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    1. A WILD ride!

      by , 04-27-2016 at 08:30 PM
      I did an unintentional WBTB this morning. I had woken up and was having trouble going back to sleep. I laid in bed for a couple hours and was pretty much ready to give up, when I noticed that I was I was starting to have little dream snippets.

      I was in a small space ship in the Star Wars Universe. It had crash landed on a snowy bank. The space ship continued to slide, and to my horror I noticed that we were going off the edge of a cliff. I had R2D2 on my craft and he was able to slow us down to the point we stopped right on the very steep edge. It was so steep, however, that I had no idea how I would get out.

      Then the dream skips to the point where I am face to face with a guy that looks like a Jedi. He was young with long blond hair. At first I thought he looked like Obi Wan (in episode 2). But then I notice he was younger and was a different person. For some reason I had my light saber out and I was ready to defend myself.

      Then the dream skips to the point where I must have passed out and was laying in the lap of this Jedi and he was stroking my hair.

      At that point I pop awake. I was disappointed because it had felt so peaceful to just lay all safe in the Jedi's arms and let him touch my hair. I wanted that to go on and on.

      I was also disappointed because I felt that because I had fallen asleep for that short time that I would never get back to sleep so I could lucid dream.

      But since I had some time before I had to get up I decided to give it another try. I got as comfortable as I could while laying on my back. I had ear plugs in and a shirt over my eyes because the light was starting to stream in my window. I willed myself to relax. Totally relax and let go. Let go... Let go...

      I suddenly found that I was hearing a great roaring noise. I immediately knew that I was starting to transition. I was having a WILD. It had been a long time since I had had a successful WILD. I was pretty excited about this. But I made myself lay still and let it take me for a ride.

      I was starting to see a visual that went along with the roaring. I was in what looked like a huge room. It was bigger than anything I had experienced. It reminded my of a hanger in a Star Destoryer, but bigger. I was being pulled through this feet first (because I was laying on my back in real life) at quite a fast speed. I watched the rust colored metal walls rush by me. As fast and noisy as this was, I felt quite safe. I was curious where this would take me.

      Suddenly I was spit out into outer space. I was going so fast. I was passing by stars and planets. Finally I decided that I was solidly enough in the dream that I could try to control it a little. I decided to try to slow down when I passed the next planet. Not a chance. I quickly passed it by. I tried again. I was still going too fast. Finally I saw a planet that looked just like Earth. I forced myself to slow and aim right at the planet. And I was able to drop down to the ground.

      The dream was so long (it felt like well over an hour). I remember several things that I did, but I'm not entirely sure of the order, so I will put them together the best I can.

      At some point I was at my grandparents' house. this house shows up in so many dream of mine. I think I went semi lucid at this point. I was cleaning it up and found all this really old food, like M&Ms and was eating them. I remember thinking "these are the old colors. Maybe I should save them." I also remember old cheese and wondered how safe it was to eat.

      Then I was in a large store. I had a crowd gathered around me. I had remembered that I wanted to create my halo (from Poet Anderson). I had done this in a previous dream, but decided to do it again. I guess I was going to show off to the crowd what I could do. I held up my hand and willed a halo to appear. Slowly I could see a golden tan line start to form. It swirled around forming a ball. I was proud of myself for being able to do this so easily, that I wanted to make it even more impressive. So I made it grow bigger and bigger. Soon it had a diameter of a couple feet.

      Then It suddenly got solid and fell to the floor with a thud. I felt a little embarrassed since the crowd was still watching me. I decided to be dramatic and dive into my halo and disappear. I did so and was nearly successful. But I realized that all of me went inside the halo but my feet. So much for impressing the dream characters. I climbed back out of the halo and picked it back up, and flew away.

      I remember another part of the dream where I was flying a plane. I was alone and realized that I didn't know how to fly a plane. But I told myself that since I was dreaming hat I could control it with my mind. I didn't have to know what the buttons and levers did. I did a fairly good job flying it, but my control was always a little delayed. I felt like I was going to crash into things but would barely miss at the last minute.

      Then I was flying (without a plane) around a nice neighborhood in the snow. I noticed how each house had a really nice porch. I then flew to a mall. I passed a mirror and realized that I had no make-up on. I was a lady at a make up counter and asked if she could do my make-up. So I sat there as she put eyeliner and eye shadow on my eyes. The nit hit me that I was totally wasting my time. Why did I need make-up in my dream anyway. I looked in the mirror again and saw that the make up was very minimal. I shouldn't have bothered.

      And that's all I remember. Perhaps more will come to me throughout the day.
    2. Semi-lucids: Naked in the Snow/Free Falling

      by , 02-02-2015 at 06:14 PM
      I had two recent dreams that were almost lucid. Or maybe semi lucid. They were early on in the night so my memory about them is not as vivid. I remember acting like I was lucid but there was no 'Aha...I'm dreaming!" moment. Maybe I will write them up as lucid, but with the explanation here that I'm not entirely sure. I do know that I wasn't lucid enough to decide to do whatever I wanted. I pretty much went along with the existing dream.

      Dream 1:

      I was out in the snow with Jeff. I somehow knew that things weren't real (not sure if I knew I was dreaming or I had control over things). But I suddenly knew that the coldness of the snow wouldn't affect me. I took off my clothes and rolled around in the snow and made snow angels and enjoyed the feeling of the non-cold snow on my skin.

      Dream 2:

      I don't remember the beginning. At some point I knew I had control and could fly (again, not sure if I was completely lucid or not). I was with this guy. I don't remember who he was but we were supposed to be doing something together and he was not happy with me running off. I ran to this tall wall and started climbing it. It was several stories high. When I got to the top I stood there and just let myself fall backwards. When I hit the ground I got up and proceeded to climb the wall again and do the same thing. It seemed that the guy and other people were watching me in disbelief. I found that exciting and wanted to keep doing it.
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    3. LD: Asking DC questions, Falling Backward, Eating, Changing Seasons

      by , 08-01-2012 at 05:37 AM
      Here is a long one from 12-22-07:

      I was in my church. I remember thinking, if I'm lucid I'll be able to fly. And at that I took off in a float/fly over the heads of the people around me. I flew around for a little while noticing that I was flying swimming style again.

      I then saw Kyle. And the first thing that came to mind was the DC interrogation task that I am kind of doing in private so I'm not going to give details about what I asked. But I suppose I can give the answers because my DC was being uncooporative in answering those specific questions.

      After I asked the questions and Kyle looking at me like I was asking something that was forbidden to ask. He then finally said, "If you are looking for some secret answers, I'll tell you this: It will happen....in Asia....on midnight of December 31."

      I repeated that in my mind because I felt it might be significant.

      I don't remember the transition, but I next remember being outside by a house. I remember wanting to jump off the top of the roof. I ran up (I seem to remember a ramp), then when I got the the peak, I decided to let myself fall off backwards. There seems to be a thrill in that. Since I fly so much, it's nice to find something that is a little different and thrilling.

      As often happens when I fall backward, I feel a falling sensation, yet I don't hit the ground when I think I should, and after a while I just stand up and realize that the ground is right there.

      I remember doing that several times. Then I remember thinking, "I really should be trying to accomplish a task. I remember that I haven't done the Make it Winter" Task of the Month of December.

      I walk into a courtyard. There is green grass and some hibiscus shrubs. Before I even have to put out any effort, it begins to snow. I think, "Wow, that was easy." The I remember that I need to do more than make it snow. i realize that even though it is snowing, it is not cold. The next thing I know I feel an icy cold wind sweep around me and through the leaves of the hibiscus. I think, "Maybe I should make the leaves fall off the hibiscus." But for some reason, i just think, "Naw, they'll fall off on their own in this weather."

      I then go in the house. I see that I am in a kitchen. I remember someone suggested that we make a recipe and try it out as a possible future task of the month. I look around for thing to put together in a recipe. The only food I see in the kitchen is a large bowl filled with cake cut up in squares, grapes, and M&Ms. I think, "That will be my recipe--I'll put a piece of each one in my mouth and see what it tastes like. So I grab a handful and stuff it into my mouth. I realize that the cake doens't have much flavor. I'm disappointed. The grapes takes like sour-ish grapes, but not strong. Then I bit into an M&M, and a burst of chocolate flavor fills my mouth. I grabbed another handful of M&Ms and took them with me as I run back up to the roof, so I can fall backwards off it again before my LD comes to an end.

      As I am climbing to the top of the roof, I am thinking about how real the M&Ms taste, and how weird that is becasue I know that I'm dreaming and that there are no M&Ms, yet the sensation is so completely real, and how my brain must be using an old memory of myself eating M&Ms to make this so real for me again. I actually wonder at this moment what is exactly going on in my brain at this moment.

      Then I reach the roof top and fall off backward again. Instead of floating down for a fairly long period of time. I fall quite quickly and feel a slight thud and my back hits the ground. I think, "At least that didn't hurt".

      I decide I should really try something else if my LD was going to go on this long. So I decided that I wnted to find a DC to ask about my future. I have never had any luck in the past and I decided that I should try again. I walk back in the house and see Daniel standing by the stairs. I decide to ask him something quite specific, so I ask him where I will be in ten years. He looks at me and said, "You'll be living in a tent in the mountains." I am intrigued by his answer and start to question him about it. But before I can get too far, I finally wake up.
    4. LD: Asking DC questions

      by , 08-01-2012 at 05:28 AM
      Old LD from 12-17-07


      I was in a place. In my dream I was thinking of it as a bar. I was hanging out there like I was waiting for someone. I remember at some point it struck me as weird that I was in a bar because I have never actually been to a bar since I don't drink. The place was mostly empty. I remember at one point I was feeling very tired and almost dizzy so i went to a back booth and put my head down and dozed for a while.

      I then woke up and walked around the bar some more. I saw my friend KB. It looked like she owned the place-- which is strange because she doens't drink either. She told me about the new booth that they put up in the back corner by the fireplace. I walked over to it and sat down. It was more like a bench. But the corner was nicely secluded and made me feel comfortable.

      I remember looking up and seeing either a picture or a window. It was a snowy scene. As I watched it I suddenly was outside in that scene. I looked around and saw that I was on a snowy roof top maybe two stories high. I was looking down at a street. The street curved around and went uphill.

      I walked a little on the roof (which was flat) and found that it was icy and slippery. I had only socks on my feet and I began to slide around. I pretended (just like a kid on a slick floor) that I was skating. I went around and around. Then I saw Jeff. I "skated" up to wehre he was.

      Then I remember seeing a van or camper. I could see people inside. One of them looked like my grandpa. I really wanted to see him. (My gandpa has been dead for many years....and none of the unususal things that happened so far had mad me lucid).

      I went into the camper and saw a group of people. The older man I could see was not my grandpa. The place was all decorated for Christmas, with a tree and someone dressed as Santa. When I went in I had walked up to a blond girl.

      At this point I became lucid. I thought, "Okay here I am with a DC. Are there any tasks that I can do that involve asking a DC a question? Yes!"

      Me: "What is the next Lucid Task of the Month?"

      Girl: "Well, your task is to play Hayes IV. You need to find the paper and then you'll get your reward."

      Me: "Hayes IV...? I've never heard of it. I don't think there is such a game."

      Girl, ignoring my response: "You need to play Hayes IV and find the paper."

      Me, laughing a little: "I don't think it's a real game."

      Girl : "The only reason I'm telling you this is because I knew you'd ask."

      I was kind of surprised by that response. "Really...what's your name?"

      Girl: "Kristen."

      At that point I decided to wake up so I could wirte down this conversation.

      I was surprised to see that the night was still very early-- 12:52. I had gone to bed after 11:00, so it was an unusually early time of night for me to LD
    5. Lucid Dream--Walking through Fire, Bringing a Snowman to life and flying with it

      by , 12-20-2011 at 06:49 AM
      Old LD from 7-11-07

      Wow...I just had a long lucid dream in which I did the Task of the Month again, plus several old ones.

      I had awakened at 5:00 I laid in bed about 20 minutes. Then I got on DV for about 45 minutes (looked at old Task of the month) and then went back to bed. I laid there for a little bit wondering if I would go back to sleep. As I felt myself started getting really tired, I made myself open my eyes and glance at the time--6:32.

      The first part of the dream that I remember is being with my two little neices. They had had a birthday party, and things were still decorated. I was talking to one of the neices (K) and she was telling me about how the party theme was Pirates and how fun it had been.

      I then remember picking her up and jumpin with her, and at the top throwing her up a bit and catching her, then both of us would land on the floor. She loved it and I remember noticing how I could keep doing this and not get tired (Missed the dream sign this first time).

      Then I set her down and started doing back flips. I remember being amazed that I was doing such good backflips and I wasn't even on a trampoline. Then I started doing front flips and I noticed how good they made me feel to do them

      Then it hit me. This was a dream-- I loved doing dream flips because they make me feel so good.

      As soon as I realised that I was dreaming I decided I wanted to do the DV Member Task again to see if I could get more DV members to show up.

      This first transistion is a bit fuzzy. I think I started looking through the house for DV members. I didn't find any. I then decided to head out into the backyard so I could try the "Pet" task from last month that I had never gotten a chance to try.

      I walked through the back room next to a sick looking Vietnamese guy huddled in a yellow blanket. I opened the door and went into the yard. It was my yard form my LA house.

      I saw both my current dog and cat there. I started with my dog. "Hey boy, what do you think of me, huh? I need you to talk to me. DO you like me? Tell me what you think." But he kept sniffing at something in the grass and wouldn't even acknowlege my presence.

      I looked and now saw my cat just a few feet away. I asked her the same questions. But like my dog, she seemed more interested in something in the grass than in answering my questions. So I thought about trying another Task before I woke up.

      The Fire Task. I had to do the fire task. I looked around for a fire. There wasn't a fire in my yard. But as I looked over the fence toward my neighbors' yard, I could see smoke and I knew that there was a fire there.

      I flew up and over the fence into my neighbors' yard. I landed on the grass. The yard looked just like I remember the Franko's yard to look. They had been the neighbors that I grew up by. I walked under their big tree. I could see the Frankos on the patio. I told them I needed to borrow their fire for a moment.

      As I got to the far side of the yard I could see a small campfire. It wasn't very big, and I didn't know if it would actually count as walking "through" fire. but I was just doing this for fun anyway since it was now a new month with a new task.

      I looked down at the fire and took small step and and walked over the fire. Since it was only about 2 feet across, I could only step twice--once with each foot.

      I had wondered if the fire would feel hot...or if it would just seem like I was walking on normal ground. Well, as soon as I put my bare foot on the coals, I realized that this was going to be harder than I thought because the coals were actually very hot and burning the bottom of my foot.

      Still, I walked though. Even though it hurt, it seemed a bit anticlimatic. So I turned around and did it again. It still hurt. I decided that I would keep trying until I could control it and make it so it didn't feel hot to me anymore. On about the fifth time through the fire, I felt that I had achieved that.

      I started walking across the yard back toward my own yard again. Suddenly the neighbors dog ran up to me not looking very friendly [the real Frankos had a dog that scared me as a child]. I decided that it was time to fly.

      I remember wondering what the Frankos must be thinking of my strange visit to their backyard, but then remembered that they were my dream characters and weren't actually thinking anything.

      In my own backyard I saw two large white and brown dogs. I chased them out the side gate.

      I was still not satisfied with my attempt to find DV members so I tried again. I walked around (somewhere near the yard I think) calling out for DV members. I saw this group of people. I asked again if there were any DV memberd present.

      Finally this teenage guy walks toward me from the crowd with his arm up. He said, "I'm a DV member.

      I said, "Great, what's your username?"

      He answered, "T-Arizona"

      I said, "Cool, I think I'll remember that one."

      Then two more guys walked out. One of the boys had two heads, one looked normal, the other had no neck. He told me his username. It was something cool sounding with two words and started with an "S".

      Then the third boy told me his name...which I have also forgotten by now.

      After that I decided to go look some more. I really wanted to find DV members that I knew. I walked inside a building and decided to call out for certain members. I decided to start with Oneironaut.

      So I walked through this crowded building calling out for Onieronaut. Several times I could see black guys that from a distance looked like the right guy. But each time as I got close I could see that I had the wrong guy.

      I finally decided to try another name. This time I called out for CoLd BlooDed. I walked through what now looked like a school building. I called and called, but still got no matches. I even tried CB's real name to see if that made a difference. But it didn't.

      I finally ended up in a hallway by the doors to the outside. There was a group of students there waiting for the bell to ring and for school to get out. There was some teacher by the doors reminding the students to wear their bicycle helmets. The students all repeated a chant about helmets.

      Finally the doors opened. At this point I decided that I wasn't having any luck with finding DV members, so I decided to try another of the older Tasks that I had never gotten done. I decided to do the "Snowman" Task.

      As luck would have it, I walked out of the school and into a snow covered park. There were at least five snowmen in the park. At this point I was also suddenly with my childhood best friend M. I looked at the snowmen and wondered how hard it would be to bring them to life. I decided just to look at them with the expectation that they would just start moving. And sure enough, the one closest to me started twitching. Then it turned so it was facing me, and then started moving toward me. It was smiling, and I felt no fear that it would suddenly become evil and attack me.

      I looked around and saw at least four other snowmen now moving in my direction. When the closest one got to me, I decided that I wanted to go flying with it. I told it to turn around so I could climb on its back.

      After I was on its back I told it to fly. As we took off in the air, I remembered my friend that I had left behind. I knew she was only a DC, but I just felt the need to be polite, so I called back to her to get on the next snowman and to follow me.

      At first I felt cold being on the snowman and flying through a winter sky. But I remembered how I had been successful in changing the temperature in past LDs. I told myself that I would no longer feel the cold since it was just my good imagination making it cold in the first place.

      Gradually the snowman started feeling warm beneath me, and the air became just cool and not cold. It was perfect.

      Then suddenly it was night. We were flying low and past buildings that were all covered with Christmas lights. I remember a building that looked like a City Hall that was just beautiful. We flew so close I could almost touch the lights.

      There is a transition here that I don't remember.

      But the next thing I remember is that I am back in a building looking for DV members. I believe it was an arcade. I could see out the window that it was still dark outside and I could see Christmas lights.

      There were no DV members in the arcade, so I walked into the next room. There was a long skinny swimming pool there, the kind that makes a current that people can just stay in the same spot and swim against it..

      I looked down in the pool to see if anyone I recognised that there. But I saw this man--he was bald and scarred and was very white. It disturbed me, and I suddenly felt myself start to wake up. Instead of fighting against that and staying in my dream, I suddenly realised that I had dreamed such a long LD that it would actually be a really good idea to wake up at this point and see if I could remember all of it.

      So I let myself wake up.

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