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    1. Adopted While at Disneyland

      by , 09-16-2017 at 04:56 PM
      09-03-2017 -- Pat and I are in a house somewhere, in two separate rooms, but both trying to play the same computer game. Problem is, neither of us can manage to log in. Both keep entering what we think is the correct password and both keep bouncing. (When the wrong password is entered, the program just quits, so we have to relaunch.) Eventually I check carefully on the password and it seems to be something like 'play and spell' when we've been typing 'play and sleep', almost the same letters, but a different order. So we finally get it right, and are both able to play.

      So about this time it is turning into the usual Runescape-based game that I am frequently playing in my dreams that includes running around to farm patches hidden away in the distant back of the game world in an area with a bit of a Morytania vibe, trying to find the nearly hidden herb patches that I need to pick, or at least tap. At the same time (also as usual for these dreams) it is becoming more and more live action, living the game, rather than just playing on a computer screen, and finally the location is starting to change to Disneyland. Strange but fun.

      So soon I am running around Disneyland, planting seeds, picking herbs, and running around some of the restaurants at the same time. At some point I find myself getting quite hungry, and find myself on the outskirts of River Belle Terrace, talking about being hungry, and remembering the Mickey Mouse Waffles from the past. [I thought this was just a dream item, since I only knew about the Mickey Mouse pancakes, but a quick google search turns up the info that the waffles are real, too.] Anyway, there is an employee at the restaurant who seems to be a version of Greg S., even if I don't remember him all that well after all this time, who, even though I do not have enough money, decides to sell me a waffle for what I do have, so I am enjoying it.

      But somehow something has come up where a family I know from around the parks has decided to adopt me and take me home with them. This is a strange thing, even in the dream, and there is a daughter in the family who may be somewhat upset with this, either because she does like me, or because she doesn't. I am unsure which. So at this point the dream is half taking place in Disneyland, and half in these peoples' home. They kind of look somewhat like the Bests, but they aren't. Their appearance is just very similar. I wake up in the master bedroom, between the two parents (nothing is going on, that's just where they seem to have had me sleep the first night) and move on to the breakfast table.

      Just waiting for the daughter to get home and find me there to see how she reacts, and she is surprised, but doesn't seem to care. There is a son who largely reminds me of Bynner, who is not allowed to eat Chex cereal because it disagrees with him. The grandma is there, keeping an eye on everything. He knows he isn't allowed to eat the Chex, but he still kind of bites on the box and inhales to suck up just a couple of the cereal pieces and eat them. The grandma is horrified at the poor manners of this, but I find it hilarious, and do the same thing. In a way, there is a sort of a vampire vibe to it. We're laughing uproariously, while the grandma lectures us on manners and proper deportment.

      The next thing I know, I find the family has gone for a walk through the neighborhood, and I am trying to catch up with them. There may be dogs involved in the walk, itself, or there may be dogs at the neighbor's house they end up visiting at ... I can't quite remember. I am surprised to discover the neighbors are the Bests (which is why I know my family looks somewhat like them, but aren't them), and they are very surprised to find that 'my' family has adopted me. Odd stuff.
    2. Taking Mom or Pat on my Motor Scooter, Eventually Traveling at Disneyland

      by , 09-12-2017 at 04:17 PM
      08-19-2017 -- What I can remember, lightly, since I should still be asleep. Driving somewhere with mom or Pat (thing it starts as mom, changes to Pat) perhaps grocery shopping. Stop for a quick stop at a Denny's (with what may be an Uber passenger) because I need to go to the bathroom. Usual mess in the restroom. Group of punks went in right before me, part of toilet missing, but the parts that are there are clean, so I have to half crouch above the bowl, but it actually works halfway decently. Someone gets around the lock somehow and enters the cubical with me. I kind of expect trouble, and end up chasing some dirty looking woman out, but she may not have actually meant harm.

      Eventually get back to the car, worried it might have been towed because I took longer than expected, and drive home to the Hickory house, where I have to avoid a bike or motorcycle in the driveway. Am kind of asking whose it is, then realize it must be Melody's boyfriend. Mom agrees. Playing with a cat, then a whole bunch of cats. Nice kitties who want and get lots of petting. Soon time to head out for a second trip, perhaps to the grocery store or something. But somehow I get distracted, and am now back from the second trip and getting ready for a third trip. Or maybe not. It's all kind of fragmented.

      Eventually leaving the property again, now on my old scooter, with Pat on the back of it, going down a couple of steps slowly, which jostles her a bit, but I'm at least trying to avoid it. Driving down a long, gravel driveway like Grandma and Grandpa's older place in Washington, when there are a bunch of other people around, following us, and commenting on it. Scooter starts up whisper-quiet compared to a real motorcycle, and someone is commenting on it, while I am just trying to avoid having the cycle spill in the gravel.

      Go down through a couple of small hills and some sand, turn a corner, and find the way half-blocked by street construction. One guy goes around a crane, but then another hauls away the board I was supposed to drive across, and I have to call out. It eventually swings back, and I perch the cycle on the swinging board, trying to keep my balance until it swings over another board which returns to the main road, and I drop a couple of feet and end up with the back of my cycle in some water, but manage to get out of it, and people are chuckling and joking about it, but all seems to be fine.

      Somehow we're now at the entrance to a sort of shopping mall, and Tim Goodwin was one of the people with us, and he branches off to get ready to do his current work (which seems to be retail) at the mall, while Pat and I continue on. No idea where we are going to this time, and for a while Pat disappeared, but we now seem to be in Disneyland at the Rivers of America, because even though it is the middle of the night, we seem to be climbing onto the top of one of the Keel Boats, and quite near us the Columbia is sailing around, with an attractive blonde who looks a little like Anne (but isn't) wearing a cross between and Indian garment and either a Sea Singer or a Tetsu ports outfit, while practicing a song and dance. I point out the costume to Pat, while wondering about a connection between Runescape and Disney, then get out a camera and snap a picture of the beauty, who is a little shy, but doesn't seem to mind too much.

      As we are pulling away from the dock, I catch a glimpse of some animal trying to jump aboard and look down to see a cougar or bobcat down on the dock, jumping at the top deck and just barely missing. I comment on it, and Pat doubts it until she sees it herself, then is a little worried, but the cat just barely misses again, Meanwhile, a small dog jumps on board the lowest deck without problem, and runs up to the top deck (of what is now a half Keel Boat, half Paddle Wheeler. Meanwhile, we see the Mark Twain in the distance, and they are singing sea shanties on it (more of a Columbia thing to do, but it's a dream, lump it), and Pat leans out to take a picture of it, while the person in uniform on the other boat makes some sort of comment and pulls out his own camera, and soon leans out over our boat to hand Pat a Polaroid of him taking a picture of her taking a picture. Nice bit of show there! Fun if weird, combination of stuff.
    3. Fragments: Locomotion Routes in Orlando, Ubering Main Street, Knott's Security, Weird Stuff

      by , 07-04-2017 at 04:48 PM
      06-30-2017 -- Three tonight, all rather fragmenty. (Well, some of them are longer fragments than usual, but I'm still lumping them together.) Third starts (as far as I can remember) at the BP Nazarene church. I'm poking about a little, but some people are giving me some hassles, so I just walk away, down Page, then the side street that takes me out near Orangethorpe. Somehow I walk down the block a bit further, until I turn the corner onto another street, heading back toward Page (Stanton, perhaps.) By this point it is getting a little strange, because I seem to be laying out route lines in Locomotion, putting in tram stops about every four spaces.

      Soon I am hitching a ride from Carl Baumer, Starting from next to where the first route ended, heading across and down another side street to Page, ending at a shopping center where I am asking Carl to drop me off. He thinks it is to go to a tire company, but I don't really know what business I am looking for here. I just know I am looking to start a third route where the first ended and the second started, this one going down to Page, then to the right, until it largely completes the pattern I've been setting up.

      I am also pausing, glancing around, at an auto repair place I've seen in many dreams that has gotten constantly worse at fixing problems or selling me good cars and cycles, and glancing at a spot in the middle where I am trying to place a station, but having problems of getting it to place, and then finding I'm placing the wrong thing, and its an ad or something, instead of a tram stop.

      Don't know how the change happens, but the next thing I know, I'm now driving Uber (no idea what vehicle) and have a little old lady in my car who is telling me to ignore the GPS and just follow her directions. She must know what she is doing, because following her instructions, I now find myself driving her through the Fantasyland paths at the Magic Kingdom, where you can't usually take cars.

      But about the time we reach the Hub, it has changed to where I am pushing the lady around in a Publix shopping cart, and I stop and remove her because I think Disney will object to people using Publix carts on their property. I am trying to explain this to the lady (hoping she won't object, because a young family has already taken the cart and loaded their two young girls in it), but she's like "Of course, now come on, we're going to miss the Wild West Show," leading me over into Frontierland.

      As we walk along, the speakers are making odd announcements about people dying, and lawyers, and other strange things that have no place in a Disney park. Continuing along (now back in the car) we are passing Margaret, who I am surprised is still alive (its been a long time), and I roll down a window to call out hello to her, but she turns her nose up and ignores me. I think about making a comment about ol' Laser Lips.


      06-30-2017 -- Somehow playing around with (and building) some sort of rolling marble game, where I am trying to tilt a board to make a marble reach different points. There is a tiny hint of stuff about the TARDIS, and patterns painted on the board in a strange red ink that appears and disappears, depending on where you are in the game, and hints of buses or trains as well.

      Somehow I then find myself standing around at Knott's Berry Farm, late at night. I don't seem to be really doing anything, so I may be security or something. Vince Williams is here, and is speaking to me about two things. The first is that his van is locked in the parking lot, and there is no way to get it out. (There is a pole system something like the one used at House of Imports), and it seems they lock the parking lot up at night, but don't warn the employees of that fact. The second is that he is muttering something about idiots who set up the bus systems where two buses run in opposite directions on the same street, but each has a different route number. I think about explaining I laid out the system, and it was just coincidence that the two routes are running on the same street, so they shouldn't have the same number, but I don't really feel like bothering.

      Meanwhile, I say I think we can get him out of the lot, and I grab a sort of crowbar that is sitting around in the warehouse I am guarding, and approach the pole gate. I remember from my time with House of Imports, a locking system where the crowbar releases a latch within the pole that allows you to open the gate (the real system was nothing like this), and I've soon popped the latch and let Vince out. He's rather happy. Myself, I am hoping I haven't triggered any alarms or gotten myself in trouble.

      Anyway, he's driven off, and nothing has happened to me, and I soon find myself in Rosemary's place, and Vince, who is another of the roommates shows up. It is now a day later, and I want to ask him about the situation, and if he got in any trouble the next day, but don't want to tell anyone of the situation, so I'm like "What about ... was there any ...?" "Nope. No mention of it." Meanwhile, I seem to be eating a piece of hard lasagna noodle with spaghetti sauce spread on it, and when Rosemary walks in and sees it, she is freaking out. As I said, only fragments tonight.


      06-30-2017 -- First one is even more fragmented. I am in a warehouse, working security, but it is late at night and dark, and most of the staff has already left, so I am trying to watch something a bit sexy on TV. Unfortunately, there seem to be a few people who are working all night long, and I feel like they are trying to spy on me, so I turn the TV off. A couple of the guys are being rude and obnoxious, saying odd things, making odd threats. It kind of reminds me of Ray Burke a bit, but seemed more wrong and threatening.

      Somehow I more or less think I am dreaming, but can't think of any way to test it, so I am kind of wandering around, feeling up the occasional attractive female if I can find her alone, but not daring to be too pushy about it, since I am not sure I am dreaming. One girl is pleasuring a guy, so I pull her skirt down, planning to do a bit of pleasuring, myself, only to find under her skirt is a bit of a metal chassis, rather than legs and human skin and stuff. Very strange.
    4. Camping Trip Turns into Attending WWE Event Illicitly. HHH and Steph Ignore Me, Vince Doesn't

      by , 06-27-2017 at 11:25 AM
      06-17-2017 -- Am on a camping trip somewhere, no idea who with, where, or why. Just somewhere out in the wild, and somebody is arguing with me about how much I have or haven't been a part of things. They don't think I've been around for most of the stuff that day, but I have memories of doing the day's activities, so I think they're nuts. But about that time, the single unit parking lot tram type of vehicle leading off for the latest activity is starting to drive off, so I'm running along side, trying to pull myself aboard.

      The next thing I know, I find myself at a huge stadium, where they are getting ready to host one of the major WWE events (probably Great American Bash). Somebody may have announced it, or I may just know, but I think we're in Baltimore. I don't have a ticket, can't afford one, and probably wouldn't be able to get past security to get into the actual seating area, but nobody does a think about my simply wandering around. The ring is positioned on a large stage very like the one at Videopolis, which means there are curtains around it, and it is slightly raised ... it's like watching a wrestling event at Videopolis, and for a temporary place to sit, I walk up to the edge of the stage and pull myself up on it, sitting right beside the curtain, where I'm mostly out of sight of the crowd (people looking closely might spot my legs dangling at the end of the stage.)

      There's another person here, an older teen, much like I suspect I am in this dream, who looks a little wild, has very curly hair, and may actually be one of the WWE wrestlers, like Santana or something like that. He settles down on the stage like I am, and we just watch as the wrestlers come and go and wander around. Actually, don't see any wrestling going on. More like people are being introduced and things. Some of the wrestlers are being called up on stage, and as they approach and wait their turns, we get to meet a couple of them. I think I kind of wave to a couple of big names in passing, and at one point Dean Malenko is standing right next to me, so I make a comment about enjoying his wrestling in WCW, and mentioning the whole Man of 1,000 Holds schtick, and he seems like a nice enough guy.

      So we're sitting there for a while, when people start joining us, sitting on the edge of the stage, and soon four of us are lined up, HHH, then the other guy, then Stephanie, then me, all pressed fairly tightly together. Problem is, at this point I find I'm sitting there wearing only a bathrobe and my underwear, so I'm kind of holding the bathrobe closed because I do not want to either offend Stephanie, nor, if the cameras ever swing to catch Steph and HHH's reaction to anything, do I want to be broadcast with my underwear showing. I am thinking about mentioning to Stephanie that I met her here in Baltimore at another Great American Bash a few years ago (in another dream, though I think in that dream it was in Indiana instead of Maryland), but I decide not to draw attention to myself, since I don't belong here, and just feel uncomfortable pressed against Stephanie while holding my robe together.

      Soon Vince has come around and joined us as well, but he gives me and the other guy a bit of a strange glance, and soon after the other guy has left. I'm still sitting there watching stuff, until Vince starts making comments under his breath about security and having people arrested, and I realize that unlike everybody else, he's not going to just ignore the guy who doesn't belong, but is just sitting quietly, and I understand that the curly haired guy 'got' this realization quicker than I did, and that's why he ran off. I stand up and wander backstage, hoping that I can avoid any security, but still nobody seems to care, and I'm thankful that Vince is willing to let me depart under my own steam. I wander around backstage for a while, passing other wrestlers, interviewers, and production people, while looking for a way out of the arena.
    5. Bits: AC and Ben Franklin, Bellatrix deranged Ms Claus, Robin Williams at Coke Corner, Mammoth RPG

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:04 PM
      07-26-2016 -- Another strange dream back at the AC. Somehow I'm going in for an evening of entertainment at the Club, which I imagine has been re-opened. Lots of wandering around the different levels, looking for good parts of the show, and seeing odd things. At one point, there is a sort of a recap from a previous evening of performances, and Anne was doing Pamelia that night, but is in a different role tonight, so is having to rush to try and change costumes to react to the past bit, before changing back for this evening's entertainment.

      At one point I find myself outside an odd combination of the Mask Room and the Library, where inside they are doing a strange show where Tim is playing the role of Ben Franklin, while Steve Cluck is cheering along, and I am trying to get my little digital camera to take good videos, which just isn't going to happen. At another point, I run into Dean Ambrose, and am trying to tell him how much I've enjoyed his recent wrestling ... and also how cute his girlfriend (Renee Young) is.

      Soon I'm in a corridor between shows, and Tim pops by and is just kind of visiting for a few seconds, and asking me to try and help direct guests into the Library for the next show, while Anne is just kind of nodding at me, seemingly ready to be friends again. I am walking kind of fast through an area that is shaped rather like the area around Space Mountain and the Space Stage at Disneyland, except there are huge vines like the kind Tarzan kind of slides along in the animated flick, and I decide that since I'm helping to usher people along, I can get away with climbing up on them to help direct people.


      07-24-2016 -- It's winter time, and it is snowing around Hickory, and I am kind of gliding down the street toward Greenleaf, as though I am ice skating. I'm just reaching the corner when a large truck of some sort (possibly a trash truck) comes rolling along toward Dale, and Ron Weasley is on it, and is firing curses off at me.

      I grab the mirror of the truck, and hang on, letting it speed me down the street, and in trying to get a good angle to fire more curses at me, Ron gets thrown from the truck, and flies through the air before crashing to the ground. He's now got enough problems of his own, that he is ready to leave me alone.

      I return to the Hickory House, and realize it is Halloween, and I know I always face some kind of attack on Halloween, so I am trying to prepare for it, setting up secret passages through the house, and putting in wards and defences, and trying to set it up so that when the Death Eaters attack, they are forced through limited channels where I can concentrate a lot of fire power on them to try and take them out.

      I manage to fight off evil Halloween-type creatures and some Death Eaters, especially with Dumbledore's help (he just shows up and is helping in the battle, even though he seems to be disappointed at how much I'm hurting the bad guys) but soon things start to change, and we're back to Christmas time, and I'm having to fight off evil, leering snowmen, and corrupted Christmas elves, and worst of all, a super-evil, cackling Bellatrix dressed up as Mrs. Clause, as she tries to invade through the sliding glass door!


      07-20-2016 -- Can't remember most of what went before, but I'm walking through Disneyland, avoiding a parade, all trying to reach Coke Corner, and hoping to listen to the piano player. When I get there, there are several pianos arranged both inside and out, but nobody playing them at the moment. What there is, however, is a very young Robin Williams (young like 20, not like a little kid) in a small set of bleachers, doing comedy routines, and cursing at people when they don't react properly to it ... and somehow Disney finds it to be a good thing that he is cursing at their guests, which I don't really understand.


      06-00-2016 -- No idea when this was actually dreamed ... sometime in June or July, I think, but I never got around to writing it down. I am again puttering around in the version of Mammoth Cave that started in another recent dream inside the drainage ditches, before it became the caves. This time I am wandering through the caves again, but it seems to be an odd, live-action version of an RPG or a D&D game.

      I'm wandering through a number of cave areas, dressed in armor and carrying a big sword, when it doesn't just fade away, while trying to understand the game, search out the solution to various quests, and interact with people. I'm with Dale for a while, but he eventually wanders off to do something else. Follow a cute girl for a bit, and soon run into Bynner, who is getting overly into the whole Lord Emperor Drake schtick, and annoying some people, while entertaining others, and hitting on some of the guys.

      Meanwhile, I'm following along a sort of ice queen who is dressed in some lovely, semi-revealing outfits, hoping to become friends, when she takes some time out to work on some skilling. I'm distracted, when I find out the skilling is somehow making hundreds of huge barrels of homemade peanut butter, and I'm thinking I have to keep track of this place, so that I can come back with some marshmellows and some Rice Crispies, and make some top-notch Rice Crispies Squares, except when I look around, everything has vanished. It seems they get together for about one hour every month to make the peanut butter, then it is all shipped away in an instant, and is gone ... so unless my timing is perfect, I'm going to be straight out of luck!
    6. The Balloon Convention and Backstage at Disney and in Trouble

      by , 10-07-2015 at 10:12 AM
      06-13-2015 -- I'm in a room somewhere for a sort of balloon jam or lecture, and we're learning some neat and large balloon sculptures, and oddly enough Mike and Lisa are here, and they are trying to copy one of my designs, but they are "doing it wrong" and in the process coming up with a much better design, which I am then trying to copy, which just seems sort of weird.

      Soon we're moving along, and we're soon walking through a school that might be Savanna. I see no teachers I know, but I soon find myself walking through some lab classes that are very familiar from both real life, and dreams where I end up walking through closed up labs and finding places to hide and secret doors and passages to wander through, including off-limits employee locker rooms that I have dreamed about several times before.

      Unfortunately, things are changing to where I am wandering around back stage at Disneyland, where I know I am not supposed to be, and have gotten in trouble for being before, and just before I manage to exit safely, I am caught by somebody who is a cross between a blond I know from TV somewhere, but can't quite recall, and the cute Freedom Insurance agent I met last October (Murray? Something like that.) She knows me, she knows I don't belong there, and she grabs me and tells me I am in big trouble as she starts to drag me off to security, or even out of the park.

      It seems she is taking me somewhere to have my annual pass revoked or have me banned for life or something, and I'm really bummed out about that, but as we're walking through a parking structure, some people are driving around rather crazy, and she seems to forget about me in the process of dodging them and chasing them, and I quietly climb over a fence to the next level of the parking lot, and just kind of disappear.

      The bad side of things is that I cannot, for the life of me, remember where the car is parked. The good thing is, when I call Dale on the cell phone, he has it written down, and all I have to do is manage to find the section he tells me.
    7. The Carnival, the Disney Parade, and the Parking Lot

      by , 10-09-2013 at 02:40 PM
      10-09-2013 -- [Lots of connections to other dreams in this one, long and detailed, but perhaps not as interesting as some others.] I find myself in a sort of a carnival ride area that is a live action sort of version of a cross between Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and Tropico. The rides that I am interacting with can hold 6 people on one, and 8 on the other, and I can see the Tropico people-shaped 'slots' that they occupy (including the empty slots where there isn't a single rider to fill in).

      The ride 'areas' are sort of circular / dome-like, and make me think of the round playground plots at Boisseranc Park, and it kind of feels like the earlier bits might be taking place there. I seem to be both trying to ride these carnival rides, and trying to ensure others ride them. But soon I find myself talking to BC, and the locale seems to be kind of shifting to somewhere in Kissimmee, and there are strong hints of a recent dream (about a week-and-a-half to two weeks ago) that I don't think I ever actually got written down or entered, where I ran into Chris V. who was helping me with something, and ended up going on a sort of river-like log ride without me because there were not enough seats.

      Anyway, we are wandering around this area near downtown Kissimmee which is very close to where I'd interacted with Chris V., and we are discussing a meal that I really like that seems to be a cross between Ohana and something along the lines of Melting Pot, which I have also dreamed about in other dreams, frequently. To try and get either points or perhaps win money to allow me to pay for a meal, BC leads me to a very small 'ride' or game that only 'seats' one person, and is kind of along the lines of a sort of carnival game.

      I find myself facing this very small booth with a kind of a panel (about the size of a math text book) that you push aside to reveal the insides of the booth. There is a sort of thin cardboard 'sheet' hanging here, like the thin cardboard backing on a note pad or something. It is kind of dangling there, surrounded by sensors, and you have to try and pull off the cardboard, and hopefully the 'tickets' attached to it will be drawn out, too. But if you trigger the sensor, the tickets will detach and remain in the machine, and the cardboard may even slip free of your hands, and be pulled entirely back into the machine, in which case you will have to wait for it to reset before you can try again.

      The sensors include a motion sensor, and a 'sensor' which is kind of like the tension on a roll-up blind ... tug it the right way, and it will pull out. Tug it the wrong way and it will suddenly roll up and back in. And I really seem to suck at this, because about half the time I end up with just the piece of cardboard (in which case I have to try and feed it back in, like a bill in a bill slot, waiting for it to catch and be sucked back in) and the other half it just rolls back up. In either case, I need to wait several seconds for it to kind of reset before I can try again. I am winning no tickets, and it is getting more and more annoying.

      Eventually things are kind of changing, and I find myself standing next to a big ship, with Steve K. (a friend from school) urging me to follow him onto it. The ship is an odd sort of a cross between a cruise ship and the Mark Twain. It only has three decks, and it isn't all that wide, but it is quite long.

      Steve is dressed in a Disney costume that is mostly red and white with a hint of blue. It looks much like the costume I wore at Carnation Plaza Gardens, with just a hint of Frontierland to it. He is moving very fast, up and down stairways and across the decks, and I can't keep up with him. Soon he is out of sight, but as I run past servers and can-can girls, they are indicating he just ran past, so I know I am still on the right trail. Part of why I indicate this is a long ship is because it seems to stretch from downtown Kissimmee to Disneyland's Tomorrowland.

      I step off the ship and find myself exiting through a Disney employee gate which is somehow in the middle of the Tomorrowland Concourse. (This is what it is called in the dream, I think it is also called this in real life, but it has been long enough that I am no longer sure.) It's the area where the tile murals used to be that were eventually moved to the Contemporary Hotel's Grand Canyon Concourse when they replaced Adventures Thru Inner Space with Star Tours. I step through to find myself staring across at a three or four tile square impact crater that seems to come directly from Roller Coaster Tycoon.

      It is supposed to be the entrance to a ride or perhaps a show, but it doesn't seem nearly as impressive as it is supposed to be, and it may have been closed down permanently, which makes it really not as impressive as it otherwise might be. Since it isn't anything that special, I just find myself walking out of Tomorrowland, heading for the hub.

      It is night time, and kind of dark, and as I approach the hub, and am trying to cross over to Coke Corner on Main Street, I find my way blocked by a parade. It is supposed to be a very grand night time parade, something like the Electrical Parade, but again, it isn't living up to it's reputation, and looks like something smaller and less impressive, like a new version of the basic 30 Years of Magic parade.

      I am kind of hovering along, and I know I can fly, so I am considering just flying high into the air and crossing over the parade, but I know I often have problems while flying, and am afraid I will crash into something, and end up getting in trouble, so I convince myself it won't be long, and I will just wait for the parade to end. It isn't very special, and the crowds watching are rather thin as well. Eventually four people walk by carrying the rope that marks the end of the parade, and people start flooding across the street behind them, but as I try to do the same, a couple more people in costumes, old fashioned three wheel bikes, and a couple of small floats come rolling along. It seems they fell behind, and somehow the parade end did not wait for them, and they are now mad at me for being in their way.

      I make it across to Coke Corner, just to find it is later than I thought, and Coke Corner is closed, the piano is locked up, and there is nobody here to play. In fact, almost the entire park is closed already, except the half of Main Street that is closest to the exit. There, the shops are still open. So I end up walking past a closed restaurant, kind of disappointed because I am still hungry, then I end up crossing back over to the other side of the street, as I get near the tobacco shop, magic shop, and the corner shop, which is selling plates and ceramics and the like.

      I find a supervisor suddenly berating me and bothering me, saying I am not allowed to just tear down the decorations and steal them, and I have no idea what he is talking about, but then I glance at my hands and find I am holding one of the pole pennants, the kind they had for special events like State Fair or Circus Fantasy. It is really cheap, and made of cardboard, and I didn't even know I had it. It literally fell off the pole and into my hands, and I was kind of fiddling with it and twirling it around without even realizing I was holding it.

      I explain this to the supervisor, and hand it over to him, but he doesn't believe me, and explains they are going to be keeping an eye on me. Unfortunately I can't seem to stop fiddling with things, and without meaning to, keep just grabbing things as I walk along and playing with them, getting more and more people upset with me.

      Soon I have crossed to the other side of the square again as I walk past City Hall, and then under the train tracks, heading for the exit gate. I am making my way through, and now find myself fiddling with something that looks almost like a blue cookie, and try to apologize and hand it to the security guard as I pass through the gate, but he doesn't seem to want it, so I guess whatever it is, it isn't another part of the decorations that I have accidentally stolen.

      As I exit the park into the parking lot, I head toward Harbor House, rather than toward the Disneyland Hotel. I find myself staring at a water park (closed) that is right in front of the train station, which I have also seen in a few other dreams, but since it is after midnight, I don't have any chance of visiting it.

      I know that I did not actually drive to Disneyland (I took the boat to get here, remember?) but somehow I still think I will find a car of mine that I can drive home in, somewhere in the Bambi parking section. Of course, since I didn't drive it here, I have no idea where in the Bambi section it might be. I want to cross over into the parking lot itself, but there is a tram in the way, and a cast member is trying to tell me I can't get in the way of the tram.

      But I am already floating, and snap something along the lines of bi***, please! I can fly right over that tram! I'm not trying to cuss, it's just kind of a figure of speech. Problem is, the parking lot has been filled with all kinds of stalls and shops and services as Disney tries desperately to suck every possible dollar from their customers, and it makes it more and more difficult to move through the parking lot and actually find one's car.

      There is a hint of some kind of a brief scene with some 'wholesome' Disney tweener star who has gone off the deep end (ala Mandy Moore or Miley Cyrus) and is now rather slutty and Disney wants to distance themselves from her, but then I find myself wandering through a candy store in the parking lot. I am looking for Swiss Petite Fruit, but as usual, these days, nobody carries them, which disappoints me. I am still hunting for my car as I wake up.
    8. Fulton Burley, Terri Robinson and I!

      by , 07-25-2013 at 02:07 AM
      07-23-2013 -- I loved this dream! I am wandering around somewhere, no idea where, commenting to somebody about some obscure detail in the old Golden Horseshoe Revue at Disneyland, and somebody hears me, decides I am just perfect for something, grabs me, and begins pulling me off somewhere. Soon I find myself in Frontierland, being pushed backstage somewhere that has a sort of wardrobe. They are told to dress me in the traveling salesman costume, and they have no idea what that is. They can't get me in the right costume, because they don't even know what it is, but they put me in something western, which will have to do.

      Next thing I know, I am standing outside the Golden Horseshoe with Dick Hardwick, and he tells me that I have to make the difficult decision which side I am going to enter the show, He tells me he always entered on the left, and as I am thinking back, I think to myself 'no you didn't. You always came in on the right.' [While awake I realize he could have meant stage left] oddly, though we were outside the entrance when he shoved me, I suddenly find myself stumbling from backstage onto the stage, down the steps, and out into the audience. I walk toward the back, then turn around and start heading up to the stage again. I remember I am supposed to fire off a shot or two to get some attention, and I glance down at the carpet bag that was just thrust in my hands, and pull out a six shooter and fire off one shot. Every eye in the place is on me, and I have an incredible case of stage fright.

      Fulton is there on the stage, and he asks me who I am, and I screw everything up (wrong time) and say Pecos Bill! Fulton just runs with it, and starts in on a verse, and the band follows right along. Then he indicates it is my turn for a verse, and I blanch. Me? Sing? I can't sing anymore. I have no voice! But I open my mouth and start singing one of the verses, and my voice is smooth and strong. In fact, it is probably the best I have ever sounded. We sing a couple more verses, while Terri Robinson is muttering gloom and doom about this not being the proper order, and Fulton calming her and telling her he'll tell her when to sing her part, and she'll be fine. (Behavior that more properly belonged to Betty than Terri from what I've read.)

      Soon Fulton sings one of his songs, then glances at me. I have no idea of anything to sing, so he gestures at Terri, and she sings her number. Then he glances at me again, and I know I have to sing something. I glance at the piano player and say something facetious, and he starts to play Beautiful Dreamer, but I don't know the words to sing it. I tell him I don't know what songs he knows, so maybe I should just follow him, and he says "Well, that would go like this:" and starts playing Follow Me Boys (a song from an old Disney picture with Fred MacMurray in the lead role). I launch into the chorus, belting it out perfectly. The audience applauds, the curtain goes down, the show is over, and everybody is congratulating me. Everybody but me has changed out of costume, and the piano player is amazed I knew Follow Me Boys, and asks how I knew it. I tell him, appropriately enough, I saw it at scout camp (Cadets, but same difference.) [The film has MacMurray starting a scout troop to keep some of the local kids out of trouble.]

      I run into various employees back stage, who are wondering what is with the costume, including several entertainers I know, and I am rather proud to tell them that I am the newest Traveling Salesman sub for the Golden Horseshoe Revue. I know I run into Graham and a couple of others from the Adventurers Club, and Jim, the Walt Disney World Refreshment Corner pianist ... and is that Kirk Wall doing Billy Hill over there? I make it over to Terri before she leaves, and manage to apologize, and she forgives me, and says I'll do better next time. Next time?

      That's when it hits ... I just performed in the Golden Horseshoe Revue! Which means the Golden Horseshoe Revue is back! Which means, when I am not performing in it, I can watch it! ... I remember something I read, recently, and acknowledge even if it is only for a limited time. And the words register a second time. Next time ... I have to learn the proper routines and timing! I ask for help, and I think it is Dana Daniels who starts out by teaching me how do do the Niagara Falls bit. He then moves on to showing me a card trick that involves turning a three of spades into a two of spades, and a couple of other card tricks. I realize I am going to have to practice all this, and wonder if I can take all the stuff home for one night, to get some practice in. I guess I am going to have to go back to the Revue and ask the stage manager about that.

      As I am walking back to the Horseshoe, I find myself wondering if I will run into my old supervisor who always objects to my being back stage ... if he does this time, there is nothing he can do about it! I am now a Disney performer! I get back to the Horseshoe, and the stage manager and all his stage hands are just getting ready to leave, but when he sees me there, and I mention needing to learn so I can do the next show correctly, rather than flying by the seat of my pants, he tells the others to leave without him, he's got some work to do. The next thing I know, he has me in his arms, teaching me some of the minor dance steps I need to do in the show. Meanwhile ... I HAVE A ROLE IN THE GHR!!!
    9. New Dungeon Turns into Star Trek Ride or Walkthru, Followed by Walking Thru Disneyland

      by , 07-25-2013 at 02:02 AM
      07-24-2013 -- There are hints of the new graphics from Runescape 3, or an improvement of the graphics in Roller Coaster Tycoon to allow a stronger black and prevent light leaking into dark rides, but not enough details to say there was more than a hint of them. What I do know is that this started as mostly some kind of game, with just a hint of real life, and quickly shifted to being entirely real life.

      I am exploring a building somewhere, and find a secret passage or something, leading down into a deeper level of dungeon or catacomb, or whatever it might be, and am commenting on the great textures and looks of the very dark, rocky walls. The paths leading deeper down look much like mine tunnels, without the bracings, though there is also a hint of a dark, rough metal, in the walls of a spaceship. It is a maze of passages, great stuff, and there are some others here who have found the same secret entrance that I have (or perhaps others) and are wandering around, and there is a hint of the forbidden ... that this is an area we aren't allowed in, but have found our way into, anyway.

      I keep wandering around, occasionally finding small, almost hidden branching passages that take me even deeper into this maze of passageways, while others comment on how I might get myself in trouble, but it seems like they are jealous that they can't find the hidden passages as easily. Oddly, for what seem to be dark, deep cave-like passages, there are things like restrooms and dressing rooms carved out in the depths, and I am half considering sharing a restroom with an attractive lady I see entering one. Instead, I put it out of my mind. Soon the cave passages are more and more coming to resemble passageways on a very dark (in coloring) space ship, and I eventually find myself in a sort of locker room / wardrobe where there are hundreds of Starfleet uniforms in various colors and styles, representing the different levels of star ship officers, and all kinds of other jobs not directly relating to Starfleet, but still seen in the various Trek shows.

      I look around, and want a uniform, but I know there is almost no chance they have anything in my size. (I'm a huge guy.) So I walk off, disappointed, though moments later, a red uniform shirt like Picard or Riker wore just appears on me. As I continue to wander around, I run into more and more people, some in regular clothes, others who have also found the locker room, and have assumed uniforms. I feel slightly out of place, wondering if I have the right to claim a captain's uniform, but generally just act like I belong. Some of the people I run into are just wandering around, enjoying themselves, while others are role-playing. Some want to fight with people, dressed as the occasional hairy Trek monster, or more powerful intelligent races. One attacks me, and expects to defeat me and take my uniform, but I am wearing gloves covered in hair, like from the abominable snowman or bigfoot or something, and it gives me the power to defeat him, even though he is wearing gloves that can conduct an electrical current into his enemies.

      Soon I run into Adrian Monk (it is Monk, not Tony), who is wearing one of the yellow captain's uniforms from the original Trek, and complaining about little nit-picking details about every other person he runs into. This one has the wrong number of pips on his uniform. That one is wearing the wrong pants. A Vulcan wouldn't speak like that. A Klingon wouldn't be caught dead in that color. The type of tiny things that would drive Monk crazy, or that a fan obsessed to a ridiculous extent would write letters to complain about. He starts to complain about something about my uniform, so I strip the shirt off, just to find that underneath it I have on the original Trek yellow, and Monk just has more to complain about. So I just start to walk away from him. But oddly, I could swear I know him from somewhere. Somewhere Disney, not from Monk.

      About this time, I am slowly starting to make my way back out of the wealth of catacombs, and I run into a young woman with short blonde hair in a yellow shirt, almost a dead ringer for Tasha Yar. At first she thinks I am somebody she knows, and she starts to flirt with me. Then she realizes I am not who she thought, but still continues to flirt so I pick her up in my arms and start carrying her bridal-style, to the annoyance of her companion, who, for the moment, is also dressed in yellow, but who I recognize as Joy from the Adventurers Club, and she doesn't seem to like me, which surprises me, because I always seemed to get along with Joy. Now she is wearing the French Maid outfit, and the girl I am holding in my arms is another French Maid, though one of the ones near the end that I didn't know. Still cute, though. I comment on the outfit, commenting I don't recall anything like that ever being a Starfleet regulation uniform, and Joy makes a derogatory comment, something along the lines that she hates role players. (Seems sort of hypocritical to me.) I make another Trek reference, and she pulls her companion from my arms and drags her off in a huff.

      As I finally make it out of the complex, I find myself exiting into Tomorrowland. It seems this is a new ride / walk-through that isn't actually supposed to be open yet, but I seem to have wandered into a soft opening or something. I head out, planning to do some wandering through the park, but I haven't been to Disneyland in several years (except for backstage at the Golden Horseshoe in a dream a couple of days ago), and I am really shocked when I reach Main Street. They seem to be doing one of the months-long themes like they have done in the past (ie Circus Fantasy, State Fair) but this one is a sort of cross between mafia, prohibition, and the roaring twenties, but very dark and oppressive. There are still lights on Main Street, but there is something oppressive and evil about them, it looks more like the red light district in Amsterdam than the wholesome looks of Main Street USA.

      There is still streetmosphere, but instead of characters and barbershop quartets, it is more like gangsters, gang members, and the worse kind of flappers hanging on their arms, guns plainly visible. It is just the wrong atmosphere entirely. I try to wander over by Coke Corner to see who is playing the piano, and it is a dark haired female playing some dark jazz. Not sure, but it might have been Carol Stein. I find Main Street to be tremendously depressing now, so I try to continue on to Adventureland, and at the entrance, I run into three people from the Adventurer's Club, doing some kind of skit out in the streets, and I realize they must have a banquet in the Club or something. I think the three are Tim, Karl, and Philip, dressed in the old costumes for Fletcher, probably Otis, and Emil, and I suddenly recognize that 'Monk' earlier had been Philip dressed up and role-playing as Tony Shalhoub's character in Galaxy Quest. They are doing something that seems to involve putting together several 10 foot long sections of pipe and using them as a straw or something.

      As I try to move into Adventureland, I find the entrance is blocked off for refurbishing, so I have to detour through Frontierland. As I am doing so, I run into one of the Hathaways I don't know, and am amazed to find we are wearing the same bright green pants. Odd ... I could have sworn I was wearing black pants when I was in the Star Trek uniforms. I continue into Frontierland, just to find that almost the entirety of Frontierland, Adventureland and New Orleans Square are closed down for refurbishing, including the entire building that houses the Golden Horseshoe Revue, which leaves me wondering about my new job there. [See dream from last night.] The Rivers of America are quiet, with both the Mark Twain and the Columbia sitting there, unused, in a sort of dry dock, and as I continue on, the first thing I find is actually open is the Haunted Mansion, just beyond the French Quarter of New Orleans Square. I try to cut through the French Market restaurant, to see if I can get back to the Club (which I guess has been moved here and located right between the Treehouse and Pirates), but it is blocked off there, too.

      I am getting annoyed and tired, and end up taking a rest on a hand railing (very gently, don't want to cause it any harm), but one of the cast members starts to glare at me. Somehow this ends up in his pointing out a security camera to me, and me pointing out another one to him, and our getting into a competition to see who can find more of the somewhat hidden cameras quicker. He is soon amazed at how many of them I can point out to him, and I explain I can half-sense them, and half spot a bit of reflection off of the lenses. I mention that I couldn't spot any of them in the new Trek walkthrough, though, and theorize that might be because of how dark it was. (Never mind the cameras are easier to see in the dark, with those purple lights they have.) Somebody who was just walking past us says "Is that open now? I thought it was still a ways away." I mention the soft opening, and that the first day or two you can get a free Starfleet uniform, and he goes running off toward tomorrowland, while I wake up.
    10. Spidey Fights Doctor Octopus at the Golden Horseshoe

      by , 07-14-2013 at 03:52 AM
      07-12-2013 -- Before I lose it, guess I ought to get this one down. I am trying to make left hand turns at busy intersections while on roller skates, I think, and there is a lot of heavy traffic, which is making it difficult. I am doing my best to be quick, and stay out of the way of cars, and move quickly, but while I am doing so, there are others (on skates or boards, or just pedestrians) that are getting in the way or moving a lot slower, or doing whatever else they can to make things more difficult.

      I am reaching a couple of intersections like that, and the second one is turning off of Beach Blvd and on to La Palma, heading over toward the Buena Park Mall, and the pedestrians are still getting in the way, and holding things up when the light turns green, but I do my best to ignore everybody else, and just get moving, so I won't be in the way. So I turn on to La Palma, skating as fast as I can, but as I proceed down the block to Stanton, I am now driving the Jimmy, but I find I have a flat tire. It is the front driver's side tire, and I just had it replaced two days ago, so I find myself getting furious that the tire is bad again, already.

      So I am pulling the car over, and I suddenly find myself reading a comic book. It is a Spider-Man comic book, and I find that Spider-Man is facing off against Doctor Octopus, and moment by moment the comic is coming more and more to life, and I am turning into Spider-Man, but I only have part of my powers, and Octopus is at his strongest, so I am trying to stay out of sight and catch my breath.

      Meanwhile, I am running down the street in a sort of old west type of setting, and I run into this saloon, and find myself running up a slightly curving staircase as I glance over at a stage, and I realize I know this place. I am running through the Golden Horseshoe, even though I am not at Disney. It is not that it is really somehow the Golden Horseshoe, but that the comic book artist copied the building, changed the name, and threw the story in there as a sort of tribute. [It was like an issue of the comic Night Man, which had a running battle taking place in a fictional amusement park ... but if you really know Disneyland, you recognize the ramp leading up to the Space Mountain line.]

      Anyway, I soon find myself dodging around back stage behind this Golden Horseshoe look-alike location, trying to stay out of sight and out of mind while thinking up a method of fighting off Doc Ock that will allow me to win. I feel like I need to pull off one of those victories where Spidey tells Ock "You were at your strongest, and I was at my weakest, and I still beat you. I will always beat you. So quit fighting against me!" But I just don't know how I am going to manage it. Meanwhile, Octopus is starting to threaten some of the can-can girls, and I realize that, plan or not, I am going to have to make a stand. So I launch myself at Ock and just start fighting away!
    11. Harry Potter and the School Bus of Doom

      by , 05-12-2013 at 06:49 PM
      05-12-2013 -- There was more to this that I've forgotten, but here's the part I do remember. I am trying to reach a couple of buses, though I am not sure if they are school buses or church buses. Anyway, I have managed to catch up with them, and am feeling kind of tired and weary, so as I make my way inside and find there are lots of beds, I decide to lay down in an empty one, hoping they aren't assigned, and I am not going to be ticking somebody off at me.

      I rest for a bit, and as I start to wake up, I find that I am Harry Potter, and Hermione Granger is standing over me. Somehow I have been missing from the wizarding world for several years, though I don't know why, or where I have been. Without me there to save the day, Voldemort has succeeded in taking over the country, and things are pretty bad. Hermione has stayed around, and been beaten down, and she isn't doing that well, and for quite a while, just hasn't cared.

      But now that I am back, she plans to help me escape Voldemort's clutches. As the Death Eaters have gotten closer, many of the wizards have been forced to literally EAT their wealth to keep it out of D.E. hands. But now if we are going on the run, Hermione needs some of her money. So she starts concentrating really hard, and kind of gives birth to a pair of familiars (she hands me a toad that I name Trevor, of course, and she now has a young marmalade kitten who is nothing like Crookshanks) and in the process, she has released some of the gold that she has swallowed.

      Somehow all this has taken place on Main Street in Disneyland (or possibly Disney World) and she is now drawing me along toward the exit gate, as she starts to move faster and faster, afraid they will be after us. So soon we are running toward the exit, and we fly past the security scanning the people who are exiting the park, and thankfully neither of us seem to be carrying anything that sets off their scanners, though because of our hurry, they are staring after us, wondering if they should have stopped us.

      We run along for a bit until we come across a sort of combination halfway house and bed and breakfast, where we decide to stay the night before continuing on our way, but like everywhere, there are Death Eaters here, looking for enemies of the Dark Lord. Thankfully they don't recognize us, but they are still trying to check on us. I don't have a back pack, but I am wearing a magical coat that sort of has a backpack built into it with pocket dimensions all over it holding stuff. Problem is, Trevor has gotten lost in one of the pocket dimensions, and I am trying to find him, and my struggling with the jacket is attracting D.E. attention. Eventually I manage to pull out the toad, while Hermione's marmalade kitten sniffs at it, and the D.E. finally wanders off.

      Hermione is off taking a shower, and I decide to join her for a little wet fun and a nice kiss under the water, but I somehow know that I have to exit the shower early, because I have to move back into the inn's common room, where I know I am going to find that Remus has become a traitor, and is going through our stuff. Don't know how I know it, but I do.
    12. The Lumberyards

      by , 01-17-2013 at 04:27 PM
      01-17-2013 -- [Not sure if this was 1 or 2 dreams. Woke at about 2:30 and wrote down a dream, then had some slight problems getting back to sleep, probably fell back to sleep somewhere between 3:30 and 4:00. Had a dream, and had the sense of waking up and trying to fix it in my mind, but might have been in the dream, itself. I just don't know. Eventually woke up and wrote everything down about 8:15.]

      Started out as a sort of dull, halfway repetitive Runescape dream. I was playing the game and teleporting to a sort of version of the Canifis farm patch, where I seem to be growing pumpkins. I teleport there, pick pumpkins, cut trees, perhaps bake pumpkin pies or something, then start the whole process again, about every five minutes, with the next growth tick. Very repetitive, kind of dull.

      For a few minutes I find myself in a real life kitchen somewhere, standing outside a refrigerator, waiting for somebody to remove something from the freezer, so I can lay out some slices of cheese on a large piece of aluminum foil and place it back in the freezer. Hints of roommates and things. Then I find myself back at the teleporting to the farm patch, and cutting the logs and all. I seem to be waiting for Dale to join me, watching the mini-map for him, but his orange dot never seems to appear.

      There is a slight hint of typical bits of a warehouse dream in here, but nothing that sticks, and it is around this point that I might have woke up, because I seem to remember trying to remember the previous bits in detail, so I may have half woke, then drifted right back into the same dream. I am just not sure.

      I keep doing the farm bits, but the tree cutting is getting more and more involved, and I am turning in more and more logs at once (kind of like adding to the bonfire while hunting Skoll), getting to the point of 10 or 12 at once. Where I am turning them in seems to be more and more a sort of lumberyard, and soon I seem to be building one as part of a quest in perhaps Mort'ton, on the other side of the screen, but on the same screen, where I built another one as part of another quest a couple of years ago.

      I suddenly find myself remembering building four or five lumberyards around different parts of Runescape, and it seems like it is getting to be a bit much to me. Besides, don't you need electricity to run a sawmill? This game seems to be getting more and more anachronistic to me. Anyway, I am still waiting for Dale's character to show up, and I am feeling very tired, so I decide to lay down on a pile of saw dust, which seems so very, very comfortable.

      Things are shifting around me, and the pile of sawdust is turning into an odd sort of combination of a beanbag and some sort of weird ergonomical chair within a showroom of a sort of furniture store, and there is a redhead who is bugging me to get up. It seems the store is about to close, and she is not going to just let me fall asleep there, though she is willing to show me around a little and try to sell me something. [She looks much like the somewhat strange redhead in the funeral home that I saw in NCIS: Los Angeles last night.]

      She leads me around the store, which kind of half looks like the Varrock Museum, then back to the corner where I had tried to take a nap. I am starting to gather all my stuff (of which I have more and more by the second), including putting things in my backpack, and trying to unplug my cell phone from the charger and the charger from the wall, without tangling up my wires and cables and things from theirs. My backpack is on my back, my pockets are getting full, and I seem to be having to carry my laptop in my hands, while she is saying something about me maybe accidentally dying, and I am saying "Good!" and reminding myself of the grumpy cat that people keep posting pictures of on Facebook right now.

      Somehow the store full of people seem to want to cheer me up or something, so they all start singing some goofy sing-along song that everybody is supposed to join in on, but the singing is not impressive, I have no interest in joining in, and moments later they are still trying to rush me out of the store because they are closing for the evening.

      But they are running me out in Frontierland in Disneyland, as it seems that's where the store is now located. I am supposed to be meeting a number of friends here, including Dale and others, but instead the only person who seems to be waiting is Howie, Kluts's husband. I'm talking about the odd store / show combination as we walk out of Frontierland, and then start down Main Street.

      Very quickly Howie has turned into a huge, tall black guy (very big, but not fat) as we continue down Main Street. Then we're out in the parking lot, perhaps on a tram, and then even on a freeway. At times we're in a car, or a utility vehicle. At times it seems to be a bus, and at times, it seems to be almost floating on air or something. At one point we are at the top of a very tall, very steep hill, just starting down the other side, and it doesn't seem like we're in anything at all, though it feels much like a roller coaster as we rush down.

      When it seems to be a bus, the black guy has lost his voice, but is trying to speak on a mic. He tries again and again, and is not sure if the mic is on or not, because even if it is on, with no voice, he probably couldn't make himself heard, anyway. I'm thinking his voice is even worse than mine.

      Anyway, by this point the guy has shrunk a lot, and is now starting to look like Director Vance from NCIS, and he has his wife (who just was buried last night in the episode I watched) and kids with him, as well as myself. The bus is turning into a large SUV, and we are driving along the freeway next to a railroad track. There are train cars sitting on the tracks, with scaffolding on them, as people seem to be cleaning them much like window cleaners. Oddly the people climbing around the scaffolding seem to be a little old woman and her kids, and I quickly recognize them as Bonnie's old housekeeper Mattie and her kids (who I never met).

      Somehow we're all impressed with how hard they seem to be working, and what a good job they seem to be doing, and Director Vance decides we have to stop at the trainyard and go in and place compliments for them, so we do so. We've parked at what looks much like a truck dock, though it is dirty, and I am thinking of staying in the car, so the kids don't have to go in, but we all end up getting out of the SUV, and end up being approached again by the same redhead from the funeral home / odd store, who wants to know what she can help us with. Odd.
    13. The Boring Log Ride and the Sweet and Sour Sauce

      by , 01-13-2013 at 01:35 PM
      01-13-2013 -- [Any earlier bits are long gone.] I find myself waiting in a ride line at Disney. It is a very long queue and lots of people in line. Occasionally the line has fallen behind because somebody hasn't moved when the line does, and suddenly we find ourselves moving fairly large distances in the line, and sometimes passing people in the other line unexpectedly.

      Eventually get to the front of the line, and it seems to have been the line for a roller coaster. The person seating people seems to be Shawn Spencer (Psych), and he is just about to get off work, and is upset they are forcing him to seat a few more people before they let him get off. But finally he is let off, right after he seats me in the front car, and he climbs into the seat behind me.

      The ride almost immediately turns into a log ride, though it is a very simple (and not very great) one, since there is one tall ramp, followed immediately by the big drop and the end of the ride. Since Shawn is right behind me, unhappy, and seems to be trying to prank me or something, I am actually kind of turned around in the log, keeping an eye on him, instead of the ride, itself. When we are just about to drop down the ramp on the other side, I turn around fast, but because of the motion, I look really strange in the on-ride picture (which is projected while we are still on the ride.)

      The splash-down is fairly large, and I get nicely soaked, and soon we exit the ride. We seem to exit about where we would from the Matterhorn at Disneyland, and it seems we are at Disneyland, since there is a parade going right by us. We're trying to figure where to go next. The easy path to Main Street and the exit is blocked by the parade. There is a close parade crossing that we could use to head over to the Frontierland area, but it would be a long walk. Or we could head the other way and move on to Tomorrowland. Shawn is even thinking of leading me backstage, but we know that could cause trouble.

      About this time, we run into Michael Murphy, whom I haven't seen (in dream or real life) in many, many years. We're just chatting for a few minutes, when he suddenly remembers something, and hauls out a sort of soda bottle, and tells me something like "It works. It still works." He explains that he fills the bottle daily with some red liquid that is not the soda I thought it was. Instead, it is some kind of gunk that he has kept in the freezer that I gave him many years ago.

      It is something like the mushroom stuff that Pat had given me, that is supposed to continue growing, and be really, really healthy for you. I gave it to him, and he never believed it would work, but eventually it did, and for years since, he has taken some of it every day in the soda bottle and drank it during the course of the day. I ask him what it does for him, and it turns out he has no idea. But it is something Chinese, and he figures he can ask for information at a Chinese food cart right next to us.

      It tastes slightly weird and quite sweet, and looks kind of like a sweet and sour sauce. He asks the Chinese lady at the food cart if she knows what it is, and what kind of health benefits it might have, but she only seems to be annoyed with him, and doesn't want to talk to him. Instead she tries to wander off. We try to follow, but she goes up a ladder and through a hatch, and as we are considering following, the hatch is becoming harder and harder to open, and the ladder is becoming less and less stable.

      It has turned into the entrance into some sort of strange business involving buying and selling things. By this point, Geoffrey from Waiting For God is here, and is kind of in charge of the business. There are six people who each have a portion of the business. One has 3 clients, another has 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 for the last one. Each client is represented by a coin or some other small token, and a different type of token for each person.

      For some reason, though they are in charge of their clients, they are all being told to give me their tokens, so I will get the money and credit for all their work. They aren't pleased with this, of course. I am neither pleased nor displeased, but I can remember the last time I had to do all the work for all the clients, and got no credit, so this does seem to be balancing things out. Very strange.

      Suddenly I find myself driving in a familiar area, perhaps on Harbor in Garden Grove. It is an area I have driven a lot in dreams, but I don't think it really is a place from real life. I think I have just gone over an overpass hill, and am now coming up to a light where I will make a left turn and head north to drive a couple of miles and reach Disneyland again.
    14. NCIS, Teaming with Gibbs, Fornell, and Diane to Find Evidence in Churchill's Home

      by , 01-06-2013 at 10:09 AM
      01-05-2013 -- [Great dream with some nice details and connections to other dreams. Very long, but the last 'scene' is the longest and most detailed, solely because it is the one I remember best.]

      This one seems to start at a Disney World-ish kind of place where I am looking for work. I am trying to get in at various jobs, but they aren't what I really want to be doing. It seems I can't try to get the job I really want, because that would have me working with Anne, and though I am over the entire thing, she isn't, and is still freaking out about it. At the same time, Agent Fornell can't get the job he wants, either, because he and Gibbs' ex-wife, Diane. Turns out she and Anne work together, and she may have been the cast member arguing with me on my cell phone in the big 'trying to be lucid and not getting there' dream at Disneyland Paris, last night.

      There were bits taking place at the Buena Park Mall, trailing suspects with Gibbs and Fornell, dodging around the various mall customers. I also seem to remember tiny bits that might tie in with long-time hiking dreams, and the area from the 33 cave, but I can't remember the details.

      At one point, I almost seem to be getting close to Diane (God have mercy!) while Fornell may be hitting it off with Anne. Soon, Gibbs is about to split off from us and climb into a helicopter to go undercover somewhere, and we're all kind of worried about it, He is really going to be in danger on this one. Fornell and I end up on the Haunted Mansion, where he is reacting to all the ghosts and things popping up at us, and is close to shooting audio animatronic figures. I know them all, and can ignore them, which means I can spot the real criminals who are coming for us in the ride. I manage to escape, but I think here is where they manage to kill Fornell.

      Soon I have just left my elementary school, and I am a little kid being chased by bullies, instead of crooks. I am considering ducking into one of the houses that have the signs up that they are a safe-haven for bullies, but I fear that they have been infiltrated and compromised by the crooks we're trying to bring down, so I don't dare trust them. I just keep running down Crescent, heading for Hickory.

      Soon I find myself in a large mansion that I've been in before in at least a couple of dreams, though I don't know if any of them were ever written down or entered on the computer. (One of them, a Runescape dream that turned live, and shifted to this location.) Perhaps not in the other dreams, but I think in this dream it is Chartwell ... at least, I think it is a house that Winston Churchill owned.

      This is where Gibbs was working undercover, before he got killed. [Sorry!] I am now here undercover, trying to find what evidence he left here for us, and am dressed up as a butler. I am speaking with Diane, who is also undercover, but only as a tourist. We're in a large library that I think begins on the third floor, and has a domed ceiling going up above the fifth floor, very posh and fancy.

      We're trying to figure out where Gibbs would have left any evidence or clues for us, and I find myself remembering a small, nondescript study from one of those previous dreams, hidden in the back on the ground floor where Churchill spent a lot of time, and thinking how Gibbs would have probably enjoyed using it. I'm trying to think of a method to get us in there without anyone seeing us, when one of the bad guys approaches Diane. Unfortunately, he has recognized her.

      He plans to separate her from the crowd and dispose of her, and he thinks I am just the hired help, so he tries to send me away. Instead, I grab him and start to fight with him. The next bit is unclear, but I think he shoots me, and as I collapse to the ground, dead, the butler turns into Gibbs, while I am now Diane, and I break free and start running, looking for that little study.

      Time passes, and soon I am myself, have visited the study, and have got the stuff Gibbs left for us, enough to put the crooks away. Now I just have to make it out alive, while knowing that my partners have been killed. Bit of a downer dream, while still very cool.

      I burst out a small side door, and run for a gate, but there are crooks right behind me, and they'll set a dog on me, as well. I'm running down a steep hill to a tall gate which is probably locked, with crooks and dog behind me. The hill is so steep, and ends so close to the gate, I figure if I take a running jump, I can jump from the hill onto the top of the gate, bypassing it being locked. Unfortunately, the dog catches up to me.

      I manage to grab its jaws, and am holding them shut kind of like you do with an alligator. I wrestle with it for a few seconds, then throw it to the ground by the gate, and jump. I do manage to land on the top of the gate, and quickly scramble down the other side, where I fall on my butt. I now only have two problems ... first the fence is a chain link fence with a very large mesh. A human couldn't squeeze through it, but the dog almost certainly can, and is in fact squeezing through it now. And secondly, more crooks are running through the fields (including one who looks just like Ducky, oddly enough), approaching me, so I am on the run again!

      [I love NCIS, though I haven't watched all that much of it. I also haven't watched almost any of it in at least two or three years, which is why I am surprised that it seems to be the TV show that makes it into my dreams the most often. I would expect it to be Trek or Doctor Who or B5, but I think I've dreamed more of NCIS than any of them. Oddly, though, I watched a couple of episodes online last night, including one with Diane in it (don't think I have ever seen her before) and I am amazed at how quickly my dream weaved her into a story, since it usually takes my dreams about two weeks to catch up with things from real life.]
    15. New Harry Potter Runescape Quest Turns to Doctor Who Adventure

      by , 12-07-2012 at 08:20 PM
      11-19-2012 -- Can't remember the earlier bits of this, but there was a lot more before this. By the point I can barely start remembering things, I think I am in a swimming pool, half swimming, half just having fun. At first I think I'm Harry Potter, swimming with Hermione as a form of training, but as it continues, it becomes much more a military thing, swimming laps. At first we were almost alone, but moment by moment there are more people here, and soon I have just one tiny 'lane' in which to swim, surrounded by other people who are annoyed at me and think I'm in the way.

      Soon I find myself running across a large city (or even world) that somehow feels very like Runescape, even if it doesn't look much like it. It almost seems like I am running through a game world, looking for portals that lead to where I want to go. The third one leads to a section of the world that is very Polynesian, a very definite tropical island theme, that feels like a cross between Ape Atoll and something out of the Polynesian Resort at Disney World. I've gone there to confront some game characters or something, and I think I have finished what I need to do, so I have been leaving that area again. I soon find myself on a paddle wheeler such as the Mark Twain, and am on the middle deck, surrounded by a bunch of Polynesian dancers who are chanting and waving torches around in some sort of ritual.

      I am on my knees trying to start a fire with a bit of flint, using a bit of root that somehow seems kind of connected to an instrument being played by one of the dancers as kindling, but I'm not managing to get very far. I finally manage to catch a tiny spark, and try to gently blow it into a flame, but it almost immediately goes out, so I have to try again ... and again. It very much feels like some sort of odd Runescape quest, and suddenly I find Dave DuFour is next to me, trying to help me. He isn't very impressed with me, and thinks I'm not supposed to be a part of this ritual, and I am getting it completely wrong. He's helping me gather together six ingredients, including a couple of potions, and trying to get us set up for the right ritual. But as the chanting and dancing and fire juggling goes on, discover he isn't supposed to be a part of the ritual, either ... though he is closer than I am. We finally just drink our Gnome-style fruit drinks, and watch the dancers do their ritual.

      Soon the Mark Twain has turned to a cross between a barge, a train, and walking along the street, and we are passing several of the portals we previously travelled through. I find myself talking with Veronica (Aj) while passing a building with lots of little storage cubbyholes that somehow contain (among other things) the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. There's also a hint of lots of other old things, though many may be petrified. I start to climb around the building, which is turning into more of an old church. I'm crawling through old wooden passageways, and somehow I break something.

      I then glance up at an alter above me, and staring down at me is this horrible creature. It seems like a cross between a Fembot (Bionic Woman), and one of the clockwork figures from the Doctor Who story The Girl in the Fireplace, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. The voice is a sort of a cross between a Cyberman, a Dalek, and Davros, except somehow female. The thing is staring down at me, threatening me, and its hand drops away like an Auton. But instead of firing some sort of laser, it is trying to drip some sort of slimy green gunk on me. I dodge out of the way and start running. She continues chasing me, occasionally squirting the green slime at me, but thankfully whatever she is, she isn't very fast, so I can put some distance between us.

      I soon find myself running around the upper floors of the ancient church, along with Hermione, the Doctor, and more characters from the Harry Potter books, except we're all little kids, around the ages of four or five, including the Doctor. We end up hiding in a nursery for a while, and eventually come to the conclusion we need to find some way to face this thing. So we return lower in the building, which is now a cross between a large church and a huge library, with book shelves all over the place on multiple levels. We find ourselves swinging between levels on ropes, while the robot thing is still chasing us, squirting stuff at us, but its getting less scary and more adventurous.

      [Can't remember any details, and it might not be a real past dream, but by the end it was feeling like it tied back into another dream from a year or two ago that involved chasing through a huge library-like house fighting something, but without the Harry Potter or Doctor Who characters.]
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