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    1. Working at the Adventurers Club and Avoiding Supervisors

      by , 07-04-2017 at 04:31 PM
      07-03-2017 -- I'm headed to the Adventurers Club for the evening, as I always do, and have a small part to play in the show (kind of like Margaret had one line she always threw in at Preston's, just to give them the start of a joke, if nobody else did), but tonight it seems someone is missing, and Graham decides to use me to solve the problem. He grabs me, pulls me back stage, and starts throwing me into a costume, planning to make me a larger part of the show.

      Meanwhile, I am being forced to swap out some of my regular clothes for the costume parts, and getting ready, and I run into Anne (who is doing Pamelia for the first part of the night), who sees I am helping out, and decides to apologize for the way she's been acting to me the last few years, which kind of blows my mind. Anyway, I'm now dressed in a bit of a pirate costume, and am being dragged through some of the backstage passages and the off-limits cast elevator that I've known from multiple past dreams, while I'm keeping my head down so that the wide-brimmed hat I'm wearing hides my face, in case the Disneyland supervisor who was always trying to cause me trouble happened to be around.

      Anyway, I'm walking along with several of the guys, including Glenn, Jay, Karl, and Joe (as well as Graham). I soon find myself being kind of forced into the Beezel 'mask' and being told to read the prompts that are being projected in front of me, but the mask is blocking my vision almost entirely, so I just can't read it, and I'm stumbling along, which is ruining the show. They pull me out, and ridicule me slightly, but it's still friendly and good-natured, and they just cancel that Treasure Room show.

      I'm trying to get back out of the mask and ready for the Hoopla, but unfortunately it is taking time, and I end up missing it. I'm just reaching the area when the other performers come running backstage. It must be some sort of Halloween show or something, because all the ladies are kind of half-wrapped up in bandages and wet plaster, and Fairies (one of the female performers whose name I don't know, but she used to sing a song about fairies in her garden) is kind of freaking out an urging people to get the stuff off of her. It seems she is kind of claustrophobic or something, and having all this stuff stuck on her is really difficult for her. I'm commenting on not having realized just how much the ladies had to deal with, while wondering what happened to Anne, since Fairies only plays the Pamelia role.

      Soon we're all back in the dressing room, and I'm being told to take off all the costume bits, including the slightly lacy/ruffled undershirt that was comfortable enough that I forgot I was wearing it. Meanwhile, it seems the female performers wanted to thank me for helping out today, so they all decided to flash me for just an instant, but somehow I just knew what they were going to do, and at that particular moment it didn't feel right, so I turned around at just the right moment to miss it. Meanwhile, I'm still struggling to get out of my tights. Sheesh!

      Soon we're all in our street clothes, and ready to exit the dressing room, and moving on we're going to have to pass through a gauntlet of fans, and the others have decided to stop and pose for some photos, just so they can pull me into them and make sure I'm credited for my evening's work, seeming to not realize how much I have having my picture taken. Meanwhile, I somehow have a basketball in my shirt, and I am trying to get rid of it. I pose in the back, where I am mostly blocked by the others, and give a little wave at people, and then we're about to move on, heading to the employee exit. The problem is, I glance down at my feet and realize I have no shoes or socks. I must have left them in the dressing room. I tell the others I'll be right back.

      So I make it back to the dressing room, and I manage to quickly find both my shoes and one sock. But the other one is missing. They are the short ankle socks, in the dark grays. I also explain to Andre, the wardrobe guy, why I am back, and that I am not trying to steal any of the costume bits, just get my shoes. Soon I'm heading back out, and trying to catch up with all the others. I hurry through a backstage section that I am not at all familiar with, and eventually catch up with a couple of the ladies in a bit of an obstacle course kind of area, and they are forcing me to swing on a bit of a trapese (half trapese, half zip line) to cross the room. Since it is only about a foot above the floor, it is no big deal, but I land on a trap door which drops me down to the next room, so its still a bit startling.

      In the new room, the third female performer is complaining that the other two forced me into using that method of getting through the room before I was ready, and goes back to give them a piece of her mind. Meanwhile, I continue forward through what almost seems to be a warehouse of magical props, as I am glancing at sponge balls and colorful cups and linking rings and scarves and the rest. Cool dream, overall.
    2. New Christmas Show and Acid in the Face

      by , 06-11-2014 at 09:04 PM
      01-03-2014 -- I find myself in a nice mall somewhere, wandering around, looking at shops. Everything is still done up for the Christmas holidays, even though it is now a week-and-a-half after Christmas, and I soon find myself approaching an ice skating rink that has been created in the middle of the mall, inspired by something I recently saw on TV or in a movie probably (almost certainly something taking place in New York at Rockefeller Center.)

      Then somehow it is the first day of a new Christmas stage show being put on at Videopolis, which Disney seems to have rebuilt. Though I am not sure how, I am here, and it is early in the morning. I can see a sort of dress rehearsal going on, and I have no idea why I am here, since it is something like 5:30 in the morning, and the park doesn't even open until seven, with the first performance being at 7:30. I find myself standing around and thinking about it for a while, and am just staring to wonder if I should go home and try to see the show later or something, when I find there are people wandering around me.

      Seems it is now after seven, and they are almost ready for the show. Security drops the chains so we can go down to get seats, but somehow I am not right there, and as I make my way down to the seats all the front row seats are taken up. I am running back and forth in the first and second rows trying to find a seat, and finally one seems to open up in the second row, but right after I sit down, some woman comes up yelling for me to get out of her seat. It turns out her father, sitting in the seat next to me was supposed to be saving the seat, but he fell asleep.

      I start scrambling for a seat, but the place is filling up so fast that every section I get to has just been seated, and I soon find myself standing in the very back, right by the Yumz snack bar, trying to find a place I can stand and see the show, but I am standing behind a big support pillar, so even now I can't see very much. The show starts, and it is being performed mostly by the people from the Adventurers Club or people related to it. I see Karl, Philip, Anne, Greg Triggs (Comedy Warehouse) and (oddly out of place) the Brigadier's daughter from the seventh season of the new Doctor Who series acting as the stage manager. For some reason, though I was on good terms with almost all of them except Anne in the past, now they all seem to be mad at me.

      Greg has slid across on a rope (as part of the show) to the area I am standing in, and then proceeds to make me a part of the show, but in the most offensive, obnoxious, and hateful way he can, and I know Disney would not allow them to do this with the average guest, and I can't get why he thinks he can get away with this with me, or where all this hate has come from. He is constantly insulting me, and also sprays acid on my face, so I am rolling around on the ground as my eyes burn, and he is even making fun of the way I roll around.

      For some reason, though this is a Christmas show, it is only opening today, January 3rd, on the last day of the Christmas holiday. It is also the last day that my annual pass is good for, so this is the only time I can see the show, but I am so mad at the way I have been treated by Greg, I start to just stomp out of the area and decide to go home and forget the damn show! But as I start to walk out of the show, it has just ended, and everybody else is walking out, as well.

      I hear a voice calling my name, and find myself facing Amy F (a friend I knew in high school) and her new husband. They ask why I seem so upset, and I explain as we walk the parade route from Small World toward the Matterhorn, and they are also horrified about how I have been treated. Amy feels she needs to use the restroom, but can only seem to find the men's room. I point out how the door to the women's room is just a little further along, probably because it is located right behind the men's room with doors to either side of the men's room doors, making it a longer restroom since they have to have all stalls, rather than some stalls and some urinals. There was also a moment where we found ourselves back near the stage, and a large black woman on a strange cross between a wheelchair and a gurney ends up rolling down a flight of steps until we manage to stop her. Odd stuff.

      Somehow it is suddenly the next day. Amy and her husband are gone, and I am back at Videopolis, though I don't know how. The performers are getting ready to do the show again, even though the Christmas season ended yesterday, and somehow I am backstage, half-invisible, hanging on some sort of a long silk pennant (like the ones they spun and climbed in Circus Fantasy), where nobody can see me, just kind of watching what was going on.

      Somebody spots me, I think it is Greg, and they all start to chase me around backstage, until I warn them that I will get legal representation, and sue them for the acid in the face, and Greg is trying to act like it is no big deal, until my lawyer (who I have never actually contacted) materializes a letter right in the hands of the Brig's daughter, who explains the Greg is in big trouble, and largely gives me the run of the place. Soon I am being given copies of pictures that others have taken of the show (kind of reversing past situations where I made pictures for the performers of shots I'd taken of them) and being given ever-larger rubies that somehow seem to be being grown during the show. Meanwhile, my lawyers letters about how much trouble Disney is going to be in are oddly warping into letters explaining how some accounting firm would be very wise to hire me to work for them, which makes no sense in any way.

      Soon we are all walking out of the place, backstage, heading for the exit, and Greg still seems to be very mad that he wasn't able to get away with what he did to me, and as we are walking along a hillside he knocks my rubies out of my hands, and one of them falls down the hillside and into a sort of an electrical substation, except instead of being for electricity, it has a bunch of pipes with a trickle of green stuff leaking out of them. It seems to instead be a sort of acid substation. I am climbing down, weaving my way through pipes when I accidentally pull one loose, and small amounts of acid start spewing everywhere. Oddly, this is not actually too horrible, and just a minor inconvenience. But Greg does something which is going to cause the whole place to blow up (killing him and all his fellow performers as well as me) in his anger at me, except that me and a mechanic working in the area manage to avert catastrophe in part using the pipe that I broke.

      [Oddly enough, I barely know or recognize Greg, since he worked almost entirely in the Comedy Warehouse and I spent almost all my time at the Adventurers Club. He probably wouldn't know me at all. So why my dream made him the worst villain in this piece, I have no idea.]
    3. Dream Bits: Runescape, Disney, Balloons, and More

      by , 11-07-2013 at 08:40 PM
      10-22-2013 -- In a strange, live version of Runescape with a bunch of other people, there is a sort of group or mob of enemies to fight, including some dragons, some weird lava monsters, and a bunch of other big, powerful enemies, and a group of about 20 of us are getting ready to take them on. We start fighting against them, but the battle isn't going too well for me at first. I am trying to fire magic at them, but at first I am too far away. Eventually I make it close enough, and am close enough to manage some decent shooting at them, but soon I find I am running out of magic and energy, and my shots are doing no good.

      The others with me continue firing, and for a while are doing well, and managing to damage the enemies, but soon they are also running out of magic and energy, and are starting to die to the opposing forces. Soon we're standing around discussing how we probably all want to get another 5 to 10 combat levels before we bother trying again!

      Somehow things then shift to the House of Imports, where I seem to be working a shift, even though it is modern times (I worked there more than 20 years ago). My shift should have ended after 10 hours, but I realize I have been working more than 14 hours, and am probably going to be yelled at, so I better get my butt in gear and get clocked out. The dealership is quite busy, with a bunch of people looking through the showroom, and crowding the short stairway down to the lower level where the time clock is, so I rise a few feet into the air, so that I am just above everybody's heads, and fly down to the time clock to clock out. Nobody seems to notice or care, and it doesn't seem like a big deal to me that I can fly, either.


      10-17-2013 -- [Unfortunately couldn't remember much even when I dreamed it, then waited four days before entering it in, and now even more is missing. Oh well.] Somehow I am wandering around at a school or a store, slight hints of department stores at malls or perhaps Marshall. Wherever it is, I find myself wandering into a bathroom, and am trying to find a clean, stocked stall to use. Could even be in a locker room at a pool. Soon I find that I have just boarded a bus, and am trying to pay my fare. Unfortunately, I have dropped my change everywhere, and have to bend down and scrabble for my coins.

      Eventually I find myself in Disneyland, walking from the hub down Main Street, heading for town square, same area I have been walking through in a lot of dreams, recently. I pass Sharon H. and am heading for the corner shop next to the magic shop which had collectible plates and figurines and things in the last dream here (yesterday with a lot of AC stuff in the dream) and for some reason my pants are too large and keep trying to fall down around my ankles.

      I reach the store, and am just kind of standing around, talking with Dale. Nothing too big or exciting, just chatting. But as we are watching, one of the people working in the shop seems to be putting together balloon decorations and placing them around the store. Thing is, she is using some unusual balloons, rounds, odd shapes, very strong colors, and occasionally other things. One sculpture that almost seems to be a Star Wars creation is topped by what seems to be a small white garbage can, but it fits perfectly and looks just like whatever it is supposed to be. There are other figures that look like they are made of gold balloons, but unlike most gold balloons, these are so strongly colored that they almost give the impression of being solid gold, though they aren't.

      Another creation is actually a very impressive model of Aladdin's Genie, but this one is obviously made out of blue balloons. They are wandering around the interior and exterior of the store, putting these things up in various places as displays, and decoration, and they look very good and Dale and I are both quite impressed with them.


      10-16-2013 -- I am running around Rosemary's place, and oddly enough I find that I can get my voice back as long as I am speaking in a slightly deeper voice. I find I can sing as well, as long as I deepen my voice from my previous tenor to a nice, strong baritone. I end up running around the place able to finally talk and sing and make myself be heard, but it does make my throat slightly sore, and I find I am a little worried about it. Soon, following the suggestions of others, I decide to go visit the doctors.

      I soon find myself at a cross between the Doctor's office that Terry and Grace used to run, and a dream clinic that I have frequently visited, wandering into areas that guests aren't allowed in, but that I had been invited into by Terry, Grace, and Kathy in the past. The problem is, they no longer work here, and the doctors that do are a little unhappy about me wandering around ... though not enough to actually say anything.


      10-16-2013 -- Out on a long cross country road trip with Chris Vopat, where I am riding in the back of his pickup truck. This is bad enough for the long trip and the distance we're traveling, but it becomes even worse as a volcano a few miles away erupts and starts shooting lava down its sides and hot ash into the air, which is quick to ruin the air quality even where we are, a few miles away.


      10-16-2013 -- At an Adventurers Club reunion type of thing, but it is not being held at the Club, which has long been shut down. I run into a couple of performers who seem to be doing some bits, but I have missed most of it, and have no clue what is going on. Then I run into BC, and she has been here for almost the whole thing, and mentions that Anne has been doing stuff from her odd version of the Vagina Monologues (see past dream here), which it seems she has now made a regular part of things whenever she is doing AC reunion stuff, which doesn't make any sense to me.

      We sit and discuss this, but more and more as we talk, I find myself thinking of taking a trip to California and visiting with Dale. Somehow he is here for a visit, or perhaps only just left, and I am really in the mood for a visit to California since I haven't left the state in something like a decade. I am not sure how, but I know somehow I can get there. But I have no money for tickets to the park. I am trying to think of ways I can sneak in (possibly involving friends on the monorail), but then I remember that Keith works there, and he can probably sign me in a couple of times, which should solve that problem.

      Somehow thinking about that brings it about, and I suddenly find that I am in Disneyland's Frontierland area, walking back toward New Orleans Square and Critter Country. As I walk along, I see a couple of Adventurers Club performers, either on their own, or perhaps working streetmosphere, and I am thinking it might be fun to go watch them sometime. Meanwhile, I find myself walking into a western-themed restaurant that, for some odd reason, serves egg drop soup from large bowls.

      Turns out Dale has been debating trying the soup for ages, but he is never brave enough to do so, and I am kind of pushing and encouraging him to give it a try, but he really isn't sure he is willing to do so. I give up, and am about to wander off and go walking through the park, when a large group walks in. They are mostly women, just a couple of men, and though I can't identify specific people, it seems to be a group from Pine Castle. They are playing a strange game to choose a person, something of the nature of Rock, Paper, Scissors, but completely different. They have wandered in and surrounded me at the exact right time for me to win, and since I won, I am expected to provide small presents for everybody, but I have no money, no gifts, and they are all kind of disgusted with me. Doesn't seem fair, since I never asked to be a part of their game.


      10-13-2013 -- I am somewhere that is halfway in the midwest somewhere, and halfway in England. I'm walking down the street on foot while a friend is on a skateboard, or perhaps a bike. In the street is a police car, and a cop is just stepping out of it and is keeping an eye on us, but he isn't actually doing anything, so we just try and ignore him. I head down a street that seems to be a cross between a hill in Omaha, and Dale in Buena Park. I reach about the point where Athenian Burgers was, and find Carl and Mary Baumer there. They seem to be thinking about treating me to a meal.

      Instead I find myself walking down La Palma (or perhaps Orangethrope, or some random street in Omaha) discussing job possibilities. I am kind of down and depressed, and Carl (who is slowly turning into dad) is trying to cheer me up. He asks the guy who has given me a place to stay (should be Joe Lane, but is strangely looking like Marv Goodwin) what he thinks, and Marv says that I am probably going to fail at everything, but yeah, I ought to try, anyway. Dad is about ready to kill him, but Marv just drives away on his fork lift. So we walk on down to the corner, and I seem to be on the southwest corner, at Magnolia and either La Palma or Orangethorpe, but as always for Buena Park, my compass is off.

      Anyway, dad leads me to what seems to be a cross between a truck yard, a warehouse, and an office building (feels a lot like the TAMS property), where he does their tires, and has contacts, and is sure he can get me a job. But they turn us down. He's a little upset, and we cross the street to a corner shop that is a cross between a restaurant and a liquor store, where dad sits down at a picnic table out of the way on the side of the building to have a cigarette. He's out of breath because of the smoking, and I'm out of breath because of my weight, and there are some toughs who are being slightly threatening, but don't really care enough to be serious about it. I'm not sure but it is possible that Paul and Irene Broden come by after that and buy me dinner at the Chinese restaurant.
    4. Variations on the Death of Sanity

      by , 09-26-2013 at 12:57 PM
      09-26-2013 -- [Very long, detailed, funny dream, that like usual, I can not remember well enough to really do justice to it. I literally woke chuckling to all the insanity I'd just been through.] I am at a hotel or something, almost certainly at or near Walt Disney World, and I am with Dale. He's on the last full day of his vacation, and is stressing out about going home the next day. He's worried about packing everything and getting the rental car returned and all.

      So I am walking him through it all step-by-step, and telling him it will all go smoothly and be easy to get everything done, and he is starting to calm down. Meanwhile, we seem to be eating in a little restaurant or cafeteria that seems more like it is in a school than a hotel (hints of FCM at IWU), and Dale is mentioning how he ended up writing some sort of sarcastic bit for a small humor newsletter, but what was supposed to be one little bit has grown into three, and he's handed them to me to read, and as I am doing so (and nothing ever reads well in dreams) the publication is growing from a Teens Today-size 11x17 folded-into-four-page handout to a Hornet-sized newspaper to a multi-page, multi-section full-size newspaper like the Orange County Register, which I am having trouble folding to carry under my arm.

      Meanwhile, Dale has just taken out his trombone and has walked into the back of a classroom and sat down with his instrument as a very no-nonsense teacher and a bunch of students start to walk into the room. It seems Dale is sitting in on a rehearsal. The teacher is very tough and demanding, but all Dale ever receives from him is the occasional brief nod, so he must be a very good musician. [In real life I am almost certain Dale doesn't play anything.]

      As the teacher starts and continues to lead the group, I am very surprised to notice all the brass players are segregated behind a 'sound-proof' barrier that can't block the sound entirely, but lessens it, so the teacher isn't having to constantly warn the brass not to blare, and urge the woodwinds and strings to be louder, to be heard, and I am thinking to myself what a brilliant idea it is, and wishing we had it back when I was in band. But Dale is not behind it, so I guess the trombone is a woodwind in this dream.

      Anyway, they play for a bit, and then they seem to take a little break, and while the professor is giving his students small bits of individual instruction, I am making a few comments (about the vacation, not the music) to Dale, and though I am afraid the music teacher will snap at me, he doesn't. The teacher is a sort of a mixture between Mr. Eubanks (one of my teachers, though not a band teacher), Pat Moran, and Lisa Simpson's music teacher.

      Soon the whole class is moving, and it seems like we move about a corridor over. It is like we are moving from a practice room to a performance hall, and starting to prepare for an actual concert or something. But there are more and more people walking in and getting involved, and lots of 'guest stars,' both from TV and from my past. Tony Shalhoub seems to be puttering around, and Ron Howard seems to be playing an instrument, and wondering how things are going to play out, but they are both very young. (Ron is Happy Days age, and Tony resembles his character in Galaxy Quest.)

      There is a young lady who is top of her class, and very proper, but kind of stuck up (a sort of cross between Sharon Newkirk's brilliance and Cordelia Chase's attitude) who is supposed to be one of the star performers, but she has managed to do something to anger the professor, and he just points her to an out-of-the-way corner and orders her to sit down and shut up, which has her pouting and angry.

      Meanwhile, there is a very flashy and flamboyant piano player, a kind of a cross between Liberace and Elton John, very forward, demanding, and visual, who is just passing through, but sees a piano, and can't help but sit down and start to play, and the professor tolerates it, but makes it plain he expects him to behave, and amazingly enough, manages enough presence that the flamboyant player meekly agrees.

      So they are all starting to tune up and prepare, and Dale is still hanging in the background, out of the way, but ready to play. Since he is not one of the students, he doesn't want to put himself forward at all, but he is still going to sit in and play along. Meanwhile, Shawn Spencer is also here, and is his usual insane self, and is coming up with all sorts of ideas on how to make the concert or opera or whatever it is supposed to be, and somehow the strict, demanding, controlling professor finds almost all of his insane ideas to be interesting, and is largely giving him free reign, and thereby allowing chaos to spread incredibly.

      So the people are wandering in and out, music is played, Shawn is rewriting both the show and bits of music on the fly (at one point he walks by the piano player, throws in a hand, and adds a small riff mid-song before walking off) and though I expect both the flamboyant pianist and the controlling director to be furious, they seem much more bemused, almost sort of "Yes, that does work nicely."

      The girl is complaining that she isn't being allowed to do anything, and it's just not right! Ron Howard is having fun, but confused as can be about what is happening, and Shawn is getting more and more wild in his ideas, which doesn't bother the controlling professor at all, though it certainly ought to! Things are getting more and more surreal, and the audience is just laughing hysterically and taking it all in. It is chaos ... brilliantly orchestrated chaos!

      Finally things end and we all start filing out. I want to tell the professor how much I liked the concert, and also I still want to comment on that brass behind the barrier thing, but there is no way to get near him at the moment, and the press of the crowd more or less forces me into the practice room that we'd visited earlier. It seems that other students, not part of the group performing, but inspired by the concert's madness, have run rampant in here, and trashed the place.

      The college staff have been working at cleaning the place up, and are somehow deciding to blame me for all this, but I am not having any part of it. I tell them they want the prestige of having this big name person in charge, and to keep him from walking off in a huff they give him complete and absolute control ... if he goes mad and his students destroy the place, the blame is completely theirs. They can't blame it on a random passing stranger! They don't like hearing this, and are swarming at me, trying to pull me down, but all they manage to do is to pull down all the materials blocking the door, and create an exit for me. I climb out of the room, and back into the main hall, where I find the crowds thinning.

      I run into Dale, who I haven't seen in a while, and he is now late for his plane, but he feels the concert was well-worth it, and he isn't worried about it anymore. I start helping him grab all his luggage, and am sort of shrinking it to a small size, and causing it to all float around us (ala Harry Potter) while Kevin is complaining about everything, and saying he doesn't know what is going on.

      We hurry toward the car, but as the crowds continue to thin, I practically run right in to the professor, and decide I have to speak to him for a moment. But now he is tired, and winding down, and has been talking to people for quite a while, and may be starting to second guess himself a little, and he seems really iffy about talking to me.

      I tell him something like "That was crazy, and insane, and hilarious, and absolutely brilliant, but I have to tell you two things. The first is a quote from one of the Superman movies: 'You can't ...' I mean, 'You don't ...' 'If you think you can ....' Never mind. It's not important." Now he is starting to smirk, and seems to be getting to be in a better mood.

      "The second thing is this. I used to be a music student ... never again!" I insist, worried that he'll think I want to ask him for lessons or something. Then I start to mention the constant warnings to the brass not to blare, and everybody else to be louder, but after the first couple of words, he is repeating back what I am saying, just a split second after me, then saying it with me, then saying is just an instant before me, like that odd monster out of the Doctor Who episode Midnight. Before I can get too frightened and freak too much, he breaks it off to make a comment about how the strange thing is, they don't have that segregated bit here in the performance hall, only in the practice room.

      About this point, I woke up chuckling to myself about the madness of the dream.
    5. The Further Chronicles of Narnia and the Old Hag

      by , 07-25-2013 at 02:12 AM
      07-21-2013 -- I am walking by an apartment complex on either Hickory or Dale, where there is no apartment complex. I am more or less minding my own business, when I run into this guy who starts yelling at me. He tells me I am worthless and horrible, and he knew my mother, and my actions caused her to die in sorrow, and I ought to just go off and die, myself ... he goes on and on and on with really horrible accusations. I think back to the life my mother lived, and how old she was when she died, and how our relationship was (fine), and I can't see any reason for his accusations, and I tell him so, but he just keeps screaming at me, while I sit at this picnic table and begin to doubt myself and feel worse and worse. He finally stalks off, leaving me depressed, until a nice fellow I recognize from around the place comes up to me, asks me what is wrong, and tries to console me for a bit.

      Soon I am feeling a little better, and I start to look around. I spot something that seems a little interesting: there is an empty tape box sitting next to an unlabeled tape, and the tape box says it is the first of three parts in a continuation of the Chronicles of Narnia, the first of which is about the silver throne at Cair Paravel. I instantly slide the unlabeled tape into a machine that instantly makes me a copy of it.

      Soon I find myself in a family-type setting with a father and his little girl, and there is a VCR there, so I stick the tape in, wanting to watch it. There is a flash of light, and I suddenly realize. I have no idea what is on this tape. Sure, it could have been the the tape of the new Chronicles. It could also be a porno tape, just about to blare out a sex scene in front of this little girl! I violently stab at the eject button, and we see just a couple of seconds of a pair of silver boots sitting right in front of a ruby throne, before the tape ejects. I guess it was the right tape.

      The father glances at me, as if to ask what's up, and I explain about the whole thing, and not being sure about what was on the tape, and even about feeling guilty for copying it. I apologize, and he looks at me like I am crazy, and decides to ignore me. He may be ignoring me, but a Narnian dwarf suddenly appears in front of me and tells me it is no real problem. If I can't finish the tape before leaving the library, they'll gladly make a transcript for me. He takes the tape and disappears with a pop, and I suddenly know the next time I make it back to the room where I copied the tape, I'll have a printed copy of it that I can take legally. I start to walk away feeling much better about myself.

      I soon find myself in a small village of small houses with thatched roofs, and a young woman asks me what I am so happy about. I start to explain about more stories in Narnia, and the dwarf and the video tape, but she is walking away from me to the right. I turn to the left and see the same woman, and her daughter, and she asks me "What are you talking about?" "The Narnia story I was just telling you about." She says I wasn't telling her about any story, and I turn to look to the right and see a bent and shuffling old woman just about to turn the corner. She seems very sinister, somehow. I call out to her to wait a second, but she just continues around the corner.

      I chase after her, and I see her just entering a crowd, so I continue forward, but when I get there, she is nowhere in sight. It is like she just disappeared into thin air. I find myself in the middle of maybe a dozen or so clowns, in rather duller makeup than normal, and ask if it is a convention or something. I am waiting for an answer, until I hear a noise that causes me to turn around back the way I came. There are three little girls standing there, being approached by a bent old hag looking more and more like the hag the queen turned into in Snow White to give her the apple. I realize whatever this thing is, it can change shapes to look like anybody it wants to. I run forward to grapple with 'her' and protect the little girls, and I suddenly find I am wrestling with a grim reaper figure in black robes (which I facetiously refer to as Skeletor) and losing the battle.

      Finally I start speaking to it in the name of Jesus, and it starts to steam a little bit, and flinch back from me in pain, and as I continue, it breaks away and tries to run off. I give chase again, but it runs forward into another crowd of people. I run forward, and find myself being grabbed. I tense, ready to fight, but it is three Golden Horseshoe can-can girls who have pulled me into a tickle war. Three ladies working together, not one, not the thing, whatever it is. Soon I am walking along, studying everyone I see very carefully, looking for the old hag, or any single person.

      Suddenly I find it is very dark, almost pitch black, and I am walking near the door to my apartment complex with no idea how I got there. It is kind of foggy, and there is a forboding figure looming in the fog just by my door. Just as I realize I have fallen asleep at some point, and am now dreaming, the figure jumps out and attacks me. Now I am able to see it's true form, a red devil in a black death robe, and I am very, very scared that this thing can invade me dreams. But there is no hesitation this time. "I come against you in the name of Jesus! I come against you in the name of Jesus!" It is flinching at the name. "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!" Suddenly there is a powerful figure, an angel, standing next to me, battling the creature. Unexpectedly, it is female. I thought angels were male ....

      She speaks in one of it's ears "I come against you in the name of Jesus." I follow and do the same. She does the same to the other ear, and again I follow, and do the same. It writhes at our words. Just as I realize we ought to do one ear each at the same time, I wake up, panting from the battle.
    6. Alvin Maker Vs King George and Sailing a Theme Park River

      by , 06-07-2013 at 04:27 PM
      05-31-2013 -- [Earlier bits, good stuff with some chases and some signs of dream powers, but nothing I can remember in detail. Then the parts that I can remember, which I enjoyed quite a bit, and which ties in to many other dreams I have had.]

      At breakfast, and am refusing some sort of hard, nutty Grapenuts-type cereal because I am trying to learn to make some sort of incredibly decadent breakfast food made of eggs, milk, and obscene amounts of butter. It seems to be some extremely overdone cross between an omelet and french toast. Reading a sort of picture book, and I think it is one of the Alvin Maker books. But it is oddly like the start of Disney's animated Sleeping Beauty in that I turn the page, look at the picture, and it comes to life before me and plays out for me.

      Story seems to take place in Colonial times, and somehow Alvin has pissed off King George, and is being banished from both England and the Colonies, but I have missed how, and so am turning back a couple of pages to try and find out what happened (sort of time travel by page turning.) It never comes all that clear, but it more or less boils down to Alvin couldn't help but make a rude comment after King George said something extremely stupid, and in a fit of anger, was banished.

      Things are turning live, and we've been banished and are about to board a ship bound for somewhere in Europe where we can try to make a new start, but all the ship's crew is making threats and giving us insults, mad that we dared to say anything negative to King George, and we're starting to get annoyed. There are three or four of us at this point. I think Alvin, two of his brothers (I am one of these) and little Arthur Stuart. The ship's captain is coming on to my two older brothers, but not me (because in the dream I am my real fat, somewhat ugly self), and though at first he is polite about it, he is getting more rude and pushy all the time.

      So as we're getting annoyed, the older brother sneaks off the ship and grabs a small wooden rowboat and brings it back aboard. He is sneaking up behind the captain, as he is pressuring Alvin to give in to his advances, and a cross between a young cabin boy and Arthur Stuart is trying to warn the captain, but he is too involved in his wooing, so the older brother just sneaks up behind him, knocks him on the head with the rowboat, and knocks him out. We set him adrift in the same rowboat we hit him with, and steal his ship, starting a sort of pirate motif.

      I raise the sails, but don't know how to properly tie them off, so have to settle for wrapping the rope around the metal thingy several times, and hope it will be good enough, and we sail off into the sunset. But as we sail, things change. What was a huge ship on a huge ocean is turning into a ever-shrinking ship on a ever-shrinking river, and is soon turning into a cross between Knott's Berry Farm and Eisenhower Park, a sort of river that I have frequently dreamed about. The ship probably started out looking like the Columbia (big sailing ship at Disneyland), but has now shrunk to look much the same (but with Jolly Roger sails) but about twice the size of Mike Fink's Gullywhumper (a much smaller ship at Disney).

      We're now on a river encircling an island, but the island is largely square. Alvin and Arthur have kind of faded away, Dave D. (I think) is now with me, and we've also got a woman with us. We have two ships, the 'big' one (which isn't so big anymore) and a smaller one that is kind of a cross between a canoe and a rowboat which Dave and the woman have been fishing in. Eventually, the woman goes off fishing by herself, and Dave and I are now on the pirate ship.

      Things are changing, and we are now on this river in an amusement park, but they've closed down this entire section of the park, and eventually plan to remove it. We've stolen the boat to go sailing and playing around the area we used to play around as kids, once more before they tear it all out. So we're on the 'back' side of the river, to the south, and are sailing through rapids-like waters, through narrow paths, over small waterfalls, and occasionally through some very sharp rocks that I am afraid may tear out the bottom of the boat, but thankfully, that never happens.

      We come to the east side of the river, and the water levels are getting lower, the river is becoming a narrow stream, and on the island I can see the wooden remains of a large lift hill (or perhaps a drop, who can tell, with the poor condition it is in) of a huge logride they were once trying to build, but which was abandoned long ago. We continue around, counter-clockwise to the north side, and the water is lower, still. The stream is breaking up into several small channels, lower and narrower than they used to be.

      Soon we're on the west side again, where we originally stole the ship, but what was a virtual ocean is now narrow paths of water that we can barely fit the ship in, at all. Then we're on the south side and back to the east side again, and this time around, I am more interested in the partly-built log ride, and am trying to get a closer look at it, but as it shrinks, the water of the river is getting ever-further away from it. By the point we're back to the north side, we're going through larger and larger sections where there is no water left at all, but the ship keeps moving all right, so I am beginning to wonder if it has wheels on the bottom of it.

      Soon I think I have taken a slightly wrong turn, because by the time I am on the west side again, I seem to be almost in a sort of cave passage, and there is no water at all. I glance to my right through a gap in the cave wall and find myself looking up about ten feet to the actual river bed. Yeah, I got in a wrong channel, and am now in a narrow cave passage on the edge of the island, itself. I find an opening where I can cross back into the river, and the boat somehow manages the slight slope back up. It seems there were several passages that were lower than the level of the river, itself, that criss-crossed the island. Guests never saw them because the water level was too high, but they allowed park workers access to the stalagtited caverns the log ride would have partly ridden through.

      At this point for a little while, Dave and I were on different ships, and we came close to crashing in to each other a couple of times as we started to explore these tunnels under the island. I miss the water, and seeing large, black pipes that are part of the emergency sprinkler system, I find myself wishing one of them would break, and start providing us with more water. I guess my wishes are powerful, because suddenly several do, and huge streams of water are now falling from the 'sky' (we're under an island, remember). I try to get closer to the lift hill to look at it, but the repair workers who are suddenly appearing to fix the sprinkler system are too close, so I have to veer away.

      By this time we're swinging around from the east side to the north side again, and it now once again has the appearance of a huge, placid river (or even ocean), so those broken pipes really filled things up quickly! Problem is, security is now after us, as well, and they are catching up quickly. There are a couple of big, tough guys, but they are being led by a very attractive blond lady. We hear workers telling her they found small wheel tracks that indicated somebody ran into the sprinkler pipes, and they are placing the blame on us. I would swear that we came nowhere near hitting the pipes, but they don't believe us. Somehow I talk the beautiful lady into coming out on the ship's figurehead with me, and it actually is a wooden recreation of Elliot the dragon's (Pete's Dragon) neck and head. I show her it, as the tallest point of the ship, never could have reached the pipe, and am trying to come on to her at the same time.

      Very pleasant dream. Lots of fun.
    7. The Five Point Chase Dream

      by , 01-17-2013 at 05:03 PM
      01-17-2013 -- [This dream happened very early in the night when I should not have been having dreams with the 5-HTP I have been taking. I went to bed around 11:30, and woke around 2:00, earlier than I would expect. On the other hand, it was weird and disjointed, which I would expect from such an early dream.]

      Big, long chase-style dream, with tons of scene changes, and very hard to remember details. Starts with an odd combination of a kids' play area and perhaps a ship (much like the ship I got pulled under in the David Tennant Bat'leth dream), where I seem to be kind of climbing into a kids play area. But soon things shift, and I find myself half-flying, half skiing through a snowy mountain area that seems familiar.

      It is very much something we are doing in real life, but there is still a kind of a hint of Runescape, and it seems like some sort of route (like doing herbs at the five herb patches). Dale is doing this with me, but it has been a long time since he has done it, so he doesn't remember where things are, and I am half trying to help him, and half trying to beat him and gain more experience.

      Anyway, we're sliding down the slopes of this snowy mountain, and eventually slide off on what almost seems to be a sort of freeway exit. It feels like halfway a small town exit off I-95 in the Tampa area (San Antonio or perhaps Bushnell), partway something off I-4 near Disney, and partly something in the Rancho Palos Verdes area in California. Anyway, we're on the off ramp waiting to make a left turn, and Dale just makes it in a gap in the traffic while I have to wait a bit for more traffic to go by.

      It seems like I head west a few hundred yards, and then make a u-turn and head a bit further East, which begs the question why we didn't make a right turn instead of a left turn off the freeway off ramp. Weird. Anyway, Dale is ahead of me, and I soon find myself driving into a sort of combination apartment complex and retirement home, where it seems I have to deliver some newspapers.

      It has a very Register feeling to it, because the paper comes in two sections, and I have to put them together. I know I have to deliver 8 or 9 papers to this complex, but I can't remember which units are my customers. Luckily there are only about 15 apartments, and I have a few extra papers, so I might be able to just deliver papers to all of them, and avoid any problems. At some point it also turns from the Register, to an issue of Grit.

      Somehow somebody is ranting about how dogs aren't allowed, though they just might barely allow a small puppy, but somebody else has brought both a puppy and a dog, and that's just not allowed. Meanwhile, all the people are coming out to meet me instead of allowing me to drop the papers off at their porches, and taking papers directly from me, while a sprinkler is soaking all of us and the papers. It is very confusing and surreal.

      Anyway, Dale is still ahead of me, and I have to try and catch up with him, and so I have to get out of here, but all the old people want to walk with me and talk with me. Meanwhile, I am trying to fly out to gain some speed, but the area I am leaving seems to be lined with the kind of netting / fencing that they use on a golf driving range to keep you from being able to hit golf balls out of the area, and the stuff is tight and limiting my flying.

      I make it out of that area, and move on to the next area, which seems to be a combination of the Animal Kingdom, Knott's Jungle Island, and a Polynesian area I've dreamed about a few times recently. I have to get in here, but I am still being chased by somebody who started chasing me at the gold course as I tried to fly. I am at this second area to make a pick-up of Idexx samples, which is why the flavor of the Animal Kingdom, but the security entrance is actually kind of the covered bridge entrance to Knott's Jungle Island.

      I am supposed to stop to see security to get in, but with the idiot chasing me, I just decide to fly over the bridge (and security gate) to escape the guy. Unfortunately, that has security starting to chase me, so I just trade one for the other. I try to explain I'm here to pick up the Idexx samples, but they say somebody else just came and picked them up (Dale, of course). So I ask if he picked up both sets of samples, and they didn't know there were two sets of samples. (The reason they didn't know is that there aren't two sets, but I did find samples to pick up, so whatever Dale grabbed, they weren't the right stuff.)

      Anyway, I grab the samples and try to fly right back out the way I came in, but I seem to be being chased by more and more people. There are large vines everywhere in the air, and I am trying to dodge them and fly around them, but there are more and more of them, and I am having more and more trouble. Right when I escape one guy, somebody else always starts chasing me.

      At one point, some of the vines I am having to fly around and avoid even seem to be shooting out of my mouth, and at others they are shooting through the pane of glass in the front door of the Hickory House, as things just get odder and odder, in a full-out chase dream that makes less and less actual sense.
    8. Disneyland Paris, People Peeing, and Constant Dream Issues

      by , 01-06-2013 at 07:57 AM
      01-04-2013 -- [This one contained a bit of everything, failed dream checks, eventually becoming lucid, the switch from writing my dreams on envelopes to using a fully proper dream journal again for the first time in years (bought two weeks ago), remembering several other recent dreams in the dream ... all kinds of great things.]

      Out somewhere with Dale, seems to be a shopping mall. People are gathering around in the area, and taking seats in much the same area we are. It seems some sort of show or presentation is about to take place. Some people start talking to us, but whatever we're waiting for never seems to actually happen. There is one lady here who seems to be an interpreter for the deaf, who is talking in sign language, and Dale is replying the same way. Odd.

      Her pants are half-undone, and her underwear is peaking out, yet oddly she seems to be wearing sweats. This is the first point where I start wondering if this might be a dream. The thing ends, and Dale disappears. I'm wondering where he might have gone to. I walk a little bit south, and end up taking a seat on a curb, waiting for Dale to turn up again. Instead, Dave D, a childhood friend, wanders up, recognizes me, and starts a conversation.

      We talk for a while, and he eventually morphs into a high school friend, Chris V. I am getting kind of hungry, and want something to snack on, so I reach into my pocket and bring out a small brown sack. It turns out this contains the jawbreakers I bought a couple of days ago in this dream. They aren't very good, have kind of part dissolved, and are rather sticky. Yuck. Won't make jawbreakers there again!

      Chris is drinking a beer, and I continue to talk to him. He reaches the point of having to go to the bathroom, but for some reason he doesn't want to get up, so he just kind of hauls it out and starts peeing on the ground and himself, still chatting away like nothing is happening. As it starts to spread, I grab my backpack and put it on my shoulder to keep it, and my new dream journal, dry. After he is done, he stands up and walks away without a word. Very strange.

      His pool of pee is still spreading, so I step off the curb and start to walk across the street. I pass some people carrying a bag with the Carl's Jr logo on it, and wonder if I am back in California? On the other side of the street, there is a kind of courtyard, so I take a seat on a bench that is maybe 30 or 35 feet in from the street. I am far enough back that I am afraid nobody will find me.

      But just a minute or two later, Dale walks right up to me, and we start walking and talking, back to the area where the dream first started. I tell him this weird situation I just ran into with Dave ... erm ... I mean Chris. Wait a minute.... As I realize Dave turned into a Chris, I really ask myself if I am dreaming, and try to push a couple of my fingers through my palm. Nothing happens. So I guess I am not dreaming.

      Dale and I are in Disneyland Paris, and I ask him where we are going now. "Don't say Fantasyland, please ... from here, that's the furthest place in the whole park!" His reply is that he thinks the furthest place in the park from here is actually Splash Mountain, which is the other direction. I don't argue with him, but I know a short-cut to Splash, which begins right about where we are. But it seems we are walking to Fantasyland.

      We reach the new Orleans Square type of area (which actually doesn't exist in Disneyland Paris) and find ourselves standing outside the Phantom Manor. The line is quite long, stretching outside the queue, so we probably won't go on that. Somehow we find ourselves listening to an argument involving different cast members and guests about homosexuality, and I'm not getting involved with the conversation, but can't help but think it is not something to argue about in the middle of a theme park.

      Dale has disappeared again. I glance at the line, and he isn't there. I glance in the direction we were walking, and he is nowhere in front of me. I have no idea where he has gotten to. I continue walking, hoping to find him, and pull out my cell phone to give him a call, but my cell phone keeps cutting out. Just then I get a call, but it isn't from him. It is from a performer at the Adventurers Club that was trying to warn me off her in a previous dream [might have been in this dream, though I didn't remember the warning off bit when I was typing up the dream]. We're arguing about how strong a weak a person she is, but again the call keeps breaking up, so the conversation can't really get anywhere.

      By this point, I am now deep into Fantasyland, near the very end of the park. There has still been no sign of Dale, but I am trying to push both my cell phone and its charger back in my pockets, when I find the wires running from my pocket to another guy's hands. He was trying to pick my pocket and got caught. He tries to act nonchalant, but really, how caught in the act can you get?

      As I continue walking, a couple of other people are trying to steal things from me, and I am starting to get worried. I remember reading about how bad the pickpockets are in some tourist areas in Europe, and moment by moment I am carrying more and more stuff, which would make me easier and easier to steal from. I think I now have a video game system in my hands, as well, or maybe a microwave. Very bulky.

      I've now managed to wander right out of the theme park, into a residential street, and since there were no limiting gates or turnstiles, I am hoping it is a residential area for cast members. But whatever it is, I obviously don't belong here. I turn around and start back for the archway that I just walked through to exit the park. But there are now several punks trying to steer me off the path, and away from the gate, to somewhere they can mug me for my stuff, since pickpocketing hasn't succeeded. I push past them, and force my way back into the park.

      I find myself being followed by Pluto, who it turns out was one of the 'people' trying to pickpocket me (find myself thinking of one of the Capital Steps parodies, 'You're a Pest'), but now that we're back in the park, he has to behave. I need to use the restroom by this point, so I go into one, and find they have very, very large stalls, but with very low partitions, so while in them, you can see the rest of the restroom. I remember something about people reaching under stall doors to steal stuff, so I am trying to set down all my stuff far enough away from the stall door that it is safe.

      Again, I have more and more stuff with me, including my backpack, my dream journal, a towel, extra clothes, more electronics. It almost seems to be multiplying. Others are now walking in, and some of them are women. I again start to wonder if I am dreaming, since this is one of my common dream situations, but I think 'I'm in Paris. They could have some unisex bathrooms. As long as there is no nudity where I can see it, this probably isn't a dream.' Then one of the ladies takes off her top, and we've got boobs!

      I notice a sound, glance down, and notice I am peeing on the floor, facing away from the toilet, watching these people. I turn around and finish my business, while thinking more and more that I am dreaming. I try pushing my fingers through my palm, and again it doesn't work. Then I remember a recent dream where I proved I was dreaming by looking at my hand, where my fingers were damaged, wrinkled, bent at weird angles, or even cut off, and I bring my hand up to my face and stare at it.

      It looks perfectly normal. I continue to stare, and as I do, it seems to wrinkle and whither slightly, but not enough to prove I am dreaming. Then suddenly, my fingers and thumbs start to stretch and morph, and I am suddenly turning into Edward Scissorhands, and am terrified, wondering what I am going to do ... then I start to laugh and it registers ... yup, I know I am dreaming now! Time to have some fun! And I immediately wake up.
    9. Two Shorter Runescape Dreams, Penguin Hunting and Farming

      by , 12-30-2012 at 03:21 AM
      11-26-2012 -- Hunting penguins in Runescape, but oddly, every one of them seems to be a crate. But for some reason, many of them are peaking out the sides of the crates, instead of out the top, as usual. I start in the one way passage section I frequently dream about (that seems to be half Al Kharid, half Morytania), but I soon find myself chasing one of the pests running free in the area right below ice mountain, where the dwarves have their mines.

      Foraging through some high grass, I manage to find two or three penguins here (kind of like the one kind of grass patch I used to level up characters in Adventures of Link), and oddly I manage to get two or three sets of rocks at the same time, which doesn't make sense, since you don't get rocks for hunting penguins.

      I don't know how, but I am soon watching an area several screens above me, keeping an eye on what is going on, even though I am nowhere near it. It is like I am watching the Barbarian Outpost from the Fishing Guild ... that kind of distance. I click on a guy with a penguin following him, so my character goes running across several screens of space without my having to do anything. So I just keep running, following this guy until I reach the gate to the Polynesian area that I keep dreaming about, recently.

      I open the gate, and go through, but I fear I have lost the penguin. Thankfully, though it made it through the gate earlier, it is still hanging out in the immediate area, so I manage to score another penguin! Dale is looking for the same penguin, and passes me as I head back out into the rest of Runescape, and we meet up a few minutes later, though it is now live action instead of a video game.

      Dale and I are wandering around in the lobby of this very tall Polynesian-themed hotel, looking at and playing either a bunch of video games, or perhaps a bunch of slot machines. Kevin just wants to eat, even though we just had lunch an hour or so ago!


      11-27-2012 -- I've been dealing with several different sorts of jobs throughout this dream, including security work, courier stuff and mystery shopping, all kind of mixed together. Hey it all involves some driving around. I soon find myself in the office being told off by somebody who is either Laurie or perhaps Sheila S., and they are yelling me up one side and down the other, blaming me for late deliveries and the like, threatening to fire me if delivery speeds don't pick up.

      The problem is, the delays that are making things late are all their fault, and I soon find myself on the edge of just screaming back at them. But I know if I do, I'll be fired on the spot, so I am trying desperately to hold my temper. I fear if I open my mouth, I may quit before they have a chance to fire me!

      So finally, I just grab a list of 'deliveries' (which are in fact a bunch of seeds to be planted) and head for the door. John (Courier Express) tries to stop me on the way out, and tells me I'm not doing so bad, the others are just over-reacting, and tells me to just get out there and plant these as quickly as I can. AAUUGGHH!!

      I need to get 11 seeds planted, or maybe it is 15, as fast as I can. I am wearing my balloon apron, but instead of balloons, it is stocked with seeds. The first plot I come to is a square, right outside the office, not an allotment patch. I think I plant some kind of tree. Just a few steps away is the ectovial farm patch, and I think I plant watermelons there. (This is a spot that has been in several dreams recently.)

      I sort through the other seeds, and I've got seeds for maple and willow trees, flowers, all kinds. I'm walking along the side of a road that seems familiar from other dreams, and it is almost more like Farmville than Runescape. Several of the patches that I am walking by have been pulled up by the city, because it has been so long since the last time I dealt with these. One of the patches, near the entrance of a park, is hard and rocky. It has really dried out, and might need some real work to get it back in shape. Another seems to have been entirely paved over. I'm avoiding cars and motorcycles entering the park as I clear weeds from other patches and start to replant them.

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    10. Tormenting a Disney Employee, Fighting an Invasion with Star Trek, and Superheroes

      by , 10-28-2012 at 06:14 PM
      10-28-2012 -- [Darn it! Some dreams with great possibilities from last night, but I can remember almost nothing of them! Guess I have to post them as fragments again, and lump two or three together, rather than do them separately. Meanwhile, I have been having dreams to write down for the last week, but haven't had the time to post them, and won't for a couple more days. Will eventually be able to catch up again.]

      Fragment 1 -- I'm kind of in a sort of nature area, and I am kind of being forced to do something, but I have no idea what. I get the feeling it was all sort of Harry Potter related, and also had something to do with cats, which makes me suspect it also had to do with Mcgonagall, but I can't remember almost anything, which is very annoying.

      Anyway, I soon find myself in a ride queue at Disney, and one of the people who works on the ride turns out to be the person who was forcing me to do something I didn't want to do in the last bit, and I get my revenge by coming through their line and doing something every week to annoy them. These are long, detailed things, but I can remember almost nothing of them.

      I think one time through, I was talking spoilers about the ride, telling everybody what was coming, which had them mad at the staff for not stopping me. In another trip through, I was somehow firing stickers out of a sort of air cannon and onto peoples foreheads, often blocking their eyes and/or glasses and making it much harder for them to see. I took the end of a long strip of stickers on a roll from the souvenir stand, pulled it out into the line of people, and told them they were getting free stickers, which led to them wanting those stickers on their foreheads.

      The whole thing was driving the female cast member nuts as she tried to catch me and throw me out, while fighting with all these people. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I came walking in with a leather belt tied around my head, the tail of the belt stuck down my throat, which somehow caused me to projectile vomit non-stop. I vomited on everybody and everything else in line, but when I tried to vomit on the cast member, she tried to duck into a sort of stairwell, and found herself trapped there. I vomited a huge amount down on top of her, and somehow it caused an explosion and vomit suddenly spewed back out of the stairwell, flying everywhere, even hitting me. Yuck. But it drove the cast member nuts.

      Somehow this led to me kind of getting together romantically with another cast member, an attractive blonde. There was a ton more detail than I can remember, and instead of being gross the whole thing was actually quite funny, but I just can't remember it well enough to do it justice.


      Fragment 2 (right before waking for the day) First bit I can remember is walking back on forth on Crescent past the nursery, kicking a little sand, worrying about red ants, and a vague memory of somebody stuck up, snotty, demanding, and perhaps alien arguing with me.

      I'm pretty sure I kind of tell them off, and start walking toward Buena Park. There's detail here, but nothing I can remember. The tiniest hint of kicking something metal as I walk along. By the time I am ready to turn on Hickory, I glance across at Tom's house, and somehow I can see a reflection from the pool of an attractive blond swimming in a white, semi-transparent suit. [Think Leslie Easterbrook in the swimming pool scene in the Police Academy movies] I think it is Tom's mom, even though I seem to remember her being a brunette.

      Somehow I suddenly find myself in a sort of meeting in a room that I kind of feel is at Fullerton College. It still has something to do with aliens, and in fact as we are discussing them, Hawkeye Pierce (from MASH) starts saying what he thinks, and a hanging red light bulb starts to swing toward him, somehow drawn to him. Its hard to explain, except it is some sort of alien tech that is drawn to the aliens almost magnetically, and in what we've been dealing with, we're worried he is somehow becoming alien. So the light that is kind of pulsing hypnotically also keeps swinging toward him when he speaks, but not toward anyone else.

      Soon we're all walking across the campus, spreading out and heading in different directions, spreading information or something, then I find myself in another group meeting, though this time more out in the open. Oddly enough, we're now Starfleet personnel, and I am not sure, but I may be Riker. We're trying to figure out what we're going to do in regards to the aliens, and reactions have been spread in two directions, either for or against the aliens. The 'against' group, my group, has won, so we get to decide the response.

      There is a lot of argument along the lines that we should take command of them or something, but Picard is here, and reminds us that would be against our oaths to the Federation, so if we went that route we would be forced out of our commissions. I start on an impassioned speech about how we won't go that route, as I, for one, am not willing to give up my position over this. But my voice is very limited, and nobody seems to hear me.

      One of the opposition is starting to argue about my position and our decision, and he is overly tall, thin, and bald. I think he is probably from Mr. Homn's race. He is making an objection to what I am saying, until Picard starts walking toward him, poking him in the chest, and saying something about how actors are wonderful people, but since he is just acting, and not being honest about what he thinks, he should shut up.


      A short one from yesterday: Somehow I am Spider-Man, and I find I have to tear my way through a sort of a strong, thick plastic wall surrounding a ball pit in a play area. There is a little kid watching me, and hoping I can fix everything. Problem is, the flexible plastic shield is very strong, and I have to really exert myself to finally manage to tear it, and find myself falling face first into the ball pit.

      Soon I find myself staring up through the colorful balls, catching glimpses of my surroundings in the gaps between balls. Somehow I seem to be fighting my way through a corridor to reach a sort of female ogre who I have to fight. As we're fighting, she is slowly kind of turning into Wonder Woman. And I am slowly turning from Spider-Man into Harry Potter.

      Wonder Woman has an equally attractive teen age daughter who is kind of rebelling against her (teens, go figure) and since as Harry Potter, I am also a teen, we are kind of close. Somehow it seems Wonder Woman has kind of adopted me, at least unofficially. As things heat up between WW and her daughter, she somehow starts singing something about how it is only because she loves her, and "that's the way it should be." Its nice, but kind of dorky. Then everybody goes to take a nap or something.

      Soon it seems that my Godfather, Sirius, decides he wants to check on me. He has somehow broken into the house, and is trying to sneak around silently without being seen. I am watching him silently from around a corner. He doesn't know the layout, and he ends up outside Wonder Woman's bedroom door, and her boyfriend (who may be Batman) comes out the door, and is upset to find him there.

      Sirius tries to pull his wand, and the boyfriend kicks it out of his hand, then gives him a big kick and sends him flying. He turns around, and finds himself picked up and tossed to the ground by Wonder Woman before they realize who it is they are fighting, and let him go.

      Sirius is on the ground, looking up at Wonder Woman. She is not wearing her hero garb, but street clothes, and seems to be in a gray skirt down nearly to her knees. He grabs on to her to try and pull himself up, not meaning anything by it, but what looks like a gray skirt turns out to be made of dozens of thin strips that part under his hands, leaving him pulling himself up by more or less grasping her (admittedly very attractive) butt, in a pair of semi-small (but not quite thong) pair of panties.

      Sirius falls back to the ground in shock, turning crimson from embarrassment, while I just stand there laughing my head off at the whole situation!
    11. No Brakes in a Non-Existent Car

      by , 08-02-2012 at 05:47 AM
      07-24-2012 -- I'm in my room in a house where I am renting a room, and it seems like Randy (one of the roommates where I currently live) and I are sharing a room. There is very thick dust everywhere, and it is obvious nothing has been dusted in years. There is a third roommate here, as well, and he has a slim black girlfriend. I'm thinking about asking the others for some help in maybe dusting a little, but figure I am not going to ask until the girl friend leaves. But Randy already has a can of Pledge, and is starting to work.

      He's dusting a table, and to help him out, I start picking up the stuff sitting on the table. He asks me where I am going to put it, and I admit, right back where I picked it up from, but in the meantime, he'll be able to dust more of the table. Mom is there, as well, though she doesn't seem to actually do anything.

      Soon things shift, and I am driving in the city centre of either Cambridge or London, and am thinking about the recent visit I made to the museum in another dream. Strangely, though I could have sworn I posted that dream, I cannot currently find it. In the car with me are mom, Randy, and the black girl friend. I'm turning a corner, and suddenly the brakes don't work, and I find myself jumping a curb onto a lawn, and hit a couple of wooden posts that help me to stop.

      I'm right next to a broken down car, and suddenly a police car pulls up next to both of us. I'm worried the cop is going to give me a ticket, but he seems to be ignoring me. I can't go forward, and I have cars to the left and the right, so all I can do is start to slowly back out, but the brakes are still not working, and I am worried about them. I'm being very slow and careful, but as I approach the curb, I am afraid I'll shoot right back out into the intersection, so I open the door and stick out my foot, using it to brake.

      I'm still on the grass, right at the edge of the curb, and now the cop is watching me, so I want to be very sure I keep control of the car. I decide I better carry it to the street. But when I turn around, it suddenly isn't there. So I bend over and pick up a large nothing, and very carefully set it down in the street. I'm still worried about the brakes in my, now non-existent, car, but the black girlfriend tells me to just add some brake fluid and I ought to be fine. I seem to remember an Auto Zone about a half-mile down the road, so I figure I can get some fluid there.

      The car still isn't there, so I very carefully climb into nothing and mime taking a seat. None of the passengers have any problem doing the same thing. As we're just sitting there in thin air and about to start driving, a young kid comes up to us and fastens a Pleasure Island wrist band around my wrist. He starts nattering on about saving seats for me and collectibles and stuff. As he runs off, I tell the others he is a great kid, but I don't know why he is saving seats for me at a Disneyland stage show when I am currently closest to Euro Disneyland.

      We start driving, and I realize I am on the wrong side of the road, but so are most of the other cars. In my dreams, most people in England seem to be tourists who can't remember which side of the road to drive on. We keep kind of drifting from one side of the road to the other. Meanwhile, this road in England seems to be Euclid Avenue, and the shop I seem to remember is just a couple of doors down from Euclid and Malvern / Chapman in Fullerton. But it is in England.

      I'm nearly to the building I am looking for, but it is no longer an Auto Zone, but a photography store being run from an old house. We step inside, and I really need to buy some of the flat round batteries for my camera, but I don't have any money. But I remember that I don't have a car, either, and that hasn't stopped me, so I just reach into my pocket and pull out nothing, which I figure I'll use to pay for the batteries. That was I don't have to borrow money from mom.

      All the people who work in the shop are females, and somehow I know they are all werewolves and vampires, though it doesn't seem to be affecting them right now. I've been here before, and the woman who owns the place remembers me, even though it has been 15 or 20 years. Somehow zombies are mentioned, and one of the women snaps out "We aren't dead, yet!" I see Amy Pond walk down a hall, but only half-register it in my mind. The whole thing is very surreal. A few moments later, she wanders back through and starts up the staircase. I turn to Chris Hires next to me, and in tandem we both shout "We've got Amy Pond" kind of like the Weasley Twins shouted out "We got Potter!" at the Hogwarts sorting.