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    1. Everyone Goes Psycho

      by , 07-15-2012 at 06:28 AM
      Non-Dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      My dad goes completely psycho. We are watching someone's wedding to get ideas for mine and he starts playing really loud music on some kind of device. He continues to do similar things to disturb the wedding and I am very embarrassed. It gets so bad that my mom wants to divorce him.

      Then my fiance goes psycho at a fair with my cousin LG, her husband CG, their friends and some co-workers (now that I think about it this dream might have taken place at my work, not a fair). We have TONS of weed. My fiance totally embarrasses me by being rude to everyone, always saying the wrong things and she even crashed her car into 4 other people.

      Then we are at a party at my cousin LG's house and there is a huge slip n slide with boats going around it. They laid some kind of paste down on the slip n slide to make the boats stick to the path.

      Then I am taking all of these people to the airport. My fiance's co-workers are there talking mad shit on my fiance - saying "she likes drama, she likes gossiping," some other stuff and that "this time she went too far." i have to pay everyone for the damage she has caused and I think they forgive her. One of my best friend's (AC) brother, NC, starts giving me a ton of shit too. He starts talking shit on my fiance and my mom. He wants to fight my mom for something really minor and stupid. I calm everything down again
      (common theme - in all these dreams I am resolving problems).

      Dream 2:

      I am REALLY good and hockey and soccer. I am playing a game that is a combo of 1/2 hockey and 1/2 soccer. I score 14 goals in one game.

      I don't play these sports in real life so it was kinda fun.

      Dream 3:

      I am visiting a college and they are having some kind of baseball all-star event. Chone Figgins is there (location looks like the small science quad by Charles Young Hall at UCLA) and he is on the Colorado Rockies. I am hanging out with some cool kids and they trick me into doing a bunch of weird stuff. They get me to do some sort of ritual - I eat a large bowl of what they call bread (it was really just pretzels and some other snacks) then I go to a public shower and put water over my head. This ritual is supposed to turn all of the water into blood (not sure why we wanted to do this). It doesn't work. I am very pissed off because they have wasted 1/2 a day of my vacation to humiliate me. I laugh it off, pretending it didn't bother me, but then I punch one of the guys in the throat (hard, I can rarely throw punches in dreams so this was also cool). I tell him that if he ever pulled shit like that again I would kill him.

      He apologizes and later comes up to me scared shitless and says "we can just keep this between us, right?" I say "no problem." I walk around until I find the all-stars again. They are swimming or something. I move on to the all-star football game where the kick-off almost makes it out of the stadium. I almost start playing in the game but I wake up.

      Note - Before the shower incident i am running around trying to find the shower and some chick is running next to me, late for class or something. She is very cute. She thinks I am a weirdo for running next to her so I pretended to be racing her in a funny way. I look back at her and say something clever (I am very witty at this moment). It is obvious that she thinks I am cute and says "oh, well hello" seductively. Unfortunately I am in a rush to get to the shower so I just say "hello" back. I have the feeling that it was enough to score with her later.

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    2. Neighbors Have A Zoo

      by , 06-22-2012 at 04:10 AM
      Non-Dream Dream

      I was able to recall bits and pieces from 5 separate dreams today:

      Dream 1: When I woke up I remember thinking "I am not prepared." That is all I can remember.

      Dream 2:

      One of my co-workers, WW, appears to me looking like Kung Lao from the Mortal Kombat video game. He is very wise.

      Dream 3:

      I am participating in a sort of corporate olympics for my company. The two events I play in are baseball and basketball. The baseball tournament is a very big deal and I am the star player. Our team goes on to play coaches from MLB. Someone on the team named Chung (fit, bald Asian guy - don't know him in real life) has a baby.

      In the basketball tournament I help some crappy player dunk the ball. I eat a Big Mac and some other burgers. The Big Mac has 4 patties and I am allowed to eat them because I am playing basketball (I can burn it all off).

      Dream 4:

      I am in some sort of college scene in a weird apartment building run by an old lady (someones mom?). The apartment walls are covered in 100's of pictures of all the tenants.

      Note - this old lady has appeared in my dreams before but I don't know who she is.

      Dream 5:

      My current neighbors have a zoo in their back yard. Even though they are my current neighbors, my house is the one I grew up in on Pam Ln. I get into a fight with the neighbors because their zoo animals escape and come into our yard. My cat Vito kills two of them and tracks another over the fence (this was rather comical because this cat is 17 pounds and does not climb fences).

      I clearly recall seeing a baby giraffe and two very strange birds looking at me through the kitchen windows.

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