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    1. Taking Mom or Pat on my Motor Scooter, Eventually Traveling at Disneyland

      by , 09-12-2017 at 04:17 PM
      08-19-2017 -- What I can remember, lightly, since I should still be asleep. Driving somewhere with mom or Pat (thing it starts as mom, changes to Pat) perhaps grocery shopping. Stop for a quick stop at a Denny's (with what may be an Uber passenger) because I need to go to the bathroom. Usual mess in the restroom. Group of punks went in right before me, part of toilet missing, but the parts that are there are clean, so I have to half crouch above the bowl, but it actually works halfway decently. Someone gets around the lock somehow and enters the cubical with me. I kind of expect trouble, and end up chasing some dirty looking woman out, but she may not have actually meant harm.

      Eventually get back to the car, worried it might have been towed because I took longer than expected, and drive home to the Hickory house, where I have to avoid a bike or motorcycle in the driveway. Am kind of asking whose it is, then realize it must be Melody's boyfriend. Mom agrees. Playing with a cat, then a whole bunch of cats. Nice kitties who want and get lots of petting. Soon time to head out for a second trip, perhaps to the grocery store or something. But somehow I get distracted, and am now back from the second trip and getting ready for a third trip. Or maybe not. It's all kind of fragmented.

      Eventually leaving the property again, now on my old scooter, with Pat on the back of it, going down a couple of steps slowly, which jostles her a bit, but I'm at least trying to avoid it. Driving down a long, gravel driveway like Grandma and Grandpa's older place in Washington, when there are a bunch of other people around, following us, and commenting on it. Scooter starts up whisper-quiet compared to a real motorcycle, and someone is commenting on it, while I am just trying to avoid having the cycle spill in the gravel.

      Go down through a couple of small hills and some sand, turn a corner, and find the way half-blocked by street construction. One guy goes around a crane, but then another hauls away the board I was supposed to drive across, and I have to call out. It eventually swings back, and I perch the cycle on the swinging board, trying to keep my balance until it swings over another board which returns to the main road, and I drop a couple of feet and end up with the back of my cycle in some water, but manage to get out of it, and people are chuckling and joking about it, but all seems to be fine.

      Somehow we're now at the entrance to a sort of shopping mall, and Tim Goodwin was one of the people with us, and he branches off to get ready to do his current work (which seems to be retail) at the mall, while Pat and I continue on. No idea where we are going to this time, and for a while Pat disappeared, but we now seem to be in Disneyland at the Rivers of America, because even though it is the middle of the night, we seem to be climbing onto the top of one of the Keel Boats, and quite near us the Columbia is sailing around, with an attractive blonde who looks a little like Anne (but isn't) wearing a cross between and Indian garment and either a Sea Singer or a Tetsu ports outfit, while practicing a song and dance. I point out the costume to Pat, while wondering about a connection between Runescape and Disney, then get out a camera and snap a picture of the beauty, who is a little shy, but doesn't seem to mind too much.

      As we are pulling away from the dock, I catch a glimpse of some animal trying to jump aboard and look down to see a cougar or bobcat down on the dock, jumping at the top deck and just barely missing. I comment on it, and Pat doubts it until she sees it herself, then is a little worried, but the cat just barely misses again, Meanwhile, a small dog jumps on board the lowest deck without problem, and runs up to the top deck (of what is now a half Keel Boat, half Paddle Wheeler. Meanwhile, we see the Mark Twain in the distance, and they are singing sea shanties on it (more of a Columbia thing to do, but it's a dream, lump it), and Pat leans out to take a picture of it, while the person in uniform on the other boat makes some sort of comment and pulls out his own camera, and soon leans out over our boat to hand Pat a Polaroid of him taking a picture of her taking a picture. Nice bit of show there! Fun if weird, combination of stuff.
    2. Telling Dreams and the Animal Rescue Benefit

      by , 05-02-2016 at 04:29 PM
      05-02-2016 -- I'm walking through the BPM parking lot, in the area between the May Company auto center, and May Company, itself. The parking lot is full of cars, and also full of people who are trying to survey people about their dreams. For some reason, it seems unlikely that they would want to talk to me about this, so I plan to just wander past until somebody specifically asks people for dreams that are horror-related. At that point, I stop to talk to them, and am going through and describing in great detail the Freddy Krueger portion of the dream I had on 04-28-16.

      Soon after that, I walk home to the Hickory House, where I enter and am wandering back and forth between my original bedroom, and the bedroom I eventually took over from Keith. Oddly, though it is the HH, I seem to be renting a room from a cross between Rosemary and Bonnie. I find there are several somewhat scruffy tiny baby kittens in the house. They seem kind of ill and damaged, and it turns out they are part of an animal rescue type of thing.

      I spend some time petting the kittens, and then also petting Tucker and Keffer, who are also here again, though Keffer has lost a lot of weight, and is now in much better shape. Several of Bonnie's clown friends are over, and seem to be involved in the rescue work. One of them makes some sort of comment about the benefits of a pair of narrow box springs as opposed to one large box spring for larger queen or king-size beds, because she says it lessens the amount of 'sliding' a mattress does. Bonnie doesn't get it, and I jump in to tell about how my queen sized mattress shifts around all the time, but my parents' king-sized mattress on a pair of box springs didn't.

      So even more clowns are showing up, and talking about ways to help out, and things, and stuff just starts sort of changing, and we're soon in a large stadium-like venue, where several clowns (and others) are starting to give performances that are more than half sales pitches to sell various things, the proceeds to go to the animal rescue efforts. The place is getting more and more busy, the sales people are becoming more and more pushy, and suddenly I find myself watching Billie Piper, slightly slinkily dressed and acting kind of sexy, doing her own part to entertain and help out.
    3. Dream Bits: Friendly Sharks and the White Queen at the Mall

      by , 02-21-2015 at 07:11 PM
      02-21-2015 -- I am in the hallway in front of my bedroom at Rosemary's house, except my room is the first on the right side of the hall, instead of the left, and the hall is running E/W rather than N/S (I think.) The room is a disaster, with tons of papers and junk on the floor, and there is so much of it that a lot of it has slipped into the hallway, and I know this is going to really tick Rosemary off. So I get to work, grabbing and shoving all the stuff in the hallway into the room, then shut the door. It takes me about 2 minutes, and I am somehow feeling really proud of myself, so I decide to go tell Rosemary.

      I wander down the hall and walked past the kitchen and step down the two small steps leading into the living room. (No idea where this home layout comes from, by the way.) But when I get to the living room, I find that Rosemary/Bonnie (it is now a cross between the two) has got some sort of clown alley-type meeting going on. I duck out of the way and head back to my room, but as I get there, I discover we have relatives visiting, and they are poking all around the house. They go to open the door to my room, and I am trying to stop them as I don't want them to see the mess, but I find myself looking into a different, clean room. I pull the door shut and open it again, just long enough to glimpse the mess in my room. I shut it a third time and open it, to find myself looking in at one of the rooms that usually have two or three of the kids from other landlord dreams sleeping in them, and just kind of tilt my head in confusion. Seems each time the door is open, it leads to a different room.


      02-20-2015 -- Vague memories of driving and chasing scenes, but can't remember any actual details, then I find myself in a huge pool or aquarium. There is a big red fish here, probably about five feet long, six inches wide, and about 10 or 12 inches deep. It's a vivid red, and looks quite gorgeous, but unfortunately is swallowed whole by perhaps a 12 foot long shark, that, after it eats the big red fish, seems to no longer be hungry, and wants to make friends with people. We are rather iffy about trusting it at all ... after all, what if it gets hungry again?

      So this big shark is swimming around, and it can't talk, but it kind of nudges us like a dog that wants to be petted might. Meanwhile there is a sort of small city here, currently sitting on top of the water with a sort of a fish-like man (greenish-gray skin, gills, scales, but man-shaped) who is glaring at us. He kind of blames us for the shark being around, as if we brought it here, and keeps trying to make his city sink under water, so we can't enter it and look around, because he's mad about the shark. Not too detailed, at least that I can remember, but sort of neat.


      02-20-2015 -- I'm having some sort of interaction with KPSB's family, possibly originally at their home, but we very soon are at the Buena Park Mall. We're just wandering around, shopping, when I spot Kevin's sister, L, who seems to be talking with what looks like Emma Frost, the White Queen. I don't trust the evil woman, and worry she is corrupting L, so I am hovering near, trying to listen in on what they are saying. Emma is in one of her usual scandalous outfits, so I'm also rather enjoying the view. Unfortunately, they are starting to notice my attention, and begin to move away, so I try to turn invisible, so I can keep watching. It actually works fairly well this time.

      We're probably pretty close to Longs at this point, and they start walking toward Sears, then branch off to one of the main mall exits, and I try to stay close, but as I burst out the doors into the parking lot, they are nowhere in sight, and I realize they have gotten away, and I still have no idea what they were planning. Something about a little kid approaching me and hugging my leg or something, then I step back inside. It is evening, but not too late, and only 6 or 7, so still a couple of hours before the mall closes. There are dozens and dozens of booths set up selling things for the holiday, as well as the stores, but for some reason, they are all starting to pack up the goods and tear down the booths, and with a couple of hours left before closing, it just doesn't make sense to me ... but oh well.

      I start walking toward May Company, and glance into Waldenbooks as I pass, but today I have no interest in stepping inside. As I am about to step through the doors into May Company, I find myself facing a Chinese dragon. Not a huge, mythical animal, but the parade costume thing. I try to squeeze to the side and slip past it, but one of the people in the large head (which has about six people in a sort of semi-circle carrying it) calls out to me, and turns out to be an attractive Chinese girl I know. (Actually, I don't think I know any Chinese girls, oh well.)

      She's asking me something about what I'm doing, and it in some way brings up the topic of balloons, and I mention that I can twist balloons. They don't believe me, so I start looking around. Either part of the dragon or separate, there are some uninflated balloons and things around, and I keep picking up several looking for one I can blow up and twist to prove myself. Unfortunately most are broken, and the few that are not are old and weak, and as soon as I try to blow them up, they break. Then if I can find a whole one, I know just how hard they are to blow up without a pump. Then I find one that is already blown up, and I figure I can demonstrate with it, but it is completely filled up, so there is no room for the air to go anywhere as I twist it, which makes it even harder to deal with. Still, I manage a couple of twists and turn to show them, just to find the dragon and all it's carriers have walked off. Oh well. I walk into May Company, and wake up before I reach the other end of the store.
    4. House of Imports, Acid Goop, and the Bobcat

      by , 07-02-2014 at 05:05 AM
      07-01-2014 -- Working a shift at HOI, relieving Jim for the weekend shift on Friday night, and arrive when it is already late, perhaps 9 or 10, but there are still a lot of people running around, going in and out of the building. I stay there for quite a while, just poking around, at first, then hooking up my computer and working on it for a bit, back in the receptionist/security monitor area, but the customers and sales people keep wandering around. Eventually I find lots of people entering the place and heading back to the parts department for some sort of meeting, I decide to check the time, and it is already something like 6 AM, and I've completely lost track of the time.

      People have been working and in and out of the showroom all night long, and as it is now morning and the day shift is starting to come in, I realize I had better get the security keys, which Jim had left hanging in the door lock. Actually should have gotten them many hours ago. It's still pitch black outside, and I can't decide if it is because it really is that dark, or if it is the new, super dark tinting on the showroom windows. Turns out it is a case of both. Though it is now getting on to 7 or 8 in the morning, it is that rare day when the sun just doesn't manage to get up until even later. (Once in a great while really did see days like this.)

      I decide to start getting my stuff together, including packing the computer up and wrapping the power cord around the flat screen monitor (wish I had had a flat screen back then, would have been so much easier than hauling around a CRT.) The day time security guard arrives and tells me I can go, but I realize I never clocked in on a time card. I figure I will have to hand-write the clock in, and just clock out. The clock and the cards and rack are all here at the reception counter, but as I start trying to find a card, all I can find are other people's cards, which they are already using. After a lot of searching, I finally find a stack of blank time cards buried under some other stuff, and grab one. I try to fill it out, but I am writing my name wrong and messing up the letters and just can't do it. I finally give up on that card, fold it up and stick it in my pocket. Want to get another card and try again, but again I can't find the cards.

      By this time the other security guard is really pushing for me to go, and he goes as far as to call his company and complain about another guard being here and not letting himself be relieved. But first off, he is relieving me early, and second off (as I take great enjoyment in telling him) I don't work for his security company, I work directly for the House of Imports ... even if only for a couple of holidays a year. I'm trying to look through the stuff where I found the last card, but the tiny ledge by the window that they were on is getting larger and larger, and soon I can't reach the stuff without climbing onto the ledge, itself. The receptionist has arrived, and wants me out of there, but is at least trying to be helpful about it, and joins the search. But it seems they are just about to switch to new cards that were just printed, and which they were going to start using on the next pay period, in a few days. But these cards are jet black, and nothing is going to show on them from the old time clock, which is the one that is still in use. So I finally give up on managing a time card at all.

      I start looking for my stuff, and just can't manage to find it anywhere, so I start to wonder if, even if I can't remember it, I might have already taken it out to the car. I head outside, and start to look for the car (the old two-tone Oldsmobile I had when I was really working at HOI), but it's not there. I am starting to get aggravated, wondering if my car has been stolen AGAIN (happens all the time in my dreams, never in real life) but then I notice the sign by the road, and remember they do street cleaning on Manchester Sunday morning, and either ticket or tow cars left on the road at their discretion. Blast it! They also have heavy construction going on on the street, with only barely enough space at the driveway open to get a car in.

      I head back up to the showroom, one assumes to pass on word of what happened, though it is not like the dealership can actually do anything if the police towed the car, but as I approach the showroom stairs, there are several people there screaming at Francisco and the other morning help, yelling about the construction along the road. They are a weird cross between customers, the next dealership down the road, and a news crew, and are screaming about the mess and the difficulty of getting around the construction, and demanding information about how long things are going to be like this. Francisco and the like are just the guys who drive the cars in and out and get them washed and things, so he isn't likely to have detailed information on any construction, and certainly isn't the one who should be asked. So I am apologizing to them for the idiots screaming, not that it has anything to do with me.

      I end up walking down the sidewalk, heading toward Orangethorpe and eventually the 7-11, and I end up walking with the folks from the other dealership/news crew. We're dodging around construction, half climbing over small pipes and things, and the entire time the pipes are gurgling, and every few seconds, this thick, slimy, red sludge comes spitting out of the pipes. Some is all over one of the news lady's stockings, some more splashes all over my clothes, though I try to avoid it, and I have to admit it is annoying and disgusting. I keep walking, until I am on my own, and get further and further down the street.

      Soon I am passing several short sky scrapers (five or six stories tall, not that great for sky scrapers, but much taller than anything actually on Manchester) and come up with the idea of calling the police. If I stress my security work enough, and sound pathetic enough, maybe I can get my car released for only $20 or $30, so I pull out my cell phone to call them, only to discover that some of the red slime got on the phone and melted the screen, and I kind of collapse to the ground by the fence separating the road from the freeway, and start to cry, as it has all gotten to be too much.

      But then I start to realize it is too much. My luck is being so bad, it is absurd and highly unlikely. I glance at the sky scrapers, and realize they are out of place. I look at a sign on the freeway, glance away, and then look back, and the numbers are changing and shifting around. I hold out my hand, concentrate on my fingers, and they start stretching and distorting! I thought so ... I'm dreaming! I concentrate on my finger, and it stretches out five or six feet, and pokes a sleeping feline by the fence, an odd cross between lion, tiger, and perhaps bobcat. The thing jumps up and starts to snarl and stalk me, and I whisper soothingly to it and gesture at it with power, and it starts to calm down. I slowly start to pet it, and every time it starts to get upset again, I mentally calm it.

      By this time, the scene around me has changed, and instead of being outside by the freeway fence, I am inside a building. I can remember walking in a back door that was unlocked [though I never did so, things just shifted around me] and I am still trying to soothe the bobcat. Then I hear somebody unlocking the front door and opening the office, and I realize even if they left the back door unlocked, they aren't going to like me being in here. So I bolt for the back door I entered by, and the guy coming in the front hears me and chases after me. I draw his attention by running, and he demands to know who I am. I give the false name of Fred Flores [sorry Fred], but am kind of stuttering, and he starts claiming that I said the name wrong, which indicates I am this or that, and it just doesn't make sense. I run out the building, and into the next building (heading back toward HOI) and it is a cross between the other dealership and a parts store.

      I run through the place, duck under a counter, and out a back door, and I find myself on a very strange loading dock where a large crane is picking up box trucks and hoisting them into position at the dock, in the air. I am trying to get out of the way, but I just can't move quickly enough. I manage to avoid the first truck easily, and the second truck with more difficulty, but only barely make it out of the way of the third one. So I am standing there, breathing heavy and trying to catch my breath when the lighting fixtures right above me start to lower, turn into some sort of equipment, and start dripping boiling hot oil on me. It's turning into those nightmare sort of dreams where everything mechanical is coming to life and pursuing me, and I have to kind of flex my mental muscles and sort of scream "Enough! This is still a dream, but it is MY dream!" and things start to settle down ... which is when I wake up.
    5. Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the Church Balcony

      by , 12-24-2013 at 09:33 AM
      11-24-2013 -- [First lengthy, detailed dream I have had in several days.] Am in a church which is a cross between Pine Castle UMC (the balcony above the narthex) and Buena Park First Church of the Nazarene (the physical location and the rest of the building layout.) I seem to be Harry Potter, and it is dark and quite late at night. There are no lights, but I am sitting on the floor of the balcony watching a small television that seems to somehow be showing one of the later Harry Potter movies or something, and I am learning secrets that will eventually let me beat Voldemort. Problem is, I hear angry muttering, and when I peer over the balcony, I can see Voldemort down by the pulpit. He is watching the same thing on a much larger screen, and is getting more and more angry about what he is seeing.

      At this point I am a very young Harry Potter, and I know Voldemort could probably destroy me easily, and he can see the flickering light of the television I am watching from where he is, even if he can't see me. I somehow know that as he gets angrier, he will end up destroying me and the balcony. But then I realize, he can't see me, he can't hear me, and there are no lights anywhere except the slight flicker from the tv screens, if I am slow and quiet, I can open up one of the doors to the stairs, climb down into the narthex, then exit out one of the double glass doors on the side, and I should be able to run away without being seen. Perhaps I can put enough distance between us that I should be able to hide for a while.

      I follow my plan, and make it out the doors, expecting an explosion all the while, but I manage to get outside before anything happens. I run along the side of Shamlin Hall, then reach the brick fence and start to climb it. Oddly, unlike all the past dreams I have had about climbing these fences, and into these yards, there are no big dogs chasing at me. As soon as I think this, a gray dog comes running up, but it is a little smaller than usual, and isn't barking nearly so much. I hold out a hand for it to sniff, then pick it up, and seem to have made a friend of it, which is a nice change. [I have dreamed about climbing fences in the area and cutting through or hiding in yards through here many times, but this time is a lot smoother than usual.]

      I am cutting across to reach Orangethorpe as usual, but I soon find myself in the middle of a sort of park with a couple of softball fields, and some people are playing. I have no intention of joining in, but I do pass through the area, avoiding both the kids and adults who are playing. Oddly, I run into Captain Jack (character from Doctor Who), dressed as a ball player, and flirting with everyone around him, whether male, female, or child.

      I continue on, and soon find myself standing on Orangethorpe, at a cross between a sort of bus stop and a food truck, and I run into some of the Scoobie Gang. Giles is here, though he almost immediately takes off looking for help. I think Buffy is on patrol. But Willow is here, and is seriously injured. She has a badly mangled arm that will probably never be whole again, unless I do something. I pick her up in my arms, and twist her bad arm in a way that it really shouldn't bend, but then I start pouring healing magic into it, and it starts to heal and straighten in a remarkable way. With some time to rest, she is going to end up being just fine. I leave her with her friends, and wander off into the night, worn and exhausted.

      I am weak and tired, I have exhausted all my magic in healing Willow, and I am just stumbling through the parking lot of a somewhat worn apartment complex. There is a dirty blonde, probably in her mid-30s, sleeping in her car in the parking lot. She is poor, dirty, not in the best shape, and she is kind of propositioning me. I guess in this dream the power Voldemort knows not is probably sex, rather than love, because I decide to have sex with her, knowing that will recharge my core. I climb into the car, and have sex with her, though the dream kind of skips past that. I am feeling a bit better, and have kind of partly recharged, when I get the odd feeling we are being watched.

      We are parked next to a sort of a repair truck ... the kind that might be a real repair truck, or might be something that the FBI is using to spy on people. I am trying to stare into this truck, somehow thinking it is where they are spying on us from, when I hear someone opening up the passenger side door of the car, and I am not able to react fast enough as the door is torn open, I am pulled out, and am beaten and knocked unconscious. When I come to, I am being dragged through a parking lot by a guy in fatigues, as he also pulls along the dirty blonde I was with. Problem is, though he knocked me out, and my head hurts, I did finish 'recharging' my core, first. He doesn't even know what is happening at first, as I morph my body to look like his, then morph his to look like me. After that, I hit him with a kind of an imperious, so he won't be able to say anything. I am still dizzy from being knocked out, and he is dizzy from the mind control, so we're kind of stumbling along keeping each other upright.

      We're in a sort of large junk yard, with scrap all around us, and I am guessing he and his people have made their base here. Another soldier dressed in fatigues comes up, and seems to think he has the right to beat up on the other guy (since he looks like me and I him) and he starts to attack him, but I turn around and kill him, then stick him through a narrow hole in the fence that leads to a sort of truck yard, and I hope he won't be found until after I find my way out of here. We keep staggering through the junk yard, and we eventually find our way back to Orangethorpe. By this time I am nearly back to 100%. I let the girl go, then I knock out the soldier who had originally knocked me out, and finally I morph into an entirely new disguise so hopefully nobody can recognize me.

      I make my way back to the food truck (which is slowly changing into a couple of tents containing some sort of buffet at what is seeming to be turning into a college campus) looking for any of the Scoobies, as well as anybody who may be spying on them for Voldemort (how I figure I must have been captured), and ready to thrash any soldiers I might find watching them, while I hope my disguise is good enough if Voldy himself should come by.
    6. Chase Dreams, Spies, and War Games

      by , 11-16-2013 at 08:20 AM
      11-15-2013 -- [Had four dreams last night, the first and the last were halfway memorable, the middle two ran together as one and I could remember almost nothing of them. Seems the more I do things that are supposed to improve dream recall (B6, apple juice) the worse my dream recall seems to become. Sheesh. Since they are so choppy and limited in detail (and since all three had feelings of the whole chased by punks sort of thing), I am putting all four in a single post.]

      First one took place in two houses right next to each other. Some details of the houses kind of shifted at times. Most of the early bits are faded, so that I can only remember vague images. Wandering back and forth between houses, making food, playing Runescape. There is one guy in the second house (probably the Conrad house on Hickory) who dislikes me, hates Runescape, and insults me all the time for wasting my time and playing it. He also seems to be kind of abusive to the people who live in the house he is in. He may be the father or the brother or something, I'm not really sure. I find him picking on a young teen, a 13 or 14 year old boy, and since the boy is obviously scared of him, I push him against the wall, and give the boy a chance to get away. Problem is, this makes him decide he hates me, and he attacks me. So first I manage to catch him in a full nelson, and push him up against a wall, then I throw him to the ground.

      Problem is, he keeps coming back. I can always beat him, and he can't hurt me, but he also doesn't ever seem to stop, and every time he gets back up he is somehow a little stronger. Somehow I am running through a sewer underneath the block, and there are several attractive blonde women here. Unfortunately he is carrying one of them, but is allowing her head to hang in the water, and she is drowning. I pull her out of his arms, lift her head up, and make sure she is able to breath, and I've firmly locked the guy in as a mortal enemy. He chases me into Jeff's place, as I am dodging around the family room, while visiting with and petting a couple of cats and kittens. Every time he catches me, we wrestle and I throw him down, but he just gets back up, tougher and stronger.

      So I start down the block, heading toward Smith's and he follows me. One of the blondes is with him, dressed in black lingerie, and looking very nice. He is fondling her, but otherwise paying her no attention, though she is trying to distract him from me. I throw him down near a loading dock, and somehow exit across the street, then start walking quite fast up La Palma, hoping to get out of site before he gets up again. That fails, but I see a bus down the block a ways, and am hoping to reach a bus stop and catch a ride to get away. Problem is, there is no bus stop, and the driver ignores me waving for it and just drives right past. I find myself at a BankAtlantic right across the street from the Buena Park Mall, and I dodge into it and cut through, hoping to lose the guy, but instead it allows him to catch up to me. I exit the bank into a sort of terraced garden, sort of Japanese feeling, and he grabs me and we start wrestling again. By this point we are pretty evenly matched, and though I am not afraid or hurt, I am starting to get really, really frustrated!


      [This is probably two dreams of stuff I can barely remember.] I am fighting in some sort of building, perhaps a library. Part of it I am wandering around with Giles, I think, talking about how Buffy or Willow (Willow would make more sense) is a huge science fiction and fantasy fan, and discussing some of the books she has read and liked, and would like further books in the series. Meanwhile, we're being chased around the library by some people, and fighting with them in what is supposed to be a friendly way, though one of them is getting more and more angry with me. At one point, I seem to be taking what is almost paper napkins, and somehow turning them solid and throwing them across the room to nail people and pierce walls. Interesting.

      Anyway, the guy who has gotten mad at me is now stalking me with guns, and he has three of them. He is determined to fight me, and probably to cause lots of trouble, but I eventually get a good look at one of his guns and realize it is a water gun. So I manage to wrench one of them out of his hands, and I start soaking him and he starts soaking me, and soon we're both laughing, and are on decent terms again. So somehow I exit what I think has turned into a boat, and find myself stepping out of the cafeteria at Dr Peter Marshall Elementary. It is night time, and I have just stepped out of a PTA meeting or Parent Teacher night or something. I glance over at the playground, then wander over to the office where I am trying to get to see the principal, but she isn't in her office. So I head out the front door, just to find her coming in the same door.

      It turns out to be the woman who plays Heddy on NCIS: Los Angeles, and I am complimenting her on her school, and mentioning my history here, and also making mention of the custodian, Butch, and what a nice guy he was, and she is thanking me for my comments and being nice. [The bit about Butch almost certainly caused by reading notes on the school's Facebook page in the last day or two.] Soon I am walking up Crescent, heading toward home, but I am very tired, and am kind of drifting. Somehow, before I reach La Reina I somehow wander onto a small trail branching off at an angle and down a hill, right where no trail or hill exists in real life. I realize I am off course, and though I shouldn't possibly be more than 20 or 30 yards off Crescent, no matter how much I try, I can't find my way back. Somehow I do find myself looking at stacks of books again, though.


      The first part I can remember on this one (and there were earlier bits) I am in a sort of spy dream, chasing and being chased by enemy agents. I am in a parking lot at a hotel, and I am following a cute woman as she walks to her car. I sense something and kind of back off and fade into the shadows, and I notice an assassin in a wheelchair has a gun aimed at her, and a laser site on her, and is about to kill her, so I shoot him, and he dies, instead. She climbs into her car and drives off.

      To avoid any problem with the guy I just killed, I plan to pop into the room I'd just rented in the hotel, but as I am entering, this other guy pushes in beside me. I shut the door and look at him, and he seems to look just like me, but he's kind of like my evil twin or something. Both of us have been injured, but in different places. I think he has an injury on his upper arm, while I have one on my lower arm, along with other wounds. Suddenly there is this strange sort of light show, bright light flashing on and off around us, and when it suddenly ends, we've somehow assumed each others injuries, and have to rearrange bandages. There is also a strange sort of hint that our personalities may have somewhat mixed, as well.

      He talks me into letting him stay over night, and the next morning we are talking a little, while we go through some stuff, then he decides to leave, and he doesn't say anything that gives me any idea that he is coming back. To be fair though, he doesn't say he isn't, either. I am trying to get my stuff together because I am supposed to be checked out at eleven, but somehow I have stuff spread all over the place. I am trying to get dressed, and it is very cold, so I decide to wear two pairs of socks. Though I can find both of the long, thick, black socks that go on my feet first, I can only find one of the white socks that I wear on the outside. The more I look, the more clutter there is on the floor, with more stuff and more trash just seeming to appear by the moment.

      By this point it is 11:05, and there is a maid at the door. I explain I am running slightly late and ask her if she can come back at 11:35, and she says she'll even give me to 11:45. I keep looking for my missing sock, and suddenly even the socks that I was wearing have disappeared, and I know I didn't take them off, and am wondering what the heck is going on. Meanwhile, I am sorting through all my comic books, which the other guy has scattered all over the place, bending a bunch of the covers in the process, and I am wondering why he had to make such a mess of things. By this point, I have managed to clear all of my stuff out of the bedroom that was mine, though there is still a bunch of trash in there. Since more and more of my clothes have disappeared off my body anyway, I decide to take a shower before continuing, and take off the rest of my clothes, but that is when the maid shows back up and lets herself in, along with the manager.

      So I am trying to get dressed again, and the manager is asking about disassembled computer parts which I realize are not mine, which means they must belong to the other guy, and I am wondering how the blazes we got so much junk into the room in a single evening! The maid starts to clean the one room I had finished with, and I discover that the clothes which I took off near the bathroom somehow moved into that room as well, so I have to go in there clothes hunting. The bed in the room doesn't have box springs, and instead the mattress just kind of sits on a slope of dirt, which is kind of yucky. But somehow the bed has slid a couple of feet down the hill, and the maid is complaining, and saying there is no excuse for moving the bed, like I am some sort of criminal for it. I point out my size and the loose dirt, and explain I did not try and move the bed, but that it may have happened accidentally. She accepts my word and forgives me.

      Meanwhile, I peak out of the room into the rest of the suite, and there are roaches running everywhere, as he does some bug spraying, though until he started spraying, I had not seen any, and I find myself hoping we didn't draw them in. He is dragging out a dog that he says is rabid, and I see another dog and a cat watching, and wonder how the guy brought in three animals without my ever realizing they were there. I explain to the manager that this is the last time I am ever going to let somebody I have never met before share my hotel room!

      By this time it has to be 1 or 2, and there is still stuff everywhere, and there is a long way to go before I'm going to have my stuff out. The manager is being really nice, and not hassling me, but he tells me it may be time to just break down and pay for another night, before he has no choice but to charge me a big fine. The problem is, I don't think I have any money left. Right about the time I am thinking of calling mom, or maybe Dale, to try and borrow the money to get another night in the place, the guy walks back in. He no longer looks like me, instead he looks like a cross between Nick Wisehart and Neil Patrick Harris, and as he walks back in and looks around the place, he apologizes for taking so long, and says he hoped to come back with a lot of money, but had no luck, and will have to hope this does for the moment.

      He hands me two fifty dollar bills, one that looks like American money, and one that is about twice as big and really colorful and purple, and almost has to be a counterfeit. But since the real $50 would be enough to cover the room for another night, I just head out the door to try and give it to the manager. The problem is, I find the manager with his father, who is the owner, and who he has already told me is a lot more of a pain, and may cause us problems about the whole thing. Thing is, it looks like the owner just won the lottery, and may be in a good mood.
    7. Bears and Elephants in the Warehouse

      by , 02-05-2013 at 06:11 PM
      02-05-2013 -- I'm in the Hickory house, and somehow I am here with Juliet (Psych) and her brother (played by John Cena). There is some really odd stuff, like broiling pillows in the over or something, yet they aren't burning, but just getting very hot. I really don't know what was going on, this was the first part of the dream, and I may not have been fully into REM yet.

      Soon I am at the strip mall at the corner of La Palma and Magnolia, and I am heading down Magnolia toward Peter Marshall Park, when I spot a drainage ditch starting at the edge of the street, going under Greenleaf and right into the park. I drive into it and follow along.

      Soon I find myself in a warehouse I've dreamed of before. It is a large warehouse, I work there, and the bosses are particularly unfriendly and miserable. We are working the North docks, perhaps loading up trucks. There is a little kid here who is screaming for his daddy, but his daddy is off working in a different portion of the warehouse. I'm worried if the kid doesn't shut up, he's going to get he and his daddy in trouble with the bosses.

      I'm kind of wandering around part of the warehouse while our team is being ordered to move over to the West docks and help with the unloading going on there, as they have turned off the lights in the part of the warehouse we've been working in. [Hints of the moving around at APAC.] I can remember the last time they did this, and I was not with the group, being hunted and chased throughout the warehouse, so I'm trying to get back with the group as quickly as I can, but I end up in just the wrong area.

      I find myself standing right under the conveyor belts which are removing full pallets of stuff off the trucks, raising them to about 40 feet in the air, and then dropping them to land (hopefully in neat rows) on the floor, below. Unfortunately, I am right on that portion of the floor, so I am dodging about, trying to avoid having these heavy pallets land on me, and moving further and further south, trying to get out from under the dropping products.

      Eventually I do get far enough out of the way, only to run into another problem. Here they are not unloading the trucks, but there are rows and rows of pallets that have already been unloaded, waiting to be stored in the warehouse, and instead of using fork lifts to move them, like in the rest of the place, they have large elephants wrapping their trunks around them and moving them. So me and my crew are facing a large herd of elephants that are slowly walking toward us, and we are backing away, not wanting to be crushed. The elephants are moving faster, and soon we are running, but our running is triggering a stampede, and the herd of elephants are thundering behind us.

      Soon we're running into the racks of products, dodging this way and that, the elephants right behind us, when I get the idea to actually dive into the racks, climbing on top of some of the boxes to get out of the way. Problem is, the elephants turn into large bears (possibly brown, possibly grizzly) and a couple of them are climbing into the racks after me. I'm horrified, but think to myself that if they are trained to work in the warehouse, they probably can't be all that dangerous when they aren't stampeding, so I just wrap my arms around the two that have been chasing me, and start petting them, and they settle right down.
    8. Dream Bits: Trains, Tower Rides at the BPM and Security among others

      by , 12-20-2012 at 04:17 AM
      [Several days of dream fragments]

      12-19-2012 -- Somehow at a train crossing with the usual fast moving trains coming out of nowhere and having to watch out for them. They are moving so fast and causing so much wind or displacement of air that large (couple/three inches thick, couple feet long) icicles are forming. I break one off, and start to eat it, until I glance at it and discover it is kind of dirty, at which point I drop it.

      I get a phone call from Pat Q, but it is a wrong number ... she wasn't meaning to call me. [I think this came from recent bogus e-mail from her that was some scammer using her name.] We kind of discuss Disney for a couple of minutes before I run off.

      I soon find myself on a miniature golf course, perhaps the one from the country club dream a night or two ago. I don't get to see much of the course, but I do spot what is almost a sort of pinewood derby track on the first hole. To get on the course, you don't hit the ball with a club, but place it on one of the four slots and let it roll down. Once it hits the course, you start playing normally.

      Meanwhile, I find a bee buzzing very loudly in my ear, and feel it on the back of my neck. It is driving me crazy, but I can't reach it to get rid of it, and when I am hoping somebody else will, the kid who is going to do so doesn't seem to be paying too close of attention, so I am afraid he is going to get me stung.

      Soon we are in a penthouse apartment where the kid lives with his family, and he is turning into a superhero, perhaps something Spider-Man-ish. He wants to go out and fight crime, but his parents won't let him. We're out on the roof, but there is electrified barbed wire all around to keep us there. But he finds a bit that is pulled up a little, and he has enough room to jump through, so he does.

      I head back inside, wander around the house a bit, and end up sitting closer than I might feel comfortable to his very attractive mother, before I finally wake up.


      12-18-2012 -- Wandering around on foot in the Casselberry area, more or less on 17-92, heading north toward 436 (an area I have been in two or three dreams, recently. No idea why). There's a slight bit of hassle with some cops, but not much. Generally, they are just keeping an eye on people.

      Somehow I am looking for something or going somewhere, and I end up on little back streets in the area, or even just walking between buildings. I find myself walking past some homeless people who are sick, and talking about problems with getting their benefits and things, and staying out of the way of the police.

      Somehow I get involved with a sort of treasure hunt that involves finding and reaching several somewhat creepy clowns. [No, for anybody reading this, not all clowns are creepy. But these were.] I see the first at the side of the road, and the second in a building that may have something to do with a pawn shop or a loan shark. The third I find standing in front of an auto dealership with a sign urging people to go in and check out the deals.

      So I go in to see the clown, but since I forget to tell the clown that I am here to see her, not the dealership, I think she kind of wonders why I am following her. I'm trying to get close so I can talk to her, while she is walking across the dealership to get back to her street.


      12-17-2012 -- This starts off in a familiar-seeming area that I don't actually recognize, that may be part church, part office. Running around, setting up some sort of business, and trying to avoid trouble. Think there is something about my dad being around, and perhaps Dale. Meeting with some sort of pastor, and avoiding trouble with a televangelist, perhaps. Somehow we drive away to avoid problems, and end up at the Buena Park Mall.

      Somehow they've redone the mall big-time, and it is now huge. We're wandering through the food court, which seems to be on the roof of the 39 story building, so it is a very huge mall, indeed. We've passed up the food and stuff, and out on the edge of the roof they've got an amusement park ride which is kind of a cross between the parachute drop, a freefall attraction, and a swing ride. The center is perhaps twice as big as Knott's parachute tower, and it is also 39 stories tall, so at the top of this thing, you are 78 stories in the air.

      There are no parachutes, instead there is a circle of seats facing out around the tower, and they shoot up into the air. But once they get up to the top, they swing out as individual swings as the whole thing spins around. This thing is so tall, I am thinking you are going to be able to see forever from up here! I have to ride this thing! Dale, on the other hand, is scared of heights, and has no plans to get near it.

      I have no money, but I am pushing my way through the queue area, convinced I will find a way to ride this. Oddly enough, though Dale is afraid of heights, being on the roof of the building doesn't scare him at all. I don't manage to get in, but it turns out the entire line area also goes up, kind of like a very, very large Sky Cabin, so Dale and I both get a very high view of the city, even though I don't get to swing on the swings! Very fun dream, if a little short.


      12-17-2012 -- Starts as a very familiar-seeming live action version of Runescape that I've been involved in during several recent dreams. I am in the Morytania area where the ectovial teleports me, where I seem to be doing both a lot of plant harvesting, and hunting penguins. (I think either a bush or a crate this time, but I am not sure.)

      Somehow I find myself wandering off into a nearby chapel to recharge my prayer, but it turns into Pine Castle UMC, where they are singing. The song is a bit of a cross between the very staccato arrangement of the 23rd Psalm, and the Thou, O Lord song, being repeated enough that when I eventually wake, it is with that music in my mind. Somehow the song is seeming very prophetic today, and as we listen to it, Kevin B. is making some sort of prophecy about eating ice cream instead of the bowl with meats and vegetables that he is holding.

      It seems to kind of be working, as the bowl is turning into a bowl of ice cream ... but flavored like the meats and vegetables that were already in it. Very odd. He shakes his head like it isn't very good, yet he keeps eating it!

      We're in a car driving home from the church to street where the Morans used to live, while Kevin follows on a motorcycle, still eating the ice cream. In the car, I am petting a cat which is either entirely or mostly black, probably based on Carolyn's cats. Eventually we stop in the middle of an intersection in the housing development, and start unpacking the very full car. My suitcase gets run over, but no damage is done to it. I want to be angry at the guy, but since we're in the middle of the street, I can't.

      By this point the person driving is half Kevin's father Paul, and half Pat M. He's pulling out the stuff belonging to other people, and yet keeps putting my stuff back in the thing. In the dream, at this point, I have no car, so I ask him if he is giving the car to me, which would be really cool. He tells me he isn't sure. He says he was going to give it to me, but the prophecy song really makes him question that, so he just doesn't know.


      12-16-2012 -- Kind of sharing or visiting a hotel room with my brother Keith, and then, soon enough, with my brother and his wife. There are some big dogs running around. One is black, another is gray, and seems to be a Great Dane. Take a nap on the couch for a bit, and soon my sister shows up, as well. I have a bottle of lemonade without a cap on it, and somehow my sister knocks it off the table, but I manage to catch it before it can spill.

      Melody and Tracey don't seem to be getting along, and are doing gymnastics at one another, trying to show each other up. Things like cartwheels and back-flips and the like, all in kind of revealing clothes, which just isn't right, since they are my relatives. Just very odd stuff.


      12-15-2012 -- Am working a security shift somewhere that seems to be a bit of a cross between TAMS and 3M. I start out working in a guard shack in the driveway, controlling entry, but it is near the end of a shift, I think, and another officer is about to come in and take over. The person who shows up seems to be a bit of a cross between John C. from 3M and Bonnie's 'cousin' Rob. He is complaining about my uniform not being perfect, and my report not being done.

      By this point the guard shack has turned into a control tower kind of like at OPC, and he has exited the building to go unlock a gate. I follow him for a few seconds before deciding to return to the tower, but I find the entrance is now a very rickety ladder that I just can't climb safely. No way. It wouldn't support my weight. Rather than change back to the proper entrance, he decides to have them get rid of me, instead, which really, really annoys me.