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    1. Reunion?

      by , 10-14-2014 at 06:40 PM
      Non-Dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am at a fancy bar / restaurant with a few friends - I believe they are the guys from Workaholics. I am drinking wine for a while then switch to very cheap whiskey. Suddenly the place gets much more crowded and lively and it seems to be like a high school reunion or something. Throughout the dream I find that I am either really bad at talking to chicks or I just have no desire to do so.

      Fragments from this dream:

      - Ders from workaholics had invented an automatic lawn mower and was testing it out outside. It works really well but he has the settings coded wrong. It goes too far laterally during the turns and won't overlap the previous path. This leaves long lines of uncut grass. I go up to tell him how to correct it and he had morphed into my friend BW.

      - There is a very long and steep gravel driveway outside. My friends and I slide down the entire thing on our feet.

      - There are lots of older people and they are disgusted by our behavior.

      - Two chicks are in a battle over who is hotter. We determined who is hotter by asking them to show us their raw steaks. The girl sitting up at the long table shows a very thick and bright red ribeye steak. The girl sitting down at the round table also shows a nice steak but I can't describe it in detail. The crowd unanimously votes for the girl with the ribeye. I was the first to declare her the winner. I had been mean to her earlier in the dream and she didn't like me but now she does.

      - We are all signing a card towards the end of the night. It is massive with seemingly hundreds of notes / signatures. I can't think of what to write and my writing is very sloppy. I am also having difficulty gripping the pen. The card is taken away from me.

      - My friend and I ask two chicks to join us in a dance competition. It turns out to be a mixture of dancing and golf.

      Dream 2: The golfing continues on an actual course with different people. The first whole is a short, 115 yard par 3 with a huge lake between the tee box and the green. The first lady to hit is new to the game and very intimidated by the lake. She hits a low line drive that looks like it will carry the lake. She is very excited thinking that she did it. The ball does in fact carry the lake but hits the wall behind the green and bounces back into the lake. I am up next and I am trying to decide which club to hit. I pick the pitching wedge and then wake up.
    2. Alien Judges

      by , 08-16-2012 at 02:04 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am in a crazy Workaholics dream where we are trying to outdo each other in everything. We are going on water slides in the wilderness. There is also lots of fighting (play fighting I think).

      Dream 2:

      We are at the wedding and my Dad gives the welcome toast too early when everyone is walking into the reception area. Nobody really hears him or pays attention. The wedding coordinator makes him do it again once everyone is seated.

      Dream 3:

      I am subbing in a basketball league and I'm playing mad defense. I am blocking and stealing everything. I also made ~1/2 of my shots and almost dunked on someone. People were amazed and very frustrated.

      Dream 4:

      Me and some people are taking turns flying a space ship to Mars. We are practicing our landings. I dominated.

      Dream 5:

      There are a bunch of beings that were judging people. I believe the setting is the Pam Ln backyard. They turn blue if you are OK and green if you are not OK. There is a little boy in front of me. I am in my underwear. I steal something from the little boy's backpack - a bunch of hard drives, wine and beer.***. All of the beings turn yellow (which I guess is even worse than green) and I am very embarrassed. I think I am going to prison. Somehow they let me have a do-over and I got off the hook. They said I have to throw a tennis ball off of the thin strip of wood above the garage door, then catch it in the dark in order to be spared. My cats were there too.

      ***Did something much worse too
    3. Another High School Party

      by , 08-12-2012 at 01:38 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am in a group of 8 people and I'm not fitting in well. I am trying to hook up with some chick but she is with someone else. No matter how hard I try I do the wrong thing.

      Dream 2:

      I am older and at a high school party with the guys from Workaholics. Some young chicks at the party are scheming. There is a long-haired guy there who started off as Matt Damon but changed later on. The girls trick him into eating a drugged hamburger then they kill his dog. He buried his dog out on a dirt road. Some kids drive by and laugh at him. MB is there and his wife is making fun of his small penis. All of our wives show up to the party and we are embarrassed that we are there.

      I am playing craps at the party and person rolling the dice sucks. I am also playing blackjack with the side bet. I almost got a straight flush but the dealer paid out for it anyway. The chips were: red-$5, green-$25, and the $100's were also green but just had a 1 on them. I won another blackjack side pot with an A,3,4 of spades. They were all in my hand somehow and I got paid. The dealer showed another spade and I tried to get paid again.

      One kid at the party tells me that he was born in 1999 and was about to go to college for business. I said "WTF - kids born in 1999 are going to college?!?" At that point I realize the year must be ~2017.

      Two of the girls at the party are showing their vaginas. They were very tight. One of them starts talking to me about quantum mechanics.

      Dream 3:

      I almost get hit by a crow.
    4. Shrooms With Workaholics

      by , 07-19-2012 at 02:37 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am doing shrooms with the cast of Workaholics on the driveway at my old Anaheim house. We are tripping out in a gym on our roller blades watching some girls play basketball. We also get some physics lessons from a teacher. I think we are at Cal State Dominguez Hills. Tupac is also there. Some guy keeps banging the chick I am with so I have to give him $200 to never bang her again.