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    1. A WILD ride!

      by , 04-27-2016 at 08:30 PM
      I did an unintentional WBTB this morning. I had woken up and was having trouble going back to sleep. I laid in bed for a couple hours and was pretty much ready to give up, when I noticed that I was I was starting to have little dream snippets.

      I was in a small space ship in the Star Wars Universe. It had crash landed on a snowy bank. The space ship continued to slide, and to my horror I noticed that we were going off the edge of a cliff. I had R2D2 on my craft and he was able to slow us down to the point we stopped right on the very steep edge. It was so steep, however, that I had no idea how I would get out.

      Then the dream skips to the point where I am face to face with a guy that looks like a Jedi. He was young with long blond hair. At first I thought he looked like Obi Wan (in episode 2). But then I notice he was younger and was a different person. For some reason I had my light saber out and I was ready to defend myself.

      Then the dream skips to the point where I must have passed out and was laying in the lap of this Jedi and he was stroking my hair.

      At that point I pop awake. I was disappointed because it had felt so peaceful to just lay all safe in the Jedi's arms and let him touch my hair. I wanted that to go on and on.

      I was also disappointed because I felt that because I had fallen asleep for that short time that I would never get back to sleep so I could lucid dream.

      But since I had some time before I had to get up I decided to give it another try. I got as comfortable as I could while laying on my back. I had ear plugs in and a shirt over my eyes because the light was starting to stream in my window. I willed myself to relax. Totally relax and let go. Let go... Let go...

      I suddenly found that I was hearing a great roaring noise. I immediately knew that I was starting to transition. I was having a WILD. It had been a long time since I had had a successful WILD. I was pretty excited about this. But I made myself lay still and let it take me for a ride.

      I was starting to see a visual that went along with the roaring. I was in what looked like a huge room. It was bigger than anything I had experienced. It reminded my of a hanger in a Star Destoryer, but bigger. I was being pulled through this feet first (because I was laying on my back in real life) at quite a fast speed. I watched the rust colored metal walls rush by me. As fast and noisy as this was, I felt quite safe. I was curious where this would take me.

      Suddenly I was spit out into outer space. I was going so fast. I was passing by stars and planets. Finally I decided that I was solidly enough in the dream that I could try to control it a little. I decided to try to slow down when I passed the next planet. Not a chance. I quickly passed it by. I tried again. I was still going too fast. Finally I saw a planet that looked just like Earth. I forced myself to slow and aim right at the planet. And I was able to drop down to the ground.

      The dream was so long (it felt like well over an hour). I remember several things that I did, but I'm not entirely sure of the order, so I will put them together the best I can.

      At some point I was at my grandparents' house. this house shows up in so many dream of mine. I think I went semi lucid at this point. I was cleaning it up and found all this really old food, like M&Ms and was eating them. I remember thinking "these are the old colors. Maybe I should save them." I also remember old cheese and wondered how safe it was to eat.

      Then I was in a large store. I had a crowd gathered around me. I had remembered that I wanted to create my halo (from Poet Anderson). I had done this in a previous dream, but decided to do it again. I guess I was going to show off to the crowd what I could do. I held up my hand and willed a halo to appear. Slowly I could see a golden tan line start to form. It swirled around forming a ball. I was proud of myself for being able to do this so easily, that I wanted to make it even more impressive. So I made it grow bigger and bigger. Soon it had a diameter of a couple feet.

      Then It suddenly got solid and fell to the floor with a thud. I felt a little embarrassed since the crowd was still watching me. I decided to be dramatic and dive into my halo and disappear. I did so and was nearly successful. But I realized that all of me went inside the halo but my feet. So much for impressing the dream characters. I climbed back out of the halo and picked it back up, and flew away.

      I remember another part of the dream where I was flying a plane. I was alone and realized that I didn't know how to fly a plane. But I told myself that since I was dreaming hat I could control it with my mind. I didn't have to know what the buttons and levers did. I did a fairly good job flying it, but my control was always a little delayed. I felt like I was going to crash into things but would barely miss at the last minute.

      Then I was flying (without a plane) around a nice neighborhood in the snow. I noticed how each house had a really nice porch. I then flew to a mall. I passed a mirror and realized that I had no make-up on. I was a lady at a make up counter and asked if she could do my make-up. So I sat there as she put eyeliner and eye shadow on my eyes. The nit hit me that I was totally wasting my time. Why did I need make-up in my dream anyway. I looked in the mirror again and saw that the make up was very minimal. I shouldn't have bothered.

      And that's all I remember. Perhaps more will come to me throughout the day.
    2. LD: Flying over Canyon and into Outer Space

      by , 10-15-2012 at 09:49 PM

      I'm so behind now.


      I don't remember how I got lucid or what I was doing before.

      I was at the edge of this very high cliff. I wanted to fly out and really appreciate the fact that I was able to just jump off the edge of a cliff and fly.

      I suddenly got nervous and made myself hover before I went over the edge. I remember looking way down at the river below (it was a bit like the grand canyon).

      I was going very slow and felt a liitle frustrated about that. But then I remembered recently answering a post about getting to outer space. I decided to practice the technique that I shared. This was the "changing scenery to get to space" technique.

      So as I flew I just imagined myself flying through the stars. It didn't take long before I saw that I actually was flying through the stars. I watched the stars pass me (it felt more like they were passing me than I was passing them). I then remembered the DV task of visiting all the planets. I still hadn't been able to get to a planet.

      I started wishing for planets to show up so I could land on one. I didn't care what the planet looked like. I figured I could just call it what I wanted anyway. I wasn't really sure what each planet looked like up close anyway. The planet Neptune kept coming to mind, so I figured the planet that showed up would be my version of Neptune.

      I started seeing fuzzy object pass me. I figured they were planets. But I couldn't get them to slow down so I could find out for sure.
      I finally lost lucidity.

    3. LD: Convincing stubborn DC's that this was MY lucid dream/An exercise in dream control

      by , 08-07-2012 at 06:22 PM
      I was floating in the air with Tanya, Philip, Sarah, and Kierra when I suddenly became lucid.

      I decided that I wanted to begin my dream by asking them some insightful questions. So I blurted out the first thing that came to me. I turned to Sarah and asked, "What is the best thing about me?"

      She countered back, "Well, what's the best thing about me?"

      I said, "Hey--this is my lucid dream. I get to ask the questions."

      But she decided to be difficult and not answer. So I looked to Tanya. I asked again something like, "What's something good about myself?" I looked at her with pleading eyes, because I wanted her to answer the question. She looked back at my eyes and finally answered, "You're sincere." Ok...I would be satisfied with that.

      I then asked both Kierra and Philip the same thing only to have them ask the same question Sarah did.

      I started getting frustrated. I said, "Darn it. This MY lucid dream. And I'll prove it."

      I stuck out my arm, and said, "If this weren't my lucid dream, could I make my arm glow?" And for a second I was worried because I had never tried to make my body glow before. But my dream powers cooperated and soon my arm was bright.

      I then said, with my arm still out, "If this weren't my lucid dream could I turn my hand blue. And I focused on my hand until it turned blue.

      "Or could I make my hand big?" And soon my hand was growing and strangely large.

      "Or could I make it small?" And I then strank it until is was about half normal size.

      "Or could I make it white?" I turned it a ghostly white.

      Then I decided that I had done enough. I was feeling quite satisfied with this little exercise in dream control. I needed to move on. I wanted to try to go through a mirror again since this has been giving me trouble that last few attempts.

      I found a mirror. It was cracked in a few places. I think I was in what was supposed to be my aunt's house because she was suddenly standing with my in the hallway. I decided to run at the mirror and try for the spot that had the largest unbroken area.

      I took off running only to hit the mirror. Instead on bouncing right back I kind of hung there for a moment before I rolled myself down off the mirror. I tried two more times with the same result and concluded that I would probably never get through a mirror again since I had somehow developed a mental block.

      I decided to try to fly to the moon by going outside and just flying up. I was a little surprised that my dream was lasting this long, but I didn't want to waste it. I knew from past experiences that the quicker I run from one goal to the next the more focused on the dream I was and less likely to lose lucidity.

      It was night outside. I could see so many bright stars. The night sky seemed magical. I was in a city. I had come out of a large building. I saw a bilboard in front of me. It had Mickey Mouse and was an ad for Disneyland. It made me smile. I looked around and saw several more signs all for Disneyland. It made me feel really happy about this place that I had found. I started flying upward. I suddenly heard a conversation on the ground below of a man talking to a boy about finding this certain destination. I tried to follow the conversation, but never was quite sure what they were talking about. It reminded me of the odd audio hallucinations that I sometimes hear right as I am waking up in the morning.

      And it was right after that that I suddenly was awake. And my alarm went off about 20 seconds later.
    4. LD: DV Member/Flying in Space

      by , 08-01-2012 at 05:43 AM
      Old dream from 12-26-07

      LUCID DREAM 1:

      I was in line waiting for a movie or concert or something that was supposed to be really cool. I was with a girl that reminded me of Cloe from Smallville.

      We finally get to the part where we buy our tickets. I see Burns there. I give Burns my money and she hands me a ticket. I look at the ticket and there is something brown on it. I looke closer and see that it's dried up dog poop. I show it to Burns and she apologizes and gives me another ticket. This ticket also had dog poop on it. I ask her if I could have another one. She is embarrassed and this time gives me a special big ticket. This one is about the size and texture of a mouse pad. It has pictures on it. I realize that this special ticket is kind of like a back stage pass. I'm happy to have it. I thanks Burns and move on.

      The next part is fuzzy. My notes don't help. They just say: " line, gym, hiding, lose ticket". I do remember the "lose ticket" part. I remember looking aound in that huge group of people and not being able to see my lost ticket. I then remember saying to myself," If I could fly I could find my ticket easier.....and if I fly, that will mean I'm dreaming."

      I suddenly took off flying above the heads of all the people. I started looking for the ticket. Then I thought, "If I'm dreaming, the ticket is not important". It took a moment for me to pull myself away from that task of looking for the ticket. But I then decided to fly out the door. I saw a double door that stood open. I swooped over the heads of the people and out the door. I saw Jeff sitting at a desk outside the door. I kept going. I flew over the buildings and tried to gain altitude so I could look down and see the whole city. But as soon as I tired this the dream started to fade.

      I made myself focus. I made everything clear again. i decided that I did most of the tasks I had in mind to do in the last LD. But then I remembered that I needed to go to space again. So I started to fly up. Before I knew it I saw that I was indeed in the darkness of space. I saw stars around me. I made myself go faster so I had the cool effect of the stars all passing me. The I realized that I really really wanted to find a space ship and go board. I start looking around and see lots of object all around me. Some are planets and some are space ships. I find a space ship that is rather close and head toward it. But before I reach it I wake up.