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    Tea and Noodles

    Wow! Someone actually cares enough to look at my dream journal!

    Since you are so fortunate to have stumbled upon the magnificent dream journal of SnowyCat, I dub thee "not lame". Now, with the formalities out of the way, let us get to dreaming, shall we?

    Funny story: my girlfriend actually left me once because I talked about my dreams too much... =_="

    (We're friends now, right? Then you should probably know that " =_=" " is my favorite emoticon and I will mercilessly pound it into my dj entries.)

    Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be talking about dreams! Right. Wait a second, that's what the actual dj is for! Read my dream journal!

    In the mean time, I'll waste your time talking about MYSELF! Okay, so I drink unhealthy amounts of caffeine, mainly in the form of various teas. Oddly enough, this doesn't affect my ability to sleep for obscene amounts of time... which is completely fine with me!

    I have a cat who is always asleep on my lap, a Dell Inspiron that I love very much, and an adoration of high class things/behavior. (says the immature asshole, I know.)

    I am trained in Tameshigiri, well-versed in philosophy, and an American Citizen.

    Now go read my dream journal!

    1. mmmmm, a WILD

      by , 06-30-2012 at 08:35 PM (Tea and Noodles)
      So today's been a hot and sleepy day, and I didn't feel like doing any actual work, so I decided to try to WILD instead (I'm such a good role model =_="). And whaddaya know! It worked!

      Okay, so let's get down to business.

      When the dream finally started, I found myself laying on the grass in some wide open field completely alone. There were no clouds in the sky; it was perfectly blue, like someone painted the inside of a cereal bowl aqua and used it to cover the world. The sun was warm, and I decided to lay there for a few moments before exploring the world a little bit.

      After getting up and looking around, I noticed that... wait for it... THIS WAS BORING AS HELL. I was lucid for the first time this week and I was looking at grass? Get a hold of yourself, Snowy! I decided to liven up the place a little bit, and made some flowers grow around me. Moving forward, I could see a small pond in the distance, kind of like a larger-than-life rain puddle. I ran towards it, but it kept moving farther and farther away from me. Now frustrated, I just made a similar pond right next to me. I was still bored. I stepped into the puddle, and sunk down into what I assume was mud. Great, I thought, now I'm bored AND immobile! Of course, NOW my subconscious decided to spice things up.

      Waist deep in mud and shocked that I couldn't think of anything better to do in a WILD, snakes.

      Now I was waist deep in mud and covered in snakes. At this point, I decided to just wake up and get some work done.

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