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    1. Random

      by , 07-31-2012 at 06:13 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Today I recalled a ton of totally random fragments:

      Fragment 1:

      I rented a harley and I am returning it to the dealer. The bike has a huge key. The owner is very trusting.

      Fragment 2:

      I am looking for a parking space for father's day lunch. I am waiting forever for a car to pull out and when it finally does it turns out to be a handicapped spot. Now all of a sudden the parking lot is completely empty.

      Fragment 3:

      My dad changed his entire back yard around. He fired the guy who cleans his bbq and I was really sad. The guy did a good job and didn't really break the bbq. The back yard was kind of shaped like an octagon.

      Fragment 4:

      I am driving by a cemetery. I am doing something dangerous or illegal and we are in some kind of trouble. Some chick in the car is getting bit by a snake from the road. I am driving this huge bike-like vehicle and started shouting "I don't want to get bit by the black widow!" Nobody believes me that there is a black widow on my bike. I stop and someone takes it off for me. Then I go to my parents house.

      Fragment 5:

      I am in a bar hustling people with some kind of magical device. We are playing for some kind of strange currency - almost like long bendable skis. Some guy walks by completely naked with his penis hanging out. I tried hard to ignore him.

      Who was the girl with me?

      I end up losing whatever we were betting on.
    2. First Lucid Dream Since Joining DV

      by , 07-03-2012 at 07:41 AM
      Non-Dream Dream Lucid Dream

      First lucid dream in a LONG time!! I had many as a child but none in about 8 years. I will call this one my first since I can't remember how many I had previously.

      I am riding a motorcycle and I notice that it can do some amazing things that seem to defy physics. I say to myself "this is a dream!" I instantly "wake up" in one of my childhood homes in Anaheim. I am at the top of the stairs and I notice that although this is the Anaheim house, the stairs are from the Pam Ln house. Everything looks dark and not too vivid (it must be night time). I start hopping as if gravity is not very strong and this provides confirmation that I am lucid dreaming. I test it further by flying (or hovering) for a while then I wake up.

      At the time I had this dream I did not know about stabilizing techniques or how to improve clarity.
    3. Reckless Motorcycle Driving

      by , 06-29-2012 at 07:34 AM
      Non-Dream Dream

      I only remembered one dream fragment today but it was an important one.

      Dream fragment:

      I am driving my motorcycle recklessly and I crash it twice.

      This is one of my dream signs - if I ever crash my bike again I will become lucid.
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