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    1. Runescape Farming (and Other Games) Turns to Flying thru a Balloon Convention, Flash Flood in P-Lot

      by , 06-27-2017 at 11:40 AM
      06-17-2017 -- No idea where I am or what is really going on. This dream was earlier in the night, and I have had more time to forget it, and it made less actual sense, anyway. Somehow I am standing in front of a sort of farm plot that looks like a Runescape allotment patch, and I am sort of planting plants or pulling them up or something, except I think I am mystery shopping (or at least laying out my route for mystery shopping, which makes no sense. Doubly so, since I am stopping at every fourth plant, like I am laying out a tram line on Locomotion. Just very strange.

      As I'm working on this, a friend walks up to me (it's probably Nick Vasile), asking me questions about electronics bits and things, and I am carrying a bunch of stuff with me. I have a computer, keyboard, drive, monitor, the whole line-up in my arms, and I also have a large white something (book? Drawing pad?) that I have found or purchased or whatever. The location stays largely the same (the farming patch is just there) even though the focus of the dream is changing, and I find that I am at a balloon convention or possibly a clown convention (I only see balloons, no other clown 'arts' being shown or talked about, but some people are wandering in clown makeup.)

      The large white thing is now something clown-related, but still I have no clue what, and I am being warned by a couple of friends that the person who is in charge of the whole thing is somebody that doesn't like me. So I end up wandering off and just leaving my stuff sitting there, as I wander through a lot of the building, seeing a few people twisting balloons, and a couple of people giving lectures, and just wandering around a bit.

      I spot the guy who is in charge (he looks like a thinner, younger Ronald Cross [who is/was probably a perfectly nice guy ... I don't know because I never had a conversation with him ... but something about his face always looked unhappy, in or out of clown make-up] and manage to avoid him, but it is getting more and more crowded, and to have more room, I start kind of jumping up on walls and things, and kind of flying around the place, maybe about fifteen feet in the air. Soon I'm being confronted by the guy who is in charge, and he is infuriated that I am flying around the place, because only he is allowed to fly around here! Since I am a far better flyer than the hypocrite, I decide to just ignore him, fly higher, until I am up in the ceiling, and he's struggling to follow me, and then just fly back to my stuff and leave.

      So I make it back out of the building to the farm patch (which is finally not a farm patch, but a bunch of dealer tables set up outside) and am trying to gather my stuff back up together and stick it in a large backpack, and I turn out to be just in time, because a couple of people are poking through my stuff, thinking it is stuff being sold by the dealers, and I kind of have to pull it from their hands and explain "Um ... that's already mine, sorry." I'm trying to get my stuff together quickly enough to get out of there before the guy who doesn't like me can catch up, but Nick's computer has had a system crash, and he needs my help to copy over part of the system from my computer to repair his. Problem is, we may not even be using the same brand of operating system, which is just making things more troublesome.

      Add to that, we're outside, and it has just begun to storm, with fairly heavy rain and lots of lightning starting to flash. I'm trying to pull the computer stuff under a small awning, and thinking it really is time to get out of here, when the punk leader shows up and starts making threats (yet is worried about the lightning, even as he tries to make light of the danger), when we are interrupted by somebody reporting the storm is causing mass flash flooding that is on it's way, and he points at a small hill a short distance away where I parked my car when I arrived this morning, and mentions anyone who is parked over there better get their cars moved before the flood waters arrive.

      So I grab all my stuff best as I can, and start to fly over there, looking for my car as waters begin flowing into the area. You would think the hill, being higher ground, would be safe, but no such thing. The car park that was a flat collection of marked spaces this morning has turned into a multi-floor parking structure with all but the very top level being inside the hill, underground. Secondly, there are a tremendous number of cars, and like in another recent dream -here-, to fit them all in and save space, they've kind of been shrunk down. The waters are pouring in, the structure is being destroyed, and actually the whole scene looks a lot like that other dream, except this time we aren't in any danger, just our cars are being ruined.

      So as I fly through this ever-more-flooded mess, looking for my car, the structure is getting deeper and deeper, and each time there is always another level to go down. The water is kind of reversing the shrinking process on the cars, but not properly, so you end up with cars that have returned to their normal size for most of the length of the car, but then perhaps the entire engine compartment will still be six inches deep, six inches tall, and about a foot wide, warping out to a normal-sized car. I'm having no luck finding my car because there are so many gray Toyotas in the world, so I start using my keys to try and beep the car, and each time I do, in the distance I can see a plume of water spray into the air. I approach the spray and finally find my car, in the deepest level of the structure, filled with water (hence the spray) and only half-unshrunk, and I pull it free and start trying to pull out the shrunk portions of the car and kind of shake it back into proper size and form. Weird.
    2. Exploring Haunted Secret Passage House, Cross of HP/DW/BtVS

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:22 PM
      03-25-2017 -- An ever-morphing cross between HP, BtVS, and DW. A group of us (an odd mixture of regular people, Harry Potter and Buffy characters) are exploring a large old house that I've explored before in many dreams. Sometimes things remain normal, sometimes they get a little strange, but this one got odder than usual. I'm sort of a Xander-like character, just the normal guy that stuff kind of happens to/around.

      The house seems to be morphing into a kind of a cross between Grimmauld Place, the house from the Classic Who episode Ghostlight, and the hotel from the Shining. There is a very evil, corrupting feel to the place, and an odd variety of ... creatures ... are popping out at us, trying to scare us and frighten us, yet over time you almost get the kind of feeling that they are past victims, themselves, now trapped in the place.

      At one point, we're exploring one room, and Tonks steps on an area where the floor is weak, and it collapses under her, dropping her into a room in a lower level of the house. The problem is, it is not only a lower level, but also is somehow located in another time, so while we can see her, and are trying to rescue her, we're having a really hard time reaching her. Thankfully the Doctor (the 10th Doctor) arrives, and manages to bridge the gap, so to speak, and rescues her from the evil cat-girl who was after her. So now we're wandering the halls of the horrible place together.

      The corrupting influence is still there, but now it is kind of muted, and not as strong, and we realize the TARDIS's telepathic circuits are kind of holding the evil influence at bay. Because of this, the Doctor has got it on a sort of old-fashioned looking pallet jack, and is wheeling it around with us. One of our members is being referred to as 'Dog-Boy,' and I can't help but wonder if it might be Xander, with a hint of the Hyena possession coming out, due to the evil spirit of the place.

      Soon we find ourselves in a large room, perhaps a kitchen or a living room, I'm not sure which. One of the beings we're fighting against seems to be a slightly sweet, slightly sassy girl with a sort of a Victorian appearance, who is actually rather cute, and I am sort of falling for her. In the house, only seen under the low lighting of flickering candles, she looks almost completely normal, but then I catch her in direct sunlight pouring in from an uncovered window, and suddenly the makeup on her face shows a completely different image, of a very evil looking clown with razor-sharp, long, demonic teeth.

      Doesn't stop me or change how I feel, though. I look her in the face, and explain I am a sometimes clown, too. She doesn't believe me, and I start explaining about the face I designed for my clown. In real life it was a classic white face appearance, with small purple highlights around the eyes and the lips, but in the dream I was explaining it as a rich, violet purple face with white highlights around the eyes, which would probably look rather frightening, itself.

      I am explaining how I did a lot of work with balloons, while she is playing with a yellow balloon poodle (sans head), when somebody randomly asks "Hey, where's Dog-Boy?" One of the other enemies, a bit of a mean one, just starts laughing, and says he was killed three days ago, and we never even noticed until now. Personally, to me it only feels like we have been here a few hours, so I'm figuring it was much more recent, but it is still a terrible thing, and as he's still laughing like a loon, I decide to take my revenge on him. I grab a pink bee-body (a kind of twisting balloon) and try to inflate it to pop it at him, but my balloon is full of holes, and won't inflate. So I ask the evil clown girl if I can borrow one of her red ones, and she lets me. The problem is, no matter how big I blow the thing up, it just will not pop! I'm getting more and more frustrated with the thing.

      Others are discussing what might have happened to Dog-Boy, and I take the opportunity to spent a little time kissing my evil clown, while also trying to think of a way to save her. Somebody makes an odd mention that kind of indicates that Cat-Girl and Dog-Boy got together for a short time in another time, and had a kid. While others are trying to figure out the logistics of that, I suddenly grasp on an idea of time travel, and saving even the earlier victims of the place, by maybe traveling back in time, saving them and taking them all to another time to safely live out a good life, then bringing them all back to this time for the ending of it all, letting them all have most of a good life.

      I start to search out the Doctor, wanting to explain my plan to him, and find him right outside the front door of Draynor Manor, somehow managing to exit the door that is usually entrance, only, and approach him with my idea, but as I run the idea through my mind, trying to figure out the best way to explain it, I can just picture him, ever-more-clearly, muttering about fixed points in time, and how it can't be done, and by the time I reach him, I just kind of glare at him, reproachfully.

      "What?!?" he demands, at the way I'm looking at him. "Never mind," I mutter, and start to walk away. But he demands to know why I'm looking at him like that, and I explain the whole idea, and as I expect, he starts muttering about fixed points, and impossibilities, and starts to get angry at me, and accuses me of either being possessed by the evil spirit, or perhaps not even being myself at all, but a replacement that has been foisted on us, and I just re-enter the manor, to see what little I can do for the poor past victims.

      As I get back to the kitchen or wherever it is that most of us are now at, a strange cross between Rory and Angel is in the process of hanging a huge pack of firecrackers on the wall of the place, while an equally odd cross of Amy and Buffy is wielding a crossbow and trying to shoot the firecrackers to light the fuse. The idea is to set them all off, which will start a large fire on the wall, which will quickly spread to the entire evil house, burning it to the ground, and destroying all the evil victims within it. I am trying to block the shot, keep it from happening, and figure another way out of things, but I'm just not having any luck.

      Just before they manage to send the place up like a roman candle, an earlier version of the 10th Doctor bursts through the back wall, accompanied by Rose and Jack, all three carrying big, shiny, advanced sci-fi weapons, as the Doctor confronts the smallest, meekest, shyest member of our party, and exposes -them- as the one who has been replaces and is working against us (instead of me, as he accused earlier) and says he managed to take my plan and make it work, so now everybody has managed to be saved. Which is when I woke up.
    3. Battlestar Galactica on a Budget [PG13 or R]

      by , 02-21-2015 at 06:53 PM
      02-21-2015 -- [Rated at least PG-13 or R for mostly non-specific and undetailed robot sex.] I find myself at the Moran house, on the enclosed, roofed-in path leading to the front door. For some reason, there is a sort of couch or lounge here, and I am laying on it, while some of my crap is just laying around out here. I think there is something about my sister being around and speaking to me, but then she vanishes. Carl stops by, and I think I am asking him about possible help with a move or something, but he tells me he doesn't have the time, and suggests hiring movers, and I grumble that I'll never have the chance of doing that. Rosemary is inside, looking out the kitchen window, and I know she is just waiting for Carl to leave to come out and start grumbling at me, so as he leaves, I lay down and pretend to be sleeping.

      I only start to 'wake' when Rosemary calls my name a couple of times, and I start doing the snort, 'wha?' type of thing. She is kind of annoyed with me, but isn't doing a lot of lecturing. Instead it seems she has been gathering up my clothes and starting to wash them. She is folding some of my old guard shirts, and tosses me a couple of pairs of guard pants to fold, and I don't say anything, but I am wondering where she found them, as I haven't worked as a guard for more than 10 years. As I am folding them and setting them aside, I am glancing around and discovering there are a lot of broken fragments of wasp nests around, and that more and more angry wasps seem to be showing up, too. I duck into the house and shut the door behind me, but I notice there is a sort of a vent in the door, and I worry that the wasps will just follow me inside. But they don't.

      I'm amazed, and ask about it, but as soon as I ask, I notice there is a sort of a glass cover on the vent, keeping the wasps out. Of course, as soon as I notice the cover and touch it, it starts to fall out, and I'm struggling to get it back in place, while a couple of the wasps are managing to slip inside. At this point things kind of shift a bit, and I find myself standing in the back yard (still at the Moran house), and there seems to be almost a sort of a small carnival going on or something. There are lots of people wandering around, and I don't know, but it may be a clown alley thing, because Chris and Roger have set up a 'booth' that is a sort of a paintball obstacle field, but instead of paint guns, they are making the kids balloon swords, and letting them in to go wild. The others in the alley are kind of looking down on them, but they figure the kids are having a ball, and are really happy, so it's all good to them, and I rather agree.

      Then the dream shifts for just a moment or two, and I think I am reading some strange novelizations that have been written of the Harry Potter movies, changing things a bit, just like the movies changed things a little from the actual novels they were based on, and I think there are bits of the golden trio and Dumbledore and maybe a slightly kinder version of Snape running around the Hogwarts grounds being chased by Rover (weather balloon from The Prisoner) or something weird like that. Then it's gone, and I'm back to the main dream.

      Still at the carnival, still lots of people running around, and a lady comes up to me asking me about something. No idea what, but whatever it is, I am directing her to Rosemary for an answer, when I know I could answer her myself, and I shouldn't be passing on all the work to Rosemary ... but I do, anyway. She just mutters about how Rosemary is clueless, and doesn't know what is going on. By that point, I've wandered over toward the side yard, and some guy, older, self-important, and a bit heavy, is complaining about us not having a room for him or something, and I comment on how this isn't a hotel, which only makes him madder.

      Suddenly we're back in the covered path leading to the front door, and there are several more people around, and the guy is still complaining. I look at him and tell him he really ought to get out of here before the invasion happens. And suddenly there it is in my mind. The Cylon invasion that I have lived through before in the past, and I suddenly realise it is just about to happen again. (Past dream? Not that I remember, but who knows.) I start warning the others that they might want to get out while they can. But most of them don't move. We're still in the covered walk, but now where the front door ought to be, there is a conveyor belt coming from one of the ships, and unoading supplies.

      At first the belt is moving really quick, and a couple of metal bars (kind of like rebarb, but rectangle-ish) come shooting out, and I just kind of dodge out of the way. Then it is several crates, and I am kind of pushing them as the drop off the belt, so they half stack on the right side of the path, facing where the door should be. There are a couple of computers and monitors, then some more bars, but this time moving slowly enough that I just support them and push them on past me. As more and more stuff comes down the conveyor belt, and not enough people help stack and move stuff, the narrow path is becoming more and more crowded and cluttered.

      Suddenly all the crates and supplies have been loaded onto a small caravan of robotic trucks, and we're just clutching to the crates and hanging off the sides as they are taken a short distance to a huge warehouse, where the trucks just pull in and park in rows. We're trying to figure out where we are and what we should do next. One slightly friendly android warns us that in about five minutes they will seal the warehouse, and activate some sort of security system that will kill any humans inside. They are not specifically trying to kill us, they just sort of exterminate any 'vermin' that slip in with the supplies! Oh joy! We start to kind of panic, and begin running around trying to figure out how we can get out of here.

      Most of the walls, even with doors in them, we have no idea what they might lead to, and if we managed to break through the (locked) doors, we might only find ourselves further into the same warehouse. I see one set of perhaps six or eight doors marked as emergency exits, but they are alarmed, and I know if we bust out, we'll find ourselves facing a large troop of Cylon Raiders ready to blast us (from the 70s show, not the 2000 version.) This is what I mean by budget ... I know there are tons of scifi aliens around, but we never actually see almost anyone or anything actually cool looking.

      As we run around, I see Barack Obama standing there in a suit, a bit of a smirk on his face, kind of directing the robot trucks into their places. They don't actually need or care about his direction, and he doesn't realize the place is about to be sealed up and he is going to be exterminated with the rest of us, and it seems sort of poetic justice, since he collaborated with them in setting up the whole invasion, anyway. I continue along rows of supplies and pallets of stuff, and come across an attractive blonde in a yellow polka-dot sun dress sort of thing, doing odd contortions that show off her body a bit, and her rather nice legs and underwear, as she decides she wants to have sex before she dies, and one of the others decides to help her out.

      At that point, an odd sort of blocky robot wearing a similar yellow polka-dot dress is kind of asking "Sex? What is sex?" and indicating an interest in learning about the subject. I make a comment about how we've no time to teach 'her' as we're all about to be killed, and some of the others indicate I'm stupid not to take advantage of the situation. So I start to think that maybe this will somehow lead to a way to survive this, and I decide to have sex with the robot. The problem is, as I approach it, it is shrinking. It started out perhaps four feet tall, with a blocky, but still fairly human shape. It is now perhaps eight inches tall, and mostly one square, hollow tube, about 2" x 4" x 6" with thin arms coming out the sides, and ticker legs sticking out a couple of inches at the bottom. The head is now nothing more than a small mouth slot near the top of the 'body.' I reach out and pick it up and the legs fall off. I raise it to look at it's 'bottom' and it is more or less a hollow square tube with a smaller hollow square tube (about 1 3/4" x 1 3/4") at one end. I kind of shrug and push myself in it, and it is tight, uncomfortable, and no fun. With every stroke, my tip kind of pokes out the mouth slot. And the robot it kind of losing its mind, but probably not in any sort of a good way. Then I wake up. Weird.
    4. Dream Bits: Runescape, Disney, Balloons, and More

      by , 11-07-2013 at 08:40 PM
      10-22-2013 -- In a strange, live version of Runescape with a bunch of other people, there is a sort of group or mob of enemies to fight, including some dragons, some weird lava monsters, and a bunch of other big, powerful enemies, and a group of about 20 of us are getting ready to take them on. We start fighting against them, but the battle isn't going too well for me at first. I am trying to fire magic at them, but at first I am too far away. Eventually I make it close enough, and am close enough to manage some decent shooting at them, but soon I find I am running out of magic and energy, and my shots are doing no good.

      The others with me continue firing, and for a while are doing well, and managing to damage the enemies, but soon they are also running out of magic and energy, and are starting to die to the opposing forces. Soon we're standing around discussing how we probably all want to get another 5 to 10 combat levels before we bother trying again!

      Somehow things then shift to the House of Imports, where I seem to be working a shift, even though it is modern times (I worked there more than 20 years ago). My shift should have ended after 10 hours, but I realize I have been working more than 14 hours, and am probably going to be yelled at, so I better get my butt in gear and get clocked out. The dealership is quite busy, with a bunch of people looking through the showroom, and crowding the short stairway down to the lower level where the time clock is, so I rise a few feet into the air, so that I am just above everybody's heads, and fly down to the time clock to clock out. Nobody seems to notice or care, and it doesn't seem like a big deal to me that I can fly, either.


      10-17-2013 -- [Unfortunately couldn't remember much even when I dreamed it, then waited four days before entering it in, and now even more is missing. Oh well.] Somehow I am wandering around at a school or a store, slight hints of department stores at malls or perhaps Marshall. Wherever it is, I find myself wandering into a bathroom, and am trying to find a clean, stocked stall to use. Could even be in a locker room at a pool. Soon I find that I have just boarded a bus, and am trying to pay my fare. Unfortunately, I have dropped my change everywhere, and have to bend down and scrabble for my coins.

      Eventually I find myself in Disneyland, walking from the hub down Main Street, heading for town square, same area I have been walking through in a lot of dreams, recently. I pass Sharon H. and am heading for the corner shop next to the magic shop which had collectible plates and figurines and things in the last dream here (yesterday with a lot of AC stuff in the dream) and for some reason my pants are too large and keep trying to fall down around my ankles.

      I reach the store, and am just kind of standing around, talking with Dale. Nothing too big or exciting, just chatting. But as we are watching, one of the people working in the shop seems to be putting together balloon decorations and placing them around the store. Thing is, she is using some unusual balloons, rounds, odd shapes, very strong colors, and occasionally other things. One sculpture that almost seems to be a Star Wars creation is topped by what seems to be a small white garbage can, but it fits perfectly and looks just like whatever it is supposed to be. There are other figures that look like they are made of gold balloons, but unlike most gold balloons, these are so strongly colored that they almost give the impression of being solid gold, though they aren't.

      Another creation is actually a very impressive model of Aladdin's Genie, but this one is obviously made out of blue balloons. They are wandering around the interior and exterior of the store, putting these things up in various places as displays, and decoration, and they look very good and Dale and I are both quite impressed with them.


      10-16-2013 -- I am running around Rosemary's place, and oddly enough I find that I can get my voice back as long as I am speaking in a slightly deeper voice. I find I can sing as well, as long as I deepen my voice from my previous tenor to a nice, strong baritone. I end up running around the place able to finally talk and sing and make myself be heard, but it does make my throat slightly sore, and I find I am a little worried about it. Soon, following the suggestions of others, I decide to go visit the doctors.

      I soon find myself at a cross between the Doctor's office that Terry and Grace used to run, and a dream clinic that I have frequently visited, wandering into areas that guests aren't allowed in, but that I had been invited into by Terry, Grace, and Kathy in the past. The problem is, they no longer work here, and the doctors that do are a little unhappy about me wandering around ... though not enough to actually say anything.


      10-16-2013 -- Out on a long cross country road trip with Chris Vopat, where I am riding in the back of his pickup truck. This is bad enough for the long trip and the distance we're traveling, but it becomes even worse as a volcano a few miles away erupts and starts shooting lava down its sides and hot ash into the air, which is quick to ruin the air quality even where we are, a few miles away.


      10-16-2013 -- At an Adventurers Club reunion type of thing, but it is not being held at the Club, which has long been shut down. I run into a couple of performers who seem to be doing some bits, but I have missed most of it, and have no clue what is going on. Then I run into BC, and she has been here for almost the whole thing, and mentions that Anne has been doing stuff from her odd version of the Vagina Monologues (see past dream here), which it seems she has now made a regular part of things whenever she is doing AC reunion stuff, which doesn't make any sense to me.

      We sit and discuss this, but more and more as we talk, I find myself thinking of taking a trip to California and visiting with Dale. Somehow he is here for a visit, or perhaps only just left, and I am really in the mood for a visit to California since I haven't left the state in something like a decade. I am not sure how, but I know somehow I can get there. But I have no money for tickets to the park. I am trying to think of ways I can sneak in (possibly involving friends on the monorail), but then I remember that Keith works there, and he can probably sign me in a couple of times, which should solve that problem.

      Somehow thinking about that brings it about, and I suddenly find that I am in Disneyland's Frontierland area, walking back toward New Orleans Square and Critter Country. As I walk along, I see a couple of Adventurers Club performers, either on their own, or perhaps working streetmosphere, and I am thinking it might be fun to go watch them sometime. Meanwhile, I find myself walking into a western-themed restaurant that, for some odd reason, serves egg drop soup from large bowls.

      Turns out Dale has been debating trying the soup for ages, but he is never brave enough to do so, and I am kind of pushing and encouraging him to give it a try, but he really isn't sure he is willing to do so. I give up, and am about to wander off and go walking through the park, when a large group walks in. They are mostly women, just a couple of men, and though I can't identify specific people, it seems to be a group from Pine Castle. They are playing a strange game to choose a person, something of the nature of Rock, Paper, Scissors, but completely different. They have wandered in and surrounded me at the exact right time for me to win, and since I won, I am expected to provide small presents for everybody, but I have no money, no gifts, and they are all kind of disgusted with me. Doesn't seem fair, since I never asked to be a part of their game.


      10-13-2013 -- I am somewhere that is halfway in the midwest somewhere, and halfway in England. I'm walking down the street on foot while a friend is on a skateboard, or perhaps a bike. In the street is a police car, and a cop is just stepping out of it and is keeping an eye on us, but he isn't actually doing anything, so we just try and ignore him. I head down a street that seems to be a cross between a hill in Omaha, and Dale in Buena Park. I reach about the point where Athenian Burgers was, and find Carl and Mary Baumer there. They seem to be thinking about treating me to a meal.

      Instead I find myself walking down La Palma (or perhaps Orangethrope, or some random street in Omaha) discussing job possibilities. I am kind of down and depressed, and Carl (who is slowly turning into dad) is trying to cheer me up. He asks the guy who has given me a place to stay (should be Joe Lane, but is strangely looking like Marv Goodwin) what he thinks, and Marv says that I am probably going to fail at everything, but yeah, I ought to try, anyway. Dad is about ready to kill him, but Marv just drives away on his fork lift. So we walk on down to the corner, and I seem to be on the southwest corner, at Magnolia and either La Palma or Orangethorpe, but as always for Buena Park, my compass is off.

      Anyway, dad leads me to what seems to be a cross between a truck yard, a warehouse, and an office building (feels a lot like the TAMS property), where he does their tires, and has contacts, and is sure he can get me a job. But they turn us down. He's a little upset, and we cross the street to a corner shop that is a cross between a restaurant and a liquor store, where dad sits down at a picnic table out of the way on the side of the building to have a cigarette. He's out of breath because of the smoking, and I'm out of breath because of my weight, and there are some toughs who are being slightly threatening, but don't really care enough to be serious about it. I'm not sure but it is possible that Paul and Irene Broden come by after that and buy me dinner at the Chinese restaurant.
    5. A Balloon Dress for Lady Liberty and Getting Hot for Teacher

      by , 07-21-2013 at 03:00 AM
      07-20-2013 -- I'm on a college campus, taking a class. The instructor is assigning classwork and homework, and we're working on it. The overall class seems to be some sort of art class, but it spans a wide variety of artistic forms. The biggest thing is that, at the end of the semester, we are going to New York, where we will be making a red, white and blue balloon dress for the Statue of Liberty for some sort of patriotic celebration. I think during the course of the dream I attend three classes, but all three sort of flow together.

      During the first class, several students show up for the class who just don't seem to be very into it, not paying much attention, showing little interest, and leaving early. The classwork is some very interesting reading and questions, and I am really into it and find that I am able to do an excellent job with them, and earn compliments for them. Unfortunately, before the class is over, I am called away to home for a few minutes to do something for my mom. Thankfully it doesn't take long, and I am soon back for the rest of the class. As it ends, I am trying to find all my papers and assignments, and hoping I don't get called away again, as it seems sort of unprofessional.

      During the next class, some of the students are talking about others that were here for the previous class, but aren't here today, and they are the same ones who didn't really seem to be into things. One student is telling of one of them who supposedly left because he had to tutor another student in another subject, but the person telling the story insists the supposed tutor doesn't know the subject well enough to tutor a first grader and teach them anything. There is also some discussion about a somewhat cute brunette, probably about 16 or 17, that was here the last time, but isn't here now, but then she shows up with the gray haired professor (who looks kind of like a non-cartoon version of Lisa Simpson's band teacher), arguing almost violently with him about her being late, and her not having the assigned homework done. She seems to be demanding to know why he can't cut her some slack, and he finally loses it and almost screams at her "Because I'm the ogre ... erm ... teacher, that's why!" Then he tells her that she is well on her way to becoming an ogre, and we all start to chuckle. Then he puts her in charge of the whole class while he goes and runs some short errands, and we're suddenly no longer laughing!

      The first part of the class is taking place in an almost bowl-shaped seating area just outside of the building the class officially takes place in, and we start by turning in the homework, which is one of those sort of adult coloring sheets, perhaps 11x17 or 12x18, with a black-lined image that one is supposed to color using fine markers or colored pencils. It is a picture of perhaps five generic super heroes in poses outside a building. Our assignment was to color it in, developing the heroes or the building or the scene ... whatever we were interested in. I concentrated on the heroes, designing their costumes and hinting at their powers, as many did, but some worked on the scene or the building. One didn't seem to have much time, and just took two colors and did what he wanted throughout with those colors, and left the rest in black and white.

      The professor is handing out the classwork, and it doesn't seem to be nearly as in-depth or involved as the last time, but instead seems to be mostly ads for Universal Studios. Joking, I raise my hand and ask if this is a hint about our next field trip. He says actually they are trying to arrange a visit, but for now we are to compare and contrast the different ads and decide which ones work better, and why. Soon we move into the lecture hall and continue the class.

      The teacher seems kind of disappointed with us as a class, because out of the entire class, only me and one other voted to do some extra prep work for this New York visit, and he worries we aren't taking the honor of being the ones tasked with making this massive balloon dress seriously enough.

      One of the students in the class is another professor who is taking the course. She is a fairly attractive red head, perhaps about thirty five, with a reasonably nice figure. She is wearing a sort of orangish dress that comes down to just below her knees, kind of muted and professional, but she is doing some minor dance steps that hike it up two or three inches above the knee, before saying oops, she shouldn't show her legs like that or "..." (a student whose name I can't remember) will overheat himself. I don't quite follow the transition, but within minutes, this red headed professor is on her belly on the ground, showing off one of her favorite exercises, which somehow has her undulating like an earthworm. The thing about this is that it has her dress riding up her body and pooling around her waist, showing every inch of her luscious stocking-clad legs. Worse, something about the movements also causes her panties to not hold, and they go falling down her legs, flashing the entire class. Pleasantly shocked, one of the male students turns to glance at me and says "Did I just see ..." "Yes ... yes you did," I reply, while the ladies in the class are horrified, and all the men are trying to find a better viewing position.

      Thankfully (or not), we're just about done for the day, so we start gathering up our things as the professor/student straightens out her clothes. She leaves, and goes to her office to gather the rest of her things, done with all classes for the day, and a few of us run into her again, near the parking lot. She still is going on about how much she loves that exercise, and ends up lying in the grass demonstrating it again to the great pleasure of some of us. This time the girls act, however, and are trying to pull her panties back up as she undulates. I'm just grinning as this already reasonably attractive professor becomes more and more so. For the first time in quite a while, I find I'm growing hot for teacher!

      Soon the third class rolls around, and we are all back together again, though I am struggling to find my papers and supplies, which for some reason seem to be scattered all over the classroom. I find myself having to go through several stacks of other people's works to find the scattered remains of my own. But I don't really care, as very shortly the red head is doing her exercises again. Somebody comments on her form or something, and she shifts to look at them in such a way that has her plainly visible twat undulating inches from my face, and I can't help but think she has to know what she is showing, and to be doing so like this, she must be desperate for some attention. I might just have to give her some. Meanwhile, the young brunette student is getting tired of this, and seems to decide that she wants some attention, too. She suddenly starts talking about how she likes doing handstands ... while wearing a loose top that gathers around her neck, showing off her small (but still growing) breasts. Unfortunately, she doesn't have anything interesting enough to distract from the red head's salient point. You know, it is really too bad that I awoke at that point!


      Earlier in the night had a long, involved dream, but of the kind that you can't remember many of the details. I know it involved a lot of super heroes or vampires or that sort of 'ultra-human' beings running around, but soon it kind of switched to less ... talented people, but just tough guys and gals. Not quite wrestler sorts, but tough fighters. One guy tries to grab me by the neck and flip me over his shoulder, but I see him coming and grab him at the same time, so we both flip each other, but as we lay on the ground, I am the one that recovers first, which kind of tells them to be a little wary of messing with me. After a while, when they are trying to determine a sort of ranking, they pair me with a kind of short guy. Not a midget, but like five feet tall or so. Very broad and muscular, though. We grapple for a few moments, and I throw him to the ground on his back kind of gently, so there is less chance of hurting him, but again showing I am not somebody to mess with. Two other small bits involve me somehow coming in with what I, and everybody else in the dream would swear is a jaguar kit, but it truly is as small as a kitten. Also, a lady who was a bit of a tough fighter, earlier in the dream, is now back, but cares nothing for fighting, but is only worried about finding her dogs, before they get lost or hurt. Strange stuff.
    6. Dream Bits: Rabbit/Chickens Take Over the World and Balloons and Car Accidents

      by , 07-20-2013 at 02:22 AM
      07-17-2013 -- Short but fun. I seem to be kind of hanging out at Robbie's house as a late teen, while there are a lot of wild little kids running around yelling and screaming, and somehow doing weird science stuff. One of them has somehow created a creature that is half-chicken and half-rabbit. It is really cute, but almost instantly reproduces, so there are more and more of the critters running around by the second.

      Robbie's younger sister (he doesn't have a younger sister AFAIK, but it wasn't Tina, his older sister) is keeping an eye on them. She is a sweet young woman, and kind of attractive. She is dressed in very loose shorts and a tank top and has her legs spread as she sits on the car hood in the garage, and I suddenly realise I can see her bush and her pussy lips. Nice view. But she's had enough of the craziness, so somehow vanishes all the chickens before she stalks off.

      There's now an older woman wandering through, trying to calm down the kids, and I find myself petting Black Lightning, my cat, even though she died almost a decade ago. I am thinking of leaving when I find a bee and a wasp flying around me, and before I can get away, each one stings me in one of my feet. Don't have to worry about it on the wasp, but I am trying to get a grip on the bee stinger to try and remove it.


      07-16-2013 -- I am standing on the corner of La Palma and Stanton when BM drives by in her new mobile home. Unfortunately she is not paying enough attention and lets somebody run into her, crunching part of her vehicle. Meanwhile, I have stopped by to see her, but she doesn't want to see me, and tells me she doesn't need me to do balloons anymore. There is a bit of a stuck up punk here that is challenging her to a contest to blow up a Mickey Mouse balloon, and when she pops it while trying to squeeze air into one of the ears he laughs at her, even though he did the same thing at the same point.

      After that, he tells her he has a balloon gig for her in an hour, if she is sure she can be ready on time, and she agrees, even though she has to go home, put on hr clown face and costume, and make it to the location of the gig in such a short time. So she is off at high speed, and more accidents are happening as she drives off, though I manage to avoid being in any of them.
    7. Sanderson and the Balloon Convention, Bathing at the Hornet, and Hiding from Mom

      by , 05-30-2013 at 05:55 PM
      05-27-2013 -- I'm in a room somewhere with a guy who is asking me to make him some floaty fliers, a balloon design I sort of adapted from somebody else's design. At first I think the guy wants me to teach him how to make the (extremely simple) design, but no, he wants me to make him a bunch of them. For free. I try to ask him why he doesn't just want to learn to make it, and he explains that he is out of black balloons. And there is now a shortage on them, so they cost too much. So he wants me to use mine, instead. Problem is, I have no balloons with me. But I point out we are in a big room with lots of bags of balloons, including several black bags. But he says they all belong to someone rich, who would charge him for them. I'm starting to get very mad at the guy, but suddenly find myself wondering if the big professionals feel the same way about me, and my limitations of money and skill ....

      Anyway, the place seems to be slowly turning into a convention hotel or something, and it is starting to feel like I am at Twist and Shout, though it almost feels like it expanded out of a basic alley meeting. Another guy walks in, and starts to twist something, trying to demonstrate a technique or something, in almost a jam room sort of setting, but there is a young lady there who is being really obnoxious about it not being in the program, and there not being any announcement about it, and how was she supposed to know about it. She doesn't seem to understand it is not a class or something, but just a quick spur-of-the-moment thing.

      Andrew McDonald shows up and starts doing something, then I think Greg Schuerman is there, as well. Soon Laura Caldwell shows up, and more and more people are gathering, even though it is still two hours before the official class is supposed to take place. Soon a grumpy security guard walks in, and everybody fears he is going to tell us to get out until time for the class, but he tells us the group has rented the room for the entire week, and we can use it whenever we want to. So somebody decides they might as well set up a bounce house there. I think Mark Byrne is also setting up for a show or presentation or something.

      Time seems to jump, and it is now two hours later, and they are starting up a business meeting or something, but I am trying to do some writing, putting this dream into my notebook as it is happening (yet not managing to go lucid, even though I obviously know I am dreaming in at least one sense) and the meeting is kind of distracting me, so I walk outside. But it turns out to be even more noisy and distracting there, because Don Caldwell and Billy Damon are putting on some sort of show. They explain they are sort of ADD, and don't do all that well with the business meeting portion of the convention, so they are waiting until that finishes, and things get a little more interesting, before they go in. That ought to be about ... say ... now. So they head back inside, and I decide to follow.

      As I walk in, Don (or possibly Mark) is giving some sort of demonstration where he is pretending to be a plane, and several members from the audience are supposed to be his landing strip, unfortunately, they keep running away when he flies at them! It's a very strange thing. Meanwhile, I have this strange feeling of anticipation, and somehow know something I have no way of knowing. Deep underground, far beneath us, is the inescapable prison of Hathor, which recently had it's first ever breakout. The long-trapped hero has been slowly making his way toward the Panarch's Palace, and will be joining us shortly ... then things will really start to happen. Somehow this balloon convention is turning into some sort of Brandon Sanderson novel.


      05-27-2013 -- Hints of some kind of office work, maybe at Hewitt, or maybe at a new, slightly twisted version of the Hornet newspaper. First bit is, as usual, not all there and rather limited. Anyway, we seem to be moving desks and computers and things to a new room, and we're pushing desks and computer parts and things together in some weird angles, joining them all together, but we really don;t know if they are likely to work like that. Somehow I manage to knock over a glass of orange juice that is sitting there, but manage to grab it so fast that only a couple of drops manage to spill. We are so busy with moving everything that there is no time to clean everything up properly, but we just drop an old newspaper on the tiny bit of spilled juice, and hope it will absorb it.

      The computers are now all hooked up, and two lovely women are working with me here. One, I think, is Chloe from Smallville. The other might be a slightly younger version of BC. Somehow though it mostly seems to be the Hornet at the moment, there is also a hint of the 3M Dental warehouse. For some reason there is a tub in the middle of the office, and I am kind of embarrassed about stripping down and climbing in, but a few seconds later I am trying to coax either or both of the lovely women into the tub with me. No luck at the moment, because they both have work to get done, but indications are good for both of them at some later time, so I am still fairly happy. Problem is, as I move around in the tub, which I seem to have over-filled, water is splashing over the side, and I am hoping it doesn't do any damage. Luckily, it seems to room was designed for it, so it all seems to be good.

      [At this point, things shift slightly, and this may be a different dream, but it seems to fit, so I am not sure.] I step out of the shower, instead of a bath, and find myself in mom's bathroom in the Hickory house. I am thinking about using the toilet, but these days it is always broken, damaged, and jammed up in my dreams, so I am worried to do so. The good news is mom knows this, too, and has bought some gadget to attach to the toilet that is supposed to keep it working better. The bad news is, it doesn't seem to be up to the job, and is bubbling wildly like it is about to explode.

      So I just exit the bathroom wrapped in a towel, into mom and dad's bedroom. Dad is laying there asleep, but mom is not there. It is late at night, and mom has been really unstable recently (all the dreams of her beating up on me) so I am afraid she is going to yell at me for taking a shower so late, and I just want to get out of there. I sneak out of their room, but am horrified to see mom is sitting in my room. Thankfully she has fallen asleep, so I quietly sneak down the hall and into the living room, where I find the couch is still warm, and I realize Melody must have just left again, after napping there. I realize mom was in my room hoping to catch Melody when she came in so late, but she fell asleep, and never heard Melody, since she decided to just nap on the sofa. I curl up in the warm spot she left and drift off to sleep, myself.
    8. The Ghost on the Train

      by , 02-19-2013 at 04:21 PM
      02-19-2013 -- Find myself on the road, driving to some sort of job interview, I think. The area is one I've driven through in a dream halfway recently, though I can't specifically place it. Anyway, some black lady is trying to direct me into the parking lot of a strip mall, and for some reason I don't want to go where she points me, so I make a left turn into a different strip mall, then turn around and try to exit ... only to find myself facing the same black lady trying to direct me. I think it is President Palmer's ex-wife from 24 (which I watched 8 hours of last night.)

      So I find myself facing this woman, and there is somebody else in the car as well, who is now driving, and he ignores her and drives right over to somebody else, who he knows. We're not supposed to do this, but he knows her well enough to get away with it, and it seems we are somehow here for interviews for some sort of salesman position, and I know it wouldn't be a good fit for me, so I just decide to leave.

      I cross the street to the strip mall I was trying to get to in the first place, and find myself near an older couple (they kind of remind me of Bob and Virginia, friends from the Adventurers Club) who are arguing about something. Then I find myself getting some kind of injection of some sort of prescription drug or something, except things shift almost immediately to getting some sort of additive for my oil.

      They are telling us we add this additive, then immediately change the oil, which seems to defeat the point of putting in an additive. Then they clarifying that it is very important that we change the oil very quickly afterward ... within no more than 300,000 miles, maximum. This seems really odd. Meanwhile, one of the other people looking for work here looks like Kensei from Heroes, and is trying to empty out some junk from his wallet into a trash can, but he also loses a few credit cards and things.

      He is reaching into the trashcan to retrieve them, but he can't actually see them. But I can, so I am directing him, and I eventually let him know he got all of them, and then notice that he also threw away a bunch of my full-color business cards, which is kind of depressing.

      I walk out of there to find myself out in a sort of field or plain, where people are just walking around, and some people are selling balloon figures. But they aren't twisting them to order for people, but have them already twisted, and lined up in long rows of maybe 30 or 40 figures. Caught from the right angle, where you just see the edge of one balloon after another, yet can't see the whole figure, they look very colorful, yet abstract, and I decide I have to take some pictures of them, so I pull out a camera and start snapping.

      But even though I am taking wide-angle photos of the long rows of balloons, some people think I am taking pictures of them, and are objecting and making a fuss, and really kind of annoying me! Somebody gets a little more annoyed, and I find myself being shoved through a large wooden door by somebody who seems to be Nina from 24.

      Everything switches completely, and the wooden door is the door leading to a train platform that I've dreamed about many times before, and after Nina has shoved against it so hard, I manage to grab it and stop it right before it slams into some sort of railroad bigwig. So we're talking to the bigwigs, while Nina is chained up, and there is some little black kid there. We're talking about how I am taking Nina in, and the train bigwigs are not very bright, so the discussion is kind of comical.

      At least it is until Nina manages to somehow break her chains, and starts to flail around. I still have her wrapped in my arms, and manage to hold her for several seconds, then she manages to break free my grip, as well. She grabs the little black kid as a hostage, and dives out of the front of the train, where she falls under it, and everybody assumes she is killed.

      I'm worried about the kid, but the bigwigs are asking "What kid?" They didn't see any kid. It turns out the kid was a ghost that only Nina and I could see, and her trying to take him as a hostage obviously did her no good. But unlike everybody else, I somehow know she isn't dead, but that she just grabbed on to the under-carriage of the train, and is still with us. I'll have to face her again at the end of the line ... a place where three train crossing meet, that I've dreamed of many times before, that seems to be where the train tracks crossed Beach Blvd in Buena Park.
    9. Kamikaze Invasion in Denmark?

      by , 02-05-2013 at 05:30 PM
      02-05-2013 -- [First time in several days a detailed dream worth recalling.] I am in BM's place, probably the trailer, and we are cleaning something, probably the guest bathroom. I need to go to the bathroom, so I sneak into BM's bedroom to use her bathroom, hoping she'll never know, and won't mind if she finds out. I am taking a pee, but my aim isn't perfect, and a few drops splash on the floor. I cover it up with a bit of paper.

      Unfortunately it seems BM needs to use the bathroom, too, so is at the door asking what I am doing there and telling me to hurry up. So I get out of the way, and we are standing in her bedroom talking. I glance out the window, and we are suddenly on something like the 7th floor of a hotel, and there are planes falling out of the sky, which is terrifying. But worse, as we watch, one is very close and heading directly at the window.

      We run, bolting out of the room and into the hallway, all the while I am making like Marvin the Martian, and wondering where is the earth-shattering kaboom. Somehow by this point we are running down a hall on the third floor, when I hear the crash, and see the plane plowing through a wall maybe a hundred yards away, and crashing through the hotel. It swung around and came through at a different angle and a lower altitude, and it is moving rather slowly, so I fear it is packed with enemy soldiers who will try to seize the hotel.

      I don't know what is going to happen, or how bad things are going to be later, so I am considering running back to the hotel room to get my prescriptions, but I decide it would be too dangerous, and to just get out until I can find out whether they just crash the planes, or storm the hotel from the wreckage. BM has already disappeared, and I look at the two story escalator going down to the lobby. Somehow I enter the wrong one, and am running down the steps as others are being elevated. Silly me.

      When I reach the lobby and burst outside, there is no sign of BM, and instead I am meeting Dale. We're discussing what is going on, while he sits in his rental car, on the wrong side of the car. He says it is because he hasn't eaten yet, and when he is hungry, he makes mistakes. I am thinking there is also the possibility that he is confused because we are in Denmark. Anyway, we get in his car, and we are driving to somewhere to eat, while listening to radio reports about traitors helping the invaders from the wreckage of the plane and being killed for it. Yup ... it's an invasion.

      He says he always goes to Applebee's to watch the big game, and I'm thinking 'wasn't the big game yesterday?' [My mind was only one day behind.] Anyway, we are suddenly in the restaurant at the counter and paying for our meal, and they are giving him his change all in coins, while helping us pack up our leftover food, and the rest of our stuff. They have a small bag of my stuff that I don't know where it came from, and my dream journal, which somehow has a large corner banged up and worn, like it's been used for years.

      Somehow they are giving Dale a haircut, and he is wearing an odd, pointed balloon hat while they do, which is kind of strange. Oddly, instead of him tipping them, they tip him, and it is a rather large tip. He comments on how they tipped him enough for him to buy us all a round of drinks, including Carsten, who is now with us. [Dale doesn't drink.]
    10. Sears at Closing and Babylon 5 Construction in Mall Parking Lot

      by , 12-27-2012 at 03:13 PM
      12-27-2012 -- [This goes back to some old dreams from growing up. Had hundreds of dreams like this, but almost never anymore. But I did this morning!]

      First bit I can remember (might not even be same dream) I am at a repair shop where they have been looking at my scooter. I have already paid $170 in advance, and am worried about how much more I might need, because I'm out of work and really don't have any money. Thankfully, the guy has finished all repairs, and was easier than he though, and he gives me $70 of my money back! Yeah!

      Soon I am a teen or even a little kid, downstairs at Sears in the Buena Park Mall. This is in the old days, before construction and things, back when the candy counter was downstairs. I am in the portion of the store where both the escalators and a stairway came down, near the pay phones and perhaps restrooms (can't remember the layout as well after so much time). There was more to this early part than I can remember, but I think I was here playing video games with Nick. (Full size machines, not the Atari games.)

      At some point, I went up to the ground floor (the other floor at Sears was a lower level), and then was thinking of going back downstairs to meet my friend again. Problem is, I am standing at the escalators, ready to head down, but they've blocked off the down escalator. There are a couple of people running down the up escalator, but with my bad leg, I don't think I'd have much luck doing that, anymore. But I really want to get down there again.

      Suddenly I remember the staircase also going down that is just around the corner, so I walk over to it and use it. I get halfway down, and I reach a section of the stairway that is damaged, and much more difficult to cross, but I manage without too much trouble. As I get down to the lower level, I find myself looking at a low planter of sorts (only about two bricks tall) with very light brush / landscaping in it, and among the landscaping, balloons, balloon hats, and perhaps my shows and socks (which for a moment may also be made of balloons.) I start gathering my stuff together, and I have got one shoe and put it on.

      I find a basic helmet hat I had made, and somehow Nick had either made or found a cool shark balloon that he had somehow merged with the helmet hat to make a cool, more advanced version of Mark Byrne's shark hat. I am still trying to find my other shoe, and deciding I don't really have any need for any of the other balloons right now. I hear voices coming down the escalator, and find there was nothing wrong with the down escalator, they had just blocked it off because it was near closing, and they didn't want anymore people going downstairs.

      It turns out it is store security on the escalator, and they are griping and complaining about having to clear out the store, and troublesome customers and the like. Very soon they are pressuring me to leave. I explain I am gathering my stuff (my current gray towel as well as shoes and socks), and I am still waiting for a friend, but it is changing from Nick to Rosemary [my current real life landlord] and some of her family. But they are pressuring me, so I take the escalator upstairs again. When I get upstairs, half the lights are off, so its kind of dim, and obviously the store has already closed.

      I approach the northeast corner of the store (my northeast, since my sense of direction was off, due to a bad compass, the entire time I lived in Buena Park) and though I am not being pushed out the door right this second (the store security is still clearing the lower level) I exit a set of doors right by the corner, but facing Stanton, and find it is twilight outside, and it is snowing. I am pretty sure it is about 9 pm, and Sunday, and most of the mall closed hours ago, and Sears at least an hour ago. [In the summer it would be possible it could still be twilight at 9 pm, but in the winter it would have been pitch black.]

      I thought Rosemary was right behind me, but she doesn't come out for a while. I look around for a bit, and eventually go looking for her car in the parking lot, a green Dodge Dart-type vehicle (think Chris V.) but a convertible with the roof down. I manage to find the car, and Rosemary's cell phone in it. I grab the cell phone, and with still no sign of Rosemary, start walking back to the doors I exited from.

      Oddly I find the same set of doors unlocked, so I pull one open and walk back in, planning to head back to the escalators, but I hear people coming, and find I'm being yelled at by both security and store management, so I head out the doors again hoping that I didn't get myself in big trouble, didn't trigger an alarm, and thinking to myself that if they don't lock the doors they can't really blame me for coming back in.

      The store just has too many doors, and I have no way of knowing for sure where Rosemary will come out [the building had three sides facing the parking lot, as well as one side leading into the mall, and I think each side had three sets of four doors, so that's a lot of exits], so as I worry of missing her, I think of calling her on the cell phone I took out of her car. The problem is, it is a fancy advertising model, oddly shaped, and styled with the Mountain Dew logo on it. Both the talk and the off buttons are hidden within the logo and hard to find. Further, I realize I don't know her phone number, and I can't find it in the phone's contact list, because she doesn't call herself much. [My mind never thinks of the fact that she can't answer if I am calling her on her phone, anyway.]

      I give up on the phone, but about that time I spot her, walking through the parking lot, almost at the car. I think she has two kids with her, and I am guessing one of them is Lexi, though she looks thinner than she is now. But I am realizing if I am a young kid, she probably hasn't been born yet, and it is probably Cheryl instead. I don't want to miss my ride, so I start hurrying out toward the car, but Rosemary has already got it started up. She is heading toward me, approaching one of the little traffic lanes in the parking lot, but before I can reach her, she starts to turn.

      Because I am a kid, I haven't met her yet, and so she doesn't recognize me or pay any attention when I call out to her. I wave at her, and she just waves back. I try and call out I have something for her, and reach into my jacket pocket to bring out her cell phone, but the male kid in the car (probably Jeffrey) cries out "He's going for a gun," and Rosemary floors it and is gone. Guess I can't get her cell phone back to her. I call after her, but it does no good. Guess I have to walk home.

      So I slowly start walking along the side of the mall, heading for the May Company end, when I find myself being forced by traffic out to La Palma on an odd curving exit that didn't exist in the real mall parking lot. I also find myself turning into Lennier from Babylon 5, but a quite young Lennier, probably a mid-teen. The traffic is too heavy for me to find a way to cross, and there is the slightest hint of the Circus, like when Circus Vargas would use the parking lot.

      Suddenly I find myself confronted by Michael Garibaldi, and we are in the bowels of Babylon 5, which is being constructed in the Buena Park Mall, and Garibaldi wants to know what I am doing here! Me, I'm just a Minbari wandering the mall parking lot, walking home in a small Earth community in the 1980s. No wonder he didn't believe me! He's being kind of threatening, when suddenly big parts of the structure around us seem to almost be collapsing down on us, with razor-like metal claws slicing out of the metal inches from our heads.

      We're dodging around, trying to keep both our heads while Garibaldi is screaming something like "They promised me this had been taken care of!" and as things finally seem to be settling, and I have survived intact, I glance at a couple of sets of claws, and kind of flip them further forward, where they lock in place, and secure the beams they are parts of. As I have done this, more and more of the claws are kind of clicking into place, and it begins to seem the entire problem with things collapsing is they never locked these things in place.

      We soon find ourselves in a mall-style utility corridor, but in the station, not in the mall, and we're walking to Garibaldi's office, past a couple of Londo's Centauri dancers. Somehow I say something kind of flirty to them, and wildly out of character for a Minbari, and dead silence falls for a few seconds, giving the scene a chance to finish, and finally everybody (including me) breaks into hearty laughter. The others are thinking it is just odd enough that it might be left in the episode, and I am thinking to myself that this acting gig is kind of neat, even if I am a teen again, and I might want to do it as a career.

      But moments later, it is back to a real space station being built in the parking lot, and Garibaldi is escorting me out a door back to said parking lot. As we step out, though, I hear the 'dut dut dut dut dut dut dut dut' sound of bionic power being shown, and Sasquatch from the Six Million Dollar Man goes running past. Lou Ferrigno's Incredible Hulk falls out of the sky like he is completing some 100 meter jump, and the two start fighting on the back of a flatbed truck. Garibaldi thumps the back of the truck as a signal to the driver, and he starts to drive off with the behemoths still fighting on the back.
    11. Spying at the Marathon

      by , 10-17-2012 at 10:03 PM
      10-16-2012 -- Entire first part of this was lost. Second part begins with me driving down a road, heading to some kind of balloon gig I'm doing. As I am getting near the place I want to turn in, I see an attractive lady wearing one of the can can girl costumes from the Golden Horseshoe Revue. I roll down the window of the Jimmy and call out something about how much I still miss that show. The lady turns around, and I think it is Ginny, one of the can can girls I used to watch in the show.

      I see another can can girl also walking up, which makes it very likely they have a performance going on. Unfortunately since I am performing balloons, I'll probably have to miss it! Darn! I park my vehicle and get out, and find for some reason I am holding and petting a baby kitten. I have no idea why, but I know I am supposed to be holding it.

      The event we're all entertaining for seems to be some kind of marathon, and they are getting ready to start. There's a really smarmy, stuck up jerk who is trying to order me around and tell me where to go, saying something about how nobody except himself has any rights to anything or any kind of decent treatment. He makes it clear that I better not write anything negative about him, or I'm out of there. I wasn't expecting to write anything for the Hornet about this, anyway, but I'm sure starting to consider it, now!

      I glance around, and see some helium balloons and such up on a slight slope overlooking the street where the marathon is starting, and hike up there, figuring that is probably where they want me. The rude guy is here, and now seems to be one of the balloon people. He has a huge balloon bouquet that seems to be made of very long, thin balloons and huge 3 foot weather balloons or the like. It is trying to drift off in the breeze, and I stop it, which just leads to the guy telling me to stay away from his balloons. Sheesh ... try to help somebody.

      I'm talking with the other balloon artists, and starting to consider what I might work on, when I spot the fire department running around, emptying out and replacing the various porta-potties set up for the event. Don't know why they are the ones doing this, but OK. My Jimmy is parked where it might be in the way, so I go to move it, but this only causes the second window to fall into the door like the first one did in real life a couple of days ago.

      I find myself standing in a hotel lobby on the hillside, looking at some fancily dressed woman who is acting really stuck up and snobbish while talking about the whole event, and there are secret service agents spying on her and everybody else. I start to spy on them, and they seem to respect me because I respect them enough to keep an eye on them. Strange.
    12. The FCM Convention Live Runescape Chat

      by , 09-27-2012 at 04:55 PM
      09-21-2012 -- Am at the FCM convention with Dale, and we have arrived just in time for dinner. We've walked into the dining room, where everybody is sitting around, eating and talking. Except somehow we're not talking aloud, but in a number of different chats that are floating in the air in front of us. it is very difficult telling one chat from the other and keeping everything in the right place. Very much like the Runescape chats at times.

      Dale is trying to jump start my computer for me, but he only has the red cable, and no black cable for the ground, and I'm worried he'll hurt himself, or my computer. I find myself chatting with a really, really experienced player who seems to be taking a bath. I brush against the bath curtain before I realize this is very creepy and wrong, and rush away before he figures out who it was. Weird!

      I'm back in line in the cafeteria, and now they are in the middle of closing up, and taking away all the desserts. But that's OK, since I only wanted to grab another glass of milk, anyway. I move on to the auditorium, where I learn that we already missed the business meeting. They also tell me they overbooked the convention, and have no more program guides showing what classes will be where. I think they are joking however, as Joe White is sorting through a stack of them. He gives me one and I ask for a second one for Dale.

      Joe tells me he will be giving the first class, and Don Caldwell and Gilbert Adams are arguing loudly about which one of them will be giving a private lecture on Sunday (more a Twist and Shout thing than an FCM thing) and are pranking each other with balloon gags. I'm just glancing around at a few of the balloon sculptures from the jam room.
    13. The Newspaper Layout and Melody's Hotel

      by , 09-27-2012 at 03:40 PM
      [Been around a week or more since I last posted. Have had very little dream recall for some reason, and the last couple of dreams I had before this morning were over a week ago and haven't been posted yet. I will try and get that corrected. Also remember a fragment from earlier this morning that I will post below this whole dream.]

      09-27-2012 -- I'm working late in the Hickory House on something for some sort of 4 page newspaper supplement, I think, but it is something like 3 or 4 am, and I finally drift off to sleep. I eventually wake up again to find mom sleeping at her desk. I am glancing around at the stuff I have been working on, and I spot a newspaper clipping that mom had clipped for me, and start to read it. Glancing at it, it was some kind of report about a major football game, and yet there was a picture of 'Hulk' Hogan watching it. Somehow, reading the clipping allows me to hear the broadcast of it, and as people start cheering a big touchdown or something, it wakes mom up. She soon heads out the door, going somewhere.

      As I glance around the living room, I see a small red scooter like the one I used to ride before I got my first car, and I find myself thinking I might be able to use it to start up the Circle K mystery shops again, though it wouldn't do for the APEC ones because of the tiny gas tank. [Real life jumping in for a second. When my car broke down and a friend gave me another one, I still had to quit all my driving work because of how poor of gas mileage and no A/C, including the mystery shops.]

      I wander to the kitchen, looking for something to eat. Oddly, there are several platters of ribs and things sitting half on the stove, half in the refrigerator. The dream just can't seem to make up its mind. I grab a bit of meat, and wander outside. As I grabbed it, it was just a small slice of meat, off the bone. By the time I reached Jeff's house, I find myself laying on the ground underneath the tree in their front yard eating several ribs right off the bone.

      His parents come wandering by, and either don't see me, or don't speak to me at first. They are discussing getting a letter from him, and he is mentioning something about how if the Sorting Hat is getting too lonely, it is friendly with me, and they may want to have me visit with it for a bit. This gets me to the point of gently getting their attention and asking if I can ask them something. They agree, and I ask if they always knew they were magical, as I only learned after I grew up. They tell me, yes, they've always been a part of the magical world.

      All this has taken place on the front lawn, but as I turn to leave, I am suddenly inside the house exiting an odd front door that points the wrong way compared to real life. I open the front door and almost fall down the large set of front steps, but don't manage to shut the door behind me properly, and an alarm starts to go off. I am trying to climb the steps to finish closing the door when Barbara closes it for me. I start to walk back toward my house, using a sort of accio charm to summon all the rib bones so I don't leave any on their lawn to make them mad at me.

      As I am approaching the Hickory House, there are some people in costumes and floats as Ringling Bros is running a parade through town today. They don't usually parade on Hickory because it is such a small street, but they do sometimes stage there. In trying to turn around the animals and floats, they somehow end up circling around up onto the sidewalk and even the yards, where they are weaving through all the cars parked there. [More reminiscent of my current address than Hickory.]

      There are lots of people starting to line up, and some local clowns who are entertaining the crowds. I don't know what is being celebrated, but it is something big. There is also stuff here related to the space program, even though this is CA and not FL. [May tie in to the shuttle being shown off in CA within the last week, and Posner posting about it on Facebook.] I see somebody who I am almost sure is Kluts, but I ignore her, and just head for the front door. To get there, I have to excuse my way through some others, and overhear a black clown (but not one I knew from the alley) asking if there was any way to get rid of all the American flag decorations. Not likely, I'm thinking.

      I make it in the front door, and find that in the short time I have been gone, mom has decorated the house for Halloween, and I somehow stumble into a balloon decoration, and end up with a balloon hat on my head. I'm just tired, and head straight for my first bedroom, wanting to lay down and sleep. I open the door to find the room is even tinier than I remember, and mom has completely rearranged it, without asking me. I am annoyed at the invasion of privacy, and am considering moving out because of it. Meanwhile, in the process of rearranging, she somehow opened the partition between my room and Melody's, so there is even less privacy. On the other hand, Melody and one of her girlfriends are asleep in her bed.

      [This is really starting to muddle a lot of things together. This is obviously the Hickory House, but the curtain-ish partition between two bedrooms was in the Moran house, and it is Rosemary in my current house who has threatened to come in and rearrange the furniture in my room.]

      I sit down on my bed and start to get undressed, which seems to make enough noise to start waking people in Melody's room. I find that I can see right into the shower in Melody's room, and two of her girlfriends are taking a shower. At first they seem to be showering in their clothes, but soon it may just be very noticeable tan lines. The shower sections just keep growing, because soon there are at least two showers on the left, the bedroom section of her room, and then three bathtubs on the right. All of this in a small bedroom that really has no baths or showers, those are in the restrooms.

      More and more people who have been staying with Melody overnight are starting to shower and bathe, including entire families with parents and kids. It is very weird. Half-dressed women start wandering into my room because for some reason all the shoes are in here. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to undress to take a nap. Soon there is a big, threatening-looking black tough in my room, though he is friendly enough. He explains that they stay here overnight once a year, and have for ages. This surprises me because I have never seen this before. He explains they are visiting for one day from Springfield, CA, and I explain we're originally from CA as well, and start commenting on how much I want to move back there. Nevermind that until this moment, this house was in CA.


      A fragment from an earlier dream that I can't much remember. I was working on a really small notebook computer (but it folded and had a keyboard, so it wasn't a pad) in some sort of print shop trying to print something important out when suddenly the computer lost everything. The data I was working on, all search links, all clues to everything I was interested in ... it became impossible to get the computer to pull up anything I was interested in. Somehow there were also chases with people firing guns at me or something.
    14. Grimmauld Place, Courier Work, and the Freeway Collapse

      by , 08-26-2012 at 05:22 PM
      08-26-2012 -- This one is all over the place! Starts out in an old, spooky house. Might well be Grimmauld Place, as there seem to be two small beings running around, one that is friendly, and one that isn't. Almost certainly Dobby and Kreature. I'm wandering through the place, looking for secret passages and just exploring, but doors don't always lead the same places, and Kreature is dangerous.

      I've already been given one ticking package which I've disarmed, but eventually I'm given another, rather lackadaisically wrapped, that is addressed to some sort of princess. It is a birthday present, but it is also ticking, and is probably also a bomb. Somehow I can't unwrap it and disarm it, though, because the present isn't for me.

      Things shift here, as I have a package, and I find I must deliver it. I have no car, anymore, so they have teamed me up with another driver. We've driven a ways south, but not a huge amount. Perhaps Melbourne or Sebastian, not as far as something like Fort Pierce. Problem is, we're being sent to a huge complex with one address for the whole thing, and no instructions where to go. I think I've been here once before, years ago, and have a vague memory, but not enough.

      Find a place to pick something up (seems like Idexx samples, and since the driver I seem to be working with in now Francisco, this makes sense), and so we start to head back to town, and soon we split up. I find myself at home, and I am listening to some kind of recording of the trip, and hear really subtle clues that tell me there were two place we had to pick up samples, and we only got one. Now I have to start planning a trip back. But since I no longer have a car, and need a new job, I'm also planning places I can stop for job interviews.

      As I am about to hit the road anyway, I get a frantic phone call from Francisco. He's broken down or run out of gas or something, and is asking me to please hurry out to where he is to solve the problem. I explain we also need to go back to the first stop, and soon I am on my way. I'm on a freeway, driving along, though I'm not sure what I'm driving. My mind just doesn't focus on it. Eventually I am on a small scooter, though.

      I hear a light honk and glance over to see an old, somewhat rusty, large red pickup truck, being driven by Amy Fikes. She's driving back to West Palm Beach, saw me, and wanted to wave. Soon I'm near a large brown van which is being driven by Joe Shirely, and he tells me he was meeting with Amy, and has pictures to share for the web site.

      The traffic and fumes are getting to me on the scooter, and I take an offramp that for some reason is backed up. There is an accident ahead of me, and as I wait for things to clear up, I try and open a pack of donuts, but the bag tears, and chocolate donuts fall everywhere. As I am trying to pick them all up, some people from the car or truck behind me come up looking to assist anyone who is hurt. I tell them I'm healthy, and they look at all the donuts as if to say "yeah, right!"

      They ask me how long I think I am going to stay healthy, and I just have this very odd feeling, and say "not very long. Watch yourselves." Suddenly there is a slight trembling, then the offramp we're on starts to break up and crash to the ground. We've fallen 15 or 20 feet, but nobody is seriously injured, just some minor cuts and bruises. From the offramp collapse, you'd expect an earthquake, but actually I soon see signs of a sinkhole that took out the supports. Soon we're all on our way again.

      I continue further south and soon arrive at a mid-sized office building. Think it is at least three or four floors, but nothing much taller. I walk in the ground floor and start looking for an elevator, as the place I want is on the second floor, and I stumble into an office where Anne is working. She is dressed professionally, but in a red dress that is actually quite attractive, and shows off nice legs. She's not glad to see me, but I explain I have the wrong office, and was just looking for the elevator. I hear it through the wall as she points, and quickly leave.

      I get in the elevator, and find myself sharing it with the family from the offramp. We all end up in the same office, and the family is there to begin setting up presentation equipment for a major party or event. Everybody is their group have small black patches around their eyes, spots where blood has pooled under the skin from blows from the collapse. I assume I probably have the same, but explain I am not with them, I'm here for a job.

      They direct me to another room, where I find myself with two balloon artists working on some intricate and finely detailed small sculptures. They assume I am here to audition for the balloon gig at the party, and I didn't even know about that option. I was here about a normal job. Unfortunately they are not hiring for the normal position, and I'm not up to the skill level of the others (nor do I have my balloons with me) so the balloon gig is out, as well. Soon I'm just trying to find a way out of the building before I run into Anne again.

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