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    1. Coyote Attack

      by , 09-25-2012 at 09:10 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am house-sitting for my parents in their old house on Pam Ln. My wife is with me and we are sleeping in the master bedroom downstairs. The bedroom looks very similar to what I remember as a child except in addition to the sliding door out to the spa there is another very large window behind the bed. My wife wakes me up. It must be morning because we can see clearly out of the windows. She is very concerned because we see a coyote walking across the window by the spa and our cats our outside somewhere. I try banging on the window to scare it away but this doesnít work. After this attempt I resort to tormenting the coyote. I am laughing at it, scratching on the walls, yelling at it, and talking shit on it because it canít get inside.

      Suddenly it gets dark outside as if it were nighttime again and the coyote grows bigger. More coyotes are outside now and they are trying to get in. I regret my previous actions and I am now frightened. The coyotes are very intelligent and one of them is talking to me Ė it called me stupid. My wife and I move upstairs to my old bedroom, closing two doors behind us. We are almost certain that the coyotes will get inside of the house but we feel safe in this room. We realize that we will eventually have to face them when we leave the room and we are scared.

      Wake up.

      Dream 2:

      I am in a huge crossfit gym getting coached by coach D. There is some kind of tournament going on. I havenít been to the gym in a very long time so coach D is designing a special workout for me. I begin with box jumps and he brings out a 12Ē box. I pride myself in being a great jumper so I tell him that for this exercise I want to use the same box everyone else is using. He brings out a 30Ē box and I am having a lot of trouble with it. It seems to be as tall as me and I have to use my hands to pull myself up onto the box. Embarrassed that I canít do it, I call coach D over and ask for the shorter box. Then I move on to a 225lb deadlift and a few other exercises. Coach D and some other people are recruiting me for their football team but I decline. They want me to play the occasional cornerback by I say that in order for me to play I have to be one of their main options for quarterback and wide receiver because thatís what Iím used to.

      Soon after my workout I discover that there are hundreds of pigs lying around the gym. They are all dead, hairless and they appear to have been infected with something. I am completely grossed out. We all get white trash bags and go around throwing all of the pigs in the bags. I am now standing in a disgusting pool picking up the pigs. Coach D apologizes and explains that his pigs are breeding out of control and he canít handle taking care of all of them Ė thatís why they died.

      The horrible pool of water that I am standing in contains a bunch of broken needles. Me and some other guy step on the needles and one goes very deep into my foot. I announce that I have been stabbed in the lymph node and it is very deep. The guy next to me says it will be fine and I reply ďyou donít know as much about science as I do.Ē I have a strong feeling that it will give me cancer.

      I am not in the gym anymore and it looks like I am at someoneís apartment. I go through some weird scenes explaining what lymph nodes do. Basically if you leave stuff open then bad things like pollen and other irritants will get into the lymph nodes (?!?). Bill Murray is acting it all out. Bad things are attracted to me now and are trying to get me sick.

      Dream 3:

      I am in the parking lot at a golf course. Some guy comes up to me and begs me to play. He tells me that nobody is playing this course because there is some crazy guy roaming the course. He offers to pay for everything: green fees, golf balls, etc. I accept. We go into the pro shop and he purchases a couple of golf balls. I tell him that Iím not very good so I will probably need more than that. We head out to the course and the guy changes into my dad. The course is very difficult and the balls are cheap. They look and feel like balls of mud. I manage to birdie the first hole. On the second hole I out-drive my dad off the tee but he ends up winning. I got stuck in a sand trap that was impossible to get out of. One time I managed to hit the ball from the sand trap and hit the flag stick, but the ball just rolled back into the sand. I eventually realized that there were other holes IN the sand trap that were eligible.

      I go back to his house and he administers some strange medicine that makes me very sick but I get better later on.
    2. Contagious Heart Attack

      by , 06-25-2012 at 05:39 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      I was able to recall two fairly vivid dreams today.

      Dream 1:

      I see my boss and he looks horrible. He describes how his son kicked him in the chest and somehow I know he will die soon. He dies soon after. I catch the heart attack (or whatever illness he had) from him and head to the hospital. The nurses are not taking me seriously even when I begin coughing up blood. I keep yelling "help me" but they do nothing. The doctor finally comes in and gives me antibiotics. I start feeling better and a little groggy. I ask him if I am dying or if the medication is putting me to sleep. I think I died. My hospital bed is suddenly transported to my backyard where my mom is by my bedside. I look over under our oak tree to find my cat Vito has killed a giant rabbit.

      Note - The following day I had to go to urgent care due to terrible stomach / chest pains.

      Dream 2:

      I am at a barber in Westwood, CA getting a crappy haircut. The only reason I am there (or so I think) is to kill some time (not sure what I had planned later). My dad happens to be there and he said we were supposed to meet at the barber. After my haircut I go visit my fiance's parents and this is where the devil comes in.

      The devil appears to me as a cat who is possessed and can see dead people (only briefly, then the devil appears human). I meet with the devil in a really nice hotel or club in a room behind a very skinny door. There are tons of hot chicks and someone needs to bang them in order for the devil to be released. Giant bubbles containing the chicks fall to the ocean and how they fall / pop determine life or death (?!?). i am able to turn something into a gold cup. Somehow this action makes me realize that I am dead and it is my entry to see the devil (I think).

      Next I am in the kitchen of my childhood home (Pam Ln). The room turns dark red (extremely scary) when the cat is threatened (the devil is now a cat again and I'm not sure what was threatening it).

      Other dream snippet:

      -I am in a place with a huge chain linked fence (maybe a parking lot?)