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    1. Spy Handlers and Guest Stars

      by , 09-12-2017 at 03:41 PM
      07-29-2017 -- Well, this one is strange and abrupt. First thing I can remember, I am walking to Lucky or Thrifty for a bottle of soda, it is late at night, and there is this little kid who is asking me all kinds of questions. All I can remember of the conversation is being very snarky with all my answers. All I remember of the setting is being roughly at Tamarack and Dale, walking along. There is a creepy vibe, nothing with me and the kid, but just an odd feeling that something is wrong, just underlying everything.

      The kid just suddenly reaches the point where he wants to go home, but I still want to get my soda, so he says something that hints at maybe stealing one or something, and I make a snarky comment about hoping he doesn't do so, because that would make him a bad person, instead of the good, but insufferably annoying person that I think he is. Anyway, I buy a two liter of A&W and stick it in my pocket, and we leave the store. We are soon walking on Tamarack headed for Hickory, and as we pass a very large black girl (late teens to early 20s) she makes some sort of rude and slightly threatening comment to me, and I can't figure out why. Can't see anything I've done or said to her to deserve it. Kind of glance at some slightly punk teen blacks in the area who don't seem to have any problem with me, and they just shrug, with no idea.

      The kid sort of vanishes, so we probably passed his house and he wandered off. I am now walking down Hickory, and the ground is very wet, with puddles I am trying to avoid, and a couple of the black punks are doing the same, and we almost kind of get in each others' way in trying to avoid the puddles, but again, it causes no actual problems. Though I almost think there may be issues when I am forced to jump over someone's 10-speed, and I don't jump far enough and land on the middle of it. Thankfully, I am very light on my feet, so no harm done.

      I wander along, now alone, and soon reach Greenleaf and cross over to my own block, and run into friends or associates at the corner house. This gets really weird, really quick. Me and a guy here are good friends, and somehow as a sort of a prank, he has got me dressing up in a powder blue sweater that belongs to one of the girls, and we are making comments to try and make her look at me closely enough to notice. The other girl (both of them are fairly cute at this moment, but that will change quickly) makes a comment about how she fills it out far better than I do, while the other is holding up various bits of lingerie and commenting on how I ought to try wearing the rest of her clothes, and I'm completely out of my depth.

      The comment about filling it out better is becoming absurdly true, as the two girl are morphing into very freakishly odd people. The one whose sweater I am in has now got a set so large they are hanging down past her belly button, but that is almost normal, compared to the other. She is now over seven feet tall, dangerously thin, and wearing a sort of iso-skeleton-like set of crutches to even allow her to stand, while wearing a slightly see-through top, with her pair hanging down to her ankles, looking almost offensively freaky. We're all walking down the street, talking, and our discussion is turning more and more to spies and secret agents and handlers, and things are changing again.

      I am still physically there, but I am turning into someone else, who is kind of whining about who I am being forced to handle, because it turns out the agent (or more properly the 'asset' 'I' am supposed to be keeping under some kind of control is Bellatrix Lestrange, and she's a stone-cold killer and bat-shit crazy), and the whole 'game' is getting out of hand. I turn off to walk into my back yard (though I am not me) when a poorly maintained lime green car turns into the driveway, and I start to run through the side yard toward the alley, because I know it is my handler, and I figure I am either in trouble for not controlling Bellatrix well enough, or for something evil that she's done, and I fear they are either going to kill me, or force me to do something horrible, so I am on the run.

      Expecting to be shot at any moment, I dodge sideways through the supposed fence between my yard and the neighbors' yard, then into the alley and down a few yards. As the scene starts, I am Harold Finch from Person of Interest, but within a few seconds, he's the handler that I am running from.

      There has just been a lightning strike, moments before I reached one place in the alley, and I climb the fence into a backyard that just had its satellite dish fried, where I run into a slightly older version of Claudia Christian, who is my sister or my girlfriend (not sure which), who is also forced to handle a crazed psychopath, and we're muttering about getting out of the 'game' while grabbing our things and trying to run out onto Dale and away, when we come face to face with another agent who looks kind of like a near-death Carrie Fisher with a gun ready to shoot us if we don't stop. Very strange and disjointed.
    2. Runescape and the Call Center

      by , 07-02-2014 at 04:57 AM
      06-30-2014 -- Playing semi-live Runescape like in many recent dreams, and like most of them, doing herb runs and farming in the Port Phasmatys area, and kind of chasing ghosts around in a weird version of penguins, with just a hint of flashbacks to the Frozen RS dream and the Russians / spies RS dream. I seem to be playing right next to Neville Longbottom, and am helping him to try and figure out his part of the game / dream. At one point I knock over my ecto-vial, and am scrambling to get it upright and recapped before enough leaks out that it activates, but I find myself sitting in a cross between a car and a bed, scrambling to get little tiny blue pills (about the size of an eye glasses screw head, which is quite tiny) back in the bottle.

      Soon I find myself kind of being possessed, and I find I am following an almost Maleficent-like witch [no, I haven't seen the movie, or even any trailers for it] through a cave, over a red carpet. I'm trying to break free of her control, and she is trying to get me to the place of the sacrifice before I can. I guess I manage to break free on time, because I soon find myself sitting at a desk, continuing to pick up the tiny blue pills, and I start to find white and pink ones as well. I can't believe how many pills I have managed to drop.

      It turns out I am sitting at my desk in a call center, in front of a 60" (or so) monitor, and Rosemary, my supervisor, comes stalking up to me, angry because I am playing Runescape, and ordering me to stop and get back to work. She stalks off, but I have no intention of stopping. It is a break, or perhaps my lunch, and during those times my time is my own. [in real life, while my time would still be my own, their computer equipment would not be my own.] Still, Rosemary pulling my computer away from me disconnected me from the game. Worse, I have been logging in for weeks using a special in game item or control, an it seems it just expired and disappeared. And now I can't find anything to double-click on to log in! Darn it!

      I'm sitting here grumbling to myself about the situation, as a bunch of new employees are being walked into the office, and one is being sat right behind me. She is vaguely attractive, but has an almost overly-cheery attitude, kind of like Kathy Najimy's character in Sister Act, and is bugging me, saying I ought to listen to 'Miss Rosemary,' and I should be reading a book, or maybe a magazine about gay-lesbian-bi issues or something, and I snap. I snarl at her, and tell her I have probably read some 50k books in my life, far more, I'm sure, than she ever has, that I have no interest in reading any of her liberal clap-trap, and how my break time is my own, and I will do whatever I darn well please with it!
    3. The Dragon-Whisperer and the Veela (Sex)

      by , 07-02-2014 at 04:50 AM
      06-29-2014 -- As always, the earlier bits are sketchy, and some may be missing entirely. Am at a school of some sort. It's not Hogwarts, though there are probably some Potter characters involved at some point. I'm kind of interested in a girl who currently has sort of dark blond hair, who does not seem to be at all interested in me. Yet there are a lot of people who seem to think we belong together. School is over for the year, and a pair that are highly reminiscent of Tom and Carl are helping me to pack up and load my stuff, and are meddl...er helping me with the situation, saying I'll be waiting for an e-mail or a phone call from the girl, but will stay away until I hear from her, so as not to be a pest. But then the other one is kind of muttering to himself about how she is a very traditional sort of girl, and may feel it is inappropriate for her to make the first move, so ....

      The next thing I know, everybody has disappeared, and I find that I am walking around the Buena Park/Anaheim area, more or less along Lincoln Avenue. I ought to be on a bus, but instead seem to be kind of jogging along. I think I have just left a doctor's office, where I was diagnosed with some virulent respiratory infection. They have me wearing a sort of surgical mask to both protect me from spreading germs, and to help keep me from catching anything else while my system is weakened by what it is currently having to fight off. I glance down the block, and see a friend of mine, who is a Screech-like nerd sort, also wearing a surgical mask, and suffering from a different horrible respiratory infection. I suddenly realize it would probably be very bad for the two of us to get anywhere near each other, since we might both get even sicker.

      I run into the girl I like again, and she asks me if I am following her. I explain that it is just random chance that I ran into her here, and about my doctor's appointment. I'm afraid she thinks I am stalking her, and that I have probably blown my chances with her, but oddly enough, this is when she actually starts showing interest in me. Soon I am visiting at her house. She has a mother, who looks about 30, and seems to be far too young to have a daughter in the late teens, and an aunt with black hair and a slightly Oriental cast to her, who seems to be about 40, and is fairly attractive. The aunt seems to somewhat disapprove of me.

      But it turns out they have a pet dragon, a small breed. It is orange, and about the size of a common house cat. It is old and sick, and kind of dangerous, and it won't let anybody near it, so they aren't able to try and help it, and they are really afraid it is going to die. It turns out I seem to be some sort of dragon whisperer, and I speak soothingly to it, and approach it. I understand it, and it understands me, and I am able to calm it down a bit, so it stops shooting flame, and I can approach it. Talking with it, I not only get it to the point that the family can approach to offer aid, but I also am able to pass on word to them of what the dragon feels, to help narrow down what kind of problems there may be, and they are actually able to manage to heal it, to everybody's joy.

      The girl (who was originally blond, and now is probably turning into a brunette) is probably Susan Bones, which would probably make her aunt Amelia Bones, yet oddly enough the two are also part Veela. What I have done in helping their dragon has shown enough power and compassion that it has really had an effect on the aunt, and she is going into almost a sort of sexual frenzy, she suddenly wants me so badly, yet she is determined not to get in Susan's way, so she is holding herself in check. This makes her miserable, however, and Susan notices. She takes pity on her aunt, and decides she is more than willing to share, and the two women take me off for a rather pleasant orgy that is, unfortunately, 'off-screen' so-to-speak. I know it happened, and that I enjoyed it, but the dream skipped right over it, rather than to show it to me.

      Susan has a younger brother, about a year younger than her, slightly nerdy, somewhat Oriental like the rest of the family, and he has a friend over. They are being mild (little brother-like) pests, but overall they are good kids. One of Susan's friends is also visiting, a dark haired, slightly Oriental (no, I don't know what is up with that) Hannah Abbott, which is one of the reasons I think the girl is Susan Bones. Anyway, in trying to stop a prank by the boys or something, I accidentally turn off a light where Hannah is just walking in, which leads to her making some sort of comment.

      Soon the aunt somehow has something going on with the friend of Susan's brother, and the two of them are starting to get it on. I am sort of hesitant, but find myself approaching them, and nervously trying to make it a sort of threesome. I am standing over them as the aunt has climbed on top of the guy and positioned herself in a sort of 69 position. She asks me if I will go to get her something, but I am standing there looking down on her absolutely gorgeous ass, slightly spread in front of me, and I can't help myself. I step forward, take my large, hard thingy, and start to press it against her asshole. She gives a slight yelp of shock and the tiniest bit of pain, but hunches down further, providing a slightly better angle. I am patient, and move slowly in pressing forward ever deeper into her ass, and soon she is moaning and writhing in passion, as we enjoy a nice, long crappity smack. Susan is complaining slightly, however, about how I never lasted that long with her. I mumble under my breath about how Susan is a lot tighter than her aunt, which makes it harder to last as long in her.

      About this time, the mom shows up again, and she doesn't seem to like me or to think much of me. Thankfully the aunt throws in a good word for me, explaining what I did for the dragon, and what I am doing for her and Susan, though she does mention that she is going to have words with me about warning a girl before invading her behind! Soon however, we are all wandering through the house looking for the $2.19 that an uncle or some such has misplaced. Though it is a very small amount of money, it seems to be important that we find it. I find myself searching near Hannah Abbott, who seems to have this strange idea that I may have accidentally (and somewhat inappropriately) slipped the money to her ... not saying that I did anything wrong, but as something that happened almost accidentally. But I am explaining how she is Susan's best friend, which means it is quite important that I try to get along with her. I tell her that I would never dream of even laying a finger on her without her permission. Unfortunately, even as I am saying this, I am repeatedly poking her gently in the arm in a way that is very reminiscent of the way Monk can't keep himself from gently touching things like parking meters as he walks past them. Just a weird (but very pleasant) dream.The
    4. Dream Bits: Bookstores and Malls, Runescape and Being Sick, Warehouses and Harry Potter, Airports

      by , 10-11-2012 at 07:22 PM
      Last couple of days, some great, detailed dreams. For several days before then, closer to dream bits. So I'm going to post them here, where it will make for a long post, instead of in a bunch of short threads.

      10-11-2012 -- Very short bit where I am meeting Dale at Walt Disney World, with his whole family, including his mom, who has died. Problem is, they are only here for 24 hours, which leads me to asking why he would spend so much money to fly the entire family all the way across the country for a single day?!?


      10-06-2012 -- I am at May Company, riding up and down on the elevator in the back corner of the store like I often did as a kid. For most of the dream I am not being chased by managers or security, which is what almost always happened in this kind of dream when I used to have them frequently. At one point I am on the third floor, and somehow the doors open when the elevator is on the second floor, and I almost walk forward and fall.

      Somehow at some point I time travel, and I end up in Waldenbooks back in the late 70s, but as an adult, not a kid. I am looking over the kids book section and see an entire couple of shelves of Three Investigators hard covers, and I get so much pleasure in seeing them all sitting there available for purchase. I loved that series so much as a kid! Soon I find myself in one of the larger malls somewhere with B & C. It is near closing time, and there are a lot of very lovely ladies around, and some fun stuff might soon be happening, except that B is furious that I might ever consider letting anything happen while C is anywhere in the area.

      There was a lot more to this, but the whole point of dream fragments is that I can't remember the rest.


      10-07-2012 -- There are hints of offering bones on a gilded alter in Runescape, but not much. Soon I find myself in the Hickory house, and there are ladies everywhere. For some reason it seems there are something like 20 ladies staying here, sleeping everywhere. They have really made a mess, and there are clothes everywhere, too. Three or four are staying in Melody's room and I don't think she knows about it, and I am afraid she is going to be furious.

      She calls and I answer the phone in her room, and try not to let her know what is happening. Since there are a couple of the ladies talking about the things they can see in her room in the background, it is kind of difficult. Oddly, during the conversation with Melody I find we are discussing something in the Catholic Bible that isn't in the Protestant Bible. It might have been Bel and the Dragon?

      Soon I am off the phone, and Mike G. from high school is here, helping me to clear out the ladies and clean things up. I go to take a drink from a soda bottle, and I see there are all kinds of worms and tiny snakes and things in what I have been drinking, and I am horrified. I glance at the bottle again, and it is perfectly fine. Am I loosing my mind? "No," Mike tells me, "you're just feverish and sick." he tries to hose me down to cool off the fever, and in the process, he ends up ruining my clothes.

      So I find myself at Pine Castle, and Tom is the music minister, though I don't see him at first. Cheyanne sings a solo, but she is singing really, really low, and doesn't have a mic, so nobody can hear her. She seems to be almost chatting a song, instead of singing it. Kathy and Grace are here, and seem to have been forgiven, and Tom is even commenting on how nicely the hair is growing back on one of them who had cancer. They reveal that one of the brunettes who had been in my house was Cathy Lee Crosby, and I am amazed that I didn't recognize her at all without the blonde hair.


      10-08-2012 -- I am working in what almost seems to be the Courier Express warehouse, and they seem to have moved again, because there are hundreds of pallets of stuff on the floor and almost nothing on the racks, and I have no idea where things are supposed to go. I have two packages that have just arrived of small computer parts, and I know they are going to go out soon. I put the proper labels on them, but I don't even know where they are putting the just arrived stuff, and have to ask for help.

      One of the forklift drivers is going a little too fast, and manages to tip his forklift over on it's side, but he keeps flooring it, and is now tearing deep groves in the concrete floor. He is trying to get enough speed to flip the thing back up, but I think they are going to need to use another forklift to leverage it back up. Not good, and quite a mess.

      The whole place is turning into a kind of computer-related warehouse store, and some guy is buying a huge foam-padded helmet for some reason. Some little girl is going on and on about this place on the turnpike where there are a whole bunch of signs for exit 57, and I'm discussing it with her while Minerva Mcgonagall looks on. I think I am Harry Potter, and I find myself wandering around the warehouse with a bunch of other students, half of them from my real life high school.

      I end up talking with Steve K., Calvin D., Julie Davie, and Neville Longbottom, who is known by the nickname of The-Other-Boy-Who-Lived. Somehow the area we're walking around seems to be the lowest part of the vampire city in the Runescape Darkmeyer quest.


      10-04-2012 -- Visiting with Dale and his mom in a hotel room somewhere around the world, right at the end of our trip, preparing to go out and have some fun. Then suddenly we are at the airport, getting ready to fly home. I have been at this airport before in my dreams, several times, but it keeps changing.

      They are getting more invasive this time, and they are opening and searching every piece of luggage. I find for some reason I don't really mind. My laptop is in my main suitcase, which for some reason looks like a dish washer rack with all the prongs to hold dishes in place. I don't know why there are two large gallon bottles of urine in there. Amazingly enough, nobody asks about them. I seem to have very little stuff, and actually fold up my big backpack and stick it inside the suitcase.

      Suddenly they change our gate, and heading to the other gate we find we have to go through the security screening again. By this time I am getting hot, sweaty and tired, and I comment on how I can't wait to get through security and reach one of the bathrooms with a shower you can rent the use of, which I can remember from one of the previous dreams at this airport. The screener tells me that they got rid of those about two years ago, and I am very disappointed.
    5. The Video Game Convention and the Plague

      by , 09-15-2012 at 08:32 PM
      09-01-2012 -- [Have not been remembering as many cool dreams this month as in August, and with today's five dreams posted, I think I have got down all eight dreams I found worth remembering from the fist half of the month onto the computer. Still not every one right on time, but caught up fairly quick. Think this was the first dream of the month.]

      Working security at an Orlando Paving Company type of place. I'm not working alone, there is another guard here, though he is busy trying to change huge tires on a dirt mover or something. He can't seem to fix one of the tires, however. I am trying to fix my uniform, but they have no more blue pants in my size, so I am having to wear a pair of khaki pants, instead. There is a blond haired guy next to me who seems really emotional, and keeps trying to hug me. I recognize him as Draco Malfoy and am almost laughing as he tries on his blue pants and keeps asking me "Do these make me look fat?"

      He is reminding me that I need to catch a plane in about an hour, because some game magazine wants me to cover some kind of trade show or something for them ... though I love doing the reporting for them, somehow I forgot, and now I have to rush to get to the airport.

      Somehow I have run off a couple of blocks, and now I have to get back as quickly as I can, so I can get my car and drive to the airport. I'm lost, though, and am not sure exactly how to get back. I'm tired and messed up. I think I am jogging down Texas Avenue in Orlando, and I find myself walking through a go cart track. I am dodging the cars, including some being washed, and make my way through the office, where one of the employees is say "I love my job ... no! Really I hate it!"

      I walk West to a large warehouse, where I find myself climbing over the back of a big rig, trying to remember the combination of ingredients that made the load this truck was hauling so much more valuable than any other load. For a few moments I turn into some absolute moron movie character like Ace Ventura or one of the guys from Dumb and Dumber, and I am really annoying the guy who is trying to load the truck.

      Finally I remember the extra ingredient was milk, and start planning to add milk to every load to make them more valuable. The fork lift driver seems to be George, the old forklift driver I knew at JC Penney's. He doesn't know if he can handle the changes, and starts trying to kill me, instead.

      I soon end up back outside the warehouse, between it and the go kart place, and find a lot of sick people are standing around there. They all seem to have caught some sort of plague. Most of them are all right, but one went from catching the disease to starting to die from it in something like 7 minutes, which is a horrible, horrible record. An alarm is going off, and we're all waiting for them to come for her as her face is getting all blotchy.

      There is some sort of fun organization that tries to give kids with the plague a good time before they possibly die, and they are doing parasailing right now. I decide to try it, and am soon up in the sky. I cut the lines and glide away before anybody can bring me back, and manage to escape. I enter a mall, and find many of the stores are closed, and the rest are missing half their stock, due to the plague. It slowly turns into Flea World, where I am walking past two of Ron's x-rated video stores. Bob Estep, who I am with, doesn't want me to look.

      Soon I am outside at a discount gas station, trying to fill up my car. I am spilling some of the gas because a bad pumps. The prices are about $3 a gallon, when most places in the area are $3.75, so it is a really good price, but they are charging .05 a gallon in taxes that are being added on top of the bill, which kind of annoys me.