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    1. Crossfit Battle

      by , 10-12-2014 at 09:00 PM
      Non-Dream Dream

      Recall is a little better this morning - hopefully I'll be lucid again soon!

      Dream 1: The city is falling apart and the ground is opening up to reveal fire down below. It has a video game feeling. That is all I remember.

      Dream 2: I am having a pool party and I am a goalie in a water polo game. I also steal a fence from a neighbor.

      Dream 3:

      My friend AG invites me to a crossfit-like gym that looks kind of like a large warehouse inside. My wife is with me and is hesitant to participate because there is a very large crowd there. I am walking past my wife, about to do my first exercise, and I notice that one of her nipples is showing. I motion to her to cover it up. A fat woman next to me also notices the nipple and starts to make fun of my wife. I start talking back to the woman, defending my wife, and I notice that the fat woman's nipple is also showing. Then the workouts begin. The first couple of exercises involve jumping over a very high fence and using a jump rope that has a heavy block in the middle of the rope.

      After a couple of exercises everyone make a large circle and a beautiful, muscular young woman walks out into the middle of the circle. She is supposed to fight someone who is not there. I volunteer to fight in his place. The game / fight consists of her trying to get me down on the floor any way possible and there is a time limit. After her time is up I try to get her down on the floor. She tries everything to try and get me down on the floor. She even picks me up off of the ground but I always somehow precisely counterbalance her movements and she is unable to throw me down. It is now my turn and I do a gentle leg sweep and slowly lower her to the floor. She is extremely frustrated and angry at how easy it was for me to win. She gets up and attacks me with some kind of jump kick. I catch her legs mid-air and pull her forcefully into my waist. At this moment we are both very turned on and emotional (love). She wants me to communicate with her through my heart (literally with my heart, no speaking). I express through my heart that I have very strong feelings for her and that I very much want to be with her but I am married.