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    1. LD: Real and False TOTM (Making fire and Ice)

      by , 03-14-2016 at 09:06 PM
      Lucid dream from Saturday Night:

      I did an unintentional WBTB where I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep and finally drifted into dream mode. I sitting at a table with Marie, my best friend from high school. I was already lucid I remembered that I really wanted to do a Task of the Month. I was trying to remember what they were. I knew there was one where I had to ask a DC a question. Why was I having such a hard time remembering--I had recently done this one. But I thought it would be fun to do it again with my friend.

      Finally I decided that Task was to ask a DC what their favorite thing was to do in a lucid dream. That sounded right. (Obviously it wasn't right, but now in retrospect, it's nice to have done something a little different since I had done the real Task already.)

      So I said to Marie, "Tell me what you like to do in your lucid dreams?"

      She suddenly perked up at the mention of lucid dreams, "Ahh, lucid dreaming...that's where I like to fly and do flips in the air."

      As soon as she began to talk I suddenly remembered that Task about making fire and ice.

      "That's cool." I quickly said to her. And then said, "You can also do this in lucid dreams."

      I held out my hands. Unlike my dream where I had done this previously I held each hand in a separate cupped position. I concentrated on making a fire. First an orange glow appeared in each hand. I concentrated harder. I wanted flames. Soon I started seeing some detail. But something was odd. I could now see waving orange and yellow flames, but they looked like a cartoon fire. This was quite different that my other recent experience with making fire.

      I thought about trying to make the flames look more real. But then suddenly, the flames felt hot. Very hot. That was different as well. I extinguished the flames quickly.

      Now I needed to make ice. With my hands still cupped separately I concentrated on forming some ice. Soon I saw two shapeless white blobs form in my hands. I knew it was supposed to be ice. But it wasn't very good ice. It didn't even feel cold. I saw that I was close to a freezer. I walked to the freezer and opened it. Inside I saw some ice cubes sitting there in an otherwise empty freezer. I told myself that ice looked like that. So I needed to try again--this time with a good example in front of me that I could model. Within seconds I had exact copies of the ice cubes in my hands now. I had done it.

      With the Tasks done I decided to find a way outside and fly and decide what else I wanted to do. I often make decisions while I'm flying.

      I saw a large open window and flew out. I thought about what Marie had said about doing flips in the air. It had been a very long time since I had done dream flips. I suddenly really wanted to do some. I first tried a front flip. It felt so real as I did it. I tried a back flip next. That one felt really nice. Just a touch of dizziness while the world turned all around me. I did it again. and again.

      Then I noticed that I was on a college campus. I looked down and saw a food stand. This stand had several different kinds of licorice.

      I love licorice. I reached for a package of black licorice. But before I could eat it I woke up.
    2. Fake Tasks of the Month

      by , 03-06-2016 at 10:59 PM
      I had a lucid dream on the first of March that I haven't had a chance to write up yet.

      I don't remember the beginning, but as soon as I became lucid I wanted to do a task, but I hadn't seen which tasks had been chosen yet for the month. I had remembered there was a list of tasks that people had been voting on. I tried to remember what they were. I thought if I could remember what they were then I had a chance, at least, of getting one right.

      The first task that popped into my mind was Telling a Dream Character that they aren't Real. I'm not sure why I always think this is the task. I have fallen back on this one many times when I can't remember the real task.

      There was a nice looking young man next to me. I blurted out, "Did you know that this is my dream and you aren't real?" The man smiled at me and said something funny, which unfortunately, I can't remember anymore. We had a short discussion and he was just the nicest guy. Dream characters are so unpredictable. I have had some pretty rude ones in the past, so this was quite pleasant. I just wish I remembered what we talked about.

      Then I knew I needed to get back to the tasks.

      So I thought for a while then seemed to remember that there was a task of eating off a dream character's plate and seeing what their reaction was (I still haven't checked back to see if that was on the list, but I'm kind of doubting it).

      As luck would have it, I was in a restaurant. It was a buffet, and I was standing next to a table full of people who had full plates of food. I felt a little awkward, but then reminded myself that this was just a dream. I went up to the closest person, reached my hand down to their plate, then scooped up a handful of food off their plate. I don't remember what it was, but as I ate it I remember thinking that it was tasty. The person looked up at me with a weird look, but said nothing. I then proceeded to go from plate to plate using my fingers to scoop up food from each and then stuffing it into my mouth. For some reason, in lucid dreams when I eat, I always stuff as much food into my mouth as I can. I think it's because the food isn't quite as flavorful in dreams as in real life, so I feel like I need more at a time. The food almost instantly dissolves in my mouth, so I can then take another huge bite of food.

      The people at the table were amazingly good natured at my rude and socially unacceptable behavior. I tried to explain (between mouthfuls) that this was for a task I needed to do for Dreamviews.

      After doing this for a few minutes I tried to remember another task to attempt. I thought I remembered a task about eating dog food (my mind must have been on food). I decided to ask a dream character to help me out. "Where can I find dog food? Is there a store near here." The lady I asked then got a delighted look on her face. She happily told me that right next door to this restaurant was a place that was like a buffet, but for dogs. She took my arm and walked me out the door and to the dog food buffet next door. She told me that I should find all the dog food I needed for my task.

      As I looked around, it was truly like a people buffet, but with food geared for dogs. Some of the food was in warmers ready to fill a plate with. Other things were in large bins. I decided to start with the warm stuff. Again, using my hand, I scooped up a handful of warm food. It looked to me like chili rellenos. I put it into my mouth. It didn't taste like dogfood. It was better than some of the people food I had just eaten.

      I then took another scoop of food. This was like a warm brownie with caramel. I looked around and saw the owner of this store. I said, "This is really good. Is this really dog food?" He smiled a secretive smile and said, "Well, if it's good enough for dogs, it's good enough for people." I had the impression that I wasn't the only one who ate this "dog food".
    3. LD/TOTM--Childhood Crush and Asking DC What Their Favorite Dream Was.

      by , 03-06-2016 at 10:02 PM
      I did a Wake Back To Bed this morning. I was actually awake for several hours before falling back to sleep. But I decided to give it a shot anyway. I lay back down with my mp3 player. I was listening to U2's album October playing super softly. I suddenly felt myself start to drift, so I decided to turn off the music. Then after a while I realized I was still hearing music, so I turned the music off again. (I'm not sure which one was the real one and which was the dream).

      I remember being in my mom's house. We had talked about remodeling it. I walked out to the garage and suddenly realized that it was in the middle of being remodeled. When did that happen? There was a huge round hole in the side of the garage and the whole garage was about ten times its usual size. The front was gone and huge stone pillars were being built on what was to be a beautiful new entry of the house in front of the garage.

      The next thing I remember is seeing a friend from high school. I had had a crush on this friend for a few years and he didn't ask me out for a real date until I had gone away to college and was serious with another guy. Yep, sad story.

      Anyway, in the dream I was glad to see him and we were laughing and having a good time. Then suddenly he morphed into a guy I had had a crush on in the fifth grade and who moved away so I had never kept in touch with him. Oh, how I had liked that guy. His name was Jason and he sat next to me. He had long dark brown hair and light brown skin (he may have been part Mexican or Native). He was always really nice to me and a protector of sorts. The guy who sat on the other side of me was often a jerk to me, and Jason would stand up for me. As a shy fifth grader I thought that was so amazing.

      Sooo, we were in a van and were talking, flirting and laughing. At some point I became lucid. I told him I wanted to take him flying. As is typical in my lucid dreams I didn't immediately realize that since I was dreaming he wouldn't be real. I kept on thinking he was really there, and now since I was lucid I could take him flying and show off a little.

      I held on to his arm and we took off into the air. We were still at my mom's property and we started flying above it. I was having trouble getting much height. Every time I thought we were high in the air I realized our feet were about to drag the ground. I told Jason to start moving his arms and hands like he was paddling though water. He did and we started getting higher.

      I told him I wanted to fly to the lake (now we were back to where I live). As we flew to the water I saw that it was more like a ride at Disneyland. I could see two whales that reminded me of the whales on the Storybook Land canal ride. As I got closer I could even see the whales' eyes open and close. I thought that was really cool. I landed in the water next to a waterfall and we swam a little. Then I suddenly realized that Jason had morphed into a baby.

      The absurdity of that reminded me that I was lucid dreaming and that I really needed to get serious and do a task.

      The first task that came to mind was the Ask a DC to share their favorite dream. I looked around and saw a young boy who looked to be about seven years old. He had brown hair, a sprinkle of freckles across his nose, and two front teeth that seemed too big for his mouth. I approached him and asked if he would tell me his favorite dream. He crinkled up his nose and gave me a mischievous look and thought for a second. Then he started, "Well, there were these two clown fish. And there were also these two dirty people. And they were swimming. And then they bumped into a log." He stopped and laughed. That was apparently the end of the dream. I wanted to clarify--in his little kid "accent" I couldn't tell if he had said "clown fish" or "clam fish", so I asked him. "Clowwwwn fish", he emphasized.

      Cool. It was a very simple kid-like dream. But it would work for the task. But as always, I wanted to repeat the task and see what other results I could get.

      I looked and saw a guy next to me. I was pretty sure it was my childhood crush, now morphed back into an adult, but looking a little different. I asked him if he would tell me his favorite dream. He grinned at me and started, "There were these two clown fish and two dirty--"

      "No-no--You don't get to repeat the kid's dream. You have to come up with one of your own." I interrupted. [Yep, my mind is always trying to cheat a little.]

      He stopped and I could tell he was pondering. So I looked around and saw another guy standing not far behind the kid. He looked like Bill Clinton, yet the lower half of his face was all narrow and pinched together like an alien face. I called out to him "Hey Bill Clinton Alien Dude. Tell me your favorite dream." The Bill Clinton Alien Dude stood there looking at me with a small, thoughtful, but creepy smile.

      I suddenly jerked awake.
    4. Task of the Month: Sky/Obama

      by , 02-23-2016 at 07:40 PM
      I did a WBTB and had the longest LD I've had in a couple of months.

      Lucid Dream:

      I was in what was supposed to be my bedroom. I had been trying to do a WBTB but had been interrupted. Someone had woken me up and made me come out of my room. I was feeling a little grouchy. I really wanted to be able to go back to sleep so I could have a lucid dream. It had been a while since I had been so busy, and I thought that this morning would be the perfect time. I walked back into my room. My twin bed was in the middle of a very small room. There were two doors to the right of the bed. One of the doors (the one that I had walked through) was a sliding door that was grey in color. The rest of the room was light blue in color. There was another door near the foot of the bed, also on the right side that was a normal door that was painted white.

      I walked around my bed toward the window on the other side of the room. I could see through the sheer curtains that it was already light outside. Quite light. It would be way to late to try to go back to bed now. I felt frustrated.

      I looked down at my right hand. I saw that my ring finger was very short and stubby. It was also fat--more like a thumb than a finger. I wiggled my fingers and saw that it bent more to the side than straight over like the other fingers. What a weird ugly hand I had. Why couldn't I be normal like everybody else?

      Another girl suddenly came into my room. I don't remember who it was, but my dream self seemed to be comfortable with her in my room. I showed her my hand, wanting sympathy. Her response was to hold up her own hand. She had a pinky finger that was almost exactly like my ring finger. It was also super short and fat.


      I know what this means. Duh. Why did that take me so long to recognize that I was dreaming??

      But that doesn't matter. I'm lucid now. I need to do some
      Tasks of the Month. Aaaa....what were they again??? Oh yeah. Look at the sky and hand Obama a baby. And something else, but I can't remember. Well, I'll just start with those two and maybe the others will come to me. Where could I find Obama? No--look at the sky first--that's the easy one. Get that one checked off and then work on the harder one.

      So I ran over to the window again. I pulled back the sheer curtains and saw that the sky was a beautiful dark blue with layers of white clouds on the horizon. It was completely normal. But that was okay, it didn't have to be weird or anything to be counted. Okay, not bad. I had one task down. Now on to another.

      [There is a transition here and a missing piece that I no longer remember.]

      I was in a car with a little girl and her mom. Something had gone on with me and the girl. I think we must have been talking about lucid dreaming. Her mom didn't seem to happy with it. I had been telling the girl to look at the sky so she could do the Task too. The mom didn't want her girl to try to do any "Task". I then made eye contact with the girl and motioned for her to do the "finger through palm" Reality Check for her mom, so her mom would understand that we were lucid dreaming and this was all okay.

      I watched as the girl told her mom to look at her hand. She placed her finger on her palm and slowly pushed it though. The mom's eyes got big as the finger slowly came out the back side. I smiled and shugged my shoulders a little when the mom looked back at me.

      [Another transition and missing time here.]

      I was now flying over a beach. I looked out over the water and could see some very large waves coming in. I saw a crowd standing on the shore. I flew to them and warned them about the waves. I told them that since this was a lucid dream that they all had the power to fly away. I showed them how I was flying and how it was possible. I then grabbed the hands of two young girls and started flying. I didn't wait and see if anyone else flew away too.

      The girls were a bit heavy. I told them that they could help us fly better. I told them to kick their legs like they were swimming. And so they did, and at that point we flew so much faster and higher.

      We flew for a while and I noticed that I was now in a building. I wanted to do something else. I saw a woman below me that I knew was the girls' mother. I landed and let go of the girls and immediately started flying again. I tried to think of something to so. I saw a guy below me. I wondered if I should kiss him. But as soon as I got close he said very firmly, "No--You won't be kissing me!" Wow, that had never happened before. Usually Dream Characters like me to kiss them--or are at least indifferent. Alright then, fine--I don't want to kiss anybody that doesn't want to be kissed. I would find something else to do.

      I flew into another room. There was a younger teenage boy in the room listening to an I-pod. He was too young to kiss. But I realized that his I-pod could give me the opportunity to do another task I had wanted to do. I wanted to listen to a new song from my favorite band Angels and Airwaves--something that they hadn't written yet--something that my mind made up that would sound like them.

      I asked the boy to share his I-pod with me for a few minutes. He was okay with that. The boy's mom was then there by him and asked if I was going to play love songs. I could tell that she would not be happy unless I was playing love songs. I told her that Angels and Airwaves had quite a few songs that could be considered love songs. I then started to sing the song Breathe by them: "Don't you know, that I love you..." See, that was a love song. And then suddenly Daniel was behind me and started to sing the words to "True Love" by them. Yes, thank you Daniel for supporting me.

      We had them convinced. I looked at ithe I-pod and decided that the best thing to do this was to just expect the song to be there and to push play. But like most devices in dreams it was super confusing.

      I couldn't tell how to make it work. I finally got it to play music, but it didn't sound like Angels and Airwaves at all. How disappointing. This would be the third time I had tried this goal and failed. I tired several more times and had no luck. Why was this goal so difficult for me?

      I noticed that we weren't alone in the room anymore. A group of saxophone players had come in to the room. Their jazz band was starting to play music of their own. I tried to ask if they would stop while I tried one more time. But they continued to play.

      Well, I at least got music. Just not the music I had wanted.

      [There is another transition here.]

      I was back a the beach. I knew I needed to get on with the Task of finding Obama so I could hand him a baby. As I flew over the people on the shore I scanned it for our president. But a young beautiful black woman held up her arms and waved me down. I knew she wanted to go flying with me. I flew down and grabbed her arm and together we flew back up into the air. I decided to ask for her help. Sometimes dream characters can be very helpful.

      I told her I was trying to find President Obama. Did she know where I could find him. She said yes, she could help me. She pointed down to the shore. Below us I saw an older black man who was dressed in a dark suit. He stood out from all the others on the beach who were wearing swim suits. He was not Obama but looked to be a security guard of some sort.

      We landed next to him and the girl started talking to him. She obviously knew this man. She told him that I needed to meet Obama so I could complete my Task. He looked at me with a little bit of a skeptical look. But the girl told him that this was my dream. That's why we had been flying. This would be okay. Could he please help me.

      The security guard softened a bit at that point. He told me he wasn't supposed to do this, but he handed me his phone and said I could call the president. I looked at the phone. I had no idea how to use it. I handed it back and asked for help. The man pushed a few buttons and soon the phone was ringing. He handed it back to me.

      "Hello?" President Obama answered. Gulp. What do I say? But I just spit it all out-- I was trying to complete my Task of the Month and I really needed to meet him so I could hand him a baby. He paused and then told me he was in the middle of eating a pizza. I told him I really needed him to do this. Again, he said he was busy--that he had other things to do that were way more important.

      At this point I decided to lie. I told him that this Task was extremely important to do as well. That if he didn't do this something horrible would happen to the world. This was actually a life and death situation.

      He then sounded like he would consider meeting me.

      But at that point I woke up.

      I had two immediate thoughts; I was so disappointed that I hadn't finished that Task. I also had a huge wave of panic as I realized that I had come to the end of an extemely long lucid dram and I wasn't sure I could remember all of it. I grabbed a piece of paper and started writing down key words:

      Room, Hand, Girl


      Car, Girl, Mom, Finger thru Palm


      I finished my list. Phew. I was happy that I had remembered most of what happened apart from a few transitions.

      And then I woke up. For real.

      There was no list. Aaa, I would have to do it again. But I realized that it came pretty easy this time because I had written it all out in my dream. That wasn't the first time I had done this.
    5. Long LD: Finger lasers, Poet, Task of Month, etc

      by , 03-04-2015 at 07:03 PM
      I had a great lucid dream this morning. I had awakened at 3:30 and was having trouble going back to sleep. I thought about trying to do a WILD, and I even starting counting and relaxing, but after a while it seemed obvious that I wasn't tired enough. The last time I looked at the clock was 6:30, and I felt myself start to drift off to sleep (this is one of the few mornings I can sleep in like this).


      I found myself looking into a mirror. I wasn't happy with what I was seeing. My stomach was all deformed and hanging really weird (it looked a lot like the stomachs of people who have lost huge amounts of weight and the skin just flops and hangs). I was trying to figure out what could have happened for my stomach to look like this. Then suddenly it hits me. The mirror. I always look different in dream mirrors. I must be dreaming.

      Yes! I was finally lucid dreaming again.

      I already knew what I wanted to do. So much to do...

      The first thing I decided to do was to practice being Poet Anderson. I found that I was upstairs in a house that was supposed to be mine, but in retrospect, I am totally unfamiliar with it. It has never been in my dreams before. I ran out of the bedroom and saw Jeff who was just coming in. I shouted out, "Can't talk now...I'm dreaming!" I leapt down the staircase without touching a single step, and out the front door.

      I was Poet Anderson. I ran until I came to a high retaining wall and flew over it and down to the street below. I jumped up again and landed one knee, pulling my gun. I totally had this. I was feeling one with Poet.

      Then, the unthinkable happened. I felt myself wake up. I couldn't believe the dream was over when it had barely just begun.

      I found myself talking to Daniel. I was telling him about my lucid dream. I lamented with him because he had told me how in recent lucid dreams he had been having he had been walking up too soon as well....only to find out later that it was only a false awakening. I had told him (in a recent real life conversation) that he just needed to get into the habit of always doing a reality check each time he thought he woke up.

      Somewhere in the middle of this conversation with him. I realized that there was a good chance that I had just had a FA. And as soon as I thought that I knew I was still dreaming. I was excited and told Daniel that we were lucid dreaming. I said, "Let's do finger lasers." There was a poster on the wall, and we pointed our fingers at the posters. I expected to see a laser light come out of my finger. But I didn't see anything. I concentrated harder. I felt like I could hear a faint hum. I looked again at the poster we were pointing at. I could see little lines starting to burn across the paper. I felt satisfied. Even though I could never see the laser, I knew we had been able to create them because I could see the damage they were doing.

      At this point I remembered I wasn't done being Poet. I ran outside again and practiced leaping about and drawing my gun. I noticed at one point that I didn't actually have a gun. But I figured it was okay. I would work on that detail later. Right now I wanted to be comfortable with the moves. I also tired to practice making myself transform, like he does in the film, when the Night Terror comes and the black wraps around his body. I couldn't quite get that right. The best I could do was turn my arms a black color. I wasn't too worried about that either. There was time for special effects later. Right now I wanted to make sure I was fast and agile.

      After doing this for some time, I decided that my dream was going to last long enough to do a Task of the Month. I thought I would start with the easiest one--walk into a random house and sescribe what was inside.

      I now found myself next to some apartments. I saw a door near me on the ground floor. For a second I felt a little timid. But I told myself that it was just a dream and that it didn't matter. So I turned the doorknob and boldly walked through the door. I found myself in a small living room. There were several couches that were full of people....several older Navajo women and quite a few children. One of the ladies saw me and good naturedly joked how surprised I must be about walking into a house full of brown children. But I decided to act like it was no mistake at all. I smiled and , "Hi, how are all of you doing.?" And I smiled down at one of the children that was standing near me and asked her a question. I was able to put everyone at ease. We talked a few minutes. I don't remember details of the conversation. But by the time I left, we all felt happy.

      I then found myself in what looked like an alley. There were more doors in a building next to me. I decided to do this again. This time as I opened the door I found myself in an old motel room. in front of me sitting on the edge of a bed was woman who looked to be in her 60s and was either Navajo or Mexican. She was smoking something. I tried to talk to her, but I soon saw that she was totally out of it. She never made eye contact or responded to me in any way. She looked quite messed up. I also noticed that there was some kind of white plastic thing in one of her nostrils.

      I kind of got the creeps just being with her, and I knew that we wouldn't be having any sort of conversation, so I left.

      This time I saw that I was walking through storage units. I kept walking and found myself in what looked like an outdoor mall. I suddenly remembered that I wanted to find a radio so I could listen to new Angels and Airwaves music. There was junk laying about everywhere, but I couldn't find a radio. I could see people walking around, so I shouted, "Will somebody please turn on a radio!"

      And at that I heard a radio go on. But I was just hearing voices. I figured that after the talking they would play a song. I walked on.

      I then found myself inside of a very large sports store. There were bikes hanging from the ceiling. The ceiling was 3-4 stories high, so there were a lot of bikes hanging. I jumped up and hung from one of the lower bikes. While I was hanging I looked over and saw this black guy who looked to be in his late 20's. He looked at me with a little smile and said, "Let me show you how this is done." and he jumped up and grabbed a bike and then proceeded to start climbing the bikes. I got quite excited at this little challenge. I knew he had no idea who I was, and that I was going to beat him miserably. Haha...this was going to be great. I then pulled myself up with ease to the next bike. I looked over and he was slowly but quite steadily moving his way up. I was impressed. SO I picked up my pace. I started moving up the bikes so fast that I was barely gripping them. I was mostly just gliding my way up. The ceiling, I noticed was higher and there was further to climb than I had originally thought. I continued to climb. I then looked over and the guy had almost been able to keep up with me. I was only a little faster. Finally I got to the top and grinned at the guy just below me. Now I was going to show him who I was. At that, I let go and jumped all the way down (at least 5 stories). I landed confidently and took off running out of the store.

      I remembered that I hadn't heard the radio. I saw that I was still in what looked like a cluttered outdoor mall. I still couldn't find a radio. So I shouted, "Does anyone here have a radio with them?"

      I suddenly saw Emily, she was pulling a small radio out of her pocket. I said, "Yes, Emily!"
      And promptly woke up. And this time I really was awake.

      It was 7:03.
    6. Two Tasks of the Month: Hugging and Punching the Pres.

      by , 07-15-2013 at 06:43 PM
      I just completed a couple of the Tasks of the Month.

      The dream starts and ends fuzzy, but I do remember the lucid part in the middle.

      I was at my grandparents' home (This home shows up more than any other home in my dreams. I also dream about my childhood house. But I never ever dream about my current home).

      I saw a group of girls standing on the neighbors' driveway. I went up to them. One of them recognized me. And smiled and called me to come join them. At the same time I recognized her as my childhood friend Jenny. I don't remember what happened next, but I was suddenly floating for them. I had wanted to show off my ability.

      I think lucidity hit me at this point. But I don't remember how I got in the building that I found myself in next when I decided to do the Tasks.

      My first thought was that I needed to find a volcano, but seeing that I was in a building, I decided I needed to do one that didn't require a huge change of scenery. I had to think for a moment. I had only read over the tasks once at the beginning of the month and I hadn't thought about them like I normally do at the time I do a WBTB. Then two popped into my head. I needed to hug someone then punch President Obama.

      The building I was in was very large and ornate. There were official people walking around me. I looked to see if I could see Obama, but he was no where to be seen. But I had an idea. I would hug the next guy I saw and after I hugged them they would be transformed into the president.

      So I did just that. I ran to a random guy and pulled him to me and hugged him. The guy just stood and let me. When I stepped back, sure enough, there was Pres Obama with a completely blank look on his face. Obviously the hug didn't do anything for him. I wondered if a punch in the face would. I have never punched anyone in the face in real life before, but I figured it couldn't be too hard since this was a dream. So I pulled back my fist a bit and swung it right into his face. I was glad that the impact didn't hurt my fist. I was also a little glad that Obama still had that blank look on his face. But then I heard all the security guys coming. I took off flying. The building as a maze. I couldn't find a way out, and everywhere I turned I saw guys with guns.

      I was getting nervous. But I knew I was dreaming, so I should have control. An idea came to me. I would just make myself grow and break out of the building. So I did. I got bigger and as I did I pushed through the walls and made a big mess of the building. I finally stepped out and onto the street. I looked back and was a little horrified to see the beautiful building completely destroyed in one corner.

      This is where I must have lost lucidty. Because I remember flying around and meeting with this guy that was supposed to be my dad and we were trying to get away from an alien invasion.

      Fragments I remember: Reading a letter he had written that had to do with space ships that could help us escape.

      Flying up to a building that had a balcony with a pond on it and me landing by the pond and looking in.
    7. Task of the Month: Standing on my Head--both versions

      by , 07-06-2013 at 04:24 PM

      I read about the Lucid Tasks yesterday and told myself the next time I was lucid I would do those. Apparently it's good for me to set goals like that becasue I got lucid last night and completed both tasks.

      Lucid Tasks Dream:

      I was having camera problems and was feeling very frustrated. There was something I really wanted to take a picture of (though I can't remember what it was).

      Something in my mind reminded me that this meant that there was a chance I was dreaming. I didn't want to think about that possibility because that meant that whatever it was that I was taking a picture of was not real, and I really wanted it to be real.

      But I decided to try to fly anyway, and wasn't too surprised when I took off gliding and knew that this was a dream.

      I then remembered the Tasks that I wanted to try.

      I landed on the ground again. I was on the side of a nearly empty city street. I could see no cars and very few people.

      I decided to try the basic task first--the simple headstand. So I bent over with my hands down, just like I would do a hand stand in a pool. I put my head on the pavement and tried to balance my legs in the air. At first I was having trouble maintaining balance. I had to tel myellf, "Oh come on... this is a dream. I should be able to do this with no problems." And at that I steadied myself and held a headstand.

      Pleased with myself, I decided to try the more advanced version of a headstand. I wasn't sure how this one would work. I had never separated body parts on a dream before. I had no idea if they would come off easily or not. Would it hurt at all?

      I grabbed my head in my hands and started giving a sideways pull. I wasn't sure if anything was happening. Then I noticed my shadow on the ground in front of me and I realized that that would be a great help.

      I then watched as I slid my head off my shoulders (no pain or discomfort at all) and lowered it to the ground. I also didn't noticed any change with the way I was viewing things. My vision remained focused on the shadow.

      I placed my head on the ground next to my feet. I felt no sensation on my head at all as I carefully stepped up on my head. My feet, however, were bare, and I could feel my head and hair under my feet. I stood there for a moment.

      And then must have lost lucidity because I remember nothing else.
    8. LD: Three Tasks (gibberish, mirror, getting naked)

      by , 06-25-2013 at 07:18 PM
      I finally got lucid and got three tasks done.

      I got up at 5:00 to exercise, but then changed my mind and decided to have a lucid dream. So I laid back down in bed with my head slightly propped up on pillows and willed myself into a dream. It wasn't really a WILD since I don't remember the transition. But I do know that as soon as the dream started I was already lucid.

      I was in an apartment with Jeff. I decided to get started on the tasks right away. I walked up to him and started to speak gibberish. He squinted a little as if trying to figure out what I was doing. I stopped for a second, but he still didn't really react, so I stared right back up with the gibberish. Finally he pulled me to him and started kissing me.

      Nice....speaking gibberish gets me a kiss.

      After the kiss I ran to the bathroom to find a mirror. As I got close to the bathroom I could see in, and I already saw an image of myself in a mirror. I knew I shouldn't have been able to see myself yet since the angle was all wrong. So I went all the way in the bathroom and faced the mirror. As I entered I could see what looked like my true reflection follow me in. The other image was still three doing its own thing. I moved around, and the new reflection did what I did. In both reflections my face was somewhat in the shadows, I was wearing a light orange t-shirt, and my skin was very tan. Often my reflection in dreams is very distorted. But this one was pretty normal (except for the addition of the second reflection).

      At that point I was satisfied that I had done enough to complete that task. So I decided to move on to the next task which was to get naked in front of people. I went to the window. I saw that I was at least 10 stories high. Without hesitating I flew out. Below me I could see people in a large open courtyard area. I flew down and landed next to some older ladies that were sitting on a bench. I briefly told them that I was going to complete a lucid task to get naked and get a reaction from people. I then took off my shirt. One of the ladies had an amused look on her face and said, "Well that should make people smile."

      I then tried to take off my shorts. I got them down over my hips and down my legs, but had trouble getting my feet out of them. I struggled for a minute, then realized that I didn't need to worry anymore about it. I moved on to find more people to get a reaction from (and the shorts were just gone). I saw some men working to move some furniture out of a truck. They glanced up at me and sure enough, they smiled, and then went right back to work. I went up to several more people who were walking by and each of them smiled and then went about their business.

      Hmmm....speaking gibberish get me kissed. Getting naked gets me a glance and a smile.

      I got tired of doing that so I flew back up into the air. I flew up the side of the building that supposedly my apartment was in. The outside was brick with Boston Ivy growing on it. It was very pretty. I got up to about the 9th floor and I suddenly was slowing down. I knew I wouldn't be able to fly any higher. Before I started floating back down to the ground, I saw that the building at the point had metal bars that I could grab ahold of. I knew that my mind had put these here so I could continue to go higher. I started climbing up these bars like a ladder using only my arms. I climbed to where my window was and then jumped out and started flying again. The flying felt really good. I paid a lot of attention to the way the wind felt on my face and the sound of it rushing by my ears. After a minute or so of this I started to get dizzy. I knew the dream was fading, and I figured it was okay since I had accomplished so much.
    9. LD: Kicking Darth Vader

      by , 11-14-2012 at 05:48 PM

      I did have a lucid dream last night...and i did do a summersault in the air. So I got the Task done...on the last day of course, so it's almost lik eit doesn't count. But I guess it's better than doing it tonight.


      I was jumping on a trampoline. I was suddenly partially lucid. The dream faded. But like before I was able to force the scene around me so I was back on the trampoline. As I jumped I noticed tootsie rolls on the trampoline bouncing around. I thought. "Yes, this is a dream I can eat candy!" So I started eating the tootsie rolls. (This obviously wasn't my best LD or I would have realized that I didn't have to be satisfied with toosie rolls, and I could have created chocolate truffles or something that I enjoy more. But surprisingly the tootsie rolls tasted pretty good to me.)

      So I ate and jumped and then I started doing flips. At that moment I remembered that the Task of the Month was to do flips oin the air. So I continued for a while, flipping and trying to stay in the air for longer than normal.. I have always liked doing dream flips so I felt that this was using my LD wisely.

      But after while I suddenly wanted to do something really different. I don't really remember how it happened--if I created it or it just appeared. But suddenly I was in the Death Star. I was looking down at a very large meeting. I could see Darth Vader sitting in the middle of this huge group of people all sitting around him in this stadium like setting.

      I decided that I wanted to have some fun. I was feeling very brave and in control. So I flew down to Darth Vader and kicked him in the chest and then quickly flew back up and out of the stadium.

      It was so uneventful that I purposely waited for someone to start chasing me. Finally I was aware that one of the head guys was coming after me, and I felt a little thrill of excitement.

      And then I woke up.

      Updated 11-14-2012 at 07:40 PM by 5578

      lucid , task of the month
    10. LD: 3 Tasks--Talking with Dogs and Jack-O-Lanterns, and Changing my Age

      by , 10-16-2012 at 08:42 PM

      Lucid Dream:

      This was a WBTB. I can't remember how this dream started. It was long and complex. I had given birth to a baby. Within a week's time the baby had grown to the size of a 3-4 year old (In retrospect I see that I probably got this from a book I recently read). The baby was a girl and I called her Vickie. She had long brown curls and I loved her more than anything. I remember worrying about how I was going to explain to people that this little girl was the same baby they had seen me pregnant with a week ago. Vickie and I would have long conversations. She was really intelligent.

      Anyway, at some point this did trigger lucidity.

      I became lucid indoors and wanted to get outdoors. I took off flying. I was going super slow. I decided to pretend that there were rockets coming out the ends of my feet. I could feel the hum of the rockets and felt the pressure on the bottoms of my feet, but I didn't seem to be going much faster.

      I did finally get outside. I decided I needed to get started on some of the tasks. I have been trying to keep track of about 5 tasks that I need to do. The first one that came to me was to talk with an animal. I looked over and saw a lady sitting at the edge of a pool with two dogs. One was a poodle that was standing on its hind legs. This one seemed like a good one to interact with. I leaned over and said "hi" and asked what her name was. She told me that it was "Pork Dresser" I thought that was a really strange name. But I looked at the shirt she was wearing and saw that it had a picture of Miss Piggy on it and I thought that it kind of made sense. She continued to talk to me and she said something about being really old. I asked her how old she was and she told me "Sixteen".

      There was another dog nearby. I also got it to talk. I don't remember much of that conversation other than this dog was much younger.

      I got distracted because I then saw Vickie coming down some stairs. She had turned and was coming down backwards like little kids do. I told the lady with the dogs a little about my situation with Vickie (must have been a less lucid moment). I then helped Vickie down the stairs and then went to complete another task.

      I then remembered the "Converse with a Jack-O-Lantern" one. I was back indoors. I saw some shelves that had three plastic jack-o-lanterns on it. They were the kind that kids take trick-or-treating that are filled with candy. I decided that they would do.

      I looked at the nearest one and said, "Hi". Suddenly its face starts to move and I can see its black mouth move as it says, "Hi, how are you?" in kind of a deep New York accent. I answered "fine." I then looked at the second two jack-o-lanters and said "hello" to them. They, too, come alive and start talking. They had similar deep men's voices with New York accents. Before I have time to start a conversation, they all start talking. They start poking fun at each other and taking bets on who will be the first to get sick of trick-or-treating this year.

      This was all done in the style of a comedy act. And occasionally they would look out at me to make sure that I was entertained. I wish I remembered the exact wording, but it was funny. And I remember thinking that I hadn't expected this kind of thing at all. I was actually quite pleased that my jack-o-lanterns had performed so well for me.

      At this point I decided to try another task. I decided I wanted to ty to change my age. I was in a room with toys , so I decided I wanted to be a kid. I concentrated on becoming smaller. I did notice that I was becoming lower the the ground.

      The next thing that I know is that I see a floating green ball. I forget my task as I am distracted and fascinated by the ball. I try to let it land in my hand. Then I try to make it float again. I play this game for quite a while before I finally lose lucidity. (In retrospect, I think that's exactly what would happen if I became a child again...becoming distracted and playing,)

      I think I go back to the Vickie part of the dream again.
    11. LD: Splitting my Consciousness...and Eating...a lot.

      by , 10-16-2012 at 07:44 PM

      Lucid Dream:

      I can't remember at what point I got lucid. I remember something about Ninja and how he made these cookies. They were yellow rectangular snicker doodles. And I wanted one. I had one in my hand, but before I could put it into my mouth I started to wake up.

      I must have been somewhat lucid at this point because as I lay there trying not to wake up, my mind thought it remembered something that pj had written about concerning False Awakenings. I thought it had something to do with rolling out of bed and falling, but because you weren't really awake you wouldn't hit the floor, but then be able to fly and continue the dream.

      In retrospect, I know realize that this is something my mind made up, but in the dream I really thought pj had come up with this idea. [Please correct me if this is really something I read here on this board.]

      So I rolled out of bed, and sure enough, I started falling and not hitting the floor so I then started to fly. It had worked out perfectly. I suppose it is a pretty cool technique that I hope will work again for me.

      I started flying over these tall trees in a neighborhood. I was having trouble with control. I could fly straight, but couldn't change direction quickly.

      Finally I came to these really huge white barked trees that were supposedly on my street. I decided that I wanted to impress my neighbors so I flew to the place where the branches came out from the trunks which were at least twenty feel above the ground. I swung around on the branches for a while before dropping down to the ground.

      There is a place here that gets fuzzy.

      I think the next thing that happened is that I had climbed a telephone/power pole. On the pole was a little door. I opened it up and there were cookies. I stuffed thatm in my mouth. My friends, the Johnsons had supposedly made them. I think I saw MJ standing on the ground below.

      Then I was in what was supposed to be my house. I went to the fridge and opened the door. I wanted to eat more cookies. I didn't see any, but I knew that I was capable to creating them. I shut the door and opened it again. There was now a stack on cookies. They were about 4 inches across and flat like pancakes. I picked up the stack and shoved the cookies all in my mouth in one huge bite. I chewed while I created another stack of cookies. I shoved them all in my mouth too. I did this seveal times. The cookies were soft and had chocolate chips. I binged and binged and couldn't seem to get enough.

      Finally I stopped myself and thought about the tasks. Because this was an accidental DILD and not preplanned, I had not read over the tasks or thought about them . I tried to remember what they were. Finally my mind thought it knew what one was. I looked at my couch and saw a place where ketchup had spilled and had dried. I knew the task had to do with removing spots off furniture. I stared at the spot and concentrated. The spot of ketchup started to move. I could see it start to lift up off the couch. The place underneith was completely clean. I was proud of myself for being able to do that so nicely.

      I then tried to think of another task. I couldn't remember what it was. I felt frustrated that I hadn't checked on what the tasks were. I laid down on the couch. Then suddenly I remembered the picture on the badge of the DV advanced task with the two people facing away from each other. I knew it had something to do with splitting my consciousness. I had no idea how to do it. I wasn't even going to attempt that one since it seemed weird to me. But since it was the only thing I remembered to do at this moment I decided to give it a try. I decided that part of me would stay right here on this couch, while part of me went somewhere else. I concentrated on this thought for a while, and nothing seemed to be happening. Then I noticed that I was aware of two things. I could feel my body still on the couch staring ahead. But another part of me was standing in the large room watching people on a stage. I watched them for a while until I finally woke up and decided to write the LD down.
    12. LD: TOTM--Following Rabbit Down Hole

      by , 10-15-2012 at 08:05 PM

      A nap LD.

      It started with me walking down the street (N.N.) I suddenly felt really tired so I climbed onto a truck that they were using to do road work and went to sleep.

      I "awoke" to find that they were loading all the trucks onto bigger trucks to haul away. I was so embarrassed to be caught sleeping on their equipment. I slowly got up and snuck away even though I knew they were watching.

      I walked toward the edge of town. Suddenly I had this floating thing with me. I have had these floating things with me before in dreams. Usually I wrap both of my arms around them and let it carry me up into the air.

      This time I decided to do a handstand on it. This one was shaped like a bar about 18 inches long. I found it quite easy to do a handstand. It reminded me of how it feels to do handstands under water.

      So while gripping on to it upside down I let it take me off the edge and out over the desert. I then had fun for a moment playing with the land below--first making it appear close, then making it appear very far, like I was way up in the sky.

      Doing this, suddenly made me lucid.

      I thought again about the Tasks. I knew I had this one last chance to find a rabbit. I didn't think it could be too hard. I hada lways had pretty good luck looking for things to appear, then finding them.

      I was then in a backyard. I looked around. I saw a place that used to be a flowerbed against the garage. There in the dirt I saw some fluff. I went closer and saw that it was two bunnies. They were both quite small. One was tan and the other a mottled grey.

      I picked up the grey one. It was incredibly soft. I don't think I have ever felt anything as soft as that bunny in my whole life. I held it close to my face and rubbed my lips and cheeks against it.

      I then looked around for holes. I saw some really tiny ones that looked about wide enough for me to stick my little finger in. I then decided to take control and just make one big enough.

      At that thought it was a lot bigger. The entrance was filled with what looked like dryer lint. I started pulling large quantities of this out. When it was finally cleared I, still holding the bunny, went in. I felt that as long as I had the bunny with me that should count as "following" it.

      I followed the tunnel for a couple yards, then it opened out. I could see that I had crawled into the crawl space under that garage.

      I set the rabbit down and looked around. There wasn't much here. But I did see a box near one wall. I was curious. I opened the box and to my delight found that it was full of fossils--the little fish fossils. I knew that this box had been left by the previous owners, and that now I could have them (I must have been less lucid when I thought this). I pulled out fossil after fossil and and started laying them down on the ground so I could see the fish. Some were broken, but some were in really nice shape. I then decided to just grab the box and take it out with me, and that I would look at the rest when I got out.
    13. LD: DV Member, TOTM (Rabbit Hole)

      by , 10-15-2012 at 07:55 PM

      Lucid Dream:

      I was with a group of people. We were all talking to each other. I remember DV member CoLd BlooDed was there. At one point he asked me a question, something to the effect of "What do you like to do?"

      I remember he was wearing a dark green sweatshirt with the hood pulled up. I went closer to him and pulled back the hood from his ear a little and whispered (for dramatic effect, maybe?) "I like to lucid dream."

      Obviously in this dream I didn't think CB knew anything about lucid dreaming, because I then went on to explain just what lucid dreaming was. And then, to stress the point of how cool lucid dreaming was, I then flew a little in the air and asked, "Wouldn't you like to be able to do this?" I then told him that I would help teach him how to do it. I took his hand and helped him float in the air. At this point we were in the dining room of my old LA house. I helped him float to the ceiling, and then out the back door.

      As crazy as it seems, I still was not lucid at this point.

      CB told me that he was going to be leaving town and was going to be gone for several weeks. Then he said, "So I really need to learn how to do this so we can see each other in our dreams." This seemed to make perfect sense.

      We then practiced flying up into the air. At first we moved so slowly. I was having difficulty getting up very high . So we flew around the backyard a bit.

      Then the girl that lived next door while I was growing up came over. IRL she was three years younger than I was. In this dream she was about 7 years old. She starts talking to me about how this cable was broken and how upset she was about this. I was feeling frustrated because I did not want this interruption.

      This gets fuzzy here.

      The next thing I remember is that we are now inside again. I tell CB, "Let's try this again." And we flew back to the dining room.

      I believe it is at this point that I finally become lucid. I don't know what happened to CB because I never saw him again in this dream.

      But I do suddenly remember that I really should be trying some Lucid Tasks. I remember thinking for a moment, trying to remember what they were. I then flew into the other room which was a kitchen. There is a TV set on the counter. It's on and I start watching it. Then it hits me, "This is it! I need to remember this." I sat there watching and trying to remember all the details. But all I remember at this point is that it was some kind of News Talk Show. There were three people discussing the subject, which I believe was "problems youth have in today's society". Two of them were women and one was a man. The only one I remember any detail on was one of the women who was young, beautiful and black. She had long hair that was braided into hundreds of little braids.

      After watching the TV as long as I felt necessary, I flew outside. I started looking for holes on the ground. I couldn't remember at first what it was that I was looking for but I knew it had to do with holes. Then I remembered--I was supposed to go into a rabbit hole. The ground below me was covered in little holes that were big enough for little mice or gophers. I didn't think any of them would work.

      Then I looked over into the neighbor's yard, and under their apricot tree was a large hole. It looked big enough for a rabbit. The hole was divided into two sections. One had a long roll of chicken wire going down into it. I didn't think that I could fit in the center of that roll. So I chose to try the other hole. It was more open. I saw that it went directly under the tree and through to the other side. I dove down inside. I could see roots from the apricot tree poking out into the hole. I had a camera with me and started taking pictures of the inside of the hole. For some reason I thought that I could document the experience better by doing that.

      I went all the way through the hole and back out the other side. I then wanted to document the experience one step further. I pulled out a notebook and started sketching the tree.

      At some point here I lost lucidity. I went on to two more dreams that I may write up later.
    14. LD: Eating inedible items, Falling backwards off tall building

      by , 10-15-2012 at 07:00 PM

      Lucid Dream:

      I was in a grocery store. Another girl I was with was helping people by holding their babies while they shopped.

      I remember standing by the produce section when the girl come over to me holding a very cute, but very young baby. She tells me that she has to go and asks me to hold the baby. I told her that I didn't feel comfortable holding the baby since the parents didn't know that I had the baby and that I didn't even know who the parents were. She told me not to worry, that the dad's name was Kevin Sullivan. Then she left.

      I stood there holding the baby not sure what to do. I looked at the baby. He was absolutely adorable. I then started wandering around the store looking for someone who might look like the baby's dad. Near the front of the sotre I saw a guy talking to Jeff. He looked a lot like Gene Wilder. For some reason, I was sure that this was the dad. I went over to him making eye contact. He looked at me, then the baby, then I knew for sure that this was the dad. I handed the baby back.

      I then followed Jeff toward the front doors. He was ahead of me, so to catch up I jumped over the carts. It was such a good and long jump, and the amount of the time that I was in the air made me question whether this could possible be reality. I instantly knew that I was dreaming.

      I then took off and flew out the front doors. As I flew I thought about what I should do in this lucid. The DV lucid Tasks came to mind. I remembered that the Basic one was to eat something that wasn't really edible. I looked around. The ground was concrete, but in a crack I saw some wet dirt. It was really kind of gross dirty kind of dirt--the kind that people have been walking on all day and throwing trash on and all. But it didn't bother me. I grabbed a rather large pinch and put it into my mouth. It tasted like I would imagine wet dirt to taste like--kind of gritty with a mineral taste.

      And like normal in my dreams, I'm never satisfied with doing the task once, so I reached out and grabbed a piece of a rubber tree leaf (the kind that leaks white sticky stuff). I put it in my mouth and chewed it up. It didn't have much of a taste, kind of like a mild lettuce.

      I then passed (while still flying) a juniper tree. I pulled off a sprig. I smelled it. It had a strong smell that I recognized as real juniper. I thought it would be really strong to eat, but it too had a rather mild taste. I was grateful becasue I was worried that it would leave a very bitter taste in my mouth for a while.

      I then took off faster and flew to this large open building. It seems like there were planes stored in the building. I landed briefly on on of the large beams that overlooked the planes, then took off flying again.

      I then flew to another large building. This one was under construction. As I got close I remembered that I had wanted to fall backwards when I had my next LD.

      So I flew up to a high floor, turned my back to the dropoff, then squatted down gripping something in front of me. I felt the thrill of what I was about to do and briefly wondered if I should feel nervous.

      But before I could think too much about it I let go with my hands and kicked off with my feet, and did a backwards dive. I let myself fall for a time enjoying the falling sensation. Then flew up to do it again. This time I stood with my back to the edge and just let myself slowly fall back.

      This time I went all the way to the ground. I felt a light thud as I hit the ground. As I stood, I thougth about the Advanced Task. I tried to remember what it was. Wasn't it something about traveling to different places? I wasn't entirely sure, but it sounded good enough for me to try. I took off flying again. I wondered how many places I would have to go to get it to count. I figured that I would have to be at least three to four.

      I decided that I needed to get to a jungle first. As I flew I imagined everything turning black (like my last successful LD where I transported to a different place), then coming out in the jungle.

      But as I flew the dream faded and I lost lucidity.
    15. LD: TOTM-- Looking in my Closet

      by , 10-15-2012 at 06:34 PM

      Lucid dream:

      I was downstairs on my treadmill. I looked over to where my workout bench was supposed to be. I was surprised that I didn't see it. I looked away, then looked back. There it was. I closed one eye. The workout bench was gone again. I switched eyes, and the workout bench was back. I thought that was really odd and bizarre.

      Then it hit me that I might be dreaming. I took a little jump and floated off the floor. The first thought to come to mind that I needed to fly upstairs and look under my bed, so I could finally get that task completed.

      I flew up and went into my bedroom. I saw my bed as it is in real life with the boxsprings sitting directly on the floor. There was no space under the bed. I tried to reach under anyway. But there was no place for my hand to go.

      I then looked up and saw my sister there. At that point I had a False awakening. I saw black.

      I concentrated on the basement again. And I soon found myself on the treadmill again where I had started.

      I flew upstaris again, this time picturing my bed with a space underneath. I got to my bed, but again, there was no space under the bed. My friend Emily was sitting on the bed with papers spead out all over it. I got distracted a bit and lost lucidity for a moment as we started to discuss those papers, which were very important in the dream.

      I then had another false awakening. I pictured myself on the treadmill again, and was soon there.

      I flew up the staris again remembering that I could look in my closet. I sat on the floor in front of the closet and reached in. The first thing I pulled out was a pair of brown jeans with a black belt on them (not anything I own in real life). I dropped then behind me. I then pulled out a black T shirt with the word "Peppers" written on the front in faded grey letters (also not real).

      I then started going through my shoes. These were all familiar from real life. I then saw the duffle bag that IRL holds my AstroScan telescope. I reached in and could feel the round smooth surface of the telescope.

      I then pulled my clothing aside and looked in the back corner. I saw two Kermet The Frog Puppets (No, it didn't make me think of my Pig Puppet). I actually owned a Kermit puppet a long time ago. It didn't seem strange to see two of them in my closet.

      I then stood and walked to my dresser drawer. I pulled the top drawer open and sorted through things. I saw a stack of photos. There were pictures of groups of people in a place that looked very familiar. [In retrospect the place was actually a place I had visited several times in my dreams.]

      I then pulled out one of the carving's that Oneironaught had sent me (in IRL), except this one was half finished and the wood was an odd orange and black color.

      I also remember seeing a little flower charm that would have gone on a necklace.

      I think I saw many other things, but this is all I remember.

      I then pulled open one of the small side drawer. There were lots of things in this drawer, but all I remember is that everything was so very dusty with a fine reddish brown dust. Oh, there was a pair of scissors in that drawer.

      I then opened the small drawer under that one. This drawer was full of old cassette tapes. I pulled three out. They seemed to be fancy and instead of a paper label on them, there was a brown leather label. One said, "Global", another said, "Treadmill", and the last said, "Health". I figured these were old workout tapes that I used to use.

      Before I could search any longer, I woke up.
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