real, and I really wanted it to be real.

      But I decided to try to fly anyway, and wasn't too surprised when I took off gliding and knew that this was a dream.

      I then remembered the Tasks that I wanted to try.

      I landed on the ground again. I was on the side of a nearly empty city street. I could see no cars and very few people.

      I decided to try the basic task first--the simple headstand. So I bent over with my hands down, just like I would do a hand stand in a pool. I put my head on the pavement and tried to balance my legs in the air. At first I was having trouble maintaining balance. I had to tel myellf, "Oh come on... this is a dream. I should be able to do this with no problems." And at that I steadied myself and held a headstand.

      Pleased with myself, I decided to try the more advanced version of a headstand. I wasn't sure how this one would work. I had never separated body parts on a dream before. I had no idea if they would come off easily or not. Would it hurt at all?

      I grabbed my head in my hands and started giving a sideways pull. I wasn't sure if anything was happening. Then I noticed my shadow on the ground in front of me and I realized that that would be a great help.

      I then watched as I slid my head off my shoulders (no pain or discomfort at all) and lowered it to the ground. I also didn't noticed any change with the way I was viewing things. My vision remained focused on the shadow.

      I placed my head on the ground next to my feet. I felt no sensation on my head at all as I carefully stepped up on my head. My feet, however, were bare, and I could feel my head and hair under my feet. I stood there for a moment.

      And then must have lost lucidity because I remember nothing else.
    14. LD: Flying, Pain, Kissing

      by , 07-06-2013 at 04:11 PM

      I had a super long LD this morning.

      I was driving a truck and having problems controlling it (typical dream sign) I finally was coming up to another truck that had some either surf boards or snow boards sticking out the back. I started slamming on the brake, but the truck kept going at a slow roll until it ran into and broke the "boards" on the back of the other truck. I was horrified. But the feeling and situation caused me to become lucid.

      I don't remember all the details. I remember flying around a lot. I ended up at my grandparents. I saw that the neighbors had Christmas decorations out front that was 8 reindeer pulling an RV. As I watched it took off flying. I had the momentary thought that they spent way too much money on something that fancy. I flew around some more. I flew across the valley to the mountains on the other side.

      At that point I remembered that TOM to find Santa's sleigh. But as I looked around none appeared.

      I flew some more (and I really think I was doing things that I have now forgotten)

      I do remember feeling pain in my finger and looking down saw it was covered with these little burrs. I tried to pull them out, but they had these really sharp little barbs and they just stuck to my other fingers. I tired to just make them disappear, because I knew this was a dream and that I had the power to do so. But they wanted to stay. So I did the next best thing. I landed on the ground next to a group of ladies and said, I know you all have tweezers with you. Can you pull these out?" They then all pulled out tweezers and quickly pulled them out. I felt pretty good about taking care of that problem so easily and quickly.

      I was about to leave when I noticed I had one burr left on my finger. I saw a teenage guy. He had sandy brown hair that curled a bit over his eyes and over his ears. He had blue green eyes and a light sprinkling of freckes across his nose. I went to him and asked him to get it out. He did. I then sudden had this desire to kiss him. So I went to him and started to make out with him. He kissed me back. It was one of those odd kisses and felt "slimey". So I then flew away.

      Later I noticed that slimey feeling in my mouth still, and I started spitting out all this green slime. I remember thinking "Oh sick, that is so nasty. Why did my mind have to do that??"
    15. LD: Three Tasks (gibberish, mirror, getting naked)

      by , 06-25-2013 at 07:18 PM
      I finally got lucid and got three tasks done.

      I got up at 5:00 to exercise, but then changed my mind and decided to have a lucid dream. So I laid back down in bed with my head slightly propped up on pillows and willed myself into a dream. It wasn't really a WILD since I don't remember the transition. But I do know that as soon as the dream started I was already lucid.

      I was in an apartment with Jeff. I decided to get started on the tasks right away. I walked up to him and started to speak gibberish. He squinted a little as if trying to figure out what I was doing. I stopped for a second, but he still didn't really react, so I stared right back up with the gibberish. Finally he pulled me to him and started kissing me.

      Nice....speaking gibberish gets me a kiss.

      After the kiss I ran to the bathroom to find a mirror. As I got close to the bathroom I could see in, and I already saw an image of myself in a mirror. I knew I shouldn't have been able to see myself yet since the angle was all wrong. So I went all the way in the bathroom and faced the mirror. As I entered I could see what looked like my true reflection follow me in. The other image was still three doing its own thing. I moved around, and the new reflection did what I did. In both reflections my face was somewhat in the shadows, I was wearing a light orange t-shirt, and my skin was very tan. Often my reflection in dreams is very distorted. But this one was pretty normal (except for the addition of the second reflection).

      At that point I was satisfied that I had done enough to complete that task. So I decided to move on to the next task which was to get naked in front of people. I went to the window. I saw that I was at least 10 stories high. Without hesitating I flew out. Below me I could see people in a large open courtyard area. I flew down and landed next to some older ladies that were sitting on a bench. I briefly told them that I was going to complete a lucid task to get naked and get a reaction from people. I then took off my shirt. One of the ladies had an amused look on her face and said, "Well that should make people smile."

      I then tried to take off my shorts. I got them down over my hips and down my legs, but had trouble getting my feet out of them. I struggled for a minute, then realized that I didn't need to worry anymore about it. I moved on to find more people to get a reaction from (and the shorts were just gone). I saw some men working to move some furniture out of a truck. They glanced up at me and sure enough, they smiled, and then went right back to work. I went up to several more people who were walking by and each of them smiled and then went about their business.

      Hmmm....speaking gibberish get me kissed. Getting naked gets me a glance and a smile.

      I got tired of doing that so I flew back up into the air. I flew up the side of the building that supposedly my apartment was in. The outside was brick with Boston Ivy growing on it. It was very pretty. I got up to about the 9th floor and I suddenly was slowing down. I knew I wouldn't be able to fly any higher. Before I started floating back down to the ground, I saw that the building at the point had metal bars that I could grab ahold of. I knew that my mind had put these here so I could continue to go higher. I started climbing up these bars like a ladder using only my arms. I climbed to where my window was and then jumped out and started flying again. The flying felt really good. I paid a lot of attention to the way the wind felt on my face and the sound of it rushing by my ears. After a minute or so of this I started to get dizzy. I knew the dream was fading, and I figured it was okay since I had accomplished so much.
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