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    1. Back in Haunted Time Passage House, Hidden Objects Style, Ties to Other Dreams

      by , 07-04-2017 at 05:31 PM
      06-03-2017 -- This one was from a month ago, jotted it down immediately, but didn't have time to get it on the computer until now. Much of the earliest bits have faded, but I am probably Harry Potter, judging by much of the stuff that comes later. It is late at night and I am trying to get some sleep, but I am rooming with a slightly stuck up but more or less OK Draco Malfoy. So while I am looking for a little bit of private relaxation time before falling asleep, Draco has been getting more and more into muggle electronics, so wants my help setting up his TV, cable box, DVD, video game systems and so on. So I'm kind of half-assing it, hoping in the process he doesn't stumble across porn and go nuts about it.

      I've got most of the stuff at least partly hooked up when somebody new wanders in and notices that his VCR doesn't have the cable channels tuned in, so he's only getting 6 or 7 broadcast channels, and the new guy starts to correct that, and is also showing him how to hook up and use his CB radio. Since he's now got other help, I'm more than happy to just turn around and head to bed.

      The next thing I know, I find I'm in a new circumstance that relates to several past dreams, including the Doctor Who/BtVS dream of a few months ago, and many others, including various secret passage dreams and more. I find myself outside an old three or four story house that I think I fought a plant in during another dream I can't find to link to, and I have a lot of memories of the last time I was here, and the things I had to do, but not exactly, or in what order, so I'm still having to puzzle a lot of it out.

      I start on the West side of the house, can't say what floor, but I'm kind of looking in a window at a room where the mom has fallen through a trap door in the floor (and possibly also time ala the Tonks scene in the above Doctor Who dream) to a lower dungeon-style room. The thing is, she'll need to be rescued on that floor (and in that time), not through the trap door she fell through. Meanwhile, though I should only have a limited view through the window, I can somehow see all kinds of people wandering up and down stairways throughout the house, though they should be out of sight, and quite possibly in other times. Strange.

      I move along the back side of the house, the area that most seems like the plant-fighting area, then I find myself in a hallway along the East side of the house, and there are ghosts wandering through the area, some helping and some hindering the regular people. At first I seem to be one of the ghosts, but as time goes on, I become more and more solid. Meanwhile, I am trying to use my half-remembered knowledge from previous dreams to help the regular people solve the 'puzzle' (it's all feeling kind of like a hidden object game), and am giving instructions. I point to one ghost in a room next to the corridor, and ask it to grab some tools and bring it to me.

      I realize almost immediately that this is unlikely to work. The ghost is probably not going to be able to pick up the tools, because it is a ghost. But it might be able to pick them up if that room is in the same time as the ghost, but even if it can pick them up, it probably won't be able to take them out of the room, and finally, if it did get them out of the room, then the tools would probably be insubstantial to me, so I probably wasted my time making the request. The ghost grabs the tools, and starts to bring them to me, but as it passes through the doorway, the door slams shut, and I figure the tools remain in the room. But no, the ghost kept them and brought them to me, and I found I was able to hold them, so that's why I figured I must be a ghost, too, at this point.

      I follow the East corridor to a large room at the back of the house, where there are a lot of people and ghosts around, and a lot of junk to possibly sort through. One of the ghosts is an old-fashioned housekeeper dressed in the appropriate garb, and looking just like Hermione Baddeley as the housekeeper in Mary Poppins. The room is one where I found Luna Lovegood in another time trap in a different dream, but this time there is no sign of her. Instead it is a long room with piles of junk to actually climb over, and some broken and damaged walls being guarded by an angry and dangerous tiger, who has several tiny ghost tiger cubs in the area. I suddenly manage to remember that I have to find some balls of ghost food to feed the ghost tiger cubs to be able to get by the real tiger.

      I ask the housekeeper to hand me the box full of food balls, and I start trying to toss them across the room into the cubs' food bowls, but being ghostly balls, they have no mass, so don't toss well. First I try to help them along by blowing on them, and it helps a little, but not enough. Finally I just throw the entire box of food, which gives it just enough mass to reach the other side of the room, and get a little bit of food in all five bowls. So I carefully creep past the ghost kittens, and the live tiger leaves me alone, and I crawl over more of the stuff, getting nearer and nearer to the ceiling, where I find a sort of secret passage way. It looks like there is a wall, but it's an illusion, and you can move right through it.

      I crawl up into a hallway on the floor above, and again I can remember it from other dreams (but not any particular dream the I can link to). I am now in a medium-length corridor. I crawled up through a passage at the floor level, and I know that there is another passage directly across from it at ceiling level, but it seems whatever point I have arrived at, we either have not yet found the step-ladder that we'll need to climb to reach the ceiling passage, or we haven't moved it here yet.

      There are doors at both ends of the hallway. The end close to the two secret passages is behind me, and it doesn't seem important. It is probably the first way we entered the hallway, early on in things. I seem to remember the door at the other end of the hallway being locked, and we have to pick the lock. I send my friend off to find the step-ladder, and head to the door at the end of the corridor, just to find it is already unlocked, so we must have already gotten that step taken care of.

      Spoiler for Humor and Sex:
    2. The Ghost on the Train

      by , 02-19-2013 at 04:21 PM
      02-19-2013 -- Find myself on the road, driving to some sort of job interview, I think. The area is one I've driven through in a dream halfway recently, though I can't specifically place it. Anyway, some black lady is trying to direct me into the parking lot of a strip mall, and for some reason I don't want to go where she points me, so I make a left turn into a different strip mall, then turn around and try to exit ... only to find myself facing the same black lady trying to direct me. I think it is President Palmer's ex-wife from 24 (which I watched 8 hours of last night.)

      So I find myself facing this woman, and there is somebody else in the car as well, who is now driving, and he ignores her and drives right over to somebody else, who he knows. We're not supposed to do this, but he knows her well enough to get away with it, and it seems we are somehow here for interviews for some sort of salesman position, and I know it wouldn't be a good fit for me, so I just decide to leave.

      I cross the street to the strip mall I was trying to get to in the first place, and find myself near an older couple (they kind of remind me of Bob and Virginia, friends from the Adventurers Club) who are arguing about something. Then I find myself getting some kind of injection of some sort of prescription drug or something, except things shift almost immediately to getting some sort of additive for my oil.

      They are telling us we add this additive, then immediately change the oil, which seems to defeat the point of putting in an additive. Then they clarifying that it is very important that we change the oil very quickly afterward ... within no more than 300,000 miles, maximum. This seems really odd. Meanwhile, one of the other people looking for work here looks like Kensei from Heroes, and is trying to empty out some junk from his wallet into a trash can, but he also loses a few credit cards and things.

      He is reaching into the trashcan to retrieve them, but he can't actually see them. But I can, so I am directing him, and I eventually let him know he got all of them, and then notice that he also threw away a bunch of my full-color business cards, which is kind of depressing.

      I walk out of there to find myself out in a sort of field or plain, where people are just walking around, and some people are selling balloon figures. But they aren't twisting them to order for people, but have them already twisted, and lined up in long rows of maybe 30 or 40 figures. Caught from the right angle, where you just see the edge of one balloon after another, yet can't see the whole figure, they look very colorful, yet abstract, and I decide I have to take some pictures of them, so I pull out a camera and start snapping.

      But even though I am taking wide-angle photos of the long rows of balloons, some people think I am taking pictures of them, and are objecting and making a fuss, and really kind of annoying me! Somebody gets a little more annoyed, and I find myself being shoved through a large wooden door by somebody who seems to be Nina from 24.

      Everything switches completely, and the wooden door is the door leading to a train platform that I've dreamed about many times before, and after Nina has shoved against it so hard, I manage to grab it and stop it right before it slams into some sort of railroad bigwig. So we're talking to the bigwigs, while Nina is chained up, and there is some little black kid there. We're talking about how I am taking Nina in, and the train bigwigs are not very bright, so the discussion is kind of comical.

      At least it is until Nina manages to somehow break her chains, and starts to flail around. I still have her wrapped in my arms, and manage to hold her for several seconds, then she manages to break free my grip, as well. She grabs the little black kid as a hostage, and dives out of the front of the train, where she falls under it, and everybody assumes she is killed.

      I'm worried about the kid, but the bigwigs are asking "What kid?" They didn't see any kid. It turns out the kid was a ghost that only Nina and I could see, and her trying to take him as a hostage obviously did her no good. But unlike everybody else, I somehow know she isn't dead, but that she just grabbed on to the under-carriage of the train, and is still with us. I'll have to face her again at the end of the line ... a place where three train crossing meet, that I've dreamed of many times before, that seems to be where the train tracks crossed Beach Blvd in Buena Park.
    3. Oh God, Book ... A?

      by , 09-15-2012 at 07:21 PM
      09-14-2012 -- I'm in my room setting up some sort of computer link that will allow me to broadcast some sort of video from my computer to others in the same room. People or making fun of me and insulting me, but I carry on. Soon I find I am not doing this is my room somewhere, but in the street right by Peter Marshall Elementary. In my dream I think I am on La Reina, but actually I am at the corner where Glencrest turns into Nancita.

      It is dark, late in the evening, and I am just about to start the 'broadcast' when a young teen comes out of the house next to the school. He is very slim, but athletic, and seems to look like a cross between Kevin B. and Steve K. He has a bit of an attitude, but I ignore it, and peacefully invite him to join us. He is unsure, but does so.

      Turns out what I am about to show is a documentary I made about a mean old guy (who turns out to have been the teen's grandpa) who lived in the house until he died. Though everybody in the neighborhood hated him (and he seemed to hate everybody) I tried to get to know him and understand him, and then documented the odd things that happened when he died.

      Problem is, Hollywood came in at the same time and made a horror film 'based on a true story' that was truly horrifying. My documentary was very, very different. Because of all the attention Hollywood directed their way, the family just wants to be left alone to forget, but the neighbors remain up in arms. Which is why I am going to broadcast the thing here in the neighborhood on this night, to hopefully help everybody understand and quit freaking out.

      As the documentary plays, you see little kids from the neighborhood talking about how mean and crazy and scary the old guy is. I try to approach the teen when he is several years younger, as he is walking from the house to the gate of the school. I am being very gentle as I ask if he will talk to me for a few minutes and answer some questions.

      Where Hollywood produced a dark horror film, I recorded a tale of redemption and understand. I got to know the old guy, learned his history and why he got to be so mean, and slowly helped to reason him back to where he was willing to start being a nice guy again. As he was just starting to turn around, though, he died. And either God or an angel came for him, though Hollywood portrayed it as the Devil.

      We're about halfway through the film when there is a brilliant flash of light, and a somewhat younger looking version of the old guy appears in the yard and walks into the house. The teen tells me he's got to go, and starts walking toward the house. I tell him we'll pause the film for a minute, and he glares at me. I wasn't trying to rush him, it was just an expression. I tell him we'll pause the film for as long as we need to.

      As I stand there, a voice in my head suddenly tells me I need to enter the house, too. I'm kind of nervous, but I fold up my laptop and carry it to the house. I enter the house (where the family is having a family reunion) and kind of shrug my shoulders at the mother, who shrugs back.

      There is a brilliant white figure standing there who is God. He looks like a cross between George Burns (hence the title of this dream) and Henry Fonda in Gideon's Trumpet. Most of the family doesn't want me around getting into their business, but they do appreciate that I took the trouble to learn the truth, and then tried to tell others that truth. God makes it clear that he called me in to witness his visit, so they pretty much have to accept me.

      He is here to help them heal, and put the whole situation behind them. While he is too mild and 'understanding' to be the real God (who is an awesome and scary presence), he is very impressive. This is his second visit to this house. The first was right after the guy died, when he brought his spirit back to say goodbye. Tonight he is going to bring another spirit back for a few minutes, this time Tom D., who died a week or two ago. [To the best of my knowledge Tom is still alive and well.]

      Tom appears before us, and seems to know the people and situations (how that is when he has spent most his life in Florida and this is in California I don't know) but he's calming people and soothing nerves and helping everyone to relax. I am very embarrassed and shy when he reminds me that I can't shut myself away, and I need friends and family, too. Wish they'd leave me out of it, but I am not going to argue with Tom or God, so I just kind of nod.