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    1. Slam Dumk Contest

      by , 10-01-2012 at 12:19 AM
      Non-dream Dream Lucid Dream

      I was on a camping trip with my wife in the Sequoias and I was able to recall a piece of a lucid dream. I had a really bad headache most likely resulting from altitude sickness and therefore I did not get much sleep. I wasn't able to write these down immediately upon waking so I only remember a small portion of the dream.

      I am in a slam dunk contest in front of a small crowd. The fans are all sitting in fold up metal chairs. We are not on a basketball court, just concrete stage with a hoop. My first couple of dunks are really lame and I am trying to figure out what to try next. I think back to my younger days when I used to do through-the-leg and 360 dunks
      . This recollection makes me become lucid. It is now my turn to dunk again. I jump incredibly high, 360 spin to my right, put the ball through my legs and windmill dunk the ball. The crowd is very impressed and wants to know how I did it. I walk up to the front row and say "check this out." I jump up and freeze at the top of my jump. I hover up in the air for about 10 seconds.

      Next I am watching a swimming competition. The event the is going on consists of diving in the water and gliding about 10 yards. I think to myself "I am lucid so I can dominate this event." I enter into the competition and win.

      Wake up.
    2. Meeting With The Big Boss

      by , 09-19-2012 at 07:51 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am playing in a basketball tournament in someone's house. My boss, my mom, and my dad are in the kitchen watching us play 5 on 5 in the living room. There are strange rules that we are debating. At the end of the game each player takes 3 3-pointers, then another, then a dunk. I got mad rebounds.

      Dream 2:

      I am at my brother's huge house playing poker. My brother announces that he is going to have a $200k one-year anniversary in Anaheim. He is sending out invitations that state that everyone will be picked up in fancy cars. My wife is sitting next to me and my friend CS is across the room. NG is also there. I notice little flowers that look like colorful christmas trees which I identify as strawberries. We eat some. I win a huge hand (a couple thousand dollars) with most of the chips coming from CS. My winning hand is a straight flush, 4-8 of spades. She is really pissed about it because she was positive she had a winning hand. I believe she has a full house. My wife is a real bitch when she announces my hand to everyone - directed at CS. She slowly reads off my hand one card at a time. After this hand I realize that I am almost late for a meeting with my boss's boss CR.

      After realizing this I find myself on the campus where I work. The grounds are covered with swimming pools filled with toys, slides and small children. For some reason I am completely naked in the pool. I am very embarrassed and do my best to cover myself up because the children's parents are watching them. I manage to get out of the pool and find out that there is a flea market going on as well. I find a booth selling jeans and find my perfect size. I steal them and put them on without drying off.

      I head over to building 15 wearing only wet jeans and get into a MASSIVE elevator - as big as a house. There are many pairs of shoes on display in the elevator but they don't fit me. I am having difficulty finding CR's office, which I believe is the 12th floor, 17th wing, room 12. The floor I am on reminds me of the airport in Cancun Mexico.

      I wake up and try to visualize the dream scene because I want to continue.

      I arrive at my meeting with CR about 40 minutes late. My other two co-workers are there and I kinda just slip into the conversation. I answer two questions confidently about how well we all work together then the meeting is over. When the others leave I plead to CR to give me 5 more minutes to meet with him. He hesitates. I say 2 minutes and we sit back down. I say to him "I feel like I owe you an explanation. I have had a very rough day. I was with my brother and niece helping" with something and she got very sick. I stayed to help out and make everything OK. CR doesn't believe me. I try to make my case more believable by saying that the doc said its one of those 1-2 day illnesses called (I can't think of something to say). I am doing a horrible acting job and I can't come up with something to say. Finally he says a name and I say I don't think that's it. Somehow this makes him believe me and we start having a normal conversation. He loves me now and we go out onto the train
      (which inexplicably is operating on my work campus).

      I explain to CR that it is fun to jump around on the train and railings around the buildings. Before I can even finish my sentence he is off jumping around and I follow. I get a text message from CS saying something like "we don't like each other anymore" and "my excuse was always the wedding so what now?" She is really upset with me after the whole poker incident. CR and I are jumping all over the buildings and railings now. I receive a message that my wife is with my parents at a 7-11 store (which also has sit down dining) and I have to take her home.

      I jump onto another moving train that my brother and my dad are on - they are most likely heading to the 7-11 as well. My brother is really impressed with my jump. My dad is next to me freezing with the heater on and a blanket. I am hot so I put the AC on me and the guy next to me thanks me. The plan is to take my wife home and then go talk to CS.

      I get to 7-11 and my wife is completely wasted with my friend WW, my mom and some other friends. My wife and WW are extremely fat. We get outside of the store and there is a huge parking lot on a steep slope. My wife starts dancing and slips. She rolls down an asphalt hill at incredibly high speed. I run after her and finally catch up to her as she slams into a curb. I carry her to my dad's truck like a baby. On the way I realize that a bunch of people filmed her rolling down the hill and were going to post it on you tube. I ask my wife if I should make them erase it.
      (I don't remember the reply). My dad gets mad at me for carrying my wife like a baby but she says that she is comfortable. I get her into the back of the truck then I wake up.

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    3. Swimming Competition

      by , 09-16-2012 at 08:42 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      I am in a world sort of like the Hunger Games except instead of having to fight to the death we are all forced into a swimming competition. I am undergoing intense swimming training and competition in brutal conditions. There are dead bodies and blood in the water. I meet a cute black girl during training and we fall in love. I comfort her and help her through the brutality. The judges begin to fall in love with us. We both win the competition against all odds and we give speeches to each other at the ceremony in front of the whole world. Everyone loves us and we have our first kiss in front of everyone. At the end we go our separate ways. I have her phone number. I desperately want to text her to just have lunch or something - to have a chance at a life together. I hesitate because I notice my wedding ring on my hand then I wake up.

      This was truly an epic dream and I recalled it in great detail every time I woke up throughout the night. I chose to enjoy it and try to continue it (which I did) every time I woke up instead of writing notes down. Therefore I forgot most of the details but I woke up with strong feelings of true love. Very powerful.

      Other people in the dream: brother, wife, IA