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    1. The Professor in the Loose Shirt

      by , 11-13-2013 at 07:56 PM
      11-11-2013 -- [Probably earlier bits I can't remember.] Am on what seems to be a sort of college campus, perhaps in a quad or something. There are a lot of people around and a lot of arguments. Politics or racial issues (repub vs dems or America vs Islam), and a lot of people feeling very strongly or getting upset. There is a blonde professor (female) and Lisa Williams (the DJ, not the psychic) arguing about the issues, and things get tense enough that they actually reach the point of getting into a bit of a fight, shoving each other around and throwing blows.

      At one point in all this, I get caught in a legs scissor by a massive guy who is crushing me and causing me some serious pain as he squeezes me with massive tree trunk legs, but I eventually manage to wrestle my way free. At one point I end up sitting down on a bench and talking to a young woman (brunette, 18-20) who thinks I am an idiot, but doesn't particularly have anything against me. Right now she is griping and complaining about her mother, who is the blonde professor. The girl kind of reminds me of Faith from BtVS.

      The professor comes along and is arguing with the girl, and seems to be raking up leaves as well, cleaning the area up. She is blonde, somewhere in the age range of 45-50, and has large breasts. She is wearing somewhat loose clothes, and when she bends far enough over while raking and gathering leaves, her impressive breasts end up swinging out, and I am enjoying watching her. She either doesn't notice, or doesn't care, but does ask me to help with the raking, and gathering leaves, even as she is asking about the size of my lawn waste garbage bags. I tell her I don't know what size they are, only that they are fairly big. I don't really want to do this, but it will keep me close to be able to keep enjoying those breasts, so I agree.

      I grab a broken rake (the part of the handle remaining is only about three feet long) and start to do some raking, gathering up leaves, and avoiding several 2"-3" thick branches the professor has stacked in a pile on the ground. Soon I also find myself gathering up some litter and garbage out of the gutter, and dodging a somewhat large and possibly danger spider under some of the junk. Meanwhile, a cement truck is backing up to the curb, though I don't know why. Gathering more leaves, and the professor (who is still falling out of her top) invites me home with her and her daughter for some coffee and maybe some food. I am hoping this is going to lead to something pleasant, so I agree, and suddenly we are there.

      The house is kind of damaged, and packed with lots of junk, and I manage to find the worn and beaten coffee maker and haul it over to her, then ask her to look at it and see if it needs anything else, so that if it does, I can start looking through all the junk, trying to find it. She says it ought to be OK, and says she is making some meatloaf. This worries me since most people make meatloaf with onions, and I am kind of mildly allergic to onions. The daughter is helping with some of the clean-up and still griping, and I may have kind of half-woke, because I find myself trying to recall the earlier bits of the dream (Lisa and the politics and stuff) and am looking for something to write them down on, but am having problems finding anything.

      Suddenly instead of being in the professor's house, I find myself in an enlarged version of the Pageant house, but it is owned by Rosemary. This is like several other dreams in the last year or so, where my room is in the same place, but is a lot larger, and there are four beds in the room, and four of us share it. The whole room is quite messy, with everybody's stuff and clothes strewn all about the place. One of the other roommates (who reminds me of one of the roommates from the Amidon house, though I can't remember his name) is complaining about the mess, and I point out that I am only one of four tossing stuff everywhere, but say that since Rosemary kicked me out, within another week or two, I will have all my stuff out. Meanwhile, I am still looking for an envelope to write the early part of the dream down.

      I take a few minutes to pet Lady (one of Rosemary's dachshunds), and the unhappy roommate wanders around cleaning some of his stuff, when Rosemary comes bustling in. She seems unhappy with me, which doesn't surprise me. What does surprise me is the seeming reason. She demands to know why I wasn't around for Thanksgiving dinner, and complains of lots of food that didn't get eaten. I explain that, after our last argument, and how she threw me out, I didn't think I was really welcome. Turns out I was.

      Anyway, I finally find an envelope to write the dream down on, but as I am trying to do so, the unhappy roommate starts spraying something on stuff. There is no pleasant odor, so it probably isn't an air freshener. It might be a bug spray or something. But since he is spraying it on clothes laying around, books, and even some comic books, I'm getting a little worried. He tells me the comics are his, and not some of mine, but still.... Meanwhile, I still can't concentrate on writing down the dream, and Rosemary may be coming back to do more ranting, so I decide to try and go back to the professor's place.

      I exit the house, and find myself on a hill. It may be in Omaha, or possibly in England. It has some of the feel of both. I am wearing roller skates, and find myself rolling down the hill very fast, so step off on some grass to slow myself down for a moment. I see a cop in a patrol car, and am worried he'll hassle me, but I have my back to him, and he drives right past me. I continue down the hill to the main street, and make a right turn onto it, just to discover I have no idea where the professor lives. So I just start wandering the neighborhood, hoping to recognize something.

      Eventually, I step into a house and am wondering if it is the right place, then I find an answering machine, and it is my sister's, and I find that the message I left her, that I worried couldn't be heard because of my voice, actually came through better than I expected. About that time the professor's daughter tells me I have been rude, and to sit down and eat the huge steak her mother cooked for me, so I guess I found the right house.
    2. Kamikaze Invasion in Denmark?

      by , 02-05-2013 at 05:30 PM
      02-05-2013 -- [First time in several days a detailed dream worth recalling.] I am in BM's place, probably the trailer, and we are cleaning something, probably the guest bathroom. I need to go to the bathroom, so I sneak into BM's bedroom to use her bathroom, hoping she'll never know, and won't mind if she finds out. I am taking a pee, but my aim isn't perfect, and a few drops splash on the floor. I cover it up with a bit of paper.

      Unfortunately it seems BM needs to use the bathroom, too, so is at the door asking what I am doing there and telling me to hurry up. So I get out of the way, and we are standing in her bedroom talking. I glance out the window, and we are suddenly on something like the 7th floor of a hotel, and there are planes falling out of the sky, which is terrifying. But worse, as we watch, one is very close and heading directly at the window.

      We run, bolting out of the room and into the hallway, all the while I am making like Marvin the Martian, and wondering where is the earth-shattering kaboom. Somehow by this point we are running down a hall on the third floor, when I hear the crash, and see the plane plowing through a wall maybe a hundred yards away, and crashing through the hotel. It swung around and came through at a different angle and a lower altitude, and it is moving rather slowly, so I fear it is packed with enemy soldiers who will try to seize the hotel.

      I don't know what is going to happen, or how bad things are going to be later, so I am considering running back to the hotel room to get my prescriptions, but I decide it would be too dangerous, and to just get out until I can find out whether they just crash the planes, or storm the hotel from the wreckage. BM has already disappeared, and I look at the two story escalator going down to the lobby. Somehow I enter the wrong one, and am running down the steps as others are being elevated. Silly me.

      When I reach the lobby and burst outside, there is no sign of BM, and instead I am meeting Dale. We're discussing what is going on, while he sits in his rental car, on the wrong side of the car. He says it is because he hasn't eaten yet, and when he is hungry, he makes mistakes. I am thinking there is also the possibility that he is confused because we are in Denmark. Anyway, we get in his car, and we are driving to somewhere to eat, while listening to radio reports about traitors helping the invaders from the wreckage of the plane and being killed for it. Yup ... it's an invasion.

      He says he always goes to Applebee's to watch the big game, and I'm thinking 'wasn't the big game yesterday?' [My mind was only one day behind.] Anyway, we are suddenly in the restaurant at the counter and paying for our meal, and they are giving him his change all in coins, while helping us pack up our leftover food, and the rest of our stuff. They have a small bag of my stuff that I don't know where it came from, and my dream journal, which somehow has a large corner banged up and worn, like it's been used for years.

      Somehow they are giving Dale a haircut, and he is wearing an odd, pointed balloon hat while they do, which is kind of strange. Oddly, instead of him tipping them, they tip him, and it is a rather large tip. He comments on how they tipped him enough for him to buy us all a round of drinks, including Carsten, who is now with us. [Dale doesn't drink.]