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    1. Flying a Plane 10 Feet Above a Mountain, and Working NCIS with the Hardwicks

      by , 09-12-2017 at 03:53 PM
      08-04-2017 -- First part I can remember of this, I have just taken off in a medium sized, but very fast private plane (think something about the size of the smallest major airline plane, but the speed of a Concord. After an extremely short take-off run, we are climbing at about a 45 degree angle. Can't say who is flying at first, but it very quickly turns into Director Leon Vance, though sometimes it is he who is flying it, and sometimes it is a character who is played by Morgan Freeman who is flying with us.

      Anyway, I'm sitting in my seat, feeling my ears popping, and thinking how I ought to go up front and be able to see where we are, yet I am uncertain of trying to walk up the aisle while climbing at such a steep angle. Instead I wait until we level out a bit. But when I make my way up front, my eyes are kind of bugging out. We are flying over a mountain road, but we are hugging the mountain, flying just over the tree tops, dodging this way and that to make it around obstacles. I am about to ask about this, wondering what is wrong to cause us to fly this low, when I spot a bunch of other planes flying the same way, so whatever is going on, I guess it is supposed to be going on.

      So I'm looking at all this, and watching these tons of planes flying low over the mountain roads, and the scenery is beautiful, and so amazingly close, and as I watch one plane catch a wing in a snowbank and flip over, I think I ought to be video taping all this ... too bad I don't have a camera. Then I remember, there is a camera on my cell phone. But of course, the moment I pull it out, we run out of daylight, and it is suddenly night, so I think I have missed my chance. But I take the camera out anyway, and start filming, and Morgan asks sarcastically if I have night vision on the thing, and as soon as he asks the picture being filmed starts to lighten up nicely, and then we are back to daylight and I am getting some amazing footage.

      Slowly my phone is turning into my video camera, and as I flip open the view screen, a cat falls out of it's storage compartment on the camera. It seems to be a cross between Black Lightning and Ray. It is not blind, and not fully black, and a real cuddler ... and it does not belong on the airplane. Vance is making comments, and I am trying to explain that I didn't even know the cat was a part of the camera (which has now turned into a cross between a video camera and a laptop computer, now), and I am trying to fold it up and fit the cat back inside and put it away, but the cat wants more attention and petting, so is not making it easy. Meanwhile, Quinn is starting to make comments about maybe having to do something to the cat, since it is not allowed here.

      I'm not sure, but I think I may have woke up briefly here (either that, or I started repeating the details of the dream to myself a couple of times to try and fix them in my memory within the dream), then fell asleep again, back into largely the same dream. I am now working as a sort of a temp in the NCIS office (which is located in a place that is half downtown Orlando by city hall, and half May Company area in Buena Park) wandering around, handling paper work things, while the agents are trying o solve cases around us.

      Quinn is starting to put forth a theory to Gibbs. She says she is noticing something strange with the company vehicles that are being sent out and coming back in, and she is starting to see hints that they are being used for some sort of traitorous smuggling operation, and she is starting to pin it down to the person responsible. She is beginning to finger Clayton Reeves, and say he is going bad just like Jenny Shepard did, before him. Gibbs doesn't seem to be buying it, and can't understand the methods she is using to track this down, and nobody else seems to, either, but to be safe, they are trying to break into Reeves' encrypted files, using an automatic cracking program which is running on the floor, which indicates it could take up to something like 16 hours to crack the encryption.

      Meanwhile, I am still carrying around boxes of papers, and Gibbs is turning into Dick Hardwick, playing the role of Gibbs, and I'm talking with Claudia, who is meeting him after work, and we're discussing actors and performers, and I am asking something about John Jorgenssen kind of 'deserting' the group as he went off to do other things, and we end up discussing his beautiful daughter who is now a budding country western star, and I'm surprised to learn he even had a daughter, as I thought he had all sons. And by this time Claudia has turned into Luralee, and the dream has somehow shifted for a couple minutes where I find myself elsewhere outside a place where I am renting a room from a combination of Rosemary and some guy that I have never rented a room from, but often dream I have, thinking I've managed to keep things a little cleaner this time, before I find myself crossing a couple of streets to get back to where I was talking with Luralee, except she is now possibly gone.

      So I am standing by a drinking fountain, waiting for I have no idea what, when somebody that I think is the actress playing Quinn comes up, cleaning things. I am thinking of saying something to her, when somebody else comes up and makes a comment instead. The person responds by saying she isn't Quinn, she is only the cleaning lady, but they do look a lot alike, though she admits she isn't as wild as the Quinn actress is. About that time, the Leon Vance actor walks out of a room calling out loudly for Leon Vance. He does it once, twice, then you see the look on his face as he realizes he's calling out for himself, and has flubbed the scene, and he calls out a third time, "Leon Vance ... go screw yourself!" as everybody bursts into laughter. Kind of nice that my dream ended on a blooper.
    2. Shootout in New York City

      by , 09-12-2017 at 02:54 PM
      07-28-2017 -- Starts slowly. Driving around Orlando, trying to figure out how to get certain places. Taking what is probably to 408 to it's end over by UCF, but calling it one of the odd-numbered toll roads like the 417 or 429. Eventually somewhere more over near downtown, wandering around with Dale, and perhaps KPSB or Nick W. Maybe. Anyway, there is somebody that is somewhat punk-ish, but I still think or still hope is OK, and Dale ends up painting their picture, and does a remarkably decent job at it, so they don't destroy it or tear it up, but let him continue. Meanwhile, a cat gets its head stuck under a rock, and four or five other cats and kittens help to move the rock enough to free it and save it. Cool.

      Meanwhile, there are a couple of girls, seemingly somewhat homeless or something, possibly with several kinds of various ages that they are trying to care for, and I am helping them put some groceries in a fridge, while a couple of older ladies come by who seem to be trying to help them out a bit. They seem to be trying to provide significant help, because they have bought 5 or 6 prepaid trac-phones for the girls to use, which seems like a fairly good investment for a couple of girls who they've just run into on the streets. Problem is, the girls seem to be involved with the punk and his friends, who are also punks, and who no longer have anything to do with people I know.

      The punks are seeming to get more threatening, and because I dare even talk to the girls, are starting to push me around slightly and act like they may be starting to steal some of my stuff. Anyway, things move on a bit, and I have hiked through the downtown area for a distance, until I run into several of the girls and kids again, near the hospital, where they seem to be trying to get some help, trying to sign up for benefits or something, while seeking minor medical aid. A bunch of us are sitting in the area, and being called on one at a time to speak forth our relationship, and I end up calling out something like concerned bystander, and am trying to help out by explaining the ladies who helped them out with the prepaid phones in the hopes that it will help them get benefits. But the guy in charge is explaining how the biggest need is for a stable address where they can get mail which is not owned by the council. (Yes, my dream is starting to sound British here.)

      Eventually I leave the hospital, and head back to the area where I started in, and am starting to gather up my things, but a couple of the punks are coming back and becoming a problem again. I try to get rid of them, both by sending them off to the hospital, and by warning them that the girls are my friends, and they will be mad at them if they pick on me, but they continue lightly shoving me, and making grabs for some of my stuff. By this point, I've packed all my stuff up, and am wearing two large backpacks (one of them a European-style hiking pack) and pulling two large suitcases, and am simply trying to get away. I've got my Corolla parked around the corner, but they have at least one motorcycle, so I don't want to lead them to it, but want to lose them, first, then get in the car and drive away.

      There are a couple of uniformed cops standing around, and I am considering going to them for help, but I decide against it for now, and move a block over and head down the road a bit. At one point I put a little distance between myself and the guy following me, but then a lady gets knocked to the ground by the crowd and he helps her back up, and says something about being an Uber driver. I ask him about it a few minutes later, and he admits he is not, and says he just said that because I was an Uber driver. Odd stuff.

      We wander through a flea market-like area where I am glancing at some used books, but it is getting late and the place is shutting down and locking up, so we have to reverse directions and get out of there, which leads back to walking back the way we came, near where all this started. The one punk is still keeping an eye on me for all the other punks, and I am getting desperate enough to consider approaching the cops to ask for help. If they can distract and hold off the punks for a few minutes, I might be able to get my car and drive away. The problem is, though the cops have not stopped us from walking back into the area (strangely), they are in the middle of blocking everything off, and are holding machine guns in their hands at the ready.

      I realize that something is going down, and glancing up, see another machine gun sticking out a window, but notice it is a cop holding it. Things are obviously getting very tense, and suddenly something seems to break, and more and more shots start ringing out. Cops are firing up into the buildings towering around us (this is starting to look far less Orlando, and far more NYC) and people are firing down from the buildings into the cops. I see a couple of cops shot, and collapsing to the ground, bleeding heavily. There is a seemingly homeless woman who is calling out, demanding to give her back her gun, as she could use it better than the person who currently has is, and it seems she may be under cover, but she's shot down. By this time, several of us innocent bystanders are cowering on the grounds. I am actually underneath my backpacks and suitcases, which probably makes me a fair bit safer.

      More people are being shot, and several of us are just huddling here, but several others are grabbing us, and pulling us under and inside some of the buildings, hoping to get us out of range of the shooters. Some of the people have been shot, and are bleeding as they are being pulled along, but the ones pulling are hoping they are only minorly injured. Others, like myself, are unharmed, but either in shock or playing dead, and just being pulled along. Big sections on buildings are swinging up or down on large hydraulic systems, opening or closing access to large areas, and we are worried because we don't know what is happening.

      One lady (older than the teen girls looking for help, but seemingly younger than the middle aged ladies who were helping) who seems to be in her late 30s or early 40s sees me being dragged along there, and seems to be worried about me, and she is kind of cute, so I am considering getting up and speaking to her, but that's about when I woke up.
    3. Dobby Will Show Bad Lucius, Dobby Will!

      by , 10-07-2015 at 10:23 AM
      10-04-2015 -- This one starts oddly, especially since I can't remember most of the beginning. Somehow Pat Q., Paul O., and I are all together, and sitting down for pizza somewhere, like I'm pretty sure we've done in the past in real life. Thing is, we're also going on and on talking about our phone numbers, including a slightly odd number that I can't remember awake, but seemed to be an important phone number from a past dream that I no longer remember.

      One of the many things we're discussing is how Lucius Malfoy has kidnapped Dobby, and we're hoping that he's going to be all right. The good thing is, he soon pops up to tell us that he managed to escape, and has decided to tak his revenge on Malfoy by grabbing an important book of documents; some kind of record keeping for Lucius' evil plans or illegal financial dealings. He's brought it back to Pat so she can use it to cause him trouble.

      So somehow we use a 'spell' in the form of a technomancy piece of equipment to copy one page of this material, then I wear at it and mangle it until I manage to make it nice and soft and very old looking [like that paper ball Jimmy had been mangling in a class until it became almost cloth-like from the fibers breaking down], and then use it for something else, and leave it somewhere that Malfoy will find it, discover a few of his secrets on it, and start to worry about what else might turn up somewhere unexpected.

      Soon the paper has turned into a huge map, which we have hung on a wall, and somehow as a part of this incredible plot (which becomes less sensible all the time) we're soon shooting at it with guns, putting a number of holes in it. Soon we're working at printing gold paper money. (The paper the bills are printed on are actually made of gold.) We're printing it on a fairly normal printer, feeding in letter-size sheets of thin gold, and printing the bill lettering and such on it, but I bump the printer, and the paper shifts mid-feed, messing up the bills. I try to fix it by kind of pulling the lettering off, and trying to smooth it out, then reaffix it to the gold, but of course it doesn't work.

      Soon I am grabbing huge wads of unprinted gold bills that have already been trimmed down to bill size, and stuffing them into a brown paper bag, trying to hide the evidence of my damaging them, until we can perhaps resmelt them or something. About that time, a huge guy who is an odd cross between Hagrid and a huge black hillbilly walks in, thinks I have his lunch, and grabs the paper bag and opens it. When he sees what is inside, he's kind of shocked, and I have to swear him to secrecy about the whole thing.
    4. Rescuing a Friend from Abuse, Doctor Who, and the Scifi Convention

      by , 10-07-2015 at 10:16 AM
      06-14-2015 -- So I'm sitting on a curb in a bad neighborhood, eating something. I'm a little scared something bad is going to happen, but it is late at night, there is almost nobody on the street, and I am sitting in a small space between my car and another one, in the shadows, and am almost invisible. Some woman spots me, though, and thinks I am homeless or something, so is coming over to offer me some food or help, and I'm trying to explain I don't really need it.

      I start to stand up, and put a backpack or something on the convenient gate of a nearby truck, but as I am getting to my feet, it starts to drive off with my stuff. So I jump to my feet and start to chase after it, but I can't run fast enough. So I kind of launch myself into the air and fly forward, and land on the roof of the truck. It is now more or less a box truck, the kind with the cab separate, so the guy doesn't hear me land on the roof. He gets to a restaurant he is going to, and I jump off the back and more or less fly inside so I am already there when he walks in, and he doesn't suspect I got there on his roof.

      But as I get inside, things start to change around, and I find myself near someone I *think* is Sharon N. (not sure because it has been a very long time.) She is scared and freaking a bit, and I find she and her mother are being abused, and she hears her mother crying out in pain, so she pulls out a gun and is preparing the shoot the guy doing the abusing. At this point, I am halfway there, and halfway just watching the dream happen.

      I grab the gun from her, and explain her fingerprints would get her caught. Instead I wipe the gun down, then fasten it into a table-mounted vice, with it pointing out the window and right down where the guy is dragging her mother, and when he's in the right position, I push the trigger with a stick and it shoots him. We run out of there quickly, and have left no evidence behind, but because we're running, they're chasing us.

      We split up, but are meeting in Sharon's college dorm room, which is on about the 15th floor of a residence hall or something, and I'm just running up stairways trying to find a way to loose the cops chasing us. And there are lots of other students running around, and stuff happening, and things are just getting a bit stranger all the time, and that's where my memory just kind of fades away, though more may have happened in the first dream.

      [Anyway, I woke up, and worked at remembering the dream, but was feeling sick, and didn't have anything to write it down at, so I just kept thinking about it and trying to remember it, and falling asleep while I did so.]

      Soon I was trying to remember the dream within a dream, but within the dream little bits and pieces kept changing, and soon I find I either was, or was travelling with the Doctor, and was trying to keep things happening the way they were supposed to, while the timeline kept changing around me. Amy Pond was my companion.

      [Soon I woke from that dream, and found myself trying to remember the original dream, and the remembering the dream dream (which obviously almost nothing stuck around from), but still had no way to remember it, and drifted off into sleep again.]

      This time I found myself arriving at some sort of science fiction-related event, somewhere in California, and somehow I had managed to fly out for this massively cool thing, even though I was only going to be able to be here for the single evening. And things are just about to start, and I am trying to ask about getting a ticket. And for some reason it would be really helpful to have these odd goggle-like things, but they are expensive, and I cannot afford to buy one.

      But there is a lady there who has a few pairs, and is considering renting them out as a sort of business, and I explain to her that I could really use a pair, since I am only going to be here for the single night, and she says I would need to have my ticket, first. I need to speak to Someguy. There was a name there, but I sure can't remember who it was. Anyway, he had just walked away, and I try to follow him to ask about the ticket, but he's climbed up into almost a sort of DJ booth, and I am calling out to him, but with my voice he can't hear me, and doesn't want to speak to anybody, anyway.

      The event has started now, and I am already missing it, and I'm ticked off and annoyed, and mad enough that I am ready to just stomp out. But then I realize I am in California, and actually, though I thought it was Los Angeles, it turns out to be in San Diego, and I suddenly think I could call Bynner and arrange to meet him somewhere for a meal (maybe In and Out) before I have to fly back in the morning, which would be kind of neat.
    5. The Balloon Convention and Backstage at Disney and in Trouble

      by , 10-07-2015 at 10:12 AM
      06-13-2015 -- I'm in a room somewhere for a sort of balloon jam or lecture, and we're learning some neat and large balloon sculptures, and oddly enough Mike and Lisa are here, and they are trying to copy one of my designs, but they are "doing it wrong" and in the process coming up with a much better design, which I am then trying to copy, which just seems sort of weird.

      Soon we're moving along, and we're soon walking through a school that might be Savanna. I see no teachers I know, but I soon find myself walking through some lab classes that are very familiar from both real life, and dreams where I end up walking through closed up labs and finding places to hide and secret doors and passages to wander through, including off-limits employee locker rooms that I have dreamed about several times before.

      Unfortunately, things are changing to where I am wandering around back stage at Disneyland, where I know I am not supposed to be, and have gotten in trouble for being before, and just before I manage to exit safely, I am caught by somebody who is a cross between a blond I know from TV somewhere, but can't quite recall, and the cute Freedom Insurance agent I met last October (Murray? Something like that.) She knows me, she knows I don't belong there, and she grabs me and tells me I am in big trouble as she starts to drag me off to security, or even out of the park.

      It seems she is taking me somewhere to have my annual pass revoked or have me banned for life or something, and I'm really bummed out about that, but as we're walking through a parking structure, some people are driving around rather crazy, and she seems to forget about me in the process of dodging them and chasing them, and I quietly climb over a fence to the next level of the parking lot, and just kind of disappear.

      The bad side of things is that I cannot, for the life of me, remember where the car is parked. The good thing is, when I call Dale on the cell phone, he has it written down, and all I have to do is manage to find the section he tells me.
    6. Knott's Animal Park

      by , 02-24-2015 at 07:38 PM
      07-20-2014 -- So I am walking down La Palma, right along side Knott's Berry Farm, when I somehow find myself climbing a fence or something to get inside. I am in something that is rather like a children's playground, inside what seems to be the beginning of a forest. Oddly, I find Steve G. here, and he seems to be in charge of the area, but he isn't satisfied with the playground, so he is the one who has been having trees moved in to try and grow a forest.

      I stop to chat with him, and he is starting to talk about what he is trying to do, but I can already see the shape of things to come, and since I love the times when I get to go swinging through the trees, I'm all for his plans ... though he seems kind of surprised that I can figure it all out at a glance. I just jump up and grab a vine, and start swinging, though they haven't grown strong enough to support me for long, yet. Meanwhile, as I lose my grip or the vine collapses and I drop to the ground, I find myself in what seems to be a bit of a wild animal park.

      I find I am facing Steve, who has got a tiger with him, and he expects to find me panicking, but instead I just kind of nuzzle with the huge cat, who is lightly chewing on my fingers, but not doing any harm. Steve seems to be almost considering me as an assistant or something, which I might like (love cats of all kinds, though I had not previously gotten to interact with tigers) but unfortunately he already has somebody who seems to be working with him, and is really ticked off by the possibility. If I had to guess, I would say there was a good chance it would be Scott.

      So anyway, Scott goes stalking off in anger, and a few minutes later there is an explosion, and security is running around everywhere, and Steve is being called to help make sure the animals are all contained, and help security stop anyone from coming in or anything from getting out at the now blown up gate where they had the stagecoach crossing. Meanwhile, since I am not supposed to be here, and have no right to be, I am trying to get out of the way of security and almost anybody else, but am having problems with some of the animals. They don't mean any harm, but they are curious, and I have various critters climbing on me and hanging on me, while others who help care for them and trying to help me get them off me.

      Soon Steve has come back, and is trying to help me get away without being seen, and we're trying to sneak out of an employee gate probably near Beach and La Palma. We have climbed up a big structure of pipes and things, and are just about to drop to the ground right by the gate when security walks into the area, and unfortunately he hears us land on this pipe thing, and looks up and spots us. Steve says to run, and goes sprinting along the pipes, but I doubt that is going to work for me, and I drop to the ground and try to hide, hoping the security guard heads after Steve, and away from me. (After all, he belongs. Away from me, he isn't likely to be in trouble.)
    7. Perfectly Nice Lucid Dream

      by , 08-23-2012 at 06:15 AM
      08-23-2012 -- [All right, the title of this one is because I had a nice lucid dream this morning which I enjoyed, and would not mind repeating ... unlike the nasty, miserable, soul-crushing lucid dream I had a few days ago. (I will get that one posted eventually.) That one actually chased me away from posting dreams for a few days, it made me so miserable. Still have been dreaming, and writing them down, just haven't had the 'psychic' energy to post them for a few days.]

      I am in school, sitting in a class that just ended. Everybody is gathering their stuff together, and I glance at the desk next to me, where somebody was just sitting. I think they've got graffiti all over it, but as I reach for a rag to try and force it off, it just blows away. Covered in dust. And I realize I dust this desk quite often, and somehow it is always covered in dust again.

      I turn to tell Mrs. Walton [high school English teacher] but she's gone. I'm amazed how quickly she got out of there. There is a custodian who has come in to clean the room, but no teacher. As I am pondering this, Mrs. Walton comes back in, and I mention the dust, but she doesn't much care. I finish gathering my books, and walk out of the classroom.

      I glance at the quad and admire the volcano (well, it is kind of a cross between a tropical volcano and Big Thunder-style rock work) and think to myself "That really looks nice ... wait a minute, that's not supposed to ... I'm dreaming!" No reality check, no questioning. I know that doesn't belong, so I am dreaming.

      I can remember my plans for the next lucid dream I have, quite plainly. I have to find S. and have a good time. I start to wonder where I might find her at. I don't know her class schedule ... heck, this is a dream, I don't even know my own class schedule. I don't want to chase all around the campus looking for her. I sit down at a picnic table to think about it.

      There is a slim, fairly attractive blonde approaching me, and she wants to talk to me, and she seems to be really friendly. I tell her I have to find S., and she says something like "Isn't she gay?" I pull her against me for a kiss, and within a couple of seconds she is all over me, grinding against me, completely mine. I gently push her back and tell her "S." "Whatever you say," she moans. "I'll try and help you draw her in!" I gently wipe the drool that is starting to run down her chin from how into me she is, after that kiss. [Lucid dream power, she can't resist me. And AFAIK, S. is not, and never has been gay.]

      As we're about to walk off, the scene has turned to a gas station, and some guy has just pulled up in a truck and is shooting off his mouth, insulting people. He's horribly mean to this little kid, and he thinks he is cool because he is being horribly mean in really great voice mimics. Because he sounds like several actors, it is cool that he is cursing at this poor kid.

      I don't like the guy, but I come face to face with him while climbing in my car. He has the most brilliant, bright blue eyes I have ever seen, and as I open the door I am thinking "no way is that guy human. He's an alien or something." I've climbed into the back seat of my car instead of the front, and somebody starts driving it away. I look up at the sun roof, and the guy with the blue eyes is trying to crawl through it, and I am starting to fight him off.

      I still know I am dreaming, and taking care of this guy is going to be easy, but since I wake up about this time, got nowhere further. Fun little dream, though.